Casey at 5 And CaseyTwo Decades Later -Did She Kill Countless Animals In The Anthony Home?

When I saw this side by side physical  comparison of Casey at 5 and now at 25. I see that she has not changed much.

Today we see a Casey  who grew up to be devoid of real emotion, unless it pertains to herself. We see a Casey who  developed into a manipulating, cheating, liar,  much like her parents George and Cindy. We also see a Casey who has grown up to steal and kill.

Many believe that Casey is the way she is because she is born that way. Others feel it was due to her upbringing. I feel she is the way she is because of both factors, her genetics and her upbringing.

When Cindy described all the dead pets and how they were buried in the backyard throughout the years, I almost vomited. It was bad enough hearing that  Casey was a part of the dead animals preparation process for burial and  that she  attended their burials as early as the impressionable age of four, I really wondered what went on in that household. Are the dead animals part of their family  secrets?

What shocked me was the number of pets who died  during  a 20 year period. Why were dogs and cats dying so often in the Anthony home?   When Jose Baez kept mentioning pet name after pet name,  I  got chills.

Could it be that little Casey from the age of four,  after attendng her first dog burial, was doing things to torture these innocent animals and killing them.? Did Cindy know Casey was doing this or was she a part of it?

The reason I ask if CIndy was a part of it is because she was so ice-cold on the stand. If I recalled my precious Lambear, my deceased  Lhassa Apso ,my eyes would well up with tears .  Surely Cindy must have had at least  one of the countless animals who were named who touched her heart.

When I  heard her coldness in speaking about her countless animals I wondered a)  if she was covering for Casey’s killing them  o b) if she ignored Casey’s killing them or c)  if she killed them  herself and Casey saw this and followed suit. I am not accusing Cindy of  killing animals but her coldness and detachment  made the thought cross my mind.

Sociopaths begin their sociopathic lives early on. They usually  torture and kill animals from a very young age, They get a thrill from this and like a vampire who needs blood to sustain their life, a sociopath has needs to kill and to keep killing, They get a sadistic thrill out of it.

We have already seen  evidence of Casey’s sadistic side in the  jailhouse tapes and in the courtroom. Could it be that little Casey killed the family dog and enjoyed it so much she killed the family cat,another cat, and another dog?

I want to know exactly when those pets died. I want to know the year and the month. I want to know if Casey  perhaps killed them in the summer months like she did with Cayle? Did she kill the every year or every five years?

I wonder if all these dead pets have anything to do with Casey. If so then the natural progression of  her sociopathic behavior in terms of killing , would be to kill a little human who annoys her . Did the pets annoy her as well ? Was she jealous of them like she was jealous of Caylee?

Was she ready to graduate to killing big humans who annoyed her, like Cindy and George.  Was her telling  so many people including Amy Huizinga that her parents were giving her their house a precursor of what she planned  to do to George and Cindy?

Would she use chloroform on them, break their necks, and then wrap them in plastic, tape them with duct tape and bury them in the back yard with the rest of the dead animals she killed.

Would this satisfy her thrill of killing? Would she do the same to  brother Lee and to Amy Huzinga whom she  wanted to move into the Anthony home and serve as her roomate ? Would Amy become her next victim?

Could she then graduate to killing  boyfriends like Tony Lazzaro? Thank goodness Jesse Grund got away is she has these tendencies.


56 thoughts on “Casey at 5 And CaseyTwo Decades Later -Did She Kill Countless Animals In The Anthony Home?

  1. You know, I wondered about that too. I’ve been married for 43 years and with the exception of 4 years, when we lived out of the country, we have always had a pet. In that span of time, we’ve lost 2 beloved cats and very recently my beloved shih tzu, Molly. They seemed to have disposable pets. Very strange indeed.


    1. I would love to know what Casey was saying….Are there any lip readers out there who can read lips to find out what she was so seemingly upset about?


  2. When I heard how many pets had died it really stood out to me. In my own experience dogs in our family have lived to be 15 years old and cats to be 20. I can’t imagine a dog dropping dead every few years. Unless they got them when they were very old already. The way they bury them seems very very odd to me. Why would you want to put them in a blanket? maybe a paper box that could decompose but a blanket?

