The Anthony’s Hate Eliciting Lie Filled Perfomance on Dr. Phil

As a body language expert I found that  watching Cindy and George Anthony;s performance on Dr. Phil where they told  so many lies, including a major one about a brain tumor made me very upset. It is no wonder that Casey is the way she is and that  Caylee is dead  not only  because of  Casey, but because of   George and Cindy as well. After watching these two  liars I believe that poor  Caylee would never have stood  a chance in that family.They have completely dishonored this baby as they continue to defend Casey at all costs.

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84 thoughts on “The Anthony’s Hate Eliciting Lie Filled Perfomance on Dr. Phil

    1. it was painful but educational- and trash is correct- Caylee was not “worth” anything to them- not the cost of a decent daycare or minimal medical care. It’s like someone adopting a pet they can’t afford…was an euthenasia (or abortion) a bettter choice or was a marginal probably painful “chance” at life – the best op…. We can only hope Caylee had a few good moments- dispite her lowly position in this “family”.


      1. Such an insightful post deb, and so true. Why didn’t Cindy pay for professional daycare? Why was it more important to force Casey to act like a mother, than to take charge? That’s a big ‘hmmmm’ in my opinion, and it reeks. Nobody truly loved Caley…nobody protected her. Poor baby girl.


  1. Shocking- even tho I watched every second of the coverage over the last 3 years- imagine one can STILL be shocked! Answers a LOT of questions- no doubt now, that Cindy is mentally ill, George is a sociopath and their daughter is a psychopath (mentally ill + sociopath= psychopath). If the parents are sick- the child is sicker- period. I have never seen/heard such pathology- I am now trying to figure out Dr. Phil’s position- I don’t blame him for doing the interview- but needed to remind audience that his guests were still being sued and possibly procecuted and would not be able to be candid- even if they wanted to. I appreciate what i can get- believe as Peter Hyatt/Statement Analysis- that keeping them talking is the ticket. NG’s guest last night- was so great- father of missing daughter- he gave the best posssible analysis of the interview- hit the nail on the head at every turn- including that it a “low-ball” interview- which it was- I will contribute to his daughter’s website when I get paid next week. God bless him and his family.


    1. deb,
      I saw Dr. Phil on The Joy Bahar show. Dr Phil thinks Cindy and George are victims of Casey. He believes there is no excuse for
      Casey to have turned out like she did. He stated “There is some ddysfuntion in the family yes, but nothing to warrant the behavior oof Casey” he also said “Cindy is in denial and makes an excuse for Casey at every turn” “George is more realistic and he has told Casey she is not welcomed in their home”

      Whoopi piped up and said “I think the whold family knew what happened to Caylee in just a few days after the 911 call” Phil bought into their lies, at least the major ones.


  2. I have no respect for Dr Phil for having the liars on there anyway and do not have the stomach to watch it. Why would anyone believe them now? Everyone knows she got away with murder.


    1. I agree hvf. Dr. Phil was shadow boxing with Cindy. Never once did he push her, like he should have. He let her twist the truth, and obfuscate, instead of forcing her to answer the tough questions. Every single time Dr. Phil got close to the ‘bone’, he backed off. I do not like him, or respect him at all, now.


  3. I agree with the last two posters…… I did not watch the “interview”, nor will I ever watch Dr Shill again. I think we all know the $camthonys would never sit for a REAL interview, plus Dr Shill PAID them (indirectly counts). But I have the same question as hwill… YOU think he believed them? I’m guessing he didn’t believe them and call them on it either. He sold out—-completely.


  4. I would not watch Dr. Phil nor will I ever watch his show again. C&G are liars always have been and alway will be. Poor little Caylee never stood a chance with this disgusting family. The only interview I would ever watch of these two would be if they were both hooked up to a lie detector. We know this is never going to happen. As far as their foundation, people would have to be totally brain dead to donate to this. These people don’t want to work and are living off the murder of their Grandaughter. It’s just dispicable! I wish they would go away, even Hell is too good for this bunch!


  5. OMG! Did we expect anything new than more lies from these two? Against my better judgement, I watched the debacle and all I could do was laugh at the absurdity. Tumors and Seizures, hu? Guess nobody in that family knows how to punch in 911 during an emergency, but do know how when they want the media to come and sensationlize them even more.
    Seriously, there will never be an ending to this tragedy as long as these two are given a podium to spew more lies. I believe that the whole story from day one is one huge lie, with the blame put on Casey on purpose because these two know she didn’t do anything. Does that make sense? Since the war cry went out that Casey did this to her daughter, these two have orchestrated and played along, loving every minute of the drama, knowing full well they snowed the public with their cheap tricks. a little baby suffered at the hands of someone in that household and they disregard that, never showed true emotion at all, but love the attention and of course the money. They are very shameful, but they dont care. I think its time to let these creatures go back into their habitat, never to be heard from again.


  6. i do not think dr.phil is a money-hungry guy,but a great talk show host which for he surely did fully demonstrate in his sit-down 1st interview wit the grieving grandparents.
    I do feel a tad-bit sorry for perjury mixed up cindy.she is a loving grandma imo i think she is,but i feel bad for george more.he CLEARLY LOVE the child very much.and DRILL casey murdering butt about it! he even concede to it.

    Givin cindy YES credit some what,she OPENLY ON LIVE T.V. in front of million plus viewers, when i first learn i wanted to CHOKE CASEY i really wanted to CHOKE HER,hence i feel she is angry at her still,but yet want to believe she really could have”NOT”by her OWN doing murder her. the TRUTH is too ugly to concede,to admit,and this is what cindy is IMO? suffering from.but GEORGE know… he even say again 1 + 1 = two. ENUFF SAID.

    great site,and i hope to see more comments on this here,and i will return soon to read em’love this site blog,great stuff.well done REST IN PEACE CAYLEE
    American’s like US from all financial racial u mor than ur own mom.

    from Bella.


