Self Absorbed Manipulative Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Latest Self Video

A  video blog made three months ago was just released  of Casey Anthony discussing her favorite topic- herself!  As repulsive as it is for me to watch, I managed to sit through it and analyzed her body language,  voice and communication patterns.

In general we see Casey with her new image which mirrors her mother Cindy’s  image complete with  short bleached blond hair that resembles her mother Cindy”s outdated do-  the very person she detests and the cause of all of her troubles.

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Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

To all my wonderful Body Language Blog Readers:

I just  wanted to let you know why  you haven’t seen a lot of my  posts  lately, It is  because I have been focused  on my  new books and doing TV show pilots. In fact, I just finished the final touches on my upcoming book called, See Something, Hear Something, Say Something! Guide to Identifying Body Language of Terrorist. My co-author is, a  former Special Agent with the FBI and former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force named Vincent Sulivan. We are so proud of this book is with a lot of original research and new data  how to recognize terrorists as we are certain It will help save a lot of lives.




Casey Anthony’s Complete Body Language and Face Makeover in Ohio? Is It Really Casey or Are We Being Duped??

When I first saw the photos of  an alleged Casey Anthony which were distributed over the internet by TMZ I did not think they were of  photos of the real Casey for a number of reasons.

The new Casey was  much heavier in just three weeks, had a more bulbous nose, fuller lips and a different earlobe shape, and rounder eyes. There was also a cleft underneath her chin that was not there before.

The real  one
had a thinner upper lip and a poutier upper  lip region. Then I noticed something very strange facially in terms of her nose.

In this photo her nose suddenly did not look bulbous at the tip. Her nostril were higher and the cleft in her chin was gone.

And then there was the matter of her clothing. Remember her fuscia V necked tee she walked out of jail with? Well

She had the exact same style V neck tee in black

And she had it in white. There was also something disconcerting about her body language as she showed a more upright posture where in the courtroom she had a forward gait.

The question is can  this be  a person who looks like Casey who was culled from an ad or recommendation like they do with  Ron Smith Celebrity Lookalikes? Is it two Casey lookalikes  – one with a bulbous nose and one with a thinner nose?

Or is it the real Casey who had a swollen nose before she had nose surgery and who had the picture taken weeks later when the nose thinned down? Was the  cleft under  her chin removed at  a later date or filled in with Restyalyn? Were her lips filled in and area around her frown lines?

The fact that she wore different outfits makes me think it was staged. Real Papp shots happen on one occasion and they photos are sold to an agency ASAP. The they take more shots with different outfits in different circumstances for more money. Also in many of the shots Casey is purseless and empty handed. Who walks  without anything in your hand unless you are going running- not strolling like Casey seems to be doing.

Finally she looks into the camera. Candid shots of people are not of them looking into the lense. She looked into the lens because she knew a photographer was there. Why didn’t she put her hand out over her face or run or yell or  curse? Thats what celebs do who don’t want a camera near them. It’s a natural reactin. Casey is way too calm and collected. That is what makes me think Jose is  behind this. Look at the timing. Jose was in NYC last week hustling up some interview gigs so he is in money making mode.


It was also said in the TMZ article Casey is in the state where she was born, Ohio. Now I am sure we have ALL been had and duped. There is no way she is not cinontact with George and Cindy. George and Cindy are super close to the Edy’s, Casey’s aunt Kathy and uncle Chuck who live in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio.They own several car dealerships so money must be no object. l

No doubt they are helping her out financially until the big bucks come in. Maybe when Casey gets some gigs they will be paid instead of her so that it will always look like Casey is indigent and therefore no one can come after her. Maybe the Edy’s will dole out money she needs if she gets a house. If it is in their name no one can come after her.

The Edy’s  spoke to the NBC affiliate  about Casey  after the not guilty verdict was read. They  came out in support of George and Cindy Anthony and spoke about the not-guilty verdict and said they had helped George and Cindy Anthony with moral support during the trial. Well they have heped Casey as well, no doubt

Chuck Eddy also  said  in an interview  that while he is shocked by the not guilty verdict, his concern now is for George and Cindy Anthony and the strain the trial and the accusations may have put on their marriage.

