The Anthony’s Upcoming Interview on Dr. Phil- Will They Continue to Lie?

 I detest  manipulation, lies and  spin. On Monday afternoon  Cindy and George Anthony will be  on the Dr. Phil Show to reveal “the truth” about Casey  and what really happened in Caylee’s death. But why now? Why didn’t they reveal it earlier? Is because there was no half a million dollar donation to their “charity” when they spoke on the stand?
 Cindy  who lied on the stand ,  manipulated the press, and mislead law enforcement by destroying evidence has now asserted Casey suffered from an epileptic seizure while Caylee was drowning. Somehow I find this hard to believe and insulting that they could come up with this nonsense at this point in time.
If  this  was the case why didn’t it come out immediately? Why didn’t Jose Baez or Cheney Mason  mention it during opening or closing arguments? And why was Casey seizing? Was she on illegal drugs ? If she  seized why wasn’t rushed to the hospital and  given a brain scan and subsequently monitored   or put on anti seizure medication like Depacote, which she should have been on during the trial and should be on to this day? 
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52 thoughts on “The Anthony’s Upcoming Interview on Dr. Phil- Will They Continue to Lie?

  1. I agree Dr. Glass, It is an insult to our intelligence, this new lie. A new day, a new lie. Cindy is a nurse, if Casey had seizures, no way would she allow Casey to drive all around Florida with Caylee in the car with her. This is what it has always been “ALL ABOUT MONEY”
    Cindy lied under oathe and on the stand. It comes easy for Cindy, easy as a piece of cake, a piece of pie, a piece of pizza.


    1. Ruth,Very well said and I’ve never been the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with but this is really an insult to our intelligence and I for one hate what these bunch of liars have done to Caylee,Looking at it now though,Caylee never had a chance with these morons and now she’s in loving arms that will never ever forsake her! They all need to be in prison!


  2. OMG I swear,when will it end with these liars??
    Guy’s,I have a family crisis and will only be in and out for a few weeks but don’t want yall thinking I’ve given up,I will always be involved in this case so if ya post it could be days before I reply,but I guarantee when I do see a post I’ll make myself known,LoL Hugs to ya!


  3. Dear Queen Lillian, If this is a fact and this is the statements they plan to state on the Dr. PHIL SHOW, then it is time to FRICKIN Boycott his show…He has really gone down hill and become a dog…to think he gave money to the Anthony’s Foundation…makes me dare he! Now baby CAYLEE DROWNED…OHG..may these two people rot in hell where they belong!


    1. Dr. Phil is brilliant, the show is excellent and this is a great interview- I am loving it and able to see they are even sicker than I had previously thought- Cindy has a THOUGHT DISORDER and George just confirmed his sociopathy- its an amazing opportunity to see how their brains work.


  4. The way I see it too,Does anyone really believe for one split second they crushed that car for CAYLEE,Hell no………There was more to it and they knew they’d get the dough rolling in for sympathy and they wouldn’t have to fight kc for it since she STOLE IT (Roll eyes) Disgusting! jmo


  5. There truly are no ends to the A’s lies. If KC had a seizure that caused her daughter to drown, why the coverup? Surely that would’ve been an accident. Do you think C & G sit at home and think up these excuses? Too many lies have been told too, too sincerely with eyes welling with tears to say now this was just a case of poor KC having a seizure.

    I wrote the Dr. Phil show saying that I wouldn’t watch it or him ever again…and I won’t.


    1. They all had this crap planned anyway? JMO But the bible reading they did in court is pure blasphemy and I can’t wait for Karma!
      Phil,I’ll never watch him,not that I did anyway but I’ll never use the abbreviated DR. for him again,he’s just Phil to me,another money hungry serpant! They should be ashamed but hey,I guess it’s worth it to them?? Thats the type who give rich people a bad name?
      Inky,Thank God tennis replaced them,LoL


  6. It was stated last evening that the Dr. Phil, Anthony of lies show will not be on Monday, due to the tennis game, they moved it to Wednesday now..


  7. Thank you Dr. Glass for bringing this to your blog for discussion. One must ask, why, as you did. The obvious answer, at least to me, is the Anthony’s attempt to mitigate the hostility directed at them, and Casey Anthony. What I find most telling, is that, yet again, it is Cindy Anthony running interference for what I believe is her own personal guilt in the death of her granddaughter, Caley.

    I doubt that the Anthony’s are welcomed anywhere. I am sure they suffer the ostracism that their daughter, Casey, suffers, but probably on a daily basis, since they still reside where the decedent lived. Cindy Anthony has attempted to perpetuate the perception of the happy, well-adjusted, upwardly mobile, middle class family. Even in the face of hard cold facts, Cindy refuses to acknowledge the evidence, which leads to the inevitable truth that they are not perfect. They are not the happy, all-American family, that she desperately wanted everybody to believe. We saw so many of her lies to co-workers, and family, i.e. denying that a quite obvious Casey, was pregnant. There are so many of these types of lies, and I do not want to rehash them all. What is most disturbing is that most people believed her, or chose to, in order to avoid a confrontation with Cindy.

    In my opinion, Cindy Anthony carries a heavy burden of guilt. Most mothers feel guilty to some extent, when it comes to our children. We always ask the question of “What if I had done this, instead of that?” It’s an endless cycle of torment. However, most moms begin to realize that no matter how much we want to do, to help or protect our children, the ‘nature’ of that child may have nothing to do with our efforts to course-correct their lives.

    We are all born with free-will, and we learn behavior, but it’s the true nature of the individual, in how they manifest what they have learned.

    Casey Anthony is the culmination of her environment. She learned alright. She learned how to lie, twist the truth, do ‘anything’ as long as it worked to her ultimate benefit. It’s not Cindy’s fault, or George’s fault,….it is nobody’s fault that Casey is who she is. Genetics do not a killer make.

