Lance Armstrong’s Body Language on Oprah Showed No Contrition, Lack of Emotion, Blaming Others, and Possible Sociopathic Behavior


Lance did NOT want to give this interview based on his body language as he constantly pursed his lips throughout this interview. In addition


He would constantly look down and not look directly at Oprah when she asked direct hard hitting questions. There was a tone of arrogance and a disturbing monotone which indicated that the only thing he was sorry about was getting caught.

Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong was one of the most disturbing things to watch as the one thing that kept running though my mind was” Is Lance Armstrong a Sociopath?”  Here are some traits of a sociopath

a) Glibness 

b)Grandiose sense of self-worth

c) Pathological Lying 


e) Lack of remorse or Guilt 

f)  Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived

g)Callousness; lack of empathy

h)Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

It seems that Lance exhibited all of these traits when one listens to his interview.

When Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he felt what he did was wrong or if he felt guilty or if he felt he CHEATED  he said NO!  That was the most chilling and revealing part of the entire interview. It made me wonder if this man was a sociopath.

He seemed to blame everyone else but himself.  He first blamed the culture, his fans, the story which was too good to be true to a cyclist who had the disease who won the competition. He also  the fact that he had the disease (as he refused to say cancer) that made him feel driven. He blamed his mother for being a fighter and said he was a fighter too.  He blamed fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis’ accusation as getting back at him because he wasn’t on the team.

What was also disturbing was he kept  referring to himself in the third person as a “flawed character instead of saying that his character was flawed. It was a form of distancing himself.


As further indication that he really  didn’t want to  be there and talk was a tell tale sign of  his  head scratch. His autonomic nervous system was in full play here as it showed that he was getting anxious as Oprah asked ” How did it all work?”

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.08.00 PM

Here we see Lance putting his fingers over his mouth indicating that he is guarded and doesn’t really want to talk.

His thought process also seemed sociopathic. When you ask a sociopath a question they may answer it one way such as Did you threaten anyone to take drugs? Lance insisted that he did not. But then when you ask the question another way like  Did you insist the members of the team see Dr. Ferrari ( who allegedly provided the drugs) he answered yes.  In keeping with this sociopathic line of thinking he was asked if fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis who spoke to the press about Lance’s doping felt rebuffed? Lance said No. But then when asked in a different way, if  he blew Landis off, Armstrong admitted that he did indeed blow Floyd off as he said that Floyd was upset because ” I didn’t put him on my team.”This  thought process is how sociopaths tend to think.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.33.23 PM

When Oprah showed his deposition tapes you clearly saw how he was lying as he shook his head yes when he was saying No.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.44.23 PM

When he was watching himself we he discomfort as he swallows hard and we see his jaws clenching.

he blatantly lies when he states to Oprah that he never failed a test. Then in his sociopathic thought  process he admits that retroactively he failed a test.

He tended to minimize what happened by saying “all this is a process.’ Again it was a form of distancing himself from what is happening with him.

When he said he is happier today than he ever was and Oprah confronted him and he back pedaled a sickening feeling came over me as I wondered again if he was a sociopath.

When asked why he sued people when he knew they were right and when I heard his monotone rote answer it once again made me wonder about sociopathy in relation to blaming others. He then talked about feeling attacked so he sued . He called one of his accusers a Bitch and Crazy but then says that he never called her fat. This was one of the most disturbing moments as you see is pathological thought process in action as he made it OK and justifies his actions of name calling because he didn’t use all three insults but only two.Oprah appeared to be disturbed by this as well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.59.02 PM

There was a lot of chin itching and scratching which indicated that  was not happy about being confronted about his actions  in such a detailed manner. he blames his comeback for causing all of his troubles and tells Oprah that they wouldn’t be sitting there if he didn’t have a comeback.Once again his statement smacked of sociopathy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.13.10 PMHis anger could be seen in his clenched jaw where his muscles protruded  along with his lower jaw as he said that he wouldn’t be  there if  it wasn’t for his comeback.

This interview did not help Lance Armstrong’s image. In fact it made it worse. We saw arrogance, defiance, anger, blame, and someone who really needs to be out of the public eye in my view. In my view he is a very disturbed individual who is very TOXIC!

