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  1. Hi Dr. Glass…I just saw this article. I hope that someone can help David Hasselhoff.

    I appreciate your taking the time to do the comparisons and yes if it can save David it is so worth it.

    Dennis was the love of my life and I couldnt help him which is sad. He broke my heart and was very mean. I did know it wasn’t really him and I know in his heart he did love me he was just a victim of his own issues.

    I will say a prayer for David and ask Dennis in heaven to also send him a special intention.

    Thank you and Happy New Year.


    Ree Fritz Cole


    1. The whole Anthony family seems to think they are above the law.

      They talk down to the Attournys and play cat and mouse games with the F.B.I . and court room.

      They are all looking for a huge pay day .

      It’s called books and movies about a little murdered girl who looked like a angel.

      Casey may act confident in front of the camera with that smirk cat grin of hers .

      The hair is turning grey allready and that means she is stressing behind the bird cage.

      I noticed she has greay streaks now in the front of hair.

      Cindy has let her hair grow out all bushed around her long sagging guilty looking face.

      I guess the lawyers are trying to make her look more like a grandmother.

      I remember when she was running around hanging all over men in front of camera with no bra and short tennis skirts.

      Smiling while Tim Miller was being crusified by this family for looking for a dead Kaley , because they no believed she was alive.

      Tim Miller was disrespected and abused and he is a wonderful human being .

      A blessing in this world to familys who suffer tragedies such as missing persons..

      Yes , people the apple does not fall to far from the tree .


    2. Hi ree cole Thank you for your sharing your comments. I didnt know dennis im just one of his fans. I grew up in a house with an alcoholic and you are right it isnt really them. I know dennis had alot of tragedies in his life and im sorry he was in so much pain. I know how difficult it was for you too. Alcoholism didnt define him. What ive read about him over the years he was a good man with a good heart. I will always remember him as a good actor and performer who brought me alot of happiness. I believe he is with his father and son. God Bless him and you. Donna


  2. Dr. Glass, I am curious as to why I can not find anything pertaining to Ronald Cummings on your site? Also would like to see something on Crystal Sheffield.


  3. Dr Glass,

    I was watching dateline nbc on sunday and nbc interviewed the attempted Detroit bomber’s roommate in yemen at islamic school. He seemed very deceitful on if he knew something was up. Could you please watch and analyze.

    Thanks ,



  4. Dr.Glass,
    I love reading your blogs. You really “nail the bad guys”!

    I am writing to PLEASE try to give us some much needed information on the Gabrial Johnson case. It desperately needs someone like you. As you know, little Gabriel Johnson is missing, and his Mother refuses to talk.Period. Even though she is sitting in jail, she still refuses to say what she did with her beautiful child. FBI/LE are unable to get her to budge. She will NOT talk. Also, the people that wanted to adopt this baby are telling “different stories” and appear to be lying. This baby needs to be found ASAP, and I PRAY that you will help. I know you appear on Nancy Grace often, and it is my prayer that you will help out on this sad, scary case.


  5. Dr. Glass,
    I just wrote here asking you to please looking into , missing baby, Gabriel Johnson. I’m not sure you received it. MB


  6. Dr. Glass,

    I’d love to read your analysis of two discussions that took place during tonight’s airing of Biggest Loser. There is a question of the red team throwing the weigh-ins. About 20 minutes in, first trainer Bob, then trainer Jillian talk to the husband and wife team about it. IMO, it doesn’t pass the smell test.



  7. Hi,
    I just want to tell you that I love your publications and the work that you do. I hope you can do something on Tammi Smith in relationship to the beautiful missing Gabriel Johnson. Thank you so much for doing this.


  8. dr. glass, i quite agree about the woods debacle. i find it hard to believe he “went” thru rehab, and is going right back to the very sport that got him where he is today…i mean, if you are rehabbing, you do not go back to where it all begin. most have to cut ties with the people, and things that brung them to their knees to begin with. i believe he is only going back to golf, because elin, has some bills that are going to need to be paid, and without golf, he will be as average joe, as the next guy. he would NEVER be able to afford the lifestyle he has become so comfortable in, nor wood, (smiles) he be able to pay the high child support, and the alimony elin will be getting. i think it is not optional that he cannot play golf, due to that is all he knows, besides how to have sex, obviously. you can’t really make a living at the latter without the power, and money the former gains you. all a ruse, to get back on the green. if you are still pursuing the life that got you in trouble, you are not serious about keeping the marriage. enough said.


