Surprise! Surprise! Casey Anthony’s Jail Video Released By Judge Perry Screams Anxiety and Guilt

Casey Anthony’s  body language  during the recently released  videotape which Judge Perry  finally allowed to be made public says it all. It shows Casey’s reaction when she  became aware Caylee’s remains were found. It  shows someone   n and extreme state of anxiety and screams guilt to me!

To read more click the link below’s-body-language-on-recently-released-jailhouse-tape-shows-extreme-signals-of-anxiety-associated-with-guilt/


301 thoughts on “Surprise! Surprise! Casey Anthony’s Jail Video Released By Judge Perry Screams Anxiety and Guilt

  1. Yes it does,and this is the 1st time i’ve even clicked her name on a link anywhere since! I agree with Ashotn,Forget about her,while I’m at it I wanna forget all those a’s!
    I sure hope that jury is living with major guilt! jmo


    1. You know Cathy, I would love to forget about her, but I think we all need to remember. I’m afraid that if we forget what happened, it will happen again. I think that Caley’s Law needs passing. I cannot even imagine not knowing where my baby was for ten seconds, let alone 30 days. We have to protect the children, the adults can take care of themselves.


      1. Right Katsie,ITA!!!!!!!!!!
        I should have explained a little better I guess,but I know I’ll never forget,I as well as yall have put 4 yrs into this thing and look,Caylee was forgotten by every member of her entire family! everyone’s interested in what KC’s doing,pffffffffft But clicking her links and feeding her ego I will never do,Hell’s too good for Kc! IMVHO


      2. Thank you CathyElkins! This should NEVER happen again, NEVER!

        The only way to stop this from happening again, is to get involved! Pay attention, discuss, post, and talk to our legislators. This is such a miscarriage of justice that I know I will never forget it.

        That little girl will remain with me the rest of my life. I want the justice system to change. If the Judge has to give I.Q. tests to the jurors, prior to actually placing them on a jury, so be it!!!

        Something is very wrong with the FL courts, and it may be bleeding over to other state courts as well. Just because somebody is pretty, does not mean that they are beautiful inside! Why do people still believe this moronic axiom? It’s so flawed, and male-oriented (and not). Reminds me of an oldie…”A pretty face does not make a pretty heart.”

        Evil is real. It is tangible, and it is malicious and pernicious. When people fail to realize this, they are opening the door to horror stories like this one.

        It is Casey’s NATURE that she killed her daughter. It’s who she is, not a mental condition. She is evil personified with a pretty face. Do not be fooled by pretty, sweet, petite, or the opposite. People should not be judged by appearance, but by the facts. She did it, and should be in jail for the rest of her life!


    2. I will not stop reading about the case until I get my questions answered- I could care less about giving Casey or the a’s getting attention or money- or Jose & the jury being punished for things not going the way ppl wanted it to- I care nothing about all that. I want to know what the a’s knew- where Casey took Caylee that niight she left with her from boyfriends apartment in the middle of the night, who moved her body, why Cindy told the guy with the bag of clothes he found in the woods- that they were not caylee’s etc, etc. I want more interviews and articles and books!


      1. Honestly deb, I don’t have a single question that needs answering. I agree that I don’t give one hoot in you-know-where what happens to Casey or Baez, except that I get to see karma biting them both, hard!

        As far as Casey leaving her boyfriend’s in the middle of the night. My guess is that she took Caley to her car, doped her up, and left her in the trunk.

        I’m not sure what you mean about “who moved her body”? But,…I don’t think the body was ever moved. The storms were so bad, and the area so flooded (testimony), that it floated. By the time the storms set in, and did their work, that poor child’s body was mostly bones. Bones are very lightweight, and the bags may have had some air in them, even if they did not,…the water, the storms, and animal action in the area caused the body to move, or float, or both.

        I think Cindy lied about the clothes. I’ve been to Disney World a couple of times, and bought more than one of certain t-shirts that my kids liked, because they wanted to wear them everyday. I knew they would get worn out fast, so feeling a little flush, I bought two a piece for them. Plus, down in Orlando, and in the Disney stores, these items go on sale regularly, so they are not that pricey. I think Cindy bought duplicates of Disney related items for Caley.

        It’s no surprise to me that Cindy lied about the clothes. She is the consummate liar. In fact, she is so good, she taught Casey how to do it, and do it well. Remember when Cindy lied to her co-workers, family, and friends that a very obviously pregnant Casey, was NOT preggers??? Please….it was so obvious. Yet, Cindy lied, knowing people knew that she was lying. Casey did the same thing during the questioning by LE. She outright lied about having a job, took the officers to her alleged work place, and guess what? She did not have an office, nor a job there. In fact, Casey was not working at all. She was partying.

        Also, remember when Cindy lied about the hairbrush to LE (law enforcement)? There were so many lies told by Cindy and Casey, that you really have no choice but to look at the actual actions they committed, and why. Cindy was covering for her precious murdering, piece of trash daughter.

        I remember Cindy stating, in the Dr. Phil interviews, that (as she again puts herself in Casey’s shoes) once a body is dead, that body is nothing (paraphrasing). In other words, she, and Casey have no respect for the dead, obviously. Cindy didn’t care about Caley any more, it was all about saving the one body, belonging to her daughter. That’s it.

        I don’t think we, the public, will ever get the truth. Don’t waste your money buying books, or watching interviews. Cindy and George don’t know anything that what we already know. And,…if you think Casey will ever tell the truth, you are living in a fairytale. She will NEVER admit that she did anything wrong. The trial confirmed that she is a good liar (as she bragged to Amy…”Damn, I am a good liar.”, which confirmed her acumen. She is a sociopath, ASPD, who has now had confirmation that she got away with, literally, murder. She will NEVER tell the truth, because in many ways, she has justified that Caley needed to die.

        Remember she told her cellmate that (paraphrasing), “at least Caley won’t have to have her heart broken, or suffer.” Come on! Casey believes she did Caley a favor. I know how twisted this sounds, but Casey is a sociopath, who won the ultimate prize!

        Don’t look for the truth….you will never get it. However, it’s easy to answer the above, because we know the family dynamics, as well as who Casey Anthony really is. It’s as simple as connecting the dots deb. I don’t need anything more. I know the truth, and so do most people.

        Please don’t contribute to the Anthony’s financial gain. I am sure that because Casey has no skills, and is in fear for her life, that she cannot work, and never will, but will continue the party life she lead prior to Caley’s death, and after. If you buy the books, or watch the shows, that money will, I HAVE NOT DOUBT, be siphoned from Cindy to Casey, to pay her bills, and support her for life.



      2. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Anyone who gives money to the lying, conniving, Evil Casey and to the dark hearted Anthony’s or to lying Bozo & his ilk, is just as sick as they are. mho

        They are incapable of Truth telling and have been for eons!

        They are grifters, willing to profit from a baby’s cruel murder! JMHO


      3. Katsie, ITA!

        Why would the FBI not file charges against the Anthony’s? They lied and willfully obstructed justice during their investigation into Caylee’s disappearance. mo

        Cathy, a pleasure to see you here again!!! 🙂


  2. Sorry,..I know I should do a preview before posting. Correction to the last paragraph:

    “Casey is an animal, akin to a rat. It eats its young, and we exterminate them, or suffer with the consequences of disease. She is a disease that must be sequestered from the law abiding, general public. What she did should not be tolerated, or fostered by any decent, human being. She deserves jail, not a reward for her heinous crime.”


      1. Ok,…nix the post where I say,…”there it is”….my post. It only shows to me, and says it’s being “moderated”. Still waiting for a decision from the moderator….waiting, waiting, waiting,….please moderate it!!!


    1. Your long written post was TOTALLY FANTASITIC thank you so much , you expressed my feelings to a T.

      and this last comment I am replying to also.

      Thank you Katsie ! thank you


      1. I cannot believe that the Judge banned it from being viewed in the courtroom hwill!

        I wrote a post to cover this, on October 9, 2011, but so far it still says it’s being moderated….

        I explained what I believe happened in regard to the video being banned, and disallowed in court, but I don’t want to have to re-post, just to have it sit in moderation for days…

        Let’s hope the moderator allows my post to be posted, so you can read it. Thanks hwill!!!


  3. Dr. Glass, what is your take on Baes’ body language on the 2nd. part of this video. Casey is telling him what really happened. Watch how he wipes his face. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like he knows for sure she’s guilty .As I understand it the lawyer does’nt need to know if your guilty or not to defend you.


    1. I don’t think any of you even begin to understand how our legal system works in this country. I don’t know much either but at least I know the basics- and don’t have to wonder about things like this- that would be frustrating!


      1. I disagree deb, again. I happen to know how the legal system works in this country, and a few others overseas. I worked in it for thirty years.

        However, I will agree that the general public needs to be more informed on the legal system, and it’s workings.

        I’ve read posts, on other sites, that actually shock me. Some do not even understand our basic rights under the law, let alone the Constitution!

        I know for a fact, that I do not want any of them sitting on a jury. I think the public thinks that the legal system to complex, but it is not. It’s the legalese that blind-sides them. I think too many attorneys, me included, tend to speak in these terms, forgetting that most people, outside the legal system, do not understand. Our bad,…but there are many sources online, where the definitions can be found.

        We all need to understand the laws that govern us, otherwise, we will live with anarchy. Casey should have been convicted for life. There is no doubt in my mind that the jury failed to perform it’s duty,…and then Judge Perry, failed to step in, legally I might add, and nullify the jury, and render his judgment in this regard.

        What a fiasco!!!


    2. CA can take the fifth, but from what I understand, she did this so many times, that it gave rise to the attorney for the plaintiff (ZG) to be able to go to the Judge, and get an Order to Compel (her testimony).

      The Fifth is there to protect individuals from self-incrimination. However, Casey used to so much, she came off looking like an idiot. I get the impression that her attorney did not know that she was going to do this, but I could be wrong.

      Generally, an attorney will advise the client to answer the ‘basic’ questions, as per the above. Further, the attorney would direct you to plead the Fifth only when the evidence you are providing, could be directly connected to you. This is referred to as a chain of evidence (of a crime).

      Because this is a civil action, not a criminal one, during the hearings, the Judge could direct Casey to answer, and when she refuses by taking the Fifth, this could play out badly in front of a jury. The jury could interpret it as evasive, and cause the jury to find her guilty.


      1. Kate, did you read the disposition? Unbelievable! She took the fifth on Everything but a very few questions.How in the world does she continue to get by with this crap.


      1. And drug out & shot!
        Like I said before,It’s getting to where we all need to go to prison and give the outside to the KC’s and murderers,and molesters,crooks,etc…… atleast we’ll be safe,guarded,3 hots and a cot and no bills or taxes to pay them to do what they do! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  4. Guarded,sorry!
    The jurors sure got quiet?
    Idiots! jmo
    If I’d set her free and saw that video I’d be on my knee’s right now? Well,it wouldn’t took the video for me,the 1st day we met her would have but what a numb head jury! dumb as SINdy!


  5. Thank you for posting the Casey breakdown video. I saw the first part before, but I didn’t know that they had filmed her with Baez. It is clear to me that she told Baez they had found Caylee, because look at him, wiping his face, and he seems to be saying, oh my gosh. oh no. This should of been introduced as evidence so the jury could of seen it. They had a right to see this video.


    1. That’s for sure,By not allowing it they allowed her to walk! I remembered they said Bozo cried with her but never heard why,Crazy me thought he was being nice to the trash if he did! JMVHO


    2. If Baez knew the truth, not the fairytale he handed us in opening, then he would have had to tell her that she could not testify. I remember, there was some confusion about her doing that. If Casey had testified, the prosecution would have torn her apart, and Baez would have been guilty for withholding evidence. No wonder he was sweating.

      In a scenario where the attorney finds out the ‘truth’ of the crime, that attorney must go to the judge with the information, because the attorney would be breaking the law, if the truth came out. The trial would have stopped, been delayed, and this piece of evidence would have had to been investigated.

      Since a defendant does not have to testify, and the defendant is protected in that he/she does not have to testify against yourself, but Baez knew the truth, evidently from the video. That’s a whole different problem for him. Tell the judge, then if Casey testifies, he is protected, though he would have had to tiptoe around his questions, which the prosecution would not have done. I would not want to lose my license to practice, a fine, and a jail sentence for not alerting the judge.

      Baez is a piece of trash as an attorney. He must, under the law, protect his client, but if he knew the truth, and continued to spin-doctor the lie, he is trash, and one day he will get himself caught in something he can’t wiggle out of. He’s playing lose,..he’ll stumble.


      1. Actually, Jose is an excellent and famous attorney- people don’t like that he got his client off- but that was his job- why waste energy hating someone you don’t know for doing their job well?


      2. I would like to ask posters,… I post in any manner that is convoluted, or unexplained pursuant to the law??? I get the feeling that some are making statements here, that are unsubstantiated, and questionably directed at me. If you all think I don’t understand the law, I will stop posting. Thanks.


      3. No,I come closer to that than you do LoL,I enjoy your posts always,well thought and to the point and fair,and positive!
        I saw mine were in Mod for weeks when before they weren’t,but I do spew what I think sometimes so that’s the difference I imagine…LoL


      4. Katsie, don’t you dare stop posting We need your brain! I do not get the law after I see what happened in casey trial. At least you explain things so even I can understand it.


      5. hwill,LMAO@ “Even me”,I always think that way too,I didn’t know Katsie considered leaving? Heck,where we gonna get info? Seriously! I don’t have a clue as to how it works other than I know what was done to my husband/family was wrong and Justice is rae? JMHO


      6. hwill,LMAO@ “Even me”,I always think that way too,I didn’t know Katsie considered leaving? Heck,where we gonna get info? Seriously! I don’t have a clue as to how it works other than I know what was done to my husband/family was wrong and Justice is rare? JMHO

        Pinellas Dozen! A dozen Idiots all in the same room! LMAO Almost funny!


      7. Katsie, you are STRAIGHT ON , so right about Baez, I could always see he was pathetic, desperate, and down right stupid. However, there must be many other stupid people out there that could not see that.

        Yes, someone that loose and unprofessional will absolutely stumble, fail, and eventually be exposed for the idiot he is, even to the idiots that think he is some fantastic defense attorney.


  6. I would never say this about anyone in this world & certainly never wish misery on anyone or take part in adding to their misery but dang It,Caylee deserves something and so do we,we looked for,stood up for and cared for Caylee more than her own family members ever did or ever will but I wish they would release the part where they had to strap her down as she screamed “I’m pissed”
    We deserve to see her miserable,God knows we haven’t yet? And now
    “I’m pissed”
    Not that I wasn’t already but more so because again,her right’s are the most important one’s!JMVHO


    1. I agree Cathy Elkins. I know it bothers, and troubles me, greatly. This freak of nature walked away, when she should be sitting in jail for life. I hope she has a horrible existence for the rest of her days. I just hope she does not have any more children, or spread her misery to an innocent person. I am ticked off too…believe me!


    2. People with such strong feelings need to go volunteer at a local community social service agency and put their energy into changing- maybe saving- the life of an unwanted child that is still alive and suffering.


      1. Jesus,It never ends with you,If ya can’t ever say anything nice,keep quiet!
        Strong feelings,No I just have a human heart and just so ya know,I literally saved a childs life so if ya don’t try being nice you can’t play in the sandbox wiff us? JMO You go out of your way to be rude to people,ATLEAST I don’t do that?


      2. Deb, are you a guy? Some of the things you say sounds like a man’s point of view. As a woman I find the murder of a child horrible, and letting her killer free bothers me. As it does most women. Sticking up for a killer and her lying attorney is just something a woman wouldn’t do but a man thats thinks if he defends Casey long enough he might get in her pants! you won’t… she wont bed you… give it up!


  7. Wonderful assessment, Dr. G….this is why it was fought to keep out of the eyes of the jury but with the Pinellas 12, would it have mattered?
    I believe it is the jury who released a dangerous person back into society. They didn’t use common sense, as LDB feared…they also didn’t use critical thinking for they wanted a ‘smoking gun’…they didn’t have enough common sense to put the pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture…Caylee’s demise laid all in the hands of her own. Why did it take three years to come up with a drowning theory? Cause it didn’t go down that way, IMO..or no need for this child to decompose in a watery, swamp, triple bagged with duct tape over her airways. One would cover up a murder to appear as if an accident occured. One doesn’t make a tragic accident appear as if a kidnap/murder occured…another big clue, those 31 days…Those Pineallas 12 dropped the ball, big time…Precious Caylee Marie will never receive any justice thanks to them…I await the karma train to hit harder than it’s ever hit before…JMHO

    No justice came to Caylee Marie


    1. So True! It’s an embarrassment to say those Casey Anthony jurors are of the same genus named homo sapiens. Loved when Kathy Belich referred to them as dumb as rocks. They proved themselves to be plain lazy by deliberating barely 10 hrs & ignoring the obvious. Yes, the standards for jurors has to be raised, WAY HIGH!!! mho


      1. You got that right,I say it oughta be like an election,Go behind that little curtain and hit a button.My God,we can elect a president by allowing people to vote anonymous,why not a jury? just a thought,maybe a crazy one but i think it’s fittin’and they were as dumb as rocks! LoL


      2. I didn’t hear that comment by Kathy Belich! Ty for posting it Singhphat! ITA,….the jurors are a bunch of melon heads. I don’t know how any of them function without help. Like I said in another post, maybe jurors need to be given I.Q. tests prior to seating them! This jury would have an average I.Q. of -50. ;).


