Casey Anthony Dad Gets Cold Body Language Reception from Jeff Ashton At Victory Party

After looking at the video footage of George Anthony , who had the unmitigated gall to insert himself into the news once again by purposely showing up as an unwelcome guest  at Jeff Aston’s victory party in his race for State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, it was apparent that Ashton was not happy about Anthony’s presence.

George was not invited and  based on the body language of Jeff Ashton, George was clearly not welcome.  This was Ashton’s night, not George’s. A nice thank you note would have sufficed. George did not need to show up.

George clearly  did it for his ego as he no doubt misses all the press attention on im and playing “Mr. Golly Gee Poor Me Victim.”  His ego, no doubt became fulfilled everyday when he was in the news. He defended his daughter Casey and did interview after interview claiming her innocence at allegedly killing her daughter Caylee until  the tables turned and he was  being accused of molesting Casey , was  subsequently found not guilty. George’s presence was also a statement  to Casey that he was siding with prosecutors and that he is not happy that Casey  was not found guilty and is now free. It also says that he is still angry at Casey for throwing him under the bus and accusing him of molesting and sexually abusing her.

George showed up at  the victory party at Friendly Confines in  Winter Park shortly after the media announced it was a win for Ashton. George no doubt showed up to let everyone know that the reason Ashton won was because of the Anthony case and that he is still relevant.

Well truth be told, George is not relevant and Ashton won the election despite losing the Casey Anthony case, not because of it.

Body language wise Ashton was not thrilled to see George. Ashton did not smile  a wide smile or do the eyebrow flash one does when they are genuinely happy to see someone. Instead he had a look of surprise on his face reflecting that he didn’t want George to be a part of this.

He di not embrace George or hug George. Instead there was a very distanced handshake. That means that their hands and arms were extended far away during the greeting as they shook hands. This indicated  that Ashton was trying to keep George as far away as possible form him.

The handshake was short  and there was  no lingering on either side  . Ashton quickly broke away and turned his back on George as George then awkwardly tuned away.

George clearly felt the embarrassment based on  the sheepish expression in his face,

Ashton’s subsequent  intriew to the press was also telling as he was monotone and guarded in his tones . He stammered through the interview as he said “ When I  was informed that George Anthony was there I , I , I was surprised”.

Look at his facial expression as he sais this. Does this look like a man who is talking about being happy that he saw someone at his victory party? The answer is a resounding NO! Look at the down turned  lips and look of disgust as though he just smelled something bad as he recalls the incident.

HE then says “I was surprised” yet he shows no look of surprise. Instead he leaks out anger as he makes this statement with a clenched jaw.

I wasn’t expecting him to to appear. But but…. ( look at Ashton’s look of revulsion once  again as though he is going to throw up as he continues

by saying “   I was pleasantly surprised ) as he shakes his head NO and has no smile) as I had not seen him “ (as he turns  away his head) in a long time. I shook his hand uh and he uh congratulated me. “

Ashton turn his head as he says this because he wants to literally turn away from this interview and not discuss George Anthony. He was obviously annoyed George showed up and it showed in Ashtons tone of voice and in his signals of deception,

His stammering and eye blinking all reflect that he is not saying what he really wanted to say which most likely was “ I wish this jerk would not have shown up to my party as he had no business being there.”

Ashton’s body language showed clear evidence thathe didn’t want George there. He does not like George as indicated by his body language. The faced George to the side. He did not face George directly and his toes were not pointing directly in front of George which would have indicated that he liked him.

He had his shoulder up towards George and in essence gave him the cold shoulder  as you can see.The handshake was short and there was a lot of physical distance between he and George which is a signal that he wanted to keep his distance from George.

After they shake hands and Ashton breaks away he turn away and has a tense smile and literally moves away from George.

Then Ashton abruptly and  immediately turns away from George and looks down as if to break any contact ot associatation with him. Ashton clearly knew what George’s motive was. It was no doubt in Ashton’s view to put attention on George and to take away from Ashton’s moment . Ashton clearly he was having none of it and that is why he spent so little time with George. he wanted no part of the association at his party.


George defienatly got he message as she sheepishly turned away and looked down in embarrassment with no place to go. He wasn;t smiling as he clearly got that he was not welcome there.

Ashton ends the interview my saying :It was nce to see him: but his body language says something elese as he leaks out a slight head shake that indicated  no he a not glad to see him and he continues to frown as he makes this statement in a monotone unenthusiastic voice. He also immediately purses his lips as you can see which indicates he has nothing more to say on the topic.


