Trump Clinton Debate Body Language -Nervousness and Nastiness

While Hillary and Trump both made good points and presented themselves  well in many instances, there were some some not so good points as you will see in this blog.


The worst thing about the debates was the personal attacks made, which Hillary started. Trump did not start out the debate with being nasty. In fact he was gentlemanly in his tone and demeanor.  However , when Hillary started with him, he gave as good as he got.

But this is not what voters wanted to see. They wanted to hear from each candidates mouth what they would do and what the issues were. The worst thing that Hillary did was say what Donald said. He immediately interrupted her to let voters know that what she was saying was  not true. All candidates needed to speak for themselves and not have the other put words in their mouths.


When they both arrived on stage, Trump placed his arm around Hillary’s back in a gentlemanly fashion. He was also much softer as he began  the debates until Hillary started  the attack about his father, which changed the entire tone of the debate.  Trump was having none of that and solidly defended his father as he said while he got a sizable loan when he started his business,  he grew it into a billion dollar business and that is what he would do to the country.


When Donald spoke Hillary often looked down as he spoke.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-14-13-pmShe also often glared at him as you see here.


She also gave him a smug look as he spoke as she pursed her lips.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-7-21-14-pmBut when he called her on something or defended himself ,she would exhibit an inappropriate  mask-like phony smile.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-35-01-pmTrump was more real in his facial language towards Hillary as he showed genuine upset as he furrowed his brow and pursed his lips when she said something that upset him.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.54.45 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-8-53-50-pm

They were both guilty of making that phony politician non- gesture to express their points as they pinched their thumb with their index finger.However Trump did it less often than Hillary.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.59.16 PM.png

In fact, he pointed more which was a genuine gesture to reflect his true emotion of anger, based on what he was speaking about.

Now I will analyze each of the candidates separately and  in more detail.


To start, Hillary never looked better.  Her hair  was well coiffed  and the blond highlights looked great on camera, Her makeup was impeccable. Unlike many of her pant suits in the past, this  pant suit was very well tailored and fit well as it was  a great orange- red color  for television. Her posture was excellent and she spoke well as her voice was  formidable and strong. She was more animated and less monotone and mechanical than she had been in the past. She was articulate and flowing in her tones. She never hesitated vocally or speaking wise. Anyone  who ever had any doubts about her health could see that she didn’t show any symptoms on stage which may have indicated  that she maybe in poor health.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.12.18 PM.png


But there were some not so great points with Hillary . Whenever she was “busted” by Trump or called out for something she did, she had an annoying  smug grin to mask her upset. In essence, she was covering up her true angry or embarrassed feelings with a smile.  You could tell it was a phony smile becuase her eyes didn’t crinkle.  It was not genuine. If she was irritated, she needed to show that on her face and not hide it.

She was nervous initially  and swallowed a lot as Donald spoke.  Initially, her blinks were slow but as the debate progressed she didn’t  have this slow blinking, which  I believe was due to fake eyelash discomfort. I recognize that blink because I have done it as well when my  fake lashes needed some getting used to and there were  camera lights shining in my face.

But most of all, we saw a really nasty side to Hillary. Trump started out gentlemanly and soft in his tone, but Hillary started the personal attacks. This nastiness is not what the public wanted to hear.These were personal attacks that were uncalled for like talking about Trump’s father and his wealth. Trump was upset by this and retorted that even though he got a loan from his family, he grew that loan into a billion of dollar business.

Then Hillary pulled out the Bill card which lead Trump to call NAFTA the worst decision made. Then Hillary continued being nasty by telling Trump he “lived in his own reality.” That was uncalled for. He did not attack her “reality”.

Then she did the unconscionable and promoted  her book out in front of millions of people saying “it is coming out tomorrow”. That looked cheap and unPresidential in my view. Also whenever Trump spoke here were moments that she showed that she agreed with him via her body language as she nodded her head. Butfor the most part, she had a smug look on her face. Then she advertised her website, which was also not a very Presidential thing to do  during this debate.

