Caitlin Jenner’s Voice and Body Language Are a Disaster in Her Transition

I have a message for Caitlyn Jenner. You need speech and voice training ASAP. This is what happens when someone undergoes costly cosmetic surgery to look like a woman and neglects their speech and voice training so they continue to sound like a man. In essence, they are defeating their purpose like you,  Caitlyn Jenner are doing.

Caitlyn  sounds extremely masculine with her deeper voice.Her gestures are very masculine as she points with point fingers a la “cowboy shoot em up style. ”

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.05.16 PM.pngShe is overly dramatic and seems to sound like a caricature  of herself as she said “Let Washington hear you  loud…… and…. clear. “It sounds contrived and over the top.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.09.12 PM.png

And not to be mean, but if you are going to get millions of dollars from MAC Cosmetics with your own makeup line. for goodness sakes learn how to do your makeup as it looks like a racoon with dark under eyes and white on your cheeks and nose that looks like you were pelted with flour. Blending is the key to any good makeup job so get MAC to send you over one of their top of the line MAC  makeup artists to do your  MAC makeup for you.

And stop talking about other people’s insecurity when your own insecurity is glowing like a neon light. Your body language screams insecurity.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.13.41 PM.png

And lose the botox as it makes you look devilish when you try to animate your face. Since your voice lacks animation, you  desperately need  your face to do the job to relay emotion and facial inflection.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.15.57 PM.png

And before you call anyone a DISASTER, clean up your own backyard, as your voice and your body language are a HUGE DISASTER!

Your body language is very masculine as your steps are too large as you clump around instead of walking like a woman. Your gestures are way too broad and large, which is anything but feminine.

When you had the first season of your show I offered to help you sound more feminine. We even met on the first season of your show as the intention of the episode I filmed which never aired was that I was, by producers request,  supposed to warn you about not having surgery on your voice. During the filming as you recall I gave you an intensive overview session. I looked at the tape you did with Diane Sawyer with you when you came out and showed you masculine and feminine behaviors you exhibited.I did an comprehensive analysis of your speech and voice patterns so we could see where were needed to focus in terms of your communication skills.

I tried to encourage you and show you a few exercises for the camera’s sake, since  that is what your producers wanted. But my aim was  well beyond being on camera with you. It was to sincerely help you sound like a woman- something I have done with hundreds of  transgender clients throughout the years. I know how important this is to all transgender clients. But in your case, it apparently does not seem that important. This is confusing to me as you are the first transgender client I ever had who’s primary aim, besides breast and genital surgery, was not to work diligently to feminize their voice and speech patterns.

After  only one session together, you went to the national media and say how you felt you sounded like a man when you got the Arthur Ash award. I immediately messengered a letter over to your home in Malibu letting you know that you cannot be so hard on yourself and that you after all, had only had one session. In that letter, I encouraged you as I specifically  outlined what you needed to work on voice and body language wise.

I never heard back from you. I then heard thru the media grapevine that you were working with a transgender voice coach. To me that was like the blind leading the blind. Not because  they were transgender but because  they did not have the professional experience and  expertise.   In any event, I wished you well and hoped it would work out. But clearly it has not worked out.

To put it bluntly, you sound like a man wearing women’s clothing.  Had you taken the time three years ago,  to diligently work with me or with anyone else for that matter  who was a qualified professional, by now you would have sounded like a woman.

As a spokesperson for the LGBT Community you  clearly need to pay attention to your voice and demeanor. Otherwise you are  defeating your purpose.






Caitlyn Jenner-A “Woman” is a More Than Clothes, Makeup and Surgery- Your Body Language,Walk, Gestures, and Voice Need Lots of Work For Femininity

Someone sent me recent photo of Caitlyn Jenner at some social event. I have to say I was horrified by her masculine body language. Then I  went online and looked at her H&M commercial, where she sat on a stool and spoke. I  was motified by what I saw and heard. Someone needs to stop playing “The Emperor has New Clothes” when  they are  in fact,  “naked ” and  tell Caitlyn Jenner that being a woman is a lot more than serial plastic surgery to refine your facial features,  wearing dresses, short skirts, designer clothes, heels and makeup.  