    However, as I stated early on, Cindy and George both, are still subjected to the hate which I believe is being exhibited toward them, because we do not know where Casey is, at this point in time. Plus, Cindy and George are not only parents, but grandparents, and I would hate to imagine the tortured thoughts they are forced to endure in regard to their dead granddaughter. What if Cindy had been at home to care for Caley? What if she did not have to work, and George could have been the primary provider? What if she had gone to court and successfully won a custody case against Casey? What if she had kicked Casey out of the house, and forced her to grow up? What if, what if,…on and on. I do not envy them. Money will never ease the torturous thoughts they must have on a daily, continuous basis.

    I’ve wondered the same. Suppose Cindy believes that her threats to kick Casey out of the house, and seek custody, spurred Casey to kill Caley? We do not know what the parents know about their twisted daughter. Things that none of us is privy to, but I have no doubt there is a horrendous amount of guilt for not doing this, or that.

    However, that does not mean that I believe anything they say. If Cindy was aware that Casey had blackouts, why did she, or George (if he knew), leave Caley alone with her mother? Would you? I would not. Also, from reading about seizures, the person who experiences it, remembers what happens to them. They return to normal, and know that something happened. Therefore, again, why make a murder look like an accident? If Casey had blacked out, why was she not taken to the hospital, why not call 911, why not introduce it when she was arrested, and subsequently, why not introduce it as an affirmative defense at the time of trial? Because, Casey did not have a seizure.

    There is nothing the Anthony’s could say to sway my opinion that Casey killed Caley. I doubt that anybody, who has listened to the lies over the years, would believe them, either. Cindy wants peace. She wants everybody, us, to view them as the victims, not the parents of a monster, that in our view, allowed Casey to become just that,…a monster. And, subsequently, allowed that monster to murder her helpless child.

    It would be best if the Anthony’s would just disappear into obscurity. Shut up, go away, disappear. Stop looking for sympathy for themselves, and their twisted daughter, Casey. Accept that she did it, that she is a cold, empty, spiteful biotch, as per her own words. She does not deserve our pity, nor will she get it. If the Anthony’s would just stop trying to sell us a ‘bill of goods’ we would forget them, and they could move away from Orlando, establish new lives elsewhere, and never be heard from again. That would suit us all beneficially.

    If, however, Cindy and George are attempting to lessen our perceptions that their daughter is a killer, so that they can then assume the positions of caring, loving parents (which I believe they are), in order to fund their foundation. Do not bother. After examination of the foundation, itself, I was correct. George and Cindy, are board members, and under the law, permitted ‘expenses’ as well as salaries, pursuant to the foundation’s status. In other words, if you pledge money to Cindy and George’s foundation, it directly benefits them, financially. There are many better, and more reputable foundations to throw your money at. I will not pay them, so that they can benefit from the death of their granddaughter. Nobody should be permitted to financially benefit from the murder of an innocent child. I do not care who they are.

    Why not help by pledging their money to existing child-find organizations? Or, pledge their help, and support to homeless, and abused children? The answer is obvious. It would not put money in the Anthony’s pockets, and afford them a luxurious lifestyle. Early retirement at the cost of their dead, murdered granddaughter.

    Maybe the Anthony’s cannot tell reality, from fact, but we can, and they will not get a cent from me.

    As far as what they think of Casey, why she did what she did,…I do not care. Excuses will not bring back that darling child. Good deeds that benefit them financially, color and detract from the issue. No amount of obfuscation, from the Anthony’s, can justify, or explain away what Casey did.

    Remember, while Casey was in jail, she was seen my a myriad of physicians. Medical doctors, as well as psychiatrists. She was given test upon test, but none of those tests of her mental capacities, or lack thereof, or her physical state, indicated, in anyway, that Casey was not 100% well. Mentally and physically. Casey is a social misfit, that is not a mental illness, nor is sociopathy.

    There are a lot of ‘new’ definitions for sociopath, but no matter what you call it, it is NOT a mental illness. Casey showed what she is made up of. Not once did she insist that she did not kill Caley. Not once while being interviewed, initially, did she panic, cry or carry on, and insist that the police find her daughter. Not once did she behave as any normal parent would, because she knew where Caley was. Her lifeless little body was lying in a pet cemetery, in a garbage bag, on the side of a road. Maybe it made Casey feel good to know that she buried her like her dear, darling pets, and put her close to home. At least that is the way a sociopath, or Anti-personality Disorder individual would think. Not how we all think.

    If Casey did not intentionally murder Caley, I still believe that she let her die. Remember back to what we all learned about Casey. She has a very dark side, and I believe that one of her comments, at sometime during her incarceration, was to the effect,…”at least she (Caley) would not have to suffer living,…” (paraphrased). Casey sees this life as a burden, a hassle, a trial, and when she had the opportunity to rid herself of her burden (Caley), she took it. Casey wanted to be the party girl. The girl who lives under the influence, in order to avoid the harsh world, as she saw it.

    Well, everybody has to work. Everybody has to get in step, and provide for our children. They are not pets, and by the way, I would not even treat a pet the way that Casey treated Caley, in the end.

    One other thing that has always stuck with me, was the day that Caley died. Casey went to a shopping center, to look at computers. The salesman said that he remembered Casey and Caley clearly. Casey told him that she would be back with some outrageous amount of cash in order to purchase something, but what struck me was his comment about Caley. He said that Casey came through the ‘heavy’ door, to enter his shop, and Caley followed her mom into the store, but tiny little two year old Caley, was left to stuggle with the heavy door. Casey paid her no mind whatsoever while she struggled with the door, trying to follow her mother inside. She let Caley struggle, and ignored her. That is not a parent who loves a child folks. That is a party girl, who got trapped into having a child she did not want. A party girl who wants to live the high life, get intoxicated or high, act like a fool, sleep around, and never, ever be placed in a position to have to hold a job.

