How Can George and Cindy Anthony’s Marriage Last When They Disagree About What Really Happened to Caylee?


As George Anthony appeared on Part 2 of his interview on  the Dr. Phil Show,  once again,  he was a liar when it came to discussing  his relationship with River Cruz . In fact Dr. Phil asked him Did you have a romantic relationship with River Cruz?

George  says No sir  and smiles his goofy fake Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame smile. He  swallows hard,  which is a major signal of deception, especially  in the context of what was asked.

Dr. Phil then told him that he didn’t want to play the semantics game.   He asked George if he had an intimate relationship with River. Once again George swallowed hard and blinked repeatedly which  indicated deception.

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47 thoughts on “How Can George and Cindy Anthony’s Marriage Last When They Disagree About What Really Happened to Caylee?

  1. Dr. Glass, first I would like to thank you for what you do. I know it is hard sometimes but please continue or better yet Write a book about this. It would be a best seller!IMO, If Cindy does not get help she will lose her mind to the point of no return. I think George knows this but clearly wants the money, as does she. Do they not know that the money will cause more trouble down the road? I think they will turn on each other when the sharing of the money comes. I also think Cindy will continue to sell her soul to the devil for the money. George might excape but I dought it. They have too much on each other. It is so sad that people don’t realize that money won’t help. It will only make it worst. God Bless You, Dr. Glass


  2. I don’t buy it. Is this a “hook”? Giving the audience a reason to watch them again, pay them for another performance–see if they start imploding? It isn’t as if $indy believes the ridiculous fantasies she’s spouting–I wonder if they are trying to rehab George enough to sell a book. Something is up… and it has nothing to do with honesty or integrity. It has to do with money. I did not watch their paid performance, nor will I ever watch them on anything. Same for Dr Shill. Shame on the whole sorry pack of jackals.


    1. I agree, it is all about money when it comes to the Anthonys. Nothing ever really changes, they used to fight over control using Caylee, now that they killed her, they fight over money.


  3. First off, I can’t understand why George would want to stay with a Psycho like Cindy. Now it is probably money that is keeping them together.Although it was wrong. I do not blame George for having and affair. Who could live with a monster like Cindy and not want to find an escape, even if it was only temporary.


    1. George is as equally suspicious, imo, as Cindy. He has lied continually through the investigation all the while pretending to be one of the cops…ol’ boy routine. “I’m gonna level with you fellas…” Yeah, right. Always expanding on his stories, always contradicting his previous tales.

      Does anyone sincerely believe George even saw Casey and Caylee on the way to the nanny’s on June 16th? Examine the different ways in which George adds and changes this story.

      Doctor Phil was a staged event where Cindy, George and their mouthpiece okayed some questions from the NINE hours of the initial interview. And then no audience was there to later testify as to what went on and what questions were asked..

      This interview was mainly to show George in a good light and somewhat saner than Cindy and gain the public trust once more, as he did his “suicide attempt”. Poor George. How does he stand Cindy?

      George’s appearance was to rehabilitate his image to head a “Grandparents’ Rights” foundation, You can’t have a child molester as the head of a foundation.You can’t have a cheating husband, who was supposed to be looking for Caylee, and instead was carrying on a pillow talk session River Cruz, as administrative officer of a foundation. And then there are the books to come from both Cindy and George.


      1. George is not a child molester. He loves his family, and I believe he loved Caley. I also believe that he may have been the only family member who deeply loves them all. His statement that he would to ‘anything’ to save Casey, is proof. However, that statement caused his fall from grace, when Casey and Baez, used it to paint him as a molester. It is not true. It never was.

        Molestation was an excuse for Casey’s behavior, which does not mesh with her actions, at all. I am sure a psychiatrist could verify this.

        River took advantage of her friendship with George. In her eyes, he was the cash cow she was looking for. Dollar signs…just like the jury.


      2. Kate- your wrong- its all “classic”- he is a compulsive gambler and sex-addict- the CSA is right in-step with his character- and it explains Casey’s mental illness. When ppl are sick- there is a reason- 9 times out of 10. Even if Casey is a sociopath like george that just makes all the more sense- she’s got a “pre-existing” condition- then add the CSA- and ya got a dead child.
        I know it’s fun to think she is just “evil”- allows you to hate without guilt- but it’s not the case.


