Dr. Lillian Glass known as “The First Lady of Communication” is one of the world’s most well-respected and foremost authorities in the field of Communication. As a renown Body Language Expert, she demonstrates her skills in numerous fields from entertainment to law to politics.

She combines her unique background to educate and inform the public in an entertaining and compelling manner .

Dr. Glass is a sought after Media Personality and is often seen on television, commentating on new events from her unique perspective. She is a regular commentator on CNN and Headline News’ Nancy Grace Show and is the resident “therapist” for the Chelsea Lately Show. She is often seen on MSNBC, Showbiz Tonight, and is the Body Language expert for “Dancing With the Stars”, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider.
Dr. Glass has a monthly Body Language Column called “The Real Story” in Cosmopolitan Magazine. She also provides commentary on celebrity body language for such magazines as US Weekly, Life and Style, In Touch Weekly, and OK Magazine.

The author of over 14 books, her best sellers include the original “Toxic People- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable” Talk to Win”, “He Says She Says”, and a body language book titled “I Know What You’re Thinking- Using the 4 Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life.”

Dr. Glass lectures worldwide. Her research on the Psychosocial Aspects of Communication validates the importance of understanding and having the right Body Language and Communication Skills in your daily life.

Whether it’s finding out who’s lying or who’s telling the truth, finding the perfect match, who’s a real friend or foe, getting ahead in business, picking the right babysitter, or even wondering if the person sitting next to you on the plane isn’t going to create havoc, knowing how to read a person’s body language and communication patterns is a MUST in this day and age.

Dr. Glass offers a variety of Body Language related services and products. If you send her a video or photos of yourself, she can even analyze your body language. To find out more, go to her website http://www.drlillianglass.com

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  1. I really enjoy your observations of people. I am hoping you are going to do Sarah Palin this Monday on Oprah? I saw one clip of her, and she did an eye movement you always describe as “deceiptive”. I am anxious to see if we agree. Thank you so much for site.

  2. Dr. Lillian,
    You are a dream come true!!! Finally, someone in the media who has stellar credentials and a high profile, who is not afraid to tell ALL of the TRUTH about J + K. I am really grateful to you for this wonderful blog. I have learned a lot from reading this blog for the past 4 months.

    You are a GEM!!! Keep up the excellent work. I am so proud of you–for being the REAL deal.

  3. I am a big fan of your site and I read it regularly. I was wondering if you could comment on Chaz Bono’s recent interview on GMA. (I saw the excerpt on TMZ’s website) He was shrugging his shoulders a lot during the interview, especially when he was stating how happy and fearless he is now because of his transformation process. Doesn’t shoulder shrugging reveal that the person is lying?

  4. Dr. Glass – please do a blog post on the murder trial of Amanda Knox. Videos of her testimony in the Italian court are available on YouTube. My instinct tells me something seems fishy about her answers, but I find it extremely hard to buy the prosecution’s version of the murder. Is it possible she’s being deceptive about something other than having murdered her roommate?

    1. I agree please do a blog post on Amanda Knox!

      I cannot believe she was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years in prison?????

    2. I also have been fascinated by the Amanda Knox case and would like to see you do an analysis on her and what went on and give us some insight on everyone’s speculations. Does she deserve the 26 year sentence?

      1. Body language wise, early on in the trial Amanda did a lot of giggling and smiling which may have possibly been due to her nervousness or not realizing the gravity of the situation. In any event, it was not received very well in the Italian courtroom or the Italian press or the British press. The most troubling thing was that she and Solecito gave different versions of what they had done the night of the killing which created a lot of doubt. That also did not sit well in the Italian court. The most frightening thing ever is to have a trial in a foreign country where the rules of justice are often the opposite to ours. In many cultures people are presumed guilty and have to prove innocence which can be an impossible task. Whether she is guilty or innocent, the bad news is that Amanda will most likely have to spend the best years of her life behind bars.

  5. Love your site & your candor. Hope to see a blog on Josh Powell, who is currently a person of interest in the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Susan.