58 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Dad Gets Cold Body Language Reception from Jeff Ashton At Victory Party

    1. Mrs. Glass , you are so right about Mr.Anthony and Mr. Ashton. Ashton did look surprised at first I thought it was arranged. George looks like a cold blooded stalker that feels nothing inside. He is out in front of the camera again because of the Biaz book. I think they are all getting a slice of the pie under the table. He is a very sad case ! Cindy and George need more interviews and more money. I wonder if mother of the year was waiting in the parking lot for cameras to come running out to get her big face back in the camera again. Regardless Jeff has poor security guarding him and Mr. Anthony should have not had the opportunity to get that close to him. If he wanted to take him out it would have been easy. You never know with people who have problems who just want to be famous anymore.

      1. George looks like he suffers from invisible me syndrome like Cindy and Casey. I have sensed from the begining that both parents are social paths like the daughter. I think the brother is to he is just more quiet and hides the other side like Jack the Ripper. That’s just my opinon on what I sense , because the court tells us they are a normal American family. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Crime sells ! Sign right here I’m sure Hollywood has a contract or two laying around the office somewhere .

    2. Sounds like someone is obsessed with the Anthonys , because they are taking Mrs.Glass body language personal. We love you Mrs.Glass , you are the greatest . Keep up the great work ! Hats off to you madam you well deserve a curtsy .

    3. I could not agree more! The typo’s and overall bad website aside, I’m disappointed that Lillian Glass can’t seem to ‘get over’ the Anthony family. I enjoy these body language blogs until they’re on a member of the Anthony family. You can feel the venom in the writer’s words. Move on to Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

      1. As long as the Anthony’s are in the news I will report on them as I report on newsmakers- politicians, criminals, acquitted criminals, convicted criminals, celebrities, royalty and sports figures. Leann Rimes is in rehab. She and Eddie did not allegedly kill a child. There is no venom. There is only truth!

      2. Amen Dr. Glass, We have every right to criticize the A’s if we want too, and every piece of cristisism is true and they earned it by being the only family on the entire planet who didn’t want justice for “A child” let alone….Their child, Their Grandchild, niece.etc…
        We wanted Justice for Caylee & basically got spit on and I still want justice for her but it was “JustUs” for Caylee when they didn’tt lift a finger except riding around in a a/c truck pulling a sign or under a tent selling shirts while searchers waded water & weeds in the scorching sun and the A’s never once wanted Justice for that little angel, All they wanted was KC freed. SINdy came to us and asked us to help find Caylee whilst saying KC was known to lie….We didn’t know that till she told us…Then she’s pissed off because we believed her when she said it and then all of a sudden KC’s not a liar but little did we know the whole damn clan were liars! There’s not one of the A’s who deseves even a smidgeon of the same air we breathe…as always though, JMHO

      3. I could see right through them from day one when I began watching. When Cindy’s story went from dead body to rotten pizza, that was the tell-tale all for me. She only changed her story when Casey was found, and Caylee remained missing. Then she washed the clothes that were in the car, and sprayed it down with Febreeze, I am still appalled that Liar Cindy was not charged with obstruction of justice. She knew full well what she was doing, and if she hadn’t covered up evidence, her murderous monster diabolical liar of hers might not have gotten off.

      4. You and Me? Yea SINdy and her BS…….and let’s not forget how sad Cindy was because KC was in jail on her birthday……Meanwhile Caylee was laying in the woods rotting and all alone on her birthday while they all enjoyed pizza sent by others, I’d never be able to even look at a pizza let alone hear the word after I’d said my G-Daughter’s body smelled like pizza…..Those evil excuses for humans deserve all they get and then some!

      5. Did George and/or Cindy Anthony allegedly kill a child? Or did they lie? Sort of like Eddie and Leann. You can do the Anthony’s laced with venom all day. I’d just like your take on Leann and Eddie’s body language. But not if you’re going to excuse them for what they did and what Leann still does.

    1. Buster Roberts/ George, I am not obsessed with the Anthony’s. I just report about the body language of newsmakers- celebrities, politicians, criminals, sports figures, business leaders, and even family members of alleged murderers. As long as the the Anthony’s are in the news I will report on them.If you don;t like reading about them, you are free to not read my blog.

