Dr. Lillian Glass Worked to Feminize Caitlyn Jenner Voice and Body Language

I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Jenner to try to help her feminize her voice, speech patterns and body language. Our session was filmed for her reality show I’m Cait. Unfortunately it will not be shown this season. But my management team at Sirena Media received this  very nice email from the show’s producer:

Hi Karin!
Unfortunately, that scene did not make it into the series. We had to make some tough cuts because we filmed for 12 weeks but only ended up with eight 42 minute episodes. We so appreciate Lilian working with Cait and all the help she offered and maybe we can have her back next season.
Best of luck to you both and thank you again!

Andrea Metz
Executive Producer

So there is a possibility I may be on her show next season. Because I am bound by a confidentiality agreement I signed with Bunim Murray, Caitlyn’s production company I can’t go into detail as to what specific work I did with Caitlyn and what we specifically discussed during our time together.

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I will say that she was a lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and let her know that I am totally there for her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.23.56 PM

I will say that I used the same techniques that I used to teach Dustin Hoffman how to sound like a woman for the film in which he won an Academy Award- Tootsie

We addressed vocal pitch, using more inflection, drawing out vowels so the tones are more flowing, slowing down the speech, using more feminine gestures from sitting, to standing, to head posture, to facial language as well as gesturing,  like gesturing towards the body as opposed to away from the body like I am showing here when I Dustin played the Dorothy Michael’s character.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.26.11 PM

While it takes more than the three hour session I had with Caitlyn while we filmed the show, I was able to give Caitlyn a copy of my best selling book He Says She Says Closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes. The book contains all the information you will ever need to know about how men and  women communicate. It discusses differences in voice, body language, speech, and behavior, what is said and how it is said.

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In fact it has just been released on  Amazon  for kindle


There is also an audio version on my website at http://www.drlillianglass.com http://www.drlillianglass.com

This book can not only be of benefit to the transgender community but can help anyone who wants to have better communication with the opposite sex in business, in their social life, and in their intimate life.

Having worked with many people in the transgender community, perhaps the most difficult aspect of their transition is to sound   like the opposite sex. To sound like a  woman (for those undergoing male to female transition as Caitlyn is doing), or to sound like a man (for those undergoing female to male transition) it takes time and a lot of hard work. It takes the knowledge of knowing exactly what to do and what the differences are for the specific sex one is transitioning to. It also takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience.

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I read in Caitlyn’s blog  several weeks ago that when she watched the video of herself  speaking at the ESPY Awards, she said that she still felt like she had a man’s voice. It is understandable for her to feel that way  as you can’t learn how to sound like a woman and have it become a part of your daily life in just one session. It takes time and a lot of practice.

I was able to assure Caitlyn that what she was feeling was not out of the ordinary and to be patient.  I communicated to her that she not be hard on herself because working on feminizing your voice is a process and cannot be done in only one session as we did for the show.

I  encouraged her to not focus on  what she thought she did wrong, but instead, focus on the many things she did right during her ESPY Speech  such as:

1. flowing out her tones

3. using her inflection ( going up several notes)

4 not having a choppy speech pattern

5. opening her jaw when you spoke

6. not speaking so fast

7. not having a creaky sound at the end of sentences (glottal fry)

8. using many feminine gestures.

9. not attacking her initial sounds when she spoke

I clearly let her know that I was very proud of her. I also reiterated specific things she needed to work on in the future regarding the way she spoke so that she would be more satisfied and not see or hear herself as sounding like a man.

Working with Caitlyn was a very rewarding experience for me as I shared with  Caitlyn’s  my knowledge  of what it takes to sound like her genuine self- a woman.  I found her to be a lovely, elegant, and beautiful  woman who was very eager to incorporate all that we discussed.

She is truly an inspiration not only to the transgender community, but to so many others who are motivated by her  personal  decision to live an authentic and honest life and to be true to herself. At age 65, she decided to live out her dream, which goes to prove that it is never too late in life to do what you really want to do with your life. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is true to themselves, regardless of what anyone else may say.