    I would hate to think someone in that house was deliberately killing off the family pets 😦


    1. We usually buried our dogs in a duct tape though. I guess just to keep them warm and keep the bugs off of them for awhile. I had my most recent dog cremated, but it’s expensive. Dark family for sure either way.


  3. If Casey gets the DP, I wonder if Geo., Cindy and Lee will beg for her life. I think they will. What do you think Dr. Glass?


  4. Cindy Anthony is a NURSE. She deals with sickness and death for a living. Furthermore, dead pets are nothing to cry about when you’ve been through what that woman has been through the last few years. It’s no wonder she didn’t show emotion when calling up memories of dead pets considering she’s in a courtroom for a trial that might send her daughter to death because she’ll likely be found guilty of the premeditated death of her own daughter. This article is ridiculous and you’re just as much of a fruitcake as Nancy Grace and her desperation to coin the phrase “Tot Mom.”
    I think Casey is guilty and I’m not defending her by any means, but to imply that there’s some sort of animal sacrifice and burial rituals going on at the Anthony house is not only ridiculous but makes me think that maybe YOU’RE the sociopath in this situation.
    Also, there weren’t “countless unexplained dead animals” and the time span is approximately 25 years. If George had a dog when he met Cindy 28 years ago and that dog was already 8-years-old, and if Cindy had a cat when they met and that cat was already 7-years-old, and then when Lee was born another pet was acquired…do you see where I’m going here?
    Dogs and cats live an average of 10 to 15 years depending on health, weight, breed, etc. In my lifetime, I buried 3 hamsters, watched my mice eat their babies in the habitrail before I understood they needed to be separated and then went on to lose 2 cats and 2 dogs to sickness, old age and eventual death.
    I currently have 2 dogs and a cat. The cat is 9, the dogs are 5 and 3. When they start dying off (and yes, I’ll be sad if they do but NOT brought to tears over it for the next 10 years) will it suddenly seem as though I’m a serial killer?
    Gosh, I hope not!
    What if the mere mention of my beloved dead dog doesn’t cause my eyes to water 5 years after I buried him? Then what will people think? I’m hoping they’ll assume I’m a stable human being who accepts loss, grieves and then moves on with life.
    This “article” sounds like a really bad plot for a really bad Lifetime Movie. Maybe you’re in the wrong business. Maybe you should try your hand at screenplays instead of … what exactly is it that you do anyway? Oh, that’s right, you read “body language” and come up with extremely tall tales about the private thoughts and lives of people you don’t even know. I’m sensing Sensationalizing Drama Queen.


  5. Not to take away from your suppositions Dr. Glass, but Casey is way older than five in that photograph, more likely 8 to 10. She has her second teeth.


  6. I hope everyone realizes that Casey’s own inept attorney brought up the pet burials. He thought he would be cute getting George to admit to bagging and duct taping the animals. He went through George, Cindy and Lee to try to get the stupid point across but all it did was show us Casey was there participating in the burial rituals. The more he blabbed about the burials the more we the public and let’s pray the jury realized she knew how to dispose of remains and did the exact same thing to her child. This line of questioning brought back to the jury the thought that OMG she did this all alone, she borrowed the shovel from a neighbor to dig in the back yard, she realized she couldn’t dig a hole deep enough and took her to the woods.

    Baez is the worst defense attorney I have ever seen.


  7. Was it in the jailhouse tapes that Casey (or someone) talked of ‘the pet cemetery’? I don’t remember where I heard that term, but was thinking it was where Casey and a childhood friend played. Does any one remember that and was that near where Caylee was found or their backyard cemetery?


  8. Don’t get me wrong – I think Casey is a very distrubed Woman but I just wanted to say what struck me during Cindy’s Testimony is how much detail she went into about the dead pets and their deaths and burials. It made me think about what Dr. Glass has said about people when they lie that they give too much info, it made me wonder what she us trying to cover up? Was she trying to Make excuses for George – that he wasn’t the one who bagged the animals or for Casey – that the animals went to the vet to be put down? How do we know they went to a vet and that Casey didn’t torture and kill them?

