Dr. Lillian Glass Worked to Feminize Caitlyn Jenner Voice and Body Language

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Jenner to try to help her feminize her voice, speech patterns and body language. Our session was filmed for her reality show I’m Cait. Unfortunately it will not be shown this season. But my management team at Sirena Media received this  very nice email from the show’s producer:

Hi Karin!
Unfortunately, that scene did not make it into the series. We had to make some tough cuts because we filmed for 12 weeks but only ended up with eight 42 minute episodes. We so appreciate Lilian working with Cait and all the help she offered and maybe we can have her back next season.
Best of luck to you both and thank you again!

Andrea Metz
Executive Producer

So there is a possibility I may be on her show next season. Because I am bound by a confidentiality agreement I signed with Bunim Murray, Caitlyn’s production company I can’t go into detail as to what specific work I did with Caitlyn and what we specifically discussed during our time together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.40.07 PM

I will say that she was a lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and let her know that I am totally there for her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.23.56 PM

I will say that I used the same techniques that I used to teach Dustin Hoffman how to sound like a woman for the film in which he won an Academy Award- Tootsie

We addressed vocal pitch, using more inflection, drawing out vowels so the tones are more flowing, slowing down the speech, using more feminine gestures from sitting, to standing, to head posture, to facial language as well as gesturing,  like gesturing towards the body as opposed to away from the body like I am showing here when I Dustin played the Dorothy Michael’s character.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.26.11 PM

While it takes more than the three hour session I had with Caitlyn while we filmed the show, I was able to give Caitlyn a copy of my best selling book He Says She Says Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes. The book contains all the information you will ever need to know about how men and  women communicate. It discusses differences in voice, body language, speech, and behavior, what is said and how it is said.

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In fact it has just been released on  Amazon  for kindle


There is also an audio version on my website at http://www.drlillianglass.com http://www.drlillianglass.com

This book can not only be of benefit to the transgender community but can help anyone who wants to have better communication with the opposite sex in business, in their social life, and in their intimate life.

Having worked with many people in the transgender community, perhaps the most difficult aspect of their transition is to sound   like the opposite sex. To sound like a  woman (for those undergoing male to female transition as Caitlyn is doing), or to sound like a man (for those undergoing female to male transition) it takes time and a lot of hard work. It takes the knowledge of knowing exactly what to do and what the differences are for the specific sex one is transitioning to. It also takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.46.45 PM

I read in Caitlyn’s blog  several weeks ago that when she watched the video of herself  speaking at the ESPY Awards, she said that she still felt like she had a man’s voice. It is understandable for her to feel that way  as you can’t learn how to sound like a woman and have it become a part of your daily life in just one session. It takes time and a lot of practice.

I was able to assure Caitlyn that what she was feeling was not out of the ordinary and to be patient.  I communicated to her that she not be hard on herself because working on feminizing your voice is a process and cannot be done in only one session as we did for the show.

I  encouraged her to not focus on  what she thought she did wrong, but instead, focus on the many things she did right during her ESPY Speech  such as:

1. flowing out her tones

3. using her inflection ( going up several notes)

4 not having a choppy speech pattern

5. opening her jaw when you spoke

6. not speaking so fast

7. not having a creaky sound at the end of sentences (glottal fry)

8. using many feminine gestures.

9. not attacking her initial sounds when she spoke

I clearly let her know that I was very proud of her. I also reiterated specific things she needed to work on in the future regarding the way she spoke so that she would be more satisfied and not see or hear herself as sounding like a man.

Working with Caitlyn was a very rewarding experience for me as I shared with  Caitlyn’s  my knowledge  of what it takes to sound like her genuine self- a woman.  I found her to be a lovely, elegant, and beautiful  woman who was very eager to incorporate all that we discussed.

She is truly an inspiration not only to the transgender community, but to so many others who are motivated by her  personal  decision to live an authentic and honest life and to be true to herself. At age 65, she decided to live out her dream, which goes to prove that it is never too late in life to do what you really want to do with your life. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is true to themselves, regardless of what anyone else may say.


