Does Rachel Uchitel’s Body Language Say She’s Pregnant? If She Is Pregnant, Is Tiger the Baby Daddy?


While I am not an ob gyn I really don’t know for sure if Rachel Uchictel is pregnant. But I have to say the way she was holding on to her tummy after her slip and fall outside of  and L. A.  club makes you wonder. She did not  just hold on to her tummy  once. 


She did it several times after her fall. Was she concerned about the fall possibly damaging something inside her belly if there is anything inside her belly other than food? 


 In this photo it’s not only the holding of her belly that raises concern as to what she may have inside of her, it is the facial expression she leaked out. It is  an expression of concern for herself. It seems as though she might be sayng ”

I hope everything is OK.





Before Rachel fell and was spotted outside the restaurant with Jason Davis affectionately known as Gummie Bear by the press, I noticed Rachel had a bit of a protrusive tummy. The reason I noticed is that Rachel usually has a taut tummy and looks very in shape. 

 She is also dressed in a jacket and seems to be covering up . The night that the photo was taken was not a cool night in LA so one didn’t need a coat. The fact that she wasn’t showing off her body and cleavage  like she usually does also struck me as off behavior for Rachel. 


In this photo taken right after her fall as soon as she got up, you can not only see she is embarrassed by the tumble as she scratches and pulls at her nose,  her tummy looks a bit protrusive. 

She is relaxed and  not on guard . so her tummy may more likely be relaxed as well.  Hence the protrusion.   Usually Rachel has worn skin tight clothing. So the fact that this dress is loose fitting  may also say something. In my view,it certainly does  makes her look as though she is expecting in this  shot. 



Besides looking tummy heavy in this photo,something we have never seen before when Rachel has been out in public, she looks happy as soon as she was asked if it was true that she would do anything to get Tiger back


She continues to leak out an even bigger smile as she walks ahead as you can see in the photo above. She also   looks down. The fact that she has broken eye contact may show a signal of deception. Maybe she already has Tiger back. Wouldn’t that be something! 


Then she looks up and away which is also a signal of deception as she says “That’s ridiculous,” all the while maintaining her Chesire Cat grin.  

Her grin says that she has a secret and knows something but she isn’t  saying a word. And  not to be catty, but her once huge breasts look a lot smaller than her abdominal area, which was the other way around a year or so ago. 


As you can see in this photo of Rachel before she was busted as Tigers sex partner, she had large breasts and a tiny waist and hips. Now she has smaller breasts and a larger waist and hips. also reported that she was planning to buy a 2 million dollar condo and  there  talk that she was looking for enough room for a family. Could that be another hint that she is expecting? 



And if she is expecting, who is the babydaddy ?Is it Tiger? If it is Tiger that would be terrible in my view.  It would tarnish hm even more in the eyes os so many people. 

Apparently Tiger’s fight with Elin took place in November 2009.  It is now September 2010, ten  months since they may have possibly had any sexual contact. If she is pregnant by Tiger.   that means that she got pregnant while he was allegedly trying to work out his  relationship with Elin.  If that is the case, it would lower than a snakes belly. It would show that Elin was betrayed once again. 

Maybe the baby is not Tiger’s but could it be a baby from  yet another married man, After all isn’t that why she allegedly went into  Celeb Rehab because of her addiction to married men? 

On the other hand, mabe Rachel isn’t pregnant. Maybe now that she’s a  “fat cat”  no pun intended , with an alleged 10 million under her belt, she can now afford to eat more gourmet foods  at 5 star restaurants. Only time will tell is she is or isn’t with child.


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