Casey Anthony’s Revealing Voice In AP interview Shows Shows Signals of Deception, Arrogance, Annoyance, and Hostility


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.19.55 AM.pngWhen asked how Caylee died she quitely and quickly  and in a breathy voice as she dies off at the end and says “I don’t know.”  To me that is a blatant signal of deception.

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Then the reporter asks Something about drowning possibly. Casey  immediately turns arrogant in her tone and gets louder in volume and  says everyone has their theories and punctuates it with a monotonous I don’t know devoid of any emotion.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.46.40 AM.png She is asked so your parents had her. Her voice us up as if asking a question as she said “My did did?” To me that is a signal of deception.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.49.04 AM.pngWhen asked how did it play. She say I did what I was told. I don’t remember too much of what  ( and then she hesitates and stops for a second and says happened. which is another signal of  deception in my view.

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When asked when things went wrong, he answer makes no sense. The reporter says ” IS that how it went” She says No  and there is a ( pause )  and then she slowly articulates “What I remember is my mom  coming in  before she went to work and saying goodby to us”.” AS she says this is sounds like she is putting a lot of effort into thinking about what she is going to say about this as she speaking time is slow. She then pauses. which is unnatural and says ” And then waking up several hours later.”

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And now we really see deception.  First she repeats exactly what the reporter says in parrot-like fashion. This is often a signal of deception n my view.”Several hours later” which she said is NOT “an hour or two hours” later as she now tells the reporter. So in essence she just lied as she now changed her story.  The reporter asks “Don’t you wish you know what happened.” Casey sounds very defensive in her tone as she says “Absolutely”.

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What happens next, is totally nauseating as Casey says Caylee would be 12 this year.When the reporter asks what would she be like, Casey projects her own rebellious attitude  at tat age and hostility on to Caylee as she says ” total- bad ass asn laughs and even goes so far as to describe the type of music the dead child would be listening to is she were alive.- classic rock and says how she would be playing sports and “not takin’ shit from anyone.” This is Casey’s projection and idealization of herself, which she clearly projected onto her dead daughter.

She now lives and works with the private investigator on her defense team Patrick McKenna. She then defensively says how she doesn’t care about what people think of her but the revealing part is when she says I sleep ” and then she pauses  for a second as she continues with pretty good at night.” to me that is a signal of deception as one wonders if she really does sleep pretty good at night when deep deep down in her subconscious she knows what happened to her dead daughter.

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What makes me further think this is deception is when she showed off Caylee’s a finger painting artwork to the interviewer and openly sobbed. Unike during her interview. she obviously she feels emotion about Caylee, and maybe that emotion is guilt and remorse for what she allegedly did to Caylee.






Casey Anthony latest Baby Voiced Video Focuses On Her New Piercings Not Caylee


In the second video that has just been released on Casey Anthony, we no longer see a blond Casey with a  hair style and color resembling her mother Cindy. Now we see her in a a short  brunette cropped hair do.  The glasses she is now sporting are very oversized as opposed to the last video and look rather comical on her face. Also if Casey was in such need of glasses, why wasn’t she wearing them in the courtroom where she really needed to see things closely and read materials.The glasses obviously seem to be put on for effect.

Casey  still does not mention Caylee , just as she did not mention her in her previous video. In her first video she was concerned where to look . But now she seems to have the hang of it as she is looking directly at herself on video ,where she can examine her newly pieced nose ring and ear piercing at the top of her ear.

While she says he is very excited about her piercings by stating “I just pierced my nose last night, very excited and top of my ear” you would never know she was excited in any way until she spoke those words. Her voice says the opposite. It is in a  dull emotionless uninflected monotone.

Casey also begins the new video with a higher pitched baby girl like voice  To Read more click link below

George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below






The Anthony’s Hate Eliciting Lie Filled Perfomance on Dr. Phil

As a body language expert I found that  watching Cindy and George Anthony;s performance on Dr. Phil where they told  so many lies, including a major one about a brain tumor made me very upset. It is no wonder that Casey is the way she is and that  Caylee is dead  not only  because of  Casey, but because of   George and Cindy as well. After watching these two  liars I believe that poor  Caylee would never have stood  a chance in that family.They have completely dishonored this baby as they continue to defend Casey at all costs.

