Did Officer Darren Wilson’s Vocal Tone and Words Inflame Anger and Actions of Michael Brown Causing His Fatal Shooting?
November 29, 2014

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Before I begin I want to state that I have no agenda here and I am not taking sides. This post has no racial or political undertones. As a body language expert and communication expert, I pose questions which in my view, may give us some insight as to another underlying factor  that has not yet been discussed in the press until this blog post.

We all know that The Grand Jury has spoken after scrutinizing the evidence which lead to Michael Brown being shot and killed by Officer Wilson and Officer Wilson not being charged with murder or manslaughter.

In  reporting my observations about Officer Darren Wilson’s body language and tone of voice and speech content and facial language  during the ABC interview , I found it to be as  disturbing as when I watched Michael Brown’s body language in the surveillance video.

In examining Officer Wilson’s account of the events, he did appear to be telling the truth about what happened as I did not see any outward signals of deception. However, I was particularly struck by Officer Wilson’s  robotic and monotone vocal tone and command  terms  when relaying the exact words he used to Michael Brown. Thus, it  made me question  if Wilson’s tone and words may have possibly been a contributing factor to this disaster.


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As we all saw on the video, Michael Brown robbed a store where he took some cigarillos. Brown then bullied and roughed up the store clerk as we can see in the screen shot above, leaving the clerk with a fearful body language. . While I have all the sympathy in the world for Michael Brown’s mother in losing a son, after her public comment that her son  would never do anything wrong, she needs to carefully examine the video with regard to her son’s entitled and bullying behavior. That said, many  teens have robbed and bullied and have not been shot dead.

No doubt when Michael Brown left the store feeling empowered that he was able to intimidate the clerk just by his size and  get away with taking whatever he wanted. Most likely, as Brown walked in the middle of street,  which was reported, he may have continued that feeling of empowerment and entitlement, especially when Officer Wilson approached him.

Reports say that when Officer Wilson saw him and a friend walking in the middle of the street. Wilson said he told Michael Brown to “get out of the middle of the street”.  But the question here is,  how did Officer Wilson tell Michael Brown to get out of the  middle of the street? What tones did he use and what exact words did Officer Wilson say to Brown?

The reason I bring this up is that even though Darren Wilson was doing his job as he repeatedly said, I wonder if perhaps it may have been Wilson’s tone or  the specific words he used that helped spark the fire that ignited an already entitled and empowered Michael Brown’s anger, which in turn escalated to the event that lead to Brown’s being shot to death.

Research has shown that the tone of a person’s voice and the words they use can either inflame or diffuse a situation. This is one of the things I continuously emphasize in my lectures to Police Departments across the country on body language and communication skills. Sometimes a simple “Please” before a command can change an entire attitude for all parties involved. Oftentimes a “please” doesn’t make the request sound like a threat. Perhaps Brown interpreted the command as a hostile threat and reacted as he did. So often things can escalate and get out of hand due to tones and words.

As a side note, throughout the years,  the Beverly Hills Police Department has been very aware of this very factor. One of the things that has been observed by many who have been stopped by a BHPD officer is that they are conscious of being very respectful and polite when they engage a person. In fact a friend of mine who is a retired Beverly Hills officer shared  with me that being respectful and polite was always drummed into all the officers.

In the Ferguson Police situation,  If Brown did attack Officer Wilson, Brown’s judgment was clearly impaired at that moment as any 17 or 18 year old high school student has to know that attacking a police officer will end badly. For Brown to return and attempt to tackle Officer Wilson, there was clearly something which enraged Brown which may very well have been a vocal and verbal stimulus from Wilson.

Also  as a side thought, why did the officer have to shoot Brown in the head as he charged towards him? Couldn’t Wilson have shot Brown in the legs or in the feet so he would fall down. It seems to me that shooting Brown in the head was excessive and  “overkill” to excuse the pun.

The first thing which struck me about Officer Wilson’s demenor on his ABC interview was his lack of facial animation and his tone of voice where there was a lack of vocal inflection and animation. He appeared detached in terms of emotion and robotic in his tones . This may be in keeping of the type of police officer he is – a “by the book” officer. As he described his actions of the night, this was quite evident. But his facial expression showed no sadness or distress when relaying how Brown died.

Since nothing happens in a vacuum and there is always a cause and affect, after listening to Wilson’s tones I wondered what it was that ultimately caused things to escalate to Michael Brown’s death. What caused this young man to react so angrily to Officer Wilson to led him to engage in a physical attack on the officer and the officer subsequently shooting him to death?