Gosselin Twins Body Language on View Shows They’re Intimidated By Controlling Kate and Not Ready for TV

While it was a nice try  by Kate and her spinners to shove the 13 year old twins on the View for damage control, it didn’t work.  In fact it still showed us via their  body language and communication patterns  they were intimidated by Kate and definitely not ready for television, let alone another reality show. Even Whoppi made reference to them constantly looking at their mother when they spoke as Whoppi told them to pretend Kate wasn’t there.  Even though they did manage to speak, their speaking abilities left a lot to be desired- especially Cara’s muteness. When she did speak she was monotone, died off at the end of her phrases, looked dow, and constantly held on to herself. It was clear that she appears to be insecure and intimidated. Both of these girl’s verbal puppet strings were still being controlled by Kate as we witnessed.

However, Mady did manage to break free at the end and let her own inner anger out through her body language of clenched fists, facial expressions of disgust and upset. It was also reflected by her speech content in revealing how she would like to get rid of the sextuplets and how  each and every one of them was so annoying.

I assume they must have received Kate’s wrath after their Today Show performance. She may possibly have  threatened them with the fact that if the family doesn’t get another reality show , it will be their fault. So, they better do well and speak up  this time when they are on the View.  I  imagine they were told how they won’t get any of  the perks that come along with a reality show- clothes, new adventures, fame, and money.

While the twins did speak verbally, their vocal patterns, speech content, and body language spoke volumes about what is really  going on with them and how things must really be in that household. No matter how the press headlines have tried to spin how successful their interview was, it was clearly not a success. In fact I would say that was still a disaster in my” View”.


Before they spoke, each of the twins began self grooming in preparation for their performance which showed their uneasiness. They clearly feel the pressure upon them.

As Barbara Walters said that now the girls are teenagers and that must be difficult, we see Kate’s facial expression  of stern consternation and  rigid body language saying it all,  as she raises her head and leaks out that she thinks they certainly are difficult.Image

Then to match her body language , Kate verbally reveals how she does indeed think they are difficult as she she immediately shows her control and turns to them and says Girls plug your ears.”.In my view that is not a very loving statement. In essence she is saying that she really doesn’t want them to hear how negatively she really thinks of them. The expressions on the girl’s faces show they aren’t too thrilled about this comment.


Even though Kate says “No, Im kidding,” apparently  she is not kidding ,based on her body language leakage.


Now we really see Kate spin it as she says the twins are “the most amazing big sisters on the planet,” which surprises Mady, as she raises her eyebrows  as though she is questioning her mothers “truth.”  Cara smiles at Mady with bowed head  as she clearly knows this is spin. Their body language to Kate’s spin makes sense later on as Mady reveals the truth that she finds every one of the sextuplets extremely  annoying. Even Fantasia Barino one of the View’s substitute co-hosts  commented that ” they looked at each other like No.”  Obviously Fantasia picked up on the fact that Kate was spinning things.


Look at the  tense expression between Kate and Mady as Kate dishes her spin and says how they are her left and right hand girls. Kate then shrugs her shoulder and purses her lips which  is a signal of deception. Mady is clearly not buying what she said.


Sheri, another host of the show says that she read in articles where Kate has ” always talked about how the girls helping  her around the house.” Sheri then asks the girls  what they do to help out around the house. Mady answers ‘I don’t help” and immediately turns it over to Cara. Look at the expression on Kate’s face as Mady reveals this. Kate is furious as her mouth is agape. She then rolls her eyes. Once again Mady has succeeded in embarrassing her mom.


Now Kate  really wants to make sure Cara doesn’t do the same and humiliate her as well.  So Kate  points to Cara in a hostile motion and  gives her a stern look as she coachers  Cara her by interjecting”After dinner.  ” Then Kate’s tone turns hostile and abrupt  as she demands  to Cara “go for it”. In essence we can see her orchestrating what she wants Cara to so and say.


