Cindy Anthony Gets Off Scott Free For Lying in Court


Prosecutors  going to are not going  to  pursue perjury charges against Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother for her lying  testimony during her Casey’s  murder trial.

During the trial, Cindy shocked  prosecutors by testifying  she did internet searches for chloroform on the family’s computer. Prosecutors believed, along with sheriff’s investigators, that Casey Anthony had performed the search and not Cindy.

Witnesses  then challenge Cindy’s claim. Days after the verdict,  it was believed that prosecutors might  charge her with perjury but they did not do so.

Currently they are looking into allegations of witness tampering, which did not involve Cindy Anthony.

I must say I am appalled at their decision to not go after Cindy for lying. Anyone else who lied on the stand would be fined and jailed for contempt of court. Maybe the prosecution feels she suffered enough.

So now we have a free Casey for probably killing her child, whether it be intentional or an accident. She didn’t get charge for manslaughter or anything other than lying to police. And now we have a free Cindy who blatantly lied to the court to try and save her daughter. What is wrong with this picture?



194 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony Gets Off Scott Free For Lying in Court

  1. Why not? her daughter got off for murder!
    I can’t believe they are sending a message that it’s ok to lie under oath when lying without it is bad enough!
    Kids Everywhere Read all about it…..Lie,Steal and kill and you’ll be famous!
    Pity party was over when they so obviously lied against Caylee,I wish they’d burn her a new azzhole! JMHO

  2. Suffered enough? Caylee suffered more than they did or ever will! and they chose to destroy the evidence so they deserve the punishment! Pity City…..makes me so angry!

    1. That’s for sure. She knew what she was doing when she cleaned the car. But she got away with it. Must of took a lot of guts to get rid of the maggots, etc. I would be afraid to go near that trunk at that time. Not Cindy the liar.

      1. I can’t believe they’re not going after Cindy for cleaning the car. That was inexcusable. Cindy knew exactly what she was doing. So it’s OK to lie in court and obstruct justice by destroying evidence to a crime. Good enough. Just so I know how to proceed with my life. Thanks Fla!

      2. I am sick to think this may set stage for future moms to lie for their children. SO SICK OF THOSE LIARS!

      3. It would kill me to blame my Grand daughters decomp on pizza and then order pizza and sit and eat it,Jeeeeeeeeeez…I’d never even pick up a menu with the word pizza on it!
        George said the maggots sizzled like hamburger on a hot skillet? What is it with the food connection for them? jmo

    2. Don’t forget Cindy deliberately gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush (not Caylee’s) when it was needed for DNA purposes.

  3. This makes me sick. Why is anyone in this family above the law? I always knew Cindy would lie she has done that since day one, changing her story every other day. I honestly thought George would be the one who would refuse to lie for Casey this time but then he got up there and lied about an affair when no one could really blame him for having one to begin with, and then about the tape. What a piece of crap he is as well. So what the tape was in his garage. You know in our home stuff like tape, sissors, glue, even toliet paper is all community property. So what she had as much access to it as anyone else. I mean for Heaven’s sake she had access to the gas cans. Can we say duh? Anyway with the DA deciding not to press charges Casey’s belief that lying is perfectly acceptable. BTW if I had gotten on the stand and blatantly lied and knew that everyone knew I lied I would be so freaking embarrassed that I would never be able to show my face again. But then again we are talking about one of the Anthonys and as far as I can tell they have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

    1. I’ll second your question. Dr. Glass, doesn’t this family have a problem with extreme arrogance? They all believe they are “all that and a bag of chips”, don’t they? I used to feel sorry for Cindy and George, but I’m not sure those feelings were deserved. RIP little Caylee.

  4. There in a no-win situation for the state, even though I’d love to see the lying, sad-excuse-for- a-mother prosecuted. If they go after her, people will claim it’s “sour grapes” because of the verdict last week and if they don’t, what kind of message are we sending about the “honor of taking an oath under law”. As I stated, she is criminally liable and should go to jail in my opinion. But I also believe that all the Anthony clan will eventually pay for the type of life they lead…………………here’s hoping!!

  5. I am very demoralized by this decision. I also think that it sends a very message that lying under oath is ‘no big deal’. I’ve heard some of the ‘talking heads’ say that the jails are not large enough to hold all the multitudes of people who lie in courtrooms while testifying. That statement, I found surprising because I had absolutely no clue that that there was such a large number of folks that lie in courtrooms while testifying. I still think that it was a very bad decision.

    1. I agree NancyB I NOW just feel like doing some thing I should of done long long ago, and just lying about it to get away with it.


      sad say in the USA 😦

    2. Shocking to hear this is what the talking heads have to say, though doesn’t surprise me all that much. The things that come out of the mouths of some commentators, just silly and irresponsible.

      I heard Jeff Ashton say in an interview for wftv, that they would not prosecute Cindy for lying under oath in a COURT OF LAW!

      The only deduction I could come away with is the State of Florida feels they have spent enough money on Justice for Caylee Case!

      That Casey, Cindy, etal lie to save face/ to save someone’s pathetic skin is nothing new!!! They will continue to lie thru life and trip themselves up.

  6. The lesson is (thank you jurors) LIe , lie DENY and then LIE SOME MORE, and you will get off with MURDER and LYING.


    who’s next?

  7. Casey will be headed to Puerto Rico under Jose’s wing.

    what a discusting SHAMEFUL horrible thing the jurors, and Jose and cheney Mason and Dorthey Simms and the rest of the SCREAM TEAM did 😦

    I will never be ok again.

      1. You are so right! Casey stole Amy’s money while she was in Puerto Rico on vacation and allowed Casey to use her car. Casey was probably jealous that her friends went on a fun-filled trip and left her home to pretend to have a job and watch her own child. This whole thing is sickening on so many levels.

  8. Thank you Dr. Glass, thank you for all you do.

    I am rather depressed and angry.

    you helped me limp along through this 3 year deal

    but I never dreamed , we would end it here.

    1. I send my thanks to Dr. Glass as well. Been feeling sick at heart since the verdict and cannot understand it to this day, maybe I never will. Just don’t get that jury, but most say we must respect their verdict. Not feeling it at all.

  9. The Verdict and the fact that there are no perjury charges against Cindy are just disgusting to me…….the average American would have been found guilty of some of the charges Casey was charges with and certainly Cindy would have been charged and found guilty of perjury….the expense to the taxpayers of Orange County are nearly 1 million dollars to try this case…..wasted money…what an insult to our detectives, prosecutors and other legal personnel to try this case…and poor Judge Perry..what can you say?…
    Dr. Glass thank you for all your information about this case. I am very angry and bitter about the outcome of this case. As an Orange County resident, it just seems that the world now looks at us as fools. And perhaps we are, for letting this go on for so long………………

    1. I think that is why it is the right decision to not prosecute Cindy. This case has cost millions and all the prosecution got were the extremely obvious convictions of lying to LE.