  4. The way I see it, is that if George was younger, he would be out of the marriage so fast, you wouldn’t be able to see the ‘blur’, as he leaves. However, he is approaching retirement age, and starting over is, in his mind, impossible.

    I say that because I am near their age(s), and have been married for decades. I ‘get it’. I could not imagine starting over. Dating, etc. No thank you. Plus, if you add the fact that George, was a Catholic, guessing from his last name, he carries that ‘guilt’ in regard to marriage, family, etc. I have no hard facts as to his religious preferences, if any, but live in one of America’s melting pots, and know many people with that last name, and for the most part, they are Roman Catholic. I was, at one time, and I know how heavy the guilt can be.

    Consider also, that George was married once before, so I doubt he wants another failure. Especially in light of the fact that he has two children, and had a darling little granddaughter. He is tied, inexorably, to his family. This includes crazy Cindy, and sicko Casey.

    George, in my opinion, is stuck. Though he has finally made his opinions known to the public, Cindy still holds that “Sword of Damocles”, over his head, and over the head of Lee. Casey has escaped the sword, in regard to her parents, but will never shake her notorious persona. She is a cold-blooded, reptile. Some reptiles, eat their young,…

    At any rate, George knows the truth, and in my opinion, so does Cindy. Cindy will never, publicly, admit she agrees that what Casey did, was commit murder. However, it’s my guess that when she considers all the facts, she knows Casey murdered Caley. No excuses, no placation. Cindy knows the truth. She won’t even admit it to George. It’s that deeply rooted in her psyche, that she believes that ‘something’ caused Casey’s brutality. Parental guilt, Christian upbringing, the public’s opinion of them,….it all comes into play where Cindy is concerned.

    Casey is an abberation, one that Cindy cannot accept any hand in the making. George, on the other hand, realizes that Casey is a killer. A very empty, cold, manipulating killer.

    I cannot imagine how horrible it is for either of Casey’s parents, to accept this truth, let alone admit it. For that, George get’s kudos from me.

    I wish that George would leave Cindy. For that matter, I would hope that he comes to the realization that Cindy and Casey are toxic to his well-being, and runs as fast as he can, away from them both.

    Lee is a wildcard in my opinion. I think he also knows the truth, and in order to maintain some semblance of ‘family’, he tolerates Cindy’s fiction.

    Run George. Distance yourself physically, as well as mentally, and emotionally from Cindy, and Casey. They will destroy anything good, or decent, in their paths. If you want to spend the rest of your miserable life, allowing yourself to be manipulated, emasculated, and guilt-ridden, for no reason whatsoever, then stay. Put up with Cindy’s twisted fairytale, but know this,…it will destroy you, and Lee both, ultimately. However, Cindy and Casey will survive the devastation, because they are reptilian. The definition of reptilian is any cold-blooded vertebrate of the class Reptilia including tortoises, turtles, snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, and extinct forms. We all know that neither Casey, nor Cindy are harmless like the tortoise, or turtle, but more akin to the what’s left over of the definition. RUN GEORGE!!!!!


    1. Amen! Two peas in a pod. They both knew a crime had happened in or around that car…and their granddaughter was missing. They knew their daughter had lied to them about her whereabouts for a month when they found that car in the tow yard.
      So they went home, not calling in a crime scene, or asking for a check on their granddaughter, but wiping away evidence and obstructing an investigation.

      I am tired of George’s tears and Cindy’s dry-wipes! They had only one interest from day one…find that body and move it to where it could not be found…or where the mode of her death could not be ascertained.

      The big act of Cindy’s…”I had not heard that before!” to George about his theory of the drugging of Casey.

      Oh, man, I think two such bad liars ought to stay together.


  5. So, Penny you think the George, Cindy and maybe even Lee, helped Casey move the baby’s body to the dump?

    I wonder if this was ever investigated? If so, any of them could have helped, after work hours. I never considered it though, but I suppose if I had to guess, I would vote that it was Cindy, or Lee, but not George.

    If George would have helped, when Casey and Baez threw him under the bus, wouldn’t he have been more cooperative with the defense? He said somethings on the stand, that sounded like he did not agree with them.