    All the best to you & yours this holiday season. 🙂

  6. Dear Dr Lillian,

    I wondered if you could comment on the body language of Tiger Woods and his wife. In all the pictures that I see, she is leaning towards him, touching his arm or kissing him. He, on the other hand, always has his arms crossed and is looking serious. Is there any significance in this?

    I am also interested to know what your analysis of Amanda Knox would be and am hoping that you will comment at some point. Similarly, I am interested in your opinion on the parents of Madeleine McCann who have generated much criticism and suspicion, but who seem to be in genuine pain and grief.

    Your blog is quite fascinating. Thank you.


  7. Your interpretations of behavior are fascinating; I love your blog!
    One thing though, as a direct descendant of two who were ‘murdered’ during the Salem witch trials, I would like to point out that noone was ‘burned at the stake’.
    Its ironic how insulted I was at this ridiculous comparison by Lyons, as believe it or not, the events in Salem still cause some controversy and heartache in my family.
    Sorry if this seems off-topic. 😉
    Thanks for your insight!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am so sorry about what happened to your family. It was a horrible time in history t allow anythimg like that to happen. I thought that Andrea Lyon’s reference to the Salem trials as they related to Casey was completely inappropriate. Thank you again for your comment. Thank you again for reading my blog and for sharing your very important message. Warmly, Dr. Lillian Glass

  8. Dr. Glass – Love your website! I am from Texas and there is always one murder case that has been in my mind. It has not been solved for 18 years. It was the murder of 4 beautiful young girls in Austin, Tx. It was the called the Yogurt Shop murders. 48 hours did a segment on this about a couple of weeks ago. It has had alot of twists and turns. My heart goes out to the families of the murdered victims. I was wondering if you could look at the interviews with the 4 men that were first convicted and then set free. It would be great to hear what you have to say…these families have suffered so much.

    Thanks from Texas

  9. dr.Lilian GLASS tanks my name is zeynep. my from is turkey/balıkesir/bigadic you are a very good author and doctor.Thank you so much for the invitation.

  10. Hi, wonderful website! Perhaps you have heard of the McCann missing child case, but in England it is as high profile as the Casey Anthony case is in the US.
    I would be very very interested to hear your opinions on the body language of her parents.

  11. Concerning Rever Cruz: Do you suppose that the Anthony’s had intended to plant River’s DNA evidence on Cayleey’s body and that is why the PI’s were searching for the body in the location of the three pavers?

  12. One thing to consider is that Dr. Lillian Glass is communicating to us that she is not perfect, or arrogant. I am sure she is capable of using spell checker, but prefers to be real and open here, making nominal and unimportant errors that do not alter the blog, but remind us she is a kind and humble person who just happens to understand a lot about non verbal communication. I like that she is not a perfectionist, like me, it is quite a hinderance, so for that, I am letting it all go and just typing as I feel…
    Dr. Glass, I wanted to add to your comments on the blog talk show – that when Ron came out of the court house when he married Misty, he walked off angry looking, fast, right past her and straight to the car as she was talking big smiled, to the media, and it was really odd. I wondered if you saw this, i found it on youtube, I can locate it for you if you need me to. This was very telling to me at least.
    I also wondered if you would do a blog on how to understand your mate better. My husband tries to express he cares about me, I have trust issues, understanding his body language would help me learn to trust him if he really does mean what he says, which I hope he does.
    Thank you – you contribute the most to any news, etc. with sich amazing honesty and insight. I really appreciate it. You have such a way to explain people to – people, it is so helpful.
    Thank you! :0)

  13. We have all seen Casey’s jealousy towards Caylee in the jailhouse tapes during her parent’s visit with her. When Cindy remarked how Caylee loved eggs and bagels, Casey said , I love eggs and bagels too, what about me. She also stated at one point “ I am Caylee.

    Dr. Glass, please post the link where Casey said to her parents, “I am Caylee.” I have looked several places where she might have said it, but I don’t think it exists.