    2. pink bunny, the World doesn’t look at any Orange County resident as a Fool, that Privilege belongs to the Jury in this Case!
      They are the Ones who weren’t able to comprehend the Difference between reasonable Doubt or any Doubt!
      They didn’t listen to Judge Perry when he explained their Duty before they deliberated.
      I believe in the System, sadly the Jurors
      did not follow the Rules like it was their Duty to do. The Result because of that we All know.
      It is truly a Shame and I do not respect their Verdict
      and that is my Right.
      We the People do also have Rights, not just Casey Anthony who got away with Murder and therefore is now a Celebrity, how sad is that!. JMO

      1. Hear, Hear! Casey is infamous. Her “celebrity” status will die soon enough, except for the users and companion liars.

  10. Cindy helped create Casey’s fall into a deeper level sickness. One doesn’t let a person steal repeatedly and not get their Arse kicked to the moon. Might be that Casey was uncontrollable, but the intent to lie and the intent to steal leaves a lot of room to predict other behaviors.

    I listened to Cindy and had to think that by bringing in her concern about the sleepy dog and the drug might have been read between the lines that she knew and was telling Casey she knew or suspected that Casey had something to do with the death of her pets. She made some connection to that in court so that Casey could hear.

    Then instead it was presented in a way that the pet death rituals were a family affair and easily learned by Casey or there to implicate George. Gets ghoulish doesn’t it.

    1. We stopped enabling our grown daughter, and she has stopped speaking to us and denies us access to our grandchildren. It was terribly hard to do, but needed to be done. The situation is a mess, but one made by our daughter. Cindy and George couldn’t have possibly believed ALL the lies for the past 2 plus years. They just enabled it all. Very sad, especially for little Caylee.

  11. This woman disgusts me with her holier than thou attitude. When she raised her hand to take the oath, instead of just saying “I do” she said “so help me God I do” then she lies. It’s very disappointing to hear the SA say they are not going to pursue charges against her. Why? I can only imagine how much more empowered her and her daughter are gonna feel now that they have both beat the law.

    1. She talks too much, just like Casey. They embellish everything when it isn’t even called for. Sad and sickening.

      1. I’ve heard that liars give way more details than needed and that’s how you can tell if they are lying…..

  12. Well, even worse than Cindy getting off, (her meds, ahem, made her memory a whole lot brighter, now), a defense lawyer, an officer of the court, can lie in a court of law with impunity and nothing can be done about it.

    Also, where’s that judgement Judge Perry promised against Mr. BYazz? I guess even Judge Perry loves a winner. Look for no trouble for Jose with the Florida bar.

  13. I never thought Cindy would get charged ….Is it right she didn’t No..Casey walked was it right No..They all got away with it ..I still can’t believe that no one was held accountable for the death of Caylee..It was like her life meant nothing…This trial was a mockery of her death and I am sick to think, case is closed… The jurors gave Casey what she wanted all along..Her freedom to walk away as though she never had a child in this life time.She gets time for lying to law enforcement,yet not child neglect.I guess it was ok not to mention for 31 days you can’t find your child..She didnt report it,Cindy did……Casey should of served time for that alone….I am not saying its right to lie to law enforcement,but I guess it was ok not to contact law enforcement when your child goes missing..Sad case all the way around..I still can’t believe this out come of this trial…

  14. Cindy was carefully vague, and although perjury should always be prosecuted, it would be too easy for her to get a lawyer like Baez or Mason to get her off for the careful vagueness of her testimony . . .

    . . . . which no doubt was carefully coached by a couple of defense attorneys I can think of right now . . .

    1. Exactly she manipulated her answer so that perjury charges could never be brought against her. She “thought” she was home that day.. she “may” have been. Also the fact that she said “I did search for chlorophyll/and or chloroform” could very well have been true depending on what day it was. After all the evidence came otu cindy very likely researched chloroform and looked for a skapegoat answer to give. The fact that she said she searched for it could have been true.. just not in the context of March 17 or whatever day it was. I have known alot of manipulative liars in my life and these are the ways they get around the truth. They lie out of context.. or don’t tell all. Like if a child eats 4 cookies and you ask them, did you eat 2 cookies, they will say, yes I ate two cookies. when really that is considered to be dishonest but to them they did eat two cookies they just ate two more. this is the way their twisted minds work

  15. Cindy sure was smiling at the end of the verdict. She probably was thinking, “I’m glad I cleaned all that evidence from the car”. She saved the child killer.

    1. Do you think Cindy ever thought to see Casey free? She wanted to save her from the DP, but here Casey is a rival for all those lucrative book deals and TV interviews an movies!

      1. ITA Talk about a fight!
        She wanted to save her life to look like a great mom in Kc’s eyes but she never thought she’d walk so she thought she’d have her cake and eat it too! jmo

      2. You know Penny, I had a feeling that Cindy and George wanted to see Casey prosecuted. They just did not want to do it (hence all the obvious lying from Cindy that the jury didn’t pick up on) and were hoping to lay that burden on the jury. Surprise, surprise though. Not with these jurors.

        I felt they’d have preferred dealing with her from her jail cell. Now it seems they won’t be dealing with her at all. At least not till money and “friends” (I use that term loosely) all go away. They will be the only ones she’s got left. It will be interesting to see if she tries to get in touch with Lee.

      3. lol- I think she was devastated- and George had on a WHITE-shirt and suit jacket- they were camera readyI wish Dr. Glass would analyze the one shot of Cindy’s face I have been able to find (maybe I got it from here…)- right when the verdict was read- I am going to try and cut and paste it for her:

        Cindy Anthony listens as the jury reads the not guilty verdict in the murder trial of her daughter Casey Anthony on July 5, 2011.

  16. Who cares anymore? If Casey isn\’t going to jail, I don\’t give a darn about Cindy.

    I have really lost faith in the justice system.

  17. I called-out Dr. Drew at HLN to do his “Talking- PhD duty”- since he is charged with helping us “understand why people do what they do” and is wants to get to work”.

    this is it:

    “Dr. Drew- You are a psychiatrist- not as useful as a psychologist- education wise- but still puts you in the “mental health” field of responsibility.

    All of us- mental health professionals- are charged with educating the public- since they are not privy to the last 10-decades of psychological knowledge (its disclosure is called “giving away psychology”- since we are giving the secrets- that only we know- away- FREE! – few do it- but I am assuming you are one of them- with your TV show and all…..).

    Why in the world are you not helping the poor souls (ANTI-CASEY ANTHONY-ers) to understand their “acting out” behavior?

    First, I would suggest you put Alan Durshowitz on to explain the legal system and fact that our system does “individual rights” protection- NOT truth and Justice (he’s been on several shows- he says it clearly so everyone can understand- it is very important that Americans get this chance to understand what their justice system is all about)-

    2nd, I would suggest you explain that “acting out” behavior- acting out of one’s feelings- is NOT what adults do- it’s what children do- you can point out ways ADULTS funnel/redirect their feelings in a healthy way- sports, exercise, etc.

    3rd- I would suggest you explain what all of us in the mental health field know- that this “Casey Anthony/Caylee Anthony” hysteria- is NOT ABOUT Casey or CAYLEE- it is about THEM- their issues- needs etc. People are not stupid- they are just ignorant- they can understand the concepts of “projection” and “identification”- go ahead Dr. Drew- “give some psychology away”- tell them!