  8. Linda, I wish for karma also but for some reason these people get by with things that would send anyone else to prison for life! I just don’t get it! I have tried to let this case go but the injustist of it all just eats me up. Who are these people that they are never held accountable for anything?


    1. They might escape the laws of the land but the laws of the universe one doesn’t have the luxury to escape. Karma will come a knocking, when all else fails…it will only be a matter of time before the felon starts to steal again, That’s what she knows. She has no work ethics and huge character flaws. Her morals are lower than the street is to the curb. It’s bound to all catch up to her…might even catch up to her parent as well…At least one of her parents see the injustice done to Caylee, as she allowed her child’s remains to decompose while the critters of that swamp, ate at her body and scattered her tiny remains…Horrible to allow a child you allegedly love to be desecrated as she did…that in itself angers the heck out of me…she allowed Caylee’s remains to be desecrated as she partied hearty…those 31 days should have been the biggest clue to those Pinellas 12…God don’t like ugly….

      She’s living in a cageless prison of her own doing. I do believe the felon would have been better off had she been convicted. No one wants an interview with the felon, unless she does it for FREE…Free? What’s that, she asks..networks will not pay her after she gained that $200,000 from the sale of Caylee’s videos/photos…and still owes the IRS taxes on that, over $68,000…she owes Orlando over $217,000, ZFG civil lawsuit….TES civil lawsuit…the moneytrain has already hit…I await the big one…Karma is her enemy…JMHO

      No justice came for Caylee Marie


      1. ITA and she admitted she’d used alcohol……thought you couldn’t on probation,well for the normal people on probation you can’t,but why not her?
        Can’t wait till she get’s drunk and spills her guts when she decides to call all the people “who’ve hurt her” sheeeeeeeeesh


      2. Good post LindaRose! I believe she will crash and burn, and it won’t take her long to do that. She has no skills, and who would hire her? Cindy is supporting her, I’ll bet, with money from the ‘fund’. Once her probation is over, she will go back to her prior partying life, and well,…I wish her nothing but pain, suffering, and misery.

        I don’t want to read, or watch anything they are involved with. I admit that I slipped and watched the Dr. Phil interviews, but they weren’t worth the time I wasted watching them. Nothing new came out of them, just the same ole’, same ole’.

        Poor Caley. That bothers me a lot. That little girl did nothing to deserve what she got. Nothing. It makes me sick.


      3. I can’t stand to click on a single link,If didn’t know yall,I probably wouldn’t even be here! Have nothing for them,I saw a thing about Amanda Knox IIRC On TMZ and the headline read “whose hotter,Amanda or Casey” I thought I’d gag at the very thought but let alone for someone to think to ask that question,who cares?????????? JMVHO

        P.S,Sometimes I show up as Cathy Elkins but I am AKA ChattyCathy,as if no one would know anyway,LoL


      4. wth do you need a lawyer if you haven’t done anything?
        Guilt is written all over them and the dad acts stoic or like a statue fo God’s sake,did you hear how he answered when asked if he’d give a polygraph?
        Dodged the question ever way possible!


  9. Like I been saying,

    How much will the money mean when you see my face on judgement day
    The one you may not recognize because you covered it with tape,
    You gave me life but took it back without a warning,regret or tear’s
    Mommy’s are supposed to protect you and help you face your fear’s,
    Do you ever wonder if I am watching you from up above
    All the things that you’ve been doing could never be mistaken for love,
    Did your heart convict you,unlike the jury who set you free
    Or do you still pretend nothing ever happened and have everyone else believe,
    I’m sure you think you got away with it and you did for now but not for all eternity
    My Father here in Heaven knows the truth and the tears you shed were never for me,
    But only a disguise for a jury that could take your life like you took mine
    Or lock you away in a prison cell because murder is a crime,
    What will you say when it’s Jesus’ my Father’s face you see
    He saw what you did and he was there when you hid me by that tree,
    Before you even turned around to walk away that day
    He took me in his arm’s as I heard a soft voice say,
    “Come here my precious child,never again will you be in harm’s way
    “You were a gift from me to them and what is given really can be taken away”,
    I can’t believe how happy I am without you but he has everything I need
    A Mothers love is deep but if you compared them his would far exceed,
    If you were to ask me If I can forgive you I already have but I don’t think my Father will
    Because you broke his written commandment’s thou shalt not lie,steal or kill…,
    You bagged me like yesterday’s trash and threw me in a swamp not far from home
    And lied about how and when I died so there will be no date to chisel in stone,
    When the glare of the camera’s all fade away and the lies you’ve sold have all been spent
    Can you say everything you did was worth it ,was this the beautiful life you meant?

    ChattyCathy – August 13, 2011 at 4:37 am


      1. Thank you hwill,I was hoping that any one of the A’s would see it,I’ve plastered it everywhere for that very reason!
        It’s sad for sure that basically we have to sit back and know Caylee didn’t get justice and that KC will never tell the truth of what happened and she not only took her life but she took her “dash” also,Everyone deserves their dash,by dash I mean the date she was born to the day she went to heaven and Kc don’t even care to giver her that,She did but we all know it’s not true and that alone riles me and more so that SINdy say’s Bozo wanted her to know how Caylee died and when and knowingly SINdy passes it along? It’s like they don’t remember why their life is so financially better,They’re just enjoying the free ride!
        Actually the 5th didn’t shock me,she plead the 5th the first day Caylee went missing,ya know?
        The disguise tells me that she thinks she’s important……she didn’t come to the probation office disguised? Seriously I think she’s starting to be forgot about,atleast in her mind? LoL And that will never be ok with her.
        I would have thought she did because she didn’t want to look Zenaida in the eye after she tried to frame her? But nahhhhh,She’d have to be ashamed or care for that to be the reason and we all know better!

        I didn’t notice my nic coming up different until Katsie called me Cathy Elkins,LoL Then I thought…OMG I have to let them know, they’ll think I’m being 2 faced,LoL
        I’ve missed you as well as all the regs here and rarely got email replies so maybe that’s some of the problem,I dunno,LoL
        Crazy me?
        I’m not good at all with the legalities,Just the gift of gab,Yall are better with that stuff.LoL But I think she can because of how it read’s,to my understanding but it still angers me that she has gotten out of everything that should have happened to her?
        When she killed her own child?? How does that happen? I’ll never understand it! jmo


    I agree though,that jury would have skipped right by it too,they saw the jail visits? The call where she only wanted Tonys # too? NumbHeads! jmo


  11. Chatycathy, I thought that was you. I was missing you. You always had lots of truth to put out there. Until there is justice done in this case (if ever) I refuse to shut up and go away. I hope Casey reads these comments and takes it to heart oop! Thats right, she has no heart! Chatty, what do you think about her pleading the 5th. Can she do that? also what about the disguise?


  12. The 5th Amendment is better known to most Americans than the other amendments in the Bill of Rights because of the familiar phrase “I plead the fifth,” often used as a defense in criminal trials. The 5th Amendment also guarantees Americans the right to trial by Grand Jury for certain crimes, the right not to be tried or punished more than once for the same crime, the right to be tried only with due process of law and the right to be paid fair compensation for any property taken by the government for public use. The Fifth Amendment reads like this:

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    This Amendment is made up of 5 specific parts containing 6 different clauses. You can read a little about each clause below and click on the link for more information about each one.

    Read more:

    See,my nic just changed again,ROFL


    1. But she was found not guilty on the murder charge so this is saying not guilty to acussing ZFG of kidnapping? I’m confused. She can’t say she didn’t acuse her it was all over the news , ect. or is it just this one? eeeeek! Anyway, I think she thinks she is” BIG MOVIE STAR “


    2. Yeah!!! You go girl!!! You are so correct CathyElkins!!!!

      Casey took the 5th during depositions in re: Zenaida G. Can you believe her attorney allowed her to say that? She can now be held in contempt.

      Depositions are done outside of the courtroom, but they are under oath, and are recorded to be later transcribed. The answers to the depositions (questions), are then submitted as ‘testimony’ in a court of law. This is a civil matter, and therefore no Judge is required to sit in on oral depositions. The attorneys for the plaintiff (ZG), and the defendant (CA), ask the questions, which have been provided to the opposing side, prior to the actual taping. This is part of what attorneys call “discovery”. It is a process that can be quite lengthy, and encompasses not only depositions, but material evidence, etc.

      Casey’s attorney should have asked that the question be noted, and asked for a Motion to Compel (her testimony). There is no doubt in my mind, that because the deposition questions were already provided to defense counsel, and the defendant, prior to the actual depos, that they both knew the contents, and direction of the questions being submitted to Casey.

      By doing what Casey did, or if her attorney had properly asked for the Motion to Compel her testimony, is nothing more than a ‘stall’ tactic. Once an attorney asks for the Motion, the depositions are suspended, and a quick transcription of the proceeding is provided to all parties in order to prepare their legal objections. It’s legal to ask for the Motion, but not legal to plead the 5th, in deposition, because the questions asked, are already known to both parties way in advance of the actual deposition. In other words, both sides knew exactly what the questions were, and should have been prepared to answer.

      I have seen some ‘discovery’ take five years, in civil proceedings and a year or more in criminal.


    1. So true. You and Katsie have alot of common sense which the 12 dumdums didn’t. But if Ca-lie-sy loses this trial and can’t pay, which we know she can’t yet, any monies she makes in the future will be used to pay all these people , right? but if left in her hands you know she won’t. Soooo, My question is, will the court have controll over the money or not. If she doesn’t pay will she be held accountable? Like jail,I hope.


      1. The Court will lien Casey for the money. The IRS will get involved after the lien is in place, because the dollar amount is so high. After that, any money Casey earns will go to pay off the lien(s).

        However, as I stated in another post, I would bet that Cindy is funneling money to Casey to support her lazy-self. That girl will never work, she will never earn an honest dollar. Cindy and George came into a nice little nest-egg from the Dr. Phil interviews. I think it was in the area of $200,000.00, plus two Jeeps! They ain’t hurtin’….and knowing Cindy, as we all do, unfortunately,…..she is sending Casey cash. George probably doesn’t even know. If he does, I am sure he does not like it, but he has absolutely no control over Cindy, which started this whole mess!


      1. Casey doesn’t have anyway to earn a living, except on her back. Cindy is supporting her, and I agree hwill,…that’s killing Casey! After all, in Casey’s mind, if she hadn’t killed Caley, Cindy would be broke! I dare Casey to sue her,…hehe

        Katsie a/k/a Kate – October 11, 2011 at 9:39 pm
        Yea,she was owner/operator of her own company,She had her own mattress for Goodness sake! JMHO


    1. Yeah, thats what i thought too. Darn there has to be some way to control the A’s .Well, we do know where there’s money involved they will fight each other for every dime! I just thought of something…. Can you just see Casey letting her Mom control her HARD EARNED money,LOL


      1. LMAO,SHUX NO! Never happen but if she thinks she can trust anyone else,SURPRISE,LMAO She’d better stick with SINdy,partners in crime? The only way she’ll get one dime,SINdy supported her all this time,LoL


      2. Casey doesn’t have anyway to earn a living, except on her back. Cindy is supporting her, and I agree hwill,…that’s killing Casey! After all, in Casey’s mind, if she hadn’t killed Caley, Cindy would be broke! I dare Casey to sue her,…hehe 😉


    2. OMG…you crack me up CathyElkins!!! I wanted to post under your comment about Casey’s business,…hehe,….for sure. She can do that and not break a sweat. Sorry, but it’s true. She is a skank,..a murdering skank. Keep posting Cath,…I love your posts. You have a lot of common sense, and you’re very logical! Love it!!!


    3. Cindy can try to hide the money, but believe me the IRS wants their cut, and they are watching her, and her hubby, like a hawk. Plus, it’s illegal to hide money under another name…and boy, I wish she would try. I’d love to see one of them in jail, for something.


  13. Hwill,the monster who took my husband’s life will get millions when his parents go,I filed a wrongful death suit which my atty agreed to take on at her expense after he spent his 6 month’s in Co.Jail b/c she felt it was premeditated murder anyway but I was broke,we had no insurance,nothing whatsoever so she asked me to let her look it over and she’d call me back into her office,well the 2nd visit she told me that yes,he stands to inherit alot of money but she couldn’t put her finances into it when all he’d have to do is put it in other’s names and hide it so she refused to take it then? Not blaming her but again,The right’s are for the perpetrator’s,never the victim!
    It’ll be 8 yrs Day after tomorrow and still no justice of any kind! Just like Caylee! JMHO


    1. Chatty, I feel for you. The law is so blind that it make me sick. This business of protecting the guilty’s right is nuts. Just remember your favorite word,lol, karma, As Madea says, we want something done now! I don’t want to wait for Karma. Hang in there, Chatty, your words will make a difference some day. I have always admired strong wemen. I think thats why Deb gets on my nerves so much. She just wants to cause friction. She doesn’t even believe what she says. She reminds me of a whimp.


      1. Thank You hwill,and yea,I cannot believe she thinks she has done nothing to us,we did it to her,I don’t just run and jump on somebody but she plays games and I don’t like games,KARMA i like,games No! LoL


    2. GIRL,…get yourself another lawyer!!! If this creep tries to hide the money, he won’t be able to do it. The Courts could be alerted to this, in the form of a successful wrongful death suit, and a lien could be placed on the creep who did this!!! The IRS will track where the funds go.

      When the monster inherits, he still has to pay Inheritance Tax. The attorney for the parent’s estates will file a list of all the assets in Orphan’s Court (yep that’s the right division). Then, if the estate is worth over $600,000.00 (this may have changed…gone down or up), this creep is responsible for not only inheritance tax to the state, but what is referred to as Federal Inheritance Tax. The larger the estate, the better…because the government get’s paid and they are good at tracking their money, or what is due them.

      After the paperwork is filed in the courts, all you have to do is have your suit filed, earlier the better. Then ask your attorney if the lien needs to be renewed. In my state it’s every seven years. It’s not hard, you just file a short form with the prothonotary, in the same courthouse that the suit is filed. If the estate is out of state, you need to file in the state where the assets (real estate) is located. Your attorney will know all this.

      You are certainly entitled to these moneys! You just have to get an attorney who knows what they are doing. It’s not that expensive to file the suit, and get a judgment against this creep. Like I said, if his parents are rich, that should be included in the papers your attorney files, and then you need to check the Register of Wills Office, in the county, and state where the parents live, to see if they died. Then you get your attorney to move in and grab your share of the funds.

      If there is a lot of money involved, you can make arrangements to pay the attorney’s fees. They will increase as the estates get filed (based upon the assets involved). My advice,…go with a large firm. One that has a lot of lawyers who practice not only civil law (they handle the estate portion), but also criminal law, so they can consult as needed. Yep, it will not be cheap, but honestly, if there are a lot of assets (real estate, cars, jewelry, bank accounts, etc.),…it is worth it. The attorney you hire can run an asset check on the parents to confirm the prospective amount of their future estates. I know this sounds like a vulture seeking it’s prey, but this man killed your husband, and you deserve to be compensated in some manner.

      Money will never replace what you lost, but it can help with your bills. Good luck Cathy,…don’t give up. What one attorney won’t take, another ‘good’ attorney will. Ask a lot of questions girl!!!! AND TAKE NOTES!


      1. WOW,Thank You Katsie,Where were you when all this happened? My atty was elated to take the case at first,then bam?
        Money will never fix what my family has been through but the one thing that monster loved more than anything in this world was money? That’s why I considered it,he should suffer in some way? God know’s he’s freer than I am!
        I am the type of person who,if I have money in my pocket,I do,If not…don’t bother me a bit but my Grandson could sure use a college fund when he’s older and honestly it doesn’t even matter why I took the money on my side of it,but to take what he loves too!
        I sat in my living room prior to all this while the monster spewed these very words to my daughter “If Granny dies,I’ll have 10 thousand dollar’s for Christmas” Tell me that ain’t loving money? His own family at that time didn’t even have his physical address because he hadn’t paid child support for his daughter,age 12.not a cent? He was hiding!
        And on the very night this all happened he fled to Ga.and he called his best friend and asked him to “go to his house and get his new couch because WE may destroy it” ? A couch is going to replace my husband? wth would even worry about that?
        Even if somebody burned my house I wouldn’t burn theirs,I’d just hope they learned a lesson from it and apologize,I don’t go looking to be mean? The day I got off the stand his atty said “Well your honor,we could find things on this family too?” The judge made him shut up real quick just when I was going to say “Maybe you could,But we never murdered anybody?”
        So you can see,he loves money?


    1. WTH! What? The judge could have overturn the verdict?I want to think that Judge Perry was as shocked as we were but if he could have and didn’t that just makes me think that there was something going on.