    And isnt it also interesting that Casey would know of a neighborhood pet cementary? I never talked with my friends about where they buried their animals. Maybe Casey did things to the neighborhood pets and dumped them in the community pet cementary.

    Just my thoughts on the post!


  9. But weren’t there other pets that Casey had supposedly buried near where Caylee was found? I know that is what Kio-Marie had said in her interviews with detectives and in whatever tabloid she sold her story to. I think there is still more pets that weren’t buried in the backyard-Maybe hamsters or guinea pigs, parakeets? I know her testimony was not in the trial but( I assume that was because she sold her story-not that everyone in Orlando hasn’t mad money off the death of Caylee-a( People took vacations to see this trial not to mention worldwide media coverage etc…


    1. I think Casey does seem to appear somewhat agitated in this video. At one point you can hear her [if you listen closely], right around the 10 second point she says something that sounds like “birthday’ or “my birthday(?)’, I study body language myself, as well as voice/tone, now as a child there are several things that she might be agitated about. Many children get jealous at their friend/s birthday parties too, but it’s obvious to *me* that Casey is upset about something. My guess [and knowing what we know today], is that she is having envy issues here.


  10. I had a cat that died in 2007, I had her since 1985. That is how long I keep my pets. My vet told me I was one of the best pet mothers ever. I can’t understand anyone having pets that die so often.


  11. I agree.. and the reason cindys yorkies were being sluggish and sleepy was lil miss casey was trying to kill them too… wicked witches…


  12. I saw the video on WFTV, and Casey was reported to be five years old. The only thing that struck me was that she is groomed in a way that seems more like a young teen and less like a child. She’s wearing earrings and a trendy-looking studded jacket. It made me think that Cindy was already an indulgent parent, and one who was very concerned with Casey’s looks. I have two sisters, and at five years old, any of us would have been wearing more childlike clothes and certainly no earrings. My mother did not want us to look too mature, and she considered earrings on young children to be in poor taste. Viewing this, I feel that Cindy likely took pride in Casey looking fashionable and mature for her age. It does make me wonder about boundaries, and I’m even less surprised that this girl ended up pregnant (and unable to identify the father) as a teen.


  13. Dr. glass’s education is in speech and hearing. She does not have an education in abnormal psychology and does not understand personality disorders.


    1. I really don’t think this is Dr. Glass – the typos and grammar/spelling errors are excessive and the analyses are becoming outlandish at best. This is a fake. Dr. Glass would not say that it was good Jesse Grund got away before she killed him! Seriously!!


  14. would appreciate opinions on this: when LDB had Cindy under crossexams regarding the dead pets, Cindy was asked if she ever used chloroform to euthanize her pets. Watch her physical reasponse when she says no. Cindy touches her nose and purses her lips in that funny way which you in the past have called out as clear tells. So has Cindy euthanized her own pets — just not via chloroform?


  15. Dr. Glass may have uncovered the pathology of the murder, and of the murderer, proving that actions, like words, do not come from a vacuum.

    My only regret is that her analysis is not being highlighted on HLN.

    Peter Hyatt


  16. My apologies if this double-posts. I would appreciate opinions on this as well, and hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle:

    When LDB has Cindy on cross-examination regarding the death of the pets, Cindy is asked if she euthanized any of her pets by using chloroform. Watch Cindy’s physical reaction: as she says “No,”, she touches her nose ( a sign of deception) and purses her lips in that weird way (another sign of deception).

    So has Cindy been euthanizing her own pets — and using chloroform to do so? Or has she been euthanizing them in some other fashion?

    I thought her physical reaction to this question was startling, and am stunned not to see others mention it.


  17. I work at a vet clinic, and don’t find the number of deaths in the Anthony household that surprising. Some breeds of dogs simply don’t live very long, and many of our clients have had five or ten animals who have passed on during a 20 year or 30 year period.

    My first thoughts when I heard Cindy state the number of pets who’ve died in her family’s care wasn’t that Casey had killed them, but:

    1) Wow! There are medical records available for the Anthony family pets, but Caylee was never taken to a doctor for vaccinations or well-baby care check ups?

