Casey at 5 And CaseyTwo Decades Later -Did She Kill Countless Animals In The Anthony Home?

When I saw this side by side physical  comparison of Casey at 5 and now at 25. I see that she has not changed much.

Today we see a Casey  who grew up to be devoid of real emotion, unless it pertains to herself. We see a Casey who  developed into a manipulating, cheating, liar,  much like her parents George and Cindy. We also see a Casey who has grown up to steal and kill.

Many believe that Casey is the way she is because she is born that way. Others feel it was due to her upbringing. I feel she is the way she is because of both factors, her genetics and her upbringing.

When Cindy described all the dead pets and how they were buried in the backyard throughout the years, I almost vomited. It was bad enough hearing that  Casey was a part of the dead animals preparation process for burial and  that she  attended their burials as early as the impressionable age of four, I really wondered what went on in that household. Are the dead animals part of their family  secrets?

What shocked me was the number of pets who died  during  a 20 year period. Why were dogs and cats dying so often in the Anthony home?   When Jose Baez kept mentioning pet name after pet name,  I  got chills.

Could it be that little Casey from the age of four,  after attendng her first dog burial, was doing things to torture these innocent animals and killing them.? Did Cindy know Casey was doing this or was she a part of it?

The reason I ask if CIndy was a part of it is because she was so ice-cold on the stand. If I recalled my precious Lambear, my deceased  Lhassa Apso ,my eyes would well up with tears .  Surely Cindy must have had at least  one of the countless animals who were named who touched her heart.

When I  heard her coldness in speaking about her countless animals I wondered a)  if she was covering for Casey’s killing them  o b) if she ignored Casey’s killing them or c)  if she killed them  herself and Casey saw this and followed suit. I am not accusing Cindy of  killing animals but her coldness and detachment  made the thought cross my mind.

Sociopaths begin their sociopathic lives early on. They usually  torture and kill animals from a very young age, They get a thrill from this and like a vampire who needs blood to sustain their life, a sociopath has needs to kill and to keep killing, They get a sadistic thrill out of it.

We have already seen  evidence of Casey’s sadistic side in the  jailhouse tapes and in the courtroom. Could it be that little Casey killed the family dog and enjoyed it so much she killed the family cat,another cat, and another dog?

I want to know exactly when those pets died. I want to know the year and the month. I want to know if Casey  perhaps killed them in the summer months like she did with Cayle? Did she kill the every year or every five years?

I wonder if all these dead pets have anything to do with Casey. If so then the natural progression of  her sociopathic behavior in terms of killing , would be to kill a little human who annoys her . Did the pets annoy her as well ? Was she jealous of them like she was jealous of Caylee?

Was she ready to graduate to killing big humans who annoyed her, like Cindy and George.  Was her telling  so many people including Amy Huizinga that her parents were giving her their house a precursor of what she planned  to do to George and Cindy?

Would she use chloroform on them, break their necks, and then wrap them in plastic, tape them with duct tape and bury them in the back yard with the rest of the dead animals she killed.

Would this satisfy her thrill of killing? Would she do the same to  brother Lee and to Amy Huzinga whom she  wanted to move into the Anthony home and serve as her roomate ? Would Amy become her next victim?

Could she then graduate to killing  boyfriends like Tony Lazzaro? Thank goodness Jesse Grund got away is she has these tendencies.


Cindy Anthony Lies on Stand,Over Explains, Gives Casey Mixed Messages By Mouthing” I Love You”

Initially Cindy Anthony arrived on the  stand with  a   delicate  voiced demeanor . But it wasn’t long until  her a defensive snarky tones appeared. Cindy was back in full form and  back to her old self when she spoke of how her hair grows fast. She was not asked about  how fast her hair grew, yet  she volunteered too much too much  information. When someone does this it often means they are deceptive or have something to hide. This may also be Cindy’s  attempt to control and  manipulate. information.

