Scott Sternberg Peddles Casey Anthony for 3/4 of a Million Dolllars

Nothing  repulses me more  than hearing anything out of  liar Casey Anthony’s mouth, aside from producer Scott Stenberg trying to cash in on the action and make a quick  buck off her back and the back of a dead baby. If he sells it I am boycotting it and him to boot.

No one deserves to make money off of  a dead baby- CayleeMarie Anthony. We have wasted enough time  dissecting this case. We have heard ALL that Casey Anthony has to say with her body language and repeated verbal and vocal  lies.

We have  even heard her  liar mother  Cindy lie repeatedly  on the stand and in the media. We have heard the same lies from her father and brother Lee .  It is over! Let this precious baby rest in peace.

If Scott  Sternberg whom I happen to know personally sells this sleeze for the  three quarters of a million dollars….



16 thoughts on “Scott Sternberg Peddles Casey Anthony for 3/4 of a Million Dolllars

  1. i am happy to announce if your not knowing yet,That Jane Velez, adage is that this is not going to happen. i m happy she verify this earlier she say before her show went LIVE on HLN.
    and i am wanting to encompass,and other people here;who would do this knowingly that your then goin’to pay just to hear casey anthony tell a litany of more lies,how DESPERATE are you?

    Only a sucker will do that,so we will see,but jane velez adage this will not happen as we will see. all lies, = big pay day?for her?i don’t see it.who would believe it not any 1 like me whose astute to know casey did kill her daughter rip


  2. I think, for the most part, that we are all sick of Casey and her self-pitying lies. Scott Sternberg is nothing more than an opportunist. If you “Google” him, you will find that almost everything he has been involved with is television tripe. It never surprises me what people will do for a buck.

    Evidently, most of the networks that have been approached, have turned down this disgusting opportunist, and his tell-all. I believe the one network he has not approached, as of this date, is HLN. Hopefully, they will decline, as well.

    Have no doubt,…there is absolutely NOTHING Casey has to say, that would enlighten anybody. If the show is produced, it will much of the same old, obfuscation, and lies. She is currently involved in the law suit with Zenida Gonzales, as well, so do not expect anything informative, to be elicited from a Casey Anthony tell-all.

    I said it before, and I will continue to stand by my statement. Casey will NEVER tell the truth. She could be on her death bed, with a Priest ready to hear her last confession, and she would lie to him. What Casey did, and did not do to murder Caley Anthony, will never be known.

    Again, please do not support anything the Anthony’s are involved in. We all know what money-grubbers they are, and I refuse to allow this monster, and her life-sucking family to use me! I hope that you all agree. SAY NO…we don’t want to see anything else about Casey Anthony, or her family, except that Casey was arrested, and is going to jail for life! Now that’s something I would pay to see.


    1. Understand? Whats to understand,Her life meant more than her own Daughters? Understand she murdered her daughter? kc is the body of truth,God Knows because it certainly never came out…..a trait from Mummy Dearest?


      1. I totally agree ChattyCathy!

        The Dr. Garavaglia’s interview was on January 1, 2012. I watched it, and she was firm that Caley was murdered. She further commented that nothing, in connection with Caley’s death, was an accident, (except for the verdict in the trial). Basically, it’s what I believe, and I think most people do as well.

        Dr. Ablow is a money-monger, pop-psychologist, looking to cash in, in anyway that he can. I read his latest comment, and it’s garbage. Ablow’s opinions, i.e. Chaz Bono, stating that the public should not let their children watch “Dancing With The Stars”, because they might be influenced by Mr. Bono’s sexual identity crisis, says it all for me. Every ‘opinion’ he has given, in court, on his television show, movies, and books, are all, self-serving opinions, driven by greed.

        Instead of explaining, and offering substantive research, in regard to his salacious claims, he spouts off, and then immediately drops the subject. This behavior is one that he has repeated for decades. Try doing that in a court of law. You would be kicked to the curb so fast, you would not even feel the ‘boot’.

        I am continually amazed at how people, like Ablow, who are completely unconnected to this case professionally, and further, have never met the subject regarding their opinions, claim to have the “inside track” into the mind of monsters.

        Baez is another example of idiocy. Not only is he a two-bit attorney, but he thinks he is qualified to comment on Dr. Garavalia’s professional opinions. Baez is another, who’s only interest is to make money off of this sad miscarriage of justice, in my opinion. Baez continues to infer, and thereby, hopefully (from his position), mitigate Dr. Garavalia’s expert opinion. What a joke! Dr. Garavalia is licensed doctor, cutting-edge medical examiner, currently practicing, and actually performed one of the autopsies on Caley Anthony. I would take her opinion, any day, not only because of the above, but because she is logical, and supports her opinions with research, and forensic evidence.