    1. I agree with you Bella, I really wish they could interview the two separatly!! I think George will come out more and more logical and Cindy will spew even more lies! I actually give George credit here, he wasn’t completely truthful but living under cindy’s wrath he gave his side. Dr. phil, interview them separate so we can see what they really feel


      1. gracia. thank you for agreeing here today with me SUNSHINE



        and i agree with YOU. i feel the “fact so many are outrage i do agree to a point,but i really think again DR.phil was not paid but i guess “donating to casey daughter caylee”charity i mean i do not know but i do know lookin deep within george eye.and his voice always exhibit to me anyhow…he is innocent and he do love and miss horribly caylee,and will NEVER FULLY forgive him self for this. he clearly is NOT stickin up for his loser dimented baby killer daughter,but yes CINDY is.

        adios…. we love you caylee.


      1. No shame on me for anythi g! This is what I do. I analyze body language and communiocation patterns of newsmakers. The Anthonys unfortunately are newsmakers. To set the record straight, I pay no one and I receive no pay to do this blog.


  7. AMEN,I won’t either,I have been at my daughters house and saw it come on and changed channels,I don’t care what they have to say,Nothing they’ve said or ever will say could help Caylee now so whats the use except llining their pockets??


  8. I’ll have to catch up later,Gotta run but no matter what I’m totally fed up with the A’s and their InterviewERS! Money racket is all it is now,None of it helps nor can it ever help CAYLEE NOW,JMVHO,LIARS!


  9. I agree with all posters thus far.
    thank you Dr. Lillian Glass for writing your article here.
    I can’t get it to open either, but I will keep checking, I’m sure it will get fixed.

    I do believe the whole interview was about money. For the Anthonys And dR. phIL. i TOO will never watch him again. I did not watch the interview as I knew it would make me angry.

    I was angry Dr. Phil gave them air time to start with.


    1. To Ruth & the others above who have noted that the link does not function – go directly to Dr. Lillian’s website and you will find the full article.


    2. I agree that the Anthony’s do not deserve air-time. Thank you Dr. Glass for telling it like you see it. I saw the attorney, Richard Herman appear to be quite angry about this on Nancy Grace and basically called Dr. Phil’s interview having a lot to do with ratings for the Dr. Phil show.


  10. Dr. Glass, I am sure you wrote an interesting article…why don’t you do us all a big favor and correct the link that goes to it, so that we can read it?


  11. Link not working. I did not nor will not watch this interview. Just seeing the previews told me it was all more bullshit lies to make money. The entire family is disgusting and I wish the media would quit allowing them to continue to profit from the death of that beautiful baby girl. My only solace is that she is better off in heaven than with any of them.


    1. BINGO, I T A.

      Don’t give the Scammers any more air time NOR money. Let them get jobs……they seems to love scams over jobs. Hmmmm, any wonder Casey has not worked in years and years????? Any wonder Casey is who she is.

      Caylee rest in peace and joy, you have escaped the pits of hell by not living with the Anthonys. jmho


  12. Thank you for your article Dr. Glass but the link won’t open. I’ll check back later to see if it will work. I cancelled cable long ago but wouldn’t watch this trash if I did have it. We’ll hear nothing but lies from this psychotic family forever. They are all broken and can’t be fixed. I’m glad they found each other so they won’t be out among decent normal people damaging them. Yes, Caylee never had a chance. She was doomed at birth.


  13. Phil McGraw, who paid the Anthonys: You are now boycotted, banned from my home.
    Oprah Winfrey, McGraw’s boss, who could have stopped this interview but wanted the $$$$$: You are now boycotted, banned from my home.
    I lived in East Orlando. My neighbors were in the search party for little Caylee. Our local taxes paid for that dreadful woman’s defense.
    I was one of the many neighbors of little Caylee, who brought water and food to the search party.
    There was much more to this case than most people will ever know. Orlando is a tourist based economy. We depend on tourists to live. The local authorities kept a lot of facts quiet.
    Please boycott this horrible Anthony clan, and if you ever have the misfortune of being near one of them……….. run in the other direction.


    1. I wish you could share more of what you know. However, I understand if you cannot.

      Truthfully, there is no way I can believe they are nothing more than self serving individuals. George has a flicker of honesty. They attacked too many good people, that cannot be overlooked. Cindy is in denial because the Truth is something she cannot handle. Yet. she is a dominant witch and WORST yet, willing to pin a murder on people who would never steal, lie, or hurt others.

      How can Cindy live with herself having betrayed soooooo many outstanding people with HUGH HEARTS!?!?! She can only be “nice” when it makes her look good. Isn’t Casey like her in that
      very regard? mho


  14. Dr. Glass,

    I did not, would not, watch the interview. You are no doubt correct that they only continued to dishonor the innocent baby Caylee. Would one think otherwise? How can one forget that they went for a posh dinner at the Ritz while the baby’s body was rotting in the ground & they knew it!?!


  15. Does anyone know where I can go online to see these interviews? I don’t own a tv. 😉 Dr. Glass, many thanks for discussing this topic! I will always have a level of interest in them, if only for reasons of their extreme peculiarity and questions about their mental health. LOL.

    I think George knows Casey murdered Caylee, & that he would say so if he thought Cindy could handle it. He is through with Casey, and she cannot be prosecuted for this again, so what has he to lose? Cindy is controlling, as we all know; but she is also SO FAR into a brick-thick denial that, honestly, I wonder if she might crack up if the truth ever got through. So I wonder if George is trying to protect her by not pushing his point of view? Clearly, he is far more in touch with reality than she. Oh, and there is no such thing as “post-partum schizophrenia”. Depression, yes. Schizophrenia, no. And even if there were, schizophrenia does not make a person lie, steal, and do all the things Casey has done. Wake up, Cindy!