Now we hear Cindy tell a LIE. She says that  her hair was  ast her shoulders during Christmas time in 2008. She even points to her shoulder as she says this.

 This is not true  as you can see in the  photo above. Her hair is no where near past her shoulders. She is obviously lying as she thinks doing so may protect Casey in some way. Then  Cindy makes absolutely  no sense. Linda Drane Burdick asks her about her length of hair in July and August of 2008 and Cindy volunteers some cockamamie story about her hair being long in 2006.

No one asked her about 2006. She is attempting to divert information and manipulate as she goes on about irrelevant information.

This photos clearly shows several  signals of deception as she discusses how her hair was as long as Linda Drane Burdick’s hair. We see her a. close her eyes, b. shrug her shoulders, and c. purse her lips.  These are all signs she was not being truthful with her information. Linda asked about 2008 not 2006.

Cindy was then shown a photo of Caylee in 2008 which showed  the length of  Caylee’s  hair which was past her shoulders. Now everything makes sense as to what  Cindy was attempting to do.  In my view, she was so adamant about letting everyone know how long her hair because  in my view, it was her attempt  create confusion  about who’s hair it was .   Caylee’s hair was long and Cindy was trying to get across that her hair was long as well, This was clearly not accurate information.


 Cindy was shown a  photo of Casey and Caylee which was brought into evidence. She looked at the photo and then quickly wiped one eye and then the other . There were no tears and no liquid to indicate  despair and  most of all no facial expression to indicate tears and upset. It is my view that she was doing this for the purposes of  jury sympathy. These non tear crying and eye wiping of non tears  is  very similar to Casey’s behavior.

Cindy then shows her manipulation as she refuses to answer  Linda Dran Burdick’s question about both containers being similar to the ones she had in her home. All she had to do was answer “yes. ”  Insteaf, she had to be difficult  and say that she didn’t know the size of the first container. No one was  asking  her about  the size of the container .  She was just asked a simple question, that  is often asked to kids  on Sesame Street ” Which  is like the other?” 

 When she was grilled,  ,  she finally answered “yes “after wasting  so much unnecessary time.   She needed to have answered “yes”   the first place.


Previously Cindy reported in her deposition  that the cylindrical container which was  was once  in Caylee’s room  and was missing.  Now she tries to backtrack and explain herself . Linda busts her about  her making  a  different statement .We  then see Cindy  have a case of the itchie scratchies.

This indicates being caught in  deception.After she is forced to admit that she made two different statements,   Cindy  does so with reluctance as we see her  purse her lips  in embarrassment. It also means that she doesn’t want to say anymore.

Here we see a clear signal of  deception as Cindy  says she thought it was in Cayee’s bedroom. Note how she immediately brings her finger up to her eye which indicates deception.  She continues  to show deception as she says”uh uh as I said in the previous deposition” (shoulder shrug)  and with you (shoulder shrug) that my memory has gotten better.  This statement  does not make sence and is indicative of deception.

When she leaves the stand,  she immediately changes her tune towards  Casey. Amanda Ober of WESH-Channel 2 reported that Cindy “did make eye contact with Casey and mouth the words ’I love you.

Casey apparently just shrugged her shoulders which meant that she could care less what Cindy says.

 Personally I find this behavior by Cindy extremely interesting and  telling.  Here  is  a woman who on the stand weeks earlier sobbed her heart  out about Caylee . She spoke quickly without hesitation. She  refused to even look at Casey. Casey in turn,  cried in anger over her mother’s betrayal and cold shoulder.

Now whan Cindy leaves  the stand she tells Casey she loves her. This gives us a glimpse of Cindy’s push and pull behavior with Casey. It is called “Crazy Making”,   “messing with one’s mind” and manipulation. Cindy has sent Casey mixed messages. It’s the I love you/ I hate you behavior that we see in many people with Boarderline Personality disorders. I am not diagnosing Cindy with Boarderline Personality disorder as she may or may not have this condition.

