Cindy Anthony Lies on Stand,Over Explains, Gives Casey Mixed Messages By Mouthing” I Love You”

Initially Cindy Anthony arrived on the  stand with  a   delicate  voiced demeanor . But it wasn’t long until  her a defensive snarky tones appeared. Cindy was back in full form and  back to her old self when she spoke of how her hair grows fast. She was not asked about  how fast her hair grew, yet  she volunteered too much too much  information. When someone does this it often means they are deceptive or have something to hide. This may also be Cindy’s  attempt to control and  manipulate. information.

Now we hear Cindy tell a LIE. She says that  her hair was  ast her shoulders during Christmas time in 2008. She even points to her shoulder as she says this.

 This is not true  as you can see in the  photo above. Her hair is no where near past her shoulders. She is obviously lying as she thinks doing so may protect Casey in some way. Then  Cindy makes absolutely  no sense. Linda Drane Burdick asks her about her length of hair in July and August of 2008 and Cindy volunteers some cockamamie story about her hair being long in 2006.

No one asked her about 2006. She is attempting to divert information and manipulate as she goes on about irrelevant information.

This photos clearly shows several  signals of deception as she discusses how her hair was as long as Linda Drane Burdick’s hair. We see her a. close her eyes, b. shrug her shoulders, and c. purse her lips.  These are all signs she was not being truthful with her information. Linda asked about 2008 not 2006.

Cindy was then shown a photo of Caylee in 2008 which showed  the length of  Caylee’s  hair which was past her shoulders. Now everything makes sense as to what  Cindy was attempting to do.  In my view, she was so adamant about letting everyone know how long her hair because  in my view, it was her attempt  create confusion  about who’s hair it was .   Caylee’s hair was long and Cindy was trying to get across that her hair was long as well, This was clearly not accurate information.


 Cindy was shown a  photo of Casey and Caylee which was brought into evidence. She looked at the photo and then quickly wiped one eye and then the other . There were no tears and no liquid to indicate  despair and  most of all no facial expression to indicate tears and upset. It is my view that she was doing this for the purposes of  jury sympathy. These non tear crying and eye wiping of non tears  is  very similar to Casey’s behavior.

Cindy then shows her manipulation as she refuses to answer  Linda Dran Burdick’s question about both containers being similar to the ones she had in her home. All she had to do was answer “yes. ”  Insteaf, she had to be difficult  and say that she didn’t know the size of the first container. No one was  asking  her about  the size of the container .  She was just asked a simple question, that  is often asked to kids  on Sesame Street ” Which  is like the other?” 

 When she was grilled,  ,  she finally answered “yes “after wasting  so much unnecessary time.   She needed to have answered “yes”   the first place.


Previously Cindy reported in her deposition  that the cylindrical container which was  was once  in Caylee’s room  and was missing.  Now she tries to backtrack and explain herself . Linda busts her about  her making  a  different statement .We  then see Cindy  have a case of the itchie scratchies.

This indicates being caught in  deception.After she is forced to admit that she made two different statements,   Cindy  does so with reluctance as we see her  purse her lips  in embarrassment. It also means that she doesn’t want to say anymore.

Here we see a clear signal of  deception as Cindy  says she thought it was in Cayee’s bedroom. Note how she immediately brings her finger up to her eye which indicates deception.  She continues  to show deception as she says”uh uh as I said in the previous deposition” (shoulder shrug)  and with you (shoulder shrug) that my memory has gotten better.  This statement  does not make sence and is indicative of deception.

When she leaves the stand,  she immediately changes her tune towards  Casey. Amanda Ober of WESH-Channel 2 reported that Cindy “did make eye contact with Casey and mouth the words ’I love you.

Casey apparently just shrugged her shoulders which meant that she could care less what Cindy says.

 Personally I find this behavior by Cindy extremely interesting and  telling.  Here  is  a woman who on the stand weeks earlier sobbed her heart  out about Caylee . She spoke quickly without hesitation. She  refused to even look at Casey. Casey in turn,  cried in anger over her mother’s betrayal and cold shoulder.

Now whan Cindy leaves  the stand she tells Casey she loves her. This gives us a glimpse of Cindy’s push and pull behavior with Casey. It is called “Crazy Making”,   “messing with one’s mind” and manipulation. Cindy has sent Casey mixed messages. It’s the I love you/ I hate you behavior that we see in many people with Boarderline Personality disorders. I am not diagnosing Cindy with Boarderline Personality disorder as she may or may not have this condition.

But she has done something that is confusing and disturbing. If Casey had a lifetime of these mixed messages,  it is no wonder that she is where she is today. Casey hated Cindy and it is not difficult to see why. Casey hated Cindy so much that she was willing to put Caylee up for adoption rather than have Cindy  raise the baby. 

Casey told Detective Appie Wells that she was afraid of her mother. Whether Caylee had an  accident or  the” accident”  was done on purpose, Casey despised Cindy and now we can see why. The control, manipulation, double messages may have been what sent Casey over the edge.

For those of you who say Casey was born a sociopathic monster, I say you may be correct. However,  her abberant family environment may have helped exacerbate her genetic predisposition.


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    1. Mrs.Glass , Cindy is playing a sick game with her daughter.

      She is also playing a game with the court system.

      Cidny and George were laughing and smiling the day after they returned to court.

      This was after they were showing crime scened photos.

      I have no sympathy for these people they have tried to contaminate the crime scene from the time they smelled decomp.

      I think they may have been involved from the time she parked car near dumpster.

      I believe Casey was coached on leaving the car next to the dumpster.

      Casey has alot on them and she convienced them Caley died in the car by accident and she panicked not knowing what to do.

      Cindy and George brag about flying under the radar and being above the law.

      Cindy and George are nothing but water moccasins like their daughter.

      They will get what they deserve even if the F.B.I. or law enforcement show them favortism.

      She sits on the stand and admits to contaminating a crime scene and smiles and says but I was on medication.

      NO one will ever tell the truth in that court house now and will lead the system around by the nose because of these monsters.

      Their foundation that was set up has brought in alot of money and Lee and Malory are directors on the board.

      This whole family is greedy and sick and need to be arrested now.

  1. Excellent, as always, Dr. Glass!…I thought the same. Today was a mirror up to Cindy and Casey’s entire relationship…the push and pull dynamics between them. At first, I didn’t think Cindy looked over at Casey, but as you stated other news people caught it and played/reported it.

    How exemploay that Casey has a ‘fit’ when Cindy didn’t look over at her when Cindy left the stand thefirst time Cindy testified…Cindy obviously saw, as we all did, that Casey was upset by this. So, this time, Cindy makes a point of expressing herself to Casey and what does Casey do?? Ignores Cindy, turns away punish her, most obviously…

    This is one area that I feel the Pros are remiss in not divulging their love/hate relationship. IMO, this is the main motive for Casey…She hates Cindy more than she ever loved Caylee and the last thing in the world Casey would allow was for Cindy to get custody of Caylee.

    I may have mentioned this before, but it is so important to the case… if you listen to the one phone call where Cindy has Casey put on the phone to talk to the 911 operator, while Cindy is on the phone waitng to be transferred to the correct department, there seems to be a side conversation between Cindy and Casey about giving Casey “more time.” If you listen closely– there is reference by Cindy about threatening to seek custody of Caylee. In the call:

    CINDY: “…cuz my next thing will be down to {inaudible–“child thing”} and we’ll have a court order to get her, if that’s the way you wanna play, we’ll do it–and you’ll never…”
    CASEY: “That’s not the way I want to play.
    CINDY:. “Well then, you have…”
    CASEY: “I just need one more day.”
    CINDY: “No, I’m not giving you another day, I’ve given you a month.”

    Also, one thing I am surprised no commentator has mentioned–not that I saw anyway–is how MANY parents who kill their own children do so as a revenge killing–to hurt the other parent–This case, I believe, is very much like those types of cases.

    AND, when I saw Cindy on the stand today, there was a point where she had her fingers to her mouth, almost massaging them or pulling at them…I couldn’t want to ask you about that and get your interpretation. Do you catch that as well?

    Oh,and thanks!

    1. It’s sad Caley died the way she did.

      She is in a better place surrounded by peace .

      Her little heart was to young to have known sin yet.

      This family is nothing , but lieing no good for nothing monsters.

      She is better offf .

  2. I love it Dr. Glass when we are on the same page. Only twice I have disagreed with you and both times its been about the parents. I was mortified when you said the other day that Cindy was “through” with her daughter. I knew that was false. I believe the last jail “visit” denial was a set up, for the media. Jose is a snake and believes he is above the law, so i’m quite certain, on his “private” visits to his client, she talks to her parents via his cellphone. These people are in cahoots and have been. I agree with James (above) they should be held accountable for their crimes.
    On a side note, I think the prosecutors should complete their case, not cut it short like they are doing, because I have a feeling the DUHfense is not going to present one. We all well know they don’t have one. But even JP alluded to the fact, (in the sidebar that was released) that they couldn’t be trusted….. Oh well again JMO.
    Thank You for what you do….

  3. Dr. Glass, I AGREE WITH YOU 100% regarding Cindy’s testimony today!! As soon as she began again with her ridiculous, long, drawn out NON-answers, I had to conclude THIS is the real Cindy ~ evasive and covering for the murderer, once again! I admit it ~ I was fooled by her first stint on the stand; she appeared to see the light and finally cooperate with those seeking justice for this poor, murdered, innocent victim…boy, was I wrong. That BS about her hair (DUH, she’s been filmed every time she’s left her house since July ’08!!). Then, she just couldn’t say whether or not her mother had been in Casey’s OBVIOUS!! She infuriated me today!! I get that she loves Casey, and that’s fine – she’s free to beg the jury to spare her life, which they probably will ~ and then she can show up at prison every weekend during visitor time and be turned down by Casey; they both deserve a lifetime of that crap… but to lie, stall, cover up, and try to derail justice for a murderer who has NO qualms about framing her own father, brother, and other innocent people – it’s completely unforgivable. I’m so DONE with Cindy Anthony..she showed her true colors today.

  4. I have to disagree with you. I think Cindy is very drugged, I think she has or has had severe shock and stress disorder from the minute she learned Caylee was missing. I think she probably has very little memory from that time and is still confused now. I think she is doing her best to be a honest as she can be, with what memory she has.

    I don’t see mouthing to her daughter that she loves her to be a conflict. She may hate what she believes now that Casey has done, but that is still her daughter. We love our children even if we hate what they do.

    Her hair in that photo was about an inch or so of being shoulder length, it could have been shorter or longer a month before, my hair grows really fast as well, I would challenge anyone to testify how long or short it has been at any given time.

    I think Cindy is being as honest as she can and probably has a very limited memory, it is the body’s way of shutting down pain and dealing with shock. I think you are very wrong here, Dr. Glass.

  5. James, I have always believed that Cindy and George could never change their behaviors and attitudes and convictions. I knew when Lee, did his own flakey testimony that the game was still on…Cindy, did her part today….So that leaves George….that should be the real bomb….

    People only change when they know there is a need to change…and these people think they are the ideal parents….They change when they set goals to alter the direction their lives have been on.

    Somewhere, in this mix a beautiful child came forth… For some reason, we may never understand, the lessons she brought with her have been given, to those for whom those lessons were meant. She has gone now, and haven’t we all been blessed by her very presence.