  16. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I know this is not within this specific topic, but what do you make of Roy Kronk and his body language? He seems to maintain a poker face no matter what kind of question you ask him. How do you describe individuals who lack body language?

    Thank you in advance.



  17. I’d like to know, did we learn anything from the Anthony’s interviews, that we did not already know?

    No, we did not. There is nothing else to tell.. Everyone of them is a liar. The parents raised Lee and Casey in this atmosphere, and they are just like their parents.

    I did not hear one thing that would allow me to feel sorry for the parents. I do think that George may be on the verge of a catharsis, and life-changing awareness in regard to Casey. At one point, I even thought that George was entirely fed up with the whole Cindy making excuses for Casey.

    I agree completely Dr. Glass. Cindy knows full well that Casey has no brain tumor, and there is nothing in the medical profession known as hysterical postpartum. I’ve never heard that phrase before. Most of us know that Casey was examined in regard to the ‘alleged’ seizure, and there is nothing wrong with her physically.

    I still say that Cindy is hoping to sway the public animosity toward not only Casey, but George and herself. It certainly would be to the ‘foundation’s benefit,..financially, if she could get just a few more suckers to pledge their hard earned cash. The foundation(s) are a front to funnel money to the Anthony’s to live on, and live a much more lavish lifestyle than they could ever have imagined. Thanks to Caley. Yet, Caley is the one who is forgotten, and Cindy continues to attempt to cover up the lies, and murder of her daughter, Casey.

    I cannot stand Cindy Anthony. I see where Casey learned how to lie.

    I said it before, and I will say it again, I do not want to hear anything else from these people. They lie, they know nothing, but they want the public to believe that they are all-knowing. That Casey was the victim, not Caley!!! Really??? Who’s alive and who is dead? Who killed who??? Give me a break Cindy. Shut up, and go away! Take that murdering whore of a daughter with you…


    1. I learned something that I did not already know. I learned that George believes Casey did drug Caylee and place her in that swampy area. I thought he probably believed Casey murdered her daughter; and I am glad that now I know it. I also learned, to my surprise, that Cindy & George both believe that Casey knew where Caylee was, and when she was placed in that sorry swamp.

      Although these interviews did not bring out 100% truth from these 2, it did show me that George is far more in touch with reality than Cindy, *for certain*, and I was surprised and glad to see that he will not accept Casey at home. So, I learned a few things.


  18. I can’t totally hate George but dislike him intensely. But Cindy & Casey I agree with Dr. Glass that they are worthless pieces of pathological lying, scum sucking white trash.


  19. I believe George.
    I believe that George was always put down by Cindy and Casey and that he evolved into an “Eeyore” type persona in their family dynamic.
    I believe that he was not involved in the cover up of Caylee’s disappearance.
    I believe that he immediately suspected that Caylee was dead (but hoped not) and that Casey was to blame.
    I believe that Cindy shut him out and that in his loneliness and grief he turned to River Cruz who was willing to provide comfort and um, etc.
    I believe George.


    1. There’s a lot of truth to what you say irishlulu but I can’t give George a total pass. He also treated detectives Yur Melich & others badly when all they were trying to do is find Caylee.He actually said I wish the keystone cops would get the fuck out of my house or something close to that when they had a search warrant to look for evidence. Not as bad as Cindy but both the Anthonys seemed to treat anyone who wanted to find Caylee with disdain & covered-up, destroyed evidence, obstructed justice, lied under oath.
      George finally sees the light but it’s too late. Casey got off & he only came around after she threw him under the bus & called him a pedophile rapist. But I have some compassion for George & don’t find the gambling & a possible affair so heinous or unforgivable. Considering the pure bitch he’s married to Cindy probably drove him to the edge many times with her dominance bitterness, hate & put downs. She beat the man down until he thought he was worthless. I honestly hope he leaves her & rebuilds his life. The rest of the Anthony clan are hopeless & a waste of oxygen. I honestly wish they’d suffer the rest of their miserable existence for what they did Caylee. Cindy & Casey killed her with their violent, narcissistic fighting & competing with each other & the loser was that precious child.


  20. They should have seen what happened to Caylee coming . George a former cop should have Maned up against his unstable Daughter and fought for custody.
    I fought for custody of my 10 yr, old Grand Daughter when she was 2 and I won!
    I saw the signs in my Daughter(who acts very much like Casy) and did not turn a blind eye!
    Parents, WAKE UP and see the writing on the wall.


  21. I didn’t want to give Dr Phil my viewer ratings so I downloaded the shows online & burned them on cd’s. It was different than I thought it would be. Didn’t kiss Cindy’s large ass & managed to make Cindy squirm a few times. But he does a disservice to the intelligence of his fans by saying Cindy is in denial. No Cindy is in bullshit lying mode like Dr Lillian says & imo knew 100% Caylee was dead when they picked up the death mobile & smelled Caylee’s rotting decomposition in July 2008.


  22. I didn’t watch Part 2, because Part 1 was so much of the same ole. I heard that George made the comment that he believed Casey was responsible for the death of her little girl, but what I did not hear was the portion regarding Cindy and Casey, both knowing where the body was!

    If Cindy knew where Caley’s little body was, why is she walking around free??? Does this not make her complicit to abuse, neglect, murder? Did she not have a duty to report this to the police? And, why didn’t she just go get the body???

    If Cindy knew where Caley’s body was, then that means that she knew that Casey was responsible in the child’s death!

    I am so confused now. Why is this just coming out now? When did Casey make this confession to Cindy? It must have happened while she was out on bond, because we all know that the jail house interviews between Casey and any visitor(s) were taped.

