JonBenet Ramsey Brother’s Inappropriate Disturbing Smile and Body Language on Dr. Phil Interview



Twenty years ago 6 year old  child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey was strangled in her own home. There were only three people in the home at the time – her mother, father,and brother Burke. There was a lot of suspicion centered on the parents and even more suspicion centered on the brother’s involvement.


One thing which led to the suspicion involving the parents, was the  ransom letter which was allegedly left behind. There was specific information in it that that only family members knew. It also seemed to have terms that Patsy Ramsey normally used and much of the writing allegedly looked like her writing.  Also. it was determined the pad used to write the ransom note came from Patsy’s desk in the hallway and that both the pad  and her pen were found underneath the phone.

Another cause for suspicion was when  Patty was overheard in the background of her 911 call to police angrily admonishing her son Burke. She said  that she didn’t want to hear another world from “You!” Was she trying to cover something up regarding him? I always found that incident particularly disturbing. If she just lost one child, it would seem that she might have been more gentle and loving towards another child who’s life was allegedly spared.


Many eyed Burke as the killer.  In fact, in his Dr.Phil interview, he says “I know people think I did it.”  Many thought that Burke had a motive to killing JonBenet because she was given so much more attention with her mother. She spent more time with her mother on the beauty pageant circuit. This early photo of  JonBenet and brother Burke says a lot ot me. JonBenet is loving and affectionate, while Burke  is stiff . He seems to be wishing she would literally get off is back .

At the time of the murder, any also thought that Burke’s behavior was odd.  In fact, back then, I was often asked by the media to comment upon Burke’s behavior. I was even asked  to look at his drawings. I found  them to be very odd and disturbing.

As a child, Burke was constantly playing with videogames and disengaging. Now he has been interviewed by Dr. Phil and his body language is still odd and  disturbing.

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Mama June Shannon Body Language Shows Deception, Shame, Denial, Defensiveness and Sadness on Dr. Phil

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.01.52 PMDr. Phil clearly gave June Shannon of Honey Boo Boo fame, a major reality check for her irresponsible behavior. her reaction was that she was in denial and very sad- not bout what she did and the choices she made but about Dr. Phil’s reaction to her. This is no doubt the first time someone has called this know it all mom” on the carpet for her actions.

June often stammered which is usually a signal of deception. She showed massive signals of deception when saying that she only saw the molester twice from her stammering to her monotone. She also showed these signs when she lied about the photo of her and the molester in the bed being photoshopped.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.23.09 PM

Her shame was depicted by her hunched shoulders and bowed head. She also looked super sad with downturned mouth as Dr. Phil grilled her and she knew deep down that she was facing a losing battle.

She also tried to justify her actions when Dr. Phil showed her a photo of her and Alana and the molester on a stairwell. She immediately interjected that her kids don’t go anywhere without her. Well that made things even worse for June because one wonders how they can trust June if she is around the child with the molester. When Dr. Phil goes over her history with men who were in jail, she interruputs and makes comments that she thinks will water down her egregious behavior. She says that  her daughter Jessica’s father is locked up but interjects it had nothing to do with Jessica and seems to be annoyed as she seems to be blaming that “Catch a Predator” thing for why he is locked up.

Her defensiveness was reflected in the harsh tones in which she answered Dr. Phil where she loudly blurted out her answers to his questions in a staccato manner.

June’s being in denial was clearly evident when she said that the reason why TLC dropped her show was because she shared with them that the girls were tired of filming after 2 and a half years. She seemed to have no clue that the reason why she was dropped was becuase she was seeing  asexual predator and had her girls around him.

Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

To all my wonderful Body Language Blog Readers:

I just  wanted to let you know why  you haven’t seen a lot of my  posts  lately, It is  because I have been focused  on my  new books and doing TV show pilots. In fact, I just finished the final touches on my upcoming book called, See Something, Hear Something, Say Something! Guide to Identifying Body Language of Terrorist. My co-author is, a  former Special Agent with the FBI and former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force named Vincent Sulivan. We are so proud of this book is with a lot of original research and new data  how to recognize terrorists as we are certain It will help save a lot of lives.




George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below






The Anthony’s Upcoming Interview on Dr. Phil- Will They Continue to Lie?