    The Anthony’s should just go away. We will not forget…we have all heard enough of their lies to last a lifetime.


    1. I nevr the heard the computer store story- it had been my theory she killed her after “choking fight” with Cindy- so it was between the computer store visit and the video store sighting that evening?


      1. From what I learned about it, Casey took Caley to the computer store, that afternoon, early. The salesman saw them, and remembered her because Casey asked him about a very pricey electronic, and she said something about going home to get the money. Not a charge card, but money. That would stick in my mind.

        The salesman also said, that the store was not busy, and when they came in he noticed Caley struggling to open the door BEHIND her mother. He found that very odd, since she was such a young child. I would have made a mental note too. Especially after talking to Casey, who’s statement indicated that she was fairly well-off, coupled with the uncaring attitude toward a small child, which was her own. I would have remembered her to.

        I never read any of the details about the chocking incident, but would like to. However, if it happened, who could verify it? Cindy won’t tell, and neither would Casey. Unless the prosecution had a witness to the fight, it was meaningless gossip.

        I just keep hoping for some justice for that poor little girl. It’s heartbreaking, and she certainly did not deserve this! No child deserves abuse, neglect, and then to be murdered by a parent!


  8. Exactly,and I haven’t watched and never would either,If they ever did tell the truth I wouldn’t be interested because what counts is when Caylee needed them they forsaked her…way too late now so they oughta just shut up and disappear,but never will they tell the truth?? The real truth? All they know is kc killed her and the rest is just dramatics for money!


  9. Ok so first the Nanny kidnapped her. Then Caylee accidentally drowned in the pool which Casey kept secret because her dad and brother molested her and she didnt know where Caylees remains were because the meter reader took them and hid them til a reward was offered then he dumped her remains in the swamp. NOW, casey had a seizure and Caylee drowned?!!! Was she seizing when she applied the duct tape? Was she seizing when she drove around with her little body in the trunk? Was she seizing when she threw her little body in the swamp? I recall Jesse Grunde making a statement saying she had a seizure at his place one night after drinking. Uh, hello,she probably was OD’ing on something. The reason a person vomits after drinking is because of alcohol poisioning. I will NEVER believe anything other than cold blooded murder when it comes to the death of Caylee. The duct tape proves that. As Dr G said on the stand, “You dont need duct tape if the child is already dead.” I just dont get why people such as Dr.Phil would even humor this family and have them on their show. They are all liars. They are all equally as guilty as casey. And the whole family continues to spit all over Caylees memory. That poor little girl. breaks my heart.


    1. Exactly Tuscany! Remember, Casey was texting after, or during the time that Caley would have died, that day. We know that for a fact. You cannot text, after a grand mal seizure. How ridiculous!

      Cindy deserves shunning too. She is a pathological liar, just like that murdering daughter of hers. Poor Caley. Did that child even have a chance of growing up normal in that household? Probably not. But, she did not deserve what happened to her, and Casey should be made to pay for it! The system let Caley down, and us down as well. That poor little child deserves justice!


  10. I just read the TV Guide / Dr. Phil interview, and could read between the lines. Dr. Phil is claiming that Cindy believes that Caylee’s death was somehow the result of Casey’s, “previously undiagnosed condition.”

    Well, we know what that is!. Remember her “pseudo-seizures?”

    Evidently, Cindy is claiming that Caylee died, probably drowned, during Casey’s “grand-mal seizure”.
    Dr. Phil underestimates the vast amount of knowledge the public has regarding this case. There was NEVER any real evidence of Casey having any sort of seizure disorder. She has faked a seizure on one or more occasions.

    We have already established, that judging from Casey’s phone and text records, from June 16th, that it is impossible for her to have been in a “post-ictal”, or post seizure, state at any time during that day.

    Seizures that cause temporary loss of consciousness are followed by hours of unresponsiveness, or minimal responsiveness. This is called the post-ictal period. Casey’s phone was TOO busy on June 16th, for her to have suffered a grand seizure, followed by hours of a post ictal state! Nope, too many phone calls for that to be the case.
    We have covered all of this here in the past. Dr. Phil is going to be playing his audience for fools. He even admits in the interview that Cindy is still protecting Casey.
    It is also obvious from the blockbuster video, that Casey was not in a post-ictal, or post seizure state. She was perfectly fine while shopping for a murder movie to watch with Tony. I’m furious now! Boycott, boycott, boycott!!!

    When a person experiences new onset seizures, if the MD believes this person is having seizures, a reason for the seizures must be investigated. Usually, a diagnosis of epilepsy is made after every other physical cause for the seizure has been ruled out. If any MD really suspected that Casey had a seizure disorder, he, or she, would have ordered an MRI of her brain to make sure that the seizures weren’t being caused by a brain tumor, or any other type of physical irregularity of the brain. An EEG also would conclusively determine if she had experienced any episode of seizure activity. These tests were done and she was discharged from the hospital without seizure medication, follow up with a neurologist or a diagnosis of grand mal seizure disorder.
    It sounds to me like Cindy, not a neurologist, is giving Casey a diagnosis of seizure disorder. Faking seizures is very common; especially in young women. It is a major, and sick way of seeking attention. These fake seizures are sometimes called “hysteria.”

    There is a very good reason why Baez didn’t bring Casey’s seizures into court. He couldn’t find even one MD to give her a diagnosis of seizure disorder.