    Again, if Cindy knew, why didn’t she go get the baby’s body, or call the cops??? This explains the pseudo psychic to me now. Mr. Casey, the Anthony’s private eye, located the body not with the help of a psychic, but with directions to it’s location, by Cindy Anthony!!!

    Cindy, and Mr. Casey should both be facing charges!!! This is utterly absurd to me! When did the State of Florida, succeed from the Union???? It’s as if Florida’s laws work for the criminal. I am in shock…


  23. IMO, if Cindy ever did let the truth in, she would lose what is left of her mind.I was trying to imagine what it would be like to know your daughter kill her only child out of jelously and I almost couldn’t breath. It would shatter her mind. I don’t excuse her, She is a liar from h3ll but to know, really know the truth and hide it in your mind must be the worst thing a person could do. She and George need to get help and accept the truth.


    1. BINGO Hwill,exactly what I think too?
      It would be so hard but I think George get’s it but if he comes out of it alive he will be very lucky.can you imagine SINdy after the Phil Good for nothing show? LoL
      Seriously though,I have thought of that alot,It would send me to Pluto just to know my daughter would abuse her child in any way at all ,let alone kill her child,OMG
      My heart broke for her untill the exuses started and she only wanted kc home? Thats where it ended for me…….but it would be so hard for me to overlook what she has overlooked?
      why couldn’t she say,Kc tell me the truth and then and only then will i help you in any way,but still like you i think she was scared to ask? The one thing though Hwill that bugged me too was when the trash lady (they called her) got Cindys trash and it had cards and letters for Caylee from people everywhere but SINdy threw them away,I’m sorry but wouldn’t we have wall papered Caylee’s room with them till she came home and saw how much she was loved and wanted,the day that happened I knew they knew for sure…. I thought it before but then I KNEW that THEY KNEW then she wasn’t coming home?


    1. Oh,Well not the very same one, I think Dr. Glass’ ship would be a luxury cruiser and I’d be on the one with 3 patched holes? LoL I had a family crisis that couldn’t wait so I have been gone for about 3 weeks but now I am back full time again,LoL Hang on tight,you might wish i’d leave again,but Thanks for that,atleast somebody missed me,I usually buy Aunt Jemima syrup just so someone will smile at me in the mornings,LoL


  24. Curiosity did get the best of me and I did record it on my DVR and watched it.
    Cindy was same ole’ enabler as usual. I personally think she is still on this path as a pathetic way of trying to win the “she-devil Casey” back. You can actually see the torment and desperation on Cindy’s face like she is trying to prove not to us the public but Casey that mommy dearest is still her honey.
    Regarding GeorgieBoy I think the reason why Casey didn’t want her parents to get back together was b/c she knee Geogre saw through her bullshit and probably always called her out on it but Cindy always enabled her demonic screwed up behavior. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of any of them as you all know but I think George tried to be more of a parent vs Cindy and when he did he got his nose smacked by Cindy for pushing Casey too much. JMO
    They are all worthless pieces of trash. The worst part of that interview was when Cindy said God acquitted she-devil Casey b/c she did nothing wrong. I hate to burst her bubble but that wasn’t God’s doing, the Lord gave us all free will here on earth BUT we will ALL have to explain our actions when we get to the pearly gates.
    BTW I am so glad Cindy is no longer working in nursing she is as dumb as a box of rocks apparently I would have prayed for any patient in her care. If she couldn’t notice she-devil was pregnant in those photos at her brother’s wedding she wouldn’t had been able to notice chicken pox on a 6 year old-scary, very scary!


  25. Isn’t it awful?

    From what’s been reported Cindy doesn’t even consider her own grandchild a person….she was just a bag of bones, no need for the mother to care where she dumped her. Once again making excuses for KNOWING that their daughter knew and most assuredly told them where she was.


    I am very disturbed that Cindy tried to lesson the horror of the callous act of dumping Caylee’s body in the woods by offering up that “the body was just a shell.”

    I saw a clip and to listen to this woman talk about how they would have cremated her anyhow is just sickening. What decent human would make that statement?
    Cindy Anthony said, that Casey did not bury Caylee in the woods because when she drowned her soul left her body and she was no longer Caylee but an empty vessel! Casey put an empty vessel into the woods, not Caylee.

    As to Cindy’s excusing Casey for dumping Caylee’s “shell” – We live in a civilized society where human remains are treated with respect and interred with ceremony, and ghoulish acts such as desecrating (dumping) bodies are taboo. Cindy gave more respect to to the pets that she buried and now has the nerve to coldly state that it was essentially “no big deal”. I wonder why Cindy had to leave the courtroom when pictures of Caylee’s little bones, skull and hair were shown since it was “just a shell and not Caylee”.

    Cindy said, that Casey did not bury Caylee in the woods because when she drowned her soul left her body and she was longer Caylee but an empty vessel! Casey dumped an empty vessel into the woods, not Caylee. That is what Casey’s & Cindy’s religious beliefs are, really?

    I have to say that I was100 % wrong about Dr. Phil’s interview style, which has been direct and effective from the few clips that I’ve viewed. I do remain vehemently opposed to Dr. Phil’s “undisclosed donation” of at least $450,000 to the Anthony’s fraudulent foundation. The majority of their new website is still under construction and not yet functioning but the “Donate” button is working just fine.

    Dr. Lillian, some have said that Cindy was smiling from ear to ear at a point in the interview when Dr Phil called her out on something. What in the heck does that behavior of hers mean?

    I definitely now want to see the interview online now.


  26. Could you please tell me where I can find the interviews online? I have been to Dr. Phil’s site repeatedly; all I find there are 1 minute video clip-ads for the shows. I went to You Tube and anything that looks like a complete video for this says that You Tube does not infringe copyright, or something like that, by allowing whole shows on its site. Help, please! Thanks!