    Children are blessings, no matter what circumstance they arrive through. They have so much to teach us and they are such a joy to be around. They deserve to be loved and nurtured and cared for, above all else….Bless the parents, wise and prepared enough to care for a little child.

  6. Casey had the crazy gene carried on both dice that were thrown for her genetic make-up. Her father is a lazy habitual liar (and possible child molester) with a bi-polar sister, and her mother is an over-controlling habitual liar with delusions of grandeur. So Casey had a good chance of something based in genetics for the nature side of things. As far as Casey’s nurture side, that couldn’t have been really great either raised in that house with those two.

    Raising a sociopath is incredibly difficult, and I can imagine George and Cindy would have rather spent time lying and covering than trying to get help.

  7. Excellent Dr Glass you have Cindy off to a T. Love reading your updates on this highly dysfunctional family.

    As we watch Cindy in action, is it any wonder that she raised a monster?

    Justice for Caylee…R.I.P.

  8. I believe Casey turned away from her mom and doesn’t acknowledge her because she’s completely embarrassed of everything .. her cover has been blown shes caught…I mean what will the conversation be in jail if they spoke?? Casey can’t continue on with the charade of lies anymore to her family.. she has no other choice but to not speak to her family because she will have to answer the tough questions

    Btw I was scared to death of my mom when I would get caught doing something wrong I thought that was normal

  9. Cindy has stated that she is seeking the truth. Her truth, Casey’s truth or Caylee’s truth? This is so sad. No one will ever know the truth.

    If I was the prosecutor of this case, I would be concerned that the defense and the Anthony family will make a mockery of the justice system when they present their information. But their efforts could backfire if the jury sees through the all the smoke and mirrors. Instead of saving Casey from the death penalty, they could be sealing her fate.

    Whatever the outcome, each and every one of the Anthony’s will have to live the rest of their lives with a so much guilt. They all played a role in a 2 1/2 year olds death. They all contributed to the family dynamics which led to Casey murdering her child. This family is toxic.

  10. If Casey didn’t want Caylee at the time of her birth it’s true she should have been put up for adoption with a loving family. There are many disfunctional famlies, there are parents who kill their children that we hear about in the news. That does not mean their should be no justice for the child they killed. Casey was tested for her mental judgement before the trial began and deemed fit for trial. Regardless where the behavior stemmed from. Casey should not get a pass because of her behavior. She did the crime, now do the time. It’s a twisted mind that would kill anyone in this bizarre manner. The court should order that her parents also get mental help treatment if they prove their actions made Casey do what she did.

    1. I think maybe Casey killed her daughter, because she didn’t want Cindy to raise her. In other words, in her sick mind, she thought Caylee would be better off dead than living a life with her mother. Perhaps, she realized her mother destroyed her and didn’t want the same for her baby. JMHO. I agree, she needs to be punished for the crime, it is only right.

      1. IMO, Casey is a narcissistic sociopath. She doesn’t see herself as “destroyed” and nothing she did was to protect Caylee or to see her ‘better off”; rather it was about what she herself wanted — to be free of the burden and hurt her mother, maybe her father. Further, she wouldn’t have cared about the consequences, as long as she got what she wanted and her mother (for whom she has obvious hatred) didn’t.

        In other words, if she felt like it would hurt her mother more to keep Caylee alive and dump the child on the parents, that might have been her choice — whatever gets Casey what Casey wants (first priority) and hurts mom (second priority). To do both in one fell swoop = grand prize.

        That said, however, I believe Caylee’s death was accidental, by chloroform, and the the cover up was about the cause of death and not the death itself. One can hardly call 911 and say, “I need help; I think I overdosed my toddler on chloroform.” I believe she used chloroform (or drugs) to “babysit” the child in lieu of asking the parents to babysit – again, she gets what she wants (to go out and party) and denies mom what she wants (to spend time with the child).

  11. I felt as soon as Cindy took the stand yesterday she reverted back to her true self. Lying to cover for Casey. I was starting to have some sympathy for her after her first time on the stand. but yesterday wiped that all away. She will never change.

    1. My thoughts exactly, Terri. Unfortunately, I too was fooled by her first trip to the stand during the case-in-chief. For the 1st time since 7/08, a lightbulb appeared to have finally been turned on. Alas, no such luck. If so, it’s been flipped off again. She used the term ‘disappearance’ of Caylee…(ummm Cindy? yeah, your daughter CONFIRMED day 1 of this trial…Oh wait, I seem to remember u sitting on the right side, towards the back of the room, no? Well, maybe you didn’t hear this part, perhaps you were writing at the time, but aaannnnyyywayyyy ~ she confirmed THAT day that Caylee NEVER disappeared, but died June 16th. Soooo, no disappearance, sweetheart, time to wake up, ok? alrightly then…) Good grief, I may have to duct tape my own head before this is over. I mean no disrespect to this poor innocent baby’s horrible death. I hope her killer is convicted and never sees the light of day again. Let her mother spend the rest of her life attempting to win her affections, they deserve each other. As stated before, I’m done with Cindy Anthony.

    2. I’m not ready to completely write her off as changed. I believe that when she got on the stand last week, she was being genuine. I think she’s started trying to talk herself out of what she believed. I was disappointed when I saw her mouth “i love you” at Casey.

      Either way, it doesn’t matter. They are going to be haunted and impeached by their prior depositions every time they lie. Whatever they think they’re trying to get away with, they won’t.

      And I really can’t blame Casey on them, not completely. I can’t even say her actions were justified by the way she grew up. She deserves to fry and I hope she does. I’m tired of watching her manipulate people.

      1. And they’re going to be impeached by their lies in prior depositions each time they tell the truth.

        It’s on folks. If the defense presents a defense, I doubt this trial will be over by the start of July. The only reason they were ahead of schedule is because the defense has yet to open their mouths and when they did it was only within the scope of the direct examination.

        Imagine Baez being given free reign.

  12. Caylee’s name has not been copyrighted, the Anthonys have only applied for the copyright recently. It usually takes about a year for the application to go through.

    They do not want anyone using their grand daughter’s name and the tragedy to profit.
    They themselves will not profit by the copyright..

    I find it strange that so many people claim they are getting rich off this tragedy. Their home is in foreclosure and they are in bankruptcy, how are they making all this money?

    There are no book deals, there is no contract for a Lifetime movie. I wish people would be more compassionate towards these grieving grandparents instead of assuming they’re make their fortune.

    1. Ellen

      I want facts not rumours about the Anthony’s making money. Watched the case from day one and at times been appalled by Cindy’s behaviour. But I still have compassion for the family. People spread rumours about George or Lee being Caylee’s daddy. IMHO this is disrespectful of Caylee and POSSIBLY why the defence chose INCEST to be the cause of Casey’s trouble. The defence team troll the boards they see incest stories are alive and well. This may be why they used it I just hope the jury does not jump to this as being a truth.

      Many hate the Anthony’s. They get called bad names and suffer many made up stories. For example I had to ask whom WF, tube socks are. So when they spit out venom they are not different than anyone else.

      I do support Casey I think she planned this death. Love the post Dr. Glass.

      Mr Baez should watch his back; Casey will make lies up about him and ask for a retrial. Casey spent many days in his office before going to jail. It is so easy for Casey to throw her parents under the bus, Baez will take no thought.

  13. I so looked forward to your report on this, Dr Glass, from the moment Cindy stepped down from the witness stand yesterday afternoon. You didn’t disappoint.

    “Casey hated Cindy so much that she was willing to put Caylee up for adoption rather than have Cindy raise the baby.”

    I wish she would have done that, then. Unfortunately, however, she hated Cindy so much that she was willing to end Caylee’s life, either accidentally or intentionally, rather than let Cindy raise the baby.

    “Casey told Detective Appie Wells that she was afraid of her mother. Whether Caylee had an accident or the” accident” was done on purpose, Casey despised Cindy and now we can see why. The control, manipulation, double messages may have been what sent Casey over the edge.”

    Casey can’t be blamed for Cindy’s manipulative, deceitful behavior. Cindy can’t be blamed for whatever it was that Casey did that led to Caylee’s death. (Murder? Child neglect and abuse? We will never know for sure.) Can Cindy be held accountable for bringing up a girl child who hates her now that she’s an adult? Yes, she can. Can she be held accountable for bringing up
    an emotionally damaged young woman? Sure, she can. This world’s filled with emotionally damaged people, however, who don’t do to their children what Casey did to her child. That was all Casey. For every Casey, there are multitudes who’ve grown up to be just like the Cindys who raised them and many others who, determined to do better for their children, fight their Cindy-like urges daily.

    If there’s justice to be found in the Florida criminal justice system, this jury will find Casey guilty of Caylee’s death and she will receive the maximum sentence for whatever the conviction. Following, Cindy and George will be charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and whatever other crimes each has committed during the investigation and trial. The same for Lee, too, if applicable. (I don’t know much about Lee or any possible collusion on his part in Cindy and George’s cover-up attempts for Casey.)

    By the way, a few minutes before Cindy’s testimony ended and she stepped down from the witness stand yesterday, I thought I saw Casey do one of those “t – huh” things at Cindy. By “t- huh,” the best I can describe it is that it’s something teenagers are known to do when asked to do something they don’t want to do. They’ll make a “t” sound, followed by a sigh or a “huh” or “heh” sound, and usually accompany the sound with eye-rolling. Did I see Casey do that or am I mistaken?

    1. That should read: “They’ll make a “t” sound, followed by a sigh or a “huh” or “heh” sound, and usually accompany with eye-rolling.”

      Eye-rolling should be silent.

  14. Dear Dr Glass: I have learned so much from you.. so much so that i am in danger of needing to buy another TV…I keep screaming at my TV ie: WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THE LENGTH OF YOUR STUPID BLONDE HAIR, just answer yes or no..
    Since I have been reading your emails..i am getting better at spotting the LIARS..i was right on yesterday….This case and this family is going to be a case study for many graduate students and PhD doctorate candidate.
    Thank You for the wonderful and correct observations you provide….jmc

  15. “It’s the I love you/ I hate you behavior that we see in many people with Boarderline Personality disorders. I am not diagnosing Cindy with Boarderline Personality disorder as she may or may not have this condition.”

    Isn’t it *borderline* personality disorder?

    1. I get the impression that Dr. Glass types these out quickly; there are frequently many words misspelled and some improper grammar. She is probably busy and doesn’t have time to spell / grammar check.

      1. I’m even wondering if Dr. Glass has someone else type these out quickly (an intern?) and then (sometimes or at some point) revises them Her posts seem inconsistent to me – and I posted that somewhere a while back. Someone recently posted that she was shocked to find that Glass’ original post had actually changed and the new one was quite different. I have felt the same way, but neither of us has ever been motivated to print out an original post to be able to compare it later. Maybe we will both watch more carefully now…

        This change-up is not a crime – but it is weird. I think I’ll pay closer attention because I have felt that sometimes it seems that someone else wrote the post. (Sorry, I know this sounds vague…) To me it seems that Dr. Glass consequently has had to come back in and deny, explainor patch up some of the things she has said.

        I love this process of reading, thinking/analysing and then writing. It’s fun. However, I’m noticing “something” (and it’s not body language) in the language of Dr. Glass’ posts that doesn’t add up. Bottom line, I’m OK , but just a little wary.

