Black Evening Gowns Made a Statement and Made Everyone Look Great at Golden Globes

While the memo at the Golden Globes celebration as to wear black as a sign of protest  against sexual harassment in  Hollywood, it also showed how wearing black evening wear can make just about everyone look great,  So many awards ceremonies have had hits and misses as far as fashion is concerned, But  at this years Golden Gloves everyone appeared to be a hit.  Here are some examples of how wearing black evening wear can make you look even better,

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.12.28 PMPenelope Cruise was radiant in the black lace long sleeve off the shoulder dress. This year so many wore longer sleeves which was not often seen in the past.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.13.49 PM.png

Allison Janney looked awesome in this black butterfly cutout of a dress witht he white accents for the butterfly;s wings , It also may have made a statement about the rebirth of women in Hollywood in terms of power.


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.14.02 PM.png

Margot Robbie’s dress looked great on the upper part,  but on the bottom it was a bit heavy with the silver beading only at the waist which looked like an upside down heart. Perhaps that dress was selected to made a statement of an upside down heart indicating the sadness of what has been going on in Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.14.17 PM.png

Mariah Carey never looked better with this mermaid trumpet dress, The neck with the band across it looked like a statement was being made  which meant “No” as in no more sexual harassment , Nariah looked radiant in this black dress which seemed to have it all with see through ruching at body of the dress .

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.14.36 PM.png

Even though Hallie Berry was one of the few who wore a shorter dress it looked beautiful in black like with thicker lace in strategic parts of the dress. Iy would have been even more beautiful if it was longer. Another thing I notice was that the makeup on so many was no as heavy as we have seen in other awards ceremonies. perhaps that was a statement as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.37.46 AMWhile Francis McDormand wore practically no make up at all

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.38.49 AM

Reece Witherspoon wore subtle makeup in her stunning off teh shoulder black dress with little train.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.44.32 AM.png

Even those who were made up like Nichole Kidman had more natural  looking makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.35.25 AM.pngMary K Blide looked outstanding with her black and one sleeved sliver sequin  gown with silver on he side, The other arm arm looked like she was wearing jewelry on her arm but it was the beauty of this dress.  Her lipstick was soft and natural looking that enhanced her beauty. He gown and her look was my favorite of the evening.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.36.24 AM                                 And as far as accessories went the best accessory was Oprah’s glasses with  black sequins at the top of the glasses. The size of the glasses looked very flattering as well. Oprah;s makeup was subtle and brought out her best features while her black dress with boat neck also flattered her curvy figure.

This Golden Globes ceremony was very empowering in terms of what women said and how they presented themselves. It made a huge statement that there would be a big change in Hollywood and that women would no longer stand by and be victims of Hollywood’s sexual harassment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.58.41 AM.pngPerhaps the best statement was made by Barbara Streisand who was the only woman to with best Director. She told the audience that it was in 1984 and that we needed to step it up with more women directors. That made me feel particularly great since i am one of those new women directors with just having completed the rough cut of  my first documentary film .

Body Language Shows How Many Female Celebs Were Overly Affectionate and Flirtatious With a Then Powerful Harvey Weinstein

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.35.22 AM




NOTE: THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BLAMING THE VICTIM AS THERE WERE MANY VICTIMS OF HARVEY WEINSTEIN. As we have now know, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of raping, harassing, and  abusing women throughout his reign as Hollywood’s most powerful mogul and starmaker. But as you can see from the body language in these photos  of  Harvey Weinstein with various female celebrities, there were those who were quite affectionate with him.  Many were even outwardly receptive and perhaps even leading the affections as you can see in some of the photos below.

Perhaps some  they played the “kiss up to Harvey to get ahead or stay working  game”,  “the Emperor has News Clothes when the Emperor is really Naked  game”, or perhaps they were  victims of Stockholm Syndrome where they identified with the perpetrator. Perhaps some were overly affectionate because they wanted to  be or remain in his good graces, star in hs next movie or do a business deal with him.