      1. Bingo!
        I am gonna check that out somehow,if that’s true then he need’s to be looked into,he could have given her more time too as I recall reading from Hornsby but if he could have reversed the jury’s verdict but did not,then omgggggggggg!
        even the girl who read the verdict was shocked!


    2. Yep, that’s what I am saying. Under the law, a Judge is permitted to nullify the jury’s verdict, based upon,…just guessing here, but it’s what I would pick,….erred to deliberate the remaining charges. Then, Judge Perry could have issued his own verdict.

      I think Perry messed up, a lot more than I thought initially. He rushed the prosecution through jury selection, which is never done. Then when he had a chance to slap Baez, and force another attorney to take over the defense,…he did not move.

      Finally, when the jury came back with that lame verdict, he failed to act in his capacity. What a shame,…that murdering trash would be in jail for life. I think that’s what he would have given her, pursuant to the manslaughter charge, under the third charge for deliberation, with the attendant “in the death of a minor”. That’s twenty-five to life.

      I am so disheartened with the courts lately. They all seem to be tripping over themselves, and forgetting the law. Maybe the problem are the cameras in the courtroom. Even though, I want to watch, it’s not a good thing, if the Judge, jurors, and attorneys act like idiots. It’s not right…


      1. OMG,That’s disturbing in itself but I will say till the day I die that Bozo knew that verdict and something went down somewhere? OMG I am shocked,wth would he not?????????????


  14. I am trying not be personal- I have not been accusatory or ulgy toward anyone- as you all have toward me. I am not being negative- you are.

    I feel for you guys- I cringe at your negative hateful feelings. I think you need to get some perspective- like all that hating the behavior and not the person. I also think misdirecting such potential positively directed energy is a crying shame- when there is so much good that needs to be done out there.

    I am an old women- my birthday is today- I’m 57- I practiced social work as LCSW for 30+ years and am working on my PhD in psychology. You wish i’d not read/particpated on this blog but I adore Dr. lillian and I am curious about ppl’s thinking and behavior.

    My heart bleeds for you guys- really- don’t waste your time responding- i won’t be back.


    1. ByE ByE,Deb, you call 57 old? Darn I must be long over the hill than. Age doesn’t have anything to do with righting the wrongs of the world. It is assinine to potect a lying, murduring slut! So I don’t speak for others but BYE BYE! Oh, Happy Birthday! My is next week and I’m as old as dirt but age doesn’t give me the right to stop working for good.


      1. yea Deb,Today is the day my husband was beaten to death 8 yrs ago but I don’t treat others like shit,Im not the one who took your hubby or whatever it is you’re pizzed about now?


      1. Cathy, I am so sorry for your loss. Today must be very difficult for you, but you are a survivor. Don’t listen to the haters, or the nay-sayers. Just remain strong, and keep using that smart head on your shoulders!


    2. OMG, 57 makes an old woman???? LMHO!!!

      57 in todays world is YOUNG! More people live to 100 than ever before in history, ask Willard Scott??? Many with memories as sharp as a tack!!! LOL.

      There are too many mush minded people who call FACTS and TRUTH “negative and hateful.” They just want us to do a snow job on good old common sense. Let’s see your baby is missing and you go to a Hot Body Contest! Wow, you should get mother of the year award of that one, right?

      Too many lying, skanky witches walking around who lie without batting an eye lash. See these evil, witchy women love to create drama and hell where they go. They get a THRILL. But let’s just pretend, women are incapable of being evil, dark, and psychopathic. In your world it’s only MEN, right?

      Mush for brains, too much of it going on in todays excuse everything world. In a world that refuses to see “darkness” that stares them in the face, you fit in perfectly. I hope Deb, bleeding heart, you are never alone when someone who underhandedly wishes to harm you confronts you.

      Caylee was unprotected. Worst yet, the one given the honorable position of loving and protecting her actually betrayed the sacred trust!!! None of your denial, or that of the Casey groupies, nor the “clinical denial” of Cindy can change that FACT!


      1. I agree that the Casey-supporters, not naming anybody here,…in general, have tunnel-vision. Most of the one’s I have tried to discuss this matter with, are what I refer to as Gen-X’ers. They seem to be around the thirty-year mark, age wise.

        No matter what I quote, and quantify legally, or common sense wise, they continue to deny that Casey was the guilty party. It makes me wonder if they might be putting themselves into Casey’s situation, or they may be living similar situations in their own personal lives. I also wonder if they are somewhat combative, perhaps due to their inability to succeed in their own lives. I don’t know…but I do know that Casey is, and was, a loser.

        There are a lot of single parents out there, and after raising a family of my own, I will state that “It ain’t easy!” I cannot imagine doing it alone, but if I had to, I would have done it, and done a good job, but that’s just me. I would knock myself out to provide for my kids, and did. I spent decades, and still do, instilling good morals, wisdom, and compassion into them. The job of a parent never ends, and I am glad of that!

        However, getting back to the Gen-X’ers,…they just don’t get it, or they refuse to get it. Sometimes, I think most understand what I say, but just want to argue. Then, on the other hand, I worry that they cannot think in a logical manner. They can’t connect the dots, and that scares me. What kind of youth are we raising, if they think Casey was innocent? Frightening…

        I agree that Caley was abused, and neglected. I agree that Casey was the negligent, and abusing party, and that her negligence caused Caley’s death. Casey is a horrible person, and should never have kept Caley, and should never have children ever again. She should never be left to care for any helpless individual, including an incapacitated parent/elder. Her morals are non-existent. I think you all know what I think of her, and it’s not good.


    3. I am sorry you feel that way deb, but you seem to want confrontation. You are the one who started the name calling, not me, or anybody else. We all try to discuss intelligently, and think through our replies, but I get the feeling you like the confrontation.

      You’re younger than me. I have not hit Social Security yet, but took an early retirement. Good planning. I also did social work for years, for the county. I did in-the-field case studies.

      I tried doing ‘good’, but found that many of the other branches of the social programs I needed to have cooperation with, refused to do their jobs. They didn’t even want to pick up a telephone to confirm information to me. One thing I learned, after doing social work for a long time, is that you cannot do it alone. You can’t change the world, by yourself. Some of those people I needed help from, information from, were paid more than me, and all they had to do was open a file, and read the information back to me over the telephone. Yet, they were too busy, or just too lazy to do it. That’s when I quit.

      I decided to actually do something to change things, and went into the legal field. At least, I saw results. I saw wrongs righted, and that felt great! I am sorry that you feel that you are being picked on, but you have to admit that you set yourself up for the responses.

      If you would just consider that some of what we discuss has weight, and value, and stop the chastisement, I think we could all get along quite well. Like you said deb, actually ‘do’ something to make change happen. We are trying to unite, to make a change,…awareness brings change. It provides us with actual facts that we can use to address our congressmen, etc. I think that’s a good thing….


  15. My comment to Cathy went into moderation. It did contain a link to the article by Dr. Glass. You can go to Dr. Glass’s homepage and find the link in the left column.

    Let’s see if this too goes into moderation.


    1. Ok, this one got thru w/o a hitch!

      Cathy, you’re not two faced. I’d recognize your posts anywhere, they contain so much heart!!! Your an angel!!!


  16. I tried to reply to Sing, regarding his question why the FBI did not press charges against Cindy for perjury. Actually, the D.A. decided not to pursue it. Though, I wish he had. The Anthony’s lied, and continued to lie, wasted the services of the volunteers, and the funds of those groups, for nothing. I think George, Cindy and Lee all knew Caley was dead. George and Cindy asked for immunity, when Equisearch came onto the scene. That tells me that they knew Caley was dead, and didn’t care where her body was,…but more importantly, it supports their statements to the press. Cindy kept saying they were looking for a LIVE Caley, she could pursue Zanny the Nanny, and not be prosecuted. Lying, disgusting people.


    1. Katsie, it’s late but a quick question/comment. The FBI came into the investigation because a missing child was reported. Was an amber alert put into effect? As the FBI was involved at some point, even asking for Caylee’s hair brush which Cindy switched and handed over Casey’s hairbrush under the guise of it being Caylee’s and all her other down low shenanigans, lies, obfuscation etc etc, why can’t the FBI press charges. I did catch that the DA chose not to prosecute the Anthonys for perjury, etc.

      BTW, I TA with your posts, esp about what a single parent must do to raise caring, responsible adults. In a disposable society where we read young mother’s just toss newborns into the trash bin instead of dropping them off to “Safety Houses” says a lot about the mindset of young people who have no moral compass, friends of Casey, in mentality for sure.

      Kathi Belich gained my respect when she made the dumb as rock comment. I couldn’t believe what I heard at first! lol, she was so straight forward, she’s won my total respect. After listening to the Jennifer Ford juror speak, I was dumbfounded. Wow, talk about “no one upstairs!”


      1. I don’t think the law enforcement used the Amber Alert in regard to Caley, Sing, because after Yuri Melich interviewed Casey, he determined that Caley was not missing. I cannot say that I agree with Melich’s determination, which turned out to be correct after all. My knee-jerk reaction would to put out the alert, and see what happens. It costs almost nothing to do it.

        Here are the guidelines for issuing this alert from:

        Also, remember by the time the FBI arrived on the scene, the Detectives had already done many interviews with Casey, and the Anthony family. They were, also, in the process of cordoning off the house, and gathering evidence. This is when Cindy gave LE the wrong hairbrush, in order to protect Casey.

        Honestly Sing, I think LE, Melich, and the FBI decided, fairly early on, after doing the basic investigation, and talking to Casey, that Caley was not missing/abducted. I have to say that though I would have put out the alert, LE did a through investigation. I think the FBI agreed, after reviewing all the evidence, and statements taken by Yuri, and the police.

        As to why there were no charges against Cindy, my guess is that the FBI, as well as the courts, felt that she had been through enough. Even though, I think they all agreed that she interfered with a police murder investigation, she was devastated. I think they should have pressed charges against her, but that’s just me. You cannot make exceptions for this kind of behavior, or others will follow suit. That’s my fear.

        ITA with you too Sing. More than likely the jurors could not whip their way out of a wet paper bag, nor recite their A-B-C’s without cheat sheets. Like I said, the Courts need to qualify the jurors, not only based upon their being peer groups to the accused, but to test their abilities to understand legal issues. A basic I.Q. test could stop a lot of these twisted verdicts.

        Kathy Belich is so correct! hehe…:)

        One last thing, thank you all for your comments about my input. I had a lot of different types of jobs, right out of college, but the one I truly loved, was the legal work. It wasn’t just a job,…it was a career that I deeply enjoyed.

        Cathy,…get the attorney, and get moving girl!!! Good luck hon 🙂


      2. Katsie, reading your comments and some of the others lovely people here is a breath of fresh air. I know we are stunned, heck, even Casey’s body language said, she was stunned, the
        mindless jurors, let her work. Found her guilty of NOTHING, not even child neglect. Your comment about fighting out of a wet paper bag makes me laugh, goodness, know we need humor! Absolutely, some sort of change needs to happen for jury selection and testing is not a bad idea. Actually, don’t think some of these lawyers actually want intelligent jurors in the box, they can’t pull a fast one, like Bozo. mho

        It was evident the Florida Casey jurors didn’t comprehend the Judge’s instruction. Not guilty to ALL charges, no one saw that coming. Again your baby is missing and your partying, drinking, screwing all over town, but they do not consider those actions as negligent.

        I have signed the petition online, changing the law about reporting a child missing. 31 days Casey waited and that can’t happen again!

        I agree LE needed to issue the Amber alert, because then they could have added something else to the charges. But no one believed such an ignorant jury pool would come into play. No one could see this coming, except grinning, celebratory, mentally twisted individuals, some lawyers. They made me sick toasting champagne over the mutilated corpse of an innocent baby! Who the hell in their sane mind would toast winning in such a case. No winners. Well, Ugly Casey is in hiding, in a prison of sorts. Can’t image she’s happy living her life in hiding
        and that people will protest any chance of her profiting from blood money.


  17. I cannot fail to post this. It’s the link to Caley’s Law. Read what it will do, and please, if you agree, sign it. This will protect our children, as well as the parents. I signed, and also wrote a bunch of e-mails to my State representatives, Governor, and my representative in Congress. We need this law! If you agree, please send e-mails to your state representatives, etc., and to your congressional representative. Even though Congress is not able to propose this change to the law, they need to know that we, the public that pay their salaries, have had enough abuse of our minor children. It will help, if the law goes into effect, and needs support.


    1. Hi, I just posted that it came my way and I signed it! If we don’t protect the children, who will.

      Good Job. I hope it gets momentum and passes. These things usually take some time. The main thing is to get the ball rolling!


      1. Touche Singhpaht!!! If we don’t push for changes in the law, to protect the innocent children in this country, this will happen again, and again! I think we are all sick of it, and I know, I want justice! Not a slap on the wrist, and money in the bank for the murderer! I hate to say it, but if our lawmakers continue to fail us, we could be looking at vigilante justice next time. We need to make noise,…let our lawmakers know we did not like the CA verdict, and we never want that to happen again. Stronger penalties for those who directly contribute to the death of a minor!!!

        We’re the adults here, and Washington, and our state’s need to know,…this will not stand, not again!!!


  18. I need to say that I really enjoy posting here, and thank ‘most’ of you for your kind comments. I am happy to share what I know about the law, with you. Thank you for saying that it has helped to understand what happened in this case. I had not idea that people did not ‘get it’….that’s my bad. I’ve been saturated in the law for so long, I got tunnel vision. Many of us who do this everyday, for a living, and career, forget that other people, who have very little association with it, don’t get everything. However, like I said in another post, you are all very bright people,…almost everyone of you have everything that you need to ‘get it’. It’s call logic. No degree can give you that. You are either born with it, or not.

    I wanted to say something Casey. The video I saw of her taking the 5th in the Zanny depositions. She looked horrible! She has dark circles under her eyes, she looks like she has dropped thirty pounds. I am not a cruel person, but I hope she is having nightmares about what she did, and I hope they haunt her for the rest of her life.

    Makes you wonder,….maybe now that she realizes that more than ninety percent of the general public hates her, and that she has no ‘true’ freedom, maybe she realizes that jail would have been preferable. She could live off of the state, idiots could keep sending her money for the commissary, and perhaps, if she remained the model prisoner, she could have had conjugal visits from one of her many freak admirers. We all know that there is no problem getting drugs in jail, so she would have been much happier, and healthier, locked up for life. She would not have to work, as required under probation, she would not need security guards to follow her every move, and in the deeper recesses of her twisted psyche, I think she would see jail as a way of making reparations for allowing her child to die. Remember, the way that she thinks, is not the way us norms think about things.

    Another thing that bothers me, was the portion of the jailhouse video, where she is talking to Baez, and he appears shocked at her comments. It’s apparent that she told him the truth about Caley, or a version very close to the truth. If he was such a good lawyer, why didn’t he go to Judge Perry, as required under the law, and the Code of Ethics? He had a duty, and responsibility to divulge the jailhouse utterances to the Court, but he did not. Baez is the lucky one here. He totally botched his duty to the defendant, though some would say, he is ultimately responsible for Casey’s acquittal. I say, he is just stupid lucky. What upsets me, with regard to Baez, is that Judge Perry threatened, but did little in reporting him to the Bar. I think there may be a few minor issues that the Judge reported, but he failed to push for disbarment. That is what Baez should be facing. He’s not smart, or clever.

    I knew an attorney, in a large city, where I worked, who hit the legal scene in an almost exact manner as Baez. He had a large criminal case that made the papers, etc., made ridiculous claims, and the defendant walked. However, not more than a year later did that legal trash step in it, causing not only disbarment, but a jail term! That was ten years ago, and he served five years, hard time. Now that’s justice! By the way, the defendant he got acquitted, was run over by a taxi,….not exactly the way one would have liked to see a murder pay for his crimes, but karma worked, and street justice was handed out.

    I wanted to post about the copy-cat Casey, who’s little baby girl is missing. Do you not all see that when we fail to exact justice upon the guilty parties, what we are left with is subsequent copy-cat from the originating point, from the originating scenario (Casey). These copy-cats use Casey’s scenario, as a blueprint to commit the same type of crime. This has to be stopped. An example needed to be made with Casey Anthony… The next one who tries to get away with murder,…I say, “string ’em up”,….it will teach ’em a lesson. In other words, don’t do it,…you will not get away with it! You are not Casey freaking-Anthony! And, she won’t get away with it either. Karma is coming Casey,…and it’s gonna’ hurt, as it should! We are all past done with this murderer, and just because you think she got away with murder, don’t count on it working for you,….not after what happened here!


      1. Ty Cathy (Elkins) :). I understand about being angry. This whole thing has be very upset. Honestly, Cath,…it scares me. We have to push our lawmakers, and the courts to prosecute the baby killers to the extent of the law! The death penalty for murdering a child, no manslaughter. If the actions of the custodial parent, or caregiver, directly caused the death of a child,..death penalty! In other words, if they hid the body, if the missing child is not reported within a few hours, if the baby was poisoned, etc. DEATH! We would not be sitting here debating another CA, if the courts knew the country was very unhappy with this verdict. I don’t think the next piece of garbage, will get away with it like CA did. We’ve seen enough, and it’s disgusting,…we want justice!!!