  9. Dr.Glass,
    Thank you for this fascinating blog!
    My request is quite trivial in the grand scheme of things,however the national viewing audience and online communities have become extremely invested in this season of the Real Housewives of New York City.
    Of particular interest is Jill Zarin.
    Her shocking,deceitful,and self absorbed behavior has reached outside of the housewives show and is thought to perhaps become criminal with threats and slander toward a top reviewer at Amazon.
    If you have the time and interest we would love your take on her along with Bethenny Frankel.
    Thank you,


  10. Please analyze Rielle Hunter’s interview that was on Oprah. I have kept checking your site thinking you would remark about her body language during the interview she had with Oprah a couple of days ago.

    Thank you.


  11. I would like to know why that you put River’s information out here in public, etc? It doesn’t seem professional that what she seemed to have told you in private, than becomes public since it seems like she got thoroughly trashed in the public forum from readers that read your blog…I would like to understand, since it seems to make you come across as unprofessional..and I don’t like to see that for you.


    1. First of all I have River’s permission and blessing to speak about her in my blogs and to share all my conversations with her with my readers. She has contacted me numerous times to thank me for presenting her point of view and her statements out in the blogosphere and in the media.

      In fact last, week she called to thank me for putting the information out about her child, which let people know just how horribly this Anthony ordeal has not only affected her, but has spilled over onto her young child, who has been bullied unmercifully by his classmates as he attempts to defend his mother’s honor.

      Since there has been so much speculation and rumor about River and since she has not spoken to anyone except me (with the exception of her initial intyerview) as a blogger, reporter, and media commentator, I am compelled to share the truth with my readers based on my direct conversation and interviews with River. River is NOT her twin sister Skye, so the information you hear from Skye is not from River’s mouth. My direct conversations and communications are directly from River’s mouth.

      I am NOT unprofessional in any way shape or form with regard to River Cruz. I am NOT River’s therapist, psychologist, or counselor and thus I am not bound by any confidentiality agreements or HIPPA laws.

      Although I have an education in many areas and in many fields of study, including psychology, I am not a licensed psychologist and therefore, I do not treat patients or hold myself out to be a licensed psychologist. I am a Communication Expert and a Body Language Expert who’s training, background and decades of experience in numerous fields, including the psychosocial aspects of human behavior provides me with added value, (more than others in the area of body language) in making my assessments and analyses.

      It provides me with a dimension and a depth of perception that these other individuals do not have. While they may come from the areas of law enforcement or academia, they do not come from such an eclectic background as I have which allows me to cull information and carefully integrate and synthesize it so that I can come up with much more accurate and detailed assessments.

      During my initial communication with River I heard her say things that I took very seriously like the fact that she no longer felt like living. That is why I very, very strongly suggested to her that she get the help of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist or visit a medical facility in her area which could provide her with the proper attention that she needed. I also encouraged her to reach out to the clergy for spiritual guidance as well. That was acting VERY responsibly and very professionally with regard to River Cruz.

      My wonderful readers were so concerned about River that they offered her their prayers. River has said to me that the love, compassion and supportive words and prayers they offered her via my blog, was what added greatly to her healing process when she felt that the world was against her. She said that she was able to see that there were indeed beautiful and compassionate people out there and as a result of that can now hold her head high. River has asked me to share this information with my readers and I have done so.

      I do, however, thank you very much for concern about me. I need to say to all my readers who care about me as you do and even to my distractors out there who often speak in ignorance and lack of knowledge, I am never worried about my professionalism or my credibility.

      I always try to do the right thing and I always speak the truth. There is so much bullshit and spin out in the media, that through my blogs my aim is to be a vehicle to truth and honesty. As I have said repeatedly, I am in no one’s pocket and I can never be bought! Truth and honesty are more important to me than money and always has been.

      For anyone out there who tries to assess me and analyze how I am thinking, don’t bother wasting your precious time. I will tell you directly and I will be perfectly honest as I have nothing whatsoever to hide. I have spent a lot of years studying and analyzing myself, so I can tell you more about me than anyone else in the world. All you have to do is ask me directly and I will tell you.

