Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

To all my wonderful Body Language Blog Readers:

I just  wanted to let you know why  you haven’t seen a lot of my  posts  lately, It is  because I have been focused  on my  new books and doing TV show pilots. In fact, I just finished the final touches on my upcoming book called, See Something, Hear Something, Say Something! Guide to Identifying Body Language of Terrorist. My co-author is, a  former Special Agent with the FBI and former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force named Vincent Sulivan. We are so proud of this book is with a lot of original research and new data  how to recognize terrorists as we are certain It will help save a lot of lives.





10 thoughts on “Message from Dr. Lillian Glass to All Her Blog Readers

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass, for the update! Your book sounds very interesting. I cannot wait to read it!

    Dr. Glass,…in another vein, if you look at our posts, under your “Surprise…” video of Casey Anthony, I felt that since we have taken off in another direction, that perhaps, we should establish another place to post, so as not to inconvenience you. Do you agree? Ty.


  2. While I can’t agree with you on George Anthony, I do completely agree with everything you wrote about why the verdict turned out not guilty. Baez was friendly to the jury; the prosecution was more concerned about proving the truth, but I suppose the jury took that as being rude (as if that should matter on finding a verdict!) I never considered that perspective on Perry before but it does make sense. It does seem like they wanted to get on vacation rather than take the case seriously. I don’t know any other explanation for not reviewing the evidence and asking for ANY clarification. If they were so unsure about the evidence, they should have asked questions! They have many 4th of July days ahead of them, this one should have been sacrificed in their minds.

    And yes, please read Katsie’s posts, they are very insightful! 🙂


    1. Ty Sarah,…can you give me a link to your George Anthony comment? I cannot get Dr. Glass’ link to open, and could not find a reference on her website. I am disappointed because I enjoy reading Dr. Glass’ views in these matters.


    2. Ty sarah! You are so correct sarah! It appears that some citizens do not take jury duty seriously. Makes me wonder, they not realize that this type of behavior, and lack of respect, could, and has, generated the very type of negative behavior that they were to deliberate? Do these jurors want to encourage this aberrant behavior? They did just that, with their lame verdict in the CA case.


  3. Dr. Glass, I tried to open your link, and got the following:

    “Malicious Web Site Blocked”

    I don’t understand this, but perhaps somebody has ‘corrupted’ your link. I will try to find the information elsewhere.

    Also, thank you very much sarah! I love talking about the law, and how it impacts us all. Most don’t realize that what happens in courts, everywhere in the U.S., impact us all. The difficulty, I believe, is the legalese. It’s archaic, and by the time most people go to Blacks, or other legal dictionaries, they forget the context. It’s not fun. I’ll be glad to help,…just ask :).


  4. I’ve tried posting my comment here & @ your website but it says that it’s in moderation??? It’s a long comment but I thought I’d see if just this part will be posted.

    One thing though, it was not Judge Perry that sealed the video of Casey. It was Judge Strickland that did that long before he recused himself in April of 2010 and Judge Perry took over the case. It was sealed back in June 2009.


    1. Ty Nancy B, I did not realize that it was Judge Strickland that refused to allow the jurors to see the CA video. It’s my guess that the Judge thought it was ‘open to interpretation’, to such a degree, that it would play in a highly prejudicial manner to the jury.

      It’s hard to swallow. Casey looked, and behaved, like she knows it’s Caley’s body that was found. You would think that this type of evidence would be admissible, especially in light of the lack of material evidence in the case.

      I wonder, did the Prosecution argue it’s inadmissibility? I’d love to read that.


      1. Sorry Katsie, I don’t have a link to my comment. I can’t remember if I ever posted anything about George Anthony, but I just feel differently from Dr. Glass about him. Similar to how you feel.


  5. All of that is good news, Dr. Glass. A tv show would be fascinating. A question of you if I may? Have you ever analyzed the body language of the men known as the West Memphis 3? They seem so guilty but there are so many supporters that believe the complete opposite. Two of them are frequently at film festivals promoting the third documentary about their case. I’d love to know what your professional opinion is on their honesty or deception.


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