    I was so relieved when you came back after the verdict- and was sure you would “Get to Work”- …but since then- all I have seen is you fanning the flames….are you afraid- of physical harm, ratings, you are looking evry un-theraputic????

    Pls help the American public- that we keep totally in the dark about mental/psychological processes- give them some insight into what we know- about how the the human mind works- help them help THEMSELF- they do not need paternalism- they need INFORMATION.


    Please take advantage of it- do not be afraid- turn them onto the “SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY- HUMAN BEHAVIOR- they will LOVE you for it- and I think “love” is what you are looking for- but to earn love you have to risk somehting- Go for it!

    Thank you,

      1. Deb, usually writes these kinds of commentary. Pass them by, if you choose…….

        LOL, talk about “acting out” that’s what it seems she does here.

      2. Singhphat- has got it right- I do write my commentaries as a way of dealing with my emotions- “acting out”- I find it so sad and embarrassing that the American public is so misguided and uniformed and has such sophomoric opinions and attitudes and engage in such childish behavior. It is a healthy and constructive manner- in which to “act-out” my emotions.

    1. Deb- my last comment to you or about you –

      “Acting out” your perception on life is skewered by an experience, your best healing approach to deal with YOUR trauma is therapy.

      “Acting Out” on the internet is not a healthy way to address Your issues. Just a thought from the ignorant public.

      It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice. Just don’t expect everyone to
      have your perception toward life or situations especially when it comes across lopsided.

  18. All things considered, I am so grateful that I am not a member of that family. Just leaving them alone to carry on living with each other is punishment enough.

    If anyone feels sorry for them, then I think euthanasia would be the most merciful – to put them out of their self imposed misery.

    Just my 2 bits.

  19. I just saw on TruTv’s InSession that TX EquuSearch has filed a civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony for $115,000 (not the initial $15,000 initially spoke of in the media) PLUS attorney’s fees AND interest, for the money they used {wasted} searching for Caylee Marie when Casey knew all along that she died and most likely where she was on 6/16/2008.

    Yaaaaaay!! 🙂

    1. It wouldn’t be surprising if Casey somehow will even get out of this One.
      I would think her new found Friend and his Clan will help her to find a Way to not be responsible for paying EquuSearch back that also goes for what the State is going to sue her for.
      She will avoid at All Costs her Responsibilities with the Help of
      Baez who will stand by Casey since she was/is the Ticket for him to get famous. JMO

      1. We are yet to hear what if anything, Judge Perry will do with the contempt of court charges against grinning ear to ear Baez???

      2. Also there is one more thing which confuses me.
        Casey was convicted by Judge Strickland on Apr. 15, 2010 before Judge Perry took over and before the Criminal Case against her started.
        Her Sentence was time served.
        So why is Casey Anthony credited 3 Years for the 4 Charges of lying to Law Enforcement which she was sentenced in Total of 4 Years. It ended up to 11 Days with good Behavior and time served?
        It doesn’t add up!
        Time served should start from the last Conviction which was Apr. 15 2010!
        Was that overlooked, I wonder?

  20. The Law doesn’t seem to apply to the Anthony’s..
    They can lie under Oath and get away with it!
    It’s said Perjury is hard to prove, It wasn’t hard to prove with Cindy, she was caught red handed,and it could be proven by the State according to her Work Schedule but I guess that even doesn’t matter.
    Why even bother being sworn in to tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth.
    It’s really a Joke.
    I realize Cindy Anthony was going through Hell because of her Daughter Casey,
    that still didn’t give her a Right to lie on the Stand and she should have been prosecuted for that. Again the Anthony’s got away with it.
    Soon or later I would think All what the Anthony’s have done in this Case will catch up with them and the sad Thing is Caylee will never be back again, she is gone forever!
    I know that doesn’t bother Casey anymore, for her that is in the Past, Caylee for her is already forgotten.
    As for Cindy and George they got their Wish, Casey walks or is their Nightmare not over yet?
    I am also thinking it is possible that the whole Anthony Clan was in on All of it as far as what they were going to say at the Trial to free their Daughter.
    George basically is the One who helped getting Casey acquitted.
    All I can say is the whole Anthony Clan deserve each other and what ever comes their Way good or Bad, I really don’t care any more.
    Their Day will come even without our Help.
    I wasted enough time on them.
    The only thing bothers me more than any thing, Caylee, the Victim in all of that did not get Justice here on Earth.
    RIP sweet little Angel Caylee~~

      1. The Way things are going Casey won’t even show up for the Zanaida Deposition Hearing next Week. She will be long gone with the Help of her Friends and we know who they are.

  21. Turns out all of the Anthonys were right. They ARE untouchable. I have no idea WHY this is, but it is now undeniable. Casey knows this and now WE know it. And we wonder how it is that many cops become corrupt? Here’s a prime example.

  22. Well, Casey Anthony already has new Attorney to represent her with Tim Miller’s Law Suit, surprise, surprise.
    I am sure Baez and Mason made sure that their Sweetheart Casey is taken care of for the next Round of legal Problems.

      1. I think they will drop too because the way I remember it Asthon did not behave well either and he retired asp after trial.

      2. “Ashton did not behave well and retired soon after!”


        BAEZ DISREGARDED THE LAW, THUS CONTEMPT OF COURT! Baez had to be schooled numerous times by JP!
        WTF, he didn’t know how to be a lawyer!

        Ashton should not have laughed at Baez (I would have had to contain myself as well!) but GOD KNOWS, Ashton has more integrity in one pinky than Baez does in his whole dirty scheming body. Ashton retired because it was already in the plans before this Caylee Anthony Case! So what? It’s his time to retire are you trying to suggest otherwise?

        This case drew the lowest common denominator as witness by the lawyers on the defense & the jurors. Flori_DUH, as someone else wrote.

        Will my post disappear?????

  23. And now they want to protect her,go all out for her safety,what about every other criminal who maybe even had a good excuse for their crime but they had to walk out of the jail house just like everybody else,while people screamed mean stuff to them but let’s all protect horseface! JUSTICE MY AZZ!

  24. Thats why she didn’t mind jail,she was safe? Now they’re protecting her when she caused all this mess single handedly!

    1. Exactly Cathy! Casey caused ALL of this. Her actions or lack thereof caused the unfortunate loss of Caylee, all of the deceit and lies. Casey is probably overjoyed and proud of herself that she single handedly had the ability to cause this circus. No remorse, no regret, no sadness – nothing! She is void of all emotion (unless she is flirting with Baez or “acting” for the jury!

      But in the end she got what she wanted, she won, how sad is that? She got a life w/out Caylee, a ton of attention and her “beautiful life”

      I personally don’t see her life as beautiful but I’m not a sociopath like Casey. I adore and treasure my children and I personally thank The Good Lord above daily for Him to allow me to be their mother! I would die for my daughters without thinking twice. If they needed new eyes, I would give them mine and go blind the rest of my life; if they needed a new heart I would gladly give them mine and go to the beyond so they would have a chance to live life and experience all the joy it can bring; if I’m running late for work and they want an extra hug goodbye, I’ll be late for work – that’s what Mommys do!! You live for your children!