      I have the knowledge, background, formal education, credentials, and experience that make me extremely credible. I have worked with and spoken in front of some of the most credible venues throughout the world. If there was any doubt in terms of my credibility I would never have been asked to be involved with these organizations and I could never have passed a high level security check which was required .

      One is only as great as the shoulders on which they stand, and I have been blessed and honored to have stood on some pretty great shoulders throughout my life and throughout my career. Because of that, it is my obligation and my mission in life to give back these blessings by sharing my knowledge, experience and my truth with the world.

      Dr. Lillian Glass


      1. I dont know anything about this River. Only read a small clip of River Cruz. Is that theh same person. George suposedly said It was an accident gone out of control. ? I tried to follow this post to find out who this is but just didnt connect. thank You


  12. What did you think of Mike Tyson on the View? His wife’s body language seemed very demure & she even seemed to quiver when asked how he was at home. Kinda worried me. Am I imagining it?


  13. Hi Ms. Glass,

    Please please please get an email subscriber. i loooove your website and I cannot stand RRS. I come here every 3 days to see if any new post have been put up.

    Thank you.


  14. Any thoughts on the Kyron Horman case? His family hasn’t been seen much, but can you get anything from their body language? It’s been over 2 weeks since that little boy’s been missing. The police aren’t saying much, but they seem to be focusing on the stepmom more. Any thoughts?


  15. I was wondering the same thing as the last post. I saw you on Nancy Grace where you said it’s a huge red flag that the stepmother didn’t change her facebook photo for six days to Kyron’s pic. Have you watched the first press conference where all four parents stood together? What do you think of the stepmom’s body language?


    1. I heard she kept posting happy ordinary updates like “going to the gym” with lots of smiley faces. I know the police told them to keep up their ordinary routine as much as possible, but come on…

      The police are trying to be tight-lipped, but it seems like they’re investigating her. They handed out an updated flyer with her pic, asking if people had seen her at the school that day like she said. Hmm…..

      The biological parents did an interview finally the other day. I’d be really curious to know what Dr. Glass thought about their body language, too. The mom seems honest, but what do I know? I’m not so great at reading people always.


    2. Elizabeth: You must be mistaking me for someone else who may have appeared on Nancy Grace’s show. While I did appear on the show, I never said what you have quoted me as saying that” it was a huge red flag that the stepmother didn’t change her Facebook photo for six days to Kyron’s picture. ” I never discussed facebook or photographs of any sort.


  16. Hi Dr. Glass,
    That human lightning rod of controversy, Kate Gosselin, appeared July 2 on The View, denying breast enhancement surgery and Botox injections. Perhaps she used Dysport, thus making her denial of the branded wrinkle reducer accurate. Anyway, the woman cannot seem to keep her facts straight and she has morphed into a poster child for phoniness: fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, fake dancing, fake religiousness, fake mothering, fake adherence to organic eating, well, you name it, and Kate’s faked it. badly, too. Her phoniness is so apparent.

    Would you put your body language reading skills to use in evaluating Kate’s denials of breast enhancement and cosmetic injectibles? It would be great if someone with credentials nailed her on her lying. Thanks, Theo


  17. Dr. Glass,

    Could you please help me understand the frown President Obama had on his face after signing the Financial Reform Bill? I understand that he frequently has a serious look when speaking of serious matters about this country and its people, but this seems to be extreme to me.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  18. Dr. Glass please analyze this video of Jon Gosselin returning his children home. They are hysterical and screaming and crying – not wanting him to leave them. Someone put the video as a response in your Al Gore thread.


  19. Good morning Dr. Glass. I was wondering if you’d be interested in giving your opinion of Bishop Eddie Long’s accuser Jamal Parris. I think his body language is showing honesty, but that’s just my lay opinion. Here is a link for his interview if you’re interested!


    I enjoy your analysis immensely, and thank you for your input.



  20. I enjoy reading your website. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are in regards to Tiffany Hartley. I thought you would have covered this by now, I know you are a busy person, but I would really like to read what you have to say about her. Thanks for all your information you post.