Cara is uncomfortable as she tells how she wipers the counters and lunoads the dishwasher and admits how her sister does do some chores. Mady is angry as you can see my her clenched fists on her lap.  Cara,  her hand never leaving her arm for self comfort clearly does not want to be talking, as she looks down when she speaks with her head cocked to the side. She consistently doesn’t maintain eye contact.  Kate has a watchful eye as she listens carefully ready to interject some spin in case Cara doesn’ end up following through.


Whoppie then asks what these girls do for fun. She then tells the girls not to look at Kate and to pretend their mom  is not there.


Whoppi puts the girls at ease and  for the first time we see a relaxed them smile and a  laugh. Whoppi ties to give the girls a hint as to what they might like as she asks if they are on social media or twitter. Jeannie McCarthy interjects  as well by asking if they are One Directioners.


Mady them says that if she is going to be perfectly honest she doesn’t like Justin Beiber ( which is further indication why she not  ready for prime time). She needed to reveal whom she does like and not whom she doesn;t like . Rule number one is to never trash a fellow performer. If she has hopes to be a reality star, she too falls into the category of performer.)She then says she likes Nile of One Direction. In a candid typical school girl fashion, she  seems embarrassed to reveal  her crush as she looks down and  bows her head.


Then Cara makes the same mistake and reveals in a boring,  mumbling,   monotone with a hunched over posture, constantly looking down, that she  the doesn’t like  One Direction. She says she likes Demi Lovato aster being prompted by Sheri. Her performance shows me how she needs so much work and is clearly not at all ready to be in the spotlight.  She does not remove her hand from her arm throughout the interview as it is clenched there. She continues to hunch over which is not a good sign. She reveals that she is a very shy girl who lacks charisma and gravitas necessary for television. No oen wants to watch anyone boring and monototone and montoface. Getting her to speak was like pulling teeth. I do think that her being int he spotlight again would not be a good move for her and may possibly cause issues.


Jeannie Mc Carthy asks the twins about their parents divorce/ Cara has absolutely  no idea what to say and faces Mady for answers. mady seems  equally stumped at not knowing what to say . In essence the twins clammed up again on TV which is a no- no in the media.  Then they both laugh nervously. Mady finally says it wasn;t hard for them. But then looks up at Kate and addresses her mom personally and directly  saying” I guess it was harder for you.” Then Mady says she was 9 and it didn’t really affect her as she saw both parents and didn’t see the difficult things.

Kate immediately chimes in and spins how it drew the nine of them closer together as she gushes and uses effusive terminology. She then volunteers how there is nothing they don’t talk about and proceeds. She then goes off on a tangent and proceeds to  to spin how the twins hang out in her room every night . She does this for a reason as her intention is to  to give show how wonderful things are their household.


Barbara Walters  immediately changes the topic and asks how the  twins feel about their younger brothers and sisters. Kate immediately takes control and interjects ” Mady you waited your whole life for this question.”  Mady then turns to her mother and tells Kate that  she ruined her dramatic silence.


Kate as you can is literally taken aback by Mady’s on air admonition that her mom ruined her dramatic silence. Note how far Kate jerks her head back and how her bosy has stiffened. this means she is not happy about what Mady just said.


Kate then leaks out an expression of a tight clenched jaw  which  further indicates she isn’t too happy about what Mady is doing on the View in terms of  chastising her.


Mady opens up and is very forthright about how not only as a group,  but that every single one of the sextuplets “is annoying”. Her facial expression with rolled eyes and open mouth and slack jaw,  shows how exasperated and upset she is by them. So she has revealed to the world that things aren’t so rosey and hunky dory in that household as Kate would like us to believe. It now seems obvious to me  that Kate was the one putting her daughters up to saying how wonderful things were at home in the People article.  But the truth leaked out for the first time on the Today Show and now again on the View.

Whoppie clearlry made us aware of how intimidated these  two girls are by their mother as they have to look at her before they speak to make sure they spin things right so that she doesn’t get angry with them.