      It’s sad Casey never realized what a blessing she had w/ Caylee and never appreciate what a loving mother feels at the mere sight or thought of their child. That to me is heartbreaking. I get being young but when you choose to be a parent drinking and clubs and all the crap goes on the back burner. I just don’t get how she never put Caylee first, I just can’t wrap my mind around it. It’s truly sad.

      1. I agree,Caylee would love her more than any man ever would or could and she traded it for what?

      2. it would be difficult for Casey to understand the concept of public disapproval for what it really is. She feels the victim. She has been harmed.

        She has little or no common sense Anyone with a modicum of brain matter could have come up with better stories than were in her official written statement,i.e. “I dropped Caylee off at Sawgrass between 9:00 and 1:00. Huh? You can’t even see Casey that this statement is the first of many Red Flags in your sworn account to LE? Who, going to work, has a time envelope of 4 hours?

        “Gee Ms. Anthony, we here at Universal love you so much that please , just choose when you want to honor us with your presence!”

  25. Oh Cindy the irony is rich indeed…you lied to save Casey, so you wouldn’t lose “another one” but sadly your lies did just that..cost you your daughter because she wants NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU ANYMORE.

    Yes, the irony is rich indeed! Payback is a bitch isn’t it Cin ; )

  26. Now in all honesty, does this surprise anyone? The Scamthony’s basically can do anything they want, lie, tamper with evidence, obstruction of justice and so on, and nothing happens to ANY of them.

    If Sindy truly believed Casey was innocent of murdering Caylee, she would not have perjured herself to save the skank.

    What goes around, comes around. Karma is a b*tch and has an excellent memory.

    This lunatic of a family should all be wearing the same “Bella Vita” tattoo.

    Thank you Dr. Glass.

  27. Well said Hilde. I’ve also been saying all along since they found the murderer not guilty, that the jury did not understand Judge Perry’s instructions.

    After all, how much time did they actually spend? Between breaks, lunch, snacks and bathroom visits, all about one and a half hours to just say ah the heck with it, we think George is suspicious and Caylee drowned. This jury went on a theory, not evidence and now they think telling the public it makes them sick to their stomachs they let her get away with murder? They also deserve what they get. They killed Caylee all over again the day they made a travesty out of our justice system.

    The entire Scamthony clan belongs behind bars.

    1. Actually,I don’t think they even knew she drowned? and didn’t they say they thought Kc came home to find Caylee was missing or dead?
      I hope they’re sick for the rest of their lives,I would be!

  28. Today was Casey’s original release date – then it was changed to July 17. I have a funny feeling that today IS her official release date, and that the July 17 was to throw off the media.

    1. Thats exactly what I am thinking too,She lied to us for 3 yrs and now the people she lied to will lie to us to help her,Man…… about feeling letdown!

  29. You and millions of others Lulu. Why does she continue to get such special treatment?

    The day she is released, they should drop her off at the corner, off the property of the jail, and let those crowds waiting for her give her a nice big welcome home hug………..


    1. Baez clapping the trap…..”worried about Casey’s safety”….

      NOTHING ABOUT CAYLEE but empty words from Baez,

      He got busy real fast with making his VICTORY TOAST, sure, it was the best champagne he could afford (taxpayer $$$ ?)

      He’s going to milk this, but I won’t be watching his mug.

      Wonder how fast the police will respond to a Casey 911 call, if someone should kick her butt sometime soon? She will probably blame it on an ethic group to get back at the current Zenaida suing her. The Liar will continue lying…..

  30. They protect her but who protected Caylee? Which one of them ever did? NONE!

  31. I sure hope KC sends Mallory the money for a tubal,God forbid she ever have a child either,KC and Caylee’s relationship was awesome. they had a very special bond? Give me a break!


  33. OMG,Sorry……Did not mean to scream,I’d clicked post before I realized! yikes

  34. Hopefully a guard with a big gun gets a cramp in his trigger finger when she walks out! May sound uncaring,but guess what? It is because I could care less! jmo

  35. Group calls for Casey Anthony boycott
    Published : Monday, 11 Jul 2011, 11:04 PM EDT

    By Elizabeth Alvarez
    FOX 35 News

    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – More people are getting organized to boycott anything and everything related to the Casey case.

    “It’s wrong,” said Jade Fairall. “It’s wrong and it touched me. It hit a nerve with me.”

    The Lake County woman has said “enough is enough” and is making it her mission to “find justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.”

    “Once the verdict was read, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this can’t be!'”

    Fairall isn’t just angered by the “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, but she’s also upset at those who are trying, or thinking of trying, to make a quick buck off of Caylee’s misfortune.

    “I’m going to try and say this without crying,” she said. “If anyone thinks they’re going to make money from the death of Caylee, they’re wrong.”

    Fairall and a few friends started a Facebook group . It’s the one with Casey’s picture that has the “no sign” over it. Members are vowing to boycott anyone or any entity wanting to make a profit from the Casey and Caylee case.

    “Within minutes, thousands of people from all over the United States are emailing sending letters and doing phone calls”

    Taking the issue to another level, Fairall is also creating a website called . The site, which is still under construction, will be a resource to get information and direction on how to prevent similar victims from being exploited.

    “Look out because there is power in the pen.”

    Read more:

    1. wow incredible.
      I am not reading that article.
      Everyone involved around Casey including the judges are paying with their reputation and only what knows what else. except her.
      No wonder the State of Florida does not want to spend more money on more charges.

    2. Can this case get any stranger? WOW!

      OK, this was dealt with YEARS AGO!
      from article:
      “She also had what she called her “Monica Lewinsky” evidence – used condoms that he left on her nightstand,’ the source said.
      In the wake of the scandal, Mr Perry stepped down as Chief Judge for two years, The Enquirer reports.
      The EEOC case ended in 1999, when Miss Williamson received a $65,000 settlement.
      The source said: ‘Janis told me, “What Belvis did was no different from what he sentenced Casey Anthony to jail for doing – he lied to investigators and got caught”.’

      Read more:

      WHY is Janis coming out with this NOW?
      Weirdo, saving used up condoms for yeas??? YUCK, A TRILLION YUCKS!

      1. because she’s angry with the verdict too,LoL If I knew something I would to I guess,LoL

  36. Hmm, I wonder what Bozo knew on him? I had every scrap of faith in JP but something has went drastically wrong here? jmho

    1. I am not thrilled with the Judge. I feel that he put so much pressure to get it done on everyone that he imparted a sense of urgency to the jury . They also seemed to rush their decision making process. The Judge was more worried about giving them nice dinners, and he didnt make sure they completey understood the process, obviously.

      1. Agreed! He treated them like royalty abd yes,even rushed the trial! The reason I posted that article really is because how did JB win a case that was hands down against ALL ODDS,Literally,when you think about it how the heck did this happen? Theres a monkey in the wood pile somewhere and let’s face it,we don’t know the Judge,anymore than we know JB or Casey really,actually we know less about him? and I’m sorry,I adored him through the trial and still am not against him but my God,how did this happen? There are only a few people who had control over the trial and jurors? JB was certain he would win IMHO and I’ll always believe that! Still though,JMVHO

      2. He not only rushed the trial, I think he rushed the picking of the jury!

        I’ve heard stories of how at least 4 of the jurors had criminal records (and I can’t confirm if this is just rumor or fact, but it’s what I’ve been reading lately). How come they were allowed to serve in such a case? I’m sure they’ve got a skewed view of law enforcement as a result of their own run-ins with the law.