Was it the officer’s tone of voice when he first approached Michael? Did he speak in harsh hostile robotic and angry tones when he told him to get out of the middle of the street where Michael was walking with a friend?  Based on his account it is doubtful that Wilson used terms of politeness or respect  like “Can you please not walk out in the middle of the street?”  BAsed on the other harsh command terms he relayed, it is most likely that he  gave  Michael a harsh command? That may have made a huge difference  in what may have set the tone for what unfortunately followed.

Could all of this have been avoided if the officer would have used different words or different tones with this young man? What would have happened if he engaged Michael Brown and was polite and respectful, at least until his backup unit came by?

When Officer Wilson described the incident on ABC News , Wilson did reveal that he used the command terms “Get back or I’ll shoot you.” This resulted in Brown replying “You’re too much of a pu**y to shoot me.” In essence, an angry Brown was testing Wilson and reacting to what he perceived  as a threat.  But what if Wilson said “ Please get back. I don’t want to have to fire at  you? Would that have made a difference or was the dye already cast? Only Brown and Wilson will ever know the answer to this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.55.26 AM

Another thing which disturbed me the most in the interview was Wilson’s detached vocal coldness, when asked by  ABC interviewer George Stassinopoulos about Wilson’s conscience. When Wilson  said he had a “clear conscience”, it sent off a red flag to me. If someone is shot and killed,  no matter the circumstances, their conscience should not have been  clear in my view.

Many officers have shot in the line of duty, in  fear of their lives,  or to save the lives of others.  For the majority of officers, their conscience is not clear but as a human being it is disturbed for taking a human life. No matter how trained they are, taking a human life does and should have an emotional effect on a person.

Look what has happened to Veterans in so many wars,  who have been trained to kill the enemy. Even though they are doing their job, it still often  affects their conscience, so much so that they get post traumatic stress syndrome, which  has ruined  so many Veteran’s lives. PTSD is an epidemic among Veterans as it has been since World War II where it was referred to as “shell shock.” Vietnam Vets were the first to put a face on this disorder.

Just like Veterans, police officers who have killed someone in the line of duty, can and have easily suffered from PSTD . Oftentimes their consciences are so disturbed that they often undergo extensive psychotherapy to deal with the implications of taking a life . They are  often  counseled right after the incident and many remain in treatment for a long period of time.

In listening to Darren Brown speak, his robotic and detached tones spoke volumes to me . Darren Wilson is not a warm nor engaging  or even a personable type of policeman based on his observed demeanor. I wonder if he had been such a police officer if would Michael Brown still be alive today?

“The body doesn…
June 7, 2014

“The body doesn’t lie. Neither does the voice or speech pattern.” – Dr. Lillian Glass

With No Voice Analysis on 911 Tape Allowed Things Look Very Bleak for Zimmerman
June 23, 2013



Things are not looking good for George Zimmerman in his trial. The fact that there are all women on the jury may stimulate innate feelings of motherhood and protection for those who have kids of their own. Whether they try to be impartial or not, it is “there by the grace of God go I” thinking”  in terms  that they  could have possibly lost their own child in a situation like this.

The fact that Treyvon’s fighting and thug past, poor behavior in school, and alleged drug use,  will not be allowed as evidence to show his  character also does not play well for Zimmerman. Showing the innocent  clean faced non gold- toothed photo of Treyvon in court will surely elicit a sympathetic response from these women like it did with President Obama who once said that if he “had a son he would look like Treyvon.”

Now the final blow to Zimmerman’s case is that the judge has not allowed into evidence the famous 911 tape where there was screaming. I am appalled at this decision because George Zimmerman cannot get a fair trial with this lack of crucial evidence. 

This 911 tape in my view is the deciding evidence. There are  clear ways to tease out who’s voice was on the tape and who was screaming. While they  They can can’t compare a smaple of Treyvon’s scream to the scream on the tape becuase he is dead, they can certainly do it with Zimmerman since he is alive. They can look at pitch and intensity  and voice quality. .  The pitch of the scream can be analyzed both  perceptively and objectively and compared with the 911 tape in question. There should alos be a double blind study done where people are asked to compare the two scream samples of Zimmerman, since he is the one on trial. 

I have used a similiar approach with a defendant who was accused of armed robbery. There was a tape of him saying  to the victim “I’m gonna blow your fxxxing head off.” The victim also described the suspect’s voice as being low in pitch and very clear and resonant with no hint of an accent .  I  then had the attorney go to the jail and record a  voice sample of the defendant saying the same words he allegedly said on the tap., it was completely different. The suspect’s voice was high pitched and he had a very distinct accent and a breathy quality to the voice.

I then did a vocal line up with the victim who could not discern the alleged suspect’s voice. In addition. As it turned out the suspect was not he armed robber who threatened murder.