While many were late in the game to join in and denounce Harvey it is hard to believe that they didn’t know what he was really like. Everyone knew.  Hollywood is like any small town where everyone knows your business and what you are all about. They either chose to look the other way and ignore it, they knew and didn’t care, or they went along with it.

Whatever the case, you will see just how many celebs, who have now joined the bandwagon to denounce Harvey  were indeed singing a different tune about him earlier.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.01.25 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.00.37 AM

Meryl Streep’s body language showed she really liked Harvey as she takes the lead and in an aggressive position has her arm engulfing him as she reaches over his chest to his arm. In the photo on the left she leans right into Harvey, whereas he is not leaning into her. Many feel it was too little too late when she denounced Harvey and now you can see why.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.02.22 AM

Another latecomer to denounce Harvey is Judy Dench as she leans back in comfort as Harvey hugs her. Harvey also tells a story  on a Brittish talk show where  he says she  showed him her butt tattoo. That is pretty intimate. Was this her way flirting with Harvey and in turn keeping her working status with him as an older actress?

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.35.32 AMHeidi Klum certainly knew where her bread was buttered as Harvey chose her to be the host of Project Runway, which jumpstarted her career as a host and talent show judge so here she is kissing him, She is all over harvey with her hugs and kisses as she aggressively engulfs him and nuzzles up to him.

Oprah also is the one initiating a kiss to Harvey and  intiating a hug towards him as she  has done a lot of business with him. She doesn’t outright denounce him publically,  but instead calls what happened a “watershed moment.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.35.22 AM

In this photo  above, Rene Zellewegers arm is draped  strategically positioned between Harvey’s legs and she is way too comfortable around Harvey, which fueled many rumors that she actually slept with Harvey  Perhaps that is why  now she has been lying low and keeping quiet about the Harvey scandal.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.57.00 AM

Jennifer Lawrence leans into Harvey with an open mouthed  hearty flirtateous laugh as she ingratiates herself to Harvey.

While Jennifer now denounces Harvey and says she  is disturbed by him, she openly engaged with him in a flirtateous manner with head thrown back and was very receptive to him as you can see by her body language. She hugs him tightly and presses her chest into his body.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.56.13 AMFor someone who complained about being threatened to wear his wife’s dress designs , Felicity Huffman seems pretty aggressive with her engulfing hug and leaning her body into Harvey.

These are just a few examples of the countless stars  who fawned over Harvey who then had the power to make or break their careers- even those who were already successful. Now they denounce him. Some say they never knew. But in such a small town where there are no secrets truth be told- everyone knew. It also makes you wonder how many female stars actually had sex with Harvey  or  allowed his shenanigans in exchange for a role or a career in order to get ahead  in one way or another.

It shows that the while the casting couch has certainly victimized many, in some cases that couch may have been used further one’s own career and status. Now I am not accusing any of these women above of doing so, but know that this may very well be  another side of the story for some of the women.

Harvey has proven to be a disgusting pig  who detests women and looks at it all as a sick game to fuel his perverted predatory needs as so many people can’t be making this up. In my view he needs to be in prison for what he did to so many people. But we cannot overlook that here is  also another dark side to this story. That side is that perhaps there were those women who knew about Harvey’s ways and tried to use it to their advantage to get what they wanted out of him as well. Once again.

Oprah’s Body Language Shows Anger Towards Toxic Stepmother Years Earlier

ImageEven if you see a photo of two people  person smiling  and things look like all is well between them, if you see someone’s fist or fists clenched, rest assured that there is trouble in that relationship. If you see a tight clenched jaw with teeth together you can also count on the fact that there is trouble brewing.

This photo was taken of Oprah and her stepmother, Barbara Winfrey the wife of her father Vernon Winfrey at Oprah’s 50th Birthday. Body language wise you can clearly see that Oprah is not keen on Barbara with her clench fists around her neck as though she subconsciously wants to strangle the woman. That fact that both of her hands are balled up into fists shows she really doesn’t like her stepmom at all.