  1. Buster clearly means the Anthony’s obsession is pathetic. Proof read her posts? I’m just happy when she shares with us, it is a complete honor that Dr. Lillian takes time to share her professional analysis with us. Anway, Dr. Lillian, I saw a picture of George being there and wondered what was up with it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree, Lisa. The Anthony’s media obsession is sickening and I’d like nothing more than to see them disappear ‘forever’. I wondered what was going through Ashton’s mind at the time, thanks for clarifying! I always look forward to your posts regardless of who it might be about. I hope you write something soon on George Zimmerman and/or his defense team.

  3. as always, It’s an Anthony world and we just live in it apparently…….The A’s make me sick! I haven’t clicked on the name for a good year until today and that’s only because it was supposed to be a victory for “ASHTON” Not asses!

  4. I usually agree with you, Dr.Glass, but I am not convinced that Ashton wasn’t pleased to see George. I know from reading Ashton’s book that Ashton was solidly on George’s “side” through out the trial (and appropriately aghast that Casey and her “dream team” would attack George like they did). On your other finer point, you write that Ashton won election despite losing the Casey Anthony trial. Everyone involved in the trial seems to have improved their station in life as a result. By supporting Ashton George shows us all where he stands pertaining to his murdering daughter and I’m glad he sent his message out. Notice George’s screwball low rent wife didn’t join him. I hope George is enjoying his life. He was the only one who seemed to really love Caylee.

    1. The body doesn’t lie and George was clearly not pleased to see George. George knew press was there. he didn’t have to go. he could have easily sent Ashton a nice congratulatory email. His presence took away from Ashton’s moment and was also designed to tell Casey he was not supporting her in any way.

      1. How could a father show anykind of support to the person who was trying to put his own daughter to death? Talk about messed up. George Anthony in my opinion should be behind bars

      1. So was OJ…….The 1st time around! Aquittal “In most cases” simply means a numbhead jury! jmho

    2. Mother of the year C.A. was waiting for the cameras outside to film her grand entrance on the red carpet .
      She is still wating for the part to play Mommie dearest part two.

  5. I agree with your analysis. My god, I cannot believe George Anthony had the narcissistic need to show up at this event. The nerve of this man is astounding. I am sure Jeff Ashton was mortified as he realizes his shining moment is continually linked to the sick Anthony family. Jeff is shaking hands with a killer or a man who helped a killer hide the body of a 3 year old girl. His entire association with them is a blessing yet a curse.

  6. Love it “Screwball low rent wife” LOL. Hmm did Dr. Glass read Jeff Ashton’s book? Jeff Ashton is a POLITICIAN, This says it all. I agree with Dr.Glass in that George never once changed his story until Casey made her molestation accusation. Jeff Ashton may have had mixed emotions about George being there. As we all should know Politicians usually do/say whatever it is to get the votes. I am not accusing Jeff Ashton of being dishonest, but he is human and secondly of course a Politician.

    1. I realize that Jeff already had the votes, but even so Politicians are people please rs and will act to suit the situation..

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  8. Dr. Lillian, I think you are awesome, and do appreciate your input. I think you are right on with your obsevations of Ashton & George. I personally think George is in a living hell now that the trial is over, being Cindy & Casey have reunited as I’m sure that Lee has put his foot in the CMA door. JOJO is alone now & is lost. I dont really know how Ashton held his composure, we should remember, all 3 lied on the witness stand for Casey. I never say, i hope someone gets hit by a truck or anything like that, I just hope Casey gets what she deserves, really soon!

  9. I would think the Anthonys are scanning the news daily looking for anyway to insert themselves back into the media. that Dr Phil money is only going to last for so long, especially if they have to keep the deadbeat daughter up again. I bet is Jane Velez Mitchel invited him or them on to discuss Ashtons win, they would be more than happy to do it, for the right price, or a free trip to NY, or some crabpuffs.

  10. george is the quintessential used car salesman who talks to hear himself talk. are the antholes still playing good cop, bad cop in hopes of one of them being “accepted” to be able to cash in and share the funds with their granddaughter’s murderer? wouldn’t surprise me if cindy (screwball low rent wife…good one!) was waiting in the vehicle jojo went to after interupting Jeff Ashton’s party.

  11. Your screen shots are a joke. Really? You snag one moment in time and say, “does this look like he’s happy to see George?’ Jesus. Have you ever paused your TV when the commentator looks like she just ate sour grapes? Does that “mean” she’s unhappy? Maybe it means she hates her mother? Maybe it means she was molested???!!!!! Christ! Maybe SHE killed JFK!!!

    This case is sad beyond belief. Sadder still is how George continues to be put through the meat grinder by people like you.