Casey’s uncle, Chuck Eddy, had this to say about the verdict, “It was very shocking, but you know the deal is that God’s in control and I think a lot of grace was shown today. Everyone was very surprised. I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey. There you have it !  As family members they are loyal to Casey and no doubt helping her,

Then her goes on to say “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. The accusations that her defense team threw at George, Casey’s Father — I think a lot of people and the family are wondering how could she could allow that to happen?”

Eddy says faith has helped the Anthony’s get through this trial. But Eddy and his wife Kathy are haunted by a question that still remains unaswered after this 36 day trial what really happened to little Caylee? Eddy says, “If Casey knows or if she was involved I hope someday she can admit to that or she can tell us who did it, and if she truly doesn’t know I hope justice is done and they find the guilty party.”

He says

I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey.” He added that “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving  mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. “

In essence her Ohio family is supporting her as you can see from the quotes. After this photo manipulation I wonder if Casey is really getting therapy to learn how to be a grieving mother so that everyone can see that grieving mother as Mr. Edy said.

Is she going to Ohio State’s Psychiatric Clinic?  Is that why she is in Cleveland?


If this is Casey she has put on weight for sure in a three week period, Is she on anti depressants which allow  for a  quick weight gain? Is she boozing it up every day and McDoanldsing it up? Or is she pregnant? She does have large breasts and a tummy.

Why in the world would Jose want the world to see Casey and now  be able to recognize her with her weight gain, filled face and changed up nose and lips? The answer is simple to me. It is so that he can have her  change herself up again after all the legal issues and  the parole situation is  gone.

Casey can then get  a second nose job making it thin and petite. She  can  dye her hair red and have it short. She can wear brown contact lenses, get a breast reduction and chin reduction and wear less form fitting clothing.

This is so disturbing to thing that we may have all been HAD with George and Cindy playing along  over the past three years to save Casey and now most likely having contact with her in Ohio. Maybe they flew to Ohio from Texas to stay with the Edys and see Casey.They would be less recognizable than if they flew from Orlando.

Whatever the case it is all too sickening. They are one big happy family again the  family loyalty that George mentioned early on won over doing the right thing.Caylee’is in a much better place than living with this TOXIC family.

Casey Anthony Latest Spin About Why She Won’t Give Interviews For Three Months- She’s In Therapy

The above photo of famed Minnesota artist Dan Lacey’s depiction of Casey Anthony is  from Splash Photo Agency. To me it is  a perfect portrait of Casey with her pouting lips. elfin ears, sideburn curls, bulbous nose, and mishshapen eyebrows. But this portrait may only be a reminder of Casey’s courtroom past as she glams up  and ventures  out in the media in the next three months.

As most of you know by now  I detest spin and any form of media hype or BS . So when I heard that Casey Anthony won’t  be giving any interviews for three monthsbecause she will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead”  I was nauseated. First of all the kind of professional treatment  Casey needs cannot be accomplished in  few months.She needs a few years at least, if not a lifetime of therapy. In my view she needs to give her interview in three years, not three months.

Jose Baez, her spokesperson turned  manager,  allegedly said Casey is seeking treatment  because :

1. She now realizes that her questionable behavior when  Caylee went  missing  was the result of obvious mental health issues.”

2.  She still needs help to  deal with the  trauma of losing Casey  and “

3. She spent 3  years in  jail in solitary confinement  facing murder charges that “It messed with her head.”

I hate this nonsense becuase it is complete BS and spin in my view . What her handlers are no doubt doing by delaying her interviews  is buying time so that Caseywon’t be as hated as she is now. The time allows the public hatred to die down and soften.  In addition  she gave her interviews now what can she say?  No one would care .But in three months she has a new story as she reinvents herself.

Here’s how I see it. Yes it is speculation on my part but that is what I do in my blog. I speculate based on my objective observations and I am often correct in my assessments. So this is what I see happening durng her interview  after her three month hiatus from the public.

A. She can say she went through intensive therapy and it  finally opened her eyes. She will say how she found out she has Disassociative Syndrome or some other cockamamie syndrome to blame her actions on. How will she explain her cold and callous and evil behavior during the jailhouse call when she ignored Caylee and just wanted lover Tony Lazarro’s number?

B. She will talk about how her dad had oral sex with her every day  and  perhaps how he went into her room and possibly molested her since she was a baby. She will talk about how she detests him and can never be in his presence and how she may have had suspicions he may have molested Caylee. Whether this is true or not she will say how she feared hm and how she was promiscuous because of being molested by him. She will say how she learned this in therapy during her three months.