Then she got super nasty and in essence called Trump “crazy” and made up the names  like “Trump Loophole” and “Trump Plan”  as she increased  her attack on him. Again these attacks did not make her look good. Then she accused him of “Bait and Switch.” She in essence called Trump a “Racist” and brought up an old court case where he was in a class action suit, which  he explained as occurring when he was young. He then went on to say what a great relationship he had with the Black community and how he did not allow racism in Palm Beach at his property. But in my view  he should have turned to Hillary and and said enough of this nastiness from you. He should have said loudly, I AM NOT A RACIST. SO DON’T DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger with that.

Then Hillary said that  the reason why she wasn’t out campaigning was because she was preparing for the debate and preparing to be President which was also a hit below the belt. Then she started to put words in Trump’s mouth that Trump said he didn’t say. He called her on the fact that he didn’t say them  and she put those words into his mouth. She hit him hard and below the belt  with saying that he stiffed someone who worked for him out of money. Trump responded that the person didn’t do a good job.  All of this back and forth initiated by Hillary was uncomfortable for many to watch. It seemed very “Housewives of Whatever Reunion Show” instead of a Presidential Debate.



Trump’s hair and make- up were not done well so he did not look his best for this debate. His hair looked washed out and the style looked strange. For the next debate, he needs to follow Hillary’s lead and get a darker base color and some blond highlights put in which shows better on camera. That  would make him look  much better. He also needs to lose the grey on the sides. His makeup also didn’t look great.  He needs to use MAC NW 25 as that would be a perfect shade for him. Also he needed some mascara , and the lids covered with makeup as well as his eyes looked too beady. The blue tie didn’t work. He needed to stick to red as it would make him look more formidable than he did with the blue tie.


 Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.26.31 PM.png

When they spoke about Bait and Switch his  upper lip was perspiring, indicting that he was upset by what was said. His  autonomic nervous system was working overtime showing that he was nervous and a little off of his game initially. But then he recovered mid- debate and was back to his old confident self.  During the time he showed a bit of nervousness, his breathing was audible and shallow at times i There was nose scratching 9 whch was seen with Hillary as well) and a lot of water drinking for his “cotton mouth” or dry mouth.You could tell her was nervous in the beginning as his lips and mouth seemed dry as she spoke.

The absolute worst thing Trump could have said when Hillary called him on not paying taxes was that he “was smart.” That did not go over will with either party and was a terrible comment that I am sure he regrets saying. It made him look bad as though we, the non-billionaire people have to pay taxes and he can skirt the tax issues because he is smart. People go to jail for not paying taxes so this was the wrong message to give. Whether he meant it differently in terms of taking advantage of the tax system in regards to his business , it came off very poorly.

When Hillary called him a racist should have turned to Hillary  loudly proclaimed I AM NOT A RACIST so DONT DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger in pointing that out. Those who know Trump well know that he is not a racist and he needed to let everyone know that in no uncertain terms.  He needed to say that he was sick of these false attributions to him. However, he did give it back to Hillary when he said that she called Black people “Super Predators.” He also gave it back to her when he said that it was her people in her campaign that put out the photo of Obama in Kenyan attire and that Sidney Blumenthal who worked directly under her was the one who started the birther issue with Obama.

He also called her on ISIS and asked what many were thinking -why she didn’t do something about it before. He also made some good points about who hacked the system and said he didn’t know. But he lost points when he called someone out for being 400 pounds as he said “who knows it could be Russia or China or a 400 pound person in their bedroom.” He could have eliminated the 400 pound person example.

While Trump got it from Hillary  several times, he  gave it back as he said he  would release his Tax returns when Hillary releases the 33 emails she erased and called her on it by saying it was horrible what she did. She simply replied in a cold rehearsed tone as she said that it was a mistake .But she still didn’t address  what happened to those emails.


I really like Lester Holt a lot as a host and as an interviewer. I have even had the good fortune of having him interview me on the Today show.  But as a moderator he left a lot to be desired in this debate. He allowed the personal attacks which he should have cut off in my view.  He let both candidates walk over him and didn’t keep the time limits  fairly.


I have some advice for both candidates for the the next debates.