  21. dr glass.. love you body language blog and love you book on toxic men.. a real eye opener for me thank you..

    would you do a body language on casey anthonys parents at this last hearing..
    thank you for your time


  22. I think Casey Anthony grew up in a toxic family home.

    You can tell Cindy was very jealous of her and tried to compete with her during life.

    Cindy is just waiting for Casey to get a reaction out of Casey something shocking .

    And then Cindy and George will be back on good morning america collecting a check.

    Cindy and really misses the talk shows and the cameras.

    It’s all gone all the attention she was craving just like her daughter.

    Saggy breast and no braws are not entertainment.


  23. Hi Dr. Glass,

    I absolutely love your blog about your observations about body language. I am writing to request that I might edit your blog for you.

    For the past 22 years I have worked for Health Canada as Information Coordinator (that is the Canadian version of your U.S. Food and Drug Administration fyi). My father is a retired English teacher. I wish to request that when you write a new blog, before you post it, that you email to me and give me the opportunity to edit on your behalf.

    If you choose to allow me to edit your blog before posting, I assure you that your blogs will be flawless. I sincerely hope you will take me up on my offer.

    Sincerely, Kathleen Haughian


  24. would love top see your evaluation of little zahra bakers..stepmom and dad.. also the bio mother. i believe the so called step..mom and dad did this horrible crime together….. the real mother, id like to know if she’s telling the whole and honest truth, when she says shes looked and looked for zahra etc…thanks!!!


  25. Dear Dr. Glass,

    Two of Hate and Jon Gosselin’s sextuplets have been EXPELLED from their private school kindergarten which they’ve only been attending for TWO MONTHS.

    How many court and custody hearings does it take before an ETHICAL JUDGE will assign guardians ad litem to the Gosselin children?

    I am convinced that TLC has been making consistent “offers that are too good to refuse” to the higher-ups in the Pennsylvania Family Courts.

    And it wouldn’t be the first time judges of the Pennsylvania court system would be found guilty of being on the TAKE.

    I think TLC prides itself on how many GREEDY people in power they can stuff in to their BACK POCKET. Sadly, it is to the detriment of eight permanently damaged children’s lives.


  26. Hi Dr. Glass,

    I hope you have time to take a look at Kate Gosselin’s latest version of “her” truth and private matters that was aired on the Today Show today. Thanks.


  27. Hi Dr. Glass,

    If you have a chance, please check out Nina Frye at 10:00 am. on Thursday, her Gosselin hour. It would be great if you could call in with your educated preception of Kate Gosselin’s body language. I happen to agree with your past posts, that she rarely tells the truths and spins to conversations and questions of any interview away from the question as presented. Just look at her and any of the children’s looks during this current trip – no one is happy, least of all any of the poor kids. I am sure, being a mother myself, these kids would rather be back at school, with friends talking about their wonderful holidays and Christmas presents and having the time to enjoy some down time at home or with their father that gives them true love. Maybe I am a softy, but I know my kids and I loved the down time of Christmas to New Years before going back to school to just hang, play with new toys and enjoy a hot coco at home.

    I know that kids want the simple things in life at this age, like love and hugs and kisses. The Gosselin kids are living in poverty in so many ways.


  28. Am I missing something??:

    President Reagan said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

    From this quote, Reagan said: “we must REJECT the idea …
    that society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.” Yet, you

    And if society is guilty as he is quoted as saying, then they are guilty of not getting a deranged man the help he desperately needed.

    But Reagan said society was NOT guilty. I’m confused!!!!

    Love the blog,


    1. It matters not what Reagan said or anyone else. Ronald Regan has noting to do with Sara Palin. In fact Regans son said his father was nothing like Palin politically or any other way. She clearly quoted him to get people’s attention in an attempt to legitimize herself. It was manipulative and obvious.

      The only thing that Palin needed to quote was her own words tjhat she was not personally responsible for a derranged man killing people. I still believe she needed to speak to the public about eliminating violent rhetoric and admit that her use of crosshairs was poor judgement and even though she was not associated with this killing in Tuscon she would never use symbols of violence like crosshairs again. If she said this she would have come across as a bigger woman with a lot of integrity. She would have been more respected and embraced by those whoa re on the fence about her and even by those who are her non supporters. When a person can admit wrong and are sincere about it, people respect them.


