Casey Anthony’s Revealing Voice In AP interview Shows Shows Signals of Deception, Arrogance, Annoyance, and Hostility


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.19.55 AM.pngWhen asked how Caylee died she quitely and quickly  and in a breathy voice as she dies off at the end and says “I don’t know.”  To me that is a blatant signal of deception.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.43.36 AM.png

Then the reporter asks Something about drowning possibly. Casey  immediately turns arrogant in her tone and gets louder in volume and  says everyone has their theories and punctuates it with a monotonous I don’t know devoid of any emotion.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.46.40 AM.png She is asked so your parents had her. Her voice us up as if asking a question as she said “My did did?” To me that is a signal of deception.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.49.04 AM.pngWhen asked how did it play. She say I did what I was told. I don’t remember too much of what  ( and then she hesitates and stops for a second and says happened. which is another signal of  deception in my view.

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When asked when things went wrong, he answer makes no sense. The reporter says ” IS that how it went” She says No  and there is a ( pause )  and then she slowly articulates “What I remember is my mom  coming in  before she went to work and saying goodby to us”.” AS she says this is sounds like she is putting a lot of effort into thinking about what she is going to say about this as she speaking time is slow. She then pauses. which is unnatural and says ” And then waking up several hours later.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.03.27 AM.png

And now we really see deception.  First she repeats exactly what the reporter says in parrot-like fashion. This is often a signal of deception n my view.”Several hours later” which she said is NOT “an hour or two hours” later as she now tells the reporter. So in essence she just lied as she now changed her story.  The reporter asks “Don’t you wish you know what happened.” Casey sounds very defensive in her tone as she says “Absolutely”.

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What happens next, is totally nauseating as Casey says Caylee would be 12 this year.When the reporter asks what would she be like, Casey projects her own rebellious attitude  at tat age and hostility on to Caylee as she says ” total- bad ass asn laughs and even goes so far as to describe the type of music the dead child would be listening to is she were alive.- classic rock and says how she would be playing sports and “not takin’ shit from anyone.” This is Casey’s projection and idealization of herself, which she clearly projected onto her dead daughter.

She now lives and works with the private investigator on her defense team Patrick McKenna. She then defensively says how she doesn’t care about what people think of her but the revealing part is when she says I sleep ” and then she pauses  for a second as she continues with pretty good at night.” to me that is a signal of deception as one wonders if she really does sleep pretty good at night when deep deep down in her subconscious she knows what happened to her dead daughter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.17.37 AM.png

What makes me further think this is deception is when she showed off Caylee’s a finger painting artwork to the interviewer and openly sobbed. Unike during her interview. she obviously she feels emotion about Caylee, and maybe that emotion is guilt and remorse for what she allegedly did to Caylee.





Casey Anthony Toxic Parents- What They Are Really Saying In Selling Caylee’s Belongings



We all saw how Casey Anthony’s parents  lied repeatedly when they appeared in the media before and after the trial. We also saw how they lied on the stand as there were multiple signals of deception observed.

We now how it was most likely Cindy’s  control and short leash as well as her denial over Casey with her multiple problems and  telling her troubled daughter her that she would  throw her out of the house, threatening to keep Caylee, that  no doubt lead to one of the most tragiic stories of the decade.

As we all know, a jury acquitted their daughter which shocked  everyone including Casey, who most people, according to surveys believe she is responsible for Caylee’s demise. People have blamed the jury, the prosecutors, the arrogance of Jeff Ashton, and even Judge Perry or a combination of all three as to why she is now free. But the fact remains she is  a free woman who even has a cadre of supporters and new attorneys who work for free in exchange for  fame and media attention. 

Just when we thought we put this TOXIC family behind us,l we just discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Anthony have now decided to once again profit from their granddaughter’s death and sell off her belongings.

While I can’t fault  them of getting rid of Caylee’s belongings , I can blame them for selling them and prtofiting off of them. They no doubt profited off of the charity and interviews and licensing personal photos  of Caylee to the media. But this is repulsve in my view.

If they donated her things to a hospital or to a women’s abuse shelter, or to a police department or to needy children, it would give a different message than the one they are giving by selling her things.