Part two will focus on his charity, his sponsors,  and his family and how this has affected them so stay tuned for some more  behavior analysis and body language analysis.


Oprah Busts Michael Jackson’s Toxic Father About Beating Michael As Joe Jackson’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And No Remorse

A serious Oprah leans in to ask  Michael Jackson;s father Joe,”  Do you think Michael  was afraid of you?” A simple yes or no  answer while looking in Oprah’s direction  would have  indicated that Joe  was telling the truth.  But this was not the case. Joe showed  too many singles of deception. You can see one of those signals of deception as he

1.immediately  turns away from Oprah

2.  looks away and gazes to the side as you can see

3.  blinks a lot

4.  licks his lips

5. speaks slowly as  if to search for words to create hos lie

6. shrugs his shoulder

7. looks down

8.  gives away too much tangential information

9. fidgets

10  leans away and  then turns to lean in as if to try to convince Oprah that what he is  saying is true as she states,

”  I don’t think he was afraid of me. I think he was afraid he would do something wrong and I would chastise him. But I never beat him. I never beat him like the media tried to say .”

When someone does all of those things body language wise and volunteers  information you didn’t ask for,  there is  a good chance they  are they are lying about what they said.


Then Oprah busts him by confronting  him head on as she  said “ I did that interview with him in 1993 and he told me you beat him.”

Joe is stunned. He looks away and turns from Oprah. This is probably the first time in his adult life that anyone stood up to him.

He then licks his lips and says um as if searching for something to say. He utters out  “ I am glad that he was raised in such a way. He was liked all over the world. He could have been like some of the other kids from Gary who are dead or gone.”

In essence he is coming up with an excuse in  trying to justify what he  did to Michael.

To get the truth out of Joe Jackson Oprah admits that she as beaten as a kid because that was the culture .

Joe feels relieved as he now looks directly at Oprah and gives a relieved slight smile.


Then Joe tries to clarify and justify as he asks Oprah Beat or Whipped? Lets not split hairs here. Whipped is the same as being beaten. They both cause bodily harm pain and tear away at one’s self esteem.

Oprah is now pissed. She looks up in exasperation and in a loud tone says It’s the same thing when you have welts on your body. Even mother Katherine chimed in and said in her soft way that it was the same thing.

Joe then  got all cotton mouthed  and licked his lips and indication he was clearly  nervous,  But he had to take control of the situation as the control freak  bully type of Toxic Man he is.   He immediately retorts that he didn’t like the word beat. So Oprah says , so you have issue with the word beat. He then showed   his contentiousness, he has the audacity to retort ” no  I have issue with the word whipped.

Katherine then stepped in and says You might as well tell the truth.  Good for her! I am sure that this is one of the few times in her life that she was able to speak up and speak back to this TOXIC  bully. Thank goodness she found the strength to do so, even of it was with  the protection of the camera crews and Oprah at her side.

Katherine  went on to say He used the strap, as she looked right at Joe. Joe now is clearly uncomfortable with lip locking and head bowed down as he is clearly embarrassed.

Joe was completely  humiliated for the first time in his life This bully now leaned back and crossed his arms over his body in a self  protective stance protective with his head bowed.  If there was a hole  in the ground, he would  now doubt want to crawl into into it and cover himself with the dirt.

With arms still crossed as you can see int he photo above,  he finally indirectly  admits that he would have whipped him with a strap  to punish for someone who did something wrong.  Notice how he detached by referring to Michael as  a someone as opposed to using his son’s name- Michael whom he beat or whipped or caused bodily harm. Notice how his eyes are closed as he looks down when he says this. It is  because he is so humiliated. It is indicative of shame.  Even though hos body language admits shame, his speech does not.

Instead, he continues to justify how  the beatings   kept Michael out of jail and how none of hos kids have been in jail

Then Oprah asks him if he regrets his strappings on his children. He  clearly and distinctly  looks directly at Oprah and replied  that he does not regret stapping his children.

Now we know why Prince was angry in the photo we see above. Perhaps he couldn’t stomach sitting or even standing next to the man who beat his beloved father with a strap.