  29. Dr. Glass, will you please analyze this video of Caylee Anthony? The first few times I saw it, I thought maybe it was just an ordinary video of a toddler doing cute toddler things. But reading the comments that other YouTube users have left on the page after watching it, I am not sure anymore. I’d love to hear a professional’s take. Thank you so much.


    1. I will repeat what I said on Youtube about Caylee videos being posted on YouTube. Twice I have caught people posting videos of their child naked on FB – Child Molesters do not have to use clild porn to get satisified sexually these videos work well for them. Most people think that only nude photos are found on child molesters PCs.

      “I think these videos SHOULD NOT BE POSTED ON HERE – heard of Privacy? I am sick of people exploiting Caylee and this is exploiting her. How many sicko’s, child molestors have watched this video, I SAY PLENTY. and Yes they like this stuff! Ask a professional. And I do not buy the excuse that these are posted so the Anthony’s cannot sell them to TV stations. Take them down – let this child rest in pease.”


  30. Hello Ms. Glass

    I often thought the Judge Perry might have restless leg syndrome, which makes one bounce up and down. My friend’s dad has it and it varies from day to day on the speed of the leg movement. He is a big bloke he bounces up and down.

    Baez is a smug one what do you read about his pen clicking. He seems to click once when he thinks he has made his point it is like a ! at the end of a sentence. He clicks it madly when frustrated.

    Dr. Drew would be a good subject to study I would love to see your take on him. He is a stange cat he loves to talk and likes to let us know he knows best. Sometimes I think the guest does not need to be there as he does all the talking.

    I have watched his show a few times and he makes me uncomfortable I feel sorry for him. He talks over and speaks for his guests. He creates an argument for some issue they may or may not have. He analyses his guests and I bet some leave thinking they have a disorder. They may leave thinking they have been abused or suffered trauma. His pawing at people is inappropriate he tried to explain this away after becoming fodder on late night TV. If he was my doctor and did this to me on my first visit I would shut down. Myself I think he is a fame monger.

    On one of his shows he had a lady on that made her son wear a billboard for drinking booze. Dr Drew put words in the mother mouth giving her a pass. He suggested an out for the mother many times he did not tell her it was inappropriate behaviour. Only at the end of the conversation did he mention that her method would not work else he would use it. He wants everyone to like him and takes the high road.


  31. i extremely dislike the comments u made for poor Gary about his behaviour, u not knowing wts really going on with him. Its ridiculous.


  32. Ms. Glass,

    I don’t think you are being fair to Jeff Ashton, he is a very good and observant prosecutor. He knows his stuff in the courtroom and is professional, except when it comes to Jose Baez.
    As far as Casey Anthony’s age and circumstances of her being raised by dysfunctional parents, that does not excuse her actions. Those 31 days explain how much she cared for her daughter Caylee. You don’t look for your missing daughter in a bar, that’s just plain ludricious. I believe the pictures and her actions says it all. Nor do I believe that she was ever molested by her father or brother it’s an excuse she is trying to keep from getting the death penalty and have people feel sorry for her. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least, she is guilty in my opinion. I don’t believe in the death penalty so I would have to give her LWOP in general population, not protective custody.
    Caylee did not have the chance to grow up. She died because her mother didn’t want to raise a child to begin with and to hurt her parents. She was preventing her from having her fun and partying, that’s pretty sick. The only person Casey has ever thought of is herself plain and simple. I do believe her mother enabled her behaviour sense she was a child. George is the only one that has really shown any grieving at the loss of Caylee. He loved Caylee and truly shows sorrow at her loss. But he does need to shape up and tell the truth in court, he is going to be a broken man when this is all over.


    1. Not to offend Mr. Ashton;s abilities, he needs to slow down. As someone who worked with training people in terms of the way they speak and communicate I can assure you that his tone needs some work in this area.