        I’m feel better too! But,..we have to stay involved, and push our lawmakers to enact laws that protect our children! Ty girl 🙂


      2. AMEN Katsie,and it’s a shame that Caylee has to be the example,her murderer walk’s free but I agree,throw the book at them,parents who kill should never see the light of day again? If your parents don’t protect you,That’s the worst thing In my opinion because you are born to trust them and if you can’t who else can you trust? A parent is your primary ya know?
        I don’t know how to say it different than I did and I hope it goes through the way I mean it,I only know one language. Mine…LoL
        It terrifies me too,Honestly!


    1. ChattyCathy, ITA. TY Katsie for your excellent excellent post and interesting comparison story! You summed everything up perfectly!

      Karma is a real thing, only too many people haven’t a clue about how the ‘unseen’ laws work!!!

      Where can we view the video of Casey at the Zanny depo?

      Casey Anthony now must live her life with an array of bodyguards. Can she ever be certain that one of them won’t reveal her location/sell her out for some $$$$??? KARMA! Casey is NOT free.


      1. ITA Cathy and Singhphat! You really put it all in perspective for everybody Cathy, when you said that “if you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust.” That’s the truth! I just want to see our children protected, a lot more than they are today. Children don’t ask to be here. It’s disgusting, and a sin, to say the least.

        I agree Sing,…Cow Anthony will never be free!


    2. Yes, the mother of Baby Lisa, Deborah is another pathological liar. mho

      She can’t keep her story straight, never refers to the poor baby by her given name, Lisa. Since day 1 she can only refer to the baby as “she” this “she” that. And the plea for the baby Lisa is pathetic, weak, and contrived. Deborah can only be keenly interested in defending herself. We know a truly broken hearted mother would be talking only about finding the baby, knocking on every door in her neighborhood, reliving her every step that day. The adrenaline response would be in high gear. Not with her. Every day her story changes.

      And now they have the smarmy lawyer who defended VanderSloot, Joe Tacopina. Mr. Tacopina already claims he “knows” they couldn’t/didn’t do any harm to the baby. Just like
      he, no doubt, believes VanderSloot. How do these lawyer’s sleep at night? Like the murders they represent, they seem to lack any conscience. mho


      1. We cannot let this happen again! No child will ever be safe again! If this low-life, piece of garbage hurt or killed her child,…we have to be sure the law prosecutes her. I say automatic death penalty for murdering a child! If the courts would make that mandatory,…you watch,…children would be safe again.

        What bothers me is that a lot of people I’ve talked to about CA, are wearing blinders. I don’t think they are the majority, but what bothers me is how they can actually lie, and believe those lies! Makes me wonder who raised them? Or, do they, in some way, associate with that trash, CA? If they do,…get help now! Give your child(ren) to your parents, or family member,…temporary custody can be done quickly. Don’t be tempted to try to get away with murder,..because, we are all sick of it, and it will not be allowed to continue.


      2. I agree with automatic death penalty for killing a child. I know raising a child can be difficult and frustrating at times, but it is no excuse for deciding the best solution is just to get “rid of the problem.” aka Casey Anthony mentality and others like Susan Smith, etc. And worst is such women become “celebrities” after murdering their children because they are young and “attractive.”


    1. OMG, today I knew Deborah is another Casey unfolding before our eyes.

      Fox has an extensive weekend interview done. 4 videos to watch. At one point you see Deborah’s hand on Jeremy’s leg and Jeremy has his two hands presses in front of him. He does NOT hold Deborah’s hand. It’s like he is self soothing himself!

      And the ease of story changing may not be new for Deb. Check out comments from a previous neighbor. Like Casey lying is perhaps nothing new, in fact, possibly a pattern. mho


      1. Thank You Singphat,I saw just one clip this morning and I knew it that second? See,stupid juror’s and actually I think I’m more ticked over the Judge now than I am the Idiot Dozen! But Like Katsie IIRC we didn’t want to see it happen again,Look what we’re looking at now! Shame! Look how long it took the copycat? No time at all!
        I am going to watch these now,TY for posting them!


      2. Read:

        “Tacopina insisted that he came on board after deep analysis and many questions for Baby Lisa’s family. Only when he was convinced of the parent’s innocence, he said, did he begin traveling.

        I think it’s the exact opposite.

        A fair question is whether the frenzy that encircled the Casey Anthony case whetted someone’s appetite. Mothers who harm their children are rare, thank God. But the statistical improbability promises sensational coverage for 24/7 cable news. It certainly riveted people for months as the courts accused but failed to convict Anthony of her daughter’s death.

        Much of the speculation — and it is only that at this point — surrounds the mother. She was the last one to see her daughter, who we know of at least.

        Tacopina portrayed himself as a protective shield for Lisa’s parents. That’s the same soothing message Stanton gives.

        So who was the brainiac who encouraged the mother to appear on the national morning news shows, admitting she was drunk the night her baby disappeared? She also spilled that police had shown her burned clothing and evidence of cellphone pings.

        In his lengthy remarks (45 minutes), Tacopina mentioned that he is a father of five, a nod to the empathy he brings.

        I believe he believes himself when he says he is only in Kansas City to help.

        But it’s not these parents he is assisting. And it most certainly isn’t Baby Lisa.”


      1. I have the same feeling Singhpaht,…sorry I misspelled your nick below. I’m praying this child is safe, but if this is another CA,…I say give her the death penalty, and have it televised! I’ll bet these child murders would stop then!!!


  19. Oct. 18, 2011

    The parents of missing toddler Lisa Irwin haven’t submitted to an interview with detectives for the last 10 days to answer questions about things “they might only know,” police said today.

    The 11-month-old girl vanished from her crib Oct. 3. Police have not named any suspects in the girl’s disappearance, but the story of mother Deborah Bradley has altered somewhat and she has admitted to being drunk that night, possibly even blacking out.


    1. I wanted to say that Singpath’s post is excellent, but there was no reply button!

      I am really worried about the children Cathy. That horrible Casey Anthony, sadly, has started a chain of events, that if we don’t stand strong behind the law, it will happen again, and again. The poor little children,…it breaks my heart, and makes me very angry at anybody who could even consider hurting a helpless child, let alone actually do it.

      I wonder about Deborah Bradley. My gut tells me that she knows where the baby is, and that the ‘being drunk’ scenario, was just used to cover what she did….:(.

      Honestly, I strongly believe we need more stringent laws to protect our helpless, and precious children! This country cannot withstand another Casey Anthony! The world cannot stand it either.

      As the freest country on the planet, we have to set an example, and go hard on these child abusers! The children are what really matter, not the parent. If the parent does not want them, put them up for adoption, or give custody to a responsible, loving family member. OR…DON’T HAVE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! Duh,…I assume most adults know about birth control, but you can’t prove it by the statistics! What a shame….act like a ho, then make an innocent child pay for it….that’s not right!!!


      1. Nor can the children! This soon after Casey is outrageous,IMO it goes to show ya if one get’s away with it then others will try the same,It’s a sad day when children now have to worry their parents might kill them,they’re kids so you know they would when its all we’ve heard about in just the past 4 yrs??
        Did you notice how the story sounds almost like Casey’s? When the woman said “I don’t know what happened to her” and then it got worse,when she said she was drunk,right then I thought she was laying her defence and now they have a lawyer? I cannot imagine my daughter went missing and I’d go hire an attorney?? Spend that money trying to find your child?

        I totally agree Katsie,if ya can’t raise them stop having them,I am no saint but i do know when I had my daughter I’d just turned 16 and God know’s we didn’t have much but I also took every precaution not to have another because to be honest we couldn’t afford it,This is no lie,my late husband’s aunt daughter was pregnant at 14 and she was telling us about it and that’s shocking enough but
        I thought I’d die when she said “Well we’ll get extra food stamps”OMG! Floored me! Nothing in this world could get me angrier than parents who neglect and or keep having kids when they sure as hell shouldn’t of had the first one.Nothing!

        I am an adoptee myself and you don’t know how fortunate i was,I thank God for my adoptive parents because I do have morals about me and I know where I’d be if they hadn’t adopted me! If you met my siblings you’d know why I say that!
        Both my bio people (I don’t like to call them parents)were alcoholic’s and was never food in the place but guarantee ya the fridge was full of liquor,beer if we even had a fridge or electricity!


      2. I wish it was easier to respond on here to the correct post, but here we go.

        Deborah Bradley is looking like another CA, hate to say it.

        Former friends call her an “attention hound.” And it is reported she left a police questioning to go do a tv interview. Nothing like having your priorities straight. It really smell rotten in Denmark and it’s not the cheese! The two people are more interested in a “defense” than finding Lisa, you would definitely question the children who say they “heard” something, but Deborah isn’t really interested in they revealing all they know.

        Well, the walls are coming crashing in, trust me, soon we will know the truth of what happened to the baby which does not appear to be an abduction. Two dogs nearby and not one barks, and Deborah answers that she told the detectives there were no pings on her cell. Well, if they were stolen had would she know……how could she say that with certainty????

        Will be back asap.


      3. Right,you could tell by the demeanor of them anyway…When Karen Smith gave her very 1st interview,I told my husband right then that she was lying and it’s as easy with this one! On;y we hadn’t met Kc then?


  20. I’m back….. and no one missed me??? lol, Big birthday bash at kids house…. Anyway , Ive been reading some of these Ca-lie-sy lovers interpatations(sp) of the trial. Web Cam or something.Did they not watch the same trial? All the comments about the prosecution not proving anything… Makes me wonder are we the deft ones. What did they hear that we didn’t. I know when I say this I’m going to have my head roll, but I’m going to say it anyway. Ever since our courts make abortion legal this country thinks that babies are throw aways. . expendable! I’m not talking about a medical emergency, I’m talking about using an abortion as birth control. No wonder the younger sociality think they can kill their babies when they get tired of them . They see people like Ca-lie-sy get by with murder so why can’t they! O.K. hang me from the nearest tree.


    1. Of Course we missed you,LoL I know I did but I didn’t know you’d even posted this? I got Katsie’s post in my email,and saw your post when I came to read hers,odd?? So I’m gonna act like todays your birthday,LoL

      (I’m talking about using an abortion as birth control.)



      1. Thanks,Chatty, I just get so angry at the stupitity of it all. Now we are seeing what happens when you let a murderer get off! more babies missing!and it won’t stop until they are made to pay.


    2. I noticed it too hwill. I’ve posted elsewhere, and have seen too many supporting that murdering ho. It’s disgusting. Makes me wonder if they are her age, and see themselves in her shoes? My guess is, that’s a yes!

      Disgusting re: abortion. I agree, it’s not a form of birth control. Like I said in another post, birth control needs to be free. If those young women are too lazy and won’t take it, then give them the morning after pill, and if they drop dead from HIV,…so be it! At least innocent children won’t be made to suffer from their mistakes!


  21. Dr. Glass – I would be FASCINATED to read your take on the “Baay Lisa Irwin Case.” It is such a compelling “tale” and the mother keeps changing her story. I would love to read what you have to say about her stories and her body language. Thanks.


  22. There’s a big difference between you, Cathy, and that Cow Anthony. You may have been young,…but you did the right thing! That says volumes about the kind of person that you are!!!

    If birth control was not so expensive, maybe people would use it. I can’t help but think,..why didn’t Cow Anthony just tell her mom that she needed birth control? Oh,..wait,…that would mean that she would have to tell Cindy that she wasn’t working! I guess in that Cow’s mind, it was better to keep messing around, and get preggers, than deal with reality.

    Our society has to stop behaving like everything is disposable. Not everything is,…not anything that breathes! I love children, and animals…they are NOT disposable!

    One attorney I worked for told me that you can always tell a criminal in the making. They hurt animals when they are young. I hate people like that…poor critters,…poor kids….it’s disturbing! We have to do better!!!!


    1. And Cindy believed she was still a virgin,LMAO
      If Kc were my daughter she’d have had birth control every single morning after i tossed it in her cheerio’s!
      Cindy a nurse? she could have gotten it and then Caylee would never have had to suffer one day with those nuts or suffered when she died at their hands?


      1. Cindy said she still believes Casey is a virgin!!!!!!! Woah, the men in the white coats,…Cindy needs a ride to the looney bin!

        I agree Cathy, completely. You know,..I laughed out loud when I read that you would have tossed in her cheerio’s,…hehe…I have been saying that since my girl turned 15. Not because I thought she was fooling around. It was my fear that she would not be prepared, no matter how hard I worked to teach her,…I was scared for her. The kids today just don’t seem to care about anything, but I knew my daughter was different from them. I just wanted to keep her safe,..

        So true,…Cindy had access to medications. I agree, Cindy could have gotten the pill for nothing, then ‘tossed it into Casey’s cheerio’s”.

        I think Cindy thought figured that Casey would never humiliate her by getting pregnant. Yep,..Cindy is that twisted,…too. Poor little Caley…I still want justice for that child, and all the rest who are victims of these monsters! This has got to stop!!!



      There are many young mothers who do a great job raising children. I happened to be have been only 19 with my first child, a daughter, who today is a Psychologist specializing in Neuropsychology. She is an amazing mom and wife too. She and hubby are committed to their children. My daughter says she is amazed how I grew into my responsibilities as soon as she was born. Then again I was taught by nuns, so the fear of God was laid into me, and that isn’t such a bad thing.

      The lack of fear of consequences is what seems to be so pervasive today. The extreme opposite of earlier days. You even have “Safe Havens” for unwanted children and the heartless goons still kill their children.

      KC took the revenge path. Deborah is a drama ghoul who I have not doubt picks men she can totally manipulate. From first hand experience, I have met this cunning, soulless type of women, they have no problem creating hell in the lives of those around them. It gives them a thrill.


      1. Congratulations to you Sing, and your daughter!!! You did a great job, and so did she!!! You, like Cathy E, are living proof that a single parent can do a great job!!! Sometimes, better than ‘nuclear’ family, like the Anthony’s.

        I do think that, that instinct,…the motherly instinct, is born in you, or not. For me, it was there, as it was for you, and the rest of us here. That’s probably why we struggle with people like Casey who treat their child like a bargaining chip, and a burden.

        I used to think, the lack of that instinct may have been rooted in not loving the father of the child, but I don’t feel that way now. I have always loved children, even as a child. I babysat my cousins, watched my little sister, and I love, love, love animals, especially dogs.

        Casey is an anomaly. We dissect her behavior, her actions, her familial interactions,…but nothing truly hits the nail on the head, except, outright, cold-blooded murderer. Empty inside, selfish, and pretending, always, to be somebody, and something that she is not. It’s as if Casey thinks that she is not good enough, therefore, nobody who loves her, or needs her, is good enough either.

        You cannot help but feel compassion for those who truly believe they are not enough. Because in truth, they are. We are all what we are supposed to be, and it’s more than enough.

        I’ve noticed that sick, twisted behavior too Sing. That mean-streak you talk about, seems to be prevalent in our youth. I don’t understand where it comes from. I saw it in younger co-workers. It seems to be more evident in young women.

        I wonder what your daughter thinks is happening with our youth today? It would be wonderful to hear her expert opinion in regard to this matter, if she has a few moments to spare :).


    3. Kat, don’t you think that birth control is still cheaper than raising an unwanted child? Alot of these pregancys are by young women that can get free birth control. Better to not have babies if you are just going to throw them away. I’m like you about babies and animals. Spay and nuture .. both animal and stupid girls! lol .


      1. I agree hwill, but I remember when my daughter was an adult, and working, at a minimum wage job. She had to contribute to her health care plan, and HMO, and they charged her over $30.00, per month, when she was only clearing about $55.00, while going to school. I paid for it. I don’t think that she was involved, and she is smart about this stuff, but I saw too many of her ‘friends’ who were not, and one acquaintance who was preggers. I was concerned. She thought it was a waste of money, based upon what she cleared. That spoke volumes to me.

        Anyway, birth control pills need to be free. They hand out to prophylactics to teens like candy, why not make the pill, or IUD, etc. free? Boys don’t think they need birth control. That’s not their job,…how wrong they are! My guess is that the doctors don’t want the liability connected with these forms of birth control.

        Perforation of the uterus with IUD’s, hormonal problems with the pill, etc. Plus, the doctors want to be able to monitor these patients, and that costs money. Sometimes, a visit monthly to adjust the dosage. Who pays for that?

        Unfortunately, our system is based on greed. I do not know one doctor who does anything for free. And, the liability insurance has put a lot of doctors out of business lately. It’s very expensive.


  23. Great analysis at is this a copycat story for Deborah Bradley.

    READ THE END, amazing info

    09/24/2009–Nearly two years after the remains of an 11-month-old girl were found in the attic of a Spring Lake home,
    a Harnett County grand jury has indicted the child’s mother in her death.
    Johni Michelle Heuser, 27, of 1680 Ray Road, was indicted this week on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Harmony Jade Creech.
    Deputies found the toddler’s remains in her mother’s attic on Oct. 20, 2007.