But she has done something that is confusing and disturbing. If Casey had a lifetime of these mixed messages,  it is no wonder that she is where she is today. Casey hated Cindy and it is not difficult to see why. Casey hated Cindy so much that she was willing to put Caylee up for adoption rather than have Cindy  raise the baby. 

Casey told Detective Appie Wells that she was afraid of her mother. Whether Caylee had an  accident or  the” accident”  was done on purpose, Casey despised Cindy and now we can see why. The control, manipulation, double messages may have been what sent Casey over the edge.

For those of you who say Casey was born a sociopathic monster, I say you may be correct. However,  her abberant family environment may have helped exacerbate her genetic predisposition.

Casey ‘s Fake Cry Until Animals Gnawing On Bones Are Mentioned While Attorney Sims Comforts

Casey Anthony continued to  bow her head as the doctor on the stand discussed the skull. Casey has a folded Kleenex positioned under her nose which she refused to move.It is so contrived that it is comical to look at.

When the Anthropologist Dr. Schultz arrived on the stand, Casey looked on with objective interest as you can see in the photo above.

It is interesting to note that seeing the skull has no doubt taken it’s toll on Casey Anthony. She looks more gaunt  after she had her anxiety attack yesterday. Most likely she did not feel like eating dinner after seeing photos of the frightening looking skull.

As soon as photos were shown of the skull , Casey immediately tuned away and placed her folded hankie under the nose.

According to  reporter Kathi Bellich the photos of the skull are gruesome. Strands of hair drape across eye sockets. Teeth missing except  for the molars (back teeth) .  The hair matted. Duct tape layered across face. Apparently, Casey had initially stared at the photos and showed no reaction.

As Casey continued to fake cry with her dry Kleenex, Attorney Simms on her team who is known to cross examining experts has now been related to the official role of surrogate mother and comforter  and emotion coach to Casey. As soon as an emotional reaction should occur, she puts her arm around Casey. Casey  then immediately puts a tissue up tp her face.

The jury HAS to see this as  phony and insulting behavior.  Casey does  leak out expressions of upset  and anger periodically. No doubt she is upset that she is being forced to listen to testimony about  Caylee’s skull and bones.

Suddenly the anthropologist mentions that the animals gnawed on Caylee’s bones.  For the first time, we see Casey break down for real. She is beside herself  and the veins in her neck pop out. She turns red and is flushed. Suddenly the Kleenex is crinkled.

This is no doubt the very first time that Casey Anthony has had to see the consequences of her actions. She now saw the consequences of putting duct tape over the child’s  nose mouth and throwing her dead body in the woods.  For the first time ever, she saw and heard the consequences of what happens when a body is thrown away-animals ea tit and gnaw on the bones.

I believe that those horrific words and that visual of seeing what animals did to Caylee’s remains will haunt her for the rest of her life. There is no one to soothe her when these images begin to surface in the middle of the night. Ms. Simms won’t be there and neither will her parents or Lee. Casey will be left all alone to deal with the consequences of her actions, which   may be  her worse torture yet.

William and Kate’s Body Language An Inspiration and Welcome Break From World’s Toxicity

In these days of tsunamis, earthquakes radiation leakages, tornadoes, fires, wars, killings, kidnappings and murder, and a world filled with Toxic hate from bullies who make others lives miserable until they commit suicide  there was nothing more welcoming to refuel our souls than to see two genuine people in love  Kate and William Wales. It was so touching to see them exchange their vows

What made most of us shed a tear or two was knowing that the last time William and his brother Harry  walked into that cavernous Westminster Abby they were filled with  with pain and loss. Even though it was different now, they must have had waves of emotion when they thought of their mother and how she could not join them to see this joyous occasion.

Seeing Harry  with his head bowed down as he entered the church  made me think that he must have had some mixed emotions at that moment.