Her walk, body language, gestures, voice, and speaking patterns are totally masculine. There is nothing feminine about them. To be blunt, she looks and sounds  like Bruce Jenner wearing female clothes and makeup.

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Caitlyn Jenner’s Canceled Show May Be a Blessing In Disguise


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.56.03 PM.png

When Caitlyn Jenner  first made her transition from male to female, I filmed a segment at with her at her home, way on top of a hill in Malibu, for her show ( I am Cait). In our segment, there was some intensive voice and speech training that unfortunately never made it to air. I showed her videotape of herself  appearing on  Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview and  analyzed it. I relayed to her which speech, voice, and body language patterns were masculine and feminine and what she needed to work on. She seemed very receptive.  We then did  some speech, body language, and  vocal exercises. The story line was that I was supposed to tell her not to have surgery  on her vocal cords, which she was  supposedly considering in  order to sound more feminine. During our shoot, I told her that surgery was not a good idea. I also told her that there may be some dangers associated with the surgery that could harm her voice in the long run and that she instead, needed to do a regimine of vocal and speech and body language exercises. I also shared this in the confessional. Continue reading

Dr. Lillian Glass Worked to Feminize Caitlyn Jenner Voice and Body Language

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Jenner to try to help her feminize her voice, speech patterns and body language. Our session was filmed for her reality show I’m Cait. Unfortunately it will not be shown this season. But my management team at Sirena Media received this  very nice email from the show’s producer:

Hi Karin!
Unfortunately, that scene did not make it into the series. We had to make some tough cuts because we filmed for 12 weeks but only ended up with eight 42 minute episodes. We so appreciate Lilian working with Cait and all the help she offered and maybe we can have her back next season.
Best of luck to you both and thank you again!

Andrea Metz
Executive Producer

So there is a possibility I may be on her show next season. Because I am bound by a confidentiality agreement I signed with Bunim Murray, Caitlyn’s production company I can’t go into detail as to what specific work I did with Caitlyn and what we specifically discussed during our time together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.40.07 PM

I will say that she was a lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and let her know that I am totally there for her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.23.56 PM

I will say that I used the same techniques that I used to teach Dustin Hoffman how to sound like a woman for the film in which he won an Academy Award- Tootsie

We addressed vocal pitch, using more inflection, drawing out vowels so the tones are more flowing, slowing down the speech, using more feminine gestures from sitting, to standing, to head posture, to facial language as well as gesturing,  like gesturing towards the body as opposed to away from the body like I am showing here when I Dustin played the Dorothy Michael’s character.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.26.11 PM

While it takes more than the three hour session I had with Caitlyn while we filmed the show, I was able to give Caitlyn a copy of my best selling book He Says She Says Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes. The book contains all the information you will ever need to know about how men and  women communicate. It discusses differences in voice, body language, speech, and behavior, what is said and how it is said.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.39.12 PM

In fact it has just been released on  Amazon  for kindle

There is also an audio version on my website at

This book can not only be of benefit to the transgender community but can help anyone who wants to have better communication with the opposite sex in business, in their social life, and in their intimate life.

Having worked with many people in the transgender community, perhaps the most difficult aspect of their transition is to sound   like the opposite sex. To sound like a  woman (for those undergoing male to female transition as Caitlyn is doing), or to sound like a man (for those undergoing female to male transition) it takes time and a lot of hard work. It takes the knowledge of knowing exactly what to do and what the differences are for the specific sex one is transitioning to. It also takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.46.45 PM

I read in Caitlyn’s blog  several weeks ago that when she watched the video of herself  speaking at the ESPY Awards, she said that she still felt like she had a man’s voice. It is understandable for her to feel that way  as you can’t learn how to sound like a woman and have it become a part of your daily life in just one session. It takes time and a lot of practice.

I was able to assure Caitlyn that what she was feeling was not out of the ordinary and to be patient.  I communicated to her that she not be hard on herself because working on feminizing your voice is a process and cannot be done in only one session as we did for the show.

