Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

A serious Oprah leans in to ask  Michael Jackson;s father Joe,”  Do you think Michael  was afraid of you?” A simple yes or no  answer while looking in Oprah’s direction  would have  indicated that Joe  was telling the truth.  But this was not the case. Joe showed  too many singles of deception. You can see one of those signals of deception as he

1.immediately  turns away from Oprah

2.  looks away and gazes to the side as you can see

3.  blinks a lot

4.  licks his lips

5. speaks slowly as  if to search for words to create hos lie

6. shrugs his shoulder

7. looks down

8.  gives away too much tangential information

9. fidgets

10  leans away and  then turns to lean in as if to try to convince Oprah that what he is  saying is true as she states,

”  I don’t think he was afraid of me. I think he was afraid he would do something wrong and I would chastise him. But I never beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say .”

When someone does all of those things body language wise and volunteers  information you didn’t ask for,  there is  a good chance they  are they are lying about what they said.


Then Oprah busts him by confronting  him head on as she  said “ I did that interview with him in 1993 and he told me you beat him.”

Joe is stunned. He looks away and turns from Oprah. This is probably the first time in his adult life that anyone stood up to him.

He then licks his lips and says um as if searching for something to say. He utters out  “ I am glad that he was raised in such a way. He was liked all over the world. He could have been like some of the other kids from Gary who are dead or gone.”

In essence he is coming up with an excuse in  trying to justify what he  did to Michael.

To get the truth out of Joe Jackson Oprah admits that she as beaten as a kid because that was the culture .

Joe feels relieved as he now looks directly at Oprah and gives a relieved slight smile.


Then Joe tries to clarify and justify as he asks Oprah Beat or Whipped? Lets not split hairs here. Whipped is the same as being beaten. They both cause bodily harm pain and tear away at one’s self esteem.

Oprah is now pissed. She looks up in exasperation and in a loud tone says It’s the same thing when you have welts on your body. Even mother Katherine chimed in and said in her soft way that it was the same thing.

Joe then  got all cotton mouthed  and licked his lips and indication he was clearly  nervous,  But he had to take control of the situation as the control freak  bully type of Toxic Man he is.   He immediately retorts that he didn’t like the word beat. So Oprah says , so you have issue with the word beat. He then showed   his contentiousness, he has the audacity to retort ” no  I have issue with the word whipped.

Katherine then stepped in and says You might as well tell the truth.  Good for her! I am sure that this is one of the few times in her life that she was able to speak up and speak back to this TOXIC  bully. Thank goodness she found the strength to do so, even of it was with  the protection of the camera crews and Oprah at her side.

Katherine  went on to say He used the strap, as she looked right at Joe. Joe now is clearly uncomfortable with lip locking and head bowed down as he is clearly embarrassed.

Joe was completely  humiliated for the first time in his life This bully now leaned back and crossed his arms over his body in a self  protective stance protective with his head bowed.  If there was a hole  in the ground, he would  now doubt want to crawl into into it and cover himself with the dirt.

With arms still crossed as you can see int he photo above,  he finally indirectly  admits that he would have whipped him with a strap  to punish for someone who did something wrong.  Notice how he detached by referring to Michael as  a someone as opposed to using his son’s name- Michael whom he beat or whipped or caused bodily harm. Notice how his eyes are closed as he looks down when he says this. It is  because he is so humiliated. It is indicative of shame.  Even though hos body language admits shame, his speech does not.

Instead, he continues to justify how  the beatings   kept Michael out of jail and how none of hos kids have been in jail

Then Oprah asks him if he regrets his strappings on his children. He  clearly and distinctly  looks directly at Oprah and replied  that he does not regret stapping his children.

Now we know why Prince was angry in the photo we see above. Perhaps he couldn’t stomach sitting or even standing next to the man who beat his beloved father with a strap.


Now we know they truth.  Michael spoke the truth about his  fathers beatings, Clearly they  damaged him emotionally.  He carried those scars into his adulthood. He was in such emotional trauma from his father;s violence that he di all he could to tip himself away from being his fathers son. He even changed his skin color and his genetic appearance just to be able to look in the mirror and see no resemblance to the man whom he obviously detested.