    I keep going back to Lee’s comment at the funeral, about the ‘secret’. Makes me wonder now. Was he the one who may have helped Casey, if she had help?

    I still don’t think Casey had any help moving the body. The baby was light, and small. After hiding her body in the laundry bag, and trash bags, she backed her car into the garage, and I think, she went to Caley’s play house, where she stashed it over night. She then put the bag into the car, and drove around with it, for awhile, hence the decomp smell. I think she did it all by herself.

    Casey knew the car smelled, i.e. comment to Amy that it was a dead animal stuck to the bottom of the car. She had to get rid of it, and thought incorrectly, that it would get rid of the smell too. She took the body to the pet cemetary, dumped it near the pavers, and walked away. I don’t think anybody helped her kill Caley, or dispose of her body. Casey did it all by herself.

    I think the marriage will have a hard time, now that George made the comment on Dr. Phil, that Casey was not welcome back home. He is really angry, and hurt. If Casey wants to drive a wedge between them, which she may want to do because George betrayed her in his testimony on the stand,…she will tell Cindy that she wants to come home. George will say no, they will argue, and he will leave. I say, the sooner the better as far as George is concerned.

    To me, George is the only one who shows any honest emotions. I agree that Cindy never sheds a tear, much like Casey, with the dry-rubbing. George, on the other hand, really misses Caley, and he most definitely blames Casey. Casey is the right person to blame for all of this, and then after all is said and done,…she walks away, scott free.

    I can’t stop thinking that something went wrong in that trial, behind the scenes. I still say that the prosecution did a great job, so the only think I can discern from it, is that the jury was tampered with. I wish the D.A. would investigate the possibility. That jury came back with a verdict that made, absolutely, no sense! They didn’t even ask where Caley was when Casey stayed over night with her boyfriends,…so many things they just ignored.

    Something is wrong with that jury. Something happened, somewhere during the trial, or deliberations, but I am sure that they were influenced in favor of the defendant. I just cannot prove it.


    1. George left after Caylee was born- for a year- more or less- I do not believe he cared anymore about Caylee than he did anyone else in his family. He is Casey- he stole from Cindy- a lot more than Casey ever did- he cheated and lied- a lot more than casey ever did- and used Cindy and his family to support his addictions. Just because he does not have a thought disorder like Cindy- doesn’t mean he’s the “good guy”- he’s a sociopath and a louse.


      1. I disagree. I think George was angry. Angry at Cindy for not telling him about the pregnancy ,and angry that Casey is a whore, his mind. I don’t blame him for leaving. They lied to him. They are his family, and they left him out of a very big development in their lives!

        I also disagree that George did not love Caley. George loves his family,..every one of them. He was a good grandfather, and he tried to be a good father, but Cindy got in the way, and prevented him from doing so. Yes, George was a wimp. He should have never allowed Cindy to emasculate him that way, but that’s history.

        Remember that this very middle-class, old fashioned man, was married before, and it did not work. I know that was something that haunted him, and he was adamant about not letting that happen again. Even at his own expense. George is a sad, emasculated man, desperate to keep his family together. He loved Caley, I know he did. In fact, his actions say that loudly. The others,….not so much.


      2. I disagree Deb. George left because he had no voice in his own family. Cindy was the boss, financially, and she stepped all over George, to protect Casey. Cindy insinuated herself in between Casey and George, because Casey did not want to tow the line the way George would have demanded. Who went to check on Casey, at her alleged work, to see if she was lying??? George. He knew they were lying to him.

        Further, George did not leave for a year. It was only a few months. I’ll bet he left when he finally discovered that his whoring daughter was preggers. He is old-fashioned, and Cindy and Casey were lying to him, and to Lee. I cannot say that I blame him. What kind of marriage is that, when one partner lies to the other, over their own children??? Not a very good, loving one in my opinion.

        As far as stealing from Cindy…they are a married couple. The
        law is by the ‘entireties’, which means,…they are seen as one entity. That money you say belonged to Cindy, under our laws, belonged to them both, equally, but not severally. Under the law they are viewed as one person, and so is their money, debts, etc. What is surprising is if the money was disappearing, why didn’t the controlling Cindy ask George about it? Because she thought that it was Casey who was taking the money!