After 14 years, Barbara and Vernon are divorcing and Oprah has told her to vacate the Nashville home she graciously bought for Vernon and Barbara to live. Oprah would have allowed Barbara to continue living there and not be homeless but Barbara refused to sign a confidentiality agreement which Oprah requested from her. So now Barabara is  without her Nashville home and is so furious that she has done an exclusive interview with the  Daily Mail “spilling the beans” on Oprah.

Now we can certainly see why Oprah’s body language was leaking out animosity towards Barbara years earlier. The fact that she is “leaking” anything is egregious Toxic behavior. Oprah doesn’t owe this woman, a virtual stranger,  anything. Oprah was gracious to her father to put a roof  his head. Since Barbara was attached to Vernon , Barbara was permitted to live there as well.But now that Vernon and Barbara have split, Oprah doesn’t need to continue to support this woman in any way.

The “beans” this woman has spilled about Oprah are “non- beans” . She says that Oprah and Steadman and Gayle are always together. So what is wrong with that? They are all three wonderful support systems for one another. Most people would be thrilled to have loyal loving people around them. Gayle and Steadman are her family and family sticks together.

She says she never say Oprah and Stedman kiss and be affectionate. Well why would they show their affection around her?Oprah and Steadman have been together since 1986. The fact that they are still together in one form or another is awesome in itself. So this woman’s gossip about her and Steadman is ridiculous.

She also calls the relationship between Oprah and Gayle “unnatural:. No matter what their relationship is the fact that they are both loyal and supportive to one another and have one another’s backs is very “natural”. In fact it is awesome to have someone in the world who loves and cares about you that much.

She talks  about Oprah firing people. Of course Oprah is going to fire people who are no longer effective in her life or do what she needs them to do. Any business person would do that, So once again, Barbara is spilling a “non- bean”

She ridiculously gossips about Oprah using comfort food as her drug of choice which Oprah has mentioned for years. She also belittles Oprah for loving  and always snacking on potatoes which is ridiculous. It was a toxic dig that Oprah’s weight is caused by her love of all things potato.

Then this Toxic woman tries to make it like Oprah is a racist and is all about skin color. She said that Vernon once told her that if Oprah could change the color of her skin she would have. She also said that she like Steadman because he is a “high yellow” – a light skinned black with soft hair.  Well here is a newsflash for Barbara. If the richest most powerful woman in the world was that much against her skin color, she would have lightened it years ago. As we have all seen, Oprah is very much a supporter of Black people and has done many things to help her race and has even created a school for Black Girls in Africa.

Then she says that even though Oprah took her and her ex husband along on a Mediterranean cruise, she griped that Barbara didn’t speak to her. She also tried to cut Oprah down by saying how they had three different meals on the ship with different sets of dishes t each meal. So what is wrong with that? When someone pays millions of  dollars to rent a cruise ship for an 11 day vacation they can  afford to have different dishes at eAch me and even different bedding each day.

She also griped about being related to the second floor and not being allowed to mix with celebrities at Oprah’s Birthday party. Well it was Obvious that Oprah didn’t feel comfortable with her father or his ex wife. She obviously had little in common with the woman as well as with her own father. But it speaks volumes about Oprah that she was still gracious enough to invite her father and his wife on a luxury ship and to a milestone birthday party.

It is obvious from her  paid interviews with the Daily News that have now gone worldwide presswise that she is a Toxic jealous and bitter woman. But her bitterness has backfired as what she has revealed about Oprah look pretty good. The woman should have taken the house in Nashville and signed the papers of confidentiality as she really has nothing relevant to say about Oprah anyway, as has been revealed. Oprah didn’t beat  or physically hurt anyone,  do drugs, or steal from anyone. She is just living her life as best as she can. She has loving people around her and instinctively knows who the Toxic People are in her life and wants nothing to do with them as was the case with Barbara who cries in her interviews that Oprah never took the time to get to know her.

Well, Oprah didn’t need the time. She saw right through her Toxic now ex stepmother and it all showed up in Oprah’s tight jawed smile and clenched fists.





Bobbi Kristina Is Not Doing As Well As She Says She Is Doing On Oprah’s Interview

The other day  I appeared on Entertainment Tonight and talked about  Bobbi Kristina’s body language after her interview with Oprah Winfrey. In my view  the interview was disturbing. Even though Bobbi  Kristina admits she is doing “just fine” her body language said just the opposite  to me.