What they are saying point blank, is  that since they lt their beloved granddaughter is dead , they are I entitled to getting something  out of this ordeal- money.  They feel they deserve it. They want to recoup the money they doled out on Caylee when she was alive. Since there was no insurance money for them and since interviews have dried up, book deals are a thing of the past, and their Caylee Charity is no longer profitable, they decided to do one last thing to capitalize off of this tragedy- make some money off of Caylee’s toys and furniture and clothing. 

Unfortunately they will have buyers who want an item  Caylee had  as a remembrance. to her  precious life. But these buyers no doubt did not consider the other side of the story- that their money will go into the Anthony’s pockets so they can perhaps take another cruise or buy what they want. If they had considered it, perhaps many of them wouldn’t have purchased Caylee’s items.

Apparently Lee and his now wife Mallory had a baby boy in April. They may decide to have another child in the future an that child may be a girl.  Some would  feel comforted to pass her lovely toy and belongings on to another member of the family. On the other hand Lee and Mallory may feel it is too painful a reminder  for them.

Like it or not, a now free Casey, could spawn another child and that child could be a girl. Maybe she could have used Caylee’s  items for her new child (God forbid). Her parent’s could have placed Caylee’s things in storage for the daughter for whom they  liied  and committed perjury. The it would be up to Casey to keep them or destroy them justl like she   may have done did with Caylee. 

In my view George and Cindy have shown their toxicity once again. What would be a positive and redeeming gesture on their part would be if they gave the money they earned over to Texas Equi search who spent so much money and effort trying to find little Caylee when all along they knew she was dead. But I doubt that will ever happen. They are too selfish, self consumed as most of us have seen to do something that noble in my view.

May Caylee RIP .


Casey Anthony Dad Gets Cold Body Language Reception from Jeff Ashton At Victory Party

After looking at the video footage of George Anthony , who had the unmitigated gall to insert himself into the news once again by purposely showing up as an unwelcome guest  at Jeff Aston’s victory party in his race for State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, it was apparent that Ashton was not happy about Anthony’s presence.

George was not invited and  based on the body language of Jeff Ashton, George was clearly not welcome.  This was Ashton’s night, not George’s. A nice thank you note would have sufficed. George did not need to show up.

George clearly  did it for his ego as he no doubt misses all the press attention on im and playing “Mr. Golly Gee Poor Me Victim.”  His ego, no doubt became fulfilled everyday when he was in the news. He defended his daughter Casey and did interview after interview claiming her innocence at allegedly killing her daughter Caylee until  the tables turned and he was  being accused of molesting Casey , was  subsequently found not guilty. George’s presence was also a statement  to Casey that he was siding with prosecutors and that he is not happy that Casey  was not found guilty and is now free. It also says that he is still angry at Casey for throwing him under the bus and accusing him of molesting and sexually abusing her.

George showed up at  the victory party at Friendly Confines in  Winter Park shortly after the media announced it was a win for Ashton. George no doubt showed up to let everyone know that the reason Ashton won was because of the Anthony case and that he is still relevant.

Well truth be told, George is not relevant and Ashton won the election despite losing the Casey Anthony case, not because of it.

Body language wise Ashton was not thrilled to see George. Ashton did not smile  a wide smile or do the eyebrow flash one does when they are genuinely happy to see someone. Instead he had a look of surprise on his face reflecting that he didn’t want George to be a part of this.

He di not embrace George or hug George. Instead there was a very distanced handshake. That means that their hands and arms were extended far away during the greeting as they shook hands. This indicated  that Ashton was trying to keep George as far away as possible form him.

The handshake was short  and there was  no lingering on either side  . Ashton quickly broke away and turned his back on George as George then awkwardly tuned away.

George clearly felt the embarrassment based on  the sheepish expression in his face,

Ashton’s subsequent  intriew to the press was also telling as he was monotone and guarded in his tones . He stammered through the interview as he said “ When I  was informed that George Anthony was there I , I , I was surprised”.

Look at his facial expression as he sais this. Does this look like a man who is talking about being happy that he saw someone at his victory party? The answer is a resounding NO! Look at the down turned  lips and look of disgust as though he just smelled something bad as he recalls the incident.

HE then says “I was surprised” yet he shows no look of surprise. Instead he leaks out anger as he makes this statement with a clenched jaw.