I  encouraged her to not focus on  what she thought she did wrong, but instead, focus on the many things she did right during her ESPY Speech  such as:

1. flowing out her tones

3. using her inflection ( going up several notes)

4 not having a choppy speech pattern

5. opening her jaw when you spoke

6. not speaking so fast

7. not having a creaky sound at the end of sentences (glottal fry)

8. using many feminine gestures.

9. not attacking her initial sounds when she spoke

I clearly let her know that I was very proud of her. I also reiterated specific things she needed to work on in the future regarding the way she spoke so that she would be more satisfied and not see or hear herself as sounding like a man.

Working with Caitlyn was a very rewarding experience for me as I shared with  Caitlyn’s  my knowledge  of what it takes to sound like her genuine self- a woman.  I found her to be a lovely, elegant, and beautiful  woman who was very eager to incorporate all that we discussed.

She is truly an inspiration not only to the transgender community, but to so many others who are motivated by her  personal  decision to live an authentic and honest life and to be true to herself. At age 65, she decided to live out her dream, which goes to prove that it is never too late in life to do what you really want to do with your life. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is true to themselves, regardless of what anyone else may say.

Bruce Jenner Desperately Needs Feminizing Voice, Speech and Body Language Coaching To Complete His Male to Female Transition

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.07.57 AM

In making his transition from male to female,  Bruce Jenner has put a lot of effort into his skin with  injectable  lip and face fillers botox, surgically minimizing his adam’s apple, breast enhancement, and many other physical changes. But the one important change that he has neglected is the sound of his voice, the content of his speech, and adopting a more feminized body language

Having taught countless transgender clients in my practice who went from female to male how to sound like a man and  male to to male transgender clients how to sound like a woman I would love to be the one to help Bruce make these changes so that he could feel more secure and confident in his new gender role. In fact I want to personally reach out to Bruce through this blog to let him know that I can help him with establishing a more feminine voice, speech patterns, as well as a more female  body language .

After all, if I could help Dustin Hoffman sound like a woman for his Dorothy character in his award winning performance of “Tootsie”  I can definitely help Bruce Jenner.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.19.34 AM

After it  was publicly known that I was the one who helped  Dustin to sound like a woman, transgender clients from all over the country sought out my services to help them make that vocal and body language transition which would help cement their identity in the opposite sex and allow others to perceive them as more feminine (or masculine for those seeking a female to male  transition).

My experience  in helping the  transgender population began when I was doing my Master’s Degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time the University of Michigan Medical Center was one of the few places in the world where people came for gender reassignment surgery. So in order to assist these patients with their total image, they were often sent to the University of Michigan Speech Clinic.

Unbeknownst to me, I was assigned one such patient- a lovely woman with long dark hair and exotic features. My first task was to do a complete speech and vocal analysis of this woman. I wrote up a very detailed report for my professor and mentor, Dr. H. Harlan Bloomer about the woman’s low pitched voice, her pitch range, and diction and how she presented herself. Because the patient had such a  limited pitch range and a low voice, I wrote up a differential diagnosis in her report  that she may be suffering from vocal cord  trauma or may have some vocal cord growths which may attribute to her vocal issues. While Dr. Bloomer said he was impressed with the detailed analysis of my report, he said I missed something very crucial. She was actually a “he”.

I must say that I was surprised as I had never known anything like this.Dr. Bloomer said that my task was to make her sound like a woman. I immediately went to the Medical Library to find out all I could about how to do that, but there were no books or articles on the topic. There was an obscure book that was written by a Harvard linguistics Professor  but it was very academic and didn’t tell what to do. So I tried to figure things out by the seat of my pants and at the end of our six week therapy sessions, my client sounded like a woman and very few could detect that she had been or sounded like a man months earlier. Because of my success with this client, I was the one who was given all of the transgender patients who needed to change their voice and speech  patterns to match their new sexual identity.

After graduating from Michigan and getting my doctorate at the University of Minnesota where my focus was now in the area of medical genetics and psychosocial aspects of speech, voice, and cosmetic appearance in patients with cranial facial deformities, I then went to UCLA School of Medicine and  did a post doctoral fellowship, doing  research in the area of birth defects and associated speech and voice disorders in the area of Medical Genetics. It was there that I really was able to hone my diagnostic skills in assessing people from head to toe, which was instrumental in my present incarnation as a voice and body language expert.