    1. Dan George has put himself through the meat grinder. He has lied. He has enabled. He has created a lot of his own issues. My screen shots show what is known in body language science as leakage. People make micro expressions and leak out the truth. Perhaps you should educate yourself about this phenomenon before making such ignorant comments. And please do not invoke “Jesus” and “Christ” in making your point as it is disrespectful.

      1. Exactly, if George had been a decent father, and not lied until only after the accusations were made against him, we might say different. He asked for every bit of it, when he backed Casey and Cindy in their lies. My Grandmother always said, you mess with SH** and your gonna get it on you.

      2. Exactly, Truer words were never spoken, He should have grown a spine for Caylee, not the A compound of useless liars!

    2. GA put himself in the meat grinder right after his daughter & SINdy did! A man who sat in court & heard his daughter went to school everyday after she had his penis in her mouth and never flinched a muscle deserves all he gets and asks for?

      1. I pray Lee never has kids,how awful it would for her/him to see Grandpa sit motionless after being accused, not to mention he did it to get her off for killing her own child? Would that child believe it happened or not? I don’t know but it’s something I sure as hell would hate for future generations to see that about me if it weren’t true especially,bad enough if it is…….Ya see,What they did don’t only affect their sorry lives? It affects others just as it did Caylee…..

    3. Then George, needs to just stay out of the media period. George and his family complained they where being followed and harrassed. Why do they continue to show up on interviews and plant their faces in front of a camera when they need a interview . Paid interview! They put themselves through a meat grinder every time she show up on cameras to keep the baby found in a trash bag swamp ,eaten by maggets and wild animals , hair madded togetheg with dead blow flies , duct tape holding a partial jaw together, story alive.

  12. The whole family lied for this murdering child killer. I feel nothing for them except to wish them the worst. All of them. Not one of them stood up for murdered Caylee. I will never support, buy or watch anything having to do with the babykiller or her lying family. I am sure he got in trouble with Cindy for going there. She is the boss and tells him what to do and when to do it. Maybe one day he will break away from the clan and be a man for once.

    1. I don’t think so anymore at least on his part.
      He looked at her like she had cootie soars around mouth and he needed to seriously get a blood test as soon as possible.

  13. I read both books, Jose’s and Ashton’s. I am astounded that Ashton won, he is playing on the public’s outrage (still) about poor Caylee. For those of you wonder why, I suggest you have an open mind and read Jose’s book.
    I was surprised to learn that George had the reaction he did about the abuse, you did an article on that Dr Glass.
    Things that make you go “hmmm’

  14. I do not support CA in any way shape or form. Although I do believe something wasn’t right from day one, meaning, GA involvement. I just had that gut feeling.
    Contrary to that, I do understand that no one lies like that (CA) with out learning how too, you don’t wake up one day and learn to lie, lying is a behavior that is learned.
    Hence, Cindy saying Casey wasn’t pregnant at the wedding, I know you saw the picture in not an example, that is sheer stupidity.
    I have had a bad life also, I also know that it’s so easy to say how one would react if this or that happened to them, when in reality, YOU DONT KNOW HOW YOU WOULD. I can say that being in a situation like Casey’s, allegedly (although I do believe GA did abuse her) I would of called 9-11 on his butt when the drowning happened if it’s true the way CA died. (Then the 31 days, her child was missing as people keep saying, she wasn’t missing. It angers me that they let Tim Miller and thousands of others look for her. Then how the body just shows up on the fricking side of the road while she in jail.)
    I can say I would of b/c I was in a similar situation once. I will leave it at that. However, I also didn’t grow up to be a liar. I was lucky enough to have a smart school counselor.
    I think it’s disgusting that GA was at the “receiving” end when Casey delivered Caylee. (OMG, why would he want to be there, oh that’s right, it was like he was looking forward to another one of “his” child being born)

    1. When a murder needs to be covered up . People lie period , and take steps to contaminate the scene . They also plant reasonable doubt to screw up the case. Hello , the Anthony family did this in the court room up on the stand. So , how could this childs death be a accidental drowning. George is ex homicide detective as well from what the news reported . He knows how to cover up or contaminate a crime scene . His whole family knows how to throw off the police. They shunned Tim Miller , they where blocking him and his people from getting the truth in the house when Casey was bailed out. This is one of the sadest cases I’ve ever seen . No Justice for Caylee Marie she is just tagged another Joan Benee .