        It’s a little mind bending — just like when Dr. Glass astutely said ,”Now when Cindy leaves the stand she tells Casey she loves her. This gives us a glimpse of Cindy’s push and pull behavior with Casey”.

        Dr. Glass, are you messing with my mind inadvertently – by changing up just a little bit…innocently and, of course, really with good intentions…but just not with enough time to polish your posts adequately.

        Keep up you work – but, let’s all try to make it good work! IMHO as they say.

    1. Haven’t seen enough of Mallory since ’08 to really get a feel for “who” she is. But ~ during testimony several weeks ago, she broke down sobbing on cross w/ Baez. She claimed how “amazing” the relationship between Caylee and kc was.. The talking heads went crazy about how great she was for the defense ~ To which I say “Good job, Mallory ~ you’ve defended wonderfully the woman claiming your FIANCE, the future FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN, molested her, insestuously no less, throughout her childhood! Excellent job! “. Sooo, I must say ~ Mallory seems to be a perfect fit for the Anthony family..Small chance she’ll look around and clearly see the ‘crazy’ threatening to drown her the rest of her life…Wonder if anyone in her family has had the guts to warn or recommend she run like hell while she still can.

      1. On Mallory crying – many things can cause a person to cry. Intellectually she may think Casey is a great mother and had a wonderful bond etc… but then she cries? Is she crying because this great bond is now gone? Or is she crying because she realizes that it was all a lie?

        Lee doesn’t seem to be a touchy-feeley guy about children. His comments about Caylee seemed distant and uninterested, at worst, dismissive and uncaring during his LE interviews. If Mallory had a lick of sense in head, she would move on. Somehow though I think she is too nice for her own good.

        The jury will just see that Mallory was a rube – taken in by a predatory Casey who addresses her friends dismissively as “hon”, “honey”, and “sweetie” while she is trying, in jail, to wrangle the phone number of her lover.

    2. Totally agree with you!!! How does she rationalize Cindy’s controlling nature and sick games. That is going to be her mother in law and child’s grandmother?

    3. Well, I do wonder about her a good bit. I found her testimony very disturbing and kept hoping for some equal time for the torture that this beautiful baby girl suffered. I think Mallory must have her own issues and I am sure that she may have meant well. I just can not believe that chloroform could ever be an accident. Never. Premeditated 1st degree murder.

  16. This may be irrelevant, but when I first saw Cindy take the stand yesterday, I was struck by her slovenly appearance. She seemed to be wearing either a mumu or a bathing suit coverup.. I know she is going through hell, I also feel some of that hell is self inflicted, but considering how much time she has spent in court, her physical appearance was jarring.

    1. Cindy’s lawyer should demand that she dress in a court appropriate way. Ditto George. Ditto Casey. Ditto the public.

  17. Unfortunately, this family has deep rooted issues that will continue after this trial is over. I do not believe George or Cindy were involved in any way in the initial murder of Caylee. I do believe they have both, but more so Cindy, tried to cover up Casey’s crime. I do believe both are suffering greatly with the loss of their granddaughter.

    Cindy is going to find out, when she is called up by Baez, that she is going to be creamed by Linda’s cross. JMO but at that point she will impeach herself.

    Cindy’s lawyer needs to give her a slap, wake up call. Probably why her other lawyer quit – trying to convince Cindy of anything is spitting into the wind. Cindy is burying herself deep and she better stop her tricks or she will find herself sharing a cell block with her daughter.

    1. AuntieMadder, unless I’m mistaken, George, Cindy & Lee received immunity for their ‘cooperation’ with law enforcement. This happened right after Caylee’s remains were found. I don’t believe it’s likely they’ll be charged with obstruction at this point..As to perjury, their respective depositions are referred to each time they can’t seem to recall, or make statements contrary to their previous testimony.
      Of course, Cindy falls back on her standard “that was a very stressful time for me because I’m a grieving grandmother” and the ever-helpful “my memory is coming back in visions, dreams, and snippets, and I now clearly recall saying (or not saying), and doing (or not doing) exactly what is needed to provide an alibi or alternative theory to my daughter having killed my grandbaby. Ummm, you know half-truthes, or mis-truthes do not a murderer make, you know, ummm, I can’t speculate.”
      When this is over, the 3 states attorneys, Det. Yuri Melich, Dr, G, Dr. Vass, and MANY others deserve an all-expense-paid cruise with their families ~ with a case of whatever liquor they prefer thrown in & paid for by ABC, CBS or any media outlet that paid the killer for a couple of pics & a video or two of her child-victim. I cannot wait to hear Judge Perry read “Guilty of 1st degree murder” from the verdict form ~ and whatever comments he may have for Casey during sentencing. I hope this baby receives the justice she’s been denied, but so deserves.

      1. I dont understand why Lee acted like he did at the Caylee memorial. He spent all that CMA code time on his idiot sister. What about the love he had for Caylee. That was her time. Its upsetting for me to see how ignorant Lee acts. I want to say to that family…”SPIT IT OUT PEOPLE” QUIT BEING SO EVASIVE” BE HONEST’ SHOW CASEY HOW ITS DONE. NOT HOW YOU TAUGHT HER TO BE A LIAR”

    2. Mark Lippman, their attorney seems to be doing as well as he possibly can, given that he’s currently the 3rd attorney up to bat for George & Cindy…God bless him, not an enviable place to be…Mark NeJame also represented the Anthony’s, before Brad Conway. Mr. NeJame gave a great interview to WFTV’s Kathi Belich once he parted ways with George & Cindy.. He was as respectful as he could be, and is always a gentleman. He said that when one retains “counsel”, but does not follow the counsel provided, (stating it is their right to do so), his services are no longer needed. He advised them NOT to accept invitations to appear on the Today Show, Good Morning America, etc.. They ignored his wishes and flew to NY to appear on the shows. It’s a lengthy interview, but very insightful as to how he wanted to represent them, versus how things actually turned out. I came away with alot of respect for Mr. NeJame, which only grew when he became Tim Miller / TX Equisearch’s attorney ~ AND decided to provide Roy Kronk with a monetary reward of some kind for finding little Caylee’s remains, and calling the authorities..again.. The interview is on YouTube in it’s entirety..

      1. Marcie, could you provide the clip on youtube? or point me to it


        I love this blog. So many intelligent comments and respect for each other.

        Dr Glass, you are awesome!

  18. Cheney Mason – the regional accent, along with the marbles in his mouth, and his sing-song monotone, he’s putting us to sleep. That despite having a good argument.

    1. @annie123
      SOOO annoying, isn’t he? Don’t forget rude and condescending–blowhard…He is supposed to be SO good, why?–because he has done this for 40+ years?? Good arguement? I don’t know, most of his arguement was bringing up things that the court had already, many times over, ruled on–miranda rights, skull video, etc…and “poo-pooing” Dr. G’s testimony as if she just makes this stuff up?? Poking holes with his statements, but not doing so by putting up anything reasonable…I’m surprised he didn’t suggest it could have been Aliens, too ya know!! Between he and Baez, they sure do not come across as credible and professional as the Pros. I think that will, whether it should or not, help sway the jurys decision, don’t u? Oh, and also, he needs to wear a hearing aid or get a new one!!

  19. Dr Glass, you are so right! this is a snapshot of Cindy and Casey’s relationship. I love you, I hate you, I cripple you, please love me. Unfortunately for Caylee, she was caught in this vortex. I still can’t get out of my mind in one of these videos, Caylee with that look on her face where she is trying to figure out how to react the right way to please whoever is on the other side of the camera. It is very difficult to express the devastation of this kind of mother-daughter dynamic. In this case, Casey has no internal moral compass and did not want to change for the better but instead wanted to take the ultimate revenge on her mother by murdering her own daughter. It was all about hurting her mother in my opinion. Hard to explain!

    1. Wendy,
      I too think it was all about hurting her mother, Cindy…but we, the public know so much more about Cindy and Casey’s dynamics that did not come into evidence? Do you think the Pros brought this out as a motive for this all to make sense, even tho they do not have to prove motive? Something I learned today on with Bill Schaffer–a must see if you haven’t–he clearly explained “Felony Murder, 1st Degree” where is the vicitm is dead, if the victim died at the hands of the defendant, EVEN IF THE DEATH WAS NOT INTENDED, and No pre-meditaion is NECESSARY, ans she could STILL get the death penalty! I think based on the way the Pros went, they are hanging their hats on this! That way there were able to leave out some of the evidence to play it safe!! Let’s hope that works!

      1. Hi Lori,
        I’m not sure but I think those facial expressions that Casey had might tell the story to the jury. I hope so. I like Bill Schaffer too, he puts it all in a nutshell. It was so awful what she did. It will be interesting what defense they come up with tomorrow. the baby drowned defense and George was involved…… the meter reader…..pretty lame!

  20. This is not to diminish personal responsibility to stop the cycles of abuse (in this case, the worst – child abuse and murder), but victims of abuse are often misdiagnosed as bi-polar and borderline. It is a ripple effect that started sometimes serveral generations prior. Also, women are, in general, more expressive and willing to display their “crazies,” while men, in general, are more covert. This has the net effect of blame-shifting more to women, whereas the first domino is often the man. (male on female abuse, especially male on female rape and male on child rape, far outweighs female on male abuse….although, as a lag time effect, female abusers seem to be closing the gap these days.) We just are fooled because he (in general) covers it better. My guess is that Cindy was somehow abused in her own childhood….or was raised by parents who were abused in their own childhoods…which, in the context that not much help was available in generations past, as exacerbated by the hush hush, and societal norm to never air “dirty laundry” back then, sets in motion the ripple effect that amplified into the monster that Casey became. The weed grows back unless the root is dug out. However, again, this does not make it right to pass along to others what was done to you.

    1. I think I have to disagree with you, if I understand what you are saying correctly, Danna. I think men tend to be easily blamed for abuse and seen as the more destructive sex but in fact, I think that women actually are responsible for the deeper, more insidious damage and are much better at hiding it from the general public.

    2. Dana- Excellent! Finally someone educated in CSA- thanks for sharing. HLN CAN RARELY MANAGE to get a CSA-specialist to speak on behalf of victims – it was Joy Behart who did- it was a women psychologist- she was on with the Mama and Papa’s child victim- she was very good (wish i knew her name).

      I would love to know Cindy’s story- I am looking forward to a psychologist- investigative reporter-type writting the Anthony Family book.

  21. Dr. Glass, I eagerly awaited your commentary on the Cindy drama yesterday! The lip pursing, eyes shut tight, the over detailed answers, and the non answers to Linda’s questions really struck me all as signs of deception. So it seems body language clues are taking root with me.

    However, my “GUT” has kept me informed all along that Cindy is not to be trusted! George follows Cindy so that means George as well. Ok, so she is not as boisterous and as obnoxious as she was in the early days. Yet, I do not see “genuine change” in this couple. When they nationally apologize to Tim Miller and others they have so despicably maligned, I may be swayed to think otherwise.

    Standing where Cindy and George stand is not something anyone would wish for, however, it is just as you say, “highly toxic dynamics” in this family group. And Cindy as the adult and mother is at the center of it all. George is too by default, meaning he is much too passive and needed to stand up to Cindy’s bullying, controlling, lying ways long ago.

    Is George, Lee’s and Casey’s biological father?

