Lance Armstrong’s Body Language on Oprah Showed No Contrition, Lack of Emotion, Blaming Others, and Possible Sociopathic Behavior


Lance did NOT want to give this interview based on his body language as he constantly pursed his lips throughout this interview. In addition


He would constantly look down and not look directly at Oprah when she asked direct hard hitting questions. There was a tone of arrogance and a disturbing monotone which indicated that the only thing he was sorry about was getting caught.

Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong was one of the most disturbing things to watch as the one thing that kept running though my mind was” Is Lance Armstrong a Sociopath?”  Here are some traits of a sociopath

a) Glibness 

b)Grandiose sense of self-worth

c) Pathological Lying 


e) Lack of remorse or Guilt 

f)  Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived

g)Callousness; lack of empathy

h)Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

It seems that Lance exhibited all of these traits when one listens to his interview.

When Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he felt what he did was wrong or if he felt guilty or if he felt he CHEATED  he said NO!  That was the most chilling and revealing part of the entire interview. It made me wonder if this man was a sociopath.

He seemed to blame everyone else but himself.  He first blamed the culture, his fans, the story which was too good to be true to a cyclist who had the disease who won the competition. He also  the fact that he had the disease (as he refused to say cancer) that made him feel driven. He blamed his mother for being a fighter and said he was a fighter too.  He blamed fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis’ accusation as getting back at him because he wasn’t on the team.

What was also disturbing was he kept  referring to himself in the third person as a “flawed character instead of saying that his character was flawed. It was a form of distancing himself.


As further indication that he really  didn’t want to  be there and talk was a tell tale sign of  his  head scratch. His autonomic nervous system was in full play here as it showed that he was getting anxious as Oprah asked ” How did it all work?”

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.08.00 PM

Here we see Lance putting his fingers over his mouth indicating that he is guarded and doesn’t really want to talk.

His thought process also seemed sociopathic. When you ask a sociopath a question they may answer it one way such as Did you threaten anyone to take drugs? Lance insisted that he did not. But then when you ask the question another way like  Did you insist the members of the team see Dr. Ferrari ( who allegedly provided the drugs) he answered yes.  In keeping with this sociopathic line of thinking he was asked if fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis who spoke to the press about Lance’s doping felt rebuffed? Lance said No. But then when asked in a different way, if  he blew Landis off, Armstrong admitted that he did indeed blow Floyd off as he said that Floyd was upset because ” I didn’t put him on my team.”This  thought process is how sociopaths tend to think.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.33.23 PM

When Oprah showed his deposition tapes you clearly saw how he was lying as he shook his head yes when he was saying No.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.44.23 PM

When he was watching himself we he discomfort as he swallows hard and we see his jaws clenching.

he blatantly lies when he states to Oprah that he never failed a test. Then in his sociopathic thought  process he admits that retroactively he failed a test.

He tended to minimize what happened by saying “all this is a process.’ Again it was a form of distancing himself from what is happening with him.

When he said he is happier today than he ever was and Oprah confronted him and he back pedaled a sickening feeling came over me as I wondered again if he was a sociopath.

When asked why he sued people when he knew they were right and when I heard his monotone rote answer it once again made me wonder about sociopathy in relation to blaming others. He then talked about feeling attacked so he sued . He called one of his accusers a Bitch and Crazy but then says that he never called her fat. This was one of the most disturbing moments as you see is pathological thought process in action as he made it OK and justifies his actions of name calling because he didn’t use all three insults but only two.Oprah appeared to be disturbed by this as well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.59.02 PM

There was a lot of chin itching and scratching which indicated that  was not happy about being confronted about his actions  in such a detailed manner. he blames his comeback for causing all of his troubles and tells Oprah that they wouldn’t be sitting there if he didn’t have a comeback.Once again his statement smacked of sociopathy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.13.10 PMHis anger could be seen in his clenched jaw where his muscles protruded  along with his lower jaw as he said that he wouldn’t be  there if  it wasn’t for his comeback.