You may ask yourslef why would Kate drag these two non- charism atc,  mediocre,  and obviously not ready for prime time, teens on the View for a do over to show they can talk, even though they have nothing to say. The answer is simple as I see it.

Kate is obviously campaigning for another reality show and has commissioned her twinst o so her bidding. There was a lot of concertn about TV harming the kids so she wanted to make it known that it didn’t harm  them.

But something has harmed them from my perspective. Mady appeaRS angry and Cara appears so insecure that she is unable  to hold her head up, maintain eye contact, and speak with a resonant  non monotonous tone without mumbling or  dying off.

After observing these two and the dynamic with their mother, I personally don’t think they should be on television as they have nothing whatsoever to offer- no charisma and no talent. They are simply fraternal twin sisters who have 6 brothers and sisters as a result of theit mother taking fertility drugs. While it was indeed cute to see the babies and young kids  grow up on TV, truth be told,  they are not so cute anymore. They are teens and pre teens who are at a very sensitive and delicate age for growth and development. Thus I believe they need privacy to mature and develop to their full potential. Ask child star advocate, Paul Peterson what happens to showbiz kids who continue to grow up in front of the TV camera.  Statistically we have all seen that it does harm them unless they are the rare exception like the charismatic and very talented Ron Howard.

While Mady admitted that  she doesn’t like Justin Beiber, look at what is now allegedly happening to this 19 year old  after spending his life in the limelight. Allegedly he is  drinking sizzurp and taking drugs. There is a lot of pressure for a teen to be in the spotlight and it is clear from just their two appearances on the Today Show and on the View that these girls are not ready.

Body Language and Silence of Gosselin Twins Reflect Anger at Mom As Kate Is Enraged

 The silence  of Cara and Mady on the Today Show spoke volumes as they were asked if they were doing OK. Clearly they are NOT OK. They are obviously angry at mom.  They were both asserting their power by using this opportunity in an attempt to embarrass their mother, who appears to be on a quest to get back in the limelight with a new reality show. 


As Mady was asked if things were OK, she cocked her head and pursed her lips,  which indicated that she couldn’t reveal the truth even though she may have wanted to tell all. 

When Mady refused to speak, Kate clasped her hands as she would with a young toddler and said “Use your words”. This was humiliating to say to a teenager who obviously didn’t have any words to tell lies about how wonderful things were on the homefront.


Kate was shocked and looked at Mady straight in the eye. They both had an eye to eye confrontation. Mady was not backing down. She was not going to play along and make like everything at home was fine and dandy when it was not the case. Even though Kate looks like she is smiling, it is a phony smile to mask her anger towards Mady. 


Cara was sullen and mute throughout the interview. She refused to say a word as she clenched her jaw shut. 



 Kate was not happy with Cara,  who in her early years on “Kate Plus 8”  seemed to be Momma’s little helper and ally. Things have certainly changed . We see how Cara raises her shoulder and is literally giving Kate “the cold shoulder”. There is also a lot of tension on her face. Kate is furious as we can see from her body language> Kate glares at Cara, *who ignores her mother as Kate purses her lips  and clenches her jaw in anger as she eyes her daughter.


Kate is disgusted with Maddy as well as you can see by the look of anger on  her face. Mady obviously feels the tension and has resorted to playing with her hair as a result of comforting herself . She automatically cocks her head to be out of Kate’s  direct line of vision. She also hunches down.  It is her way of physically minimizing herself against Kate’s wrath and the tension she feels coming from her mother. Cara also feels the tension as she gazes at her sister with concern.


Kate tries to do damage control but can’t help leaking out her angry facial language. Maddy looks away from her mom, focusing on the interviewer. Mady’s shoulders are still rounded while Cara looks down. 


Here we see Mady leaking out a  a self satisfied smile as she knows exactly what she did by not speaking. She is clearly  pleased with her accomplishment at embarassing her mother on national television.