Now we know they truth.  Michael spoke the truth about his  fathers beatings, Clearly they  damaged him emotionally.  He carried those scars into his adulthood. He was in such emotional trauma from his father;s violence that he di all he could to tip himself away from being his fathers son. He even changed his skin color and his genetic appearance just to be able to look in the mirror and see no resemblance to the man whom he obviously detested.

He was in such pain that he self medicated with surgery after surgery and drug after drug.

He wanted to go back  to his childhood and and re live his childhood with the love he obviously felt he did not have. That may explain why he continued to be child like well into his forties and as he turned fifty.  , He was so abused that he wanted to right the wrongs of his father.  He could’t do it but he could  right those wrongs through his kids.  He was a wonderful gather according to his kids.  This is a marked contrast from what he would say about his own father, Joe.

The truth has finally prevailed.  I only wish Michael would have been alive to hear his father admit  what he did to him. Michael did the right thing to never speak to his father and to unplug from him for good.  Some things are unforgivable. Physical violence is one of those things that is hard to forgive.

The UNPLUG  technique  is one of the technique which  I describe  in my book TOXIC MEN that  you can use when you can  no longer deal with a person who has made your life miserable.  The fact that Joe did not apologize for what he did to Michael   and continues to justify it shows how Michael did the right thing to UNPLUG  and  never allow Joe into his life.

Joe is A Toxic Man. He is a classic control freak  bully. To read more about Toxic Men you can get my latest book at a special rate  of $14.93 from  by clicking the link  below


Michael Jackson’s Children’s Body Language Show They Are Guarded, Protective, and Ambivalent During Oprah Interview as They Continue to Respect Dad’s Privacy


The above photo of Michael Jackson’s eldest  children, Prince and Paris says it all. They were clearly not comfortable being asked questions about their father by Oprah. They knew how their late father valued not only his privacy but theirs as well. That is why he made them wear veils when they went out of the house. In fact Michael’s daughter Paris addressed the fact that while the veils were uncomfortable, she knew they were for her protection.


In the above photo, observe Prince standing up with crossed arms as he looks on facing Oprah as his sister is interviewed. His eye is clearly on Oprah as he leans back in a defensive mode.  He has a protective stance with both of his arms  his arms tightly interlocked crossing over his torso.

 His protective stance is further indicated as he stands  in the background looking directly at Oprah with one foot out, pointed in Oprah’s direction. It is though this protective older brother is ready to step in if the questioning gets to be too uncomfortable or too much for his younger sister. His other foot protectively  points in Paris’ direction  as if to step in in case she needs him. 


Joe Jackson, Michael’s father and Prince’s grandpa  knows Prince means business in this photo. Joe looks uncharacteristically submissive around Prince. His head is down with his hands in his pocket  as he looks in Prince’s direction.  We have rarely seen such a photo of Joe in terms of  his body language. In the past,  Joe’s posture and demeanor has usually had a super confident cocky non-humbled undertone.  But this photo was very different.

The distinct  physical  distance between Joe and Prince show that they are not close at all.  Joe’s submissive stance reflects this as well.


When it was Prince’s turn to be interviewed by Oprah, his eye contact with her was less than optimal as he consistently looked away. When describing his favorite experience walking with his dad on the beach in Bahrain eating snickers, he looked up and away. While he wanted to be polite and answer Oprah’s question, there was clearly a part of him that did not want to share this special moment between he and his late dad with the world.

As the person who spent the most time in his life with father Michael, Prince knew  deep down that Michael, who valued his privacy with his children would not be pleased at this revelation.  His body language  clearly reflected his ambivalence.

In the photo, it is clear that Prince is not happy and something must have happened for him to get up from his chair after the interview and leave the  table and stand in the background.  Perhaps he had enough of what he considered Oprah’s invasive questioning about his father. Perhaps it got to him. He definitely  knew Michael would not  like this line of questioning about his private life with his children. So it seems in my view that Prince finally had enough.

Look at Prince’s crossed arms over his torso. It means that he is closing off. If you look down at his sister sitting in the photo as Prince looks on, she too has her arms crossed over her torso in a protective mode.


She too knows that this discussion about Michael is inappropriate based on how she was raised. She knows to the core of her soul that discussing her father is a violation of what he was all about- extreme privacy. Yet she wants to be cooperative and compliant during the interview.