        And juror #3 seemed like she was a bit too eager to get on this case. Since she was the first actual juror to come forward (and get her free Disney vacation) I can now see why.

  37. Gracie,I totally understand that and usually I wouldn’t go for it either but something here is drastically wrong,It makes me wonder because JB knew that verdict before it was read and how could that happen? still JMHO Why did JB buy jurors a gift? Would he really buy them gifts if they had voted for the DP? jmo

    1. hi chattycathy yes bozo knew the verdict before hand because there was a juror that was taking up in being a lawyer and somehow medina bozos friend spoke to this juror when there was juror deliberationn outside pinellas county and payed someone in that juror to convince the rest that the state does not have strong evidence and to come in with not guilty verdict so they do you think why he bought gifts for this juror why?all this makes sense because there was a lot of evidence against casey but thye chose not to follow the law which was in bozos favor.

      1. where did you get this info from? It’s very very interesting to me,LoL I remember thinking the jury foreman IIRC was taking classes in forensics or something,and Bozo taught classes at a colege but no confirmation,so Thats why I am asking,if this is true can’t there be something done?

  38. I think aboutRichard Hornsby (sp) who said the Judge could have given her more time legally and he said he couldn’t! Why didn’t he then? jmo

  39. Under Florida law, a judge is not required to give a defendant credit for time previously served on unrelated sentences while awaiting trial. See Jackson v. State, 23 So. 3d 853 (Fla. 2d DCA 2009) (“Where a defendant is held to answer for numerous charges, he is not entitled to have his jail time credit pyramided by being given credit on each sentence for the full time he spends in jail awaiting disposition of multiple charges or cases.”); See also Hardenbrook v. State, 953 So. 2d 717 (Fla. 1st DCA 2007).

    What this means is that the Very Honorable Judge Belvin Perry had the authority to deny Ms. Anthony credit for 412 of the 1,043 days he credited her with previously serving, as that time had been credited to her already by the Honorable Stan Strickland on the Check Fraud Charges.

    1. And what about this being a model prisoner? What about the whole letters incident, lots of letters, and a staff at the jail getting fired over it? This woman is TEFLON.

      1. How can ya not be a model prisoner in a cell by yourself,LoL

      2. LOL, good question ChattyCathy….

        But the guards claimed she was always polite, good spirits. Of course how much trouble can she get into by herself 22/23 hrs a day?

        I guess she was a model prisoner cuz there were no checks available, no hot body contests, nor hot guys, nor daughter to care for…….jmho

      3. Gotti was called the Teflon Don and he was eventually brought down. Casey will have her comeuppance.

    2. There is a Petition out about the discrepancy of the credited time served Judge Perry applied when he sentenced Casey Anthony on July 7th. The Petition was directed to the 9th Circuit Court, Orlando Florida.
      At least it was brought to the Courts Attention. I haven’t heard anything else about it.
      Judge Perry should have by Right denied Casey Anthony credit of the 412 Days time served, she already used up that Credit once, that should have been the End of that.
      Thanks Chatty for also paying Attention to this Issue.

    1. It sure as heck is,Cindy and KC both kept her away and from knowing she had a Grand daughter if infact she does,why do people hold a child out on knowing where they come from etc….I was adopted and I’ll never know my birth weight,time of birth.nothing just because my Bio Mum signed my rights away..things other people know becomes a big deal when you can’t get that info.As kids we can’t buy cigs or drink but we can have our history signed away and thats basically what these monsters did to Caylee,Just like Kc held Caylee over their heads IMO Cindy was just as selfish!

    2. I would LOVE to have the DNA test and given that her son was the Dad, she has a case!!!

      WOW, for a minute, with the headlines, thought it was Cindy, but couldn’t imagine Cindy filing this type of suit.

      God protect and help MacLean.

  40. Dot Sims keeps talking about compassion for Casey.I have none, zip, nada.

    Now here comes Lizbeth Fryer talking about redemption and how Casey deserves a chance to get her education and grow. That she is a sweet person. Blech!

    And this last article is music to all of our ears and might shame some of these jurors into going away already.

    1. Nancy – I watched the interview with Lizbeth Fryer and I don’t believe she really believes her own words about Casey, she stumbled on her words, she hemmed and hawed.

      Her words, voice, body says she doesn’t believe what she states about Casey. mho.

      Would love to hear Dr. Glass read on Lizbeth Fryer????

      Of course this case was a grand opportunity for her. The way she tosses the words around using the Constitution as the reason, she sounds like the type who would have no problem watching truckloads of murders walk free to make a name for herself. jmho

    2. HEY, Thank You Mark NeJame. We don’t need more jury contamination as the norm in this country.

      What is currently being investigated about this trial? Was it jury tampering? Look forward to a report on it.

  41. Sometimes I do wonder though if KC didn’t tell Cindy she was pregnant by Lee? Ya know.Mommys little angel! I can see it happening! It’s obvious Cindy didn’t know about her private life and while living under the same roof,Jeez

      1. Exactly,If I were in Fl. I’d sue her for breathing in the fresh air that some heavy smoker like myself needs! LoL

  42. This is how I feel about all of this I think Cindy was NOT sincere on the stand, She held her head down real low for about five minuteds then got up and there was no tears…….. and then asked for a break, not to be malice but come on I mean this is not 6 months after caylee’s death it’s 3 years!!!!!!!! and cindy and george have not touched caylee’s room and there are pictures all over the house do you mean to tell me that everytime cindys looks at caylees picture she has a nervous break down, come on people she’s an actress like casey, that was all for sympathy from the jury…She certainly should be charged with perjury and tampering with evidence…………

    1. “Taylor said the people of Florida will benefit if Anthony accepts the deal.
      “I don’t feel bad about giving Casey Anthony and her attorney $1 million, because most of the money will end up back in the state of Florida anyway, because she has to pay that fine for lying to the cops and payback for the investigation,” he said.
      Taylor said he can’t disclose the identities of his investors.”

      Read more:

      So why wouldn’t he make the check out to the State of Florida and not to Casey?

      Why watch this interview when all Casey will do is LIE LIE LIE?


      Overkill. We don’t want to hear from Baez, Casey or the mental midge jurors.

      We want to hear from people who will fight for Caylee. Caylee deserves love, warmth and JUSTICE!

      1. Like I said,they’re getting Jipped,all the A’s lie for free!

  43. Dr.Glass, What is going on with the George and Cindy Anthony?Their Lawyer put a statement out that they met with their State representative and signed Caylee”s Law,and it would go through their Foundation.What!!!That Foundation was just a scam to make money of their dead granddaughter that was never missing.It makes me so sick,what kind of people are they.Is this their new found form of employment,to exploit the death of this sweet child .We know how it feels to have your only daughter killed by some evil monster and it makes me think that these people never really loved her in the first place.Maybe Caylee was just a pawn to them in their real life game of chess.To be able to have lied and manipulated people ,the way they have in this tragic event,that their daughter caused,is just beyond sick,it is criminal.They need to be held accountable before they hurt anymore people.It just breaks my heart what is happening.