C. Then she will say how Lee molested her  since childhood and possibly say how she thought Caylee was his child  until   the DNA said he was not Caylee’s bio dad. She can say that she didn’t want her mother to know about her pregnancy because she didn’t want to get Lee in trouble and how she thought she may be having a deformed child. She will say how she wanted to adopt out the baby because she was afraid and didn’t want the reminder of Lee molesting her and getting her pregnant.

D.Then she will talk about evil mother Cindy and how she feared her and how mean and  controlling she was. She will  perhaps discuss  how Cindy yelled at her and hit her all the time when she was younger. She will tell everyone that the Cindy everyone saw on TV was the tip of the iceberg and what an evil witch Cindy was.  Actually there may be a morsel of truth here.

E. Next she will give some sob story about how she misses Caylee and how sad she is that Caylee is gone. This will no doubt be said from the lips of a person who did not cry one tear for Caylee but only cried tears  for herself. She will eek out some smiles and share how Caylee was the love of her life and how they had such a bright future together until her “accident”  and how she was in such and  fear she didn’t know what to do. She will of course tell us why she didn’t cry for Caylee and how it was part of her syndrome. She will also possibly show how Caylee is always alive to her and how she keeps her photo in a locket around her neck.

F. She may even spin it that with the money she earns  from books and interviews, she will start a Caylee Charity for missing children and that all money from any Caylee dolls and  tee shirts will go for this. She most likely will not say that as the Executive of the Charity she will  no doubt  receive a hefty income from it.

G. She will tells us about her life behind bars and how fearful she was and how poorly she was treated with no visitors except for her attorneys. She will tell us what she ate and her sleeping habits and  how her only hope was the wonderful people who wrote her and sent their support. She will use this opportunity during her exclusive  interview to thank them all. Don’t be surprised if you see a little fake tear here.

H. No doubt her debut  will be made with her having a new look with a  stylish hair do- long , but manageable and full  of volume. She will wear an attractive and appealing outfit that is sexy, and  have a super makeup  done complete with  shaped brows. No doubt she will be in top physical shape and the outfit that is chosen for her  will highlight her figure like Kim Kardashian.

Since Jose is controlling everything,  like who does the interview and what money will be given to Casey,  you can rest assured that he will also control the questions which will be asked. He will no doubt want the questions well ahead of time so Casey can rehearse them. No doubt she will have a media coach to guide her in terms of getting rid of like ums and ands and posture and pacing and breathing on camera. They will do countless videotaping sessions until Casey feels she has it right. But little does she know the body leaks the truth, so we will see through all thlis BS. If NBC wins the bid and Matt Lauer does the interview he will go gentle on her so she won’t walk way. She loves men so she will be all flirtsy with Matt. It’s hard to be tough on someone who is flirting with you.

She will say  she is grateful to her lawyers especially Jose  Baez and Cheney Mason. She will address any rumors about alleged affairs with she and Jose and perhaps tell us the kind of man she is looking for to start a new life.She will say how Jose was like a dad she never had and Cheney Mason was like a grandfather she never had and how MS. Simms was like the mom she never had and how Ann Finnell was like the grandmother she never had.

She will most likely  tell us how her future will involve continued therapy as she learns and grows . She will also say how she wants to finish  high school and go to college and be a lawyer, meet a guy and start a family because she loves kids so much and is a “good mother.”

She will also possibly  tell us how she fears for her life and no doubt  blame Nancy Grace for making everyone hate her. If pressed about her feelings towards Nancy, she will no doubt be instructed to say that her lawyers are handling that. This will give everyone the impression that Nancy HLN and CNN is headed for a major defamation suit, which Cheney Mason also hinted at.

So there you have it! What else could this woman possibly say? Jose will continue to sift through offers on behalf of Casey  and she will be a multimillionaire as will he.

Jose says that when Casey is  healthy, she  will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.  If Casey wanted to tell her story she needed to have done it in a court of law not in the media. That is complete BS. As for how her story will be told,I can tell you that. It will be told exactly as I laid forth in this blog and it will be done with a lot of spin and lost of media  hype. By the time you finsish listening to it, you will feel  sick to your stomach as you se and hear  her in Spin mode.