William  was excited and nervous as one could tell from his lip licking due to his  “cotton mouth” when he first entered the church. But his nervousness subsided when he approached friends and family and felt   their warm embrace. He complimented some of the female guests and told them they looked lovely. Seeing people he loved and who loved him back was the best thing that could have happened to him as he headed  down the aise  of the church to wait for his bride.


As soon as Kate stepped out of the  Queen’s Rolls Royce and  on  the red carpet to begin her journey,  you could see immediate signs of a future Queen with a straight and regal posture. Even though she no doubt had twinges of  nervousness, one would never know it. She seemed like a seasoned professional royal.

As she walked down the aisle with her father it was the most beautiful sight. No casting agent for a Hollywood movie could have done a better job picking the right Princess or father of the Bride than the reality we were seeing thunning people in front us. As soon as Kate walked in, Harry looked back to give his brother a rerassuring thumbs up.

William obviously  agreed as he saw his bride in her gown for the first time as he told her she looked  stunning- beautiful. She was beaming when her almost husband acknowledged how fabulous she looked – words which most every woman would love to hear from their man.

During the ceremony there was lip licking  on both of their parts indicating nervousness. But as soon as they were pronounced man and wife all of that nervousness subsided.

This photo above speaks volumes . As soon as they became man and wife we can  see how loving and supportive William  is towrds Kate . Look how he leans in towards his towards his bride. He is protective and helps guide her through the day with all of its specific royal requirements. No doubt he will help guide her through her duties as the newest member of the royal family.

 Kate’s question to William, ” Are you happy? as soon as she entered the carriage spoke volumes. It showed that she was concerned about her man and his emotions and feelings. It was not all about her. It was very telling in terms of their relationship and how genuine it is. It showed how caringand loving she is towards him.  When a couple matches their facial expressions  as you see here, it means they are in total synchrony and like-minded.

 Then there was the most important moment of the entire wedding- the kiss. At first William gave her a very short millisecond unexpected kiss,   which was much of disappointment to those who waited and waited to see the expression of their love and romance. Later on, he turned to her and said “OK now let’s kiss.”  as he gave her a much longer and heartfelt kiss which was more like what the public was waiting for and  wanted to see. Right after William kissed her, he began to turn a different shade of pink as blushed after  his public sharing of what was usually their private moments.  One could feel the love between them.

Apparently, it was reported that the two of them never left one another;s side for one moment during the celebrations which took place afterwards.  It clearly indicated that they were now a team.

That is how  a successful marriage must be in order to survive in this day and age. The couple must be best friends and they must be a team.They must take time to really get to know one another as William and Kate did. They learned about one another through the seasons,  through their highs and lows and they know what they can expect from one another in the future.

William’s brother Harry said it best during his speech as best man. He said that brother William had inspired him. He showed him what true love was all about. I think that both William and Kate both inspired the world with their mature and genuine love and marrying the right person for the right reasons.

Chris Brown, Michael Lohan, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen Continue to Get Away With Being TOXIC MEN


Chris Brown  has an anger bursting violent  tantrum and allegedly breaks a window at GMA  and walks awayfreely. He performs at a concert that evening as though nothing happened. He  is still  even scheduled to perform at DWTS next week. Michael Lohan allegedly holds his ex fiancé hostage, get arrested and then walks away with a mere misdemeanor. Charlie Sheen acts like a nutcase and then makes even more money than ever before.Mel Gibson knocks off his baby mamma’s dental veneers and gets a slap on the wrist with no jail time as he  does community service with children.

 What all of  these TOXIC MEN have in common is that they have abused women. They have disrespected women and have not been held accountable by the public.

 Is it because they are celebrities who make a lot of money and money talks?

To me it is sickening to allow these Toxic Men to get away with such egregious acts and to not beheld accountable. It speaks volumes about what we tolerate as a society when it comes to women being abused and degraded. In my view these men need to be ostracized and not be regaled as heroes.