    1. Sophie…I ask the same question about the two kids actually be that of George..Caylee got those big eyes from did Casey..and they didn’t come from either parent, from what I can see. Caylee’s father would of also had to have those eyes..since we get most of the genes from our father as a female.JMO

      1. Debi129, at one point, Casey alleged that Caylee’s father died in a car accident, but she never named him. Most likely, she does not know his identity because she was promiscuous. In the past three years, DNA testing excluded George and Lee as Caylee’s father.

        I have a master’s degree in biological sciences. The science of genetics is relatively new compared to other areas, but it is well established that children (girls and boys) inherit genes equally from each parent. Girls do not get most of their genes from their fathers. Girls (like boys) get half of their chromosomes (genes) from their fathers and half from their mothers.

    2. I think Cindy was just being cautious. She knows that she lied in the past to protect Casey and she knows that Baez can use those depositions against her. Either way, they’re facing major humiliation once the defense starts their case and it really starts to get messy.

      Again, I was sickened that she felt the need to mouth “i love you” to her demon spawn, but I really don’t think the Anthonys are smart enough to actually be able to deceive anyone. They’re too hotheaded and impulsive. Which is why they are where they are right now and both the State and the Defense have stack up on stack of about fifty billion inconsistent statements to use against them.

  22. Right on Dr.Glass,It made me sick to hear commentators even Bill Schaeffer whom I really like saying Cindy was trying to do her best, really?

    I too like many of you was fooled by Cindy’s sobbing the first time.A Leopard truly never does change their spots.
    When she took the stand and started her spin I knew here is the old Cindy.I have seen it in Lee he came across like he was hiding things and was not forthcoming. I never saw George’s testimony,but listening to her about the hair oh and yeah maybe my mother was in that car and oh my hair was really long,duh Cindy do you not know that there are photographs and that all your hair is processed and Caylee’s wasn’t? The duct tape was blue no black until LDB showed video of it and the laundry bags,wow this woman can’t even tell a convincing lie,my memory has gotten better over time.

    Just like the lying about the smell and cleaning out the car and like someone else said letting a totally innocent woman have her life ruined by her demon seed.This family is mental IMHO and like someone else said really believe the motive was revenge.She knew her mother adored Caylee and so she was going to take her away from her.I also think she just didn’t like being tied down.

    I hope Casey gets the maximum sentence and that The Anthony’s are charged with obstruction and lying under oath.

    Really sad that this little girls memorial was turned into a love fest for Casey and that The Anthony’s really don’t care about justice for Caylee,but just want their precious Casey home.

    1. Totally Agree!!!

      Dr. Glass thank you for providing a photo showing Cindy’s hair back in 2008.

      I have never seen a photo of Cindy with long hair (Cindy stated as long as Linda Burdick’s hair)!?!?! I wondered during Cindy’s testimony as to when was the last time Cindy had long hair?

      It was stupid for Cindy to lie when her lies can be proven to be lies. Cindy only cements the fact that Casey lies just like her mom lies.

      Cindy can never erase the fact she said in a moment of UNCENSORED TRUTH, “the car smells like a dead body,” on the 911 Call!! I bet that just burns Cindy up! Good! Cindy should be standing up for the defenseless baby Caylee, while she is a mom and cannot stop loving her daughter. FINALLY Casey will be held accountable for her despicable actions.

      1. I’m hoping that the pathetic defense team attempt to use Cindy’s long hair lie when they have her on the stand, in attempt to “bolster” their argument that the hair with death banding isn’t really Caylee’s but could be Cindy’s. Then LDB on cross can show Cindy & the Jury the picture of her from 2008 that Dr. Glass posted!

        OT – I can hear Baez now, “This young girl, that had to lie in order to survive in that house of horrors, sits here today, on the one day that she should be allowed to grieve for her precious baby on the 3rd anniversary of her death, and instead, she stands before you fighting for her life”. Blech!

        I don’t mind someone who is expressing the DT’s view, I don’t mind someone who can see problems with the prosecution’s case and point them out, I don’t mind someone that is defense orientated, but the previous atty’s involved with this case have no business wallpapering the airwaves with lies. LKB and Andrea Lyon are just backing the defense with more lies, no matter what and find nothing wrong with anything they do or say and it drive me nuts. The two biggest offenders are LKB and Janie Weintraub. Can’t, won’t, don’t watch/listen to either one of them. They are
        not objective and both claim to believe ICA is innocent.

      2. Nancy, I’m with YOU!! I have to change the channel now, every time I hear LKB voice!! She is another one who thinks if she says something really loud, it will make it true–AND she uses ‘analogies’ that are completely unrelated to the topic…One bieng about phiarmaceutical dlrug testing being compared to testing for chloroform in the car, have you heard that one!! I am sick of it too!

        Make legitimate points, make me think, educate…but to intetionally mislead–its unethical. Same with Janie W…OMG!! never good imput, or informative, just rediculous bull!

        ALSO, have you noticed MOST of the attorniey who think CA is innocent are Defense attorneys…..Hmmmmm???

  23. “For those of you who say Casey was born a sociopathic monster, I say you may be correct. However, her abberant family environment may have helped exacerbate her genetic predisposition.”

    I can speak about this from personal experience. I have a daughter who was very much like Casey. I say was because I got her the help she needed when her tendencies towards sociopathic behavior became painfully obvious. I have 3 daughters and she is the youngest. Raising her was very, very different than my other two daughters.

    When her tendencies first started to show I denied to a certain extent what was going on. It’s very hard to admit to yourself that your beloved sweet child is basically a monster. I do not say that lightly cause that is what she was starting to become. She lied, she stole, she was sexually promiscuous, she had a horrible temper that she used to try and manipulate and intimidate to get what she wanted, and most disturbing her selfcenteredness that lacked any sort of empathy/sympathy towards others. EVERYTHING was about her and how it affected her. Between the ages of 10 and 16 all of these things escalated and cutting was added to the mix. Put simply – my daughter was a mess that was running around at breakneck speed and seemed destined to crash and burn. If I had not been there to help put the breaks on and get her the help she needed I have no idea what would have happened but I really believe in my heart of hearts that her fate might have been just like that of Casey’s.

    I’m happy to report that this story has a happy ending. My daughter just celebrated her 24th birthday on June the 7th and is doing very well. She is working full time and living with her fiancee. We do not live in the same state anymore but we speak on the phone every week and occasionally she will email me to tell me something that just can’t wait till we talk via phone. I couldn’t be more proud of her and how far she has come. Now don’t get me wrong – she still struggles with her mental disabilities but she manages her own health care very well these days and her boyfriend understands her fully. I do not think I could have asked for a more perfect person for her. I rest comfortably knowing that he takes really good care of her and will get her the help she needs if that situation should ever arise again.

    I know these above parts leave a lot of the details out but my married life is one HUGE sordid tale that spans close to 23 years and involves a lot of details. Although I have no problem in the telling, I feel that one sided telling of a story is not good. Especially on the net where you do not know me. I have read an awful lot of material regarding this case and I can say that Casey’s parents should have gotten Casey help long before she became what she is today. I’d be willing to bet that the signs were there. But if you cast a blind eye the signs mean nothing. I see a lot of denial on the part of the Anthony’s. To deny that there is a problem will not make it go away obviously, but to continue to deny is engaging in willful ignorance and that is just unacceptable.

    1. EvilPoet, you are a great example of how a parent should respond when they see a problem in their child, it’s really encouraging to read your post.

      Many professionals feel that these behaviors can begin when something interferes with the infant’s bond with their mother during the first 3 yrs of life- a long separation, for instance, or a mother who is forced to work long hours and rely on unreliable or frequently changing babysitters to raise her child, or any number of other issues that can come between mother and infant. I am curious if you feel anything like that may have contributed in your case although, of course, I respect your privacy.

      Again, I am really thankful to people like you who have the courage to recognize and deal with a problem like this when it comes up and I wish your daughter all the best as well.

      1. Thank you for your kind words they are very much appreciated. I absolutely think there is a correlation in my situation. I also think communication is important. If my past experiences help people or encourage people I think that’s wonderful. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re the only person who is going through things.

        My ex-husband was verbally and physically violent. The environment was toxic and what I thought was normal was a very skewed perspective. I couldn’t see that for a very long time. I stayed in that situation for almost 23 years – that’s a long time. When I did get a glimpse of the reality of the whole mess it scared the crap out of me. I had no idea what I was going to do except that I had to do something to change that environment. But I was extremely scared so it took a while to get the courage to actually do something. I know that my staying in a toxic environment for so long affected all three of my daughters deeply and profoundly. Add to that the fact that metal health issues are extremely prevalent on my Mom’s side of the family and you have a potential recipe for disaster. All it takes is for something to trip the switch.

        Thankfully, I can say all of that is in our past. It now stands as a personal reminder of how things can go horribly wrong in a family. My daughters and I have worked through our volumes of stuff and have moved on to much more healthy places. They all have their own productive lives now and have found happiness. I have to say that it’s been a really cool journey reshaping our relationship. 🙂

        I also respect privacy so I really appreciate that you take that into consideration. Speaking of that – for those of you who might be concerned that I’m sharing a certain amount of personal info over the internet with strangers regarding my kids – I asked my daughters awhile
        ago if it’s alright if I shared things about our situation (obviously omitting specifics like names and whatnot) and they have no problem with it.

    2. Between Dr. Glass’ comments and yours, you’ve really helped me to understand more about sociopaths. I’m pretty sure every one has or will meet one at some point in life, so it’s good to know something about them.
      I’m glad to hear that in some cases it is possible to head off danger. With that in mind, the comments about the dynamic between Cindy and Casey make so much more sense.


    3. EP, thank you for sharing that truth you lived. There are 3 things that never change. The sun, the moon and the truth. They are all beautiful.

      Bless your heart.

    4. EvilPoet— did you hear today on Jane Velez Mitchell about the woman who was inspired by CINDY anothony?? She took her granddaughter away from her daughter, as a cautionary tale–from her own daughter because she said, her daughter and Casey could be twins, and after following this case, this gave her the strength to do what needed to be done—said troubles with her daughter started around the time of puberty, too. She like you, had the strength to take action — you are a very strong woman, it must have been and still is, I’m sure very difficult to do, but know that you did the right thing. Wonderful your daughter is doing so well…now THATs parenting!

  24. LMM and Sophie – Good posts. I agree and I hope that Cindy Anthony does have charges brought against her. She will never ever accept any responsibility for her role in the final actions that Casey took for revenge. I wonder if she and George will ever look honestly at their roles in the death of little Caylee. I hope they are haunted for the rest of their lives. And Lee’s fiance? Get out now dear! Your own sickness is showing already.

    1. Charges of…. being a bad parent? In the context of this reply (i.e. Casey’s upbringing by Cindy contributed her to ultimately murdering her child) what would the charge for Cindy be?

      I don’t doubt Casey did it, i don’t doubt Cindy and George are the definition of dysfunctional behavior.. but if parents can be charged for their children’s actions based on that, I think there would be a lot of parents behind bars (some of my relatives included).

  25. EvilPoet – Having a child with behavioral issues is a difficult parental task, speaking as one who was a psuedo-parent of one, and denial is hard to break. But it would seem that Cindy and George should have had enough “in-your-face” information by now to square that portion of it away.

    It is a sad story, and will capture the light of the media for some time to come, I am afraid.