Forensic voice analysis is key to this case. There are ways to  perceptually and technically dissect the voice pattern and scream from this tape. Both sides need to present their respective experts so that a jury can hear and see the results for themselves and then decide.

In my view, not presenting this evidence should result in a mistrial because the jury needs to make up their own mind as to who’s voice is yelling and who’s voice is screaming  on the crucial tape without the help of experts to guide them.

I believe that justice needs to be served but it cannot be served if we don’t have all of the evidence materials including the 911 tape.

The screams are crucial pieces of evidence because they could determine who the aggressor was in the confrontation before Zimmerman  shot unarmed  Treyvon Martin . While Martin’s family swears it was Treyvon screaming, Zimmerman’s father is certain it was his son. Only a jury can decide this. 

Audio experts from both sides testified at different times during the hearing, which stretched over three weeks. Voice experts were hired by lawyers and news organizations to analyze the calls, which were made during the confrontation between the two. The experts arrived at mixed conclusions.

 In deciding whether to admit the voice-recognition technology used by prosecution audio experts Tom Owen and Alan Reich, the judge had to determine whether it is too novel or whether it has been accepted by the scientific community at-large and found that there is no evidence to establish that their scientific techniques have been tested and found reliable,” the judge said in her ruling.

 Tom Owen was hired by the Orlando Sentinel last year to compare a voice sample of Zimmerman with screams for help captured on 911 calls made by neighbors. He said Zimmerman’s voice doesn’t match the screams.  But in my strong opinion,  Owen’s  work is flawed since he only compared Zimmerman’s voice to the 911 calls  and because he didn’t have a voice sample for Martin at the time. 

Since screaming is the focus of the voice sample, he obviously needed to get a sample of Zimmerman’s scream since he is still alive and since he is the one on trial. The voice sample of the 911 tape is irrelevant without a scream sample to compare with the scream sample on the 911 tape. 

 Owen  says that “The screams don’t match at all,”as he  testified during the hearing. “That’s what tells me the screams aren’t George Zimmerman.” But Own didn’t get a scream sample from Zimmerman and compare the two. What he did  here in my view was compare apples to oranges- speaking voice to a screaming voice. 

Had he testified about what he had done,  the defense could rip holes in his testimony based on the lack of comparing of two scream samples from the same person. 

 The other “expert” Alan Reich testified in a report for prosecutors that the screams on the 911 tapes were from Martin. How would he know they were from Martin if he doesn’t have a scream sample from Martin since Martin is deceased. 

  A  British audio expert  Peter French testified for the defense that it would be extremely difficult to analyze voices by comparing screaming to a normal voice said the right thing and this is even more evidence for why a scream sample is needed from Zimmerman.

 A second audio expert for the defense, George Doddington, also criticized prosecution experts who said Friday that screams and pleas on a 911 recording likely belonged to Martin.

Once again you can’t tell if it is Zimmerman’s scream unless you get a sample of him screaming. While there may be differences due to circumstances and not being able to replicate the scream exactly, you can record Zimmerman’s  scream as he calls into a number that records  the scream and you can record the scream as he attempts to renact what happened that night while he was on the ground with Treyvon, as keep some of the variables consistant. The  pitch level and other aspects of the voice pattern could be teased out. While it is not the best scenario, it is better than anything else that  has emerged thus far in terms of analyzing the scream and not the speech. 





Jodi Arias’ Body Language- Her Cockiness, Newly Resonant Voice and Smug Facial Expressions May Make her A Dead Woman Walking
February 22, 2013


I have held off on writing about Jodi Arias until I had something significant to say. But  after watching  her on the stand  for eight days  and listening to her sickeningly sweet phony vocal tones and watching one signal of deception after another I have something to say. Today the REAL Jodi showed up on the stand and I am here to talk about it. .

I have always said in my books that you MUST  beware of anyone that has a sickening sweet soft spoken voice, where  you can barely hear them at times. I have said they are phonies  and  you must RUN because there is a lot of built up anger and hostility that this type of voice pattern masks. Now here is  living proof  of what I have been talking about in the Jodi Arias trial. She went from meek mouse tone to roaring lion tone as she displayed cockiness and anger toward the prosecutor.

This is Not good for her because juror swill clearly see the REAL Jodi as they


will get a glimpse of her anger and what she must have been like around Travis. They will see how she could turn on him on a dime. They can now see her anger up close and personal.


The jury also  also saw her lying first hand. Prosecutors had her hold her up her hand. Her finger was bent . She said it got that way months before Travis’ death as he abused her.