Hillary Does NOT Suffer From “Uh Huh Syndrome” On Listening Tour As Sex Difference In Communciation IS Noted

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As I have repeatedly said, I am not a political person and this is not a political blog. I have no agenda and I am merely reporting what I observe and I observed something very upsetting that the press seems to be doing with Hillary Clinton as she is on her Listening Tour.

As a Presidential candidate, Hillary is on a Listening Tour whereby she listens to people’s opinions. In our culture you say umhm or uh huh to indicate to the other person you are listening and processing what they are saying. That is exactly what Hillary was doing when she responded with umhum to people’s comments and opinions. Yet some silly reporters culled a so called expert who ridiculously said Hillary suffers from Uh Hum Syndrome.

Hillary Clinton does NOT suffer from Uh Huh Syndrome or Um Hum Syndrome or any other Syndrome. She is doing what ALL candidates do who are on a listening tour.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.21.25 PM

In his ignorant  article author  Derek Hunter stated “Mrs. Clinton nodded and said “Un-huh” 88 times during this stop on the New Hampshire stop on her “listening tour.”  I say, THAT”S GREAT!” It means that 88 times she was polite enough and responsive enough to acknowledge what someone said and respond with uh hhuh and nod. It is no surprise that the article was written by a male who is clearly not familiar with Sex Differences in communication.

Then they culled an equally ignorant female expert, Lynn Weiss who wrongly stated  Hillary was suffering from Uh Huh Syndrome . They even put together a video of how many times she said Uh Huh during her listening tour in an attempt to embarrass her:


What both the author of the article and the so called expert  failed   to recognize is that women listen much differently then men listen. Men may say nothing as you speak. They may say uh huh only if they agree with something said. Women on the other hand say uh huh to let you know that they have heard you, not that they necessarily agree with you. It is a form of politeness which is meant to encourage the speaker to keep talking and that they were heard.

So here we see our first signal of misinterpretation of a female candidate and making a mountain out of something that is a natural phenomena for women.

Before journalists and so called experts begin to criticize Hillary’s communcation patterns they need to read   my classic book He Says She Says closing the Communication Gap Between the Sexes  which they can get on Amazon    http://www.amazon.com/He-Says-She-Lillian-Glass/dp/0399518126 so  they don’t  continue to spread wrong information and end up with egg on their face.

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Marsha Petrie Sue’s Copyright Infringement of Dr. Lillian Glass’ Book Reported By CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo, Breitbart, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS




The most powerful media venues such as CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg  Businessweek, Breitbart, Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC are among the many places which  have reported the trial where  Marsha Petrie Sue,  an Arizona Speaker and author was found liable for copyright infringement by a unanimous jury in a Federal Court in Los Angeles.


USA Today







                                                           FOX 29 http://www.wflx.com/Global/story.asp?S=13663139   FOX 40http://www.wggb.com/Global/story.asp?S=13663139







In reporting this story,the media has  clearly sent a message that this was  a newsworthy story and  a very important message for everyone to hear. It said that copyright infringement is a serious issue. It spoke of how someone boldly stood up and fought for their rights and took that fight all the way to a United States Federal Court and won. It said that a jury unanimously agreed that Marsha Petrie Sue was a copyright infringer.



The sweetest words to my ears was when the verdict was read. Below are the exact questions  which were read and the exact answers to those important questions- “YES”




It is a very powerful and moving experience to stick up for your rights. Doing so has empowered me. I will carry that for the rest of my life. It was  a very moving experience to sit in a courtroom for three days and watch the American justice system in action.  The system works and I am living proof that it does work.

Each day I was motivated by the beautiful large American flag that was in front of me in the courtroom. For me, it was the ultimate symbol of truth and justice and the foundation what this wonderful country is based on. Every time I looked at the flag, it gave me hope and courage.