To read more click this link

Jury Foreman on Casey Anthony Case Said George Anthony’s Body Language Turned Everyone Off

Juror Number 11 who was the jury foreman  told Greta Van Sustern that in his  his profession he has used body language in reading people which is part of his profession as he accessed  George Anthony’s actions.  Evidently George’s  demeanor, and the way he presented  things on the stand turned people off. He said that George had a “very selective memory” in his testimony, some days remembering things in vivid detail, other times, coming up suspiciously short.

“The foreman said  he  was “on guard” and skeptical l every time George took the stand, because of such behavior.

Foreman Juror 11 said “It raised questions about George’s character and his involvement in Caylee’s death  and that he could be possibly lying.”

Several of the jury members questioned George’s complicity in Caylee’s death and the foreman said, be it that it was an accident, or he helped cover  up or that he’d even murdered the child himself .

Juror 11 concluded “There was a suspicion of him — that was part of the conversation of round robin topics we brought up during deliberation … that was brought up.

Personally,  I thought there were so many odd behaviors from George’s  not getting involved and asking questions when he was  in the room when Lee and Cindy were interrogating Casey about where Caylee was,  to his not asking who was Caylee’s father,  to his being in the birthroom whe Caylee was born.

His suicide note was also suspect  to me as there were many inconsistencies After reviewing the contents it did not seem like someone who was serious about killing himself. It seemed contrived. The end where he was describing how he was feeling woozy from taking the pills was odd to me. How come his handwriting was so clear and did not falterthe end when he was allegedly in a drug like state?

George’s arrogance and lying on the stand did not endear him to anyone. Lying about his affair was awful.And please don’t write to  tell me I am on River Cruz side and how can I support her when she had an affair and had a bad history.  First and foremost  I do NOT approve of anyone having any affair with a married man. And yes she did have a bad past  and yes she lied to LE initially.

River reached out to me  via phone and told me about the gory details of her affair with George well over  a year ago when it first became public.I  asked her about  why she lied to LE and she had she was scared, didn’t want to get involved or get George in trouble with Cindy.

I believed she did have an affair based on her communication with me.   So did the jury. On the stand it was confirmed that there was surveillance tape and  that he came to her home on multiple occasions,  and damning  text messages from him. When River shared what he did to her sexually and how he degraded her I was was disturbed by his behavior as no one  deserves to be treated that way. George’s lying that he did not have an affair with River was appalling.

On the stand River said the same thing she told me over a year ago that George said to her it was an accident that snowballed. Obviously the jury believed her.

George’s  sparing with Jose Baez was also a complete turn off to the jurors according to the alternate. It showed that George was arrogant and disrespectful in court.

The jury foreman confirmed what I have been saying all along about George and confirmed how important one’s body language and demeanor is on the stand in making a judgement about a person;s credibility.


George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Upset With the Verdict

Cindy lied through her teeth to protect Casey by saying she put  the word chloroform into the computer. She told a myriad of other lies on the stand for which I believe she MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. George lied as well, especially in terms of his affair with River Cruz and what she said to him to go along with it), yet as soon as they discovered their daughter was guilty of nothing except lying to police, they high tailed it out of the courtroom.

Before the jury was read, Cindy hid her head in the back row while George put his hands together as though he was praying.

Then the jury was read and Casey was found not guilty on almost everything. With  all their efforts in lying for her and protecting and enabling her, you would think they would have stood up, hugged one another, cried for joy, and jumped around with happiness. 

Instead, they scurried out of the courtroom stone faced. It was very confusing for a couple who spent three years covering for their daughter and looking for Zanny the Nanny up until six weeks ago.  They looked down and refused to make eye contact with anyone. George carried his hand in a fist like position as you can see in the photo above. This signifies anger.

Then Cindy and George were confronted by cameras and reported and Cindy became her obnoxious angry self where she was yelling at the reporter to  get out of her way or else.

So, why did they leave early? I am merely speculating here, but I think that even though Cindy was lying  on the stand to save Casey, deep down, she wanted Casey to be jailed forever or put to death. That is what her reaction said to me. It was inconsistent with her behavior on the stand where she guarded and measured every word to make it favorable for Casey.

This is confirmed by their Attorney  Mark Lippman on GMA who said  that  they haven’t spoken with their daughter about her acquittal and were shocked that the jury found no evidence against her because prosecutors “did a fantastic job.”

 This says it all. It shows how they said one thing one time and then said  another thing. This is pure evidence of the love hate relationship between she and Casey. She loved Caylee  because she could control her and she hated Casey because she had no control over her.