Then the prosecutor showed a photo of her after Travis was killed and the hand was not  bent. It was a photo taken allegedly months after he beat her.

She sat there and LIED in front of everyone that her finger was bent. There was no way her finger was bent as anyone with eyes could see that.  This is yet another nail in her coffin towards the death penalty.

The prosecutor asked her about her memory and when it fails he and she look aways and said “Usually when men like you are screaming






at me or grilling me or someone like Travisdoing the same.

That was a BAD move on Jodi’s part as she just lost her “sympathy” vote from any of the jurors who are gullible enough to have previously fallen for her poor me victim testimony.

Her nasty retort was anything but victim like. It was a dig at the prosecutor  and it  will in my estimation but another nail in her coffin.


Then he asks so that affects your memory. Her she shows DUPING DELIGHT where there is a  slight smile on her face as she says “Yes that makes my brain scramble.”

Her slight smile which leaked out showed she was happy she felt she got a dig into the prosecutor and compared him to Travis. But what this stupid woman doesn’t realize is that it may have cost her  her life . It  may have angered jurors that she painted the prosecutor with the same brush she painted Travis. The jurors saw how he asked her  simple question about her memory and now she took it to a level  of  indirectly accusing the prosecutor of verbally abusing her.


Her  smiling during  the prosecution’s questioning is not good either. There is NOTHING to smile about when a man has been brutally  killed  like Travis was and when her life is on the line. Jurors will pick that up and it will be a turn off to them. Perhaps she has been conditioned by others that her smile gets her what she wants. But it certainly won’t be the case here. Her smile for the first time in her life will work against her.

Will Jodi die by lethal needle?  Usually  it is reserved for people who have  killed  their children or spouses  or a both, or a parent,  in Arizona like the three women  who are already on death row there.  Each of these women also sought to benefit financially from the death where Jodi did not. So Jodi’s cases a little different in that regard.

However given the brutality of the murder that the jurors  were forced to see, Jodi’s lies from the past and witnessing her lies right in front of their eyes with regard to her finger, her smugness, and her belligerent attitude with the prosecutor, Jodi Arias may very well be joining these three woman.

It is a myth that because a woman is pretty she won’t get the death sentence.One woman who was on death row and  executed in Texas was quite beautiful and could pass as a Kardashian with her long brown hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and pretty features.

All three women who are on  Arizona’s death row are attractive. So it  shows that looks really don’t  matter these days as far as the death penalty is concerned.

Actually Jodi is doing all she can to not be attractive with her greasy hair limp hair, no makeup, and glasses in her attorney’s or a jury consultant’s misguided coaching to have her not look like a sexy bombshell she looked like in the photos with Travis.

Was Travis and angel? Far from it! Was he a hypocrite with regard to his Mormon religion which doesn’t believe in premarital sex. Yes. Was he a jerk in that he used  Jodi for sex and wanted to marry a decent Momon girl. Yes. Did he give her mixed messages? You bet . But did he deserve to die in such a brutal way? No way!

If the man was wet and naked it made him even more vulnerable and juror will pick that up. Even if he did get mad at her for dropping the camera  and she claims she killed him in self defense. It was OVERKILL which means she despised him and most likely planned this attack at one point or another.  Maybe it was a fantasy that ran through in her mind from time to time for how awful he treated her. But the fact that she executed it with such force  shows the built up anger and hate she was harboring towards him.

That leads me back to her voice. The voice mirrors what goes on in your head and your heart as Galen the Greek philosopher once said. Jody hand a lot of rage and anger in her heart and it was clearly mirrored in her voice until it was unleashed today by the prosecutor.

Sandusky’s Voice on Audiotape On Eve Before Sentencing Shows Extreme Fear and Anger
October 9, 2012

Convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky  released an audiotape  the evening before his sentencing for 45 counts  of child sexual abuse.

While he shifts he blame on to the victims, the media, and the justice system,  Penn State, psychologists, and attorneys, calling it  “a well orchestrated” conspiracy, there is a shakiness to his voice and an overcompensated volume to his voice  which shows  displaced anger and  extreme fear.

His statement speaks volumes about this vapid man who looks at life as wins and losses calling this “the worst loss of my life.”  He then goes on to say  “They’ve won.  “I’ve wondered what they’ve really won. Attention, financial gain, prestige will all be temporary.”

It is as though he is looking at this as a football game.

In fact , his cadence as he read his statement, sounds like a like a coach giving his players a pep talk. In essence his statement  was clearly  a pep talk to himself.

As he read this speech there was no emotion as it  was read in a monotone with the pitch breaks indicating fear and loudness bursts indicating anger.