        George isn’t the sociopath (ASPD – antisocial personality disorder). If anybody is the ASPD here it’s Casey. Cindy does not even fit the profile. Google it. It’s Casey,…all the way! They raised a killer. Good people have bad children, but if Cindy had not buffered Casey so well, from her father, Casey might have never had Caley, and therefore, never would have murdered her. Maybe another child, but not Caley.


    1. Joe, by saying “money”, that indicates problem with the jury. When the jurors were chosen, they swore, under oath, that they knew nothing about the case. Your reply indicates that the jurors lied. That is enough to invalidate a juror, and/or the entire jury.

      Speaking from a practical point of view, I felt it would be next to impossible to find twelve people, in this country, who had heard nothing about this case. I don’t thing the Judge allowed enough
      challenges by the prosecution, either.

      The prosecution, would have I believe, challenged a number of the potential jurors, but Judge Perry pushed the jury selection through too fast. I wondered why the pros did not talk to the Judge, outside of court, about it. I heard that they did not, but that could be rumor.

      If the jurors were motivated by dollar signs, then I am very pleased that it blew up in their faces! They will never make a cent from this nightmare. Too bad they are not being charged with perjury.

      I’d like to see professional jurors. I know there are a lot of potential problems there, but the system failed in this instance, and has failed many, many times before. When dealing with life or death, we need juries that are professionally trained. Though, I don’t have the first clue how to keep them honest. All I know, is that the current jury system does not work, especially in high profile cases.


      1. I was answering the headline question by dr glass, why will George and Cindy stay together now? Money. They are loving the spotlight and can’t wait to get that foundation, non profit of course but they can get salary from it.


  6. Trials should be helt in a way that the suspect would not be seen. After all, isn;t justice suppose to be blind? Too many are judged by their appearences. Look what the defence did w/ Casey’s chair. Poor tiny white cutie could not have kill her daughter. If that had been a large woman or a man , too bad, so sad! We are conditioned to judge by appearences. The jury saw what the defence wanted them to see. If the jury could not have seen Casey and only had to hear and see the evidence, not the person I think things would have come out different. Not just this trial, all of them. It’s theater, the lawyer that puts on the best show wins. And, no i don’t know why I can’t let this go… It’s over already….


    1. I like your idea hwill. Keep the jury from seeing the defendant, but, remember under or criminal system, a defendant has the right to face her/his prosecutors.

      I think the system needs to change. Juries should not be held to a penalty, if they give interviews, etc., after the conclusion of the trial. A jail sentence, and large fine, would put a stop to jurors looking to make money from these types of cases. Further, and I hate saying this, but trials should not be televised. Most view television as a form of entertainment, and celebrity. Stop televising, enact laws to keep the jurors honest. Jury corruption would lessen, but we would still have to be mindful of tampering. That can happen in any trial.


  7. Didn’t River claim to give George oral sex? Oral sex is considered by many “not an intimate relationship, and not Sex. You may be interested that many pedophiles including statements from Catholic priest most documented that they had justified that having young boys relieve them via oral masturbation “oral sex” was not SEX. Bill Clinton himself used this self serving irrational rationale. Ask the pointed Question Dr Phil. “Did River place her mouth of your _ _ _ _ _ . Is that what you had Caylee do? Did caylee die under your care and then you then place her wet dead body where Casey would find her? Or did you cause her death and then blame it on Casey?In truth none of us knows anything, except that Casey was crazed out long before Caylees death, and who knows what Casey was taking and who gave it to her. Not everything is in a neat lil package. I hope George did not do anything, I hope For EVERYONES sake it was just an accident. No doubt Casey needs help, she’s been lying and stealing, “not disputed” for a very long time. However justice demands that we open our eyes, that we ask questions and that no one get an off the hook pass, cause we can’t imagine they could have been involved.


    1. Sex is sex,…any part of your body that comes in contact with another persons body. in order to reach climax. If George had oral sex with River,….he had sex period. I don’t buy the ‘modern’ take on defining sex. It’s used as an excuse. I doubt sincerely that George would truly believe that oral sex, was not sex. He’s old fashioned. Back in his day, if a girl had performed that on him, they would have had sex, and he would probably be bragging to his buddies.