This interview did not help Lance Armstrong’s image. In fact it made it worse. We saw arrogance, defiance, anger, blame, and someone who really needs to be out of the public eye in my view. In my view he is a very disturbed individual who is very TOXIC!

Part two will focus on his charity, his sponsors,  and his family and how this has affected them so stay tuned for some more  behavior analysis and body language analysis.


Drew Peterson’s Lack of Emotion During Guilty Verdict Typical Sociopath Body Language And Seductive Control Over Women

When we look back at the trial of serial killer  who received the death sentence, Ted Bundy, it was reported that he showed no emotion.

When we look back at the reaction of Scott Peterson who was convicted to death for killing his wife and unborn baby, we all witness that he had a mask like facial expression and showed no emotion.

Now we have seen the same thing with Drew Peterson. As soon as the verdict of Guilty was read for his killing his third wife Kathleen Savio, it was reported that Drew Peterson showed no emotion.

The lack of emotion is very typical of a sociopath’s reaction when found guilty. They detach and tune out as though the situation had nothing to do with them.

They may even joke and make light of their situation. It was overheard that  after hearing the guilt verdict Drew Peterson said  “I guess that ruins my Christmas.”

His “joke” clearly reflects that he feels no remorse for what he did.

Peterson  will be spending the rest of his natural life behind bars where like most sociopaths will insist he did nothing wrong and how it was everyone else’s fault he is in prison.

This sociopath will be where he deserves to be so he can no longer seduce, marry,  and harm women who fall prey to him.

Peterson fancies himself  as being irresistible to women.

Like many sociopaths, his seductive personality  lured them in. The fact that he was a policeman and considered to be on the right side of the law, initially  made many women feel safe and secure  But once he got  them into his clutches, it was a different story.He became controlling and  abusive.

Thank goodness 24 year old Christina Raines father put an end to their engagement a few years ago as her father told the press that Peterson was trying to control his daughter and use her as a doormat to watch his kids.

The young woman’s father was her savior as he came to Peterson’s home with police in tow to collect his daughter as they were escorted  to an from he home by several police cars.

Peterson who was  over twice the young woman’s age blamed her father and the press for the breakup as  in typical sociopath form said, “

“This is what the media always does to me,” “As soon as the story got out on Chrissy, I knew it would be a problem for us.

If you listen close enough to what a sociopath says, they will often reveal themselves as  Peterson did in his Nightline interview years back where  Peterson old the reporter, “I’d be wary of me too” when asked about Christina Raines’ family. He also  admitted  when the romance is gone in his relationships, he tends to have flings and move on.

Thankfully, his comments sparked a fight between the couple and Christina Raines returned the engagement ring and a cell phone.

Lucky Christina Raines was 24.  Unlucky Stacey Peterson who is still missing,  was 17 when he began his affair with her while still married to third wife Kathleen Savio. Kathleen was 10 years his junior when he married her.

Most of the women he married or went after were  very young or very  petite. These were women  Peterson  felt he had some control over.

I had the opportunity to  briefly see Peterson when I was at CNN. Peterson was there to do the Larry King show and was in the makeup room where,  according to the makeup artist, he  hit on her. She reported to me that he stared directly into her eyes and wouldn’t break his gaze as he stared directly into her eyes while she applied makeup.

Perhaps Peterson  wanted to see if he could control or even destroy  this curly haired, glasses, wearing,  pierced, very short statured,  woman with colorful and strange tattoos all  over her arms and chest and neck.

The alleged eye stare was no doubt  his test to see if he could assert any control over  this odd looking woman.

Most likely Peterson has played this staring game with many other women. Those who , blink, turn away or  those whom he senses are intimidated  by his stare are the ones , if circumstances allowed,  he  no doubt took to the next level of seduction.

Even though Peterson will live out his years behind bars, don’t be surprised if you hear that Peterson has landed another relationship.