    It’s too bad that Dr. Phil is not an MD, because if he were, he would have known the right questions to ask; and would have made Cindy look like the deceptive person that she truly is. It is disgusting, if not borderline sinister, that these people keep getting chances given to them to spew their lies on TV, other media. It is obvious to me that nothing new will be revealed in this interview. It is a self serving interview for all involved. I feel certain that Baez supports the Dr. Phil / Cindy & George interview; because it is an attempt by Cindy, IMO, to improve Casey’s image, and thus pave the way for her million dollar interview.

    This is paid advertising for them to rake in millions for their fake charity, all on the pretense of ‘helping’ others. These people aided and abetted, they destroyed evidence, lied to authorities, sent valuable search resources on wild goose chases, perjured themselves on the stand and helped their granddaughter’s murderer walk free. It is disgusting that they are cashing in on there granddauther’s death and that bottom feeding $$ grubbers are joining them. In all fairness, Lippman himself said orignally that the Anthony’s would be collecting a salary from the foundation, then later took a stronger stance that they wouldnt. It’s a play on words. It simply means he has found a legal way (after hearing public outcry), to find a way to hide the sausage. He stated the original foundation would stay open. I wonder why? Who on earth would need 2 foundations to serve the same purpose?

    WFTV-Channel 9’s Mary Nguyen reported that George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents, are setting up a foundation called Caylee’s Fund to focus on grandparents’ rights. Mark Lippman, the couple’s attorney, told WFTV that the Anthonys plan to be the nonprofit’s officers and draw salaries because they are unable to work. Nguyen said the new nonprofit would be separate from the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, which will remain active.

    People didnt like the salary idea so let’s ‘hide the ball’ as J Perry likes to say. …..disclaimer in order. Just my opinion.

    This family makes the Barker Clan seem like innocents!! They are repulsive – they had to file last yr for the previous non profit foundation that they formed and it showed that 80% of the donations that went to that foundation then went to pay their “administrative salaries”.

    How can we believe anything they say, they slammed Tim Miller for looking for a deceased Caylee while at the same time they listed Caylee as deceased on their Foundation filing application in Oct 2008, then proceeded to jet around the country giving multiple interviews looking for a live Caylee. You have to be incredibly naive to believe that George and Cindy Anthony want to serve any purpose other than their own monetary needs. I used to have a lot of respect for Dr Phil but that is gone now by giving the air time & 1/2 a million dollars to their charity, which they will draw salaries from. To quote good ole Dr Shill “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”.


    1. all this nazi-threatening boycotting vindictive stuff is sick- I want to see interviews with them- i want to better understand- if you don’t want to watch- TURN THE CHANNEL. I’ll give ya a little free theraputic advice as well- you need to look at yourself and see why this case affects you the way it does- it is NOT about Caylee- its about YOU- find a good therapist!


  11. Don’t forget, the Anthony’s also got the new Red Jeep Cherokee compliments of Dr. Phil and one of his Florida sponsors – pre show taping as a good faith gesture.

    When a child goes missing, the family, if they are not involved, cooperate with law enforcement. They would be thrilled to have Tim Miller’s TES group available to them. They would be begging the public on TV for help. Concerned family members submit to polygraph tests so as to aide LE in eliminating them as having knowledge of the crime. Family members preserve obvious evidence in the case (the car), particularly if one of them is former LE. The Anthony family did none of these things. No, the Anthonys have not become experts in missing persons cases. And as you stated in your article, Caylee was NEVER a missing child.

    They don’t know what normal grandparents would do to protect a neglected or abused grandchild before tragedy strikes. They have not become suddenly knowledgeable on how to run a successful and pertinent 501(c) 3 organization. What they have become good at is scamming the public and hoping people will donate to their livelihood because they have made themselves unemployable, or so their attorney claims. Dr Phil should be ashamed. He is willing to risk his reputation, at least what little remains, to give these grifters a public forum.

    Rewarding those who either actively participate in the killing of a child and/or the following cover-up of the crime is sending the wrong message.You would think that a psychologist [joke/joke] would pick up on that. “Go ahead America, kill your child and cover up your crime and we will REWARD you for that by putting you on our show and financially REWARD you by contributing to your FAKE FOUNDATION.

    THIS is the message you are sending Oprah/Phil McGraw, a bunch of scavengers..


  12. ok my thoughts on the whole deal.. i first want to say i think its disgusting that everyone including jesse grund is trying to make a profit off of lil caylee’s death cept for casey.. at least for the time being. ok im sorry but i think the grandparents had something to do or know something.. if not why go on tv and lie again about what happened.. the only reason i can think of is to cover up their own butts..maybe the drowning part is true.. maybe caylee really drowned in the pool but what happened next is a mystery. why did casey or george or cindy for that matter cover it up to make it look like a murder. did no one find caylee until hours later????maybe days later????it too me just seems fishy.. i think one or both of the grandparents had something to do with the cover up. maybe casey did indeed find caylee drowned in the pool. i thought that from the beginning before the drowning story even came into play. my gut told me it was a drowning.. but what made her cover it up???that should be the question. covering it up is a sad and sick thing to do to your baby or grandbaby. so something had to happen..was it becuz they found her hours or days later and felt bad that nothing could be done, maybe the abuse was real and caylee was the victim of abuse too. maybe george abused caylee and then let her go for a swim but forgot about her. im not saying i know the truth becuz like everyone else i wasnt there when whatever happened but i know that if the anthonys are spinning another story then they are guilty of something.. i think maybe they shouldve been investigated in the beginning. maybe this story wouldve had a different outcome. maybe casey though not the smartest or best mother alive wouldve been looked at differently. all i know is something doesnt smell right..