 Paris’ BODY language  reflects her ambivalence as well. as well. Not only are her arms interlocked and crossed in a protective mode like her brother, she also   leans back in her chair. It is in marked contrast to Oprah’s body language, who leans forward in her attempt to engage Paris.

  Paris does not engage Oprah in leaning forward , She is polite verbal, articulate, pleasant and poised. But the spokeschild of the family  is clearly  in control as she speaks measuredly  but  lovingly of her father.

She opens her eyes widely and raises her eyebrows  as we see in the photo above This look of surprise reflects what she is verbally revealed – a surprise to the world that  her daddy could make the best French toast n the world.

Oprah was surprised by this revelation as she and most of us would think that Michael who was surrounded my maids and cooks would not be the one to hole up in a kitchen making breakfast. From what we have heard about Michael’s eating habits in the past, no one would have associated Michael with food, much less being involved in the preparation of it.  

While it was personal information, it was information that was benign enough that Michael would not have mind if it was revealed. Paris clearly thought about this and played the interview game of sharing just enough information to respect her father;s wishes and his memory.



Even little 8 year old Blanket is protective during the interview as you can see in  the above photo.  His  knees are bent and in front of him as they shield and  protect him as he sits in his chair. His one leg dropping down from the chair says that he really does not want to be there. It says that he wants to leave.

His hands cover his  mouth, indicating that he doesn’t want to speak.  Paris and Prince clearly have his back so to speak. They are protective of him as well and pay a lot of attention to him.  Paris reaches out to him as we see in the photo with her hand extended towards him. No doubt big sister Paris has a hands on role with Blanket in helping to care for him. Her extended hand is there to comfort him.

Paris’ extended cupped hand reflects tension and ambivalence at the same time. It’s a closed hand that perhaps reflects a subconscious anger that her little brother has to be there and be subjected to this uncomfortable situation.

The gesture reflects that she knows Blanket  clearly does not want to be there, subjected to Oprah’s questioning . Interally,  she is angry and upset about it.  It even reflects in Paris’ smile as she looks in Blanket’s direction.  While her lips are smiling, her eyes are reflecting the opposite. She is not happy about being forced to be in this situation.

She knows deep down that her father would not be happy about having his children, whom he went to all lengths to protect in terms of their identity to now be so publicly exposed. While she wants to comply, she is being very protective over Blanket, her  gestures and body language reflect her inner conflict.


Besides his beautiful music the best legacy that Michael left behind was his beautiful children who continue to respect their dad’s privacy. Their actions and body language showed it.

There is no doubt that Michael would be proud of them and how they handled this very uncomfortable and conflicting situation where they were forced to reveal personal information about their lives with their famous and now deceased dad. They complied, but continued to be guarded as Michael’s message which he ingrained in them since birth was  evident- ” watch what you say and don’t say too much!”

There is no doubt that if Michael is up there is heaven, he was looking down at his children and smiling proudly from year to ear, He was proud that they were polite and cooperative, yet set boundaries as they honored and tried to protect their dad’s wishes for privacy as best as they could.

Jay Leno’s Body Language on Oprah Showed Honesty and Humility But His Uneasiness With Hard Hitting Questions and Lack of Vocal Passion Put Viewers Off


Even though Jay Leno went on the Oprah Show to try to set the record straight and reveal that it was not his decision, but rather the network executives decision to give him his old job back, based on Oprah’s post show poll  results, viewers people still weren’t convinced.  According to her poll, they still  appeared to  view Jay as the bad guy who took away Conan’s show. In fact an overwhelming 94 percent felt he should have walked away as Conan did.

I believe that a lot of the public’s perception had a great deal to do with what was and what was NOT revealed through Jay’s body language.

Body language wise, the good news is that Jay appeared to be  honest,  genuine, and showed humility  in his responses .

But the bad news is that his lack of verbal and vocal passion about what took place, his lack of eye contact, his looking away and not looking on Oprah’s direction when he was asked hard hitting questions,  his facial expression, tone of voice  alienated the audience  Most of all,  his lack of tone and emotion in answering  pertinent questions  spoke volumes.