Unfortunately there are emotionally disturbed women out there who are attracted to men behind bars and who feel empowered by defending them.  They have the illusion  the criminal  would never do any harm to them because they are so special and they have control over the situation.. That is  only true  to an extent that the perpetrator is behind bars.

But little do they realize that  sociopaths like Peterson will still be the ones in control as he plays mind games with them and most likely engaging  in his familiar  manipulation and emotional abuse,  so typical of a sociopath.

Casey at 5 And CaseyTwo Decades Later -Did She Kill Countless Animals In The Anthony Home?

When I saw this side by side physical  comparison of Casey at 5 and now at 25. I see that she has not changed much.

Today we see a Casey  who grew up to be devoid of real emotion, unless it pertains to herself. We see a Casey who  developed into a manipulating, cheating, liar,  much like her parents George and Cindy. We also see a Casey who has grown up to steal and kill.

Many believe that Casey is the way she is because she is born that way. Others feel it was due to her upbringing. I feel she is the way she is because of both factors, her genetics and her upbringing.

When Cindy described all the dead pets and how they were buried in the backyard throughout the years, I almost vomited. It was bad enough hearing that  Casey was a part of the dead animals preparation process for burial and  that she  attended their burials as early as the impressionable age of four, I really wondered what went on in that household. Are the dead animals part of their family  secrets?

What shocked me was the number of pets who died  during  a 20 year period. Why were dogs and cats dying so often in the Anthony home?   When Jose Baez kept mentioning pet name after pet name,  I  got chills.

Could it be that little Casey from the age of four,  after attendng her first dog burial, was doing things to torture these innocent animals and killing them.? Did Cindy know Casey was doing this or was she a part of it?

The reason I ask if CIndy was a part of it is because she was so ice-cold on the stand. If I recalled my precious Lambear, my deceased  Lhassa Apso ,my eyes would well up with tears .  Surely Cindy must have had at least  one of the countless animals who were named who touched her heart.

When I  heard her coldness in speaking about her countless animals I wondered a)  if she was covering for Casey’s killing them  o b) if she ignored Casey’s killing them or c)  if she killed them  herself and Casey saw this and followed suit. I am not accusing Cindy of  killing animals but her coldness and detachment  made the thought cross my mind.

Sociopaths begin their sociopathic lives early on. They usually  torture and kill animals from a very young age, They get a thrill from this and like a vampire who needs blood to sustain their life, a sociopath has needs to kill and to keep killing, They get a sadistic thrill out of it.

We have already seen  evidence of Casey’s sadistic side in the  jailhouse tapes and in the courtroom. Could it be that little Casey killed the family dog and enjoyed it so much she killed the family cat,another cat, and another dog?

I want to know exactly when those pets died. I want to know the year and the month. I want to know if Casey  perhaps killed them in the summer months like she did with Cayle? Did she kill the every year or every five years?

I wonder if all these dead pets have anything to do with Casey. If so then the natural progression of  her sociopathic behavior in terms of killing , would be to kill a little human who annoys her . Did the pets annoy her as well ? Was she jealous of them like she was jealous of Caylee?

Was she ready to graduate to killing big humans who annoyed her, like Cindy and George.  Was her telling  so many people including Amy Huizinga that her parents were giving her their house a precursor of what she planned  to do to George and Cindy?

Would she use chloroform on them, break their necks, and then wrap them in plastic, tape them with duct tape and bury them in the back yard with the rest of the dead animals she killed.

Would this satisfy her thrill of killing? Would she do the same to  brother Lee and to Amy Huzinga whom she  wanted to move into the Anthony home and serve as her roomate ? Would Amy become her next victim?

Could she then graduate to killing  boyfriends like Tony Lazzaro? Thank goodness Jesse Grund got away is she has these tendencies.