My intention in going to court was not about the money or to get a windfall. Instead, it was about truth and justice. I felt very strongly about it. I have worked very hard all of my life. I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life and I have never taken the easy road or the simple way out.

So when I saw someone do word for word copying of my work without giving me proper attribution, refusing to apologize, or to make things right, I had no choice but to exercise my legal rights.

Marsha Petrie Sue wrote a book in 2007 called ‘Toxic People.’ In that book she had wrongfully copied my material in my ‘He Says She Says’ book which I wrote in 1992.

The jury of eight unanimously  agreed with  the fact that Petrie Sue did indeed wrongfully copy my material.

Coincidently, I also wrote a book called ‘Toxic People’ in 1995.  One day while doing a search on Amazon.com, I stumbled across Marsha Petrie Sue’s 2007  book that had the same title as my book, ‘Toxic People.’ That is how I learned that her book contained my material from ‘He Says She Says.’ 

Needless to say I was shocked. I have written fourteen books and they are my life’s work. My books are filled with a lot of information that have helped a lot of people. The countless phone calls, emails, and letters I have received throughout the years are testimony to that.

 If someone is interested in using some of the materials from  any of my books or blogs for that matter, I have no issue with that. But you must contact me first to get my permission. No one can simply copy my work without giving me or anyone else from whom they copy, proper credit and hope that I won’t find out.

Marsha Petrie Sue  not only copied my material and placed it in her book, she took my copyrighted material and put it in her website and claimed it as her own. In addition, she stated on her site that she gave  people permission to use my material only if they mentioned her name and gave her credit.


I stood up to Marsha Petrie Sue and her behavior and I did it in a Federal Court. I not only stood up to her for myself, I stood up to her on behalf of anyone who creates something.

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, songwriter, composer, sculptor, artist, illustrator, fashion designer, furniture designer, auto designer, poet, architect, photographer, jewelry designer, shoe designer, or anyone who has developed something from your own creation, you have a right to defend what is rightfully yours.   

My  legal victory is not just for me. It is for you too. I fought on behalf of you as well. I  kept you in my heart and in my thoughts throughout this entire ordeal.

It has now been a week since I set foot in Judge R. Gary Klausener’s courtroom and watched him sit high above on his bench in his regal black robe as he ruled on various technical legal matters.

It has been less than a week since my fabulous intellectual property attorney Eric Bjorgum of Karish and Bjorgum articulated  so eloquently and passionately on my behalf. His wonderful words were healing and will continue to resonate within me for a lifetime.

This was not an easy task by any means. But it was well worth it. I have come away from this experience more motivated than ever to be a voice for people. I am blessed to now be able to serve as an example to  empower others in letting them know that  they never have to feel victimized  and that they have recourse through the justice system.

And on a final note, I say God Bless America!” I’m so happy and so proud to live in this wonderful  country where we can send a message about improper copying. www.drlillianglass.com


  On December 9, 2010, a jury in Los Angeles, California unanimously found in favor of media personality Dr. Lillian Glass in her copyright infringement trial against Marsha Petrie Sue, an author and professional speaker from Arizona.

  In the trial, Dr. Glass had alleged that Petrie Sue’s 2007 book “Toxic People” had wrongfully copied from two lists in Dr. Glass’ 1992 book “He Says, She Says.”  The jury of eight agreed.  

 Dr. Glass had also written a book in 1995 called “Toxic People.”  She stumbled across Petrie Sue’s book of the same title on Amazon.com and learned that it contained material from “He Says, She Says.”

 The author of fourteen books, Dr. Glass said: “I’m so happy, so proud to live in this country where we can send a message about improper copying.  My books are my life’s work.  They are full of  valuable and helpful information. If a person wants to use something, contact me.  But don’t copy my work without giving me credit and hope I won’t find out, because I will stand up to anyone who does this.”

 “I not only fought this legal battle for  myself,” added Dr. Glass,” I fought it on behalf of  everyone who creates something.” 