As Kate tries to spin things,  she manages to put a dig in about Jon by saying how he and the public have said that being on television has damaged the kids. Kate says that because of this wrong information, she is now forced to come forward and speak out. Obviously she manipulated her teenage twins to do her bidding via their interview in People Magazine. But it all backfired when the teens were put on the spot and now had to speak for themselves in a  spontaneous manner. They couldn’t bring themselves to do it.  This screenshot shows how it is clear that the girls don’t want to be a part of Kate’s campaign, They are detached from Kate as they both look down with tense facial expressions. They know that their mother is spinning things to make herself look good and  it is obvious that they don’t want to go along with the charade any longer.


Cara’s fist-like and gesture is indicative of anger. She is holding on to herself for self comfort as she wears a tense facial expression. Mady is also holding on to herself as she clasps her hands between her legs for comfort. There is a lot of physical space between her and her mother as she cocks her head and minimizes herself. Kate is holding on to herself as well as a means of containing her anger towards her daughters. Kate appears to be full of tension in her face and body. 


Cara purses her lips which further indicates she wants to remain silent on the matter as Mady looks down with a sad facial expression. No doubt she knows what lies ahead when the interview is over and the cameras are turned off of her- a very unhappy mother. Kate leans away from Mady and literally gives her the “cold shoulder” as she gestures with tense hands and a very angry look on her face.

When the girls were asked if they want to get back on TV with a reality show, this was the only time Mady light up as he eyes brightened for a moment. But she couldn’t answer the next question as to why she wanted to be on TV- because it was fun or because she wanted her life out there. No doubt she remembered the perks and the travel and all the goodies of the past that came with being on TV and she misses that. Maybe she feels that having another reality show will appease Kate, which may in turn make living with her mother a lot easier and reduce the tension and anger around the house.

This interview showed us how all is not well in that household, no matter what these girls may have allegedly told People Magazine.When it was just them on the spot  and no publicist or mom speaking on their behalf, they refused to lie. I give them a lot of credit for that. 


Does Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Say She’s Trying to Make A Positive Change? Kissing and Hugging Her Kids Seems Like A Good Start


From my perspective as a body language and communication expert, I fairly call things as I see them. My comments are based on behaviors in people  I have seen over time, in videos and in photographs. For those who think that you can’t tell anything by looking at one photo or one video, I beg to differ with you.

You certainly CAN tell a lot, A PHOTO especially of you have been properly  trained and  you have been doing it for over two decades as I have. In fact the FBI, uses video and photo analysis to analyze people’s behaviors. Sometime, they only have one photo or one video at their disposal.

I am also proud to say that I have even lectured  to members of the FBI and other members of law enforcement on the topic of body language and communication, so I definitely know what I am speaking about in this regard.


So, for those of you who are fans of Kate Gosselin and say that no one can tell about her from one photo like the one where she rudely, and aggressively and abusively in my opinion placed her hand over her son Colin’s mouth (and where there were a series of such photos), I can assure you that you can tell a lot.

You can tell even more about Kate and her behavior after looking at hundreds of videos and photos of Kate with her kids as I have. You can tell even more about Kate, now that Jon is out of the picture. When Kate has been out publicly with or without the kids, there has consistently appeared to be a lot of anger emanating from Kate’s face. She rarely looks happy, playful, light and joyful and always appears upset about something.

This analysis is made on her facial expression and muscle movements and body language. It is NOT based on her looks or dress or facial features or hairstyle. Body language analysis has NOTHING to do with these elements. It has ALL to do with BEHAVIORS and Kate’s negative behavior is reflected by her body language. That is a FACT.


Kate and Jon’s body language analysis have NOT been made on whether I like them or not.  When I have said anything about Kate’s egregious abusive behaviors at times (slapping and verbal abuse and anger) inevitably a few of Kate’s loyal and staunch fans, who in my view may also be abusers themselves if they so strongly  identify with her abusive behavior, can’t see past it, and think it is OK) have wrongly accused me of “hating Kate”.

I can assure you this is NOT the case.  I have provided my list of those I “hate” for you to see on several occasions.   Kate is NOT on that list.  Unless she becomes a terrorist, child molester, kidnapper, torturer, or rapist, or infringes my copyright or trademark or names her book the same name as one of my previous best- sellers like Toxic People TM, causing confusion in the marketplace, Kate Gosselin  will never make my list.