    The indictment states the child was killed between Aug. 31, 2007, and Sept. 30, 2007.
    The child had been wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed in an empty diaper box in a corner of the attic, authorities said.
    The body was so badly decomposed that medical examiners have never been able to determine a cause of death.
    When the child’s father, Sgt. Ronald Creech II, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg,
    returned from a 15-month deployment in Iraq, Heuser claimed the baby had been abducted, prompting a statewide Amber Alert.
    She later told investigators that she found the baby dead in her crib weeks earlier and hid the death out of fear.

    10/22/2007–A seemingly distraught Johni Michelle Heuser can be heard crying while her mother talked with an emergency dispatcher
    Friday morning to report that Heuser’s baby daughter, Harmony Jade Creech, was missing.
    During the 911 call, Heuser wailed, sobbed and retched as she clung to the child’s father, Sgt. Ronald Creech II,
    who expected a joyous reunion with his daughter after a 15-month deployment in Iraq.
    But Heuser’s wails and sobs were an act, Creech and law officers say.
    The baby’s decomposing remains and clothing were found in a diaper box in the attic of the Harnett County home
    where the 911 call was made. Investigators say they think the baby had been dead for several weeks, and neighbors had complained
    since this summer of a foul odor coming from the red-brick home on Ray Road in Spring Lake.
    Heuser, 25, has been charged with first-degree murder.
    Creech, a native of Alabama, had just arrived at the home he rented for Heuser before he was deployed.
    He had not seen his child since November, when he spent 15 days with her during a mid-tour leave, said Maj. Tom Earnhardt,
    a spokesman with the 82nd Airborne Division, on Tuesday.

    *Deborah Bradley and Sean Bradley lived as married couple -82nd Airborne Div/Fort Bragg NC.


      1. HAHAHA, how can the Grace “Bombshell” shout not get ingrained in our heads after a few listens.

        This gal does a good imitation on youtube. If she adds a blond wig and loud jewelry, she would be even more convincing….hahaha


    1. You said a mouth-full Sing! “…the parents got a lawyer in time…”. Think about it. If they were, honestly, working with law enforcement, why do they need a lawyer?

      Sounds like to me, that the detectives were pushing the parents, and hit on what actually happened to Baby Lisa, or made a good guess. That’s usually the point where the suspect screams for an attorney, if they are guilty…or involved in someway that could implicate them in a court of law.


  24. OMG Sing, I cannot believe people can hurt/kill their babies, and move on like nothing happened! That poor baby,..stuffed in an empty diaper box!

    I guess we can all see where Casey Cow Anthony’s case is taking this nation….right down the toilet! She set a trend, got away with murder, and others are following in her footsteps!

    Where’s a hit man when you want one ;)…

    As far as my old post, that never got moderated,…maybe it did,…:(. Maybe Dr. Glass thought it was inappropriate, but I never heard anything about it, so it could be in limbo, permanently.

    All these unwanted children, makes me wonder why do parents still feel uncomfortable discussing birth control with their kids? If you don’t, you’re setting up your child, of reproductive years, to follow in the footsteps of Casey Anthony. Take the girls to an OB/GYN, put her on birth control, or some other form, and make sure your son’s understand that it’s not just the girl who gets pregnant. The man has certain responsibilities to his children,..whether he is married to the women, or not! Plus, make sure he understands how to prevent pregnancy. They both need to know how to be careful, not just because of unwanted pregnancy, but the rate of HIV is rising. Sexual diseases are on the increase, and morphing into something new and frightening.

    I wish they had offered this to us in high school. We had five girls preggers, in the early 70’s. Back then, that was a lot!

    You know, I don’t personally like Nancy Grace, but I will say that she is an excellent litigator. She understands the law, but,..saying that, I think she needs to be more careful covering these alleged baby murders. After Nancy get’s done, you honestly believe the person she focused on, is guilty. Now, I am not saying they are not,…Nancy is usually right. However, I notice that a lot of people don’t like her. Especially the younger crowd, and they are the ones who sit on these juries. I feel that these younger jurors, out of dislike for Nancy, allow the guilty defendant to walk. Look at Casey Cow Anthony.

    Did anybody hear anything new about Baby Lisa? I heard a short squib on television today, but missed the main story, and have not had time to Google it. Apparently, the police found some DNA evidence. I hope so. More than that, I pray that that poor child is alive and well. I know,…but I can still pray she’s ok.


    1. The case is certainly interesting. And I have no doubt we have not gotten the truth from the parents. Deborah changing the timeline of the last time she saw Lisa, a name she never uses now, changed dramatically. She changed from seeing Lisa at 10:30 PM to 6:40 PM, a sick baby she doesn’t check on during her “adult time.” And the boys…..

      She never says directly she was drunk, it seems that is left to her defense lawyer to say.

      Something is fishy indeed. And it cannot be ignored that the dogs hit on decomposition in the parents bedroom.

      I read at seamus that the parents did not allow the police to inspect the bedroom, the police had to get a warrant for that to happen. So why pretend you are “cooperating” with police??? Jeremy leaving police questioning because he was “tired?” Your baby is missing and you are not FULLY cooperating.

      Something is fishy with the parents. No changing that fact. Why can’t the mother say LISA??? Deborah can only say “she, her.” So sad!!!

      Drunk is different from “blacked out.” Seamus says expect something like drunken black out to be the defense.


      One of my post is still in “moderation.” L)


      1. Cathy, it’s too blatant to walk around as you say in a white tee and for so many miles with a kidnapped baby. Doesn’t make sense.

        Here is a good body and language analysis of the interviews with the parents.

        The analyst did say the house is around 67 years old and the dogs could possibly be picking up on the scent of someone who died many years ago. How long after can they pick up the death smell? Interesting. No doubt the police are checking that angle out as well. Any death reported there in the past.

        Did Jeremy leave work when he said he did? He started to make a statement early on about a wife cheating on her husb…and then stopped himself. Might he come home to check on Deborah and she wasn’t expecting him? First night he works and she’s drinking it up! strange.


      2. That’s what I’m screaming SingPhat. He looks like he’s in shock or something??? Also maybe the guy spotted is Involved and went in and took the baby out as he had to leave because the hubby came home? One thing I’m sure of is the Mother is involved,I wonder too if she told hubby that she was drinking because she slept with another man because she wouldn’t dare cheat sober “ya know,a Jerry Springer Moment” LoL something just doesn’t sit right with me about both of them?


      3. Cathy,

        I hear you. Also what sticks out, all the inconsistencies included, is that the news reported, Deborah was asked if she went to the backyard after realizing the baby was missing. Her response was, “no” that she was afraid of what she might find. Police discovered an area that had been freshly dug up and they closed up again. That was reported as looking damning.

        The video is very fuzzy. Have they determined the age of the person? That is a very long way to walk considering where the house is. No doubt the case is being given a lot of attention by LE. The Grand Jury selection would mean they have enough to present. We sure haven’t heard anything from the woman who was drinking with Deborah? But no doubt, the police have.

        Cell phones pings (records) have had to reveal something important.


      4. Your post prompted me to try to find a written timeline for Baby Lisa’s disappearance. Most are on video, and I don’t want that. If anybody knows of one, please post it so I can review same.

        I agree Sing, this case is interesting in that it’s so similar to too many missing children cases that seem to have developed over the past four years. It is relevant to point out that four years ago, we were engrossed in the Caley Anthony alleged disappearance. Coincidence? Not.

        I agree, as well, that Tacopina’s claim that the mother was drunk, is nothing more than a red-herring. Tacopina is doing his job as a defense attorney, in raising doubt.

        I read that the two minor brothers of Baby Lisa, will be interviewed shortly. I am sure that the parents are coaching the boys to be sure they follow their doubtful scenario, as to what occurred the night their sister went missing. Poor kids.

        If the baby was not well, it’s inconceivable that neither parent checked on her during that lengthy evening. I agree, something is highly suspect here, and it’s my guess that we are watching another evolution of a very sad scenario.

        Hopefully, the parent(s) will be arrested, and charged in this matter. I doubt this poor child is still alive, because the storyline follows other alleged abductions too closely. Those proved to be entirely false, as I hate to say it,…this one will as well.

        It’s my opinion that one of the parents killed Lisa, then attempted to bury her body, before the boys woke up.

        Let’s pray that we do not have to swallow another fiasco like we were forced to live with in the Casey Anthony case. I want justice, and even more, I want these children to be safe and loved. Is that really asking too much?


    2. Katsie,

      I agree that there is real animosity and full blown hatred of NG by many. She can seem over the top and be plain rude to guests. However, she is an advocate for victims. We need people like her and Judge Pirro on TV speaking for the victims.

      Qualifications for jury selection must be more stringent. Goodness knows the educational system in this country is in disarray. Too many young people lack discipline and lack poor reasoning skill. Judge Perry was part of the problem in the jury selection process in the Anthony trail imho

      That someone with so little integrity as Bozo is allowed to practice is a shocker. In the released video Casey could have told Bozo the truth. I have to admit the video was too grainy for me to make out a lot of things. However, what was clear to me is that the news was extremely upsetting as to cause Casey to double over, lose her breathe, and devastate her. mho


      1. Katsie,

        Here is what NY City plans to unveil emphasizing “sex education” starting at middle school and up to include porn and beastiality. WOW. I think the chances for “smart” jurors in the future is looking very poor. To their credit they will state abstinence is an option.

        I think sex education is necessary but it needs to involve teaching why maturity and love are part of sex. As well as teaching restraint. We don’t act on all our impulses or we would do some very regrettable things. I’m a big believer in teaching child about consequences and taking accountability. Accountability seems to be lacking with young people today and their parents. Take away a lack of responsibility and a lack of rules, you have mayhem.


      2. It’s being reported that the names of the Casey Anthonys jurors may be released by Tuesday.

        Makes you sick to read some of the comments made by the “rock for brains” individuals. Was it Ron White who said, “you can’t fix stupid?” Wow!


      3. Ty SIng,…the jury system is a mess, and though we realize that it needs honed, I am sure that somebody will scream discrimination, if ‘testing’ is used. However, it is apparent that there is quantifiable statistics, educationally speaking, that support this tact. I just hope that somebody with some real brains, defends the testing of potential jurors.

        Bozo won the case because he was preaching to people who were easily manipulated, and many of the jurors were NOT Casey’s piers. Plus, the majority of the juror’s I.Q.’s were not up to par. Sorry to throw stones, but it’s clear that they did not understand the legalese, and from the verdict they rendered, it’s clear that they did not care to. To me that speaks volumes about that lame jury.

        Nancy is an old-time attorney. I worked with one for decades, and yes, he was very difficult to work with, but in his defense, he was brilliant! I learned so much from him, that it was well worth dealing with his caustic personality. Nancy is cut from the same cloth. What bothers me the most is that because Nancy is a woman, she is disregarded, and name-calling starts. The attorney I worked for, was a male, and got respect from everybody! We still suffer from that horrible stereotype. “Women should be seen, and not heard.” It’s unfair.

        When I watch Nancy, more than not, I agree with her findings, and remember, I don’t, personally, like her. However, I know that she is correct. I refuse to suffer from intellectual dishonesty! It’s not a popularity contest, or should it ever be.

        Saying that, Bozo made it a popularity contest, in the CA case. He played to preconceived idea of a helpless woman, abused by the big bad men in her life. I am not saying that this does not happen in the real world, but that was not what CA was suffering from. Bozo lied, threw out statement he could not support, and utterly failed to answer. He played to the jury’s baser instincts. If that makes somebody a genius, then we all fall into that category, if we chose to. He got lucky because the jurors were incapable of understanding the charges against CA. That’s all,..very simply put, they were dolts, and he knew it. In the old-days, Bozo would be referred to as a “carpetbagger”. Selling bogus goods, to morons.

        Bozo has no inner moral compass. He used everything, but for the kitchen sink, to manipulate the jury, and he succeeded. That alone screams, to all of us who could be jurors one day, that something is very wrong.

        Bozo set a new precedent in the law, with this case. A precedent is is a principle or rule established in a legal case that a court or other judicial body may apply when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues, or facts. In other words, Bozo made it possible for future cases to use the CA case, as a guideline to adjudicate those new cases, and seek acquital.

        Bozo does not care that, due to his successful deceit, he has provided future child killers, with an outline on how to beat the system. He disgusts me, personally. He has children. Does he not realize he has placed his own, in jeopardy, through his win? So low,….Bozo is so low,…lower than a snakes belly.

        There are so many new evolving cases, involving similar scenarios to Caley Anthony’s murder. Baby Lisa, the baby in the attic, the baby murdered in a park, and disposed on the side of a highway. Unfortunately, this is the the beginning of a nightmare trend.

        What we can do is make it clear to our lawmakers that we will not allow baby killers to walk. Casey is guilty of charge three in the charges against her, and the Judge should have intervened. She should be in jail today, pursuant to the legal charge leveled against her in charge three. Casey clearly ‘contributed’ to the death of a minor, in her care. That is enough to lock her up for a very long time, but the Judge and jury failed utterly.

        The laws need to change. We need Caley’s Law to be enacted throughout the country. No child should be left in the care of anybody who sees that child as a burden. Life is hard, but our children should not have to suffer at our hands. We owe them protection, safety, love and care. It’s up to us, as citizens to demand our lawmakers address this issue. Write, e-mail, call them. Don’t back down.

        Remember, we are the voice that ultimately governs our laws! If we remain quiet, if we wait for somebody else to do something, then we directly contribute to the next child who is murdered by a caregiver. It’s up to us to speak for our helpless babies! If we don’t, believe me, nobody will.

        When you see, with your own eyes, a licensed attorney, sworn to uphold our laws, obfuscate, lie, and pervert the truth, you know we are in deep trouble! Do something to make a change. Something meaningful. You don’t have to have a college education to complain to our lawmakers. Just say it, your own words, and remember, they want your votes. Tell them you will campaign against them if they don’t listen, and address the problem. Enough citizens do this, and believe me, they will listen!


      4. Katsie, How is the petition for the Caylee law going?

        After poor Caylee’s death, we see parents taking a page from the Casey handbook, such as with Haleigh Cummings, Hailey Dunn, baby Lisa, etc. The whole lot (family) needs to be put behind bars if they are obstructing justice for a murdered child. mho

        We see sharks in suits who are “media hounds” coming out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes. Notice those who ran to Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin as their stories kept changing. Yet, the parents made time for media rounds to defend themselves instead of focusing on finding baby Lisa. Mark Klass has pointed out on his website that a parent cooperates in a missing child case, willingly helps eliminate themselves as suspects so that the case can promptly move forward. Statics show 87 % of missing children are harmed by someone close to them in their lives! Amazing stats.

        Looks like baby Lisa’s parents have the sharks helping them with a defense even before the baby is found or a body located.
        So tragic!!! The language the lawyers use is past tense in regards to Baby Lisa, the parents have done this for quite some time. Do the lawyers know? Why would the lawyers use past tense?


      5. Nobody likes a pushy women, but it’s time we stopped feeding that stereotype. We all need to learn to listen, and not judge somebody, anybody, for the way that they look, or the way the come-off. Like I said Sing, I respect Nancy Grace, but do not personally like her. So, I am guilty of judging too, but foremost, I listen to what she says, and weigh the content. That’s where the ‘judging’ comes in, and rightly so. She is a brilliant litigator, and most of the time, I agree 100% with her. Talk about a dichotomy, huh? But, it’s fair in my mind, and that is what matters to me.


  25. New surveillance footage of a mystery man may support the claim by the parents of Lisa Irwin that their daughter was abducted.

    In video obtained exclusively by “Good Morning America,” a man dressed in white is seen leaving a wooded area, at 2:30 a.m. the night of Lisa’s disappearance.

    The family says Lisa was abducted and they point to key witnesses who saw a suspicious man that night, carrying a baby.

    Mike Thompson told ABC News that he was on his way home from work around 4 a.m. on Oct. 4 when he saw a man in a T-shirt carrying a baby at an intersection about three miles from the Irwin home.

    It was shortly after 4 a.m. that Lisa’s parents said they discovered she was missing.

    “[At] 4 a.m., 45 degrees, baby don’t have a coat or nothing and this guy is walking down the street and I thought it was kind of weird,” Thompson said.


    1. Yes, that is strange. How could they tell if what the man is
      carrying is really a baby or something else, like a doll? Would the baby not cry from cold and/or being with a stranger in the dark?

      Would a man walk around with a baby he kidnapped, unless he is clinically mentally ill? What age does the man appear to be?

      The scent of decomposition is in the parents bedroom. Would a stranger take the baby into the bedroom to kill her? Then proceed to walk around with a dead baby? Would an abductor turn on all the lights in the house? It all sounds like one heck of a confident abductor?? He doesn’t even put on a disguise?

      Truly bizarre!!!

      The cell phones are keenly important to tie the events of that night together…

      And I still believe parents of a truly abducted baby would have behaved differently from the start and all the way through. Body and verbal language doesn’t show the parents doing EVERYTHING possibly to get their baby back, especially when minutes and seconds count. They seemed more defensive than cooperating in every way possible!

      Just a few thoughts. lol L)


      1. Well, Sing, we can all thank Ronald Regan for the current homelessness in the mentally ill community. He closed the hospitals that cared for those folks. He was a republican.