    Dr. Lillian – Thanks for taking the time to express your observations of the main players and helping us to better discern what is really going on!

    1. I agree! That’s why I said what I said: “To deny that there is a problem will not make it go away obviously, but to continue to deny is engaging in willful ignorance and that is just unacceptable.” You reap what you sow.

  26. For those of you who have not read Rick and Shirley Pleas’ e mails to Cindy -this is a must read and will give you insite into this family…. this behavior Casey and others in the Anthony family has been going on for years…. way before they moved to Florida. I have a different and complete understanding of this family after reading the truth from relatives, Mother of CIndy and her brother.

    I believe I found them @ Caylee Daily.

    1. I read the emails between Rick and Cindy… very interesting. That whole family is so screwed up. I just can’t comprehend Cindy’s denial… There are no words for it.

      1. I hadn’t seen the emails you mentioned, so thanks for mentioning them. Very interesting indeed. Tragic. That had to be horribly frustrating for those family members stuck watching the lies & denials.

      1. I so wish the state would’ve introduce those to the jury somehow…or called Rick & Shirley both to the stand….The jury isn’t aware of all the dysfunction, covering up for Casey and lies they’ve spewed forth for 3 long years…That would’ve put things into perspective I think. I’m reading way too may posts elsewhere from people who’ve not followed the case, and have fallen for whatever they’ve said during the actual trial…

      2. Did you notice Rick stated that Casey killed Caylee and will go to jail for the rest of her life? (Before the remains were found)

    2. I ask myself how the rest of the family had such common sense and Cindy is so different! They were obviously weary of issues like this with her!

      I think that Cindy is just a step up from Casey. She has been able to keep her behavior normal enough for the world at large, but those close to her have been subject to great tribulation, and perhaps in Casey’s case, it mangled her personality.

      1. Dr. Glass mentioned that she thought Cindy may suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, so that might explain things some.

  27. It seems that no one can make up their mind about Cindy Anthony. She never seems to behave the way people expect her to.. She cries, feel sorry for her.. She acts defensive, shes got something to hide.. She tries to protect her child, she’s an evil liar. .. IMO, It is EXACTLY a love/hate relationship she has with Casey. She loves her daughter. She is sickened by what she now believes her daughter has done to her beautiful granddaughter. Can you imagine the pain in that revelation? Can you understand why she might look slovenly some days and pretty good the next? I cant begin to understand the emotional mess that is now Cindy and George Anthony’s life. What a horrible thing to have to endure.

    1. Everyone can understand that Cindy would have terrible grief but no one can understand that grief leading to lies and obstructing justice. If you are really not sure why people feel so strongly about her, go back and watch or read some of the early depositions and police interviews and see how manipulative and dishonest she has been. Add to that her attempts to frame innocent people for this murder. You cannot excuse that by grief. How many other murderers have parents who have behaved to this extent? I can’t even think of one.

      1. I have read everything and haven’t missed a moment of this trial. Im borderline obsessive! Im just saying you can’t have it both ways. I see comment on blogs concerning cindy being manipulative and lying, then she testifies and people say they’re sympathetic and believe her, then she’s called to the stand again and people are back the her being manipulative. Also, when you have a child and love that child, I don’t see how anyone could be exected to completely turn that love off and never visit it again no matter how much of a monster that child has become. I think cindy struggles with this and I think she also blames herself for all her mistakes which apparently have been many. Casey is a monster and cindy knows she is but she’s her daughter and loves her still.

    2. I agree with you Forevermama3. Cindy is a severely confused individual. What she needs is some kind of therapy to come to terms with what she’s dealing with in Casey and she needs to learn healthy ways to cope with the situation.

      I’m not going to say at this point that Cindy was going out of her way to protect Casey. She’s been offering too much information the entire time she’s been on the stand.

      The whole “I love you” thing was disgusting, especially Casey’s reaction to it, but Casey is still her daughter.

      1. @ Forevermama and Heather–We all have our issues and baggage…I agree with both of you…What these parents have been through, NO one can imagine. If she wasn’t crazy before, wouldn’t this situation may anyone crazy or certainly appear to be so? I am no great fan of Cindy’s but geeezzz…I wouldn’t wish this one my worst enemy—I even asked my father what HE would do, a former police officer…He said, NO WAY would he lie for me, but I know he would always love me, as his daughter. I think it is accurate that Cindy is so confused about what she has said at different times over the past 3 years, having gone thru different stages of grief, and having it all recorded on video, it seems…who is to know up fron down, left from right, under this kind of emotional strain!

  28. I enjoyed your post, Dr. Glass. However, I am not one of those looking for loopholes for Casey’s behavior. Many children have mothers who are passive agressive nutjobs like Cindy, but most of them don’t grow up to slaughter their child. I suspect Casey inherited a boat load of bad genes from Cindy and George, and likely would have become a monster, even if she had been plucked from that dysfunctional home at a very early age.

    1. I don’t think Dr. Glass is looking for loopholes at all. Regardless of the circumstances nothing gets Casey off the hook. Unless it was self-defense or she was threatened with death unless she killed Caylee, then she’s gotta pay the piper.

  29. I, too, was snookered by Cindy’s first appearance on the stand. Wow I feel dumb. Shizz now I’m almost feeling sorry for Casey. I feel like I’ve been emotionally raped and Casey had a whole lifetime of that! Whew! I give up, poor Caylee never had a chance.
    Also I hear Baez is planning on calling a psychic to the stand! Bwhahahaha! What’s next a juggler and a dog act? Who knows, maybe George will take the stand next and claim Caylee did drown in the pool. I wonder how Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick keep from pulling their hair out.

    1. I still think she was being candid and honest the first time she got on the stand and now she’s starting to get scared and rethink it. Maybe Baez contacted her with a letter from Casey that is starting to make her doubt herself again.

      I’m not wavering from that viewpoint and I’m not ready to get furious at her again until she gives me more reason to. She’s definitely blowing hot and cold, but at this point, I’m going to call her confused and scared and not immediately peg her evasiveness as her returning to the “dark side.”

  30. Dr Glass~ I found this on thecayleedaily from a commenter, and since Baez reads your blog maybe this will save him some trouble……..

    This is regarding the new witness the defense has, a violent felon that served 10yrs for kidnapping….

    Fla girl

    June 15, 2011 – 3:20 pm

    Originally Posted by AZlawyer
    OMG!! Vasco Thompson!! Hilarious–I investigated him and these phone calls like CRAZY probably back in 2008/2009.

    IIRC I finally after much frussshhhtration as Casey would say decided that his phone number contained 2 numbers that were transposed in some public records database to inaccurately match up with the number George was actually calling. And I THINK–but I have to go back and check if I kept those notes–that the actual number he called was someone from his work.
    OK, I threw away the notes, which suggests to me that when I finally figured it out the answer was so unimportant that I knew I would never care about it again.
    Bozo about to put his foot in his mouth aga


  31. I just read your evaluation on Peter Hyatt’s blog- what a hoot! I’m just cutting and pasting what I wrote there coz I think it sums all this up nicely:

    “Peter- I’m getting your report and Dr. Glasse’s mixed up. I just re-read both and by the end I was laughing-abet with disgust- that this family and possibly defense have played all of us- like a fine tuned musical instrument. This entire saga is a farce”.

  32. Dr. Glass this so exactly what I see in Cindy!!
    I think if the defense had gone with CINDY being the one who drove Casey crazy rather than the schmaltzy sex abuse by George stuff, they may have been believable. They would have had plenty of evidence to bring on showing Cindy’s lies and manipulation.

    When Cindy mouthed “I love you” Casey just instantaneously raised her eyebrows before she looked away, like as if to say, “pfft- well, too little, too late.”

    The apple has not fallen far from the tree…

  33. Dr Glass we can always count on you for the unvarnished truth! When Cindy has finished giving her testimony as she stands from her chair to step down, you’ll notice that she pauses to wipe her eyes & nose with a folded kleenex and Voila! She is wiping non tears from her eyes and wiping her nose just like Casey, imo.

    Your blow by blow deconstruction of her lying testimony has made me feel so much better. Thanks for all your excellent insight on this case. I had been expecting this reversal of sorts from her so that was no real surprise for me. What I had not expected to see was her contradictory and distorted mix message with the mouthing of I love you. The incongruence of this kind of communication is definitely crazy-making. Intended messages are distorted and leave family members confused and conflicted. I do think that Casey was born with the genetic tendency for Psychopath and that having a mother like Cindy would allow those tendencies to blossom into the full blown evil that she is.


  34. I keep hearing that witnesses have testified that Casey was a ‘great’ mother.

    I don’t see that as any kind of feat, considering that Casey acted as a mother only when it was fun for her. Casey had no financial responsibility for her child – George and Cindy provided room, board and paid for everything Caylee needed. George and Cindy were essentially live-in nannies as far as Casey was concerned.

    Under the circumstances – no financial or child care responsibilities, no biological dad of the child to interfere, no pesky job to stress one out, and freedom to go out every night to one’s fictitious event planning job – it seems like a ridiculously easy gig. All Casey had to do was show up and put on the charm. And she was great at that.

  35. Queen Lillian..another right on post..lets not to forget to mention that little Caylee was wearing a sundress for the month of January..when she is clearly at Moreales/Tony? home..(drums background)..Caylee’s hair was at it longest and she appears to be nearest her third birthday that any other picture. Again, in a very thin summer dress…The other picture of Caylee in her 24 months shorts is then same date time as Casey barfs into the toilet…date that picture and you have Caylee’s age..Cindy has never had long hair in any of her pictures and like she said on the stand…”I CUT MY HAIR EVERY THREE WEEKS BECAUSE IT GROWS SO FAST”. This is not the first time she has this. She is back to her lying self and am I am sure she will get on the stand for the defense and protect Casey and FORGET ABOUT CAYLEE. Shame on CINDY…Caylee will not sit on her shoulder and say again” I love you CICI!

  36. The Anthonys have to be the most f*cked-up family I have ever heard of. Every single member of that family seems to be suffering from a severe personality disorder.

  37. Queen Lillian, I have a question for you? Is it normal to feel depressed about this case? Poor sweet baby was last seen today just breaks my heart..the coldness of Casey is unbearable for me to comprehend…When I see the last video of little Caylee..I wonder if her saying “PAPA are you tired”? was part of her motive to kill her child..This comment by little Caylee was nothing a two year old would normally ask unless it was something she herself was repeatley asked. She was getting better at communication and Casey knew this…Cindy swore under oath that she and Casey watched this video on 6/15/08 together..Then that night she takes off with little Caylee and what happens becomes not clear..except the phone pings say she was up until 4:00am.. I cannot help but feel this was part of little Caylee’s death..SHE WAS JUST GETTING TO OLD AND TALKING!

    1. Debi129—– I heard this theory, about Caylee coming to an age where she was more and more vocal…WHAT EXCELLENT insight!! “PAPA are you tired is the one thing I always think of when I see that video…you are so right! What would make her Say that? Great observation!!