One evening, I took a break  from my post-doctorate studies and my research and accepted an invitation to my first Hollywood party. A far cry from the world of academia where I spent so such time, it was so was so exciting  and refreshing to me to see all of these glamorous and beautiful people who had so much to say about themselves, telling me about all the acting roles they got, and the next movie I would see them in. Then  it came  my turn to share what I did. I also shared my experience with them of working with transgender clients when I was in graduate school. A film producer overheard what I said and asked me for my card. I didn’t have a card back then so I wrote my number down a on a piece of paper.

A few days later, I got a call from a person whom I didn’t know who told me he was a director and that his friend at the party I attended gave him my number. The director then told me there was someone he wanted me to meet to help him sound like a woman and that I had to come to an address in Westwood (not too far from UCLA) the next day at the specified time. But there was one important thing I had to know- that I couldn’t tell anyone where I was going and what I was doing. As a naive 25 year old I enthusiastically agreed to it and showed up the next afternoon. As I walked up the long winding stairway to the front door, I began to feel a bit anxious and wondered what I got myself into. I knocked on the door and who should appear? None other than Dustin Hoffman. In the weeks and months that followed I taught Dustin everything I possibly knew about gender differences in communication. I shared with him everything I learned from working with the transgender clients at the University of Michigan.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.21.53 PM

Years later I wrote a best selling book about gender differences in communication called He Says She Says, Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes and went on the speaking circuit where I spoke to thousands of people on the topic. I also did the TV talk show circuit on the topic. Understanding how differently men and woman communicated  with one another helped many couples learn to better relate to one another. It also helped  avoid many misunderstanding in the workplace where men and woman  now learned the nuances of communication with the opposite sex.

More business women learned how they needed to get to the point quicker, and not answer a question with a question or go up at the end of sentences, while more businessmen learned that they needed to use less command terms and take up less physical space when dealing with women. In fact there were 103 differences that men and women needed to be aware of to help them better communicate with one another.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.08.30 AM

So back to Bruce Jenner.  Having worked with so many transgender clients,  I truly feel for Bruce. I know the emotional pain these clients have been in all of their lives. I know how they have been teased and emotionally abused. I know how many of their friends and relatives will never speak to them again when they go through the transition. I also know the very dark side of this transition process and that is that 60 percent of those who undergo the transition become so depressed afterwards that they  commit suicide. It is shocking and it is scary as they find that life in their new gender doesn’t cure all of their past issues and in fact, may create more issues than they had before.

Bruce may be one of the lucky ones in that he seems to have a good family support system with his mother and  two sons for sure and perhaps  step daughter Khloe.It seems that his younger daughters with Kris, Kylie and Kendall  are having a hard time with it. Kyle’s acting out and dating a 25 year old when she is 17 may have something to do with her ambivalence towards Bruce. The last thing Bruce needs now as he makes his transition is badmouthing from Kris. This could play havoc on his psyche especially now that he is on hormone therapy. That is why he needs to cut ALL ties with her and hire a great PR person to defect any poison PR arrows Kris may shoot at him in the media. Kris may use this opportunity to play the victim- that she had no idea about his desire to become a woman. Know that no one can live with someone for 20 something years and do business with them and share intimate moments with the person and not know something. This is not about Kris. It is about Bruce and Bruce’s PR minions need to keep making that very clear.

Bruce’s role in the recent traffic collision where his car hit a woman who was killed must also be weighing heavily on his mind. The fact that he is coming out in front of millions of people is also a Herculean task. Not everyone will embrace him. People will be mean as they have been already. With some, Bruce’s transition, threatens their masculinity and angers them for what he did.Many looked up to Bruce as a great athlete and Olympic heros.They still may want to see him this way and now when they see him looking like a woman and wearing women’s clothing, it upsets their psyche. Many will become angry because they don’t want to see him this way. Many religious people will think what Bruce did was wrong and will let him know about it. Many will call him a freak,

But Bruce is not a freak. He was feeling like he was in the wrong body for his entire life as he admitted. Perhaps that was why he could endure the punishing workouts that allowed him to become an Olympian. Perhaps he so wanted to be be seen as masculine at the time that he overcompensated. No matter what, Bruce is at a very crucial time in his life. He needs a lot of emotional support and a lot of strength.