My list is mainly reserved for monsters like Hitler, Amadinijad (the Iranian hate monger), Fritzl (the Austrian who impregnated his own daughter and kept her in a dungeon-like prison). So NEVER accuse me of hating Kate Gosselin because I do NOT hate Kate Gosselin, Those are  my final words and you have heard it from MY mouth!


One thing you will learn about me as you continue to read my blogs, is that I am fair minded, level headed, have self- respect,  and I do not tolerate BS.  I call it like a see it both positive and negative. I do not have an axe to grind, an agenda,  nor am I am not jealous of anyone, or have anything to prove. Instead, I own and respect every part of me.

I have spent a lot of time  and effort in my life learning about myself throughout the years. As a result, I am rather secure about who I am, my state of mind, background, physical appearance, personality, relationships, emotional makeup and know  EVERYTHING I know about me –  better than anyone else out there.

Kate, it seems may be just beginning to look at herself, which I applaud. This is a VERY GOOD thing. I would like to think that perhaps my blogs may have been a catalyst for her  or her handlers to take a closer look at her behaviors. I certainly hope so, for the sake of those 8 precious kids.


One week to the day where Kate was upset at Colin for dragging up his coat of the ground, not looking pleasant or happy as she picked her kids up from school

and abusively putting her hand over Colin’s mouth. There was a dramatic change in Kate’s behavior, as she dropped them off to school in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though she still has a serious and unpleasant facial expression, devoid of smiles and warmth, she did something that we should have seen her do a lot more of over the past five years- kissing her children and giving them affection.


This is one of the RARE times we have seen Kate KISS and hug  her children (except for the perfunctory Birthday kisses she gave  each one at their 5 year birthday Party ). Perhaps she herself, read my last blog calling her on her abusive behavior. Perhaps someone may have shared my last blog with her where I said the following:

“She needs to get on her knees every day and say a huge thank you to good Lord above for giving her physically healthy, bright, and beautiful children.

What goes along with that prayer of  gratitude  must be her actions towards those wonderful innocent children. She needs to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

I would like to think that perhaps my words resonated in Kate’s mind, since the timing of her kissing ALMOST ALL of the children as they hopped out of the van, is uncanny.

Of course little Mady, one of the twins  (the one who called Kate “mean” and with  whom Kate has appeared to have the most issues,

and little Aden

and Joel all ran off the bus as quickly as possible sans kisses and hugs.

But later Aden returned and got a kiss from Kate.

The little girls who were dressed alike in pink with brown polka dot pants all got kisses.

Even Colin, the one who’s mouth she put her hand over a week earlier,  got a kiss on the head

and Cara got a hug from Kate

That is HUGE! And in my opinion a GREAT START!  I hope she does this  not just when camera’s are rolling and papps are out in full force. Kate now needs to find inner joy in her kisses to the kids and eliminate that sourpuss expression when she does it.  She needs to smile and show the love, to go along with her kisses and hugs which kids so desperately need for their emotional development.


One of the things the papp yelled out as he was shooting the photos of Kate getting out of the van to let the kids out,  caused my ears to perk up. He asked Kate the following question, “ Are you mad that you’ve gotta take  anger management?“

Now I don’t know if the papp asked that question to provoke Kate, which papps have been known to in order to get a specific reaction shot, or if he was privy to some information that Kate may indeed  be undergoing anger management classes.

If that is the case, I say good for her and that it is about time. She definitely needs it. The throwing things, consistent meltdowns, slapping, and verbal abuse we all saw for the past five seasons show that these anger management classes may very well help her and will definitely help the kids.


Maybe TLC put her into anger management classes . Maybe they are working on remaking her inside as well as her outside as evidenced by the $7,000 hair weave they gave her. Perhaps they are helping her to get rid of all of her inner anger before she starts her new show for them.