  38. Cindy Anthony is a liar and a drama Queen. Worst of all she is as cunning a liar as Casey and George! She KNEW exactly what she was doing…While doing EVERYTHING she can to put Casey on death row..she pretends to try and “help” her by completely rediculous remarks about the length of her hair! Cindy KNEW that the ISSUE was NOT the length of the hair but whether the hair had been processed!! Cindy KNEW when she Mouth “I love you” to Casey AFTER ALL that she has done against her that Casey would NOT react favorably, THUS, it gets MORE sympathy for the so called grieving grandmother and making Casey look like a cold hearted non feeling person even toward her OWN mother! WHEN in reality CASEY IS CINDYS CLONE in every respect ! Just as Baez said “the apple does not fall far from the tree” And in this case the two TREES that raised her are pathetic!

  39. Dr Glass…are the state and the defense so stupid to make statements that young single immature childless friends make Casey to be a loving and good mother? Mallory is going to marry into the Anthony family…how does her statement take value…I remember when she said she thought she killed Caylee? Tony saw Caylee two times…does that qualify an opinion of such? Like most of her friends they did not really see them together…and why had she been at the tattoo parlor so many times…if she only had one tattoo? what was she doing there?

  40. I feel no sympathy for Casey, I feel bad for Cindy but I feel she is calculating, I think George is a puppet to Cindy. I think Casey is just extremely selfish, egotisticol, meeeeeism…on her own pedistle allowed by Cindy and George. She is not a child. She is accountable. She is responsible for herself. She cant blame her parents any longer for her bad behavior. Its time to grow up and face your own music Casey. You wrote the song now sing it in prison. Casey cant be honest because she exposes herself as to who she really is. a Loser a bottom feeder, and a loser, a spiteful Bitch, a failer as a mother and a failer as a daughter. She chose to be this way . We all have a free will. We have Freedom of speach, Freedom of our own opinion, and choices. I dont blame anyone but her for her conduct. She flipped out because she probably lost control and did a tremendously horrible thing that she needs to pay for.
    Cindy will pay and George also by the Loss of CAylee and maybe Casey.

  41. Okay everybody, please don’t think I’m crazy, but the last 2 times that I’ve seen Cindy in Court I had the thought that she looks pregnant to me. Is that possible?

    1. I don’t imagine she is pregnant at her age. But you never knowe as 50 year olds have become pregnant with IVF. I dount that is the case here since is very expensive and the Anthony’s don’t have money for that. Perhaps she is taking antidepressants which allowed her to put on weight. With all the stress she is under and her inability to control things which goes against her nature, she may be stress eating. .

      1. Also if she has not finished menopause yet it can happen. It’s rare, but I recently ran into a 53 year old woman who, without technological intervention, had a child last year. Though, that would assume that the hormones are pretty well balanced, and stress usually knocks them for a loop.

      2. There’s Nancy Grace. Didn’t she give birth to twins at the ripe old age of 50 (plus) although I don’t think that Cindy is pregnant. I think she’s a very attractive woman, youthful looking for her age & she’s tiny & petite. I think she looks darn good in those sleeveless tops. Believe me, I’m no Cindy Anthony fan but give credit where credit is due.

      3. Dr. Glass? Why did you remove my comment? If you removed my comment, I would think you would remove James’ disgusting “woman hater” comments. Any man who loves women would NEVER say such horrible things about ANY woman. Why would you encourage that behaviour by taking down my comment that what he said was ugly???

      4. Dr. Glass, By the way I would have rather not replied here on your blog asking about that but I couldn’t find a way to contact you in private, so I understand if you remove my previous comment. I just wanted to know why his comment remained, but mine was removed, that’s all.

      5. Dr Glass…it appears you removed my comments to James, asl well!! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? I understand you may need to edit, but I agree —why would you allow his childish, rude, horrible comments STAY???? Something FISHY going on—to use HIS adjetives, his comments are “ugly” “hedious” and “revolting” but those are OK???? I think you need to own up and provide us an explanation???? Very unprofessional.

  42. I also wanted to say…Thank You DR. Glass. Your wonderful even though I dont always agree with you. Cindy saying I LOVE U. after her testimony hopfully was to cause Casey to feel bad for what she is about to do to them. Casey already ruined the family’s life and Cindy still said “I LOVE U”. Makes Cindy look better than Casey. I dont believe George is guilty of any abuse, or anything that has to do with caylee’s death in any way. I think Casey needs an out to her own pathetic situation she got herself in. Casey is willing to run over her Dad with a Semi. I have a thought though that makes me wonder if Cindy and George are involved with a joint plan to save their daughter life. They said they would do anything to save her life. Hmmmm. Are George and Cindy in Cahoots to save Casey? Is that why Cindy was so evasive. We will see with the Defence case.

  43. Dr Glass…when I watch the very end of the hearing today..I see Casey look at Baez with her eyes..she says you better get me off or I will tell about us..Two years ago on the websleuth Baez secretary stated that the two of them were together 8 hours aday..and she thought that hanky panky was going on..Has anyone else ever brought this up?

    1. Thought that if Casey does not win she will through Baez under the bus. And the reason would be for those 8 hour days at his office. She does not need to have hanky Panky to tell a story. I just found your post wish I would have read them all and posted behind you as I commented on the same thing.

  44. Ok first of all I do not agree 100% with this. I WIPE my eyes like that to stop the tears immediately so no one can see my crying as it shows a form of weakness some might say. Some of it yeah I’ll agree to the itchy, shrugging shoulder, the uh um’s and so on but as for the “crying” thing with Cindy I do believe she was trying to PREVENT herself from crying as to wipe the CORNER of her eye to stop the tear that was forming I DO IT TO! Does that mean im being deceptive NO!! It simply means I DONT WANT TO CRY INFRONT OF ANYONE ANYMORE!… Now as my comment may seem i support the anthony’s NO i do not. First of all I seriously hope Casey gets the death penalty EYE FOR AN EYE! As for Cindy and George I think they are grieving grandparents after all they loved Caylee wholeheartedly unlike Casey. Casey was a jealous B*tch! And needs to rot. Everyone reacts differently when they grieve over a loved one. Hell my gramma passed away in 02. Have i mourned her death yet NO! I have rarely cried. Does that mean I have no heart. NO it means I haven’t come to terms yet. And I doubt I ever will. So let the bashing begin 🙂 🙂 RIP CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY I LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Hello Sage

      I was wondering if you were a parent? Most parents cry when they grieve the loss of a child. I have been told it is different than the loss of other family members. When they loose a spouse it is nowhere near the loss of a child. I am not a parent but I cried for days when my cats died. I agree we all grieve differently. Casey grieves for herself no one else IMHO.

      Please note I am not bashing you just making a comment about grieving.

      Cindy and George are the ones that loved Caylee I agree with you.

    2. I do think some of her crying was real. All of it? Not sure. But you can definitely hear a change in her breathing (breath catches several times in a half choked back cry) on the WFTV videos.

  45. Will the jury be shown pics of Cindy from 08 to point out her hair length lies? It just baffles me how many big points are made on message boards and in the media that are not mentioned in court to the jury. 😦 It worries me that maybe they aren’t getting all the info they need and Casey will get away with her life.

    I also hope that like others have said the grandparents are also tried to all their crimes involved in the case.

    1. I believe that the prosecutor took care of this when they asked Cindy if she chemically treated (colored) her hair. I did not watch the entire exchange, but a smart prosecutor would have gotten Cindy to admit that she always colored her hair. So her hair, even if it were 9 inches long like the strand found in the car trunk, would not have been brown. Cindy’s hair would have been bottle blonde.

      I have no personal experience, but I assume that a trained scientific investigator could differentiate between natural colored hair and chemically treated hair, as the pH would be different.

  46. James’ comments were enlightening, and unfortunately I’ve felt for the longest that she’ll walk . No evidence, just a feeling.

    1. Mary…I also have this horrible feeling..I really think it is fear and I keep telling myself to trust the jury<3

    2. Don’t drink the Kool-aid. Casey will walk as much as Scott Peterson walked. There is far more evidence against her then Scott.

    3. She won’t walk. The best she can hope for is a hung jury and another trial . The only way she’ll get another trial on appeal is if she pleads ineffective assistance of counsel. THAT I can see.

      1. Judge Perry is insuring that the ineffective counsel will not float. I have faith in him – an experienced judge with many death penalty trials under his belt.

      2. Judge Perry is insuring that the ineffective counsel will not float. I have faith in him – an experienced judge with many death penalty trials under his belt.
        BeckyM – June 16, 2011 at 11:54 pm

        Becky, the judge can prevent a mistrial by not allowing prejudicial evidence or evidence seized unlawfully (“fruit of the poisonous tree”), but a judge cannot prevent ineffective assistance of counsel. A defense attorney is presumed to be competent and capable of representing his client to a certain standard. If the attorney (like Bozo) has little or no experience with death penalty cases, he must seek experienced co-counsel to guide him through the case.

        Even with co-counsel (Cheney and other seasoned attorneys), Bozo is not well-versed in the courtroom. He talks a lot, but most of it is unnecessary drivel that puts the jury to sleep. A more capable attorney gets right to the point and drives it home. Contrast Bozo’s technique today with that of the lady prosecutor’s during cross-examination of witnesses.

        An experienced attorney would not make the mistake of forcing the defense to provide evidence of a drowning and evidence that “George conspired to hide the body.” If/when Bozo cannot provide evidence for the drowning scenario, the jury will punish Casey for it. There is nothing Judge Belvin can do about Bozo’s ineffectiveness; JB cannot direct attorneys on what to say about strategy. Hence, many legal analysts believe that Casey has a good argument for ineffective assistance of counsel. Who knows? Maybe this is what the defense wanted all along and they proceeded accordingly.

  47. i Have lost a younger brother, and my 3 yr old daughter. Not in these kind of circumstances of course. I can see the Anthonys’ deception, denial and desperation. People are not always rational and logical when faced with grief, especially the double whammy these guys have with Caylee and that their own daughter did it. Nor do they have the luxury of the armchair objectivity and emotional distance of people commenting here. There has probably been a mental and psychological process they have been going through, Denial, anger, coping skills that the body and mind employ, magical thinking etc that are all a part of grief for a “normal” expected death of a close loved one, let alone dealing with all of this – and the hits keep coming. Publicly. Every detail of their lives is on the internet, in the media, and being dissected in the courtroom
    I do not condone or understand what the Anthony Parents have done throughout this whole mess. Could it have been be grief, denial, fear, confusion (Casey had everyone wondering in the beginning-as parents they may have wanted to believe the best), trying to protect Casey? Maybe the truth was too horrific for them to comprehend for some time. I don’t know. Is it born of pure evil on their part? I highly doubt it, though again, I’m no expert.
    Casey Anthony has committed an awful crime and should be punished for her crimes accordingly.
    It is not unreasonable of James to say the parents should be tried for “a-f”, and punished accordingly, IMO.
    However, I also believe that aside from poor wee Caylee, they are the biggest victims in this whole awful mess, masterminded by their daughter.
    I personally would not dare to judge the Anthonys without walking 100 miles in their shoes.
    Denial and anger are widely accepted two of the first main emotions experienced in grief, there is no set time to pass through stages of grief (people can get stuck in a stage of grief especially with so much external circus, trial interviews, new allegations etc that grief is unable to take its course, and the Anthony’s have been grieving on a world stage. What are two things seen time and time again from C & G? Yep denial and anger.
    Maybe they aren’t acting anything and are moving to a new stage of grief?
    They would rather be anywhere than in that courthouse, no one has given them the guidebook for “When your Psychotic Daughter Murders your Cherished Granddaughter and You are Testifying in a Trial to Execute Her By Lethal Injection For Dummies”.
    I think they are trying to tell the truth while desperately trying to avoid more pain and loss and feeling like they are betraying their daughter or feeling something one of them has said puts the nail in her coffin. They then have to live with themselves and each other and everything else that has gone on, and Cayseys execution if that is the way it goes.
    I believe they deserve a little more compassion.
    What would Caylee think if she could look down and see the world treating her beloved CC and JoJo like this, that this is her legacy. This fruit of her short life, cut brutally short by her mommy.
    I choose to make Caylees Storys impact on my life to be one of more compassion, and hope that would make her smile.