      However, I don’t think he and River had sex. They may have kissed, and made-out (petting), but I do not think it went any further. As I said, George is old fashioned. He grew up with 50’s morality, (which I think is a good thing). And I do not think he molested Casey, or anybody else, for that matter. I think River wanted her fifteen minutes of fame, and invented the oral sex to make her seem more important. She probably hoped for some interviews, or magazine articles, etc.. In my opinion, River is just like all the rest of the money-mongers. They smell money, and follow the trail.

      Casey killed Caley. I have never doubted that. Whether she let her die, from an overdoes of chloroform, or xanax, does not matter to me. She was the last person with the child, she lied to protect herself from incrimination, she partied when she knew her daughter was dead, and hid the body. That spells guilt in my book.

      George had nothing to do with it. I think he tried to be a good father, and grandfather, and for the most part he was. Cindy on the other hand, is a wacko. Cindy is the one who would do anything to protect her family, and I do mean anything. If anybody helped Casey, it was Cindy.


  8. There is no chance for this marriage- regardless of they think about Casey. They deserve each other. I think George will bail- when the house sells- unless he needs to wait for Cindy to finish writing and selling the book. He hasn’t changed anymore than she has- he’s at the very least a gambler, and womanizer and has been trying to escape Cindy and “the family” for years. He will leave as soon as he can- after getting everything he can from her (he already blew her retirement fund on his gambling debt- but he has no pride- he will get every penny from her he can before he’s outa there).


  9. The marriage is doomed – I don’t see that they currently are close at all but living together and keeping up appearances to be able to benefit from the gravy train of freebies, vacations, identical red jeeps, their book release in 2/12. I give it less than a year before they are contacting divorce atty’s. It should be very interesting to see how they divide up all the blood monies.

    More lies from Cindy today. Google autocomplete was not available until August of 2008. Cindy could not have been looking up Chorophyll and automatically have choloroform pop up. Before August of 2008 Google had auto complete extender that people could put on Google with knowledge the Anthony’s did not have.

    Question – If George was involved…why would he allow Casey to take the car with the body in the trunk, run out of gas & let it get towed…then personally show up to pick up the car with the smell? Why involve the tow yard worker? Why let anyone else know what was going on? George was never involved in any part of the murder of Caylee or the dumping of her body.

    Question for Casey & Baez – Casey you have claimed that you borrowed the neighbor’s shovel on June 18 to dig up bamboo shoots that were hurting Caylee’s feet. Since you now admit Caylee died on June 16, what in the hell did you borrow the shovel for?


    1. Wow NancyB!!! You made some outstanding observations, none of which occurred to me.

      You are absolutely correct Nancy. What I’d like to know, is when the IT (computer) expert testified, did he not know about the non-existence of the Google auto-complete, in 2008??? That would have confirmed that Casey did the searches, not Cindy. Even watching Cindy, in the last part of the interview, with Dr. Phil, I could see she was lying about this. Just before she answered, there was a ‘tell’, which I will not post here, in case others want to use the same technique to help them do the same. But it was there. Cindy should have been charged with perjury, and your post confirms it, and gives the reason for it.

      I agree completely that George had nothing to do with it. I never suspected any involvement on his part. However, I suspect that Lee knows more than he is saying, though he may not have been, physically, involved.

      You are also smack on with regard to Casey and the shovel!

      What strikes me is how mired in these facts I have become. So much, in fact, that I have failed to see the forest for the trees. I suspect this is also the reason the Prosecution failed to follow through on your points Nancy.

      Please keep posting. Your insight is exemplary! I would also like to know if you have gleaned other information from the facts. Honestly, I think most of us were blinded by the light, except for a few like you. Thank you so much NancyB!!! Too bad you weren’t a consultant for the Prosecution team, prior to trial. They really needed this kind of help….cutting through the minutiae.

      After working with attorneys for decades, I will say that most have a tendency toward tunnel-vision. Especially, in cases with so many unusual twists and turns. Most will not even admit that they don’t see the problem with that, because cases are made up of factual information. However, as I said above, they focus so hard on a particular scenario, that they fail to entertain anything that diverges from it. With the facts above, Casey would be sitting on death row today,…in my opinion.


  10. Drake, I don’t understand your question,….”How can a person who is not sworn in be charged with perjury?” Are you referring to the jurors? If so, they are sworn. We did not see it, but believe me they are charged with a pledge, and sworn, in court, in front of the sitting Judge.