Jose Baez Ignores Casey While Working As Casey Craves His Attention

When Casey first saw Jose Baez as she walked into court on Day 27, she lights up. She has a genuine smile with raised cheeks and horizontal lip action. The fact that her mouth is not  open and her lips are together means that she is trying to contain her joy. Jose has a cordial smile. His cheeks aren’t raised and his lips are also closed which means he is pleased to see her but not overjoyed as we have seen earlier in pre-trial  hearings.

 He  keeps his physical distance from Casey and his hand is cupped at the knuckles. This indicates that he is feeling ambivalent and anxious.

 Then Cheney Mason comes over and steps behind her. She is all smiles. However, she does not smile back at Masson. Instead, she continues to look at Jose Baez, who is busily at work on his computer and ignores Casey. Casey even leans in towards Baez. Then Mason gives her a quick pat on the back as he walks away and heads towards his seat.

When Cheney leaves, she speaks to Jose and he ignores her.He is busy  working and trying every which way to save her life. She ignores the fact that he has no time to speak to her now. Like a child who demands attention, she leans down on the table and looks up in a further  attempt to gain Jose’s attention.

She realizes that her feminine and cutesy ways aren’t working with Jose and she feels embarrassed. She looks down and has a sheepish tight smile  which  is consistent with feeling embarrassment or shame. Her shoulders are rounded, which   indicates submission and defeat that  she was  not able to get Jose to do  what she wanted him to do at the instant she  wanted him to do it.

Casey is clearly embarrassed and defeated as we see by her rounded shoulders and her looking down. She has distanced herself from Jose and has  literally given him the cold shoulder as she raised her shoulder in his direction. She has also turned her body away from his.

This little interaction speaks to what is really going on in Casey’s mind during this trial and what is important to her- attention and control. Instead of being concerned that her life is on the line, she is more concerned whether Jose likes her or pays attention to her.We can see how Casey has used her flirty act and looked up at some man  and batted her mascara laden eyes to get her way.

Her body language  behavior when she enters the courtroom is disturbing to me. She shows a  different side when the jurors are in the room . She will  fake cry on cue when  her new mother  figure attorney Ms. Simms coaches her to do it.  Ms. Simms was hired on to question the medical experts.  She is supposed to be outstanding at this. But she is now a high paid baby sister for Casey.

Casey will use a folded non wet  Kleenex and wipe a non wet spot under her eye oe cheek. She will breathe heavily through her mouth and widen her nasal alae muscles on the side of  her nose which then  gives it a red appearance. It gets red because pulling stretching  the alae causes more blood flow.  Hence,  the red appearance.

The times she does genuinely cry appear to be for herself and not for Casey. I do believe seeing the animated version of what Caylee looked like  with and without duct tape on her skull was shocking to Casey and her emotion was genuine. Like most sociopaths, she didn’t bother to think of think of the consequences of her actions of leaving a body in a bag.

Other times she co the cocks her head to the side and looks angry. She is  not angry at testimony given about her personally. Instead, she exhibits a cocked head and angry face when experts are trying to explain factual data of what they discovered at the crime scene.

They are poking holes in her defense and she is angry about it. She is angry that she got caught and that the body was found. After all she thought she was smarter than everyone else. Now she is coming to find out that there are some very very smart people out there who will prove what she did to Caylee.

In it’s 27th day, this trial is getting more and more upsetting by the day. As I watch her body language and observe her so carefully, I  see a bona fide sociopath, who is both  sickening and frightening .

Caylee Anthony’s Autopsy Photos May Shock Cindy, George, and Lee To Finally Stop Defending Casey

The prosecution team has just filed a motion to include images which  have been under seal because they show Caylee Anthony’s remains.

When a jury sees these photos and puts two and two together, Casey will no doubt be sentenced to death (unless of course there is a someone on the jury who will be the lone holdout because they have a crush on her).

That is the only thing that concerns me greatly and makes me wish I was doing the jury selection for the prosecution so this would never happen.