    1. Why in the name of God would anyone cover up an accidental drowning? There are thousands of accidental drownings around the world every years, people of all age groups including toddlers, and nobody is prosecuted for what is a tragic accident. The only reason someone would want to cover it up is because it was murder, not an accident.
      The fact that George and Cindy are lying is not because they were involved in any way, but because they are protecting their sociopathic daughter.


      1. Ok,…prove it deb. If you have proof, us! There was absolutely NO PROOF of any molestation, ever! I’m from Missouri,….the Show Me state girl. I don’t listen to gossip,..or baseless accusations. Prove your statement. Then we can talk intelligently about it.


  13. I do not believe anything that Cindy and George Anthony said or will say because they were not there with Caylee and Casey at the time that Caylee died. the only one who has been the last one to see the poor baby alive has been Casey and this is under almost any scenario, excluding the defense’s idea of what happen, that will put George as the last person to see Caylee alive, I do not have tv service, in my area is cable or no tv so we have no tv but Dr Phil is not just a dr but a tv personality but should he shy away of landing what he sees as a good interview, the more uncomfortable the Anthonys look the better for his ratings no? I do not care that the Anthonys get money or not. I am not sure what giving this interview will do for them other than money but I hope for their sake that they do not believe what they are saying it is just plain sad to me.


  14. Yes they will continue to lie. it’s as natural to them as breathing, they know no other way. IMO casey killed Caylee to inflict torture on sindy, until sindy gets that, as long as she continues to defend her skanky daughter there’s always going to be a rift. if sindy acted like she couldn’t forgive casesleaze for what (imo) she KNOWS she did to Caylee, she’d WANT to be around them twisting the knife a little deeper. “i just want my mother to be a mother” yah skank, so did Caylee… poor baby got a narcisstic sleazebag for “moty” , a lying conniving unprotective POS for “G/ma” and a totally inneffective disconnected spineless wimp of a G/pa


  15. Nope!! Wont be watching the Phil show; in fact I wont ever watch his show again since he has decided to give this family a platform to tell more lies. It’s all about Ratings for Phil. All about the $$$ for George and Cindy… Such a shame.. The Anthonys are as despicable as their crazy daughter. Hope Phil’s show ends up in the gutter after this show airs..


    1. i am grateful phil gave us this new insight into the pair- its facinating- that is what TV is all about- and profit is the name of the game- get over it- go volunteer at your local food bank if your so above all this……


  16. I agree Nancy B., and I must say that your post was very well thought out, and well written. I am not sure that Cindy and George, were actually there at the time that Caley died, but I am positive that one, or both, knew more, shortly thereafter, than either one has admitted. The guilt we see, in my opinion, could be the ‘parental’ guilt, most parents suffer from, when things do not go as planned for our children.
    Consider, Cindy is feeling extreme guilt over not acting when she should have, by following through with the custody action against Casey. Think how that must haunt her now. If she had done this, or that, maybe Caley would still be alive. That is torture, and never-ending. George follows suit in the same vein. We saw that in his attempted suicide. They both know more, or strongly suspect more than they will ever divulge.
    I doubt we will ever see a day when either Cindy, or George, will not protect Casey. I believe that Cindy is the determining force here, and George just complies, rather than live alone with his guilt. At least, they can share their inner most thoughts, knowledge, and assumptions with each other. It’s a coping mechanism.
    Cindy will never give up on Casey. Not ever! She lied for her on the witness stand, she obfuscated, she threatened, she behaved in a manner akin to a mother-bear. Do not mistake this statement as a compliment. Animals react menacing, in threatening situations that they do not understand. The only difference is that, Cindy is a human being, with the ability to think, and reason. She chose to lie, and again, George followed suit, rather than suffer alone.
    The fact that the Anthony’s say that they are unable to work, is suspect, at best. Neither of them is physically incapacitated, and if they would ask their lawyer to file Petitions for Change of Name, for both of them. Move away from Florida and, in time, they could filter back into society, and find gainful employment. However, in my opinion, they do not want to work. George has proven that his judgment is highly flawed, and that he is easily lured by the prospect of get-rich-quick schemes. Remember the e-mail scam, and his uncontrollable gambling? He sees Cindy as the rock, financially, and emotionally. But even Cindy has fallen into the get-rich scheme, rather than do the right thing, and move on.
    Ask yourselves, why don’t the Anthony’s help already established charities? The answer is fairly easy to discern. They do not care about anybody but themselves, and what we all think about them. And again, the easy cash is highly seductive. I am sure they do not think of it as blood money, though we do. Instead they have convinced themselves that they are, indeed, helping others, when in fact, they are only helping themselves to a life of ease, at the very high cost of a child’s life.
    As far as Casey goes, if she had epilepsy, as NancyB. stated, there was no diagnosis, after extensive testing, when she first faked an episode years ago. Casey likes being the center of attention, and you will recall that she felt threatened by the love that Jessie felt for Caley. She flipped out, and got the attention that she desired. Plain and simple. After all the years of Casey’s incarceration,…don’t you think the myriad of doctors, and psychologists would have noted an abnormality, at some point? That did not happen, because there is nothing wrong with her, except that she is empty, cold, self-serving, and calculating. I believe that is referred to as a personality disorder. I believe that doctors refer to it as Anti-Social Personality Disorder. It is not a mental illness, but it can be treated.
    ASPD does not excuse, or explain murder, nor is it an explanation for her cold, unaffected demeanor. Casey is a monster, who believes that the world ‘should’ revolve around her wants, needs, and desires. She is self-serving, controlling, manipulating, and let us not forget the best,…she is the penultimate liar. Cindy schooled Casey very well in that department. I believe Scott Peterson’s mother told him to “Lie, lie, and lie”….(paraphrasing). Another helpful parent,…not.
    The Anthony’s, I believe, have suspicions on what happened to Caley, but I do not believe that they were not there, and therefore, they do not know the particulars. We must accept that we will never learn the truth. Casey cannot, and will not tell, and her parents are only guessing. However, I do believe that Cindy and George know that Casey is totally, and utterly responsible for Caley’s death. I also think that Cindy and George, individually, or severally, believe that Casey did ‘something’ to cause it. She either ignored a child in trouble, let her drown, gave her medication, chloroformed her, whatever. The Anthony’s know Casey did it.
    “There is no reason to make an accident, look like murder” (Linda Baden, ADA). Unless it is murder! Call 911, report it, ask for help. None of this was done. The child was never missing, she was dead at the hands of her mother. Either through neglect, or action, Casey murdered Caley.
    Further, Baez would have loved to have had a medical opinion, from Casey’s doctor(s) stating that she experienced seizure(s). He would have used it in court, at the time of trial, as an affirmative defense, but he couldn’t, because there was nothing wrong with her.
    The Dr. Phil interview is an attempt to mitigate the hate the public feels towards Casey Anthony, and the Anthony family. Cindy is, again, coming to Casey’s defense, and we all know how they Anthony’s can lie. Master deceivers! However, they are not fooling those of us who have been involved in this from the beginning. Remember, Dr. Phil, is not a medical doctor. He is not a psychologist either. Personally, I don’t like him. If not for Oprah, he would be another Dr. Murray, without the ability to write prescriptions, which he cannot write now. He does not have a medical license.
    I say we just keep on doing what we have been doing. Ignore the Anthony’s, and maybe they will finally fade away into notorious obscurity. Perhaps, it will be a question for Trivial Pursuit, in twenty years or so. “Who were the most notorious liars in the history of mankind?” Casey and Cindy Anthony. Two peas in a pod! Let’s hope and pray.
    As far as Casey goes,…we all know what she is, and what she did, and I for one, will never forgive, or forget. Shunning is the only legal recourse that we have, and I say do it with gusto!