For one thing, Bobbi Kristina did the entire  10 minute interview standing up.  Who does an interview standing up unless they are planning to hightail it out of there …TO READ MORE CLICK THE LINK BELOW

George Lopez Self Hate-Calls Kirstie Alley Fat Pig When He’s Fat Himself

There is an old saying that goes when you point the finger at someone there are there are often three fingers pointing back at you. This definitely  seems to be the case with George Lopez after he made fun of Kirstie Alley after her Dancing With the Stars appearance by calling her a fat pig.

His name calling seems to be more about him than it does about Kirstie. When George looks in the mirror there is no doubt he has not come to grips with his the physical changes that have resulted perhaps due to taking  the weight gaining anti rejection medication for his kidney transplant or the resulting excess fluid retention in his body.

His lashing out at Kirstie’s weight may very well be due to the fact that he cannot cope with his own weight gain and  subsequent body changes ,resulting self loathe.

If we look back at the re runs of his television sitcom from 2004-2007 we see a much more slender and  healthier looking George.  Since this photo was taken,  his face has become wider and bloated. His  present day complexion  looks more pallid and looks even more pitted than before as his his eyes  now often have more of  a budging appearance to them.



A few months ago I was in the makeup room at CNN and met a beautiful woman who was also having her makeup done in the seat next to me.  We were discussing my new book called Toxic Men. She immediately told me that she needed to read that book as she as getting a divorce from her husband.

She then proceed to tell me her name, Ann , and hand me her business card which said Ann Lopez, producer. On the card it also said that she was the producer of George Lopez Productions. It was then that I realized that the Toxic Man she was referring to was comedian George Lopez

She proceeded to tell me how George had an unknown birth defect with kidneys the size of raisins. In 2005  , doctors said he was going to die unless he had a kidney transplant.  She volunteered to give him one of her kidneys and he gladly accepted.

Then after saving  his life, she found out he was cheating on her  with prostitutes by reading the tabloids. She was shocked and demanded a divorce. But to make himself look good, and to make Ann look like the villain in the marriage, Lopez has been telling the press he divorced his wife (who he had been married to since 1990 for  21 years  and with whom he had a daughter) because she was overweight.

Ann was a heavy set woman and was always that way since he married her in 1990. She was that way before and after they had their daughter in 1996. Obviously her size never bothered him or he overlooked it because he knew she was a wonderful woman who was devoted to him. In fact in his book Why You Crying? he said

I want to tell you about a woman I have been married to for ten years, my wife, Ann, who speaking truthfully, saved me from myself. Who saved me from destroying myself because of my background. Who saved me from wasting my life, drinking my life away, never fulfilling my dreams because of what I had come from, and truly believing and loving — truly the first person to ever truthfully, unconditionally love me.”

But the problem was that George didn’t love himself. He couldn’t accept that unconditional love and the Ultimate gift of life from Ann. So what did he do? He sabotaged himself by having affairs with hookers.


Three weeks after his kidney surgery in 2005 he felt well enough to play golf. According to medical reports he was given anti-kidney rejection drugs. Whether it was the anti-rejection  drugs, or the fluid retention from  his non transplanted kidney not working, George put on a considerable amount of weight as you can ein the photo.

Instead of addressing his own  weight issues, he lashed out on his wife Ann, on Bristol Palin whom he said  got heavier after she appeared on DWTS, and   now he’s beaten up on Kirstie Alley.

He would have stuck by  the Kirstie weight bashing “ joke”   if the public had not rebelled in a big way.

People would not accept what he said about her being a pig and neither could Kirstie. In fact she lashed back and called him a “drunk pig” who had  a little too much vodka.

People are very sensitive to Kirstie’s plight.  They have seen her struggle  with weight for years

from being a failed spokesperson for Jenny Craig

to her doing  her own sitcom “Fat Actress” where she showed her struggles with her weight.

The unflattering  tabloid ambush shots of her being overweight and eating fattening foods, which  also kept her weight battle very public.