If Cindy sees the autopsy photos of Caylee,  maybe she will stop making a fool of herself and stop saying that she thinks Caylee is still alive.

These graphic photos will give her the reality check she so desperately needs. They may  help her to get in touch with her real feelings towards Casey and out of denial.

She will no doubt hate Casey for getting back at her by killing Caylee so that she couldn’t have Caylee.  While Cindy  should hate herself for pushing her aberrant daughter over the edge by saying I will throw you out and keep Caylee, she is too narcissistic and controlling and self-absorbed to be that introspective in my view.

Like Casey, Cindy  has shown that she loves all the media attention and has tries to manipulate it to her end since day one.

The photos may  also  shock her into reality in terms of her  being such a “stubborn mule”  and not trying to locate her allegedly beloved Caylee.   Cindy  had never been away from Cayleee for that long- 31 days But to show Casey a thing or two, Cindy’s  pride got in the way. She refused to try and contact Casey,  thinking that it is Casey who needs to come crawling back home and apologize , not Cindy.

Well Casey did come back home  31 days later,  without Caylee. If Cindy had not been so stuck on being prideful and stubborn,  perhaps Caylee might still be alive.

George needs to see the autopsy photos to stop defending Casey and realize what a she devil he spawned or created, especially if he sexually molested her, as Casey  has repeatedly claimed.

If he sexually molested Casey or Caylee for that matter,  he needs to rot in hell. He needs to never show his face in the courtroom unless he is the defendant for his alleged egregious acts.

If  he did not molest Casey as she said, then these photos will shake him up so much that he will see how evil Casey is and how she has no soul.

He will see that she coldly killed her baby and coldly accused her own father of molesting her, especially  if it is not true. That is when he should never show up in court except to on the  last day to hear the words” Guilty” and “Sentenced to Death by Lethal Injection or Electric Chair.

Whether or not he molested her, those explicit photos will shake him to the bone in terms of  how he non- parented Casey, and let her get away with so much. Casey’s words “Act like a father for the first time in your life” will resonate loudly when she sees those autopsy photos.

Lee needs to see the photos  as well. He needs to see what CMA, the sister he loves so much in every way did to an innocent soul. He needs to get that he can’t play two sides of the fence and coöperate with Law enforcement for his own selfish needs to become a PI and then sit in a courtroom and inappropriately mouth the words” I love you, like some star-crossed lover.

If he  actually molested Casey  as she said  on numerous occasions. he needs to see how his actions contributed to her deviant actions.

And of course Casey needs to see it. These images need to be etched into her brain forever. She needs to see what she  allegedly did  to this innocent baby.She needs to see the actual fruits of her labor.

When Casey  last saw Caylee, Caylee has skin on her body and was a whole intact person. She also last saw Caylee with duct tape over her nose and mouth.

Now Casey can see how Caylee’s body morphed into bones and a skull with hair with the  duct tape over what used to be Caylee’s nose and mouth, but are now only bones.

Of course Casey  will cry,  but not for Caylee.  Instead, she will cry because she got busted and is now in big trouble. She will cry because of what Caylee did to her by messing up her life and being born in the first place.

Caylee will never accept responsibility for Caylee’s death. A sociopath she can only blame others and can never look at themselves. They are not capable of feeling remorse or guilt.

We will no doubt see some crocodile tears or a look of anger when Casey views Caylee’s remains.But rest assured that we will never see remorse, or genuine emotion for anyone other than Casey.

Casey Flirts! Cheney Touches! Casey Gives Finger! Jose Sticks Out Tongue! Casey Gets iphone Lesson Everyone Laughs! A Baby is Dead!

Had I not viewed the in  recent court tape of Casey Anthony  and her lawyers with my own eyes, I NEVER would have believed it. I am stunned by everyone’s joyful and lighthearted behavior.