  1. Stop putting words in one another’s mouth and telling what the other person said. Let them say it for themselves.
  2. Next, stop the nastiness. Only speak about what YOU would do and leave it at that. Leave it to the voters to figure out.
  3. Speak emotionally and passionately and be real in every way as you share your thoughts and views with the public in a non- rehearsed phony manner.
  4. Be respectful to one another and stop bringing up their issues or things about their family or what they did. Let them discuss defend their issues with the moderator, not with you.
  5. Stop the nastiness in ads and on the campaign trail. Don’t even mention your opponent. Just mention YOU and what YOU plan to do.


After the debates they both walked out on stage and appeared cordial but Trump was not his usual peppy, electric, charismatic  self. He was more subdued.


He wasn’t smiling as much as he usually does when he is around his family. He looked as though this debate took a toll on him. He seemed reflective and didn’t go down into the audience to mingle like Hillary did. Perhaps he didn’t expect it to be that nasty.

And as a reminder to any haters. This is not political as I am not political. This is an analysis of what each of the the candidates said and how they said it and the impact of their body language and communication on the public.  I addressed BOTH candidates fairly and honestly and did not give any preferential treatment to one over the tother.


JonBenet Ramsey Brother’s Inappropriate Disturbing Smile and Body Language on Dr. Phil Interview




Twenty years ago 6 year old  child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey was strangled in her own home. There were only three people in the home at the time – her mother, father,and brother Burke. There was a lot of suspicion centered on the parents and even more suspicion centered on the brother’s involvement.


One thing which led to the suspicion involving the parents, was the  ransom letter which was allegedly left behind. There was specific information in it that that only family members knew. It also seemed to have terms that Patsy Ramsey normally used and much of the writing allegedly looked like her writing.  Also. it was determined the pad used to write the ransom note came from Patsy’s desk in the hallway and that both the pad  and her pen were found underneath the phone.

Another cause for suspicion was when  Patty was overheard in the background of her 911 call to police angrily admonishing her son Burke. She said  that she didn’t want to hear another world from “You!” Was she trying to cover something up regarding him? I always found that incident particularly disturbing. If she just lost one child, it would seem that she might have been more gentle and loving towards another child who’s life was allegedly spared.


Many eyed Burke as the killer.  In fact, in his Dr.Phil interview, he says “I know people think I did it.”  Many thought that Burke had a motive to killing JonBenet because she was given so much more attention with her mother. She spent more time with her mother on the beauty pageant circuit. This early photo of  JonBenet and brother Burke says a lot ot me. JonBenet is loving and affectionate, while Burke  is stiff . He seems to be wishing she would literally get off is back .

At the time of the murder, any also thought that Burke’s behavior was odd.  In fact, back then, I was often asked by the media to comment upon Burke’s behavior. I was even asked  to look at his drawings. I found  them to be very odd and disturbing.

As a child, Burke was constantly playing with videogames and disengaging. Now he has been interviewed by Dr. Phil and his body language is still odd and  disturbing.

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Body Language Shows Genuine Disdain Between Putin and Obama at G20

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.51.11 AM

Just as there was tension and a severely strained relationship between President Obama and  China’s President, Xi, there was even more tension and even disdain between Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.It was so tense and strained that it was uncomforable to observe.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.51.36 AM

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Obama and Xi Body Language at G20 Shows Much Tension Between the Two

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.20.48 AM


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.20.48 AM

Since this is not a political blog, I am not going to get into the politics of the G20 taking place in China. Instead, I am going to comment on the body language of  US President Obama and China’s  leader Xi Jinping. The bottom line is that there was a lot of tension between the two. As you can see in the photo above, their  their interaction was frosty..They are both giving one another the “cold shoulder”as both of them have their shoulders raised in relation to the other, Their bodies are also turned away from one another and there is tension in both of their  mouths and in their lower law and jin indicating anger towards one another.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.22.41 AM

Their photo op with a handshake was also very tense. Both of their lips are pursed and there was tension in their lower jaws. their bodies  are turned away from one another. While Xi literally gives Obama the “cold shoulder” as you can see as he turns out with his body facing the camera.  Obama attempts to turn his body towards Xi. Xi’s thumb is on top as the two of them shake hands for the photo op. This  is  a demonstration of a power play  where Xi appears to literally be on top and in control.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.22.59 AM