She addressed  her weight on every talk show and even came on Oprah to show her progress on Jenny Craig as she wore a bikini. Her body language on the show clearly showed how ashamed and uncomfortable and self-conscious she was as she hid her lower body in a gossamer pareo .

She constantly  made jokes about her weight. But those jokes were simply to hide her pain and her self-consciousness.

Before she began  DWTS, she took off 60 lbs  of her own which she said was due to her own weight loss program.

But the real weight loss will come now under Maksim’s guidance. There there is no doubt that Kirstie will be svelte once again.
After witnessing Kirstie’s weight struggle’s throughout the years, the public is sympathetic towards her and wants her to both  win and lose – win the mirror ball trophy on DWTS and lose the weight.

As for George, my advice to him is to   focus on his own weight loss since the issue of being fat concerns him so much.

Perhaps a stint on DWTS might do him some good as well.

Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

A serious Oprah leans in to ask  Michael Jackson;s father Joe,”  Do you think Michael  was afraid of you?” A simple yes or no  answer while looking in Oprah’s direction  would have  indicated that Joe  was telling the truth.  But this was not the case. Joe showed  too many singles of deception. You can see one of those signals of deception as he

1.immediately  turns away from Oprah

2.  looks away and gazes to the side as you can see

3.  blinks a lot

4.  licks his lips

5. speaks slowly as  if to search for words to create hos lie

6. shrugs his shoulder

7. looks down

8.  gives away too much tangential information

9. fidgets

10  leans away and  then turns to lean in as if to try to convince Oprah that what he is  saying is true as she states,

”  I don’t think he was afraid of me. I think he was afraid he would do something wrong and I would chastise him. But I never beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say .”

When someone does all of those things body language wise and volunteers  information you didn’t ask for,  there is  a good chance they  are they are lying about what they said.


Then Oprah busts him by confronting  him head on as she  said “ I did that interview with him in 1993 and he told me you beat him.”

Joe is stunned. He looks away and turns from Oprah. This is probably the first time in his adult life that anyone stood up to him.

He then licks his lips and says um as if searching for something to say. He utters out  “ I am glad that he was raised in such a way. He was liked all over the world. He could have been like some of the other kids from Gary who are dead or gone.”

In essence he is coming up with an excuse in  trying to justify what he  did to Michael.

To get the truth out of Joe Jackson Oprah admits that she as beaten as a kid because that was the culture .

Joe feels relieved as he now looks directly at Oprah and gives a relieved slight smile.


Then Joe tries to clarify and justify as he asks Oprah Beat or Whipped? Lets not split hairs here. Whipped is the same as being beaten. They both cause bodily harm pain and tear away at one’s self esteem.

Oprah is now pissed. She looks up in exasperation and in a loud tone says It’s the same thing when you have welts on your body. Even mother Katherine chimed in and said in her soft way that it was the same thing.

Joe then  got all cotton mouthed  and licked his lips and indication he was clearly  nervous,  But he had to take control of the situation as the control freak  bully type of Toxic Man he is.   He immediately retorts that he didn’t like the word beat. So Oprah says , so you have issue with the word beat. He then showed   his contentiousness, he has the audacity to retort ” no  I have issue with the word whipped.

Katherine then stepped in and says You might as well tell the truth.  Good for her! I am sure that this is one of the few times in her life that she was able to speak up and speak back to this TOXIC  bully. Thank goodness she found the strength to do so, even of it was with  the protection of the camera crews and Oprah at her side.

Katherine  went on to say He used the strap, as she looked right at Joe. Joe now is clearly uncomfortable with lip locking and head bowed down as he is clearly embarrassed.

Joe was completely  humiliated for the first time in his life This bully now leaned back and crossed his arms over his body in a self  protective stance protective with his head bowed.  If there was a hole  in the ground, he would  now doubt want to crawl into into it and cover himself with the dirt.