He was in such pain that he self medicated with surgery after surgery and drug after drug.

He wanted to go back  to his childhood and and re live his childhood with the love he obviously felt he did not have. That may explain why he continued to be child like well into his forties and as he turned fifty.  , He was so abused that he wanted to right the wrongs of his father.  He could’t do it but he could  right those wrongs through his kids.  He was a wonderful gather according to his kids.  This is a marked contrast from what he would say about his own father, Joe.

The truth has finally prevailed.  I only wish Michael would have been alive to hear his father admit  what he did to him. Michael did the right thing to never speak to his father and to unplug from him for good.  Some things are unforgivable. Physical violence is one of those things that is hard to forgive.

The UNPLUG  technique  is one of the technique which  I describe  in my book TOXIC MEN that  you can use when you can  no longer deal with a person who has made your life miserable.  The fact that Joe did not apologize for what he did to Michael   and continues to justify it shows how Michael did the right thing to UNPLUG  and  never allow Joe into his life.

Joe is A Toxic Man. He is a classic control freak  bully. To read more about Toxic Men you can get my latest book at a special rate  of $14.93 from amazon.com  by clicking the link  below





7 thoughts on “Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

  1. i glad oprah called joe jackson out on his abuse.. but i don’t think he is the type who would ever admit to doing anything wrong or ever feeling bad and asking his childern and wife for forgiveness… he is toxic jmo..


  2. What worries me is, is he doing this to Michael’s kids as well? How do we know that he doesn’t beat them? Maybe that’s why Prince wouldn’t sit down next to his grandfather.


    1. i think probably the grandpa gives off a bad vibe and they probably heard the stories from thier dad about joe. i’m sure hes not warm and fuzzy grandpa.. so they stay clear..
      .. i don’t think they would touch a hair on these kids heads due to being afraid of losing them… lets face it.. these kids keep the cash flowing in from the micheal jackson estate…


  3. Grandma needs to keep Joe away from those kids. She is doing a good job with the help of her daughters, in raising Micheal’s kids, but Joe needs to go.

    Micheal didn’t want to be around him, and he definitely didn’t want him around his kids. I think Katherine has a weakness for this horrible man, but she needs to tell him to stay at home, she does not need his help with these babies. She has other family members living with her that lead a much normal form of life and these kids need this.

    Toss the grandpa, he’s not needed nor wanted by them.


  4. I just wanted to say that doesn’t anyone realize mama jackson was there. She did nothing to protect her kids. She may be a sweet woman but she allowed her husbands actions


  5. of note: at the beginning of the interview in the yard, it appears that Oprah WAS NOT expecting Joe Jackson to be there, which set her off and probably prompted her to pursue Joe J. in the manner in which she did……also, did you note the interview with the children only lasted less than 10min. and all the other kids were there, and Joe was there leaning over those kids…..really come on, do you really think Prince, Paris and Blanket were going to speak up…no way…….get them alone in a studio with Oprah and they will spill their guts…come on Oprah……redo the interview…..BUT I AM GLAD YOU CALLED JOE ON THE BEATINGS HE IS A B$$$$$$, you get the drift…jmc


  6. Hi Lillian and everyone here, i totally agree that Joe Jackson is a toxic man, and in every way. Down right evil i would add too. Old pops better be careful around MJ’S son Prince as he might one day just decide to beat the crap out of him. If that old goat didn’t have one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel, he would already be trying to make stars or push them in whatever he wanted for them, whether they wanted to or not out of Prince, Paris, and he has said already a few times he thinks blanket has talent. Perhaps he will croak before he ruins Michel’s children. Shoot just looking at that ugly old toad would make me sick if had to eat at the dinnner table with him. Barf~~ He is a piece of crap that should be picked up with a poop scooper and tossed . Katherine has been a fool herself to stay with him, and certainly one to continue to when MJ started making big money, so why would she keep this toxic child beater abuser around? Katherine should have had the old goat arrested for child abuse first time she saw what he was doing to MJ and no doubt the other siblings too. Katherine saw what he did to mj and his siblings, yet she did nothing about it. Gotta have a man i quess, even if he had the #666 on his forehead. This old goat ruined MJ for life. Way to go Oprah.


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