  27. I think it’s laughable that Cindy and George are going to be advocates for grandparents’ rights.

    The stated purpose of the Anthony’s 2nd foundation is to promote grandparents’ rights. It’s my understanding that grandparents’ rights pertain to visitation and custody. It seems to me that grandparents who include grandparents’ rights in their foundation’s agenda should be grandparents who legally fought for visitation and/or custody rights but were denied by the system.

    On the 1st 911 tape when Cindy decides to hang up and call again once she is at home, you can hear Cindy threatening Casey with taking custody of Caylee. I think Cindy sporadically threatened Casey that she would get custody, but the threats over custody were made merely in an attempt to control Casey’s behavior. Cindy didn’t contact an attorney to inquire about the possibility of obtaining custody and she didn’t even call the DCF to voice any concerns about Casey being an unfit mother. During those 31 days that her Caylee was missing, Cindy didn’t even call the police to inquire about a wellness check after Casey had repeatedly refused to allow her to speak to Caylee over the phone.
    After Casey’s arrest in June 2008, Cindy consistently maintained publicly that Casey was a good mother. Just as she did on Dr. Phil’s show “Casey was an awesome mother”. These people all have 2 faces.

    Following is an excerpt from Debbie Polisano’s OCSO interview:
    Q: One thing I didn’t ask that we covered before. You mentioned something about a conversation with Cindy over custody of Caylee.
    Q: Right.
    Q: Tell me about that if you would.
    A: When she talked, when… when we had talked a little bit about the EAP counseling. Um, and then when she was very upset one day. And I, I’m thinking it was after the vacation birthday thing you know. She was upset and saying you know, that she’s always has the baby and you know watching the baby. And I said, um, why don’t you just ask for custody of the baby you know. Casey’s young and maybe it would be better that you know you would just have legal custody. And um, she got I don’t want to say upset, but a little bit agitated and said, you know where am I going to get the money to do that. And how would I do that and I have to pay for a baby sitter all the time. And you know, and you know I’m not getting any younger. You know that kind of thing. So, I said okay I just thought maybe you know ease up some of the stress on you. But that was all.

    I wish Dr Phil would confront Cindy with her double talk and remind her of all of the times that Lee, Jesse and former friends heard her tell Casey that she was an unfit mother and shut her up already with the awesome mother bullshit!


    1. It is funny. They want to advocate for grandparent’s rights but they were not willing to do that for Caylee. They weren’t willing to speak up and defend their own granddaughter. And I do not understand how Cindy can sit their and say she-devil Casey was an “awesome mother”. She didn’t provide for Caylee in any way. And sadly Casey only used Caylee as a prop in a play she called her life, only when it benefited herself. What kind of mother doesn’t even try to provide for their own child what kind of mother lies about having a job for nearly all of her adult life, what kind of mother drugs their child so she can go out partying, what kind of mother weather on purpose or willfully takes the life of said child and then disposes her child like garbage in a empty swamp lot for animals and critters to gnaw on?
      The she-devil never respected her parents, grandparents, other family members, herself and her own body, sadly and it hurts for me to say this but no wonder she didn’t respect the life and love of her daughter neither in life or afterwards. When Caylee became of no use to her she threw her away literally. And Cindy Anthony has the nerve to go on national television and try to sell us that Casey was an awesome mother.
      Like others have said unfortunately Caylee never had a chance bring raised in that environment. Cindy and George failed not only Casey but more importantly they failed their precious granddaughter.
      I have such a hard time believing Cindy actually believes what she is saying. I cannot fathom looking at everything that has transpired since June 16, 2008 that she cannot admit at least on some level Casey was responsible for Caylee’s death. I understand what Dr Glass has said about if Cindy does admit that she feels in her mind that she is holding herself responsible for Caylee’s tragic death but Cindy as well as George are responsible! But at the end of the day Casey was a grown woman (by legal standards) she was Caylee’s mother and care giver (ie she had custody) and Caylee died on her watch. Lord I pray this family gets the mental help they ALL need and repent to God. At least Caylee is in a better place and this horrible family will never be able to harm (mentally, emotionally or physically) her in any fashion and she will never be ignored or made to feel as if she was a burden. At least now she is and will forever be surround by the love and bliss she and every child deserves!
      PS sorry for being so long winded I was on a roll!! Teehee 🙂


  28. NancyB- what I had to do was download them from Frostwire, it’s a peer 2 peer torrent site. You have to sign up for an account, it’s free & I’ve had it for 3 yrs to download & burn the occasional movie or tv show. I downloaded parts 1 & 2 & burned them onto cd’s. I went to youtube & someone downloaded both shows but it was awful quality. I won’t give Dr. Phil or the anthony’s the satisfaction of getting ratings from me but I admit I was curious. I’ll probably punish myself & download part 3 Monday too.


  29. Thank you so much Nancy B! Your post is the first time that I have ever seen any credible, outside, information concerning Cindy and the custody issue.

    Firstly, I agree that Cindy’s unending, intellectually dishonest statement, that Casey was an “awesome mother”, is a bold-face lie, and highly defensive. It is, obviously, Cindy need, and desire, to shift negative, and hostile public perception, that Casey was a horribly negligent parent. I believe that Cindy is dined by her inner-voice, which tells her that she contributed to Caley’s murder. Cindy will not, and cannot, accept any complicity in the murder, publicly. However, we all know that that inner-voice is so perverse, and so inviolate, that it demands we listen!

    Cindy needs counseling desperately. The continual discrepancy between the words that come out of her mouth, and the inner-voice telling her that Casey killed Caley, will drive her insane, if it has not already done so.