Maybe  they  actually believe that the magic golden wand will be the testimony of the two upcoming psychiatrists explaining away  Casey’s Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to account for her not reporting a missing Caylee for 31 days. No human being will buy that. What about the years before where she told Cindy she had a job and graduated from high school ?  Come on, there is no way that these therapists can create reasonable doubt with whatever they say. The police goose chase is not indicative of post traumatic stress syndrome. It is indicate of sociopathy!

They were ALL in  high and happy spirits as you can see from these screen shots below.


Cheney Mason not only initiates a touch he actually puts in middle finger int he crook of her elbow and rubs it as you can see in the photo above.

Casey looks down and laughs as she continues to have physical elbow to elbow contact with him.

Then there is two finger touch on Mason’s part  here while their arms still touch and physical contact  between the two is taking place.

They continue to touch arms. Casey places her arm over her body and holds on to her other arm as she braces it go that she can maximally extend her other arm which is touching Cheney Mason.

Now, while still clinging  her arm into Cheney Mason so she can have some physical contact with him, she reaches her other hand over and places her open fingers on his arm.

After removing her hand from him she looks down with a  very self satisfied facial expression. Cheney is all smiles.

They are back to arm touching.

And continuing that touch so that there is definite physical contact between the two.

And finally Casey  attentively looks into Cheney’s eyes in order to get his attention.

The bottom line is that Casey obviously craves attention and  physical contact from a man even if that man is old enough to be her grandfather. There was no need for her to be touching him and less need for him to be touching her either, let alone sticking his fingers in the crook of her arm.


Now Jose Baez shows up and stands to the right, in front of Casey and the TV camera. Casey is excited to see him as you can tell from her wide eyed look and genuine raised cheek smile. She knows she shouldn’t be so happy and smiling so she puts her thumb over her lip in an attempt to repress the smile. She clearly adores Jose.

Casey is very flirty as she coquettishly places one hand over the other and coyly looks at him wide-eyed wile cocking her head to the side.

Next Casey mouths the words NO and looks down as she raises her middle finger up to the side of her head at the temple and keeps it there. The other attorney thinks it is funny. So does Jose as he smiles as well.

Casey thinks it is funny too as she looks over at Jose all the while keeping her finger in the vulgar bird like position as if to say “F You” to Jose.  The other attorney thinks it is funny too.

Now Casey has taken her bird finger down and laughs. Cheney Mason is amused as is the other attorney. Casey is loving all of this drama and attention as Jose is smiling too as he has his back towards the camera in an attempt to block the view.

Jose and Casey are clearly flirting and Casey’s demure hand position with one over the other and her raised eyes and cocked head confirm it. From the looks of Jose’s raised cheeks he is happy and smiling away.

Casey now shows Cheney Mason something under the table. Are they her hairy unshaven legs because they won’t trust her with a razor blade or is it her crotch? At any rate, Jose looks on as Cheney Mason smiles. Jose’s cheeks are no longer raised as the attention is off of him. He is not smiling but rather looking at Casey and Cheney. Is this an attempt to make Jose a bit jealous in her immature schoolgirl way?

Jose now smirks and turns to the camera, His expression says that he is about to do something mischievous.

He sticks his tongue out to the camera! Why in the world would he do this? Does he not care that the whole world is watching him? Is he trying to be funny and playful? Well here is a new  flash Jose, your client may get the death penalty because she killed an innocent little girl. That is nothing to laugh about  and clown around. This is NOT the place or the time.

Jose is clearly amused with himself. Why is this man being playful and joking around when his client is in such serious trouble? He needs to take his playfulness out of the courtroom and not act like an immature schoolboy.


While Jose stares at Casey, the other lawyer gives Casey a tour of the latest iphone G4. No doubt Casey is not up on the latest phone gadgets since she has been in a cage for two years with minimal human contact. So the other attorney is explaining what the new phone can do.


Casey looks right at Jose and gestures to his with her pinkie and thumb as if she was holding a phone, that Jose has a phone call on his cell phone.