Casey Thanks Armed Guard Upon Her Release As Crowd Violently Screams At Her

As the door opens and Casey is released she follows behind a confident looking Jose Baez. She cocks her head to the side as she is unsure of what will happen. She looks fresh- faced in her form fitting fucia tee and jeans.

We see a slight smile as she takes in her surroundings. It looks as though she is maintaining eye contact with someone.

Casey did indeed make eye contact with someone. It was the security officer who was there to protect her life with his bullet proof vest and serious looking assault weapon. She says thank you to him.

Casey’ stride gets bigger and more confident . She knows the officer is in back of her to protect her as she heads outside  to  the unknown. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the violent screams Casey heard from the crowd  will stick in her mind forever.

But Casey may never have  to worry . With all the money she may earn she will be able to afford a full-time  armed guard and even plastic surgery to change her looks so no one will be able to scream baby killer at her.

Until then Casey is with her lawyers.Maybe she will stay with them for  a while until she gets her surgery and until the millions start rolling in.

Jury Foreman on Casey Anthony Case Said George Anthony’s Body Language Turned Everyone Off

Juror Number 11 who was the jury foreman  told Greta Van Sustern that in his  his profession he has used body language in reading people which is part of his profession as he accessed  George Anthony’s actions.  Evidently George’s  demeanor, and the way he presented  things on the stand turned people off. He said that George had a “very selective memory” in his testimony, some days remembering things in vivid detail, other times, coming up suspiciously short.

“The foreman said  he  was “on guard” and skeptical l every time George took the stand, because of such behavior.

Foreman Juror 11 said “It raised questions about George’s character and his involvement in Caylee’s death  and that he could be possibly lying.”

Several of the jury members questioned George’s complicity in Caylee’s death and the foreman said, be it that it was an accident, or he helped cover  up or that he’d even murdered the child himself .

Juror 11 concluded “There was a suspicion of him — that was part of the conversation of round robin topics we brought up during deliberation … that was brought up.

Personally,  I thought there were so many odd behaviors from George’s  not getting involved and asking questions when he was  in the room when Lee and Cindy were interrogating Casey about where Caylee was,  to his not asking who was Caylee’s father,  to his being in the birthroom whe Caylee was born.

His suicide note was also suspect  to me as there were many inconsistencies After reviewing the contents it did not seem like someone who was serious about killing himself. It seemed contrived. The end where he was describing how he was feeling woozy from taking the pills was odd to me. How come his handwriting was so clear and did not falterthe end when he was allegedly in a drug like state?

George’s arrogance and lying on the stand did not endear him to anyone. Lying about his affair was awful.And please don’t write to  tell me I am on River Cruz side and how can I support her when she had an affair and had a bad history.  First and foremost  I do NOT approve of anyone having any affair with a married man. And yes she did have a bad past  and yes she lied to LE initially.

River reached out to me  via phone and told me about the gory details of her affair with George well over  a year ago when it first became public.I  asked her about  why she lied to LE and she had she was scared, didn’t want to get involved or get George in trouble with Cindy.

I believed she did have an affair based on her communication with me.   So did the jury. On the stand it was confirmed that there was surveillance tape and  that he came to her home on multiple occasions,  and damning  text messages from him. When River shared what he did to her sexually and how he degraded her I was was disturbed by his behavior as no one  deserves to be treated that way. George’s lying that he did not have an affair with River was appalling.

On the stand River said the same thing she told me over a year ago that George said to her it was an accident that snowballed. Obviously the jury believed her.

George’s  sparing with Jose Baez was also a complete turn off to the jurors according to the alternate. It showed that George was arrogant and disrespectful in court.

The jury foreman confirmed what I have been saying all along about George and confirmed how important one’s body language and demeanor is on the stand in making a judgement about a person;s credibility.


Casey Let’s Her Hair Down And All Smiles During Sentencing And What Did Cindy Know All Along?

Now that the jury is gone and there is no one to impress, Casey has literally let her hair down. It looked clean and shiny and she had a bump at  the top.It serves as a measuring stick as to the three years of time served in jail. She also wore a form-fitting purple pastel sweater with sleeves that were way too long. She looked more relaxed than we have ever seen her. As she entered the courtroom she was trying to suppress a smile but could not do so.

Her face looked more relaxed than we have ever seen it as she made her way to her seat.