      2. Katsie, Amen sister!
        I agree with your entire post and & do mean every single word of it,but I have to say I get pizzed just hearing Bozo’s name! He does something to me that ain’t normal? LoL Never in my life have I felt the urge to just reach out and just absolutely wring somebody’s jaws who I don’t even know personally the way I want to Bozo’s.NEVER! As bad as I hate to admit it I saw on another site the video of his latest masquerade in Aruba…. Casey Anthony’s lawyer to defend U.S. businessman held over woman’s ‘death’ in Aruba?
        Gotta give it to the guy though,he cried what looked like real tears in his clip with Bozo? and Bozo only spoke once in the video i saw….LoL So Maybe now Bozo’s so big he thinks he doesn’t have to work and his presence is enough? I am thankful for that I guess,his voice is like a never ending peircing scream to me anyway? ROFLMAO Maybe he can fix him up with Kc….I’d say she is desperate right about now anyway,ROFL perfect match!
        I have a news flash for him,He don’t and never will hold a candle to Dr.G! Very few if any can and besides,even a village idiot knows if a child has tape over their airways then it’s a damn good chance it is Homicide…. even without Dr.G we know that yet they can’t even grip it?? pffffffft I cannot imagine even saying otherwise,let alone try to push it on the everybody via the media,Live TV? Jeeez LoL ! Sorry to clutter your site with Bozo Dr.Glass!!

        Read more:


  3. Just when you think “I am so glad I haven’t heard about an Anthony in awhile now” BAM!
    I guess if I have to kill my child for money & fame I’ll just stay the way I am, A poor broke Nobody,WTH Can justify peddling this murdering whore?

    Hi guys.Missed ya!!!!!!!


  4. As I said and will say till the day I die,
    How much will the money mean when you see my face on judgement day
    The one you may not recognize because you covered it with tape

    You gave me life but took it back without a warning,regret or tear’s
    Mommy’s are supposed to protect you and help you face your fear’s

    Do you ever wonder if I am watching you from up above
    All the things that you’ve been doing could never be mistaken for love

    Did your heart convict you,unlike the jury who set you free
    Or do you still pretend nothing ever happened and have everyone else believe

    Im sure you think you got away with it and you did for now but not for all eternity

    My Father here in Heaven knows the truth and the tears you shed were not for me

    They were only because a jury could take your life like you took mine

    Or lock you away in a prison cell because murder is a crime

    What will you say when it’s Jesus’ my Father’s face you see
    He saw what you did and he was there when you hid me by that tree

    Before you even turned around to walk away that day
    He took me in his arm’s as I heard a soft voice say

    “Come here my precious child,never again will you be in harm’s way
    “You were a gift from me to them and what is given really can be taken away”

    I can’t believe how happy I am without you but he has everything I need
    A Mothers love is deep but if you compared them his would far exceed

    If you were to ask me If I can forgive you I already have but I don’t think my Father will
    Because you broke his written commandment’s thou shalt not lie,steal or kill…

    You bagged me like yesterday’s trash and threw me in a swamp not far from home
    And lied about how and when I died so there will be no date to chisel in stone

    When the glare of the camera’s all fade away and the lies you’ve sold have all been spent
    Can you say everything you did was worth it .Is it the Beautiful life you meant?


  5. I totally agree Cathy, with all of your posts! I understand the aggravation, and dislike of Baez. Most people believe that attorneys are working for justice, but in the CA case, and in many others, that was just not true. Attorneys are just as human as everybody else. There are many who are seeking fame, and most are seeking their fortunes. What we all need to realize is that attorneys as driven as the next person. Some are more ruthless than others, and will allege just about anything, in order to advance their careers. They are capable of graft, intellectual dishonesty, ego affirming exercises. In other words, many only need a audience, of any size, to slip into the character they see themselves as. If it works for them, they continue acting.

    In Baez’s case, I think he suffers from the same thing CA suffers from (among many other things),….narcissism. Think about it. Baez won a case, that his piers said, was a loser. He seems to have the type of personality that expands with his appearances on camera, and now he feels somewhat invincible. He won a loser case. It’s like hitting the lottery, even for ‘normal’ attorneys. Baez is now strutting around like a prized peacock.

    Baez will have to lose a bunch of high-profile cases, to bring him down from the ether. However, after watching his performance during the CA trial, it will happen. There will be a judge who will refuse to tolerate his alleged claims of ignorance, and that will be that. I think he should have his license revoked. He broke so many Rules of Court that one would think he never passed the Bar.

    I just read where Zenida’s attorney will not be permitted to ask ‘certain’ questions of CA. I am somewhat disappointed, but I realize that, more than likely, the questions would violate CA’s rights. I was just hoping that CA’s attorney was an idiot, and would not catch it….oh well.

    Like I said before, if ZG wins her suit against CA, and Jeff Ashton is the new State’s Attorney,….look out CA! That would make us all feel much better, I think ;).


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