    1. I would,If I wanted to get rid of it and get away with it,Jeeezz
      Anybody who says they would I’d love to see them put their money where their mouth is!
      Call Nanny 911,omg er uh I mean Zanny the Nanny 911!
      No doubt she’ll get knocked up just to show she can ACT like a real mommy! pffffffft Maybe she don’t realize it but when she says she was a good Mom it’s as fictional as Zanny the Nanny!

  44. Breaking News: “Casey Anthony places a call to 911 in fear of her life”… (Dispatcher) What is ur emergency? Please help me, I have a bunch of people trying to kill me. Okay ma’am, calm down. What is your name? Casey Anthony. Okay Miss Anthony try to stay calm, an officer will be there in 31

    1. You do remember when she called and said the cops needed to GET THERE NOW and arrest the protestors? LoL
      She said they NNED TO GO TO JAIL?

    2. I still wonder how the jury got by this one from the 911 calls “I don’t have anything to talk to them about” or the “Can’t you give me one more day”

    1. Nancy – one can only wonder who else is lining up to sue Casey????

      Civil Cases, YES, pass over those MILLIONS & MILLIONS Casey.

  45. ok there is no way that the state is not going to do something to the anthony’s.
    they are just laying in wait–someone–maybe casey will say something and they will be going down.
    Way to go Cindy look what you did now. you hoped she would get off the death penalty but you were pretty sure she would not be seeing the light of day for a very long time–time enough to interview, write your book–play the victim and cash in.
    Well cindy thats never going to happen now.


    1. Meanwhile,hopefully the lightening will strike where theres a crack already! I pray anyway!

    2. Just my sense too, the State, just waiting for them to mess up, to have something solid on them.

      Cindy, played out her “acting” searching for Zanny while she knew there was NO Zanny while Casey was in jail. It was a scam, a lie, a show. She is NOT likable. People watched for Caylee.

      Now anyone who doubted Cindy was less than honest, knows after this court case Cindy is a skillful liar and so is Casey.

    3. I think the state decided not to persue the perjury charges so maybe the FBI could go after Cindy for that and the evidence tampering (remember she admitted to her brother via email she purposely gave them Casey hairbrush instead of Caylee’s for analysis) so I’m thinking and hoping they are stepping aside so the Feds could get her on federal charges. It might be wishful thinking on my part but to me it’s the only logical explanation as to why they didn’t charge her.

      I might be wrong b/c everything I thought was true and what would happen didn’t. For crying out loud Casey is walking in less then 48 hrs and her attorneys filed an appeal for the 4 counts of lying to law enforcement b/c as long as it is in appeal she doesn’t have to do her depo on the Zeniada Gonzles defamation lawsuit or any of the others and the appeals process can last for years so no doubtedly she will walk away with no accountability for these cases either.

      How can this be? My heart is broken for Caylee and all the other people Casey Anthony has harmed and used and destroyed along the way and it seems she will never have to answer for this horrible toxic behavior!!

  46. This is how I feel about all of this I think Cindy was NOT sincere on the stand, She held her head down real low for about five minuteds then got up and there was no tears…….. and then asked for a break, not to be malice but come on I mean this is not 6 months after caylee’s death it’s 3 years!!!!!!!! and cindy and george have not touched caylee’s room and there are pictures all over the house do you mean to tell me that everytime cindys looks at caylees picture she has a nervous break down, come on people she’s an actress like casey, that was all for sympathy from the jury…She certainly should be charged with perjury and tampering with evidence…………

    1. at the time I thought she was too but i also thought the JURORS would see Kc sit there all blank and emotionless and make it worse on herself,dimwit Jury! They’d be dangerous if they had common sense! jmo

      I swear this is true,I was watching the trial with a split screen one day so I could see everything from KC too? I got to looking tho and I thought well gee.How can this side be working and the other not when its the same but just split,It aggravated me todeath when finally I figured it out,KC sat there w/o moving,like a dang rock and never made a different expression or anything till her ears wiggled and I figured it out,ROFL True story!

  47. I wish they’d release her big flip out when she knew she’d been found out!

  48. Theres one thing I’d like to see happen now and that is lets all stop using the killers name,always say Caylee’s killer or Caylee case,I agree with JA.She feeds off this,I have been to a few sites who always mistake Caylee with Kc’s name and I think thats beyond excusable when they keep doing it! The sytem failed Caylee,but do we each have to? NO! JMVHO

  49. So a Black woman, rapper LIL KIM, lies to the grand jury & is sentenced to prison for perjury.

    Whereas a White woman, whose daughter is a killer, lies on the witness stand in hopes of keeping said killer off of Death Row is given a Free Pass. Just because Cindy’s a “victim” doesn’t excuse her out & out lying in a court room.

    Hello racial injustice!

    1. There was a Black Judge presiding over this case. He seems to have been lenient with the Defense. He is lenient with Casey’s “time served” thus releasing her too early and a petition has been placed in front of the 9th Circuit Court. OJ got off yet most people felt he was guilty. The judicial system doesn’t always seem fair.

      I agree ALL those who LIED should have been charged. But they could be waiting for something better to catch the Anthony’s on. In the meantime I would suggest all citizens not support this group with their $$$$.

      1. what is the relevance of “Black” (CAPITALIZED) judge? The Judge, is pro-state- a huge stickler for the letter of the law- gave her every second allowable under the law. Our judical system is based on “Individual rights”- not “truth and Justice”- you have to go to China or Russia- or a military court for that.

    2. Good post! & Jose Conseco indicted for perjury & Judge just today ruled a mistrial. Why were they prosecuted and not Cindy?

  50. I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other so I couldn’t find the main post I am referring to,hope this helps….LoL

    Olga Posted:So a Black woman, rapper LIL KIM, lies to the grand jury & is sentenced to prison for perjury. Whereas a White woman, whose daughter is a killer, lies on the witness stand in hopes of keeping said killer off of Death Row is given a Free Pass. Just because Cindy’s a “victim” doesn’t excuse […]
    Yea and everytime Cindy lied Caylee was still the real victim? Pity party over for me,My husband was murdered in 2003 and the killer served 6 months in county jail b/c his daddy bought his freedom and I was so let down by the system and this verdict finally broke me! Cindy chose to protect the killer so she was never a victim to me,sure if she’d just once…..JUST ONCE helped Caylee then I could have a heart for her but she didn’t and still don’t! She deserves worse imo because Caylee trusted her and gave her “Unconditional Love” Even Cindy said so but Cindy’s for Caylee was “Conditional” on the condition her killer walked free! JMVHO
    Cindy is a victim by her own choosing and I pray her life is miserable! Sorry but I do!

  51. and to think of all those times My Mother said “I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up”
    Maybe I’ll write a book now “How I survived”?

    1. Amazing, I just heard this lady, Amy Singer, and she claimed that the bloggers/facebook & twitterers liked Casey in pastels and did not like her in dark colors and that was why they dressed her in pastels.