With arms still crossed as you can see int he photo above,  he finally indirectly  admits that he would have whipped him with a strap  to punish for someone who did something wrong.  Notice how he detached by referring to Michael as  a someone as opposed to using his son’s name- Michael whom he beat or whipped or caused bodily harm. Notice how his eyes are closed as he looks down when he says this. It is  because he is so humiliated. It is indicative of shame.  Even though hos body language admits shame, his speech does not.

Instead, he continues to justify how  the beatings   kept Michael out of jail and how none of hos kids have been in jail

Then Oprah asks him if he regrets his strappings on his children. He  clearly and distinctly  looks directly at Oprah and replied  that he does not regret stapping his children.

Now we know why Prince was angry in the photo we see above. Perhaps he couldn’t stomach sitting or even standing next to the man who beat his beloved father with a strap.


Now we know they truth.  Michael spoke the truth about his  fathers beatings, Clearly they  damaged him emotionally.  He carried those scars into his adulthood. He was in such emotional trauma from his father;s violence that he di all he could to tip himself away from being his fathers son. He even changed his skin color and his genetic appearance just to be able to look in the mirror and see no resemblance to the man whom he obviously detested.

He was in such pain that he self medicated with surgery after surgery and drug after drug.

He wanted to go back  to his childhood and and re live his childhood with the love he obviously felt he did not have. That may explain why he continued to be child like well into his forties and as he turned fifty.  , He was so abused that he wanted to right the wrongs of his father.  He could’t do it but he could  right those wrongs through his kids.  He was a wonderful gather according to his kids.  This is a marked contrast from what he would say about his own father, Joe.

The truth has finally prevailed.  I only wish Michael would have been alive to hear his father admit  what he did to him. Michael did the right thing to never speak to his father and to unplug from him for good.  Some things are unforgivable. Physical violence is one of those things that is hard to forgive.

The UNPLUG  technique  is one of the technique which  I describe  in my book TOXIC MEN that  you can use when you can  no longer deal with a person who has made your life miserable.  The fact that Joe did not apologize for what he did to Michael   and continues to justify it shows how Michael did the right thing to UNPLUG  and  never allow Joe into his life.

Joe is A Toxic Man. He is a classic control freak  bully. To read more about Toxic Men you can get my latest book at a special rate  of $14.93 from  by clicking the link  below


Naomi Campbell’s Body Language and Vocal Tone On Oprah Indicates She May Continue To Be A Danger to Others As She “Sees Red,” Is In Denial, and Full of Blaming Others


Perhaps one of the most disturbing interviews I have ever seen was watching model Naomi Campbell on Oprah.

Naomi’s :

crying for no reason for no reason  at all

not knowing why she was crying  when asked by Oprah,

her telling Oprah that she” sees red’ and then doesn’t remember anything and

her making countless excuses for her egregious behavior

leads me to believe that she is a clear  danger to anyone who has to  work with her or deal with her personally or professionally.

A  person with  no clue why they act the way they do and  abuses others because they   don’t do exactly what is expected,   is  a TOXIC PERSON  and frightening to be around.

Perhaps Oprah may have even sensed that Naomi might possibly  be dangerous and go off on her as well, especially after Naomi said that she “sees red” and then doesn’t remember what happens after she goes off on someone.

Maybe that  is why  Oprah’s body language indicated that she was particularly gentle with Naomi on her show. Perhaps she didn’t want to upset Naomi to the point that she  saw  red and ended up throwing  something at Oprah.


We obviously  know why Oprah had Naomi on the show- sweeps ot  ratings season.  But what was Naomi’s reason for being on Oprah’s show?

She had nothing to promote and really had nothing  of value  to say except make excuses for her bad behavior and to display how TOXIC she was.

Sometimes people go on Oprah to set the record straight. They want to tell their side of the story and to let the public know who they  really are.

Well Naomi’s appearance definitely let everyone know who she is- a  very disturbed woman  in my view who needs to be  feared until she gets some major professional help and gets her anger in control .

Looking at the little red Kabballah bracelet tied to her wrist, it will take a lot more than Kabbalah, Madonna’s  organization  to set this woman straight. It will take hours and hours of serious  therapy by a qualified professional.