    1. ITA with Nancy B & You,

      If this new charade is to “mitigate” the hate towards Casey IMHO, the LIARS IN SCAMS, are only going to fuel the fire by insulting the American publics intelligence. Those who insist Casey is innocent will continue to do so, no lies needed there.

      Yet, for those who can put facts and reason together, it is as obvious as the sky above our heads, this is nothing more than greed, lies, and dysfunction to the ump-teeth degree!!!

      I won’t watch, they are too disgusting to even give a glance.

      Cnn needs ratings so they played it up with Nancy Grace and now use Mr. Phil to push ratings from the other angle. SICK!
      I hope they are boycotted, I don’t bother to watch tv much anyway.

      How does Mr. Phil get to call himself, “DR?” You say he isn’t a Ph.D.? According to wikipedia Mr. Phil is a psychologist, so naturally, he cannot prescribe but can call himself, Dr. as he has a PH.D. Mr. Phil gets none of my respect, he is a sell out. Did he and Oprah have a parting of way? And not just because he got a TV show. Anyone lots of talking airheads and he is one, imho. Much better Psychologist in the real world and he isn’t doing anything to help their image. Mr. Phil is in the “taint-ment” world. Tainting our world with more ScamAnthony lies.

      My only hope is that the greedy, lying, ScamAnthonys who likely think they are the new “TEFLON DONS” now, Remember, Gotti, the TEFLON DON,…..the ScamAnthonys will come falling down too. I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on them. IRS too.


      1. Dr. Phil McGraw is a psychologist, NOT a medical doctor. Therefore, he cannot write prescriptions.

        In order to differentiate a doctorate, medical doctor, psychologist and psychiatrist, in the most common of forms, I found this plain, and simple explanation as to exactly what Dr. Phil is, and is not. I think the following describes what I should have stated more clearly.

        Taken from this link:

        “He has a Ph.D., so he’s entitled to the title, but isn’t his act a little misleading to the general public? I know if someone hung a shingle and called themselves a “J.D.,” you can rest assured that someone from that state’s bar would be raising an eyebrow if that person all of a sudden started representing clients.

        According to his Wikipedia page, Phil McGraw got his psychology degree from Midwestern State University in Texas and got his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from University of North Texas. What I learned (at least according to Wikipedia) is that even his own profession has sanctioned him: “The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists imposed disciplinary sanctions on McGraw on January 27, 1989 for an inappropriate “dual relationship” reported in 1988 by a therapy client/employee from 1984.” And, the real kicker: “As of 2008, McGraw has not completed the conditions imposed by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists, and he is not licensed to practice psychology.” So, at least the profession considers this guy as a sort of rogue psychologist. Like Mumford.”


    2. I am correct to call him Mr. Phil. He is an enter- taint- or imho by supporting the ScamAnthonys with airtime and CASH and other prize gifts.


  17. In regard to Cindy’s claim that Casey suffered a ‘seizure’, I did some research on this subject and found an excellent article explaining the types, differences, and after-effects.

    The link is here and worth the read, if you even have a doubt:

    Evidently, from the above information, Casey would have had to have two seizures, in order to make a diagnosis. If Cindy is claiming that she has knowledge t,hat perhaps, only she and Casey are privy to, i.e. more than one seizure, then what I said in my earlier post is true.

    If Cindy knew Casey was seizing,…she owed it to Caley to force the custody issue, and/or never allow Casey to drive a car, nor allow her to watch and care for her minor child. Cindy or George should have gone to court, based upon the medical experts opinion (which do not exist), and been named the custodian of both Casey and Caley.

    It would have been relatively simple to confirm the ‘seizure’ claim, by medical doctors. Except, there is no medical evidence whatsoever, that Casey suffered from this condition.