      1. Hm,LoL Odd because I am/was a blogger and I don’t remember giving a chit what the hoe wore! O well,maybe I chipped a tooth and missed that day!

  52. Some people!
    ORLANDO, Fla. — As the days count down to Casey Anthony’s release from the Orange County Jail, her jailhouse account balance keeps ticking up. In the last week, Anthony’s jail account balance has gone up more than $100 — from $301 on July 7 to $470 on July 14.
    Over the last few weeks, checks from people who are not believed to be associated with the case have continued to arrive at the jail from as far away as Canada.
    The latest deposit was from Shady Dale, Ga. for $20.

    Anthony is allowed to use the money for purchases from the jail’s commissary. In the past, Anthony has purchased everything from beef sticks and cocoa to nacho dip and tortillas. If inmates are released and their account still has money, they’re given cash before they’re released, jail officials said.

    Read more:

  53. Why couldn’t we have atleast had this jury?

    A Sumter County woman and her boyfriend have been convicted in the death of the woman’s 2-year-old daughter, who was strangled in her crib by a pet python in 2009.

    A jury Thursday found Jaren Hare and Charles “Jason” Darnell guilty of manslaughter, third-degree murder and child neglect.

    Hare, 21, and Darnell, 34, could each face up to 35 years in prison. Both had rejected plea deals for 10 years behind bars.

    Authorities said Darnell’s 8-foot, 6-inch albino Burmese python wrapped itself around the head of Hare’s daughter, Shaianna, on July 1, 2009.

    “When the snake constricted her, it was primarily around her head,” said associate medical examiner Dr. Wendy Lavezzi. “We can tell that in autopsy, because the area across her face which covers her eyes, nose, and mouth was white.”

    Other testimony revealed the snake had not been fed for a month before the attack.

    Defense attorneys had argued that the toddler’s death was an unpredictable accident. But prosecutors said the pair should be held accountable for failing to keep the python properly caged.

  54. And since Casey is invoking the Fifth Ammendment, and will not be deposed by the lawyers for Equusearch, she will get off scott free for lying to them! This is ridiculous, anyone else would have paid the price for murder, let alone for sending a search party on a wild goose chase costing a hundred thousand dollars! I understand that laws such as the Fifth Ammendment and innocent until proven guilty have been made to protect the citizens of this country, but when they fail, who will protect us from this manipulative, lying, murdering sociopath, who will be laughing all the way to the bank? And more importantly, who and what will protect the future children Casey Anthony might have?!!!

  55. Actually, it is the Fernandez-Gonzalez case for which she is threatening to invoke the Fifth, not Equusearch. But that case is coming up as well. Casey has never in her life had to accept responsibility for her actions, and her lawyers are assuring that she never will!

  56. Whats this about a juror offered $10,ooo by Bozo to hang the jury? Anybody know? Probably won’t come out again but it’s the least he could do for Caylee since he let her killer go free but I’d do it if it’s true just b/c Bozo knew he’d get millions off the case if he won? jm a measley 10 grand,LoL JMO

  57. Good evening everyone. Good evening Dr Glass.

    I am so sickened by all of this. The trial, the jurors, the fact that these Lawyers have just launched careers on the blood of a small child, the media that is paying for interviews, just everything. I had to explain to my child why someone who is so obviously guilty (even to a 10 year old boy) got away with killing her child. The world is an evil place. It just is. I beg everyone who reads this to please no put any money into these animals hands.

  58. Cindy Anthony deserved to be prosecuted for perjury. She lied, under oath, on the stand, in an open courtroom! Does this mean nothing to anybody any longer, including the courts???

    You raise your right hand, place the other on the Bible, and take an oath to God to tell the whole truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth! She should have been prosecuted, and sent to jail!

    I am beginning to think that Florida is another country. Firstly, Casey Anthony literally, got away with murder. Not just a run-of-the-mill murder, but the murder of an innocent child, and to add insult to injury, the child was her 2.5 yr. old baby girl!!!!

    How sick is the legal system when murders of children, and lying family members perjure themselves on the stand, get to walk away free can clear??? Something needs overhauled with regard to our judicial system, i.e. criminal cases. It is not safe to walk the streets in this country, and our children, regardless of age, are now the subject of heinous murders!

    The police do their jobs, but the courts are failing the public at large! It’s time for some changes. An amendment to the Constitution, perhaps regulating state law to make them all equal in terms of punishment, throughout the United States. Currently, every state has a different set of criminal charges, different levels, with different penalties. It’s like a house of cards, and unless it is standardized, we will continue to see this type of fiasco continuing!

    Also, the jury. The fact that they did not deliberate in the expected form, screams volumes at me. They did not ask for any exhibits, no video, nothing, and yet found this murderer not guilty. Not guilty???? Of nothing at all???? Baloney!!!

    In my state Casey Anthony would have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter, with extenuating circumstance of the child being a minor. In other words,..child abuse/neglect. This verdict would have resulted in 25 years to life!

    Yet, in Florida, the charges given to the jurors were so convoluted, I had to read them over more than a few times to understand them, and I am a paralegal!!! Ridiculous when you are a legal professional, the business for decades, and even you cannot understand the intent of the charges to be deliberated by the jury!

    Nobody serving on a jury, should have to be a legal professional in order to understand what the state is asking them to do! The law needs to be simplified in regard to verdict charges, in Florida, and I believe these degrees of criminality need to be equalized throughout the entire Country!

    Casey Anthony was, at the very least, guilty of child abuse/neglect. Children under the age of 11 years, in my home state, are to be supervised by an adult. A child of 2.5 years is not capable of determining what is safe to do, and what could kill them.

    I am disgusted with this whole thing. We got no justice, whatsoever!! Casey spit on the courts, and Cindy called it a ‘sneeze’!!! Disgusting!!!

    1. all “real” attorneys interviewed have said the verdict was fair- either you would benefit from law school or they would benefit from lynch-mob mentality school- which would you choose…

  59. Cindy got away with Mail fraud too..Remember? They’ve broken every rule there is and still not a thing is done about it! jmo

      1. is not funny at all.
        however if you all want to live in the old west that is up to you,
        spending prison time to right a wrong is not my idea of justice. but to each their own.
        also the woman who got attacked was just a look alike i hope you can lol in front of that young lady and her mom too >_<

  60. sad day when we can lie under oath; what precident are we setting for future trials & could there be repercusions for those serving time for their lying under oath?

  61. Deb,FUNNY?
    Strange,odd,peculiar,sorry wrong choice of words but I’m glad you brought it to my attention!

  62. I don’t believe this woman is Caylee’s grandmother. Where has she been for the last 3 years? She says her son, before he passed told her they were having a girl? Doubtful, since Casey never went for prenatal care, nor did she ever have a sonogram. Nobody knew what the baby was going to be a girl, until Casey gave birth.

    Too bad Sindy and George don’t have the balls between them to sue Casey for wrongful death.

    1. They’re on Casey’s side, lied for her for three years, and lied in court under oath for her. Why would they sue her for wrongful death. According to Cindy’s lawyer, George and Cindy still want to know what happened to their grandchild. Obviously they want us all to know that they think Casey not guilty!