I am here to support Bruce through my skill set as I am reaching out to him with the intention of helping him to have more confidence and credibility in his voice, speech patterns,and body language as he ventures out in the world as a woman.

Chaz Bono’s Use of Male Body Language Shows He Is Adapting Well to the Transition

Having taught Dustin Hoffman to sound and move like a woman for his role in “Tootsie” and having helped many patients in the Transgender Community make the transition both from “ male to female” or “female to male” like( Chasity to Chaz) by teaching them either them either “male” or “female” body language, voice, and speech skills I was very impressed with how well Chaz Bono (formerly Chasity Bono and Cher’s daughter) is adapting to his new identity.

In watching Chaz Bono’s interview with Chris Cuomo on GMA, Chaz’s voice and body language had so many male characteristics , it was difficult to conceive that she ever lived life as a female, which she did up until 8 months ago. Not only was her vocal pitch as lot lower, she did a lot of things men do as opposed to women- she didn’t open her jaw as much when she spoke and used about two to three octaves in his tone as opposed to the four to five octaves females use. This means there was not as much vocal animation as a male. Body language wise, he took up more room with legs apart and his handshake, where he reached out to Chris was very “male” as opposed to female. His posture and outward hand movement made away from the body was “ male” as well.

There was one interesting body language “ tell” that one of my wonderful and astute readers also noticed and pointed out – Chaz’ shoulder shrugs. My reader asked me if Chaz was lying when he said he was happy because she noticed Chaz was shrugging his shoulders when he said that.

That was an excellent observation. Here is where “Context” is so important when reading body language. The shrug may also mean “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” which was the case here. It didn’t mean that Chaz was lying about being happy. Instead, it meant that he is still going through the transition and there is more to come and he’s still a bit insecure. In fact on the next breath, he admitted that. He said he was getting there as it had only been eight months since he had his breast reduction surgery and began hormone treatment.

I should also add that there was a lot of lip licking during the interview which many would also misconstrued as a “tell” of deception. But it was not the case here. The lip licking her meant that Chaz’s mouth was dry from being nervous and uncomfortable in the situation he was in. He even admitted to Chris that it was difficult to get out there publically and discuss his transition- that it was uncomfortable. So the lip licking you were seeing was part of that discomfort Chaz was feeling. That is why I can’t stress enough that context is so important when reading body language.

Gender reassignment is a very difficult and misunderstood concept. May think that people who do this are simply crazy or freaks or they are acting out or doing it for attention. They believe that you are born one sex that is who you are and that is who you shall remain. Until I went to the University of Michigan where I got my Masters Degree in Speech and Speech Pathology I used to think that if you were born one sex that’s what you were- plain and simple. But I soon found out that was not the case.

As part of our clinical practice as graduate students, we had to see different types of patients with speech and voice concerns who came into the U of M Communication Disorder Clinic and write up an evaluation report. I was given a patient who was drop dead gorgeous. She was around my height 5’9 to 5’10, had a svelte figure, long dark hair and bright blue eyes. I examined her vocally. She sounded fine except her voice was on the low side. I thought she may have suffered from vocal nodules or vocal polyps- a growth on her vocal cords and wrote up a treatment plan to help cure her condition.

I turned it into my professor, Dr. H. Harlan Bloomer, who by the way was one of the founding fathers of my field. He read my report and said that it was thorough except for one thing- “she” was a “he. “What?” I said thinking I misheard him, he repeated what he said and went on to tell me that she had come to the U of Michigan for gender reassignment surgery. The look of utter shock on my face lead him to explain to me that there were people who, although they were one gender, deep inside believed they were another gender and that it was our job to help these people make that transition by helping them learn to speak like a member of the opposite sex.

Dr. Bloomer also shared with me something that was later confirmed to me by Dr. John Money at Johns Hopkins University, a leading pioneer in the area of Gender Research. If you take a child with Gender Dysphoria and ask them to walk across the room as John or Mary (whatever their sex was) and then ask them to walk back to you as the opposite sex- a girl or a boy, a child with gender dysphoria can easily do it. If a child doesn’t have these gender issues, they will resist and say “I’m not a boy” or” I’m not a girl.” So it’s something that we now know happens in the brain early on in life.