While not everyone who is a self admitted control freak is abusive, being a control freak and not being flexible and tolerant of others can  often lead towards abusing others.

Look at another self admitted “control freak,” Kate Gosselin and how she abused her former husband Jon, her kids, and most recently, her dancing partner on Dancing With the Stars, Tony Dovalani.

While Kate has been seen throwing clothing and toys,  Naomi’s throwing items like cell phones and other items and hitting people and  ABC cameras shows that this woman is out of control herself.

This is the case with most control freaks. They cannot control themselves and their own impulses , so  they try to control others and everyone around them.

When A baby doesn’t get their way, they cry or often throw a tantrum.  That is exactly what Naomi does. She obviously hasn’t grown up. She still resorts to this immature and infantile behavior.  Mature grownups use words. They don’t throw  things at others and hit them.


For someone who espouses to do the right thing and encourages moral turpitude, it didn’t seem very  Oprah-like to me to allow Naomi to display her married boyfriend on the show like a first grader brings a pet turtle to school for “show and tell.”

I don’t care if the man is  a handsome Russian or  looks like he stepped  out of the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly, or that he has been separated for ten years.

I don’t care if he said it twice or twenty times. The fact is that  he is still a  married man and doesn’t sit right with a lot of viewers. That did not help Naomi in trying to rehab her image on Oprah in my view. Instead, it showed very poor judgment on her part.

Control Freaks as Naomi  described herself, may be on their best behavior with a  lover  Naomi  says she likes to have a man in control. So  no doubt,  her Russian married boyfriend agrees with this philosophy or  he wouldn’t be with her for very  long.

But eventually one’s the real personality  comes out. So no doubt when Naomi starts showing more signs of a  her control freak nature, who uses violence to get her way, her married Russian lover may go back to the  wife to whom he was separated  from for the past  ten years.


As soon as Naomi  spoke she turned millions off  viewers. While she had every right to not speak  about an issue when she was interviewed and  even had a right to walk off the set if it upset her that much, she did NOT  have  right to slap a producer’s camera on her way out.

She could have done some major damage to extremely sensitive and sophisticated equipment.

Naomi claimed to Oprah that there was “a sound effect” added to the ABC News reports on the incident. ABC News claims that they  did not add any sound effects to the ABC News reports on the alleged blood diamond gift, which aired April 22 on both World News and Nightline.

I believe them as  news organizations do not do such things. Having worked for ABC’s Los Angeles’ affiliate  myself as a reporter, I can assure you that this does NOT happen.

Naomi had no accountability whatsoever.  ‘She actually smiled  as smug smile as you can see in the above photo. She spoke about her lashing out as though she was proud of her TOXIC  behavior.


Naomi had to clarify that it was not a jewel encrusted phone that she threw at the housekeeper but a regular one!

When Oprah calmly asked her “What it is in you that tells you it’s OK thow throw things?” Naomi looks away  and says  sees red  as she said she didn’t even remember why she threw the phone at the housekeeper who couldn’t find her jeans. She says  “ I don’t remember  I just threw the phone .

She then goes on to say “I’m ashamed.”  Nut Naomi showed no visible body language signs of shame  and no vocal signs of shame. It was clearly  noting more than rehearsed rhetoric, especially when she attributed her actions to “abandonment issues.”

After  Naomi had no clue or  insight as to why she behaves as she does, she decided to bring in some psychology  101 and discuss “abandonment issues.”

As she discussed this she looked down. She couldn’t even look at Oprah as she knew this was complete BS.  Like Oprah remarked in a calm monotone, lots of people have abandonment issues and mamma issues and  they don’t throw things.

When Naomi tied to  lamely explain that since she was abandoned she keeps trying to build   up a family around her “ that’s not my immediate family.” She goes on to say that  if  she feels  a mistrust then”  she let’s loose with her violent behavior.

Well here is a clue  Naomi. Your helpers and assistants and cab drivers and people on airplanes and taxi drivers are NOT your family.

I would say create a real family of your own, but on second thought until you get your anger and your psychological issues sorted out, it would be a tragedy to bring anyone into your life and abuse them like you have constantly abused others.