    Everybody wants somebody to blame for this heinous murder, and since Casey is nowhere in sight, we are transferring our hatred and aggression, verbally, toward the parents, in particular Cindy. She is setting herself up for this transference, whether deliberately, or not. The hatred is being focused upon her. She needs to speak the truth, knowing that it will destroy any hope of reconciliation between and her murdering adult daughter. She needs to stop protecting a child that does not need protection, Casey is an adult, and let Casey take responsibility for her actions, for once in both of their lives.

    Cindy did not want Caley, as per the statement above that Nancy B. posted, elicited from the Child welfare worker. Nor did Cindy want custody. She did not even want to babysit, on a regular basis. Her statement regarding the expense to hire an attorney to pursue custody, is ridiculous. I’ve worked in civil practice, for decades, and for the most part, attorney are more than willing to negotiate fees, and accept payments until paid in full. Most attorneys, especially in this type of domestic situation, which is precarious at best, would be willing to substantially reduce their fees, to protect the minor child.

    That being said, Cindy quantified her statement by adding that she could not afford a babysitter, and that further, she was too old to raise a child. These statements paint a picture of a grandmother who did not want the child, but forced her daughter to raise it, because she refused to deal with the alternative. Just as she refuses to deal with the truth of the murder.

    Cindy’s statements show little love for her daughter, and her granddaughter. I am not saying that a grandparent must accept responsibility for a minor grandchild, but there were legal alternatives to the situation. Adoption, abortion,…I do not agree with the latter, but adoption should have been considered, rather than saddle the family with an unwanted child. We know that Cindy injected herself into Casey’s adoption plans, and negated them before they could be put in place.

    One must ask, why, when Cindy talks about Casey, does she immediately compare herself to her daughter? I’ve noticed it throughout this nightmare. When Dr. Phil asks Cindy, anything that requires a defensive statement from Cindy, she begins her reply with….”When I……”, or something to that effect.

    This is so disturbing. Cindy clearly sees herself as her daughter’s extension. Almost as if Casey is a limb on her own body. She refuses to divorce herself from what Casey did, and accept the truth that Casey directly contributed to Caley’s demise. Whether Cindy wants to believe that it was an accident, or not, is not the problem. Cindy’s responses, to the public, when questioned about Casey’s behavior, elicits her own form of transference. Cindy literally steps into Casey’s shoes. As if she knows her daughter’s mind. There is the crux of the problem. Cindy is NOT Casey.

    Cindy contributed to Casey’s poor parenting, by forcing Casey to raise a child that she did not want, because, in my opinion, Cindy would have done it. And, perhaps, did. We have not way of knowing the circumstances, or history of Cindy’s upbringing, dating life, childbearing years, etc. Cindy obviously sees children as a burden, and expected Casey to step-up and do the right thing, because Cindy would.

    Cindy needs psychiatric help. That Casey may be her child, but she is not a carbon copy of Cindy. She needs to come to the realization that just because a mother gives birth to a child, does not automatically mean that they will be a good, caring parent. It seems to elementary to me, but it is clear that Cindy does not see it.

    I often wondered, if Casey had successfully completed an adoption for Caley, to a family who wanted her, and distanced herself physically from Cindy, I believe that Caley would be alive, loved, and well today.

    It’s selfishness on Cindy’s part. Now, because of her inner-voice screaming that she was the one who got in the way of Casey’s plans for adoption, or whatever, Cindy is the proximate cause of Caley’s death.

    This does not mean that Cindy killed Caley, but she contributed to the environment, and very unhealthy situation, that poor Caley was living in.

    I believe that Casey over-dosed Caley, and when she realized that she might be able to save her life, she let her die. In Casey’s sicko mind, she felt that Cindy did not love her, to allow her to sacrifice her youth to raise an unwanted child, and then Cindy added more hurt to the situation, by threatening to get custody, and not following through. Because,…Casey knew that Cindy did not want Caley either.

    Cindy needs to accept responsibility for her part in Caley’s death. She did not kill the baby, but she set Casey up to do it, when the situation presented itself. This does not excuse Casey, in anyway, but it may explain her ‘spiteful bitch’ comment. She allowed Caley to die to spite Cindy. Casey got even with Cindy, in her twisted mind. That’s what is wrong with Casey!

    Casey is not mentally ill, she is, in her own mind, the victim, and Cindy used the exact terminology in the Dr. Phil interviews. Cindy knows the truth, but to admit it, is to accept a hand in Caley’s death. She will not do it, so she will continue to anger the public, and will continue to throw herself in front of the moving bus, so that she can solicit Casey’s favor. In that way, perhaps, Cindy believes she will have a chance to get the ‘truth’, when I feel that she already has it.


    1. Right on Katsie!
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Every point you made was spot on!
      It’s no wonder Casey has issues with taking responsibility for her own actions and is such a pathological liar she believes the lies and imaginary world she has created. Children are a product of their environment, children mimic their parent’s behavior – I am not taking away blame on Casey b/c as I have said repeatedly she was grown woman who made precise choices and choose to live the way she did and choose to take Caylee’s life away – she was responsible for the death of her child – period! But after seeing Cindy in action over the years and hearing the lies and excuses it’s no wonder Casey learned to lie and deceive the way she has. It’s tangled web this family has weaved. Maybe if George and Cindy actually parented Casey and discipline her and not make excuses for her at every turn this may have never happened!
      Like I said I am in no way defending that she-devil baby killing Casey in any way she was an adult who made conscience decisions and took her child’s life away in the most heinous way and disguarded her like trash and it’s sad that she got away with all of it. But the icing on this sarcastic cake is even after everything that occurred and all the proof and evidence mommy dearest Cindy is still enabling her behavior and making excuses and more than likely Cindy is doing that so it doesn’t appear to the rest of the world that she was less then a perfect mom and grandmother but little does she realize she is just making herself look worse and painting herself in a horrible light.
      This whole story has broken my heart on so many levels and has baffled my mind.