  11. Did anybody else notice George’s response to Dr. Phil, when asked if Casey showed up on their doorstep, would she be permitted to return home? He said, “Not while I WAS there.”

    I thought that was a telling response. Georges response was given in the past-tense form. I got the impression that he has, and is, considering leaving. I cannot say that I blame him. I could not live with Cindy, or Casey, if I was him. I think George has stopped lying to himself about his family, finally. The next step, for him, is to decide if he can tolerate the continual lies. Those very lies that got him in hot water on the witness stand. How many times does a person have to be humiliated, lied about, painted to be a monster, and still have loving feelings for those who accused him?

    I feel that George stays because he wants others to believe that he is a good person. That he stands by his family. Cindy does the same thing. The pathetic part is that nobody will see George as a good person, if he continues to live with liars. People who would throw him under the bus to save their own necks. George’s big mistake was saying that he would do ‘anything’ to help Casey. In Casey’s mind that meant,….anything, and everything,….even molestation. I cannot stand Cindy or Casey. They are self-centered, egocentric, individuals, with very cold hearts. No souls…George is different. His conscience is working, and he sees the truth.


    1. thank goodness someone else GOT George’s bIG HINT- as to his future plans- I kept waiting for Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew or JVM- none of them caught it! it was driving me crazy- yes! George is on the move- out!


  12. george stays for the money, remember when they were separated and cindy told her mom if they divorced george would get have the $$ and it was impossible and George moved home ; Its all about th $$ and the Fraudation and tv appearances-George is a married prostitute. One cannot believe either of them ever.


  13. This comment was in response to the Dr. Phill interview.

    This comment should be framed and pasted.


    September 19, 2011 – 11:23 pm

    Cindy Anthony, I know you come on here to find the pulse of the people…..Well, here is my story & I’m sticking to it……My story is so much more beliveable than yours……You could not believe that Casey had written over 150 checks on your account…..but she did…..So you went to your bank & fixed it to where Casey had no access to your acct. any more… did……This was in March of 2008…….really pizzed Casey off, so here comes the stealing from friends, grandma & grandpa……she did…….Now we come to the net searches on how to kill, you were no longer a money tree for Casey…..When Casey no longer needs someone she gets rid of them…..makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, it should yours, you were supposed to be her first killing….you were…What to do? ….What to do?….So you go for a visit with your mental health expert,provided by Gentiva…….She tells you to make it clear to Casey that you will not put up with her lying, stealing,not taking the role of mother in rearing Caylee…..Here comes the straw that breaks the camel’s back,[ your own words]….Father’s day you & Caylee visit your dad…….your mom lets you know Casey has written cks.on your dad’s nursing home money……last straw….You & Casey have it out, Casey leaves with Caylee in a rage..,…sad so sad, but Casey really did hate you more than she loved baby Caylee…..she did…The only way she could hurt you was to kill Caylee……she did….here is where your guilt comes in…..the made up dates of the 8th & 9nh of June….You think now …I should have just let every thing stand….not said, or done anything….wrong… would happen anyway…..because Cindy, Casey did not need Caylee any longer….she was not a bargining chip any more….what Casey no longer needs she gets rid of…….she does….Your beautiful grandbaby is dead, your not so beautiful daughter murdered her…….you do know this ….because you cleaned up her decomposition fluids….remember Cindy?…..the smell you will always remember… are having a very long dance with the devil….Karma may take awhile, but it will come…all the blood money you are raking in will not bring you peace or happiness….being pure evil is not a mental illness……yes Cindy , your daughter is evil……


    1. Great post Lona1. You pointed the most salient, and condemning facts, leading to Caley’s murder, as well as the reason for same.

      Casey did it. It was revenge against Cindy, and for that matter, against George too. She took away the one decent, fulfilling experience in their lives. They were proud grandparents, and Casey hated them for showering Caley, with gifts that, in her mind, should have been hers. Ty. Lona1.