    2) I wonder what sort of preventative care the Anthony family invested in with their pets. For instance — did they regularly treat their dogs to prevent heartworm?

    We see a lot of clients who simply don’t want to make an investment in their pets’ long-term health, and who choose not to treat against heartworm or regular vaccinations. As a result, they have more pets during a period of time than their neighbors who do make that investment. I wouldn’t say one owner loves their pet more — I see both clients leave our clinic equally heartbroken when they lose a pet. So I’d just say that one owner is far less responsible than the other — much to their pet’s misfortune.

    (My apologies if my previous comment spammed the site –I am still trying to figure out my new SmartPhone)


  18. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I gotta say, this post is just over the top. The Anthonys have multiple pets at a time so that is not a lot of deaths in 20 some years. It is not uncommon to wrap a pet in a blanket to bury them – in fact a vet will wrap your pet like that for burial. As for the plastic wrap, it’s done to keep the smell of decay at a minimum so another animal wont dig up your pet’s body. If the Anthonys thought Casey was killing off their pets why on earth would they keep getting more pets!?! Cindy’s granddaughter (that was the light of her life) is dead, possibly at the hands of her own daughter – who is facing the death penalty. Do you really expect under those circumstances she is going to tear up on the stand over some pets that died years ago?


  19. I on the other hand wonder how raising Casey a possible sociopath did changed the family, how bringing her up and trying to raise both her and Lee and still be a spouse changed the dynamics of the couple CIndy and George.
    Every member in a family influences one another.
    To me the video is not condeming Cindy as a mom, it is speaking of her wish that Casey had a good childhood, Casey seems happy in the video, she is in a birthday party, she looks well taken care of.
    This video does condemn Casey as an adult why didn’t she give the same change to her poor kid.
    Stop condeming Cindy and George for the actions of their then 22 and now 25 years old daughter, and do some research on how parents have coped with a sociopath child you might be surprised.


  20. I can see what you are saying. I thought the same that it seemed like a lot of pets to pass away. If I remember correctly though the first pet that was mentioned passed away around 30 yrs ago. We don’t know how many of these pet’s they had at the same time and their age at the time of death. Say for example they had three small breed dogs the same age and they lived for say 15, 16, and 17 yrs of age. It would not sound so bad if they had 3 pass in that time frame were as if the dogs were obtained at different times and one died every 5 or 6 yrs.
    If its true that Cindy or George took the pets to the vet I find it unlikely Cindy was harming the animals to then have to take them to the vet and pay to have them euthanized. Wouldn’t she just finish them off somehow herself?
    I’m not sure what to think about the burial ‘ritual’. If Casey was four yrs old (I didn’t think Casey was that young for the first one she witnessed)sounds a little young to expose a child to it.
    If its true that they buried the pets with a blanket or something else they liked, I’m a bit confused on how to interpret it Caylees burial. I’ve heard or read before that if someone kills a loved one they will cover the body. If Casey despised Caylee why would she place her blanket with her? Would we disregard the blanket (covering) theory in this case because that is the way Casey was shown to bury someone?


  21. I think that’s an interesting theory. We’d have to find out how old the pets were when they died, as well as their cause of death.

    In that still shot taken from the video, I can see the characteristic flatness in her eyes. I believe people are born socipathic, and she was. Also, her family’s enabling and covering for her certainly made it much worse – constantly dribbling gasoline on a fire.

    There HAS to be a lot of other things she did that we’ll never know about.

    If she’s constantly reading her bible in her cell, as her parents claim, there can be only one reason – she’s looking for instructions on how to smite people, lol.

    Does anyone know why Jose Baez has that tic where his head jerks when he’s opposed? It looks really agressive to me – like a fighting rooster.