I wasn’t expecting him to to appear. But but…. ( look at Ashton’s look of revulsion once  again as though he is going to throw up as he continues

by saying “   I was pleasantly surprised ) as he shakes his head NO and has no smile) as I had not seen him “ (as he turns  away his head) in a long time. I shook his hand uh and he uh congratulated me. “

Ashton turn his head as he says this because he wants to literally turn away from this interview and not discuss George Anthony. He was obviously annoyed George showed up and it showed in Ashtons tone of voice and in his signals of deception,

His stammering and eye blinking all reflect that he is not saying what he really wanted to say which most likely was “ I wish this jerk would not have shown up to my party as he had no business being there.”

Ashton’s body language showed clear evidence thathe didn’t want George there. He does not like George as indicated by his body language. The faced George to the side. He did not face George directly and his toes were not pointing directly in front of George which would have indicated that he liked him.

He had his shoulder up towards George and in essence gave him the cold shoulder  as you can see.The handshake was short and there was a lot of physical distance between he and George which is a signal that he wanted to keep his distance from George.

After they shake hands and Ashton breaks away he turn away and has a tense smile and literally moves away from George.

Then Ashton abruptly and  immediately turns away from George and looks down as if to break any contact ot associatation with him. Ashton clearly knew what George’s motive was. It was no doubt in Ashton’s view to put attention on George and to take away from Ashton’s moment . Ashton clearly he was having none of it and that is why he spent so little time with George. he wanted no part of the association at his party.


George defienatly got he message as she sheepishly turned away and looked down in embarrassment with no place to go. He wasn;t smiling as he clearly got that he was not welcome there.

Ashton ends the interview my saying :It was nce to see him: but his body language says something elese as he leaks out a slight head shake that indicated  no he a not glad to see him and he continues to frown as he makes this statement in a monotone unenthusiastic voice. He also immediately purses his lips as you can see which indicates he has nothing more to say on the topic.

Scott Sternberg Peddles Casey Anthony for 3/4 of a Million Dolllars

Nothing  repulses me more  than hearing anything out of  liar Casey Anthony’s mouth, aside from producer Scott Stenberg trying to cash in on the action and make a quick  buck off her back and the back of a dead baby. If he sells it I am boycotting it and him to boot.

No one deserves to make money off of  a dead baby- CayleeMarie Anthony. We have wasted enough time  dissecting this case. We have heard ALL that Casey Anthony has to say with her body language and repeated verbal and vocal  lies.

We have  even heard her  liar mother  Cindy lie repeatedly  on the stand and in the media. We have heard the same lies from her father and brother Lee .  It is over! Let this precious baby rest in peace.

If Scott  Sternberg whom I happen to know personally sells this sleeze for the  three quarters of a million dollars….


Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

To all my wonderful Body Language Blog Readers:

I just  wanted to let you know why  you haven’t seen a lot of my  posts  lately, It is  because I have been focused  on my  new books and doing TV show pilots. In fact, I just finished the final touches on my upcoming book called, See Something, Hear Something, Say Something! Guide to Identifying Body Language of Terrorist. My co-author is, a  former Special Agent with the FBI and former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force named Vincent Sulivan. We are so proud of this book is with a lot of original research and new data  how to recognize terrorists as we are certain It will help save a lot of lives.




Surprise! Surprise! Casey Anthony’s Jail Video Released By Judge Perry Screams Anxiety and Guilt

Casey Anthony’s  body language  during the recently released  videotape which Judge Perry  finally allowed to be made public says it all. It shows Casey’s reaction when she  became aware Caylee’s remains were found. It  shows someone   n and extreme state of anxiety and screams guilt to me!

To read more click the link below’s-body-language-on-recently-released-jailhouse-tape-shows-extreme-signals-of-anxiety-associated-with-guilt/

How Can George and Cindy Anthony’s Marriage Last When They Disagree About What Really Happened to Caylee?


As George Anthony appeared on Part 2 of his interview on  the Dr. Phil Show,  once again,  he was a liar when it came to discussing  his relationship with River Cruz . In fact Dr. Phil asked him Did you have a romantic relationship with River Cruz?

George  says No sir  and smiles his goofy fake Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame smile. He  swallows hard,  which is a major signal of deception, especially  in the context of what was asked.

Dr. Phil then told him that he didn’t want to play the semantics game.   He asked George if he had an intimate relationship with River. Once again George swallowed hard and blinked repeatedly which  indicated deception.

To read more click this link