We know that there is a lot of  dysfunctional competition between the two . Maybe (and note I said maybe) Cindy was upset that Casey would now be the star instead of her. If Casey was to get  LWOP or put to  death, it would be” poor mother” Cindy on all  over the  talk shows selling her books and her story and making millions.

 Now the focus has shifted and the real star  of the moment is Casey who will get all the book and film deals. Suddenly Cindy is not that interesting. All the notes she has been scribbling  in the courtroom for the sake of  book  are suddenly not that valuable or important.

No one cares as much about a book from Cindy and they would care about one from Casey  about her time on jail and  maybe what really happened.

They already know Cindy’s story and what a shrew she has been and how she lied in court. Suddenly she is no longer relevant.

Apparently it has been reported that there are death threats to the Anthony’s. Some believe George really molested her in a vulgar way and despise him for that. Other’s despise Cindy for lying on the stand and hold her responsible for teaching Casey to lie and for threatening to kick out Casey and keep Caylee.

 I cannot imagine Casey moving back in with Cindy or George . In her three years of cell life, she has had peace and quiet from Cindy. She has also developed a new family of sorts, with Ms. Simms as her new nurturing mom, Jose as her protective Knight in Shining Armor dad, Cheney Mason as her wise old grandpa, and  host of brothers and sisters who are Baez’ young staff.

Her parents would never embrace her and  she could never embrace them. I hope she feels the pain of Caylee every moment, but I don’t believe she will do so. She never wanted Caylee in the first place. She wanted to adopt it out. Cindy insisted on keeping, and naming, and rasing Caylee but Casey wanted to have fun and party.Cindy wanted her to be a good mother when Casey didn’t want to be a mother in the first place. So whether it was an accident that snowballed as the jury believes or some foul play on Casey’s part , the bottom line is Caylee is no longer with us.

George and Cindy would torture Casey to find out what really happened to Caylee and Casey would never say. But maybe they already know.

Jurors Believed What George Told River Cruz About An Accident That Snowballed And Did Not Like How George Fought With Baez

According to the alternate jury who has been the only juror speaking up on behalf  of the 12 jurors seen above, they believed that Caylee’s death  was an accident that snowballed.  That term was the exact one used by George’s mistress River Cruz. They believed River and  what she said George  had told her about Caylee’s death being and accident that snowballed.

The alternate said that they also believed that George knew about it and helped in the cover up. If that is the case, now it finally  makes sense  to me that that George was not involved in the family interrogation when Casey was questioned by her mother and  Lee as to what happened to Caylee.

They also did not like it when George was belligerent with Jose Baez. They did not like how he argued with Jose and how he spoke to Jose. The jury loved Jose Baez. I have always told you this since day one. I have always said how a jury would like Jose because of how he presents himself and I was correct in that they did like him.

They did not like George and I knew they wouldn’t. They did not like that he cheated on his wife and  had an affair with River Cruz. They did not like that he lied as they believed he had an affair.

They also did not believe the “smell of death” that George spoke of in relation to the car when he picked it up. They said that George having been in LE would have reported it to the police. He said the man with George who was with him when he picked up the car  didn’t smell it, so they did not buy what George said.

They also said they  they didn’t believe the body was in the trunk and that none of them could see a stain. The also found the hair in the trunk to be a problem.

Because they liked  and trusted Jose so much, they believed what he told them about a very serious accident that was covered up. In addition they did not like Ashton and felt he di not prove his case. Likewise, they did not like it when Ashton sparred with Jose Baez.

The jurors also believed the myriad of Casey’s  friends who came forth and said she was a good mother, according to the alternate.

About Casey’s  lying, he said that Casey lied years before anything happened to Caylee and that wa just how her dysfunctional family operated.

Once again, I believed that they were swayed by Baez because of his passion and how well he presented his and Casey’s side to them.

The alternate said that he wanted to know from the prosecution,  how Caylee died and that is a question we will never know for sure. He said that he wanted them to have  presented more evidence

The alternate is very brave to speak out in all of the morning shows and said that the other jurors will not come forward.

In fact the media set up  chairs with the jurors numbers on them and  no one showed up. Based on public sentiment, the jurors are now afraid to speak up. They are afraid of death threats like the one;s Cindy and George received. They want to go home to their lives in Pinnelas County and be done with this stressful  six-week experience.

Finally he praised Judge Perry and the Sheriff’s Department for treated them well when they were sequestered.