  33. Dr Glass, Thank You for this blog.

    I watched Casey’s eyes as she saw her dad deny the abuse questions. Her eyes to me were saying that she hated that he had to be ran over by a train but’ dad I want to live sorry..my bad.’ Her head was shaking no like ‘how can u say no’ but it didnt look like she believed it either. Look at her eyes Dr. Glass when she is shaking her head no at this very time. I was an alternate once. If I was on this Jury now. I may have felt doubt when Baez opened, but I would have come back to the prosecutors because of the accusation of her dad and he looked like he was honest at the same time she looked like she wasnt really meaning to do that. Her eyes to me told me she lied and her dad was being honest. She is a piece of work


  34. Dr. Glass,

    I find your blog most interesting. While watching the live feed this week, just as the CSI took the stand and the photos of Caylee’s remains began being published, Casey took up a ‘pose’ – and kept it for at least 10 – 15 seconds. She remained perfectly still in this position and did not move. I believe it was certainly intentional.

    Your thoughts?



    1. No it wasn;t as signal to Casey. The last person Cindy wants toi signal is Casey. She was just sootheing her nose after having the glasses on them for so long. She is obviously taking notes for her upcoming book.


  35. Dr. Glass, I just found your great site about the Casey Anthony trial, and I am loving reading your take on it.

    I read one posting about Cindy and George’s body language now that they have taken a deal for $2 mill from Lifetime, but I can’t seem to find the posting now.

    Also there was a posting about Casey’s body language when she led the detectives to her “office” at Universal, but now I can’t find that one. It had the statemetn Casey said about referring to Caylee as “it”.

    Do you remove some of the postings?


  36. I agree with you totally. I also have noticed a lot of photos with Caylee in them and she seems to have a bruise under here eye in a lot of them. I have 3 children and I don’t remember them ever having bruises under their eyes. It is always under the same eye and the clothes are different so they are not the same day. Everybody states Casey was a good mother but how do they know what she did when she was lone with Caylee. She could have been smacking her in the face.
    Casey is a sick individual and yes her parents did know it and did nothing.


  37. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I have been watching the trial online everyday as not to miss any, however, I have been watching In session as well, the 14th day of the trial June 9, 2011 I noticed Casey flipping off one of the witnesses and no one has mention this, I feel like this speaks volumes, she held her hand in that position for 10 seconds, wiping away a tear. Who wipes their eyes like that?


  38. I love this blog, Thank you Dr. Glass for allowing us to vent. One thing I would like to see is a video of Linda’s opening statements. Anyone know that link?


  39. i can read body language pretty good and when I saw Casey grab her wrist right when one of the prosecutors described how Cayley’s wrists must have been bound I immediately decided it was consciousness of guilt. You will notice if you watch the clip that casey quickly let go of her wrists. i could almost hear her thoughts to herself when she glanced at her hand in disgust before letting go of her wrists. A picture speaks louder than a thousand words.


  40. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I have read many of your insightful posts and I find them very interersting. The reason I write to you, it to tell you that there are many typos and misspellings on your website. Such as, for all “intensive purposes” should be for all intents and purposes. There are many more. If you are a professional educated and published writer I do not understand how you can be fine with these errors.


  41. Maybe Casey should think of changing her name to Cagey Anthony. 😉

    PS Had a great time reading your blog, lots of interesting and insightful reading. Thank you for putting up such an interesting website.


  42. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I love your blog!
    Have you seen the photos of Elvis with the recently identified “mystery” woman? A reporter seemed skeptical of her claims that she felt no attraction, but I would say her body language backs her up. What do you think?


  43. On Caylee;s birthday, when George and Spindy showed up at the memorial, it was all for publicity and to line their own pockets. These scam artists really know how to act, as all great liars do. Very few tears for the media while Caylee was missing, NOW that they have set up their charity or whatever it is for missing children, they cry on National Television? Ba-Ha-Ha, they are not fooling me!


  44. The news just released that Doctor Phil , paid into the Caley Anthony fund set up by Cindy and George $600.00 dollars. This is why he got the big interview after the court case ended . He got a huge tax write off and his big interview set up at the same time. My God he is lower than Nancy Grace handing over the tot mom script to Austraila for a broadway play . I can’t believe Doctor Phil stooped that low when he lectures everyone about ethics in life. People need to show up at his day show and just throw some two week old eggs thats been sitting around in the hot son at him . Well I guess his books are on their way to the Good Will. I can’t believe anything he talks about now . His credibility just went write out the door .


  45. Sorry , I ment $600.000 thats over a half a million.
    He was one of the financial backers the whole time.
    This is a sad day !
    I loved Doctor Phil , but now I just can’t look at him anymore.