    1. Agree with cpad, I too also see not only the classic sociopathic flat stare mixed with the classic scanning, far-away, easily bored quality , which is often the hallmark of socio/pschopaths- particularly around the 20 and 33 sec marks- but an overall flatness of affect/speech, or as I believe some writer whom I cannot remember presently said :’they know the words, but not the music’ . As much as we don’t want to admit it, there really is such a thing as ‘the bad seed’, especially when these negative qualities are indulged and enabled, as well as other qualities possibly modeled by those closest to them- lying, manipulation, sense of entitlement, etc.


  22. Thank you Dr. Glass. Very insightful as usual.

    There is something that stood out to me, a comment Sindy mad that they never took their dogs to the vet. Why not? Was it because a vet may have become suspicious of all the dogs they were going through? I work as a licensed vet tech, and we get to know our patietns and their owners, and it would have caused me to become suspicious of cleints who were going through so many pets over the years.

    Another thing, they have a fondness for yorkies, and those small breed dogs, as other small breeds typically have a very long life span, between 12 to 15 years. With them, they were going through on average it appears, 3 to 4 yorkies a year. Why?

    I also truly think Casey was killing the family pets. I think Sindy knew Casey had a problem, but as usual she would cover everything up Casey ever did. The way they all spoke of their dogs with such coldness callousness made me wonder if the whole family wasn’t into some form of animal murder.

    I know those of us who love our dogs, know the heartache and pain when they pass away. I know for myself, my beloved Suki, who I rescued, after she was thrown out of a moving car at 5 weeks, and who rescued and took care of, for 15 years, still makes me cry when I talk about her. It’s been 7 years since I had to give her peace in the end, after an amazing and loving life, I still miss her everyday.

    There was something very wrong going on in that house, and it wasn’t sexual molestation. It was animal murders in my opinion.


  23. One thing I forgot to add, it makes me want to exhume some of those dead pets and have a necropsy performed on them, to find out the cause of death.


  24. I would love for Casey to get the death penalty. But if we have to settle for LWOP, that will be the next best thing. She must never be free, because she is a danger to society.


  25. My miniature schnauzer is 16, my miniature poodle is 15, need I say more? I believe Casey was killing the pets and that changes her from sociopath to psychopath. I think George and Cindy were in her sights. She probably practiced chloroform on the yorkie that was sleepy all the time in March. She should never walk free again.


    1. Strange that you say March. After all of my research I deduced that Casey planned Caylees’ demise in March, and made her decision on precisely March 8th.


  26. I think Casey is not a serial killer who likes to kill for the sheer pleasure. I see her as an utilitarion killer. Killing only if the need arises to remove something or someone who may stand in the way of her “good life” or her good reputation. Therefore , I don’t see her killing animals as those killers who get pleasure out of the act of lilling itself.

    And…if Cindy, a RN, didn’t take her own daughter to get a thorough exam from a GYN until she was 7 or 8 months pregnant, then Cindy is most likely not going to get her doggies to a Vet for any preventive medicine and exams.


  27. Dr. Glass, I have just stumbled upon your blog and am thrilled to read such a professional, well-assembled analysis of the Casey Anthony trial. Well done! It’s clear that Casey is personality disordered, which of course raises the question for me of whether this is the case for one or both parents. I look forward to future blog posts!



  28. During the testimony about the pet burials, my thought was “It will be interesting to see if the pets in that household start being healthier and start living longer”. I don’t think that’s the kind of thoughts the defense wanted to put in people’s heads!


  29. Kids with severe attachment issues (reactive attachment disorder) do tend to attack family pets. Family pets are not safe with these kids. Attachment disordered kids also lack empathy as do sociopaths. I do think Casey had an intent to harm her parents. This girl is pretty complex.


  30. Cindy keeps giving us clues that many have overlooked. I’m sure she lied about the chloroform but I do think that the dogs were acting sleepy/lethargic in March. I think Casey tested the chloroform on the dogs before moving on to Casey. Remember one of the searches turned up for Chloroform habit. She used the chloroform on Caylee a lot, this time she ended up dead.

    The other clue Cindy gave us without knowing she did is about the yard. She tells us grass hasn’t grown in the backyard since 2008. Later the defense’s expert said that Caylee’s body hadn’t been in the woods for early stage decomp because plants wouldn’t grow in that area for years if it had.


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