    1. That’s what I was trying to say. It’s too early to jump all over Cindy again and turn on her.

      I don’t swing back and forth that easily. I think her reaction was genuine the first time she got on the stand. IMO, her testimony reflected the same fear and panic that was present in her nine-one-one calls.

      Her lies are coming back to haunt her. I think that’s why she’s tentative on the stand. She knows what’s coming, both sides will go in for the kill using her prior statements against her.

    2. Rebecca—-“What would Caylee think if she could look down and see the world treating her beloved CC and JoJo like this, that this is her legacy.”

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! Thanks for reminding me of another perspective I should (WE should) consider!!

  48. James, I have listened to the re3cording of Casey several times..she is there of her own free will and was asked several times if she wanted to continue or not..she answered yes…if this was such a blunder…one would think that three years ago..something would of taken place and not now at this time of the game..

  49. Dr Glass. Can you please comment on this. Cindy told Casey there were rumors of Caylee drowning in the pool on the jail house tapes, Casey said surprise surprise. Her eyes darted back and forth. What does Casey body language show? Thank you

  50. Wow! Seriously? Here we go, with pointing fingers and blaming the parents for Casey’s actions. Total BS!

    There comes a time in ones life, when one needs to take responsibility for ones OWN actions! Correct me if I am wrong, but one becomes an ADULT at the age of 18/21. That being said, as an adult, it is your responsibility to rid yourself of ALL the childhood trauma/drama. If not, it will manifest itself and be projected onto others in your adult life. Whether that be your children or acquaintance’s…..Which, seems to be one of the many problems (dysfunction) the Anthony’s have. ALL of them! But to blame Cindy and George for Casey’s actions is appalling! Casey was certainly of age to know right from wrong.

    When we are dealt a bad hand, we deal with it, put it to bed, and move the hell on with our lives! Casey murdered her child, but to say she did this because of her “dysfunctional” family, is just asinine.

    Sick and tired of people blaming their parents/past for their actions!!!

    1. They tried to obstruct justice at every turn.They need to be held accountable for their actions. They were enablers and did not set boundaries and that is why Casey is in the position she is in.

      1. So every person who grew up without boundaries will murder their own child? Every person who grew up without boundaries should be excused from their crime because they had a bad childhood?

        Casey’s childhood was indulgent. Not anything like scraping garbage cans for food, selling her body for money or a roof over her head, and there is STILL no proof of any molestation.

        Yet, she is on trial for murder due to her parents? LAUGHABLE.

        She is “in the position she is in” because she is a cold-blooded sociopath that murdered her 2 year old daughter in order to run off and live with a hot Italian boyfriend. Selfish Mother of the Year award for sure.

      2. How come Lee isn’t the same way?

        Why is Cindy’s brother Rick Pleasea and her mother Shirley perfectly rational while Cindy is completely out there? There are other factors that may have turned Casey into what she is. Casey has interacted with many people throughout her life that may have brought this on.

        I agree that they need to be held accountable for their actions, but why should they have to be accountable for Casey’s? Casey is a grown woman, not a twelve year old.

    2. Good post Liz. Indeed. Some of the greatest people I know had the worst childhoods imaginable. And some of the worst people on earth have had great childhoods and were born of wonderful parents. Throw the dice. What is the answer but your answer. Take responsibility for your own actions and pay the consequences.

      I raised 4 children and they’re not all the same. I was the same parent to all. My mother raised 7. Only one is a PhD. Shouldn’t they all be? I take no reward for my children’s success. I take no blame for their mistakes. As parents, we can raise them, care for them, teach them, let them go and guide them. The rest is on them. Amen.

  51. I’ve read these posts and thanks for them. All good. THanks Dr. Glass for your take on the I Love You scenario. I was obviously wrong about the Anthony’s being in cahoots with the defense theory. It was just a guess. Thanks, your take on the matter makes perfect sense.

    As for Cindy, in my opinion, she’s a habitual (as the Italians say) “Scorch.” which can be interpreted as a a last word B*ll buster. That can be very frustrating for a weak minded person such as Casey. I can imagine Casey kicking back hard once and for all.

    I found it interesting that Casey seems to be able to smile. I’m sure she doesn’t miss her child. It’s like she practised birth control 2 1/2 years too late. (In her mind, anyway) Forgive me for saying that. I don’t like dark thoughst invading my head. But this entire case is a dark. thought. 😦

  52. Totally agree Dr.Glass,No one expects them to jump up for joy about their daughter facing murder 1,but the fact of them concealing for her and covering like Cindy cleaning the car,washing her clothes,cleaning the doll.When they both as a nurse and former detective knew what that smell was .Trying to pin it on this poor Zenaida woman and then recently lying about the items and the hair.I recently read the letters from Cindy’s brother begging her to realize what her daughter had done and she’s going on and on how amazingly wonderful Casey is and this is after she has stolen from her and her parents.

    I’m really hoping that the defense gets a bit tough with them,hopefully they will wake up and be honest that’s all anyone wants from them is for them to tell the truth.A good parent loves their children,but holds them accountable for their actions.Who’s looking out for poor little Caylee?

  53. I was watching 48 hours last night and it was a case of a man that pushed his wife and son off of a cliff and collected on insurance, and then later tried to hire a friend to kill his parents for insurance money. Even though the parents heard the tapes of him soliciting murder for hire on them they still refused to believe it.I don’t know what it takes for some folks to understand how evil their children really are.

  54. Well said as usual Dr. Glass. I knew it would not be too long before Sindy Scamthony showed her true snarky colors.

  55. Can anyone say REASONABLE DOUBT? I believe that this has been the strategy all along. If Cindy and George are liars then maybe they killed or were involved in Caylee death. I believe all this confusing testimony and change in demeanor is specifically designed to case doubt on Cindy’s credibility. All they need is one juror to believe that they all are liars and therefore reasonable doubt exists and they have hung jury.

    1. Reasonable doubt means rational thinking is applied:

      1.) Casey saw Caylee last
      2.) Caylee was missing for 31 days and not reported
      3.) Casey partied and screwed around during that time
      4.) Body dumped in trash area near Casey’s home
      5.) Casey’s car smelled like a dead body
      6.) Casey abandoned said car
      7.) Casey searched for methods to kill and to make cholorform
      8.) Cindy’s 911 tape will be a powerful piece of evidence as Bill Shaeffers states it is a “sponantenous admission” given at the time that it is discovered that Caylee has not been seen for 31 days.

      So again… where is reasonable doubt?

      More then half the jury has children. Do you think any of those parents will think it reasonable that Casey didn’t know where her kids was? And her defense admits she knew Caylee was dead on July 16.

      There is no reasonable doubt. Expect a conviction.

  56. James you stated you are passionate about this, which is admirable. Maybe that passion could be redirected in a positive way in the real world through raising awareness about childhood abuse and neglect, child protection, volunteer work or donating money to a related worthy cause, as opposed to yelling at people on blogs who are also entitled to their opinions and making assumptions of their intelligence and knowledge and thinking capabilities, or making sexist comments about the Anthony women. Also, why do you say “Nuff Said” and then continue to go on and on belabouring the same points. Put your passion into putting something positive out there, you have lots of it, you could do great things 🙂

    1. Rebecca–you are a better person that I…he is down right rude, and Dr. seems to support this and ‘edits’ those who speak out against his antics, not sure why this is…I thought this was a blog where intelligent folks could come and safely share ideas. ..but maybe not?

  57. Remember the first phone call Casey made home when she got arrested? She was obsessed with getting old Tony’s number. She banters back and forth with Cindy. Casey: “I just saw your cameo on tv.” Cindy: “Which one, I did 4, I haven’t seen them all.” A baby is missing, and they snip at each other and brag about being on tv. Dr. Lillian this says it all. I read that Cindy was the baby in a family of 3 boys, her ma spoiled her rotten. Ditto.

      1. There appears to be a lot of people who value your opinion. Why then do you not review the literature on psychopathy? I certainly have been someone who has given you a ‘heads up’ and links which could add to your analysis-if that is in fact what you are attempting to do. Just typing Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist does not absolve you from understanding and
        writing with clarity about the Cluster B traits that we observe on a daily basis.

        We know that no amount of enabling or setting of boundaries deters a homicidal psychopath from his/her goal of eliminating someone from their life. We know that psychopaths do not experience life as we do and without a conscience they are nothing more than human predators. Their brain is defective and in the absence of any control(s) on inappropriate behavior or respect for the rights of others and the rule of law, one cannot in good conscience blame anyone but the psychopath for why he or she is behind bars for the unlawful killing of another. There does not have to be any particular reason to kill the person other than they cramped their style and interferred with their ability to screw whoever happened to be present and available. Sex is often times the great motivator.

        Keep in mind that psychopathy is a personality disorder defined by a distinctive cluster of behaviors and inferred personality traits, most of which society views as pejorative. Like any psychiatric disorder, diagnosis is based on the accumulation of evidence that an individual satisfies at least the minimal criteria for the disorder. (see Hare, Author’s Note)

        If you also keep in mind that “psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets”, you will be less inclined to blame Mr and Mrs Anthony for what Casey did. They will never be charged with obstruction or anything else. They will always be the state’s star witnesses. Jurors will extend mercy to Casey as a result of their heartfelt and painful testimony.

        They have come full circle in their understanding of who Casey is and with intensive psychotherapy and their willingness to forgive her will signal that they are on the road to recovery. As a trained clinical psychologist prepared at the doctoral level don’t you think your loyal readers and posters deserve more than an opinion that changes on a daily basis.

    1. JMO but Cindy sounded tired and exhausted. At this time she is doing interviews based upon Casey’s statement that the mysterious nanny has kidnapped Caylee.

      You need to put it into the timeline to understand but personally if my daughter called from jail to get her BF’s number I would be aggravated too.

    2. I agree.Becky. Cindy Anthony has done more than her share of snipping. But I think Casey was doing the majority of the snipping that time. Cindy just sounded weary and passed the phone to Lee.

  58. Interesting how Casey rubs under her eyes with a neatly folded, flat tissue, just as Cindy does.
    It was bizarre watching the two of them with mirrored behavior. Obviously Casey learned that very controlled response to crying from her Mom.

    As a woman I always end up with soggy eyelashes when I cry, so I use the entire Kleenex all over my eyes, otherwise I can’t see due to the tears & runny mascara.