        A very elderly attorney, I started working for when I was 22 yrs. old., once told me,…”If you are working for other people, vote Democrat. If you have a business, or work for yourself, then vote Republican.” He was right, and he was a Republican.

        The old axiom, above, holds true and has for over one hundred years.

        If Regan hadn’t done it, George W. would have, because they don’t have to worry about their families being subjected to these poor souls, and their crimes. These people are wealthy, and don’t live what we call ‘normal’ lives. They live behind guarded fences, with armed guards. Their families have bodyguards. We don’t. In other words, we the general, middle class or lower, don’t count! Sorry to offend any Republicans reading this, but you know it’s true. Intellectually you know it, even if you won’t admit it. It’s the truth!


      2. Katsie, sounds like you have had some great working experiences with great mentors.

        I would agree with the elderly employee if we were still living in the 1930-40-50’s. The two parties today are extremely different than in former times. I speak as an independent who hopes for a day when a third party is truly viable in the great nation. We now have the ruling elite, imho. Once you hit a certain income bracket and/or elected with large donors, the game changes. In politics, you are beholden to those who contribute well to your campaigns. Few politicians can remember the small people because they run in vastly different circle, have special interest groups to satisfy, and have great benefits. Their children attend private schools and they have bodyguards. You see the two parties in a game of double card monty. Don’t mean to sound cynical, I’m not. I still hold to the belief there are a few good men and women in politics. But politics is politicized & I believe both sides “benefit” monetarily and Democrats have extremely wealthy and privileged people in their ranks. I don’t care about how much $$$$ someone has, I do care about ethics. The jobs have continually left our country exactly because both parties have supported it, they have helped big biz gain large profits and sell out America to a large extent.

        But that said, I do believe in the vote, in writing and calling our congressional reps and being a part of the democratic republic.


      3. I wanted to address that many people say Regan put the mentally ill on the streets. However, I have heard it said that it was the Governor elect Edmund Gerald “Pat” Brown, Sr.who signed that bill into effect. Pat Brown was the one who put the mentally ill on the streets by voting that bill into legislation, then when Regan came into office, he had no choice but to put the law into effect.

        I am in midterms right now but anyone can research it. Is it true or false? 🙂


    2. Ty for the post Cathy. My question is, if Thompson saw the alleged man, carrying an alleged baby, “looking kind of weird”, why didn’t he call the police?

      Why are people so afraid of authority figures? I know if I had seen that “weird” man, carrying a baby, dressed inappropriately for the weather,…I would have picked up my cell, or hardline, and called the cops! I’m not afraid to tell the police my name, address, etc. It’s our duty, as citizens, to report odd behavior.

      How pathetic and sad. If Thompson actually saw baby Lisa, being kidnapped, and called the police right at that moment, maybe baby Lisa would be at home, safe and well, today. I don’t know how people can live with themselves. How do people turn a blind eye, and feel good about it? I couldn’t.

      Police serve us. We pay their wages. The same applies to our lawmakers. There is nothing to fear from them, if you are a law-abiding citizen. Even if you are not, do the right thing. This is an innocent child.

      Please don’t be afraid to call the police or complain to your congressmen, and representatives! You don’t have to be highly educated to tell them what you think, and what you want! Your vote puts them in office. Your taxes pay their salaries. YOU COUNT! Your opinion counts, your voice, your votes count! Speak your minds!!!! Fear nothing,..especially people who are in office, or working because of you! They owe us, not the other way around!!!


  26. O.K, Now I know for sure that Dr. Glass was a figment of my imagination. She no longer exit on earth. She has flown the coop. She has treaded to parts unknown. She has boogied. Alas, I shall miss her! Woe is me! Woe is me!


      1. Thank you, Kats for all you do for us. I do wish there was more we could do to change things.I’ve been over at Hal Boedeckers blog and can’t believe some of the things they are saying. Check it out.


      2. Again, no reply button hwill…I went to Hal’s blog, and searched for the Casey Anthony case. Very informative! It’s always interesting to view these matters, through the eyes of an expert. The attorney is correct on his assessment of what went wrong in the CA trial.

        It was insightful, for me, to read Deen’s statements. Attorneys are human beings, and unfortunately, the prosecution allowed Baez to get under it’s skin. That never plays well in a court of law. It makes everybody uncomfortable, and believe it or not, that impacts the jury heavily, as well as the Judge.

        Initially, I thought the prosecution had a slam-dunk case, but as it progressed, I knew it was going south. It wasn’t one statement,..or the lack of evidence. I still believe that the prosecution did a very good job, but the jury was incapable of digesting the crux of the matter.

        No matter how you cut it, Casey Anthony is guilty of allowing a minor to die, while in her custody. That was proven. In my opinion, due to the quick deliberation, the jury failed to weigh the evidence that was proven, and render a just verdict. Casey is guilty of negligence, child abuse, and contributing to the death of a minor child, in her custody. Legally speaking, she should be sitting in jail now, for a very long time.

        This is why I believe the jury system needs an overhaul. Perhaps a court liaison could be appointed, somebody with legal background, who could work with jurors, and the Judge, to keep the jurors on track. Not to interject their personal opinions, but to force the jurors to address all charges brought against the defendant. I don’t know how it would work, but we, most definitely, need improvement in area of our Courts.


  27. You know Sing,…sex education is important, but the perversion is not. Our teens need to understand that sex is not a tool, and should not be seen in the same way as a handshake, or a kiss. They need to understand the consequences on a personal level. I liked the idea, in some schools, where the teacher assigns couples, and provides each couple with an interactive baby to care for. That’s what our teens need to see. The real, hard facts of child rearing.

    Then, we have to work on the moral aspects, which our teens seem to greatly lack. The bleeding hearts out there say God, and morals, should not be taught in schools, and in part, they are correct. It starts at home, but the schools should support those concepts, and reiterate them on a regular basis. This helps our youth to see that the current morals, are not good enough. It creates empathy, and sympathy, which these kids are seriously lacking.

    Many of these teens are being raised in homes where both parents work. It’s no wonder. Our economy is in a horrible state, and both parents need to work, and subsequently, our youth are left to raise themselves. Parents are exhausted, overwhelmed, etc., and the kids suffer. If we don’t pay more attention to our teens, who are of the reproductive age, then we all suffer the consequences. I realize I am speaking from a place where many think I have no authority, but…I raised two children. We both worked full-time. We took care of our home, went to church on Sunday’s, took the kids to extra-circular activities. In other words, wore ourselves out, but it was because we knew that just because they were teenagers, did not mean that they were adults. They benefited from our involvement. They are not angels, but they are good people. They know right from wrong, and understand that their actions affect other people, and how.

    Believe me, it was not, in anyway, easy. I looked ten years older than my friends, without children. I was exhausted, but I knew that the job we were doing was very important. It’s not easy. Relationships are difficult today. Money is tight, children are expensive, and demanding. However, it is a decision that an adult makes, not a teen, to have children, because we are more likely to understand the consequences. I must say, that I knew a few teens (older teens), who were able to do an excellent job with their children, but they are the exemption, not the rule.

    Parents need to stop handing to their children. Stop spoiling them rotten. Establish rules, and chores, and if they don’t do them,…there is a penalty that the parent actually enforces. Not just threatens. Nobody said child rearing was easy, because it it not.

    I’m researching something, in regard to the CA fiasco. It involves Cindy Anthony heavily. Prior to an article I read this week, I truly thought that Casey was completely, solely responsible for Caley’s death, but now, I see how Cindy contributed directly to her granddaughter’s death. This is not to say that Casey was, in anyway, innocent. Casey is not innocent here! I just want to explore Cindy’s child rearing, and how it affected this type of personality, i.e. Casey. It’s important for us all to understand how we affect our children. Not all kids are the same, and I am beginning to see that Casey is the ‘sponge’ type of personality, and that CIndy is the catalyst in this horror story. I will post it when I feel it’s cohesive.

    Thanks Sing, and Cathy! You are both so insightful, and so logical! It’s refreshing to talk to people who actually ‘get it’ ! I wish we had somewhere else to blog. I don’t know if Dr. Glass wants us to carry on in this vein, and if not, we will need to move. I believe that we all, truly, want to make a difference in this type of matter, so if anybody has any suggestions, please post them! Ty :).


      1. I have never started a blog, but I know a lot of people who use Blogger. I know very little about it, so the easier it is the better. Any suggestions? We need a place of our own. Please let me know,…we can move so Dr. Glass can have her site back! 🙂


      2. I checked out some ‘do-it-yourself’, but it was not much help. I learn technology-related items, better, visually. I know some of you here, would be able to set one up easily, but I would like to know if Dr. Glass would, perhaps, give us another area, on her blog, to post our off-topic, yet related discussions?

        I love reading Dr. Glass’ body language statements. She provides another dimension, one which most are unaware of, when assessing what’s really going on in somebody’s head. I would like to stay with Dr. Glass’ blog, but I realize that we have a lot to talk about, and I don’t want to pollute her blog with our posts, that are not directly related to the Doctor’s comments.

        What do you think Dr. Glass? I think we need your input here, please!


    1. Thanks Sing, and Cathy! You are both so insightful, and so logical! It’s refreshing to talk to people who actually ‘get it’ ! I wish we had somewhere else to blog. I don’t know if Dr. Glass wants us to carry on in this vein, and if not, we will need to move. I believe that we all, truly, want to make a difference in this type of matter, so if anybody has any suggestions, please post them! Ty :).

      Thank You!
      I agree,I know I want to make a difference! I think all of us do here.
      If i wasn’t spending so much time on the WM3 case right now I’d find us a place to go,I can’t help the wm3 case financially so I do what I can in other ways to pay it forward,I’ve scanned and searched thousands of documents just this week alone,and I won’t make a commitment if I can’t finish it,ya know? LoL But who knows? Makes me nervous to sit on Dr. Glass’ couch when she ain’t home.LMAO


      1. Cath, what is the WM3 case? My brain is only functioning on one cylinder today ;)…

        I agree about the commitment issue. “Kathy, I can’t”, ain’t going there ;). I cannot live with my Mom’s voice in my ears,…hehe.

        I don’t know anything about HTML, etc. All I know how to do is type. Do you know which blog host is easy to use? Something like “Blogging for (a – me) Dummies”?…;).


    2. Katsie, I do understand what you are saying about Cindy. She was the parent and as such needed to be the “adult” to guide her children to be responsible, productive adults. Not to cripple them. Enabling is not a healthy thing, or weakening others, so we can be the “superman” who fixes everything definitely is a sign of pathos. Since my mom was an substance abuser and super critical, I grew up to be a super achiever who was never happy with myself, no matter what good I did. On the upside, while my grandma was in my life, I had a healthy role model. As an adult, I did a lot of reading. Dr Alice MIller was the best researcher on the topic of abused children and family dynamics. Journaling, discussion and research helped me to move out of that “perfectionist” pattern. Things a ton better to the point, I can appreciate and feel content with my achievement and myself. I found being honest and instilling values in my children was the best thing I could do.

      Please let us know what you find.


      1. Singhphat,…you have done something a lot of people would not do. I confess that I have not addressed one of my biggest inner demons. It actually haunts me,…maybe it’s why I push myself and my children so hard. I pray that it does not backfire.

        My Mother was an over-achiever,…class valedictorian, paralegal, expert piano player, vocalist in a band, PTA State President, seamstress, so much more, etc. There was nothing she could not do. All she had to do was read it, and voila,…done! I on the other hand, had to see, view it. I was not as brilliant as she was, so it I asked that she ‘show’ me how to do things. My Mother’s children got the ‘brains’ gene. Doctors, teachers, dentists…

        My Mother and I, were very close, though she had an active career, and volunteered after work at the local hospital. My grandmother, my Mom’s Mother, raised us, for all intents and purposes. Hence, I learned the old-time values, which were also my parents values. One would think, it was great that I had my grandmother there, in the house with me, at all times. She was there if I was sick, scared, etc. I had a wonderful support system, but I wanted it to be my Mother, who was there with me. However, I will not whine and complain. I had it pretty good, and I see now, that I was blessed.

        However, as you can see, I tried to follow in my Mother’s footsteps, knowing full well that it would be difficult for me to do. When I became frustrated, as a young person, she would chide me and say,…”Kathy, I can’t.” Well, today, that single phrase has stuck in my psyche, and rules my life, and not in a positive manner.

        I push harder, try harder, work like a dog to achieve one inth of what my Mother achieved, and I feel that in some ways, I have failed. I still cannot stand in front of a group of PTA, or PTG, parents, and speak. The anxiety is out the roof. Yet, she could do it with ease, and elegance.

        We do imprint on our children, more than we can even imagine. Cindy Anthony imprinted deeply on Casey, and the rest of the family. Yet, I see now that Casey is the type of personality, who wants to please. Much like Cindy. They both want others to see them as well-adjusted, happy, intelligent, and well-off financially.

        I got to thinking about the early Anthony family. The one in Ohio. George was a police officer when he met Cindy. He had already had one bad marriage. Cindy was employed, living alone, doing well, when she began to date George. I assume he appeared to be a ‘good investment’ in her eyes, for lack of the proper wording here. They subsequently married, and George began selling cars with his Father. His Father, I believe, owned the car dealership. I assume that George and Cindy, were at that time, living very well.

        However, as we know, the steel industry, which supported the car industry, folded shortly after the Anthony’s married. I believe Cindy, again was supporting the family. George must have been frantic.

        They moved to Florida, to start over, and I assume again, so that George could find employment. It occurred to me, that this move was also an attempt to ‘start over’. I think Cindy had a very high standard for how she wanted to live, money, keeping up with the ‘Jonses’,etc. This must have added a lot of stress to the relationship between them, as well as imprinted on a very young Casey. “Keeping up appearances”, I am sure, was the main game plan with Cindy. We saw it as she lied about Casey’s pregnancy, it was also reflected in George’s gambling. The Anthony’s were always about ‘pretense’. Pretend they are well off, pretend the ‘bad things’ don’t happen to them. Pretending led to lying.

        If you look at the type of person Casey is, you can see it. Her pictures, that we have all seen, show how desperate she was to convey a ‘happy’, beautiful young women. The smile was so fake. Even poor Caley, aped her mother. Look at the pictures of the two of them. Pretense ruled their lives. Casey’s lies about a career, finishing high school (she and Cindy both lied about that), her non-existent friends, etc. So many lies to convince others that she was exemplary…the same exact thing Cindy did, and still does.

        Unfortunately for them all, nobody could even began to guess the damage the lies were doing, not only to Casey, but George, and Lee as well.

        I still cannot understand the rational in lying, when faced with the truth. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like lies. I work very hard not to do it, and I will not tolerate it in others. Cindy’s lied to family members about Casey’s pregnancy, etc. Casey’s lies to law enforcement. Even when these two are faced with the cold hard facts, they continue to lie. I believe this is where the ‘sociopathy’ came into effect.

        In other words, the Anthony were all about perceptions. They revolved around what others thought of them, and Cindy wanted nothing less than perfection.

        How sad, huh? Who would think that small lies, that turned into larger lies, could destroy lives,…literally destroy them, i.e. Caley Anthony. None of this should be interpreted as an excuse for Casey’s murderous behavior, but it is an explanation, in part, for it. Casey could have chosen another path, but I think that she is weak. She is a ‘sponge’, who apes, rather than strike out on her own, and follow her own path.

        We all learned a very valuable lesson here. At least I did. Do not lie, not about anything. Lies actually kill. Destroy innocent people caught up in the web.

        We need to teach our children so many important things about life, that sometimes, in my opinion, we forget that the little ‘white’ lies, are important in that they lead to larger, more gandiose lies. I believe that Caley died because of a lot of things, but the lying was a tool the Anthony’s used to confuse, and manipulate. Much akin to a magician’s misdirection. While you’re looking in one direction, the real action is happening elsewhere.

        I remember Scott Peterson’s mother telling him to “Lie, lie, lie!” He is so like Casey Anthony, that it’s frightening. I would guess that Scott’s mother was a lot like Cindy. Appearances were everything to both. Nothing else mattered to them. We need to be very careful what we teach our children.

        This is a lesson to be learned, if not already known. Morals are succumbing to the baser of our society. Look at the trash on the television. What is that teaching our youth? Nothing good, if you ask me.

        If you want good kids, everything matters! Don’t disregard even the most minor of problems, because they can become huge, and your child could grow up to be another monster like Scott Peterson, and Casey Anthony. But, even when you do your best, you can still have a child that perverts all the good you have taught them. At that point, it’s not the parent’s fault. I believe there are people out there who are the epitome of “The Bad Seed”. That movie scared me to death as a child, as it should…:)


      2. The research I have done so far, all attempt to blame the parent for everything that results in a bad seed. However, I am still researching. I do not buy it. As I have posted over and over, a bad child is not always the result of bad-parenting. Sometimes, a person is just bad. It’s their natures. Nobody, especially a good parent, should ever be held responsible for their child’s mistakes.