Casey even extends her hand to indicate as an attempt to show Jose the phone  in case he didn’t understand her previous sign gesture language, The other attorney is now involved and reaches out to  physically pick up Jose’s cell phone as Jose, with his cocked head begins to process what is going on.

Jose has picked up the phone and put it to his ear while Casey has a self-satisfied grin on her face as she feels she has something useful as his legal assistant and letting him know he had a phone call.

Now Jose checks his  text messages  as Casey looks on with her now vacant eyes.

This whole scenario of Casey and Cheney’s flirtation, her flirtation with Jose and his odd behavior is very disturbing, It is obvious that her attorneys like her and may be the only two people in the world, aside  from some sickos who are enamored with her.

There is now talk on other blogs and some news reports that Casey will be dressed differently and there will be a change in her image when the trial starts.

While I gave my opinion that she needs to  be dressed  in all black for the whole trial in one of my blogs, if they follow my advice it won’t really make a difference because Casey is bound to leak out who she is – a sociopath and no doubt the jury will feel it.

As they say you can put a dress and lipstick and pearls on a pig but it is still a pig.

She has clearly manipulated Jose and Cheney as they seem to be enamored with her and titillated by her. After all she has spent her whole life flirting and manipulating men so why should she not turn on what she knows how to do best with the two men who happen to be around her all the time and give her the attention she craves.

A jury will hate Casey! You can only be on your best behavior for so long until you leak out who you really are. Even the most accomplished Academy Award winning actor can’t do it for as long as Casey will have to be under scrutiny during all these months during her trial.

Casey Anthony’s Fake Tears When Cindy Takes The Stand and Casey’s Obvious Snub When Cindy Leaves

When Cindy Anthony took the stand, despite what the media has  stated, Casey Anthony DID NOT CRY and was NOT emotional. Instead, she faked her tears and any semblance of emotion as you will see in the documented photo account below. Before Cindy even spoke Casey was doing her manipulative boo hoo act devoid of tears.

In the photos below you will see Casey wipe away her non tears and immediately recover from her fake tear crying expression which is indicative of someone faking it.

She only did her boo hoo act for 7 minutes that Cindy was first ont he stand and then she got angry, You will see the flashes of anger appear on Casey’s face as Cindy gave her testimony.

Casey  mostly exhibited her  usual blank facial expression as Cindy spoke . When she wasn’t glancing at Cindy, she was busy writing with her red pen to match her form-fitting V necked red pullover.

The most telling thing which revealed how Casey really felt about Cindy was when Cindy left the stand and walked past Casey as she left the courtroom.  Cindy turned to sneak a peek at Casey while Casey completely ignored her and continued to write.  There is clearly no love lost as far as how Casey feels about Cindy as demonstrated by this incident.

Before the proceedings began, Casey starts her grooming behavior as she dusts herself off.

Even though her hair is pulled back away from her fact and out of her reach in  a pony tail tied at the back, Casey still manages to fiddle with her hair as part of her grooming ritual.

As Cindy takes the stand , she turns around to sneek a peek  at Casey. Since we haven;t seen Cindy in the media for a while we can see the dramatic changes in her  puffier physical appearance and how this case has obviously taken a toll on her.

Before Cindy even spoke, Casey stated in with some fake tear wiping where she practically sticks her thumb into  the corner of her eye in an attempt to irritate it so perhaps a tear will emerge.

Here we see Casey trying her best to conjure up some emotion, It’s not coming so she bites her lip in an attempt to look as though she is sad and upset but she fails miserably. If she was really crying  the corners of her lips would be coursing toward not straight across as you see here, Adding to that fake emotional expression is that her eyes are not squinted as one does when they cry,  but  instead opened wide. Her raised forehead also  illustrates the fakeness. When one cries the forehead is not raised, Instead, it is lowered.

Casey shows no sadness or emotion on her face that would indicate crying, However she wipes away fake tears from both of her cheeks.