  46. Anthony’s are out there hillbilly hand fishing in their muddy creek again. Now they are sticking together and wearing Caleys ashes around their neck. This is just cheap drama to help the Jose Biaz , book sales they are waiting to profit from.You know Jose will donate to their Caley fund like Dr.Phil. How Sick , childish and vain these people are. I guess they where sticking together when Casey was performing sexual favors for Dad and brother accourding to Biaz court statement. I guess they where sticking together when Cindy stood by and watched and done nothing. I guess they where sticking together when Caleys Marie Anthonys,body was rotting in the trunk creating blow flies. I guess they where sticking together when they let the car sit in the inpound lot for weeks stinking up the tow yard in the hot summer heat . I guess they where sticking together when they backed the car in the garage and opened the trunk airing it out washing and removing evidence knowing what decomp smelled like. I guess they where sticking together when Caley was sleeping with blow flies and her hair was being infested with magets and clunking together falling of her little scalp while wild animals where taking their turns chewing them into little tiny pieces. I guess they where sticking together when her remains where creamated and put into little viles so the vampires could where her around their necks like tropheys while profiting from her death . I guess vampires who bleed you to death just to market your image and get rich until death do you part . I just guessed , would’nt you say !


  47. I see in the future their punishment will be severe hair loss no cure. Cindy , George , Casey and Lee will lose their hair . This will be a family curse to set a sample . They where praying and using the church for their own devious profitting . People who are so wicked do not believe in God they just mock him making fun of him using him to line their pockets.The hair will fall out in huge clunks like Caleys did when she was rotting away in the trash bag.


  48. Dr. Glass I just started reading all your stuff and it is very interesting, I am pretty sure that you’ve heard about Ryan Ferguson who was wrongly convicted to 40 yrs, for a murder he did not commit. He has about over 50,000 following his website all believe he is innocent, he has appeared on Dateline twice and 48 hours 3 times and they all believe in his innocence. His website is freeryanferguson.com The prosecutor is the one in question here. The trial and hearing that he lied in is on that wesite, if you get some time to check that out, Ryan has already done 10 yrs. Thank you very much


  49. No one is perfect. Many people have used racial slurs at some point in their lives and most regret that they did but it doesn’t mean that they all have hate in their hearts for other races.

    I do detest the unhealthy fatty foods that she promoted for years in which for she was royally compensated. I think it is as big a offense as the racial charge.


  50. Off subject but did Dr. Glass blog on body language of convicted murderer in Texas (death row) for killing 2 of her sons. Darlee Rouiter (now getting divorce).
    2nd question: is it just me or do Jodi A.’s teeth now look more crooked:


  51. Hi Dr. Glass:
    I would love it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, if you’d write more frequently in your blog.
    For example, do you have a take on the McStay case, specifically Joseph’s brother Michael McStay in the press conference?


  52. Hi Doctor Glass,
    Thank you for your insightful comments on Elliot Rodgers.
    As it happens, I watched the video without headphones or ear buds. [I’d forgotten mine.] But I noticed that Rodgers seemed to have a lot of the mannerisms of “The Fonz”, Henry Winkler’s character from the T.V. show “Happy Days”.
    For example, the move that really stands out for me, and he did it several times, is where he leans back slightly and putting his arms out with palms forward.
    In the TV show, when Winkler did it, the Fonz seemed to be saying something like “HEY! Of course I’m great, who could doubt it!?” [And then the girls would just fall into his arms!] And in general I think Rodgers had the practiced manner [probably by way of TV & Movies] of a New Jersey street-smart “wise guy” – someone from the Sopranos, maybe.
    Also, without the audio, it seemed that his eyes were ever on the verge of tearing, or crying.
    Thanks again.
    ps–I still haven’t heard the audio part yet.


  53. I would like to know and I’m sure hundreds of other people would too what do jason aldean and brittany kerrs body language tell about them. Their engagement kiss looks awkward and cold. Jasons lips are tight and he is pulling away. This would sell magazine off the charts. We the public are not buying their happiness they are trying so hard to sell. Please consider looking at their pics. Thank you


  54. Dr. glass

    Yesterday was Monaco National Day. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene shared several kisses. She seemed to act as if she was heavily medicated or blissful. What do you think? True love or did Albert write her a big check?