In another pose where the two leaders are shaking hands for the camera, Xi’;s thumb  is still on top of Obama’s as he seems to be the one tightly  grasping on to Obama’s hand,.Obama shows anger here as his hand is balled into a fist as there is tension in the muscles in his hand. There is also a great deal of tension in Obama’s body as he appears stiff. While his shoulder is facing Xi, his head is  also  leaning towards  Xi, but Xi’s head is leaning away from Obama which further indicates tension and  perhaps even dislike towards Obama, as though he is repelled by Obama. The dislike is apparently not one sided as Obama feels the same way towards Xi. His facial expression says it all. as his eyes are tight and lips are pursed in a phony smile. The fact that they are both looking n different directions is also a signal of negativity between them. Xi also has a phony smile and is extremely stiff with tension as she stands next to Obama. One can  actually feel the tension in this awkward moment between the two.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.25.39 AMWhen th When the two of them are sitting down next to one another, things do not fare much better. Obama has his arm covering his upper body which is a signal of defensiveness. The fact that his hand is curled up in a ball shows that he is also angry- angry and defensive when sitting next to Xi. Obama’s  anger is also reflected in the tense muscles in his lower jaw.  as he purses his lips. Xi does try to lighten up as he leans more in Obama’s direction in an attempt to be more engaging towards Obama. But the reality is that his true feelings towards Obama has leaked out through his pursed lips and tense smile.

The bottom line is that they both appear to be very uncomfortable and even disturbed by one another. No matter how they try to appear cordial in front of camera, the body and face do not lie.  In essence, there is no love lost between these two world leaders .

Huma Abedin’s Body Language Showed Long Time Disgust-Finally Kicks Serial Sexting Weiner to the Curb

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.41.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.39.29 PM

When I saw the documentary “Weiner” about Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal and how he attempted to run for Mayor of NY, I cringed every time his wife Huma appeared on screen. She clearly didn’t want to be there. In fact, her body language screamed “get me out of this relationship.” There was a lot of eye rolling on her part  as well as a great deal of  physical distancing between her and her husband.You could see and feel the tension between them throughout the documentary.

In the above photo of her in the film,  we see her at a group campaign staff meeting, discussing how to spin her husband’s debacle. As you can see, her arms are crossed and she looks disgusted.  He body is tense. Eventually, she walks out of the room, leaving the group  and Weiner to fend for themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.41.13 PM

Whenever the two were seen on screen together, she often rolled her eyes, didn’t smile, looked sad, and appeared tense. Here you can see the tension in her face, especially in her jaw region. This photo above says it all. It says she is completely disgusted and turned off by her husband and at the time of the film, was  just “standing by her man” mostly for political reasons.

But Abedin finally had enough when she found out that not only was her husband sexting again with other women, but he did in when he was in his bed, sleeping next to his son. The fact that this is now made public has humiliated Huma to the core of her being.

Her statement to the press was   “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband.

Apparently, Weiner has been sexting a woman from January 2015 until now, when the woman revealed what he was doing- showing off his abs and his crotch, She revealed tghat  they talked about sex.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.57.54 PM.png

In one message, Weiner  wrote, “Someone just climbed into my bed.”He then texted the woman a photo showing him in his underwear with erect genitals, as his 5 year old son lay curled up next to him.

While it is one thing to cheat on his wife and sext, it becomes a whole different story when a child’s photo is taken and someone sexts a photo where the son is included . It shows that Weiner has no boundaries and extremely poor judgement.

So why did Anthony Weiner keep sexting women after his wife gave him a second chance? There many reasons:                                                                                                                                      a. He has a compulsive sexting addiction.                                                                                                 b.  He has a need for attention with a variety of women.                                                                      c. The desire to live in the  danger zone on the razor’s edge and sext strangers who could           potentially expose him is thrilling for him.                                                                                      d. He has such self loathe, that subconsciously he wants to sabotage his life.                             e. He’s in a loveless sexless, marriage where his wife is never there because she is at                  Hillary’s  side as opposed to being with him. So this is his sexual outlet.                                 f. He resents Huma and all the fame and  public attention she has  which is a constant                reminder of the fame and public attention he no longer has.                                                         g. He knows that if Hillary should win, Huma will have a major position and that will                  make him feel even worse about himself.                                                                                             h. He is bored and has nothing else to do all day long.                                                                        i. He is depressed and this is a distraction from how bad he feels about his life.