 Personally I would NEVER see another Mel Gibson film again and I encourage everyone to do the same., The fact that actress Jodi Foster, who has supported women’s causes for years,  supports him speaks volumes.  She is his producer of his Beaver film  and obviously her investment in the film and the money spent means more to her than not supporting anyone who abuses women.  

Looking at Mel Gibson absolutely sickens me for his abuse towards women and his racist rants so there is no way that I would patronize any project he was involved with unless it had to his giving money to abused women’s shelters,  the Anti Defamation League, the NAACP, or La Raza .

 I would never listen to or think of purchasing a Chris Brown song because just knowing who he is and how he behaved outweighs any talent he may have. Chris did the whole interview with Robin Roberts without incident. There was annoyance and he let her know he wanted to move on and discuss his album. That is where it needed to end. But he carried that anger with him and it escalated. Thus he became a SILENT BUT DEADLY ERUPTING VOLCANO which is the most dangerous of all Toxic People.

Knowing this about Chris Brown turns me off even more. It shows that he can’t be trusted, He’s like a wild animal with no boundaries who can turn in an instant.  


As for Charlie Sheen, I would never watch any show or film he was on just knowing what he did to so many women. The fact that he put a knife to the throat of his son’s mother is enough to make me never want to see his face. The fact that he physically and emotionally abused so many women repulses me. And knowing how he recently manipulated the public with his“crazy like a fox” act clearly makes me  never want to support or see anything he is doing. Knowing this I can’t see anything  appealing or entertaining about him.  


  And as far as Michael Lohan goes, whenever I find him  yapping away on any show I  turn the channel. To me he is only riding on his daughter’s coat tails of fame . I find that he has nothing to offer and nothing of value to say. His latest stunt of going on Celebrity Rehab has completely turned me off to the show. His alleged anger management needs to be dealt with in a specific anger management program not on a program about rehab.

 Personally, I think that Michael Lohan may turn out to be a  physical danger to others to the point that he may be spending a great deal of the rest of his life behind bars. To me he is a train wreck waiting to happen.

I am not going to give these TOXIC MEN a free pass by saying that they have  alcohol or substance abuse issues and that is why they behave as they behave. There  are many people who have these same issues and don’t abuse women.

Alcohol and drugs are not the reason they are  angry and violent towards women. To think so is to think naively., Their anger issues are much deeper and need to be addressed because the alcohol and drug use is clearly only  a symptom of the real problem – self hatred, mother issues, and other psychological dynamics.

The more people who refuse to support these TOXIC MEN will be sending them a clear message, that their behavior will not be tolerated and that they must be held accountable for their egregious behaviors- celebrity or not, rich or not !

North Korean Soldiers Incongruent and Disturbing Body Language Gives Us Insight Into Their Psyche

 Perhaps this recent press photo released all over the world by the North Korean News Agency (NCNA)  of a group of Korean soldiers can give us a great deal of insight into what is really going on inside of them. It reveals a great deal to me about the ambivalence their leaders must be  experiencing concerning  their proposed attacks against South Korea. The photo shows a group of men in uniform smiling with their fists angrily clenched. But their fists are only raised at the level of their heads. This gesture alone is very peculiar because when one is angry their arm  usually shoots up on the air along with their clenched fist.

 But sometimes a clenched fist signifies victory as you can see as a group of European footballers show in a BBC photo when they were victorious in a soccer match. Perhaps the North Korean soldiers were trying to depict the same sentiment in this photo but they clearly missed the mark.

 Their gesture of potential victory should have been placed above their head,  not contrived at the level of their head. The smiles of the Korean soldiers  are also contrived. Look at the stiffness in their faces. Their cheeks are not raised. While their mouths are opened as though they appear to say something Their  mouths do not depict a true and genuine smiling gesture. If that was the case,  their lips would be pulled back with teeth showing. In this case their teeth are showing because they have no doubt been instructed to say something in unison.

This photo showed me that they appeared to be like automatons devoid of  any real emotion at least publicly.