 I detest  manipulation, lies and  spin. On Monday afternoon  Cindy and George Anthony will be  on the Dr. Phil Show to reveal “the truth” about Casey  and what really happened in Caylee’s death. But why now? Why didn’t they reveal it earlier? Is because there was no half a million dollar donation to their “charity” when they spoke on the stand?
 Cindy  who lied on the stand ,  manipulated the press, and mislead law enforcement by destroying evidence has now asserted Casey suffered from an epileptic seizure while Caylee was drowning. Somehow I find this hard to believe and insulting that they could come up with this nonsense at this point in time.
If  this  was the case why didn’t it come out immediately? Why didn’t Jose Baez or Cheney Mason  mention it during opening or closing arguments? And why was Casey seizing? Was she on illegal drugs ? If she  seized why wasn’t rushed to the hospital and  given a brain scan and subsequently monitored   or put on anti seizure medication like Depacote, which she should have been on during the trial and should be on to this day? 
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Dr. Lillian Glass Top Ten Favorite and Inspiring Gifts of 21010

With  Christmas over and the New Year approaching, it is time for me to look back on this year and to reflect on what were some of my best gifts. These best  gifts  are  my happiest  moments for which I am so grateful. As you will see from my list, the gifts of communication, being able to express myself, and being proactive, are some of the most important gifts for which I am grateful. Here is my list for 2010:

 1. The gift of Truth and Justice and the knowledge that  the American Justice system works as I  won a copyright infringement trial against Marsha Petrie Sue who not only copied my materials word for word but who also had the audacity to call her 2007 book Toxic People, the same name as my 1995 book Toxic PeopleIt was the best gift in the world to see that people like her cannot get away with this and that they must be held accountable for their actions and that everyone must know it.

2.  The next gift was  the enormous outpouring of the  public response, support  and touching comments of how I inspired so many people by going the distance and  fighting for my rights against people like Marsha Petrie Sue who take what you created and claim it as their own and how it inspired them to fight for their rights as well. The gift of their beautiful words are forever in my heart .

  3. The   powerful and healing words Eric Bjorgum,  my wonderful intellectual property attorney so  eloquently spoke in the US Federal courtroom is another gift I will carry with me forever.

 4. The gift of seeing how many people have already been impacted by reading my TOXIC MEN book is also a huge gift to me. The moving feedback of so many readers along with the support of Patti Stanger, BRAVO’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Dr. Laura,  Dr. Robi Ludwig and  Robin Sax, and of course  SNOOKI have meant so much to me.

 5.The gift of working with Nancy Grace and being a regular contributor  to her HLN show as well as to her Swift Justice Show. Being around Nancy  Grace, a woman with a mission who’s dedication to justice and to helping crime victims continues to inspire me.

6.  The gift of working with Adams Media and F and S Publications and  in particular the  wonderful people who have been so supportive of me and  my books and allowing me the forum to express myself so that I can get my message across to others.

 7.The gift of being able to regularly  express my thoughts and share my knowledge throughout the media from having my own body language column in Cosmopolitan Magazine to appearing  as a resident body language expert on such shows as  Millionaire Matchmaker and Dr. Phil as well as other television, radio , magazine, and internet outlets on a regular basis. I count my blessing daily.

 8. The gift of giving back is one of the things for which I am most grateful. Every week my family members and I travel around town to find those in need and provide them with a few things which can make their lives a little easier on the streets , from fresh warm blankets, to warm socks,  and tee shirts and sweats . Seeing bright eyes and smiles on faces that haven’t smiled for a long  time,  makes life worth living and is the best gift I can ever receive.

 9. The gift of new friends who seem like old friends ( ie.  Michael, Cat, Deborah,  Ree, Lois, Art, Jim, Steve,) and my old friends who have been renewed ( ie. Jan and Dave,  Reba, Martha, Elis, Chopsey, David,  Bob and  Stacy,  Susan, Shar , Ilsa, Robert, Teri, Nancy,  Donna , Jennifer,  Gloria, Rolanda, Carrie,  Mark, Bob, Phyllis, Suzy  Connie, Chris, Donna, Katiem Kerry,  Janet Victor David W, Motty, Shadoe, Brian, John, Gail)    and to FB for now allowing me to keep in touch.  I am grateful for all of my FB friends and friends on Twitter and most of all my very close and special  friends who add to the beauty of my life.

 10.And last but not least I am grateful for the gifts that my beautiful family has given me throughout my life and continues to give me- their  integrity, honesty, sincerity, continued love and support which I truly cherish.