  15. Mrs.Glass , I just found the interview where the camera men followed George into the parking lot after he met with Jeff , Ashton. George body language was not good . His neck was very stiff and going against his normal body movement. Could George now be suffering some type of nuralogical disorder from all this tragedy . His eyes even looked to be going against his normal body langauge . Something is wrong he may need a cat scan very soon his neck and jaw was so tight and his shoulders . His eyes did not look well either when talking to the camera man. Did you see this interview in the parking lot after he shook Mr. Ashtons hand. Something is wrong George seems to be in bad shape!

  16. Dr. Glass, thank you for your professional opinion. My instincts told me the same when I first saw George inserting himself into Ashton’s glory moment. I sensed Ashton was revolted by George. It is fascinating however to read your moment by moment analysis, as it all makes sense. Caylee’s murder case has been so insanely unjust, I find it so helpful to hear a professional provide some logic to the madhouse. Thanks again, and please keep up the excellent work!

  17. How much will the money mean when you see my face on judgement day
    The one you may not recognize because you covered it with tape,
    You gave me life but took it back without a warning,regret or tear’s
    Mommy’s are supposed to protect you and help you face your fear’s,
    Do you ever wonder if I am watching you from up above
    All the things that you’ve been doing could never be mistaken for love,
    Did your heart convict you,unlike the jury who set you free
    Or do you still pretend nothing ever happened and have everyone else believe,
    I’m sure you think you got away with it and you did for now but not for all eternity
    My Father here in Heaven knows the truth and the tears you shed were never for me,
    But only a disguise for a jury that could take your life like you took mine
    Or lock you away in a prison cell because murder is a crime,
    What will you say when it’s Jesus’ my Father’s face you see
    He saw what you did and he was there when you hid me by that tree,
    Before you even turned around to walk away that day
    He took me in his arm’s as I heard a soft voice say,
    “Come here my precious child,never again will you be in harm’s way
    “You were a gift from me to them and what is given really can be taken away”,
    I can’t believe how happy I am without you but he has everything I need
    A Mothers love is deep but if you compared them his would far exceed,
    If you were to ask me If I can forgive you I already have but I don’t think my Father will
    Because you broke his written commandment’s thou shalt not lie,steal or kill…,
    You bagged me like yesterday’s trash and threw me in a swamp not far from home
    And lied about how and when I died so there will be no date to chisel in stone,
    When the glare of the camera’s all fade away and the lies you’ve sold have all been spent
    Can you say everything you did was worth it ,was this the beautiful life you meant?

    ChattyCathy – August 13, 2011

  18. Jeff Ashton , is new State Attourney for Florida .
    His Chief Assistant is Linda Drane Burdick.
    Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. just got another few years added to his belt. Jeff said he was going to clean out the State Attourneys office and get rid of the Attourneys that are not productive for the state. Yet his side kick Linda Drane Burdick failed Caley Anthony in the court room sitting by his side. They both failed Caley in my opinion and they got moved up to high position. Leonard Padilla , gave a interview and mentioned that Cindy Anthonys brother was a politician and funded them during the trial and of course there was good old Doctor Phil with the big bag of donation funds.I just wonder who her brother is and what his positon holds that has alot of connections that good old Leonard was tipping us off about. Remember George and Leonard went way back in the day working in law enforcement . And Leonard did not hide that information. Was Leonard brought in to bring in all the attention to help destroy the case . He was on Nancy Grace show alot . Remember the old she can’t get a fair trial in this country she is now public ememy number one skit. All the big stars brought in to lead the case straight down skid row and do damage control . It’s called interviews !

    1. Never heard anyone else say A WORD about Cindy the screwball. not wearing any makeup on the stand when she did her act of fake crying to get sympathy for her and her murderous monster. She ALWAYS wore makeup in every other instance for heaven sake and she was NEVER crying! Could anyone else see the most likely reason besides myself? IF SHE HAD BEEN CRYING, her makeup would have ran, that is IF she had worn it, but she wasn’t.

      1. She was faking it and hiding her head and face.
        And oh my Lord the head was shaking like she had nueralogical disorder. Fake like the whole family. Did anyone notice she also looked drugged on meds on the stand. She looked fine on the paid interviews all dolled up for the money. Fake just like the whole family . She’s a fake ! and she’s nuts like her whole family in my opinion. Did anyone think about he fact that she admitted in court that she was researching plants that are poisenous . She worked in the medical field and their could be victims in the past . I wonder how her father died was it due to illness and then her mother would be a widow easy to violate . I think Cindy and George where in on stealing from Cindys mother and let Casey take all the blame. Casey learned how to steal and manipulate from her parents . That’s just my opinion and what I sense.

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