TLC announced last week that her new show is scheduled for the spring or summer. Like it or not, Kate will have her own television show.  I really don’t fault Kate with trying to earn money to support her huge family, since she is in essence, the only breadwinner these days, while

Jon runs  around town with his new lady, a little over a decade older than his twins Cara and Mady at the Sundance Film Festival.


If a TV reality show is the easiest way for Kate to make a buck to support those wonderful kids, I say why not? She cannot afford to stay home and be a full time mom, as she has to shoulder the finances, thanks to Jon.

I also believe that as long as she is attentive to the kids and addresses their physical and emotional needs why shouldn’t  she have a career she enjoys.

But if she plans to have a career on television that will last for any length of time and TLC is going to do it, and allow her to be on a show where she has flexibility in her schedule, unlike DWTS which is a rigorous schedule, like I said before TLC  MUST invest in helping get her a makeover on her inside besides her outside.

No one cares about hair extensions or a new look. No one  will ever want to watch a show with a person who exhibited the characteristics she showed during the past five seasons and on her two TLC specials and on all the talk shows on which she appeared,  the fake tears, over the top exaggerated claims, the sarcasm, the snarkiness,  the abusive behaviors, the self absorption, the narcissism, the self-entitlement, and the lack of gratitude, not to mention the embarrassing lack of talent she showed on her skits on Leno. It WON’T fly!


First, there was talk in the media where Kate was getting her extensions to have a sexier look as TLC was going to do a show to help her find a new man. Unless Kate works on her inside, it will be a futile attempt.

Unless she works on her anger (which takes time) and many of the traits described earlier, no man will look at her unless he is equally as self- absorbed and a Toxic opportunist who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I think TLC was wise enough to figure that out as well.

But I don’t believe they were wise enough to do what they are planning to as they announced this past week and give her a show where she will try different professions. It’s a lame idea for her and will not work in my view.

It’s an idea that was done years earlier by E! when they put Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie in different jobs.  It worked then because it was Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie and they had IT- personality and charisma and humor combined with  talent. This same concept with Kate Gosselin at the helm, will fail miserably simply because she does not have IT!


I know a lot about IT! I have seen IT in my two decades of practice when I helped actors become the best they could become in terms of their vocal and speaking skills.

When an actor walked into through the doors of my office and we worked together, I learned to immediately tell who had IT and who would become a big star. As conceited or arrogant  as it may sound,  truth is,  I can honestly say,  I was NEVER wrong about who had IT!

I saw IT,  in now super stars Andy Garcia, Nicholas Cage, Marlee Matlin, Rob Lowe, and Melanie Griffith just to name a few, well before they made it big. I saw how they had IT and told them that one day they would make it to the top.

I saw IT with many of the newscasters and entertainment reporters you see today on popular television morning, evening, entertainment,  and shows today, well before they made it. I saw that they had IT and  told them so.

I even saw it with Nancy Grace when I was a constant guest on her Court TV show back in NYC. Because we spent so much time together on the set, I  told her that one days he would be a HUGE STAR because she had IT! I am proud to say she did make it- HUGE and no one could be more deserving!

Just as I can tell who has IT, I can tell who does NOT have IT. I am sorry to say Kate Gosselin  does NOT have IT.

Kate was lucky to have had a show featuring her children. The appeal was watching the kids grow. The appeal was  not Kate.  She was NOT a breakout star like little Snooki is on MTV’s  the Jersey Shore.

I would think that little Mady is was more the breakout star of  Jon and Kate Plus 8 . She had vim and vigor and charisma. Even though she was upset at Kate a lot and hungered for attention, she seemed to naturally be in her element when they took modeling photos of her.


So now  with all the hoopla that surrounded the Jon and Kate Plus 8  show and Jon pulling the plug on it, TLC wants to make back some lost revenue, so they are  giving her, her own “itless” show minus Jon and the kids since, he pulled the plug.

I can guarantee you that if all of that hoopla between her and  Jon had not gone down, causing her considerable name recognition, no one would ever give this woman a show because they would clearly see that she doesn’t have IT.  Any producer or any suit worth his weight knows she is ONLY getting a show because of name recognition and lost revenues.