    However, if Cindy is successful is selling viewers that the non-existent seizures were the reason that Casey lied, then Casey get’s another pass. Casey’s depositions regarding Zenaida Gonzales is scheduled for October, 2011. Just think, if Cindy can convince the public that Casey is not a cold, calculating, party girl, and murderer, then it mitigates Casey’s guilt in regard to all of the charges brought against her. Ultimately, it also lessens the threat that somebody will hurt or kill Casey.

    In other words, Cindy wants us to believe that Casey was so disabled, or mentally impaired, that she did not know what she was doing. Not with regard to Caley’s death, or the lies surrounding her death, or the lies about the fake nanny, and that she had no control when she wrote the bad checks, and stole from her friends. EXCEPT,…there is NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE that Casey ever suffered a seizure. Casey simply suffers from the lack of morals, and a conscience.

    In fact, there is medical evidence that there is nothing, physically or mentally, wrong with Casey Anthony. Emotionally she is an habitual liar, and cold-blooded killer. Her narcissism rivals that of Narcissus, the Greek mythological young man who fell in love with his own reflection. Nobody else, in Casey’s view, matters, but Casey.

    I say, “Give it a rest Cindy. Nobody believes anything the Anthony’s say!” Cindy and Casey are cut from the same self-serving cloth. The only difference is that Casey would kill to remove an obstacle in her way, while I do not believe that Cindy would do the same. However, Cindy most certainly jumped on the family bandwagon to spin a tale of lies to protect the family, and to get rich quick. It’s blood money Cindy. Anything stemming from your poor Granddaughter’s murder, is blood money.

    Do not give your money, time, or effort to anything relating to the Anthony’s. Unless you want to continue to reward a murderer. I post because I will not allow them even the slightest opportunity to obfuscate, and downplay what happened to this poor child. Not because I care what happens to any of them,…because I do not.


    1. Next month they will cook up some new form of overcooked pasta ___in the form of new lies_____ and throw that up against the wall to see if the Latest Conjured Up Lie sticks.

      These “people,” word used very loosely in relation to them, have no shame. They just LOVE to think they are sooooooo clever and everyone else is soooooo stupid. They only care about MONEY!!! Who have they helped? Who have they attacked? Anyone who attacks Tim Miller is a real loser, imho

      Baby Caylee, you are with Angels now!!! Away from the demon forces that once surrounded you.

      Far away from Caylee are some very sick people bearing the name George, Cindy and Casey. JMHO


  18. To Katsie, excellent post…I agree with everything you said except for one comment. You do not believe $indy would kill anyone. I disagree. $indy did her best to point the cops @Jesse, Amy, or ANYONE else to take Casey’s place for the needle in the arm. I think the main difference between $indy and Casey is that $indy never NEEDED to kill anyone to get what she wanted. She found other ways. I think $indy is capable of murdering without blinking an eye if that was the only way to accomplish her goal. $indy’s own mother said it best, “I think Casey hated $indy more than she loved Caylee.” Caylee was getting old enough to talk, was too pretty, getting too much love and attention from everyone–even Casey’s beaus. AND she kept Casey from “La Bella Vita”……. She had to go.


    1. Exactly. And as Cindy sought to pin the crime on others who were completely innocent, imho she is a MONSTER!

      Like Cindy? NEVER, JAMAIS!

      The bad apple (Casey) fell from the Cindy Monster Tree.

      Sympathy for the Devil? Foolish people will give it to them, only to be burned by them if and when it suits them. Tim Miller, Amie H., Jesse Grund, etc etc etc?

      These Anthonys are individuals sans conscience!!!! mho


  19. You may be correct ZoomBroom, in regard to Cindy. The contradiction is that we all know she is a nurse, I believe an R.N., which requires education, and testing for licensure. I suppose I am somewhat naive in this regard, because to me a medical professional saves lives, and does not take them. However, I see your point, which gives rise to a paradox.

    If Cindy is the type to entertain murderous intent, and perhaps even act upon it, is frightening to me, because she is a nurse. If she is capable, then she was, and is living a duplicitous life style. One that was, more than likely, expressed verbally, and perhaps frequently. Cindy probably commented, in a nonchalant manner, regarding death, and murder, and her views colored Casey’s perceptions of same, due to Casey’s proclivity, which I will explain below. Because Cindy is a nurse, I am positive that she discussed geriatric patients at home, in front of the family, but what concerns me now, is how she expressed herself.

    Cindy being one of the parents, and primary caregivers, raised Lee and Casey, and then, Caley. If Cindy did, indeed, view life and death as something trite, this may be part of the reason why Casey behaved the way that she did, after her daughter’s murder. This is not to say that Casey, in anyway, gets a pass on this. However, her perceptions regarding same, may have been colored by her mother’s perceptions of death.

    Cindy stated that Casey’s behavior may have been from the results of a grand mal seizure, but from what I read, there would have been physical damage to the brain, evidenced by a CAT scan, Pet Scan, blood tests, and more. When Jessie took Casey to the hospital, the doctors found nothing wrong with her, after extensive testing. Cindy is outright lying, again, and will continue to lie, until she gets a chance to confront Casey about what actually happened to Caley.

    I cannot believe that anybody could be as obtuse as Cindy is pretending to be. I honestly believe that she is hoping that her statements, including lying on the witness stand, will keep the door open for Casey’s return to the family, and hopefully, she believes that she will get the truth from her. That will never happen.

    George, on the other hand, sees his daughter more clearly. I believe that George knows that Casey murdered Caley, and that Casey is, what used to be referred to as a ‘sociopath’. Today, doctors diagnose these individuals with anti-social personality disorder. Call it what you want, Casey fits the diagnosis entirely. Cold, calculating, manipulating, lying in the face of the truth, etc.