 I remember when Diane Sawyer took her ABC cameras to North Korea for a television special. Apparently few if any Americans were ever allowed on North Korean soil until then. I remember how Diane remarked that the children seemed to have these continuous mask-like smiles as though they were instructed to smile for the foreign American guests as they sang and played musical instruments.

 In watching the ABC special I remember noticing how these indelible smiles never changed. It was not natural. Most 3  year olds don’t have a perpetual mask like smile on their face that never changes. This can only happen if the child is told what to do. Diane even remarked in her blog after visiting with the children of how they are taught ferocious training discipline with a and indoctrination at an early age with an “almost religious fervor.”

 So when North Korea recently released this press information warning of  a “sacred war” against South Korea it came as no surprise that they would use such words. That   dogged determination which  they are indoctrinated with since childhood  evidently surfaced as they vowed to carry our their effort with what  can be best described in Diane Sawyer’s words reminiscent of  a religious fervor.

While the North Koreans  threatened to using its nuclear arms and vowed a “merciless counterattack” if southern territory is attacked again, on the other hand they have shown a cool and measured international response offering (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspections.” According to experts,  part of North Korea’s tactic to keep everyone guessing and off balance in terms of what they will do next in a flip flop approach.

 This inconsistent behavior is clearly reflected in the body language of their soldiers as reflected . They are told what to do and how to act and perform even though it is unnatural to the body.

When someone is truly victorious or knows they will have a victory, their arms are raised straight up on the air above their heads. Their fists may be open or clenched shut as a  natural reaction  as you see in the above photo. But their arms  are never at the level of the head as we saw in the photo f the North Korean soldiers in a very unnatural reaction.

 Maybe the Korean military  leader who was no doubt in in charge of choreographing and arranging this  photo had some internal doubts and concerns as to  whether these soldiers could  actually win a  victory.  Perhaps his own body language was at half mast in terms of  rallying for victory. Perhaps his own insecurities were reflected  as he instructed his troop to follow his lead as they no doubt parroted his incongruent partially raised clenched fist and phony smile

 He obviously missed the mark on what he was trying to portray, However he  did manage to  provide us  with  a great deal of insight into his psyche and into what is probably going on in the minds of his superiors.

Numerous  military analysts  worldwide have said that North Korea has wielded its nuclear capability threat before but it has no way to launch a nuclear device. They may obviously know this as well . Perhaps that is why the incongruent  and un natural body language depict what they really know is going on. While they can threaten all they want, if military exerts are correctm and we assume they are, thankfully  they cannot deliver. That that is the message in the photo as I see it .

Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

A serious Oprah leans in to ask  Michael Jackson;s father Joe,”  Do you think Michael  was afraid of you?” A simple yes or no  answer while looking in Oprah’s direction  would have  indicated that Joe  was telling the truth.  But this was not the case. Joe showed  too many singles of deception. You can see one of those signals of deception as he

1.immediately  turns away from Oprah

2.  looks away and gazes to the side as you can see

3.  blinks a lot

4.  licks his lips

5. speaks slowly as  if to search for words to create hos lie

6. shrugs his shoulder

7. looks down

8.  gives away too much tangential information

9. fidgets

10  leans away and  then turns to lean in as if to try to convince Oprah that what he is  saying is true as she states,

”  I don’t think he was afraid of me. I think he was afraid he would do something wrong and I would chastise him. But I never beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say .”

When someone does all of those things body language wise and volunteers  information you didn’t ask for,  there is  a good chance they  are they are lying about what they said.


Then Oprah busts him by confronting  him head on as she  said “ I did that interview with him in 1993 and he told me you beat him.”

Joe is stunned. He looks away and turns from Oprah. This is probably the first time in his adult life that anyone stood up to him.

He then licks his lips and says um as if searching for something to say. He utters out  “ I am glad that he was raised in such a way. He was liked all over the world. He could have been like some of the other kids from Gary who are dead or gone.”

In essence he is coming up with an excuse in  trying to justify what he  did to Michael.