  30. Sorry for all the faux paus i the above post,…I wrote it on the fly,…if you have questions, or want clarification, I’ll be happy to explain more clearly. Again, sorry,..I should have read it before posting, but I think most understand what I was trying to say. You may have to pluralize some of the nouns, etc., but it’s all there.


  31. Katsie, you have said the same thing I was trying to say,. Thank you. Cindy has not cut the cord between her and Casey which usually happeneds around 17 18 years old. I also think that Cindy is the reason that Casey never worked. She was always taught that mommy will do it and do it better. IMO, Casey was raised as a child, not an adult. meaning… you don’t raise your child to stay a child, you raise them to become an adult.Best example is the fit Casey threw in court when Cindy walked by her w/o looking at her. That was a child’s fit.Casey never acted like a grown up. Even her whoring around , partying, playing house w/ boyfriends, Thats not adult , That is a child in a woman’s body with no clue how to be a grown-up.


  32. Thanks jb and hwill, I am glad you both agree. I just cannot get over the verdict. No matter how many times I’ve reviewed the transcripts, and testimonies, I cannot find a legitimate reason for the jury’s verdict!

    Everything that needed to be testified to, and proved, was. The defense was unbelievably lame. There is absolutely no reason that the jury should have found as they did. At the very least, Casey was guilty of the third degree charge, involving abuse, and negligence resulting in a minor child’s demise!!!!

    I’ve tried, and tried to figure out where the prosecution went wrong, but I cannot find one utterly outrageous flaw that should have returned that verdict. I know that I keep repeating this, but something tells me that the jury was interfered with, prior to sentencing.

    Some information, whether false or not, was secreted to the jury, and it changed their disposition completely. I do not think that George looked guilty. He looked appropriately upset, as anybody would when being accused of something so heinous. He was angry, and defensive, which is what I would expect from a father being accused of molestation. His reaction on the stand was blamed for the jury’s sentence, but I don’t buy it.

    The jury did not ask to look at exhibits,..perhaps one, which was inconsequential. Probably done, so as to keep the profile of a normal jury. Did not one of them wonder where Caley was when Casey slept overnight at her boyfriend(s) houses??? Where was Caley when Casey was drinking, and getting high? If they acknowledged that Zenida did not exist,…how do they answer those questions??? They didn’t even wonder!

    So many things were discounted, and ignored by the jurors, I just cannot shake the impression that there was tampering. I still say, though somewhat difficult to do, it could have been accomplished. How many times were they served breakfast, lunch and dinner, by waiters, etc.? How many times were they moving from the hotel to the court house, or elsewhere??? Think about it. It would take one valet, one waiter or waitress, to slip the foreperson a note. That would be enough to push a verdict in the other direction.

    I don’t think that the D.A. has even considered this, and therefore, have not followed up on the premise. But the verdict made, absolutely, no sense whatsoever! The jury did not reflect the ratio of American’s who believe Casey was guilty in the first, -v- those who thought it was an accident. They all,..every single one of them, brought that not guilty verdict back! It’s not possible mathematically. I expected, perhaps, a hung jury, or guilty, but not that!

    Sorry to harp on this, but I am confident that the jury was tampered with.


  33. I totally agree w/ you , Katsie, something happened to the jury. I will always think that. you know the old saying… Truth will out. One of these days one of them will speak. If nothing else out of a guilty feeling. one of them will talk. Soon I hope


  34. I agree hwill. I would love to hear the truth from the only person who knows it, Casey. We all would. Cindy even stated, in her Dr. Phil interview, that she wanted to ‘make up’ with Casey, and then prefaced it with “….so I can find out the truth.”

    I don’t see it ever happening. Casey is a lot like Cindy, and George, in that ‘saving face’ is very important to them. Couple that with Cindy’s upbringing, and little discipline, Casey believes that nobody would understand. What I mean by that is, in Casey’s damaged psyche, she has justified what happened to Caley. Even if she realizes that she was the catalyst in Caley’s death, she believes it was ‘destined’ to happen.

    Many young adults feel disenfranchised today. I see it a lot in young adults, whose parents are baby-boomers. The young adult feels a sense of entitlement, and hopeless as well. They look to their parent(s), who always took care of them,…above and beyond what those baby-boomer parents got from their parents. The baby-boomer parent fixes by paying their children’s bills, debts, bailing them out of every problem that they experience.

    It’s a vicious cycle. Most baby-boomers grew up in the 50’s, and were raised with extremely middle-class morals. School, church, community service, marriage, and children. A house in the ‘burbs’ with the stereotypical white fence. Television sold us this ideal, and we (the baby-boomers) are still striving, and seeking this familial perfection. That’s the lives that George and Cindy were raised in, and wanted for their children.

    However, if you want to raise a spoiled child, give them everything they ask for. That’s the big mistake of a lot of baby-boomer parents. We have more money, more success, and without a thought as to how it will affect the child, we hand to them. As a result, they never stop looking to us to fix their problems, or pay for wants.

    Baby-boomer parents want their children to have everything that they had, and more. I feel that way, myself. However, I realize the cost of deflecting negativity from my children, when they are the proximate cause of it. Cindy never saw that. Never acknowledged that she was doing her children more harm, than good, in handing to them.

    I have a son and a daughter, and they are quite different personalities. Raised in the same household, same parents, and we were united on how to raise our children. We did not spoil them, and we did not run every time something went wrong, when they made the trouble for themselves. We made them think of ways to solve their problems.

    There is a difference in raising children of the opposite sexes. Girls cost more to raise, that is a national statistic, and they require a different level of protection. Not that boys do not require protection, but they understand that it’s not them that get’s pregnant, and get’s stuck raising a child they do not want.