        I do, however, feel that Cindy’s method of using lying to protect her loved ones, and project a ‘halo’ effect around them, is what destroyed that family. If Casey had been a different type of personality, not so easily dominated, she may have chose another path. However, as I said, some people are just born with certain natures, and unfortunately for Caley, Casey chose a horrible, reprehensible solution to her problems.

        It shocks me that Cindy does not realize what her lies have done to herself, and her family. Rather than review what caused a lot of the problems with her family, especially in regard to Casey, she continues to attempt to whitewash their lives. Both Cindy, and Casey, have problems with the truth. It’s destroying everything descent in their lives.

        Do not feel sorry for them. They both made their beds, and now they are sleeping in them. Neither is mentally disabled, or a minor. They deserve what they get, if they refuse to learn from their mistakes!


      3. Actually Katsie,I agree! Though I could never explain myself as well as you do!
        I think that Cindy would have been a KC if her mom and dad hadn’t been the way they are,I assume they didn’t put up with the bullcrap when Cindy was growing up.Even Rick said she is stupid and Believed her own lies! Even he said at his wedding that KC was big as a cow (my paraphrasing) and Cindy tells him Kc is still a virgin (eyes popped out) and say’s it with a straight face! I don’t condone Cindy for one split second but I do think she really believed KC! atleast for awhile and that still worries me,If KC called her today to say she didn’t do it,OMG? Can you imagine!


  28. Wow,…somebody is moderating me heavily! I tried to post to Sing regarding the baby Lisa/mentally ill man, allegedly carrying her. Badda-bing, badda boom! Hit the button to post, and gone!

    I will keep this post, more PC. What I said, keeping it reigned in, is that…the hospitals that used to take care of these mentally ill individuals, were all shut down during the Regan administration.

    Obviously, we need to have them reinstated. Those who are mentally ill are suffering, and at times, dangerous. They need to be placed where they can be treated, and housed. Separate from the general public.

    I see a trend developing, one that may not be PC. Our children are being murdered, the mentally ill are roaming the streets,….we are living in a very scary time. Even a century ago, our lawmakers, and citizens realized that some children needed intervention, and they were placed in orphanages. The mentally ill were segregated into hospitals who could care for them. Neither is a good alternative, but, it’s better than what we have today. I don’t have an answer here, I just know that the current state of dealing with our problems, in this country, is not working.

    I can’t remember which great philosopher said this, and I am paraphrasing,…but…”a civilization (country) is know by how well it cares for the least of it’s citizens.” How true, especially today. The lesser of our citizens are being murdered, left to roam the streets endangering law-abiding citizens. It’s looking like the fall of Rome to me,…:(….we need to get involved!!!!


  29. Here’s how to find out who represents you, state and federal levels,…

    I can’t write to them for you, or call them for you. You are capable of doing it yourselves, and you don’t have to worry about the language you use, be a college grad, high school grad, etc.

    Just speak in your own words, remain semi-respectful, but don’t feel like you have to pull your punches! Tell them what you want, and use pressure. I always tell the elected official that if they don’t want my vote, I will take it elsewhere, and that I might even campaign against them.

    I also remind them, that if they actually do something to address the issue, that it could be extremely beneficial to their next campaign. It helps, and has worked! Go for it!!!!


  30. Plain Language: IT’S THE LAW! NO MORE LEGALESE!!! Please support this act!

    President Obama signed the Plain Writing Act of 2010, on October 13, 2010. The law requires that federal agencies use “clear Government communication that the public can understand and use.” On January 18, 2011, he issued a new Executive Order, “E.O. 13563 – Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review.Adobe Acrobat Reader icon” It states that “[our regulatory system] must ensure that regulations are accessible, consistent, written in plain language, and easy to understand.”

    President Obama recognizes how important it is for everybody to understand the laws, and documents, written in archaic legalese. These laws, documents, affect our lives directly. If you sign the wrong thing, you can lose your home, and/or your rights under the law! It’s important to get involved.


  31. Since there was no ‘reply’ to hwill’s post, I reposted it: Thank you, Kats for all you do for us. I do wish there was more we could do to change things.I’ve been over at Hal Boedeckers blog and can’t believe some of the things they are saying. Check it out.
    hwill – October 25, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    I will definitely check out Hal’s blog. Ty for the compliment :).

    I just want to point out that even though we are a small group, do not underestimate the power of one! Two can do more,….all you have to have is a desire to want change, and stay involved. Something I learned a long time ago, as well, is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! One can yell loudly, two can deafen, etc….


  32. Again, I wanted to respond to Sing’s comment regarding Ronald Regan’s policy and the mentally ill, but for some reason, I find frequently, that there is no reply button!

    Anyway, yes Sing, you are correct, in part, but..during the Regan administration, American business found it necessary to alter the social contract. This would require a realignment of the “political economy” so as to weaken labor unions, and the “social safety net”. In Reagan, the Right found a spokesman capable of aligning conservatives, centrists, and working class. With this coalition, Reagan was able to bring about a number of reactionary changes in public policy (Alford, 1988).

    The overall result was that political discourse shifted from a focus on “social policy” to a focus on “fiscal policy”. Social programs, that necessitated financial outlays on the part of the federal government, were overlooked in favor of policies that seemed less costly.

    With the planned transfer of responsibility for the mentally ill to the states, reformers needed to build coalitions of fiscal conservatives concerned with the cost of social programs; “law and order” Republicans concerned with crime; and those who deal lt with the mentally ill who, in the absence of more comprehensive reform, sought more limited alternatives (Becker, 1993).

    Within this context, statutes and procedures dealing with involuntary commitment of the mentally ill were highly attractive. Easing standards cost relatively little, allowed the Administration to claim action simultaneously on mental health care policy, crime, and homelessness, and appeased health care providers and families of the mentally ill.

    Regan provided an opportunity for the Federal Government to step away from it’s responsibilities to the states, which was highly supported by the GOP. It is what it is, and we’re all paying for it today.


  33. ROFL about Cathy E’s comment that if she is going to kidnap a baby, she’s going to wear a white shirt so everybody can see her!!!!

    My first thought was, it wouldn’t make any difference Cath. Yeah, you would be seen, but nobody would call the cops anyway! 😦


      1. Hence the need for Caley’s Law. There is no excuse for such a delay….none. It disgusts me, deeply, that CA has give other child murders a plan on how to get away with murder. I am very angry about it! Thanks Baez, thanks jurors,…you are all responsible for the deaths of other innocent children, since the Casey Anthony debacle. All of you must now live with the blood of innocent children on your hands, from CA forward!


  34. Sing posted this, and since there was no “reply” button, I copied and pasted it to reply:

    “The analyst did say the house is around 67 years old and the dogs could possibly be picking up on the scent of someone who died many years ago. How long after can they pick up the death smell? Interesting. No doubt the police are checking that angle out as well. Any death reported there in the past.

    Did Jeremy leave work when he said he did? He started to make a statement early on about a wife cheating on her husb…and then stopped himself. Might he come home to check on Deborah and she wasn’t expecting him? First night he works and she’s drinking it up! strange.
    Singhphat – October 24, 2011 at 5:18 am”

    Sing, I don’t know if a cadaver dog can pick up on decomposition, without decomposition being available. What I mean to say is that, the deceased’s remains would have to be in some stage of decomposition in order for the cadaver dog to smell same. Therefore, a dead body from a ‘long time ago’ would, probably, not be detectible, due to the remains being skeletonized, I remember testimony, in another case, that no smell can be detected from bones.

    As far as Jeremy’s statements, they appear to be highly suspect as well. I am inclined to believe that the parents are colluding, in order to avoid legal repercussions. This leads me to suspect them both being involved in this child’s alleged disappearance. Then, the DNA found in the bedroom. You cannot obfuscate, or ignore it’s relevance here. The news is reporting that DNA will be taken from Lisa’s older brothers, to confirm that it the DNA in the bedroom, is baby Lisa’s DNA. I doubt it belongs to anybody else.

    If I were law enforcement, I would be looking at the parents, and the parents only. I doubt that anybody else is involved in this scenario.

    Jeremy’s slip of the tongue, regarding a cheating wife,…sounds like this couple was having serious marital problems, and his comment may or may not be true. It’s all about perception. His statement further points the finger at both parents. The husband is suspicious of his wife’s behavior, the wife is allegedly drinking,…and probably a lot more going on that we do not yet know about, leads me to believe they were very unhappy. Trying to raise three children is a challenge, but in this economy it is extremely stressful, and almost impossible.

    I don’t want to see another adult get away with murdering a child, and nobody else had any reason to kill this baby. It’s illogical to think otherwise. We have to stop allowing our imaginations to run away with us. If the defense cannot support it’s claims, we must focus on what we are able to substantiate. Not fantasy.


  35. Oh my Goodness,the wm3 case in my opinion is the biggest case of Blatant Injustice than I’ve seen in my entire life,In 1993 3 little 8 yr old boys were beat and blugeoned todeath,thrown in a ditch naked and one was even castrated,they were all 3 hog tied with their left hand to left ankle,right to right after death with their own shoe laces? Only one drowned to death and the 2 others were dead before thrown in the watered ditch,I have followed it tooth and nail and TG after 19 yrs the three teenagers who were accused of being satanic at the time are free today as of about 2 months ago only because the wife of the one on death row never stopped trying to find prove they were innocent,she was an architect in NY and met Damien on death row and married him after reading the book “Devils knot” she was reading for her book club? She went to meet him and after awhile they fell in love,Forget Romeo and Juliett? OMGGGG The trial and circumstances would make you want to choke the West Memphis Police Dept and the judge,these boys who were convicted had not even one piece of evidence linking them to the murders lived poor as dirt and were easy vitims who couldn’t fight the system? about 2006 it was learned that one of the step dad’s hairs were found at the crime site and another step father of one victim gave a knife to the HBO people who were filming a documentary about the case and he noticed it had blood on it and sent to the WMPD and it came back with his step sons blood on it?? you wouldn’t believe that case???? OMG But heres some things to catch up from the beginning because I will just confuse you,LoL BUT YOU’LL KNOW THE KILLER WITHIN AN HR OR 2 BELEIEVE ME,SO ANYWAY HIS WIFE LORI KNEW ALOT OF FAMOUS PEOPLE AND GOT THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE CASE AND BEFORE LONG THEY KNEW IT WAS A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE AND ALL RAISED MONEY TO HAVE TESTS DONE THAT WERE NOT DONE IN 93 AND they paid for all the tests by raising money from benefits,concerts etc…. Thats why they’re free today but they are still raising money to find the REAL killer because in order to get out they had to plead guilty so the WMPD would not be sued?? Literally,so again,screwed by the system and the killer has been free all along,and you won’t believe the damage done to all the victims as well as the accused! How they came out of that hell hole able to smile is beyond me. They call it Justice for 6 now! 3 murdered and 6 innocent lives taken because of a satanic panic?
    Sorry,didn’t mean to yell but by the time I’d looked up it was to far for me to start over,LoL I’m lucky to remember my name anymore!


    1. Wow, what a convoluted mess Cathy. I read your post, watched the video’s and then googled it. I cannot even begin to post in an intelligent manner. I started reading the articles that were posted via my search, and quite literally, got a headache!

      Until I can wade through it Cath, I will withhold any comment. It so involved, and the evidence, and witness statements are so twisted, I need more time. What a mess Cath!!!!


    2. This case is outstanding in regard to the efficacy of DNA analysis, and preservation of physical evidence. The entire post-conviction process, i.e. gathering evidence, interviewing suspects, etc., was a complete disaster stemming from mismanagement of material evidence.

      Couple the above with the fact that the suspects were considered minors, and had no guardian/parental figure to intercede during the initial interviews by Law Enforcement, as well as one suspect who suffered from a mental deficiency. The entire case was built upon a house of cards.

      From what I discovered, apparently, all three young men were released from jail, in August, 2011, as well as death row sentence for one. They were all placed on probation on the aforementioned date, by signing an “Alford plea deal. In effect, this deal means that though the three can still claim their innocence, they accept ‘no contest’ pleas as well. No contest is just as it sounds. In effect it means that the defendants cannot contest their assumption of guilt in this matter. Further, the plea deal precludes the three from filing civil suits against Law Enforcement (LE), and the state, nor can they profit from the crime itself. No books, no movies, etc.

      Apparently, the suspects all confessed, there was little physical evidence to connect them to the crime, yet what is available, after a decade of mishandling of same, will be tested. If the test reveals another, non-related, suspect, the Governor will pardon the three men.

      However, pursuant to the Alford plea, the state believe the three defendants to be guilty.

      What a morass. This is the type of investigation by LE that we, the public, cannot afford, literally, and morally. The entire case was mishandled, evidence was mislabeled. So many things went wrong, that the state had no choice but to release the defendants.

      It my guess that these three are ‘involved’ in the murders, but due to unprofessional police work, they will never be convicted.


      1. Katsie,since day one of learning about this case I have been the probably the biggest single supporter of the WM3 I’m sure,If not,I I’m close,I am not bragging but I say this because I have spent countless posting,reading,ccp’ing,
        discussing as well as bought the movies,books etc…and I’m not kidding you I started a few days ago as you all know putting documents together from the case file and all ,sometimes 2 nights in a row without sleeping and would have went longer had I not made myself quit for a night,I very seriously doubt there are many bloggers who don’t know me and my posts and how passionate I can get about certain cases and when I heard this one,It killed me that three little boy’s were murdered and SIX little boys lives were taken and the killer roams free and thought I knew all there was to know about the case and i constantly put the word out about the Injustice that was done by the WMPD and I say all this because as of Friday/Saturday around 2:am I became a Non -Supporter ( alittle to late now) by reading about the case as it actually happened and there was no doubt in my mind by reading just that one document basically and I am terrified to think about Damiens wife Lori? Did she take the documenatary to account or did she read what I just now read? If she did then I don’t think she could say they’re Innocent? and I now believe they are guilty and here I helped put them back on the street and I’m having a hard time because not only did I support it but many people who became supporters took my word for it and delved into the case by what was told to them by ME who btw believed a documentary that was well put together,and I think maybe the “poor little boys raised dirt poor and misfits” were accused for that reason alone” and being adopted as a child I could relate to that because that was the time when adoption was looked down upon and I was the only child in school / anywhere that I knew of who was an adoptee though I was never picked on for it because I spent my life laughing when someone even tried so it didn’t last long if someone did,again in 1977 I was 14 yrs old and had a pacemaker implanted and thats back when nobody ever even heard of one to be honest and they were new and designed so that it looked like I carried a can of Skoal in my pocket and again the kids in school rolled and made jokes that I had to put an extension cord up my butt to charge it..LoL Again I just rolled with them and made fun of it myself,I’d say shux no,that’s my spare biscuit incase I get hungry LoL anyway that’s why I think I related to the poor boy thing but poor or not I know I could never hurt a child let alone stomp them todeath,tie them up back to back,they were defenceless by being 8 yrs old and yet tied up and beat to death and you guys know my husband was very defenceless as well,Riight? The boys ligatures (which was a mystery nobody could figure out because of the way they were tied but now it all fits into place )and beat them todeath and I can’t imagine the horror those little boys faced or that I helped and in some ways praised them for it basically and I’m sure my post is a jumble but I am so ashamed but I have to straighten it out somehow and apologize for being so blind,Just wanted yall to know because I was feeding you all the same garbage i fed myself! God Bless those little boys!


    1. I meant to add,My theory goes back and fro from both stepfathers of 2 of the victims! As does the planets? 2 parents of the victims now support The WM3 and their freedom though I believe one does because he don’t want them looking his way,but he names the other step dad as the killer? jmho only!!


      1. ITA Cath! I thought the same thing in regard to the stepfather, but then wondered,…playing the devil’s advocate, as usual,…could the hair that was found on the rope, have been in his possession, prior to the murders, i.e. garage, car trunk, house, basement? Transfer can, at times, be easily explained, but did they investigate the stepfather? I wonder,…


    1. Cath, I have a feeling I’m going to need your help with this one. It’s no wonder people don’t trust LE. When the material evidence is so important, one would think that they (law enforcement), would know better. Ty 🙂


  36. Dr. Glass – can we have a separate topic on Baby Lisa? There are overlapping emails about Baby Lisa and Casey Anthony. And, I think it might be time to have a separate analysis on Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin. Thanks.


  37. I noticed that, for some reason of which I am not aware, I cannot reply to people, under their posts, i.e. Ruth, Sing, Cathy. I realize that I am not very informed on using blogs, so it’s probably something that I am unaware of. I do not intend to ignore anybody. It’s just difficult to respond without the original post, and not fill up this blog with repetitive re-posts. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong.

    I agree with Sandy. Though Casey Anthony’s verdict has impacted these alleged child abductions, they are separate. As I posted in another post, CA has established a ‘blue-print’ for child murder, and vindication. There is a connection in that way, but I am not sure how to parse the blog to keep them separate, and yet to some extent, apart.