The bottom line is that subconsciously he wanted out of his marriage and finally got his wish. No doubt, Huma feels relieved that she is finally untangled from this Weiner mess. For her, this may be a blessing in disguise. While she may have wanted to dump him earlier, she followed in the footsteps of her mentor Hillary, who was equally as humiliated by her own husband Bill, for years. Like Hillary, Huma was determined to “stand by her man.”

What has happened to Huma has reawoken what happened to Hillary in the past, where people questioned why she didn’t leave Bill after he  publicly humiliated her with so many alleged affairs.

But, in Huma’s case, she could no longer allow Weiner to humiliate her, especially when he included his son in his sexting. Even Donald Trump weighed in with support for Huma as he said,” She is probably better without him.”



Is Ryan Lochte A Sociopath? Lame Apology May Give Insight

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.20.46 PM

One of the most difficult things to spot is when a Sociopath is lying. When Ryan Lochte gave his interviews with Billy Bush, he was fluid and fluent. He had no ums or uhs in his speech and no other vocal tells of deception. Physcially there were no body language tells either, .to indicate that he lied. While there was one story that caused a little raised eyebrow as  he told Billy- that the robber asked him to give him his money and  Ryan told the robber  “no,”  it could be dismissed as a carryover of the gold medalist’s brazen fearless attitude that he showed in the Olympic pool. When asked to give over their money, most  people would give it readily, especially if there was a gun involved in any way. Other than that statement, Ryan showed a calm, collected attitude as he shared the story with Bush.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.24.56 AM

It was only when Matt Lauer interviewed him and the story changed from the gun being “pointed  at his head “ to the gun being “pointed in his direction” it was clear that Ryan was a liar.

At first, no one wanted to believe Ryan would lie about this. It made sense that he would have been robbed, considering the fact that Rio has the highest crime rate and robberies are rampant. In addition, why would Ryan make this up? He certainly didn’t need attention .  After all, he was a Gold medalist and was getting loads of attention. So why would he make  something like this up?

One reason he would make this up  may possibly be that he may perhaps have sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths have a tendency to invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate and make up things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason, it sounds believable at the time.That is exactly the case with Ryan, especially with his story about saying “no” to the robber. 

Sociopaths are also incapable of apologizing and feeling remorse. Only because the other athletes he was with were forced to  come clean, essentially “busting” Ryan, Lochte gave a public apology. It wasn’t verbal. It was written  on instragram. If Lochte didn’t make a statement he would be in further danger with his sponsors and with the IOC.

The apology speaks volumes about Ryan. It begins by saying I apologize for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events. he doesn’t say he apologizes for lying but rather for not being careful. In essence, he is saying that his only remorse is getting caught. This is typical sociopathic rhetoric as they are not direct with their apologies and couch them in a way to deflect  the seriousness of what they did.

He also says that he apologizes for taking the attention away from his fellow athletes. This is not what he needs to be sorry for. He needs to be sorry for making up a lie about Brazil, who already has a terrible reputation when it comes to robberies and crime. He needed to apologize for adding fuel to the fire, yet he doesn’t do so.

Since Sociopaths never truly apologize because they feel they  are never wrong, they also never feel guilt. If they are forced to apologize like Ryan was they will go on the defensive, In the next paragraph of Lochte;s apology, He blames the a. language barrier  and still insists that a gun was pointed at him  and money was demanded to let him leave, But he doesn;t say that he and his fellow swimmers broke the bathroom door and they security guard wanted them to pay for it. He didn’t say that the payment was a mere 50 something dollars.

Then Lochte demonstrates yet another signal of the sociopath;s behavior in his apology when he tries to lay on the charm and kiss up to those he needs. In Lochte’s case it was the International Olympic Committee, and the United States Olympic Committee.He gives a kiss up shout out to them as he knows what may be in store for him, They could potentially go as far as banning him if they see fit, for his lies and causing an international incident in an already flamable situation.

Finally he encourages people to move on and to essentially forget about what he did as he says he “looks ahead to celebrating future successes.