She is all smiles with Dorothy Simms who served as her emotional support  throughout the trial. They have never shared a smile before now. Ms. Simms has shown Casey what it feels like to have unconditional emotional support- something she has never had with Cindy. I hope Casey does NOT  ever  go back home to Cindy. Any emotional or mental healing  she may have had with Ms. Simms may be negated with her Toxic Mother.

I believe that of Casey”s problems stem from her relationship with her mother. And please don’t tell me that you can’t blame the parents for someones actions.  In Casey’s case I blame Cindy and George. We have seen them up close and personal and they are the reason she is the way she is- a LIAR. Cindy and George are LIARS and they raised a super LIAR. Even Cindy’s brother Rick Plesea verifies this in his personal emails to Cindy.Click below to read those emails.

I hope Casey has nothing to do with her parents and goes into serious therapy. She needs serious help. She needs to stay away from George and Cindy or she will be right  back where she was and who knows what  else she will do?


Her smiling stopped as soon as Judge Perry began. Her face looked more relaxed and her tight pouting look was gone.

Jose Baez also  looked calm and collected as he explained to Casey what was going on and how she may have to remain in jail a little while longer.

As Casey was led back to go to jail by the deputy, she couldn’t contain her smile.

Casey  one of the luckiest woman  alive. She has escaped life in prison and the death sentence. A lot of the evidence was circumstantial like it was with Scott Peterson and look what happened to him. She is lucky she had a  group of lawyers who really fought for her through thick and thin. She is lucky they really liked her and gave her that extra shot of TLC she needed.

When Casey leaves jail, unlike most prisoners, Casey has a bright future ahead of her. Those who did character assassinations on her will bend over backwards and kiss up to her to get her on their show. She will probably do a major TV special for the right price, write  a book, get a TV and film deal. She will license photos of her and Caylee and may even get a reality show.  She may even get   a Playboy shoot. She will be a very very wealthy woman.

People will be watching Casey Anthony forever. They will follow her latest styles and her latest moves from whom she is dating to whom she is marrying. After observing her personality, there is no doubt she will love it!  She will not hide from the attention.

There will be those   who despise her and those who will love her. In fact there were signs outside the courthouse which read “Will you marry me?” She will never have a shortage of suitors who find her beautiful and who want to marry her.

Personally I can’t  seem to get the 31 days,  the partying,  and the  Zanny the Nanny lies  and Caylee being in a garbage bag in the woods, out of my head  but I have to do. I don’t  know if it was intentional or an accident that snowballed. That part  jury found reasonable doubt. They didn’t connect the dots as Jeff Ashton said on the View.

No matter what I  believe, in this country, the Constitution, and the judicial system rule.I have to accept the verdict. Casey has been given a second chance at life. Jose Baez saved her life with his unwavering dedication to her and to her case. I have always  resented when people called him Bozo and discussed it. Now everyone can see he is no Bozo.

I hope Casey gets serious mental health help. I hope Jose will encourage her to do so. I hope he encourages her to stay away from her parents. To me they are the real villains. I hope they get prosecuted for lying I hope Cindy goes to  jail for it. I find Cindy  manipulative, controlling, and a liar. She drove Casey to the edge in my view and Casey is the way she is because of her. Who knows what Cindy would have done to Caylee may she rest in peace. No one should buy any book of Caylee doll or anything this  woman puts out.

The same goes for her loser husband George. Read  his cowardly most  likey fake and manipultive suicide note if you really want  to know his  character. He repulses me. Perhaps I am more repulsed than most because I had the opportunity to speak to his mistress who contacted me- River Cruz who got  involved ony and had an affair. I in no way  condone what she did. I did speak to her at length on numerous occasions. My assessment of her was that she  told the truth. She told the truth on the stand as well so much so that the jury mentioned that her statement about  George saying “it was an accident that  snowballed” was considered in their decision.

 Did he sexually abuse Casey?  I will not say yes or no as only the two of them know for sure. I will say that if he did , it certainly makes us understand why she is the way she is.

And please don’t write to tell me not to blame the parents. I blame George and Cindy Anthony for not setting boundaries with Casey,(which Cindy’s own  brother states as well). I blame them for manipulation and lying. And there is something else which really bothers me. How  much did they know about “the woods” and getting  help.

 There is a youtube video where  Cindy talks about the woods and  another where she  insists  to Sargeant Allen, Casey get  help . Was Cindy also sending everyone on a wild goose chase?  Look at these two  videos and tell me what you think.