 Dr. Glass was represented by Karish & Bjorgum, PC in Los Angeles. 

 Late last month, Dr. Lillian Glass released a sequel to her best- selling book “Toxic People” about relationships called “Toxic Men- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable” from Adams Media (2010). Dr. Glass is also a regular contributor to the Nancy Grace Show and has a monthly column in Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Her commentary is regularly seen through the news media. www.drlillianglass.com

Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housekeepers “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading

Kate Gosselin
The area of sex differences in communication and semantics with regard to men and women has been of particular interest to me for decades. In fact I was the first to write about the topic back in 1991 with my book “ He Says She Says” Closing the Communication Gap Between Men and Women.” I also wrote about the subject in 1999 in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women.” I have discovered a great deal about gender communication. I have lectured on the topic throughout the world.
So when I heard Kate Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housecleaners “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading on her TLC Q and A refer to her nannies and housecleaners as “girls,” needless to say my ears perked up. It spoke volumes to me. It gave me a lot more insight into Kate Gosselin. The thought of an unevolved woman, not to mention an abusive self absorbed, lying, narcissistic woman getting her own show from TLC disturbs me.
In this day and age in a Western culture, especially in the United States, if a female who is not a child or a teenager is referred to as a “girl,” there is something wrong. It is demeaning and sexist. Anyone who calls someone a “girl” reflects someone who is clearly not evolved. If it was back in the 1950’s or maybe in the 1960’s (the era of Kate’s Twiggy hairstyle) it would be understandable. People weren’t as evolved back then, especially when it came to women. After all it was only in the 1970’s that women really began to have a voice thanks to people like Gloria Steinhem.
If a man called someone a “girl”, it would also reflect his lack of evolution and respect for women, especially if that woman was his employee. Men who have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, besides making vulgar comments towards women, often refer to the females in their workplace as “girls.” It shows their disrespect for these women and lack of perceiving her as an equal. As someone who has worked with attorneys in terms of witness preparation on sexual harassment cases, I have seen this “girl” reference in several cases. Needless to say, it is a pejorative term when used referring to a grown woman, in this day and age.
Having said that, I have heard a lot of older couples, say “the girls are coming later” or it’s just us guys and not the girls.”Women talk about their “girlfriends” or “going out with the girls.” In those cases, there is an equal relationship as they refer to themselves as “one of the girls.”
But in Kate’s case, it is not an equal relationship. It is a relationship where the women to whom Kate referred to as “girls,” were her subordinates. She is their employer. So by referring to her employees as “girls,” they are not in an equal position. If they were her peers or her friends and not her employees, where she is the boss, there would be no problem referring to them “girls” as in “girlfriends.”
What is upsetting to me is that Kate is going to be getting her own show with TLC. TLC in all of their preparation and hype is making sure that Kate is being put on a pedestal and held up as the role model for single moms who have to cope with the Jon’s of the world. The show they are giving her is in my view, a thumbing their nose at Jon, who has broken their cash cow business by not allowing them to be on his property, let alone film the children. So they are trying to gain back their revenue and continue on with Kate. If Jon won’t play and the kids’ s aren’t allowed to play, then Kate will play and TLC will back her 100 percent. Jon showed them and they are showing Jon. That is all that is!
I can’t imagine any intelligent studio executive giving a show to an abusive woman who is unevolved, disrespectful of fans, self absorbed, who has no hosting experience (and don’t count the View or Paula Deen or her slapping Jon on camera and yelling at the kids and doing activities with them as host experience).
Kate is clearly not a representative for any woman if she refers to women as “girls.” It may seem like a little thing but it is a HUGE thing as far as where her head is at and her mindset is, when it comes to women. Her disrespectfully and symbolically throwing papers with questions from her “fans’ on the floor also reflected who she IS.