While Naomi tried to attribute her issues on to her mother, he mother let out some very valuable information about Naomi.

She said that she worked hard as a 19 year old mother and sacrificed a lot so that Naomi could have everything she wanted and get a great education and attend private schools.

This screams at what an ingrate Naomi is. Instead of focusing on what she didn’t have – her mother’s time, she needs to focus on what she did have- and how her mother made  every opportunity possible like going to private school.  Perhaps that would help her diffuse her internal rage.


When a person cries  and cries  and can’t tell you why they are crying, a possibility is that they are in a depression.

But when one is  on Oprah and  doesn’t wipe off their tears and leaves them there to glisten, chances are very high that they are using their tears as a form of manipulation in leaving them there for effect. They want  you to feel sorry or pity for them.

I have no doubt that this was the case with Naomi. Oprah offered her a kleenex,  but the tears were still there, glistening. Also when she wiped away some non tears that is when I was convinced it was all for effect and all for control and manipulation.


When Naomi had to undergo hours of community service she wore her designer clothing complete with evening gown.  This was an obvious message to the powers that be. She tried to explain it away that she had a photo shoot afterwards.

One does NOT come to photo shoots in a designer gown.  The gown is usually put on  at the time of the photo  shoot as to not ruin it  with perspiration or dirt.

If she was doing her community service washing out toilets and floors, there is a high percentage that she would get some dirt and grime on her gown. So what she was saying was ridiculous.

She then tried to spin it that she had nice clothing  and likes to dress well and so she wore what she usually wears.  Puhleeze!

It was clear as to what Naomi was doing and saying by this action.  Her message was  “ I am above it I am entitled and I will show you!  I will wear  designer elegant gowns to your lowly common community service to further rub in your face just who I am!”

It was clear that she was thumbing her nose at the system in a very immature way.


Watching Oprah fawn over Naomi and drool over how beautiful she was and the perfection 0f her body was absolutely  sickening to me. In my eyes. When Oprah spoke about how she envied Naomi and her glamorous life, it spoke volumes about Oprah and her insecurities about her looks and self admitted weight issues.

Naomi is anything but pretty, attractive, or  beautiful in my eyes.  In fact she is quite the opposite. I strongly subscribe to the “pretty is as pretty does” philosophy.

So what is she has a proportional figure which makes her sexy to men as Bono said.  Maybe in her past she took cocaine to keep thin and keep her model figure as so many models did back in the day.

But now that she is 40,  she showed that she spends hours and hours a day of grueling exercise to keep that figure. That is her job.  As a live mannequin , Ii she gets flabby she won’t look as good in the clothing  which people pay her a  lot of money to showcase.

Anyone who is that nasty, clueless, in denial, unaccountable for their actions,  superficial and remorseless is anything but pretty in my eyes !


Wearing her  her little red $20  Kabbalah Center string on her wrist, Naomi wipes away  her contrived  tears as  in a monotone, she  says  that she wants to be a better person.

Based on her lack of emotion in her tone and her looking away, and lack of  remorse in her facial expression or body language,  those appeared to be empty words. They sounded good but they were  not heartfelt.

If Naomi wants to be a better person, the first thing she needs to so is stop working and gallivanting around and get into some serious  and intensive therapy before she interacts with others.

She needs to give some of her millions that she earned throughout the years to charitable causes like the Smile Train  Foundation or Doctors Without Borders who operate on patients with facial deformities.

A better person gives and is not  only consumed with themselves. They donate their time and efforts to help others.

Maybe Naomi needs to start at modeling school or class  for inner city young women to help them build their self esteem.

Finally anyone who wants to  be a better person does the right thing. That includes  not going with a married man – even if he has been separated for ten years. If he hasn’t divorced his wife and made a commitment,  it means that he is still connected to his wife.

Oprah’s last words to Naomi was that she hopes she finds peace and that Naomi not spend as much time on her  external  world  and more on her  internal world.

That is like asking a duck to use a computer.  What Oprah really needed to say was, “run and see a therapist as soon as you can because you have clearly demonstrated  on this show that you are in serious need of help.”