TLC has been scrambling with what type of show to give IT’less,  name recognizable, Kate,  who is known only because they put her on every TV show to discuss her divorce woes. They tried to build up her TV cue by having her co-host the View and appear on the Today Show and Leno and the Barbara Walters special not to mention every magazine cover on the newsstand.

They knew the dating show wouldn’t work, so they  resurrected MTV’s concept and put her into a show where she will experience different professions like Paris and Nicole did. That show worked because of Nichole’s wit and humor and Paris’ glamor and hotness, garnering  a lot of male viewers. But to put Kate in  that same type of show is ridiculous in my view.


If TLC is intent on doing a reality show with Kate that will last and that people will want to watch, name recognition certainly  isn’t enough.  I think a show where Kate gets a TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT would be a huge hit!

Everyone seems to like makeover shows, so why not makeover Kate?

The fact that Kate is showing some love and affection towards her kids is a good start in my opinion.  They can show the “before and afters” of how Kate was harsh with the kids and how she is now more loving and affectionate.



The premise of Kate’s new show as I see it would be to watch her transform from this angry, hostile, self- absorbed, snarky, sarcastic  self entitled woman to a kin, loving, and generous, selfless person with a lot of heart.


1.Perhaps we can see how she unselfishly  devises a plan to raise money for the kids in Haiti and even travels over there to help out, donating some of her kids used toys and clothing to the children in Haiti.

2.Perhaps we can see an episode where she resurrects her relationship with her parents so that the kids can  have grandparent contact.

3. Another episode could include her brother and Aunt Jodi kiss and makeup session.

4.Then there can be other episodes where she repair all the damage she created with others she alienated.

5.We can watch how Kate struggles with getting rid of her anger and all her demons. We can even watch her in Anger Management Classes . Now that is compelling Television!

6.We can watch her use her nursing skills and volunteer, giving some love and affection to some elderly people at a nursing home. She could even bring them cookies her kids made for them and watch them smile and make their day.

7.We could see her at a pet shelter volunteering   there and see how she breaks down when she learns about animal abuse and puppy mills. We can evens see her feeling so badly about what she did by giving her two German Shepherds away that she can now retrieve them and let them be a part  of her now happy home. With all the money she will make  from her new show she can even hire a special babysitter for the dogs so they won’t be an added burden to her.

7.We can watch her go into orphanages and love up some of those kids who need affection and give them some of her kids used and outgrown clothing and toys. We can watch her develop more love and tolerance with these parentless kids.

8.We can also watch her in a pediatric ward with AIDS and drug addicted babies where she can hold them and feed them and attend to them so that she can think twice whenever she gets angry enough at one of her own children to stick her hand over their mouth.

9.We can see how Kate takes workshops and seminars on self –development  to help affect a more positive change in her life. That would even be inspiring to others.

10.We can see and episode where we revisit the place where Kate grew up and went to school and how she felt growing up. We can trace back where her anger and “meaness” and self- absorption  and self entitlement  came from. That would, no doubt,  be an emotion filled episode

11.We can watch her in therapy with Dr. Phil. He will tell it like it is. He won’t stick up for her. He will tell her what she has done wrong in the past and what she needs to do now. That would be compelling TV as well.

12.Then we can watch her start to get attention from men and go on a date. We can see her fears and hear what so many others go through when they begin to date after never having dated in years. We can see how she messes up on the date and what she learns from it.

13.We can see her get more spiritual and perhaps even go back to church and see the positive  impact that has on her.

Throughout the show we can watch footage  that allows us to see Kate grow. Since TLC owns all the footage to Jon  and Kate Plus 8 we can see a lot of  before and afters of how she handled things then and how she handles then now.

Now my treatment of Kate’s new possible show takes us through an entire season of 13 weeks. I’ll bet if they followed my treatment it would be a huge it! It would be great  to see a show like this where Kate could inspire others and not upset so many viewers as she has in the past.