Perhaps the most damaging aspect of his television presentation was Jay’s lack of displaying of genuine heartfelt emotion. Oftentimes he tried to disguise and filter his true emotions through humor.  Even when he talks about how executives came into his dressing room in 2004  to tell him that they were going to replace him with Conan, he chuckles as he tells Oprah it was “pretty shocking”. His chuckle dilutes the impact of this “pretty shocking” event so the viewer doesn’t feel the full impact he is trying to relay.

There was only one millisecond when Jay showed genuine heartfelt emotion during the interview. It was when he responds to Oprah’s query as to how he felt after he was told this by executives. He said “ It broke my heart. It was only then that  we her the crack of Jay’s voice reflecting his  sadness and emotion. But that was the end of showing any kind of emotion. After that glimpse of real emotion, all we heard for the rest of the interview was a detached monotone.


Unfortunately, I don’t think that the interview Jay did  endeared him to viewers. In fact, it  may have even hurt him in the long run. When Jay said during the interview, “I’m not a person who carries my emotions on my sleeve “he was not kidding.

That statement said it all! He certainly did not wear any of his emotion on his sleeve during the interview- something he should have definitely done for Oprah viewers.

That would have made people relate to him much more. Instead, his detached monotone which was in stark contrast to the animated tone we are used to seeing when Jay does his monologue or interviews with guests . His detachment and lack of emotion, especially during crucial topics like whether he reached out to Conan was off-putting to many.

Had he sounded more emotional, more inflected and less distant, perhaps he could have persuaded more of those viewers who were on Team Conan and received a more positive reaction.


Jay’s interview with Oprah was perhaps the most difficult  thing he ever had to do in his entire career  and it clearly showed.

Having the tables turned where he was in the hot seat was clearly uncomfortable for him.  You could see it throughout  the interview. Unlike his interviews with his own guests,  which are peppered with humor and lightheartedness, the tone of this serious  interview was the complete opposite.

There was no pussyfooting around as Oprah got right to the  guts of the matter. She  went straight for the jugular with her hard hitting blunt questioning.  Jay was clearly uncomfortable. His body language confirmed it.


The lengthy pause time that he used to think up an answer, his lack of eye contact with Oprah, his looking down, raised eyebrows, shoulder shrugs, hand on chin, hand over mouth often saying “you know” as a signal for Oprah’s approval, eye squints, nose wrinkling, and use of analogy to deflect the true heart felt emotion of what happened, were all signals that Jay was out of his element and comfort  zone.

His constant looking away and looking down often reflected his embarrassment and discomfort.

The main tells of Jays hand over his mouth or on his chin indicated that he was holding back and didn’t want to be there or talk about what had happened. Jay also held on to his legs throughout the interview which indicated that he was bracing himself for the upcoming difficult questioning that laid ahead of him.


Oprah asked Jay, “Were you and Conan friends?” Jay replied “Yes,”  “We talked many times” after those transition talks in 2004.

Oprah also asked Jay if he reached out to Conan.

Jay was clearly taken aback by this question as  you see him squint his eyes and crinkle of up nose, indicating he knows he probably should have reached out right away, but was embarrassed by having to admit that he  did not do it.

There is an uncomfortable pause by Jay  and when Oprah in a surprised tone asks “why?  He is clearly not prepared to answer “why” he didn’t reach out. That is why you see his  face  squint and his eyes close, indicating that he really didn’t want to answer that question.  He goes ahead and answers the question in fragmented sentences which further  indicates that he was unprepared with his answer.

Subsequently, Jay  answered  that he wanted to “ let things cool down.” He puts his hand out as he says this, which is a distancing gesture.  His shoulder shrug also shows that he is uncomfortable with what he said as he immediately adds “ maybe we’ll talk.”

This was NOT the right answer to endear him to viewers. As savvy as Jay is,  he clearly knew it was not the right thing to say.  But he was being honest about his not wanting to directly confront  a heated, emotional,  and difficult  situation and no doubt have his emissaries handle it on his behalf.

He then looked sheepish with his raised eyebrows and the lowered volume of his now meeker sounding voice  as he continued to speak.  His interjection of the phrase “you know” said twice  (once at the end with head nod) indicated he wanted Oprah’s approval as he speaks . Usually when people say “ you know” they want your approval that you are with them in knowing and identifying with  what they are saying.