  14. So many excellent comments above. I recently discovered that Cindy’s been a busy bee on Twitter. I was really surprised at her behavior and what she has been tweeting. If you look back several days ago several F bombs and the entire content of the vast majority of her tweets are to challenge and bait the prosecutors and media shows that don’t agree with her & Baez & Casey’s version of things. Some of the negative tweets that she receives are pretty funny but Cindy gets very mad, which is also very funny to me, and rudely answers them back in ALL CAPS! Initially I was actually embarrassed for her because her behavior is so poor and for the whole world to see for themselves. None of the glossy, shiny, cover that was used on Dr Phil’s show to give her an air of reasonable respectability.

    For example:

    CINDYANTH0NY Cindy Anthony
    @dsstella NOT A MISTAKE. IT WAS A WITCH HUNT AND A MADE UP LIE BY THE PROSECUTION. if casey had been convicted the case would have overturned

    CINDYANTH0NY Cindy Anthony

    o ↑

    @CINDYANTH0NYCindy Anthony


    1. You put her energy level with her dellusional state of mind, and lack of class- and you’ve REALLY got something! She’s what ya call “A PIECE OF WORK!”


    2. Ty Nancy B for the heads up NancyB. Cindy is delusional. I read her posts. How does she continue to survive. She lies about one thing, then has to cover it with another lie. I wonder, would Cindy recognize the truth if she heard it? She need psychological counseling, big time.

      Cindy says her book will be out next year. It can sit on the shelf in the store, for all I care, and rot. I won’t read it because it won’t tell us anything we already don’t know. If it’s more of Dr. Phil,….don’t waste your money, or time. I refuse to support crazy Cindy and her wacko daughter, in any way.


    3. Cindy’s posts on Twitter prove my point. She knows the truth, otherwise, why try so hard to defend a lie? Not once does she say that Casey did not kill Caley. Not once. Yet, she screams, rants, and on television, pretends that she is intelligent, faithful, and a decent human being. NOT. We all see it Cindy, so stop. It’s pathetic, lame, and just proves that you know Casey murdered Caley. Why else scream at the top of your lungs? Why not just say Casey did not kill your beautiful, helpless, darling grandbaby????? Because, you Cindy, know Casey did it!

      Reminds me of Scott Peterson’s mother who told Scott to “Lie, lie and lie,…” Wow Cindy, you will never understand why you need to tell the thrth. Never. Cindy is pathetic.


  15. I will not waste another minute on these people. They have become addicted to the attention and money. I don’t believe for a minute that George or Cindy had anything to do with Caylee’s death. It was at the hands of her own mother, Casey. Whoever said she hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee is right on! Cindy said the gig was up. Bad enough for Casey to steal from her own parents, but to steal from the grandparents retirement account was lower than low. But, what did they expect? Casey hadn’t worked for over 2 yrs., yet she continued to pretend to have money. How could you live with your adult child and never, never see a bank statement, W-2, or check stub? Did they not ask for help with food, power bill, diapers, clothes, gasoline, insurance? Who lets their adult child with a child live for free when that said adult child is well and can work? These people were delusional, or they are feeding the public a bunch of crap. No, I will not buy anyone’s book. Liars, do you think?


  16. Gosh, I’ve been around as a mother, and grandmother, as a court advocate for molested children, as a foster parent, as a sister- inlaw to my mentally ill “DID” brothers’ wife, as someone that has worked extensively with battered people, worked with child molesters, egomaniacs, con men, and therapist. Some women molested by their fathers have been conditioned to think that it was their fault and that their father would not molest another. Some molesting Fathers, and relatives give money and keep their victims dependent upon them and even pray that parents will stick together. Some molesters use hypnotism and there are handbooks on it, some victims are drugged, bribed, insane, of any age.

    So for all those nice people out there, “not everyone else is nice, nor does it have to make sense”.

    When looking for truth, “No one gets a pass, no one is beyond reproach” I just can not possibly tell you how many nice wonderful people are really scum.

    I think DR. Phil missed the boat. I think Nancy Grace needs to think more, speak less, and hire some seasoned reporters and investigators. The police and detectives failed Caylee by their kit glove approach, sloppy work. Dr G, your autopsy was not complete.

    Questions I have are too many for George, like why report the gas cans missing this time? When your daughter has taken them many times before.I can see and 3 molesters that remind me of George, by their actions, their behavior. Not saying that George is guilty of anything except poor parenting. I’ve seen women stay with their husband molesters that appear strong. What a crazy world!!!

    No one gets a pass


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