  14. Dr. Glass, I saw you last night on Nancy Grace. Have you ever spoken to hear about Kate Gosselin and your interpretation of her actions? She is so closed minded towards her and Jon, that Kate can do no wrong as she bashes Jon. Has she watched any of the episodes of J&K or does she just believe what she’s read recently about Kate being the greatest mother. Maybe you should send her a copy of your last blog entry about Kate.

  15. Thanks for sharing all your insight and knowledge on body language. Great stuff.

    I’d be interested to see you profile Melissa Huckaby the perp in the Sandra Cantu case.

  16. Lillian, I am hoping you will look at today’s Oprah interview of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Michael’s parents. In particular the reaction of Joe Jackson when asked if he beat his children. Thank you for your interesting posts, I really enjoy them.

  17. Hello Dr Glass, I hope you caught Kate Gosselin on the Today show today denying her kids were expelled. I would LOVE for your opinion on her performance. Thanks

  18. Dr. Glass: I have been checking your site several times a week for years and always am fascinated by your analysis. Will you be writing a post about Camille Grammer soon? Kelsey’s soon-to-be ex-wife is always stirring the pot, but blames others or tries to explain away her behavior. I just posted her latest video interview and would be very interested in what your professional opinion of her would be, as several people have labeled her as ‘passive-aggressive.’ I hope you can watch the video and give your professional opinion.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi Dr. Glass.
    I love your blog and enjoy listening to you on Peters show,
    i have a question if i may? I am not sure if you are aware of the ongoing Madeleine McCann case here in the UK. Two doctors left their 3 yr old daughter babysitting her 2 yr old twin siblings in an unlocked apartment on a street corner whilst mom, dad and their dr firneds made merry in a tapa bar 120 yds away with no clear sight of the rear pf the building due to lights and foliage and no clear sight at all of the front. they claimed to have been making half hourly checks to see if the kids were ok though their timelines have proven to be deceptive at best and non existent at worst. On the moms check she claimed that Madeleine had been abducted ( initital reports from their families said the door was hanging open and the shutters smashed to the bedroom – this was all later disproved so they had to change their stories)
    The moms behavior was flat and unemotional and not that of a mom whose child had been allegedly abducted by a paedophile and the dads body language showed desception big time when asked about sedating the kids,
    Their behavior is and has been inconsistent from day one considering their claim of abduction, their refusal to co-operate with the police with kate refusing to answer 48 questions and them all refusing to take part in a reconstruction and ending up suing the now retired lead detective because he said their was evidence Madeleine died in the apartment ( cadaver dogs reacted in the apt, and to clothing worn by the mom and a childs t shirt and hire ca r& fluids in the apartment and Hire car.)
    I would be very interested to get your take on interviews and statements they have done over the last almost 4 years

    The Mccann Files
    this site has all their interviews and tv appearances along with press releases and statemnets along with that of their friends.
    The general consensus is that they are involved in the death of their daughter and the subsequent disposal of the body, though they will insist that the longer she is missing the more chance it is she is alive and not come to serious harm.
    Thanks in advance for anything you can offer

  20. Dr. Glass, Guess who is reportedly coming out of hiding? You got it, Kate Gosselin. She’s due to be on The Talk. Please set your DVR for tomorrow 2pm CBS EST. Love to hear your interpretation of this “interview”. Let’s see if she’s changes her lying, entitled, ways. I doubt it, but one can only hope she ever gets a reality check, given the state of most of her poor children.

  21. I’ve been hoping you would do Charlie Sheen. He seems so close to the dangerous edge. I can’t believe he has not been involuntarily committed.

  22. Dr. Glass…im very interested in the case of Raye Dawn Smith..is there a way you can interpret anything on her?

  23. Dr. Glass,

    I’m wondering if you are married or ever have been – if you have had children and live in a family? Some of your comments on the Casey Anthony family don’t show much expertise on family dynamics – normal or abnormal. I’d appreciate knowing why you seem so out-of-touch when is comes to this strange relationships seen in the Anthony family.

  24. I must have overlooked it but I was wondering about your educational background? What university did you attend to receive your training and degree to become a doctor? What exactly do you have a doctorate for? Would you say they have the best program available?

    Thanks so much in advance for the information and advice!

