Chris Brown, Michael Lohan, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen Continue to Get Away With Being TOXIC MEN


Chris Brown  has an anger bursting violent  tantrum and allegedly breaks a window at GMA  and walks awayfreely. He performs at a concert that evening as though nothing happened. He  is still  even scheduled to perform at DWTS next week. Michael Lohan allegedly holds his ex fiancé hostage, get arrested and then walks away with a mere misdemeanor. Charlie Sheen acts like a nutcase and then makes even more money than ever before.Mel Gibson knocks off his baby mamma’s dental veneers and gets a slap on the wrist with no jail time as he  does community service with children.

 What all of  these TOXIC MEN have in common is that they have abused women. They have disrespected women and have not been held accountable by the public.

 Is it because they are celebrities who make a lot of money and money talks?

To me it is sickening to allow these Toxic Men to get away with such egregious acts and to not beheld accountable. It speaks volumes about what we tolerate as a society when it comes to women being abused and degraded. In my view these men need to be ostracized and not be regaled as heroes.

 Personally I would NEVER see another Mel Gibson film again and I encourage everyone to do the same., The fact that actress Jodi Foster, who has supported women’s causes for years,  supports him speaks volumes.  She is his producer of his Beaver film  and obviously her investment in the film and the money spent means more to her than not supporting anyone who abuses women.  

Looking at Mel Gibson absolutely sickens me for his abuse towards women and his racist rants so there is no way that I would patronize any project he was involved with unless it had to his giving money to abused women’s shelters,  the Anti Defamation League, the NAACP, or La Raza .

 I would never listen to or think of purchasing a Chris Brown song because just knowing who he is and how he behaved outweighs any talent he may have. Chris did the whole interview with Robin Roberts without incident. There was annoyance and he let her know he wanted to move on and discuss his album. That is where it needed to end. But he carried that anger with him and it escalated. Thus he became a SILENT BUT DEADLY ERUPTING VOLCANO which is the most dangerous of all Toxic People.

Knowing this about Chris Brown turns me off even more. It shows that he can’t be trusted, He’s like a wild animal with no boundaries who can turn in an instant.  


As for Charlie Sheen, I would never watch any show or film he was on just knowing what he did to so many women. The fact that he put a knife to the throat of his son’s mother is enough to make me never want to see his face. The fact that he physically and emotionally abused so many women repulses me. And knowing how he recently manipulated the public with his“crazy like a fox” act clearly makes me  never want to support or see anything he is doing. Knowing this I can’t see anything  appealing or entertaining about him.  


  And as far as Michael Lohan goes, whenever I find him  yapping away on any show I  turn the channel. To me he is only riding on his daughter’s coat tails of fame . I find that he has nothing to offer and nothing of value to say. His latest stunt of going on Celebrity Rehab has completely turned me off to the show. His alleged anger management needs to be dealt with in a specific anger management program not on a program about rehab.

 Personally, I think that Michael Lohan may turn out to be a  physical danger to others to the point that he may be spending a great deal of the rest of his life behind bars. To me he is a train wreck waiting to happen.

I am not going to give these TOXIC MEN a free pass by saying that they have  alcohol or substance abuse issues and that is why they behave as they behave. There  are many people who have these same issues and don’t abuse women.

Alcohol and drugs are not the reason they are  angry and violent towards women. To think so is to think naively., Their anger issues are much deeper and need to be addressed because the alcohol and drug use is clearly only  a symptom of the real problem – self hatred, mother issues, and other psychological dynamics.

The more people who refuse to support these TOXIC MEN will be sending them a clear message, that their behavior will not be tolerated and that they must be held accountable for their egregious behaviors- celebrity or not, rich or not !


Dr. Lillian Glass Shares Hit Singer Songwriter Calvin Harris’ Feelings About Chris Brown’s “Beat for Beat” Copying of His Song


There is nothing that I find more despicable and TOXIC than a person copying another’s work, especially  when they do word for word copying of someone’s creative efforts.In fact this happened to me as the  author of the book  Toxic People, 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable.

That is why  I am now pursuing legal channels against a woman who  who did word for word copying of my work and  suing her for copyright infringement and for trademark violation in hopes that justice will be served.

So when I heard Scottish singer and songwriter, Calvin Harris  insist  that Chris Brown of  Rhianna beating infamy, remark that Chris Brown stole his  “beat” and in essence,  did” beat for beat “ copying of Harris’ number one hit single “ You’re Not Alone” my ears perked up.

I immediately listened to Calvin Harris’ You’re Not Alone “ which was released in 2009. Click below to listen

I discovered that the song begins as a ballad but at  :47 it begins to have a distinct beat.

Then I listened to Chris Brown’s recent release “Yeah 3X.”Click  below  to listen



After listening to both  songs, my ears immediately  perceived that the beats were identical.

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In fact,  musically inclined Perez Hilton  is quoted as saying “ We’re not surprised. We don’t think there is any low that Chris Brown isn’t willing to stoop to, whether it be beating down or stealing a beat!

 In addition,  most of those who made comments on this matter,  on Perez’ blog appear to agree that the two songs sound identical.



After hearing Chris Browns new release, Calvin Harris twittered that he choked on  my cornflakes” as he felt  dumbfounded .

I knew exactly what Calvin  was feeling as he made those comments. When I discovered that this  person  did word for word coping of my work. She  even had the audacity to call  her book the same title as my best selling 1995 book  Toxic People,  I too felt dumbfounded.

No one deserves to take credit and reap financial benefits from work that another has done. I believe that people who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed . 

I  certainly hope that  singer songwriter Calvin  Harris does whatever he has to do to  preserve his creative rights.  Perhaps he too will pursue the same path  as I did in seeking justice .

Chris Brown’s Body Language Shows He’s Way Too Happy Doing His Court Ordered Labor

Rhianna abuser Chris Brown's happy body language
Rhianna abuser Chris Brown's happy body language

Chris Brown, the singer who beat up fellow singer and former girlfriend Rhinna, is now paying for his crime as  he was sentenced to 180 days of court ordered physical labor.  His body language on the  TMZ video  shows that he appears to be all smiles and enjoying himself as he picks up trash and trims hedges in Virginia. 

    A much better sentence for him would have been to use his muscle in constructing shelters for Abused Women. In addition the sentence should have included attending mandatory anger management and domestic violence programs as well as  doing public service announcements against Domestic Violence on Young Women.