    Cindy and Casey lied to George, and Lee about the pregnancy. That’s a very big deal if you ask me. Casey was living in the house, and everybody should have been informed long before it became evident that Casey was pregnant. Being old fashioned, I know how George felt. I doubt this is the first time that the Anthony’s became aware that their daughter was promiscuous, and a party-girl.

    This may have been part of the reason for the turmoil, and all the secrets between George and Cindy. Cindy buffered Casey. Cindy protected her, and honored her desire to keep a secret from her father, and brother, while expecting to live in their home, and contribute to the child’s financial welfare, and well-being. That is completely unfair. Cindy should never have allowed it. She should have insisted that Casey talk to George about it, prior to the stage where it was self-evident that she was pregnant.

    However, Casey did not have the guts to come clean with George, because she already knew what he would say, and it would not be pleasant. To avoid it, she placed her mom in between herself, and anybody else who would have called her a slut.

    I do not think that Casey ever held a job for any length of time. She never finished high school, though I have heard that she passed a GED, but have never been able to confirm this. What kind of future do you think Casey had? Don’t you think her parents thought the same thing? So, what does Casey do, she parties, get’s high, and because of her lose behavior, get’s pregnant. I even wonder if it was an accident on her part, or deliberate so she could stay at home, and mooch off of her parents.

    I still say that when Caley turned two, and started to talk, Casey knew her lies would be exposed. She realized that one day, George, or Cindy would ask Caley something and Caley would tell the truth, as a child will. Children have no guile. They do not lie, and Casey knew this. This, in my opinion, precipitated planning the murder.

    I think Casey had been drugging that child for a long time, and locking her in the car trunk, overnight, while she parties, and slept around. Can you imagine how hot it was in there? Florida is extremely hot, and humid, and we know that the child had dark rings under her eyes, in pictures shortly prior to her death. Either the heat, the xanax or both would wind up killing her. Stopping her little heart. Casey knew that, and that was what she wanted.

    Oops,…sorry mom,…I didn’t mean to kill her, she just died….

    That’s why I still believe that Casey administered something to Caley, xanax (which is expensive), or the homemade chloroform, and let the child die. The whole time Casey was allegedly having a grand mal seizure (as per Cindy), she was texting her boyfriend. Quite an accomplishment for somebody who cannot control their body, and may be unconscious.

    Casey showed a complete disregard for Caley’s well-being. She neglected Caley, abused her by locking her in the car trunk, and administered a very dangerous home-brewed chloroform. That spells malicious neglect. Malicious disregard for the welfare of a minor child. That spells murder.

    I hope and pray that Casey gets what is coming to her! I really do. I am not a malicious, or mean person, but she deserves the worst the world can dole out to her for what she did, and did not do to save Caley’s life. She is a monster, a reptile. Many eat their young. She should be spayed like the animal that she is, and locked in a trunk in 100 degree heat, overnight. I would say dope her, like she did Caley, but that’s too easy a death after what she did to that poor helpless child.

    Cindy is a nut case, who needs psychiatric help desperately. She placates Casey, so she can get the truth, but I would not hold my breath Cindy. You will never get it. Not from Casey’s mouth. Never. You raised a sociopath, and it’s time you accept it. Stop lying thinking you will change our minds. It will not happen either. And George,….run. Truly. Get away from those caustic women in your life. They will be your ruination.


  35. I don’t blame the Anthony’s for the verdict that’s for sure. I solely blame the jury. Micky Sherman ( author of how can you defend those people )said it best-sometimes 12 seemingly intelligent and rational people combine their intellectual talents to become collective idiots. It does not happen often but when it does it sucks!
    I will be reading Jeff Ashtons book ( Imperfect justice) I don’t feel he is out to make a buck, He like most of America is trying to figure out what the heck happened insofar as the verdict.I also do not believe Cindy could have saved that precious baby, I am sure the fight she and Casey had the night b/4 Caylee died was the precursor, no on saw it coming. No one to blame but Casey herself.
    I was ayoung Mother from a messed up family too but when I couldn’t find my 3 yr. old I ran for the pool and called 911, thank God he was resuscitated.


  36. I avoid them for the same reason,I knew I’d get angrier!
    Been angry from day one but when SPINdy ignores what she knows is true it gets to me too much so I don’t care to go there when we all know it’s nothing but lies anyway! jmo


  37. he is greedy,he knows what happened and he paid to be lied too,LoL Sorry no offence intended to you but I’m sick of all of it,a lot of famous people were against them until the twisted verdict and now it seems they all switched sides and left Caylee all alone again for ratings! jmo


  38. I agree with most of the posters here. Dr. Phil was a huge disappointment. He allowed Cindy to continue lying, and never really pushed her to answer the tough questions.

    Finally, I realize that there is nothing more to learn from any of the Anthony’s, including Casey. She will never tell what happened, and Cindy will never get the truth from her. Neither will we.

    I am giving up on them all. There is nothing more to learn here, except how not to raise a child. That part is very important to everybody. It’s very sad that we had to experience this horrible nightmare, and are now left feeling empty. There was no justice for any of us. That’s what hurts me. I keep hoping for something to force Casey to serve time for something,…to prove what she did, but I realize that probably won’t happen.

    However, saying that, if Casey drops dead, or walks in front of a semi-truck, I won’t shed a tear. I hate to say it, but God forgive me,….somehow, that would be justice.


  39. They are victims of Casy! I have 3 grown kids, boys are normal, daughter is psyco. Myself nor husband are crazy. We spoiled our last child and only girl, we drank the koolaid . However we DID take custody of our Grandchild when she was 2. She is now a happy/healthy straight A 11 year old.
    We woke up, George and Cindy did not for whatever reason.
    I in no way blame them.


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