In fact, in his interview, Chaz remarked that he always felt like a boy since childhood and always gravitated to the boys, even joining their teams instead of the girls team.


Apparently back in the day, the University of Michigan is where many went to get transitioned from one sex to the other. These patients also came to the Speech Clinic to learn how to sound like a woman. So it was my job to make this woman who was really a man but looked like a woman, now sound like a woman.

But there was a huge problem. How do you do it? There were no books or research on the subject back in the day. So, I had to do my own research as a graduate student. I had to learn what to do by the seat of my pants. I studied what I did as a woman and how different it was from what guys I knew did. I began to take notes about my fellow male and female classmates and observe them.

Of course I knew the pitch of the voice was different, but what do you do to physically raise a person’s pitch so it doesn’t sound campy? I had to figure that out by trial and error. But body language wise there were also differences as I quickly observed. I saw how the guys sat differently- more causal. They took up more room. They walked differently and even sat differently at their desks and wrote differently. They gestured differently. I made notes and applied them in working with my patient.

Since I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time I just made my patient sound like me, move like me, and act like me. It was weird to see the results- my behaviors being mirrored in another physical being. It was surreal. Subsequently as a grad student I worked with several other transgender patients and became more familiar with what to do.


After getting my PhD from the University of Minnesota and coming to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and get a Post Doctorate in Medical Genetics and do research on speech and hearing issues on patients with genetic diseases, I went to my first Hollywood party. There I shared my experience with some fellow guests about how as a grad student I taught men to sound like women. They were fascinated and asked for my card.

A few days later I was told to go to a secret address in Westwood on Manning Ave. and to not tell anyone where I was going. Naively I went. (Today I definitely would have asked more questions) . When the door opened I almost fell over- it was Dustin Hoffman! So for the next few months I worked with him to help him sound like a woman for Toostsie. He was magnificent! And all of you I am sure saw the results. Dustin was so believable as a woman that he even received an Academy Award for his performance.

After Tootsie came out everyone wanted to know how Dustin Hoffman came to be so believable as a woman. They wanted to know who helped him sound and move that way? So the press found out that I was behind it and did countless stories in newspapers and magazines about my work. I even appeared on radio and TV shows across the country.

Because of all the press, people from the transgender communities from around the country and abroad came to work with me. I helped men sound like women like I did for Dustin Hoffman and women sound like men. I discovered that it was a lot easier getting a woman to sound and act like a man that vice versa. Even though there were a lot more challenges, all of them succeeded vocally and body language wise.

In working with these patients there was still very little research about men and women and communication. There were a few books but they were written by linguists that weren’t very practical. So what that men do this and women do that. What do you do with that knowledge? How do you apply it to your daily life, your love life, or your business life?

I figured that out.I took some of that information that existed in the literature based on the linguist’s research and then I incorporated my own research that I did back in my University of Michigan days and subsequent research and was the first to come up with practical advice that men need to do to better get along with women in their daily lives, in the bedroom, and in business ad vice versa.

I published this information in my book He Says She Says –Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes (Putmam, 1991) and later in my book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women (Macmillan, 1999) I Also devised a “Sex Talk Quiz “ which lets you see just how much you know about the opposite sex. You may see that qui in various books and articles as people have been given my permission to use it or have been granted a licensing fee by me to use it.

After working with so many people in the transgender community, I have come to learn their struggles and the pain they have suffered throughout their lives. People like you and I, who are born in the sex we were born in and enjoy living out lives as a woman or a man, have no idea the mental torture these people go through. So when Chaz said on television yesterday that she was happy for the first time in his life, I believe him.

In parting when Chris Cuomo said to Chaz Bono, “ If you’re happy, then I’m happy,” I concur. If Chaz is happy so am I . I want everyone to be happy with who they are and do whatever it takes to get there.

By the way, if you happen to be interested in learning more about male female communication or you want to know how to better improve your life with the opposite sex, you can order my books (He Says She Says or the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women) at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or order them or even DOWNLOAD it from my website at