  63. I found you when Casey Anthony’s trial started. Thanks for your insight which is always amazing! I’d appreciate your opinion on the following. Casey seems to have such strength when it comes to her lies and her ability to keep them all straight. If she were to be hypnotized, do you think someone could break through and she’d come clean with the truth about what really happened to Caylee? Look forward to your thoughts.

  64. Grace,evidentally you didn’t see my post explaining myself,I am a hillbilly and I do have a different way of saying things,I did not mean FUNNY,AS IN HaHa,I meant Funny,as odd,strange??
    I am the widow of a murder victim who to this day has never gotten Justice for him! so believe me,I don’t need to know not to laugh at Violence!

    1. I get it, I also get the fact that I need to stop leaving my comments in here.
      take care.
      I am sorry to you.

  65. Wow Deb, your comment was a bit snarky. I realize that people are upset, but why take your frustration out on me?

    I would loved to have gone to law school, but I was very busy raising two children, and paying for food and rent. I think I did a pretty good job of raising them both. They are both college grads, and I have been successfully employed for decades,…as a paralegal.

    Further, your comment about joining the hate Casey mob-mentality. Since, it quite apparent from all the posts, here, we could all become members of that group.

    Let me ask you Deb, could you explain the Judges charges, in full please, since you are apparently espousing that you completely understood them, and that I am completely lame, for not ‘getting-it’ on the first, second and third readings? When you do explain them, please explain them individually, with the context and repercussions of each charge.

    Let’s remember folks, those of us who are NOT Casey, or her family members, are NOT the enemies.

    Why is it that those of us who are related to the legal field, are automatically demonized? There is no conspiracy, no agenda, except for getting to the facts. As a paralegal, we research, prepare documents, sit in on meetings with the attorney, and the attorneys are ultimately responsible for all documents prepared and filed with the courts. Not the paralegal.

    Again, my comment regarding the jury charges goes to the effect that they were overly complex, and out of the ordinary. Especially, in regard to charge one of the proposed verdict. Yet, I do not think the jury considered the charge at all, except in regard to their verdict. They were more concerned with the outcome, than the decision. Thank you.

  66. Kate,

    Your comment was very powerful above and I for one thank you. It was your previous comment, from July 15, at 12:22 am. You said everything we are all feeling, especially regarding the jury. I’ve said this ever since she was found not guilty of anything, except lying. This jury did not understand what they were doing or how to deliberate. I also do not understand how they did not find her guilty of child/abuse neglect. I guess this jury thinks it’s ok to leave with your baby, stay on the lam for 31 days, lying, stealing, tattooing and screwing and then return home WITHOUT your baby, and it was all ok to them. Lord, her behavior alone was so evident she had done something. Innocent people do not have anything to hide. Who hides an accidental alleged drowning? NOBODY. Everyone out there, millions of people who did not even follow this case when if first started 3 years ago, but just follwed the trial, all saw her as the one who killed Caylee, yet they managed to find a jury of 12 who allowed her to get away with murder? I guess there is more blood money offered, when you allow someone guilty of murder, to get away with it.

    They ruled on a theory and nonsense. There is not one ounce of common sense between any of them. They never even considered any of the circumstantial evidence into consideration. circumstantial, yes, but non the less, it was still evidence.

    Again, thank you for such an eloquently very well written post.

  67. LisaG, Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s such a miscarriage of justice, that I cannot stop contemplating the debacle.

    After posting earlier, I went to re-read the Judges charges to the jurors, because as I said, the charges, at first blush, seemed convoluted.

    If the jury was unable to reach the level required to meet the First Degree – Felony Murder, and/or Aggravated Child Abuse, and Aggravated Manslaughter of a Minor Child verdict, there is absolutely no way they should not have arrived at Felony Murder – Third Degree.

    Here is the link to the Judge’s charges, as read aloud to the jury:

    I completely agree that the jury did not do their job. They were instructed to decide which verdict suited the crime that was proven by the evidence. Unfortunately, in my opinion, not only did they disregard the Judge’s direction to not consider the punishment in conjunction with the verdict, but they also failed to use ‘reasonable’ (sound, not excessive or extreme) judgment as to the circumstantial evidence presented by the Prosecution.

    The circumstantial evidence was solid, and the State’s case was proven, but to a lesser degree than what the State was seeking. I did find difficulty with the charge of Murder – First Degree, but the other charges fit Casey Anthony’s actions more closely. The State’s evidence did not prove whether Casey intentionally, or accidentally killed Caley. Though, I tend to believe that it was intentional, based upon her partying lifestyle, etc., but it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s why I felt the other verdicts would have been more suitable. I believe the Prosecution erred in attempting to meet the level which would have resulted in the death penalty, but certainly met the life in prison criteria.

    The stumbling block, in my opinion, was that the Prosecution stated that the duct tape was the murder weapon, and I could not make that determination, reasonably. After all the facts were presented, it was apparent that Casey was drugging her daughter to keep her asleep, while she partied, since we know that there was no Zanny the Nanny. Therefore, I could not say without hesitation, that the duct tape, in and of itself, was the murder weapon. However, it supports that Casey was culpably negligent in her daughter’s death.

    Not once, did I believe that Casey was assisted by anybody, in disposing of the body. Nor do I believe that she will ever tell the truth of what happened, because she is aware that what she did to Caley, reflects child abuse/neglect, and in effect, she allowed, or helped, depending on your view point, her daughter to die. I also do not believe that she was physically abused. The Judge agreed when he threw it out, because it had not been proven by the Defense.

    Most believe that Casey is guilty of child/abuse, and a wanton disrespect for life. So many people believe that Casey is culpably guilty in her daughter’s death, that I was forced to jump to another conclusion. Jury Tampering. In saying that, consider that the jury did not ask for any evidence during deliberation, nor they did not deliberate long enough to reach a not guilty verdict. I know there are many opinions on how long is enough, but this was outrageous. The case was complex, and since it was based upon circumstantial evidence, it deserved a lot more discussion by the jurors, that what it got.

    It is not possible for twelve people to be so contrary in their opinion, of not guilty, when contrasted with the opinion of the general public. The numbers are just not there! As I said, 70% of the United States population, who watched the trial, felt that Casey Anthony was guilty. Therefore, 8.4 out of the twelve jurors SHOULD have found her guilty! I would, very much, like to see the jury thoroughly investigated, and criminally charged, if applicable.

    The verdict reeks. Then to add insult to injury, Cindy Anthony walks away free and clear of her blatant perjury! How does a parent explain these things to their children? How do we, as a nation, continue to support a judicial system that is quite obviously, very seriously flawed? I don’t know about you, but I do not want to live next door to convicted murders, but if things do not change, this could become the norm.

    I also want to say that the social networking sites, like this, are making an impact upon those who might consider paying for interviews, books, etc., of Casey, Cindy, George, the jurors, and defense attorneys. I can only say, keep on keeping on people! Shun these monsters, and those who helped them to avoid justice! It is working!!!

  68. Everything is wrong with this trial. I haven’t seen a pitiful showing of the justice system since the O. J. Simpson trial. Cindy=Kato

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