    I refuse to entertain Cindy’s absurd excuses for Casey. The only problem with Cindy, is that she cannot fathom how she, being such a good person in her mind, could raise a killer. A child killer. That is something so horrible, and so grossly offensive to Cindy, that she cannot deal with the truth.

    I believe that even if Casey were ever to tell her parents, the truth, Cindy would still be trying to find excuses for her. We have to learn to live with the fact that we will never know the truth. However, the facts are self-evident.

    What I cannot live with are the continual lies. I refuse to allow Cindy to believe that she can feed us her fabrications, and excuses, and that somehow, we will forgive Casey for what she did. Or, at the very least, excuse her, in some way. Forgiveness is Cindy’s ultimate goal. Cindy is well aware of how much her daughter is hated, as well as the entire family, by proximity, and blood. If she can lessen our perceptions of Casey, as a cold-blooded child killer, then they all benefit.

    Parental guilt is something all parents live with. When something does not go as planned, for our children, we frequently turn the blame on ourselves. Most of us know, however, that not everything a child does, is due to parental mistakes. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as it being the nature of that individual. The perception that good people have good children is not always so. Good people also have bad children, and there is nothing a parent can do to sway the child from that path in life.

    Everything we do, is the conscious choice. Most everybody knows right from wrong, and when we act against the accepted norm, we know that there will be consequences of some sort. Casey chose to dispose of her child. She did not want to parent Caley, or be responsible for her, so she killed her, or allowed her to die. Casey’s happiness was more important, than the life of her own daughter.

    This is the very definition of sociopath, a/k/a anti-social personality disorder. Acting in direct contradiction to the accepted social norm, and expecting to get away with it. These types, mentally, expect to be ‘excused’ from punishment, because they are superior, or special in some way. Many believe that they are extremely clever, beautiful, etc., bringing us back to part of this syndrome exhibiting narcissistic behavior. Remember all the ridiculous pictures of Casey? Always smiling, and the ones where poor little Caley tries to ape her mother? I thought Caley’s little face would crack from the feigned attempt. But Casey, evidently believes that she is extremely photogenic, and can win you over with a simple fake smile. Another example of a child watching a parent, and learning. Just as Casey watched and learned from Cindy.

    I don’t know where in Florida Casey is, but I hope and pray that someday, somewhere, she will meet up with another, just like her, who will not care about her, anymore than she cared about poor little Caley. That would be justice my friends. As cruel as that sounds, it is no less cruel than what Casey did to her helpless little girl, when she decided to get rid of Caley. Karmic justice, something our legal system cannot invoke, but will surely come around…


  20. it has been reported (by those who saw the show) that Cindy told Dr. Phil that she hopes Casey has a happy life and HAS MORE CHILDREN.

    Cindy is certifiable.

    As I write, I feel Cindy is keeping closely in touch with her “sociopath” daughter , the MOTY, and planning and scheming how to get her home where all three may enjoy the new “fraudation” goodies.

    Wouldn’t Casey look beautiful driving the Anthonys’ new red jeep”, courtesy of Dr. Phil ? Flying about Orlando doing her “thaing”?

    Cindy has always lived her life through Casey and she cannot be separated from her alter ego. Apple /Tree. Acorn/Oak.


    1. OMG, that mother thing actually said she hoped her daughter thing has MORE CHILDREN!

      Cindy is not an educated individual, she is a dangerous individual, someone who would place another innocent child in the hands of a murderous monster by the name of Casey. JMHO!


      I can’t wrap my brain around that creepy Sindy saying such a thing. She is beyond fug-ly.


  21. I did notice that instead of pointing to others as the culprit causing Caylee’s death like Jesse, his dad, Amy, Roy Kronk, and Zanny, of course…Cindy is poitning the finger at mysterious ailments suffered by poor darlin’ Casey! I guess that what is called progress!

    I noticed that Cindy has the same habit of her alter ego, Casey, in the way she dry wipes under her eyes those non-existant tears.


  22. More children!!!! Why, so she can murder the too Cindy??? You stupid, inane, uneducated, dolt!!!

    Any man that would sleep with that murdering hose beast, knowing what she did, should be taken out and shot! There is not court in the land that would allow her to adopt, thankfully.

    Casey should be spayed, like the animal that she is! She is one of the last people in the entire world that should be around children, let alone have more children!!!

    Cindy needs to see a psychiatrist and get real. She is delusional!!! Unfortunately for her, we are not!

    I do not want to see, or here from any of them, ever again. I cannot stand Cindy, and Casey is not exactly number one on my hit parade.

    If George has half a brain cell left, he will leave, and get far, far away from that insanity, before he succumbs too!


  23. Right and remember too that the guy in the store told Caylee to pick herself a toy out of (IIRC) a box and KC seemed mad over that? Caylee had her own lil house and a mailbox but kc didn’t….Guarantee ya she held that against SINdy! Jealous over your own child,Pftt
    I just got home and trying to catch up but I only have a few hrs left before i leave again so i hope nobody gets offended if I don’t reply to them,Just hard to catch up cause been gone too long,LoL


  24. I’m with ya! Lets pretend we believe kc about it. (roll eyes) How the hello does that cause you to abuse your child or murder it,one would keep their child safer if they were abused,She didn’t mind leaving Caylee with him to go party on her job..LoL I’m a survivor my dang self and no way Jose’
    Let alone the fact she put Caylee in Ricardo’s bed to sleep with them and they’d just met? No way in Hell if she had been abused?
    There’d be a whole heck of a lot more mothers waiting for 31 days if that was the cause? jmvho


  25. Yes , Mrs. Glass , they will continue to lie until their coffins are lowered into the earth and covered with dirt. Then they will lie and side with the devil for profit !


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