I strongly believe that it is a disgrace that she will be given her own show as she should NOT be rewarded for her bad behavior and falsely hyped by TLC as being a role model for single woman raising kids on her own. She is NOT raising those kids on her own. Jon is there to help along with the countless nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls.”
There are many wonderful women out there I would like to see on TV shows before Kate. In fact, I would rather see anyone other than Kate. It is a complete sell out and public manipulation for TLC to give Kate her own show. It is rewarding bad behavior. If TLC is going to reward bad behavior, why not give Balloon Mom her own show? She is more real than Kate. Mayumi is an abused woman who’s husband is going to prison. She needs the money to support her three boys. Kate already has a fortune. She doesn’t need the money. If TLC is going to give a popular mom a break who is highly visible and is in all the media- it makes more sense to me to give the show to Balloon Mom. We could watch her go through all the changes as she gets out from under Richard Heene’s abusive thumb.
I didn’t mind seeing Kate on a reality show with 8 kids and trying to cope when they were babies and watching them grow. But I will detest seeing her on camera, no matter what the TLC promo department comes up with in terms of their hyping Kate. We have already seen Kate and we all know who she is. She is nobody I would care to watch on television. She is too unpleasant. Jon and the kids were great buffers for her Toxicity, but seeing her up close and personal as we did on the Q and A is way too much Kate. I don’t want to see or hear whining or lying or sarcasm or self entitlement. I am sure most people would agree.
I am not a Kate hater nor am I a Jon lover. But I am a Media Psychologist and a Body Language and Communication Expert. I call it as I see it professionally and I see the truth. I don’t lie or sugar things. I see what IS and not what ISNT. To me Kate ISN’T anyone who should have her own show. She is too selfish, mean, rude, self absorbed and unevolved for me to respect her as any type of voice of authority.
She is not the helpless mother who is struggling to take care of kids unlike so many people are around the country. Instead, the same nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls” are the ones doing that.
We have seen how Kate is so caught up on stardom, as evidenced by her comments about the Kate wigs being on back order from “here to the ends of time” and wanting to be in a movie and to a cartoon voices – for her kids.
To me, this is nauseating or as teenage “girls” in this day and age say “excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.”
The lies and BS on the Today Show with her crocodile tears telling everyone Jon left her in the poor house in segment one, only to find out moments later in segment two, that the kids are not only financially set, but she and they will be even more set, as she is getting her own TV show.
I have received so many emails and comments about Kate and how people cannot stand her. Why are people reacting so violently toward her? I will tell you. No one likes: A LIAR, A ME MYSELF AND I NARCISSIST, A MANIPULATOR, A USER, ARROGANCE, or A CONTROL FREAK. All of these traits are TOXIC TRAITS. She has many toxic traits that are a turn off to people. In fact, I discuss these Toxic traits in my bestselling book TOXIC PEOPLE- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable. As you will see in the book, the more toxic traits someone has. the more Toxic of a person they are. Kate has many toxic traits and that is why so many people are reacting negatively towards her.
If people react positively toward this TOXIC WOMAN and say they like Kate, they like the “concept” of a Kate. They like a concept of a kind and sweet and loving hard working woman with 8 kids who is divorcing and has a bad cheating husband and now has to fend for her kids. But this not the reality of who Kate is. That is who you would like Kate to be. It is an illusion.
Kate tries to deflect her detractors by stating “I’m not perfect.” Well not of us are and no one expects perfection. But when we see lying, arrogance, disrespect, selfishness, self entitlement, narcissism, verbal and physical abuse, and self absorption, people react negatively.

TLC should reconsider and not waste their money or our time on a show with this Toxic Woman. Many people tried talk shows and failed. Oprah still exists because she is likeable. She’s not mean or bitchy or abusive like Kate. Dr. Phil offers a service. Like him or not, he’s a professional. Montel, Geraldo, Ricki, Sally and Jerry Springer all had long runs because they were likeable. People loved them and loved the “craziness” of the guests during those days. But those days are long gone. We have evolved and we don’t want to see the “craziness of a guest” now become a spokeswoman for single moms as she hosts her own show.