This may be wishful thinking on Lochte’s part. He has damaged his public image forever. People are not quick to forget when another one of their hero’s let them down with all of his lying behavior- Lance Armstrong. They are certainly not going to let Lochte off the hook so easily. This has severely damaged his brand due to his issues with credibility.


Hillary Clinton Leaking Out Awkward Body Language and Communication

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.36.26 PM

As a body language and communication  expert, I can say that  some of  Hillary Clinton’s recent body language, facial language voice and speech behaviors do seem awkward. The awkward  behaviors that she has leaked out may be cause for concern.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.35.59 PM

As far as her coughing spells are concerned, they may be due to  post nasal drip or she may have some type of bronchial spasm. With her nonstop schedule, constant flying and enormous stress, it seems that her laryngeal  tissues are taking a beating. So it is  understandable  to me as to why she may be  having coughing spells when she speaks. She may have contracted an upper respiratory infection that has stubbornly refused to go away. Sometimes it can take several months for the cough to subside, so I am not so concerned about Hillary’s coughing behavior when she speaks. Also she doesn’t cough constantly when she speaks. It is occasional , which is  further indication as to why it  does not concern me.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.36.26 PM

But there was an  incident  that does concern me. Two reporters asked her a question at once.  It seemed to jar her as she bobbed her head back and forth  and closed her eyes.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.44.31 PMBut  even

Even though her head was bobbing and her eyes were closed, she  kept smiling throughout  the whole ordeal.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.44.47 PM

The reporters ,who were previously smiling and laughing with Hillary, suddenly got serious in their facial expression and the reporter on the left even backed away and looked frightened. The reporter on the right cocked her head in wonder  as she furrowed her brow as if to question what was happening with Hillary. Hillary was so engaging moments earlier where she discussed Obama’s endorsement of her.

But now, she didn’t answer the reporter’s questions. When she did  regained her composure, she attempted to distract the two reporters  by  asking them if they ever tried the latte and said that they should do so. She then left.

Most recently, she was very articulate  and connected to her audience when discussing health care in her staccato cadence. All of a sudden, she was disconnected and looked lost She didn’t  seem to remember what she was talking about. Her entire facial expression changed. She then made no sense as she said “upward spiral”. We have heard of a “downward spiral,” but  never an “upward spiral”. This word confusion may have  indicated that there may have been some type of cognitive confusion going on with Hillary.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.09.45 PM.png


Then there was a situation where Hillary apparently had a blank disconnected stare for a few moments as she focused on some commotion going on in front of her with animal protesters. The Secret Service agent got on stage and told her to” keep talking”  “We’ll handle it. We’re not going anywhere. She quickly recovered and cleverly said the protesters were there for Trump because” he and his kids killed a lot of animals.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.16.43 PM.png

When Hillary said she “short circuited “her email explanation, she looked extremely exhausted with bags under each of her eyes. It was clear that all the email talk has taken a physical toll on her. As she goes on to explain herself after the Chris Wallace interview, she actually makes no sense. At first it sounded like “double talk.” But on closer inspection it was difficult to follow exactly what she was trying to say because it was not coherent.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.24.11 PM.png

Now photos have emerged where Hillary is being helped up a series of steps. In the photo on the left it appears that her legs are stiff and that  she has trouble walking up the stairs. She is grabbing at one of the agent’s arms to steady herself and he is clasping on to her arm to make sure she doesn’t fall. Perhaps she hurt her leg or her back.  Another speculation is that she may not be feeling well. She may have felt dizzy or sick to her stomach ,which could have also caused her to require some assistance with walking.

There has been a lot of talk by some medical experts who state that she may have post concussion syndrome, based on her fall several years ago. Other medical experts have speculated that she may have Parkinson’s disease or some other type of neurological condition. But since none of these doctors, who appeared on television have not treated Hillary, we cannot be sure about what may really be wrong with her.

While Hillary has done a great job of holding it together for the most part, the bottom line is that  the awkward  behavior which she  leaked out on so many occasions,   tells us that something is  clearly off with her. The zoning out, forgetting what she was saying, head bobbing, eyes closing, and not making sense, speaks volumes. It does indeed seem like her body language and speech patterns have been “short circuited.”

Once again, as a reminder, this is not a political blog. I merely report what I see from body language standpoint and report what I hear from a communication standpoint.