  59. I think there is actually more of a “commonsense” type explanation for her change from the first time she testified until yesterday. The first time, she was fresh off of hearing the defense opening statement throwing everyone in her family under the bus. She was pissed and hurt and finally had reality slap her in the face a little. Now, she’s had some time to process and to think about how much she loves her daughter. Parents will usually defend and love their children to the end. There are plenty of death row and life inmates placed there for horrific crimes that still have their mothers and fathers visit them. Nomatter what Casey did, she is still their daughter. She is still the tiny little person that Cindy brought into this world and loved and cared for. I think people forget how hard it must be to know your child is capable of such a horrible thing. Plus, I still think it’s highly possible that Caylee’s death was an accident (not a swimming pool accident!), but a chloroform overdose or something of the kind. If I can think that, Casey’s parents have probably talked themselves into that.

  60. Thats great Lori 🙂 I was pondering it today, and thinking it would break her little heart, so my 3 year anniversary tribute (we are ahead of the U.S in time) for Caylee was to feel some compassion for her Grandparents (although they frustrate me!).
    There is so much negativity and hate around this whole situation, maybe between us we can get some positive energy and love out there and some compassion for her Grandparents (for Caylees sake) and headed to that little girls soul and she truly rest with a teeny tiny bit more peace today 🙂 Best wishes

  61. I guess I think along this way because I’m always trying to live and think and exist in a positive way that will be comforting and peaceful for my own little “angel baby” (she passed 10 mnths ago) Kaitlin’s spirit as I feel she will be aware on some level. I don’t always manage it!!!!! But I try lol

  62. IMO there was plenty of motive. Casey was used to being the center of attention at home, and Caylee was turning out to be the apple of everyone’s eye. Two of Casey’s boyfriends expressed a desire to be father figures for Caylee. Jesse Grund said that during their final breakup Casey accused Jesse of “loving Caylee more than me”. Mark Hawkins also expressed a desire to be a father to Caylee and that relationship ended. Cindy expressed a desire to gain custody of Caylee (and, in fact, encouraged her to call Cindy “Mom”) thereby usurping Casey’s position as princess at home. Also, has everyone forgotten the statement made by Casey’s then-current boyfriend, Tony, where he said “when I have kids I want all boys, no girls . . .” So many women kill their children because their boyfriends don’t want them. I believe that Casey killed Caylee in a fit of pique with her mother, but the plan was already in place long before that final blow out with Cindy.

  63. Sue-So many woman DO NOT kill their children. When psychopaths kill it is not because of anything anyone said or did- often times it is something that they planned. We can all write about what we “think” happened but if we look to the literature and listen carefully to criminologist and psychiatrists we learn that Caylee was meaningless to Casey. She did away with her like most of us step on a bug. Do we worry about the rogue ant that entered our kitchen to announce the beginning of warmer weather? No. When Casey threw Caylee in the swamp she never looked back.

    She is a stealth defendant that will do whatever it takes to regain her freedom. No matter how much she tries, she cannot miss her child, nor can she long for the days that she cared for her or remember her in ways which bring back happier moments. Without a conscience she is a natural born predator. She moves forward with a trial because she cannot integrate punishment or consequences. She will never see her trial as a “death knell” unless and until it is patently clear to her that she cannot con the jurors. At the end of the day no one will ever be impressed by her ability to puff out her chest each and everytime jurors enter or leave the courtroom. She is not amenable to treatment. Don’t assume for a moment that Casey loved anyone but herself. She just used and abused everyone she knew and that meant every unfortunate young man who she came in contact with.

    1. Good grief, I never intimated that Casey cared one whit for Caylee. She absolutely loved no one but herself. That was my point. I think she found it intolerable that so much attention was paid to Caylee. Add to that the fact that Tony didn’t want any girl children and she made the decision to eliminate her “problem”.

  64. Who said “Tony did not want any girl children” and as a result Ms Anthony thought it would be in her interest relative to her relationship with Mr Lazzaro, to make “the decision to eliminate her “problem.”” Who goes out with someone for three weeks and decides to kill their child as a result of a new boyfriends wishes to not bring female children to term? Who would be giving fair warning to any girlfriend or potential wife that they would only want male offspring? Would the potential wife have to reconsider whether or not marrying someone with a rigid belief in gender specificity and the desire not to birth female offspring also have to consider the role that abortion played in her marriage? The whole idea is repugnant and certainly not the impetus Ms Anthony needed in order to “eliminate her problem”.

    The State of Florida indicted Ms Anthony on Felony Murder in the First Degree predicated on evidence of premeditation that “she made a decision to eliminate her problem” long before she met Mr Lazzaro. The State is using the computer searches and jurors will be asked to come to a unanimous decision about their validity when considering premeditation. We aren’t jurors but we see what they see and we should consider it when discussing the case.

    1. Tony said he only wanted boy children. That, coupled with the fact that Casey felt the attention SHE deserved was being transferred to Caylee by other boyfriends and her own mother, leads ME to believe that she came to the decision to kill her daughter. If you recall the cases of Dianne Downs and Susan Smith, both eliminated their children (or tried to) because their boyfriends did not want the women’s children. In Casey’s case I believe the plan WAS in place for quite some before she actually committed the murder, but I believe all of these factors entered into her decision. The jurors, unfortunately, don’t have all the information that we have. The State has to decide what evidence to present to the jury and that is never everything. As an aside, I don’t believe Florida juries need to be unanimous in their decision.

      1. Link? I’ve never seen this statement about Tony’s “boy” preference in any document or other form. This is news to me! I would appreciate a link, TYVM!

  65. Yes, during the guilt phase they have to be unanimous in their decision. During the penalty phase, no. They can vote their conscience as it were relative to the penalty of death.

    It is abundantly clear from every word that we have listened to coming from the mouth of this defendant that she is clearly unable to get beyond her shallow explanations about why she did not report her child missing for 31 days. She would not and could not summon the appropriate energy needed to show concern or longingness for her child when presented with the fact that no one was believing her lies.

    Casey Anthony is really someone who does not have a grasp on just how emotionally impoverished she really is. She can recognize that she cannot feel anything and her behavior signals to her that she can at least feel something physical if not emotional when she is engaging in sex with multible people. To think that she would actually consider anyone else’s gender requirements is illogical considering that she has no inherent ability to look upon anyone as anything more than “a sucker” waiting to be taken advantage of. She was an abusive parent and someone who did not want the responsibility of a child from day one. Long before she killed her child she was a theif and a liar and someone who mocked, manipulated and deceived everyone she knew. Is this the same person who would kill her only child in order to give birth to boys? Totally in contradiction to what we know and when we knew it. Follow the evidence and listen to witnesses. If it’s in evidence than it is a fact-if not, it’s only rumor.

    1. Anonymous – I absolutely agree with everything you’re saying. But above and beyond those listed aberrations to her personality, I believe that she resented the attention Caylee received. Casey is a narcissist to the nth degree. And just because Tony stated he didn’t want girl children doesn’t translate into Casey wanting to bear boy children . . . just that, in her twisted mind, it was added impetus to rid herself of her girl child to “hold” her boyfriend. The State cannot possibly put all information known to them into evidence. They also don’t need to proffer a motive. I’m merely expressing MY opinion on motive. I’m not sure I understand what you think I’ve mentioned might be rumor. Tony’s statement?

      1. Sue-If Tony made this statement and it came into court he would be the only one who could attest to its truthfulness. We can listen and assess the validity of the rumor mill but when we get into Court we have to go with the facts. Good heavens, no one entering a courtroom with the threat of the death penalty should rely on what others thought or speculated upon-we do not want witnesses “hunches” or opinion expressed in “a backwards sort of way”. That was a reference to Casey’s comment and not directed at you whatsoever. Tony may very well have stated something like that but it would not go to motive or a “proffer” of motive because it, imo, cannot go to motive if premeditation is grounded in science (the forensic/circumstantial evidence). It is her personality “abberations” that we need to take into consideration when we evaluate her innocence or guilt. If we only had the 31 day delay in reporting her child “missing” and no body would we consider the insensitive comments of a boyfriend of three weeks or would we take in totality her pervasive and progressive psychopathy?

        True, the prosecution cannot put everything they have into evidence during their case in chief and I think if I understand the legal analyst, they wait until the defense starts their case and cross examines their witnesses with the SAME evidence or the evidence that was not entered during their case in chief.

        and waited until she had sufficient funds to move away from the area.

  66. I am wondering what your opinion is on casey wearing purple on june 17th instead of on june 16th like the public? With caseys sociopath personality i think this is a subtle hint that she killed caylee on june 17th not on the 16th. Casey thinks she is smarter then everyone and likes to do subtle things and when no one catches it she feels superior…my opinion..

    1. Casey hasn’t given a thought to Caylee in a very long time. By her own admission in speech and in writing she placed herself as the last person to see Caylee alive and that was much more than a “subtle hint that she killed Caylee”. It was proof positive that she knew Caylee was dead when she immediately deflected blame and punishment onto another.The probable cause document clearly indicated her consciousness of guilt and Lawson Lamar convened a Grand Jury as a result of what she said she did and what she failed to do.

      Her clothes are hand delivered to her each morning clelaned and ironed.
      Casey Anthony will always believe she is and will always be the smartest person in the courtroom and in prison. She has utter contempt for authority and will do whatever it takes to win her freedom. That does not include wearing anything that reminds her about why she is there in the first place.

  67. Correction on last sentence: IMO If Casey never mentioned that Caylee was missing to anyone and when and if Tony and Casey were no longer “an item”…..she would have moved on and waited until she had sufficient funds (by stealing monies from Tony, et al) to move away from the area.

  68. Anonymous – Tony did make that statement. To the FBI (I believe during a polygraph) as well as to the lead detective in an interview on September 8, 2008. And of course he’s the only one that can attest to its truthfulness. That’s what first person testimony is. That’s what all the witnesses are testifying to. Their own, first person, statements, actions, observations. . . I’m not saying that this statement SHOULD have made it into evidence, I’m only using that statement (made under oath . . not a rumor) as one more example of additional impetus for Casey’s actions in MY opinion of motive. In evaluating Casey’s innocence or guilt, all of the factors you raise are necessary. I was merely offering my opinion as to motive, which is not necessary for the State to proffer, but I think is valid. I’m perplexed by the fact that you are so upset with my opinion as to motive. I’m not on the jury. If I were on the jury I wouldn’t have knowledge of Tony’s interview with LE and so wouldn’t be considering it during deliberations. Should no one outside of the jury box ponder motive?

  69. I am not upset about your having an opinion relative to motive. I think what I didn’t make clear and probably didn’t recognize was my inability to separate motive from evidence of premeditation. Ms Anthony was certainly motivated to kill her child and we can see from the early days of her pregnancy, up to and including the eventual demise of Caylee that she was more than motivated but without opportunity to do anything about it. I doubt very much she gave too much thought to how she would end Caylee’s life; she practiced sedating her often imo. She was motivated enough to hatch a plan that included any number of make believe people but never anticipated that the lies she told her mother would have to be remembered and repeated enough throughout June and July to cement her mother’s recollection and reinforce the idea these people were real to someone else other than herself. She didn’t realize that with time and reflection Cindy would put the nail in her coffin or send her to prison for life. She failed to understand that the one person who she thought she could blame for the missing/abducted/kidnapped and murdered child was actually a living and breathing resident of Orlando County.

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate it-I had looked for this a couple of times before and am surprised I didn’t find it since it is in a news link.

  70. Sherry . . I didn’t read through all of the interviews with Tony, but the one that mentions him not wanting girl babies is contained in the interview done on September 8, 2008. Of the listed transcripts you’ll find on Google, it is the one that doesn’t have a date in the synopsis.

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