    1. You can go to http://www.drlillianglass.com and look under bio and find out about my education, bakground and experience. I attended Bradley University for Undergraduate, U of Michigan for my Masters , Uof Minnesota for my PhD , and UCLA School of Medicne for my post doctorate. I have 30 years of experience in working with clients on terms of speec,voice and body language which I have applied to various fields from the Media to Entertainment to the to the Legal fields. I would say that my education and ecperience allows me a unique perspective to look at body language and voice and speech analysis.

  25. It was not only that they left so quickly, it was Cindy’s nastiness as she left, their lack of smiling and happiness, and the statement by their attorney which did not show they were happy for Casey;s verdict.

  26. Hello – I too would be interested to read your analysis of the McCann parents. Something isn’t quite right with this whole thing………
    Thanks so much !

  27. Dr. Glass,

    Would you consider analyzing the body language of actor Doug Hutchison and his 16 yr. old bride? I’m downright shocked (and disturbed!) by them. In their most recent interview w/ Radar (and they’re shopping a reality show, so I’m assuming this is the reason for their attention-wh*ring), she looks as if she’s high on drugs, she self strokes (to soothe herself?), and she poses in what I’m guessing she thinks is provocative. Would you take a look at this link and offer your thoughts? I’d love your take on this! Thank you in advance!


    Link: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/07/doug-hutchison-teen-bride-courtney-stodden-video-interview?page=1

  28. Dr. Glass, I check your blog every day and I really enjoy it. I would love to get your analysis of Bobbi Parker. She was a prison warden’s wife and she left with an excaping convicted murderer. They were gone for 10 years together. They were found, the convict claimed she was not willing, and then died shortly after capture. She claims she had stockholm syndrome and is now back living with her warden husband. She is on trial now in Oklahoma. There is loads of video on her. I’d love to read your analysis.

  29. Dr. Glass, are there any books you reccommend on reading body language? also I notice that when I speak I use my hands (alot) and have been aware of people I converse with watching my hands during my conversation. I guess I need to stop being so animated.. what message am I conveying when I do this? what are people thinking when they watch my hands? I am very visual and I catch myself being animated when I speak..habit I must break! thanks

  30. I may have missed it, but I wonder what credentials are needed to become a body language expert? I am very curious of the education required and specifically, what your credentials are, Dr Glass?

    1. Jan it is a very eclectic education that has enabled me to become a body language and communication expert with education in communication, communication disorders, medical genetics, psychology, and decades of experiences in treating clients with all types of communication issues along with writing over 15 books of the topic. To find out more about me and my background go to http://www.drlillianglass and look under Bio.

  31. Please note the common noun “renown” should be the adjective “renowned” in the second sentence on this page. That’s a very high burn factor for a renowned expert’s website. 15 yards and loss of down for that one.

    1. I have to type grammatically correct and properly spelled English many hours per day (I’m a translator) and inherited my mother’s spellcheck gene. But I am not bothered by the typos etc. on this site. Besides, anybody writing on a phone these days has to give up the illusion of perfection… My autocorrect has a life of its own, in multiple languages, and I swear it changes things just as I hit submit. I would much rather that people get their ideas out there without inhibition than worry about spelling or grammar. Besides, it’s a kind of puzzle game, “Guess the original word intended”! 🙂 Really, don’t fret about it, just enjoy.

  32. I would just like to commend you on your analysis of wade robsons body language. i myself am a qualified medical doctor with great interest in psychology and body language, and my analysis was that he was telling the truth as well. however, i have to say you are a very brave woman. you could have pandered to the crowd, and gone against Robson to appease michael jacksons millions of fans. however, you stood up for what is correct, and i think it wont be long before michael jackson is revealed to be a monster.

  33. Please post our thoughts on many photos of Peaches Geldoff and Thomas Cohen where he is leaning is head away from her. Thank you

  34. Waiting for your analysis of Lindsay Lohan’s “I had a miscarriage” excuse for her bad behavior on the final installment of the OWN show about her, please. Actually, your analysis of the whole series would be fascinating, but especially that last bit.

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