    1. Katsie,Most days I have the same problem lately and sometimes I even have 3-4 diff pics and don’t have a clue how it happens,and only the past few days have I started getting my email notifications of you guys posts? The other day I came and saw 6-7 posts I hadn’t got notices for and had just left from catching up on them? Or so I thought? I have tried all the usual settings etc,so I think it’s a glitch here somewhere and if we have the same problem it certainly can’t be us doing it? I mean the devil usually don’t spawn twice in the same place? Unless of course it’s at the Amfunny compound? LoL


      1. Cathy, I haven’t check my e-mails, in regard to this blog, in months. I’ve made it a habit to just stop by, and read. I don’t think it’s anything we’re doing wrong. I noticed today, after my first post, that the time that my post was stamped with, was off by four hours. It’s probably due to the location of the moderators.


    2. Kat, please explain something to me. Will the fact that Casey was found not guilty become a standard ( can;t think of the word) In other words , can a lawyer go back and say ” well, this worked for them why can’t I use it.Do you understand what I’m asking?


  38. Sing, in re: Caley’s Law. The Michigan Senate, recently enacted Caley’s Law. I believe the law is being voted upon in West Virginia, and Tennessee, with some discussios in Oregon. However, in Florida, it’s being debated, hotly, and as a result, has stalled votes to enact the law, in many states. As I have posted on prior occasions, the State of Florida is like another country, in regard to many of it’s laws.

    As a matter of fact, I had to read, and re-read Judge Perry’s charges against Casey Anthony, at the time the jury was charged to deliberate same. They were, in my opinion, too convoluted for the average person, with no legal background, and I said, I had problems with it. The jury was not able to understand, and therefore decided not to bother, in my opinion.

    Many opposed to the law, state the ‘most’ caregivers/parents, would report a child missing quickly, regardless of the law. Legislating a law that would be built on expectations, some say, is not a good idea. However, I feel that for those few caregivers out there, who are attempting to hide, obfuscate, and misdirect law enforcement, in order to mitigate their criminal involvement, this law is needed. The gap to define ‘quickly’, is too wide between what is considered ‘most’ average caregivers. Some are even debating the definition of a caregiver!

    Florida legislators believe that the current state of the law is sufficient. However, as it sits today, in Florida there is a time period (48 hrs.), for reporting missing children under the age of 12 years, but the penalty for not doing so, is only a misdemeanor. Caley’s Law would make it a felony, and because this law provides for those who cannot protect themselves, I believe it should be mandatory, in all states.

    Under common law, a felony, generally, provides a penalty of of death, or imprisonment for more than one year. A misdemeanor, generally, requires imprisonment for less than one year. The reason I use the term ‘generally’ is because it varies, to a certain degree, from state to state. Florida just happens to be one of those states, wherein this distinction veers off, greatly, from the state in which I reside.

    I ask that you read the law, and consider the beneficial result thereof. Our children are not culpable, nor are they, under our legal system, able to determine safe, from unsafe, let alone good, or bad care. We need this law. Please push your state legislators to pass Caley’s Law. If you really want to get involved, e-mail, call, and yes,..if needed, use subtle intimidation, i.e. you’re not getting my vote next election!


  39. BREAKING NEWS! (not) Cheney( Madman ) Mason is writing a (Gasp!) book about the Ca-lie-sy Anthony trial! This is the first sentence.” Mumble mumble mumble blah blah blah she is too cute toh ave killed her daughter ,mumble mumble I cue salute:


    1. Ty for the heads-up hwill. Hopefully, Mason, and the Anthony’s will not, needlessly, kill more trees to publish their trash. They should all consider e-book form. I won’t read any of their lies.

      Mason would never reveal the true happenings, behind the scene. My guess is that if he was privy to anything earth-shattering, and divulged it in his work of ‘fiction’, he’d be looking at a jail sentence, and disbarment.

      What a bunch of money-mongers. They have all forgotten that a child died, and that they all contributed to releasing the murder back into the general public. They disgust me!


  40. Again, I want to thank Cathy, hwill, Sing, and everybody who posts here, and enjoy my comments, as I have enjoyed yours. After reading your perceptive comments, I feel energized, and it never hurts to have input from intelligent posters!


    1. Thanks, Kat You and the others have kept me going . I never had anything to say during the trial because it was sure to be a slam dunk! How could it have been anything else,right? OM , I’m still in shock and mad as hell! This baby killing crap stops NOW! We will have these laws enforced and these “mothers” held accountable.And these lying lawyers need to know that . That ‘ one IQ ‘Mason better know that 99% of the people will NOT buy his book, or Casey’s or Byass’ or Cindy’s ! A hole idiots! Wow, Do I ever feel better.. sorry, just gotta rant sone days


      1. Yw hwill. Don’t apologize, but instead of feeling frustrated, call your state, and federal representatives, and complain. That way, your frustrations will have the ear of someone that can, actually, change things.

        Legislators feel that we don’t care. That we are apathetic. Well,….I say show them how unapathetic (not a word ;)), we are ;). Get involved! Call, e-mail,…din them, and tell them what you want to see changed! It’s your money, and your vote. You have every right to demand change. If they don’t listen, don’t vote for them next time they run….solves that problem!


  41. Sing, I started to reply to your post question if the Casey Anthony case could effect future cases, and lost it…? Anyway, the answer is a resounding, yes!

    In the law there is a precept referred to as a “precedent”. What that means is once a case has been successfully won, in a way that is ‘unusual’, or veering from the accept ‘norm’, it is used as a basis for future, similar cases.

    This was my biggest fear, from the day that CA was arrested, and then tried. I could see the handwriting on the wall. Now that Baez has successfully represented this murderer, and won an acquittal,…more and more defense attorneys will be using the CA case as a guideline for their case preparations, and trials.

    Not only did Casey provide a blueprint for murdering innocent children, and how to get away with it, she provided our legal system for a basis on which to seek acquittal of guilty defendants. It angers me beyond belief. Baez is scum, who represents scum.

    The problem is not that the case, in and of itself, was tried successfully, the problem is, and always remains with the jury. The jury decides the fate of the alleged guilty party, and when they utterly fail to deliberate ‘all’ of the charges against the defendant, we wind up with this mess! Perversion of the law, and our legal system! Most Judges will not intervene at verdict. It’s unpopular, and often leads to appeal.

    Again, I.Q. testing for all potential jurors!!! I mentioned, in another post, that in my opinion, we also need the courts to appoint an individual, who is familiar with criminal, and/or civil law, who works directly with the jury, during deliberation. This person would not be permitted to interject their own personal opinions, and would be monitored, but would provide guidance in keeping the jury on track. Help them to address all of the issues, so that we never, ever have another CA!

    Of course, the vetting of this individual would be strenuous, and the chosen candidate would have to be monitored. Monitored during deliberation to be sure that they do not influence the jurors, in any manner. Just guide them to fruition, addressing all matters they have been charged to deliberate. Guidelines, and terms would have to be established, and many more things, but it would, perhaps, be a viable avenue to aid the jurors, who do not understand the law.


    1. Thanks Kat, you answered my above question. I just can’t believe this sorry case can be used in the future. Why didn’t judge Perry over turn that verdict? He had to have know what a mess this would cause later on.


      1. Judge Perry, like most Judges in our Courts, don’t want to nullify the jury, in most cases. When they do, which is rarely, the case turns on that for appeal. Judges are elected, so they quite literally, cannot afford to spend taxpayer’s monies to re-try cases. Politically, it does not wash. So, rather than do the right thing, they remain silent.

        Looking at this whole justice system, speaking from a courtroom point of view, I am beginning to think that we need a major overhaul. What frightens me, is from what we have all seen, as far as a ‘brain trust’, the chances that it will not turn out well, are very high.

        Where are our academics??? Why do our youth settle for so much less? I remember preaching education to my children, and they finished, but what is happening today?

        One problem is that the Federal Government is cutting back on funding to students, there is no way for most to ever pay back what they owe, while in my state, at that level, those lenders are raping the loan system. Also, the welfare system if falling apart under the increased strain. This country needs to get back to work. Manufacturing quality goods, again. Maybe at that point, when we are stronger, we can fix some of these problems. Then perhaps, our youth will feel that they have a future, in this country. Yes, I have heard that they feel they do not have one.

        President Obama needs to allow those with student loans to work for the Federal Government, for a period of time, in order to satisfy those humungous loans. He did speak about it, but nothing has happened.

        It seems overwhelming at times, but we are a great country, and I think we would all agree that it’s worth it!!!


    2. Katsie, this is BRILLANT!!!

      I totally agree. It is inconceivable that our great nation of laws would allow a high profile case such as Casey Anthony’s set the precedence. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Her lawyers, especially the one who continue to disregard the Judge’s admonitions, and the lazy jurors perverted Justice for an innocent child. mho

      All children in our Nation deserve BETTER!!!

      Judge Perry didn’t do his very best. I’m sorry, he was there during the jury selection phase and to promise a certain date they would be home. Bad decisions. mho

      I can’t address all the posts as I am in the throws of juggling too many things including school exams. Hope to catch up at a much later date and perhaps at a new location where it is easier to post. Let me know if the location changes? What time zone is this board using?


      1. Ty Sing. Isn’t this a huge humiliation? Our nation, once the greatest and fairest nation in the entire world, allows this fiasco to happen. You are absolutely correct,…it is entirely unacceptable! We must demand better of our legislators!

        Good luck with your exams. From the posts you post, I doubt you will have any difficulties :).


      2. Katsie, everyone I think the networks need to STOP creating a CIRCUS of these cases. They “sell” air time. It’s sickening. Then the mercenary lawyers, vultures come circling for fame and lies. There is a story circling that ABC may be the “secret donor of $$$$ ” in the Baby Lisa case. And parents being paid for the missing babies pictures should NOT be allowed. Missing Baby, free exposure of pictures for the sole purpose of identifying the missing child, nothing else!!!

        Take the PROFIT away & I do believe there just may be JUSTICE FOR MISSING OR MURDERED INNOCENT CHILDREN!

        I support Caylee’s law but the lawyers seeking fame/ the media seeking rating/ and police departments fearing being sued by more greedy lawyers is not going to provide JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN who cannot defend themselves.

        Mr. Taco-pino defended Vander Sloot. That says it all!!!

        While we are seeking justice and contacting our elected officials HOW about them taking our safety seriously. Another ILLEGAL kills another innocent American!!!


      1. :)@Sing.

        I see that our posts are almost at a standstill. Do any of you post elsewhere? I’d like to join in. Please post….I hope Dr. Glass won’t mind if we post other links to other chat sites. None of us is leaving, it’s just that we want to talk amongst ourselves, off-topic. Unless Dr. Glass objects, please post chat links…ty 🙂


  42. I agree Sing, making money from the miseries of innocent children is reprehensible!

    I also agree that court cases are not entertainment, but as you so accurately stated, greedy lawyers, etc., have promoted, and fed the public’s desire to know. In my opinion, this all started with the birth of ‘reality tv’. Personally, I don’t enjoy it. I think all legal cases should be tried without cameras in the courtroom, with the exception of those appointed to record the trial for the record only.

    Also, though I have said that I think Nancy Grace is an excellent litigator, and her logic is excellent, I do not like the way the Casey Anthony case was portrayed on her show, as well as other media outlets. It’s nothing more than money making schemes. It needs to stop! We are becoming a nation of spectators, and couch potatoes. We are enthralled with other peoples lives, rather than our own. That’s no way to live!

    The public is the reason these forms of entertainment are on television. We continue to tune-in, and watch. We never complain about the content of our television shows. Most people’s lives revolve around work, home, then TV. What kind of life is that? If you just sit, watch, and allow the media to pollute our viewing with unacceptable content, it will only get worse.

    As far as your statement, Sing, about the children’s safety. It’s all, basically, related to the public’s perception, lack of involvement, and by our inaction, we send the wrong signal that it’s not a problem. Until we all demand better, we will continue to see a decline in our status of living. It’s deep rooted, and pervasive. Just look around,…


  43. I think we need to find a new location. Dr. Glass has been very kind, and accommodating, but since we are so interested in the CA fiasco, it’s my feeling that we need to move. Dr. Glass has stated that she does not want to (paraphrasing)…feed the fire, in regard to the inferences between the CA case and similar cases, i.e. Baby Lisa.

    The problem is I do not know where to start. As I have stated in prior posts, Dr. Glass’ insights are invaluable, and I will continue to read, and post accordingly. However, I am sure she is not pleased that we are continuing in this vein, though she has not indicated this to anybody of which I am aware.

    Please give me a heads-up! We need to join, or establish a venue where we can continue discussing these matters. Thanks!


    1. Ty hwill. I really enjoy his comments. Very insightful! I didn’t see a join button,…so, I’ll go take another look. As far as the trolls go, they are everywhere. It’s up to the admin, or ops to kick ’em. If they don’t want to,..that’s at their discretion, and I can live with it.


  44. I wanted to let our friends know that Cathy Elkins a/k/a Chatty Cathy, has started a brand new blog, where we can all post, and chat about the aspect of these cases, and trials, that are not appropriate for Dr. Glass’ site, in that she has stated that she does not want feed the media-hype, in regard to these types of cases, as some pundits do. Come on over, and visit for awhile 🙂

    Here’s the link:

    It’s easy to use, and if you are using a Blogger account, or a Google account, just sign in to either one, and post!

    Cathy has done a wonderful job, and I am really enjoying her new site! Now, we can post on Cathy’s Blog, as well as Dr. Glass’ Blog, in regard to her insightful body language posts. Again, thank you so much Cathy!


  45. I realize that this portion of Dr. G’s blog is old, but I’ve posted this on Chatty Cathy’s site, and unfortunately, due to the holidays, or no interest any longer, nobody responded. :(.

    Hopefully, one of my buddies will reply to this.

    In essence, my premise is that if Zenida Gonzales (ZG) wins her court case against Casey Anthony (CA), it could rise to a new criminal charge against CA.

    Here’s how it works:

    ZG wins her law suit, and will be awarded an undisclosed amount of money, which will be in the form of a ‘judgment’ against CA. That judgment will be entered in the county where the case is currently being adjudicated. Once that happens, because CA is ‘allegedly’ “judgment proof”, which means she has no real property (i.e. real estate, bank account(s), car, etc.), which can be seized to satisfy the judgment. The lien (judgment) will remain on record, until such time that ZG can effectuate payment from CA.

    Usually, judgment liens are prescribed for a certain number of years, and must be renewed within that period of time, in order to remain in effect. Unfortunately, that duty will fall upon ZG, or her attorney. More than likely ZG will have to remain diligent, and do her due diligence on CA, over the period of time that the judgment remains on record, and unsatisfied. It’s sad, but most attorneys do not have the time, nor the resources to monitor the defendant’s financial status. If the law firm is large, this duty could be assigned to a team of paralegals, but it is unusual.

    Here’s where it gets good. ZG’s win means that it was proved in a court of law, that CA is civilly guilty of fraud. The type of fraud is referred to as identity theft, which was done with malice, which rises to a criminal act. The crux is that CA knew that ZG was a real person, used her personal information to create a false identity (babysitter/nanny). This suit not only proves that CA is civilly guilty, but she could be held criminally responsible. CA’s use of ZG as the ‘fall-guy’ in her fairy tale involving an alleged kidnapping of a minor, is considered not only highly egregious, but if the District Attorney, in that county decides to pursue a criminal charge, it would be upheld by state and Federal statutes.

    In other words, CA could find herself facing charges brought by the state, again, as well as the Feds. This will not be an action for civil damages, but will be brought with an attendant jail term. Potentially, CA could be looking at years sitting in jail, finally, for her criminal actions.

    I am praying that ZG wins her case, and that the state, and/or Federal level chose to indict CA for identity theft, and fraud. Not only did CA use ZG’s personal identification and information, but she pointed the finger at ZG, knowing full well that Caley was dead, and never in ZG’s custody. CA’s intent was malicious, and caused great personal, and financial loss to ZG and her children. Remember, ZG was fired from her job, due to CA’s false accusations, ZG had to move from her residence, due to threats from individuals who believed CA’s lies, and ZG’s children have also suffered from this most egregious and criminal act.

    We need to see that justice is done here, in some form. Due to a completely ‘fubared’ verdict, we will never see CA held accountable for the death of Caley Anthony, even though we know she is guilty of nothing less than child abuse/neglect, in the death of a minor. The jury should have brought back Murder, or Manslaughter, but due to their ineptitude, utterly failed. I discovered that CA’s attorney, C. Mason, approached the Prosecution team, in the summer (I believe June, 2011), and requested a plea deal.

    That says that her own Defense team thought that she was guilty, and under normal circumstances, felt that the jury would return a guilty verdict, which should have happened. In other words, they felt she was guilty, and were attempting to lessen her sentence. That shows us all how very wrong the jury was in their lame verdict. I wish there was a way to prove it, so they would all be facing criminal charges, as well.

    In essence, even CA’s own Defense team thought they had a loser. What I find disturbing is that Atty. Ashton, stated in his book, that he did not feel that his team could return a successful death penalty, in this case. Why, therefore, did he not urge the Prosecution team to take the plea deal???? It’s confounding how many mistakes were made in this regard, and should never happen again. This is where the judicial system needs to improve.

    That’s about it. The State of Florida, or the U.S. Government will have to make the next move, predicated upon a win for ZG. Let’s hope to see some justice this time!


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