Here Casey tries her best to fake the cry but there are no tears. When one cries tears always appear.  No doubt she has used this fake crying expression throughout her life to manipulate Cindy to try to get what she wanted.   Her hand is covering her cheek to catch a  fake non tear.

Here is the immediate tearless wipe as she attempts to wipe a non teary non runny nose.

There is a too quick and immediate recovery from the teary expression above which occurred in a millisecond . This  indicates fakeness,She is pursing her lips which indicate falseness and deception in terms of what she is attempting to do- cry real tears of emotion.

Her is more bad tearless acting on Casey’s part, Note how she presses two fingers up under her right eye in an attempt to press out a tear. People who cry real tears cry bilaterally, not with one eye at a time.

Casey immediately wipes away non tears from her other eye. As I said, people do not cry and tear one eye at a time. There were no tears on either eye.

Here we see Casey examining her non tear . Note her blank  non emotional facial expression which is NOT indicative of a person who is showing real and genuine  emotion.

Now we really see Casey’s false attempt to show her  emotions as she examines a fake non tear which clearly did not land in the palm of her hand.Once again, note her blank unemotional expression and she focuses on the non tear in the palm of her hand.

Here we see how Casey really feels about Cindy. WE see a true leakage of her genuine emotion of ANGER as she listens to her mother’s testimony. Note the tension in the jaw at the side of her face. Look at her eyes as they glare at her mother . Look at her angry pursed lips and the tight muscles around them which clearly  indicate disdain.

Within milliseconds Casey shifts into her blank emotional facial expression as she begins to write on her legal pad.

As Cindy says on the stand that she cried and put her head in her husbands chest, Casey looks up , wide eyed with blank emotion. This is the part where she should have been crying. She should have been crying and showing some empathy when her mother said she was crying. But Casey clearly has no feelings or empathy towards her mother. She may  very well not have empathy for anyone.

When Cindy was  asked if she was the one who brought the officers into her house,  Casey detaches by staring vacantly  at her non tear that she is now squeezing between her two fingers. This is the part that she should have been showing emotion. This was the turning point in her life- when her mother invited the police whom she called into her home.Instead Casey is inappropriately devoid of emotion.

Casey manages a hair grooming gesture 27 minutes into her mother’s testimony. She has now completely detached from Cindy as she continues to write.

AS Cindy speaks of the offers arriving at her house Casey leaks out an expression of disdain as she glances up at her mother. Note the tight lipped appearance indicating anger.

We see Casey scribbling on her legal pad for  45 minutes into the trial and  barely looking up at her mother.

Now her is where we really see how Casey feels about Cindy. Cindy is clearly conflicted. On the one hand she needs to answer every question honestly and openly. On the other hand she apparently has some feelings towards Casey. AS she leaves the stand and walks in front of Casey.  She turns her face and body towards Casey with the hopes that Casey will look up and acknowledge her. If you look at the right corner of the screen you will see that Casey’s head is down as she refuses to acknowledge her mother’s presence.

This would have been a perfect opportunity a perfect moment where both of their eyes could have met and smiles or even real tears  could have been exchanged, But Casey was having none of it. She refused to even look at Cindy.

It showed passive aggressive anger on Casey’s part.


A while back I wrote a blog where it looked at though Casey was genuinely happy when one of her lawyers was getting sworn in.

In retrospect after observing this current video I can say that Casey was  most likely not happy for anyone else but herself. Perhaps she was amused  by the incident or perhaps she was happy because now there would be  yet another person to visit her in jail to break up up her boredom.

At the time  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she may have had  some compassion and feelings for someone else other than herself.

But watching her now at a time where genuine  emotion and compassion were  warranted when her mother took the stand I see a much clearer picture of Casey.

I see  how devoid she is of compassion, empathy and  genuine emotion when her mother took the stand. I see the fake manipulative crocodile tears which convince me  that Casey appears to be devoid of genuine emotion and may very well be a sociopath.