Oprah was clearly not giving Jay any signals of approval. Instead, her questions indicated that she was probing deeper and deeper.  Viewers were definitely  not approving  of the fact that Jay did not personally reach out to his “friend” as he did in 2004.

It was disturbing to viewers  that Jay reached out when he was on the losing end of the equation back in 2004, but no longer saw the need to reach out when he was no on the winning end of the equation in 2010.


Oprah asked Jay” Was anything Conan said about you hurtful?”  He paused and looked away, trying to come up with the right answer for the audience. But his body language betrays him.

The fact that he paused for so long, indicated that of course it hurt him in terms of what Conan said about him. That pause time indicates that he is trying to come up with an answer. Then he looks up  and with a flat affect tries to  minimize  the hurt that it obviously caused him.

He didn’t say “yes it hurt” or “no it didn’t hurt.” Instead, in a monotone expression says” they were jokes.“

Oprah, being the expert interviewer that she is probed even deeper by asking” So the jokes don’t hurt you?”

He looked up  to show his clear discomfort with the probe. As he answers Oprah his eyes are closed at times and  he looks away as a means of distancing himself .  Instead of admitting that the jokes do indeed hurt,  he depersonalizes  it by taking in the third person by saying “That’s what we do.”

He then uses  the analogy of being a fighter, not look in Oprah’s direction as he speaks. He said “You get punched in the head. Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt but you’re a fighter.”

So in a roundabout way, Jay admitted that Conan’s jokes did hurt like a punch hurts a fighter. Another comedian’s verbal punches can hurt just as badly as fists.

Perhaps it was Jay’s attempt to seem like he was in control and not let anyone see his vulnerability. But showing his vulnerability would have made him sound a lot less defensive  and more endearing.


When Oprah said America has taken sides “And a lot of people are not on your side. And they’re not on your side because they think that you have been selfish in this. Do you see in any way how you’ve been selfish? They think that you took the job away from Conan.”

Instead of Jay saying in a very animated  and passionate vocal tone NO I AM NOT SELFISH.  It was not my call. It was the network’s call and their decision to do what they did and I am just an employee, so to call me selfish and blaming Conan losing has job because of me is unfair! Just like the network did with me years ago, they did the same with Conan.! So it wasn’t me who is responsible for Conan not having a show not ME ! “ Jay was too low key and matter of fact in his delivery.

Jay also talked way too much and became way too defensive. He replied, “”It all comes down to numbers in show business. This is almost the perfect storm of bad things happening. You have two hit shows — ‘Tonight Show’ No. 1 and Conan No. 1. You move them both to another situation. And what are the odds that both would do extremely poorly? If Conan’s numbers had been a little bit higher, it wouldn’t even be an issue. But in show business, there’s always somebody waiting in the wings. Being me.”

“I never expected this to happen. People think you’re behind the scenes, pulling strings. “”There’s no strings to pull. I have a show that’s been canceled. So why would I have any power to go, ‘Oh, I want that.'”


Perhaps Oprah’s polls would have then yielded a different result if Jay:

  1. Had displayed more verbal and vocal passion.
  2. Had more direct eye contact with Oprah throughout the interview
  3. Was not afraid to shed a tear or a vocal crack as he did for a millisecond at the beginning of the interview
  4. Had called Conan  or  even said he had a call into Conan
  5. Had he shown more facial emotion to express how sad he was for Conan’s situation
  6. Had he spoken directly to the audience and explained how badly he felt about this whole ordeal
  7. Had he taken the audiences point of view and stated how he could understand how they might feel the way they do about him.
  8. Had he not sounded so defensive and victim-like at times during the interview.
  9. Had he promised that he would do his best when his new show debuts and with confidence assured  people  that they would have a new experience to look forward to
  10. Had he made the offer to have Conan on his new show and not have Oprah ask the question.

The bottom line is as Jay said at the end of the interview, he is only a highly paid employee and not an owner. Therefore, unlike Oprah who is an owner of a show, Jay had no say in the decision. He was simply offered his old job back and he took it. As an employee he knows that if his ratings fail, he is out the door. Unfortunately this message did not get a across to those who took Oprah’s post show poll because of Jay’s  facial language, body language, and lack of vocal passion and animation.