  55. Dear Dr. Glass,

    You are the cat’s pajamas! I love to read what you write! I hope that you don’t get burnt out from seeing so many toxic people in the world.

    May your days be ever happy!



  56. Your article on the Gosselin family is so poorly researched that you don’t even spell “Collin” correctly. I’m not here to defend Kate, but I am here to set you straight on your allegations that Jon is a “loving father.”

    Jon viciously berated his kids in the same manner as Kate since they were toddlers. In fact, his angry outbursts -towards Collin in particular – are well documented on the show.

    Following his separation with Kate, he didn’t see that his kids were in trouble with their mother and try to help his children. Instead, he hooked up with one woman after another and stayed out all night partying and getting drunk. He didn’t fight for custody. Instead, he moved out and signed away his rights to keep his kids off tv so he wouldn’t have to pay ONE DIME in child support. When his children were confused and sat by his absence, he behaved cruelly towards them by avoiding their presence and screaming at them. (I can provide you specific episodes as citations).

    Originally Jon & Kate shared the house and custody. When Jon finally moved out and some of the kids stopped coming to him, by HIS OWN ACCOUNT, his attitude was “no big deal; they’re doing other things.” Then a year goes by, then two years, and just now he’s convinced that there’s a problem. No legitimate father, particularly one who believes his kids are in danger, would allow things to progress to this point without intervening.

    You mention Jon doesn’t have the money to fight Kate in court. Why is that? Why is it that Kate is left to financially support eight children alone, but she still has the means to represent herself legally? Because she’s on tv? Because the kids are on tv? Maybe so… but guess what, as I mentioned earlier, Jon voluntarily forfeited his paternal right to refuse to allow his children to be filmed because he didn’t want the financial obligation of caring for his own children. So he has no expenses other than himself and his children (currently only four of them) when they visit 8 days per month. Maybe he can’t afford a lawyer because he can’t hold down a job? Do “loving fathers” DJ at clubs into late hours of the night and still not have the money to fight for the right to see their kids? Is that really what you’re suggesting?

    Jon has ridiculed his kids and his ex-wife repeatedly on television. He himself isn’t above humiliating himself on television as we know from his appearance on “Couples Therapy” with yet another girl he’s no longer seeing. Trust me, the footage from that show isn’t something anyone would want their children to see….

    This guy is hardly father of the year. I resent you claiming to be an expert when it’s clear that you know little about the situation other than snap judgments from tabloid coverage. Maybe Kate is as bad as you say. If that’s the case, shouldn’t Jon put down the vodka and climb out of the DJ booth long enough to work for a few weeks in a row and fight for custody? He’s a pathetic loser.


    1. everyone in the world saw KATE’s abusive behavior towards her husband and kids so my article is perfectly researched. Jon showed lving behavior towards those children on TV and I stand by that. He couldn’t support his kids because Kate and TLC stopped him at every turn due tot he branding of their show. And I know enough about the show to know this woman and by her own admission has not treated those children well. Noone said Jon was father of the year but he did show them a lot of affection early on as we all saw.


  57. A “doctor” should know better than to throw around the words “all” and “everyone” so haphazardly. Your opinions are just that, opinions. There is a hardly a consensus.

    Are you telling me that Jon is precluded from having a job in 2016 because TLC found him to be in breach of contract in 2010? Is that really your angle on Jon’s lack of meaningful employment for the past 7-8 years? It’s all someone else’s fault?

    I’ve seen Kate hug and nurture her children on the show. By that logic – that because we’ve seen her be nice on occasion – she must be a good parent because you’re stating that Jon is a good parent simply because we saw some loving behavior from him on the show, nearly a decade ago. Clearly there is a fallacy in that logic.

    Jon abandoned his children and then suffered parental alienation which is a real thing and does happen. Guess what though, parents who are truly alienated and actually care, fight tooth and nail and speak up before two years have gone by. Jon sat by, got drunk, hooked up with random women, went on a seedy reality show, got fired from his job at TGI Fridays, and complained to tabloids. He’s a horrible father. He’s worse than Kate. He’s such a victim (according to you) that he can’t even contribute financially to his children’s care and keep them off tv. He’s awful. I don’t know what show you were watching but take me out of “all” and “everyone.”


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