To get the truth out of Joe Jackson Oprah admits that she as beaten as a kid because that was the culture .

Joe feels relieved as he now looks directly at Oprah and gives a relieved slight smile.


Then Joe tries to clarify and justify as he asks Oprah Beat or Whipped? Lets not split hairs here. Whipped is the same as being beaten. They both cause bodily harm pain and tear away at one’s self esteem.

Oprah is now pissed. She looks up in exasperation and in a loud tone says It’s the same thing when you have welts on your body. Even mother Katherine chimed in and said in her soft way that it was the same thing.

Joe then  got all cotton mouthed  and licked his lips and indication he was clearly  nervous,  But he had to take control of the situation as the control freak  bully type of Toxic Man he is.   He immediately retorts that he didn’t like the word beat. So Oprah says , so you have issue with the word beat. He then showed   his contentiousness, he has the audacity to retort ” no  I have issue with the word whipped.

Katherine then stepped in and says You might as well tell the truth.  Good for her! I am sure that this is one of the few times in her life that she was able to speak up and speak back to this TOXIC  bully. Thank goodness she found the strength to do so, even of it was with  the protection of the camera crews and Oprah at her side.

Katherine  went on to say He used the strap, as she looked right at Joe. Joe now is clearly uncomfortable with lip locking and head bowed down as he is clearly embarrassed.

Joe was completely  humiliated for the first time in his life This bully now leaned back and crossed his arms over his body in a self  protective stance protective with his head bowed.  If there was a hole  in the ground, he would  now doubt want to crawl into into it and cover himself with the dirt.

With arms still crossed as you can see int he photo above,  he finally indirectly  admits that he would have whipped him with a strap  to punish for someone who did something wrong.  Notice how he detached by referring to Michael as  a someone as opposed to using his son’s name- Michael whom he beat or whipped or caused bodily harm. Notice how his eyes are closed as he looks down when he says this. It is  because he is so humiliated. It is indicative of shame.  Even though hos body language admits shame, his speech does not.

Instead, he continues to justify how  the beatings   kept Michael out of jail and how none of hos kids have been in jail

Then Oprah asks him if he regrets his strappings on his children. He  clearly and distinctly  looks directly at Oprah and replied  that he does not regret stapping his children.

Now we know why Prince was angry in the photo we see above. Perhaps he couldn’t stomach sitting or even standing next to the man who beat his beloved father with a strap.


Now we know they truth.  Michael spoke the truth about his  fathers beatings, Clearly they  damaged him emotionally.  He carried those scars into his adulthood. He was in such emotional trauma from his father;s violence that he di all he could to tip himself away from being his fathers son. He even changed his skin color and his genetic appearance just to be able to look in the mirror and see no resemblance to the man whom he obviously detested.

He was in such pain that he self medicated with surgery after surgery and drug after drug.

He wanted to go back  to his childhood and and re live his childhood with the love he obviously felt he did not have. That may explain why he continued to be child like well into his forties and as he turned fifty.  , He was so abused that he wanted to right the wrongs of his father.  He could’t do it but he could  right those wrongs through his kids.  He was a wonderful gather according to his kids.  This is a marked contrast from what he would say about his own father, Joe.

The truth has finally prevailed.  I only wish Michael would have been alive to hear his father admit  what he did to him. Michael did the right thing to never speak to his father and to unplug from him for good.  Some things are unforgivable. Physical violence is one of those things that is hard to forgive.

The UNPLUG  technique  is one of the technique which  I describe  in my book TOXIC MEN that  you can use when you can  no longer deal with a person who has made your life miserable.  The fact that Joe did not apologize for what he did to Michael   and continues to justify it shows how Michael did the right thing to UNPLUG  and  never allow Joe into his life.

Joe is A Toxic Man. He is a classic control freak  bully. To read more about Toxic Men you can get my latest book at a special rate  of $14.93 from  by clicking the link  below