He is incomplete denial as he convinces himself that “in his heart” he knows he didn’t do these disgusting acts.” He then goes on to share too much information about his sex life stating his “wife  was his only sexual partner, only after marriage”. This “only after marriage” statement is to  convince himself and others  how  moral and chaste  he considers himself and how  sexually pure he is. But  that is far from the truth. When someone gives away too much information, it is usually a signal of deception.

Sandusky very well knows what will happen to him during the sentencing as he has mentally  prepared himself by stating that he asks “that he has the strength to surrender himself to God regardless of the outcome.”

The outcome will be that he will leave prison in a pine box and spend the rest of his days in solitary confinement for his own protection as a sexual predator. This could be the worst punishment for someone who spent his life in the limelight and has had the adulation of thousands of people If by chance he does encounter other inmates, he will most likely be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Image and Body Language Needs Vocal Rehab
March 3, 2012

Lindsay Lohan recently  looked  a lot more mature than the fresh faced girl next

door look we once knew as she appeared on all the talks shows on NBC to promote her SNL gig to give her career a  well needed boost.

Looking more and more like her stage mom Dina Lohan , she looked pretty with her  desperately needed newly veneered teeth. She also eliminated of the lip trout that  made her face look out of proportion in relation to to her facial features.

Despite her new classical facial appearance and  curvaceous figure the one thing she still really needs to work on is her voice. As someone who did voice and speech and body language coaching with A list actors for various movie roles  over the years, I know what I am talking about here.


She sounded hoarse, gravely and harsh. I think that as she ventures into acting and gets her life and acting career back on track it would be in her best interest to also get some desperately needed vocal therapy.

Her voice sounds  so bad because of the vocal abuse from what often happens when one abuses drugs and  or alcohol . This is what people sound like who abuse themselves for a long period of time. Vocal muscles  and tissues get taxed and there can be damage to them. The wasy she sounds will clearly limit her roles because she has a harsh limited note range. As a performer you need a wide range.

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Casey Anthony’s Body Language More Contained on Day 5, But Still Leaks Out Significant Signals, Especially Around Newest Member of Her Team
May 14, 2011

There has been a  major  change in Casey’s courtroom demeanor from Day 1, to Day 2 to Day 3 to Day 4 to now  Day 5.  While she is less frigidity she still leaks out some significant body language cues,. Here she is with apparent “cotton mouth” as she licks her lips and purses them,  indicating nervousness right before jury selection begins on Day 5.

Here we see her touching her throat area which indicates that she is feeling vulnerable.

She holds on to this are which is one  of the most vulnerable areas of the body for a significant length of time as she looks at  the newest member of the team Rosalie Bolin. The fact that she is pressing hard on this area which controls her breathing and airstream is also significant in my view. It is especially  relevant in light of the fact that she is accused of snuffing out little Caylee’s airstream and respiratory  life line.

Here we see Casey with a very happy and genuine full- on toothy  smile. We don’t usually see her with such a broad smile and happy face.

The fact that her fingers are intertwined and clasped together shows she is trying her best to contain herself.   This incongruent body language indicates that she has most likely been told how to act (more contained) . Even so, she can’t help leaking out her real emotions.

The bottom line is that no matter how coached Casey is to sit still , she  always leak out significant body language tells because  THE BODY DOESN’T LIE! If she gets on the stand,  we will salso discover  that her VOICE  AND SPEECH PATTERNS WILL NOT LIE either.

When people hear what you have to say and listen to the tone of your voice, there are such significant tells that people pick up which show that you are lying. So if Casey takes the stand she cannot  help but leak out these signals to a juror. 

 I belive her team knows this and that is why they may not want her on the stand. If she is grilled by the prosecution there may be all kinds of speech, vocal and body  language slip ups on Casey’s part.

While  she may be coached to sit still  making  jurors  less distracted by her ,  over a two month period, seeing her on a daily basis, jurors  will be paying  very close attention to her. As a result they wull scrutinize her every move as they continue to  form their opinions of her.

It is interesting to note that Casey has been in  much better spirits since her  mitigator Ms. Bolin has arrived on the scene.  She is chatty and smiley and happy.

Even though  Ms. Bolin’s personal life has raised eyebrows with her having left her attorney husband and children, only to be married to a man on death row who is  a convicted serial killer, Ms. Bolin project does  manage to project  a warmth and friendliness towards Casey.

This warmth  is  complete with  physcial touches,  pats, and back holding,  for which Casey no dount  hungers.  After being deprived of human contact for so many years, Casey thrives on the warm touch of another person. Ms. Bolin is now  there to fill this role.

When Baez and Mason kept touching her it gave mixed signals and  the impression of flirtation  which could even be misconstrued as  sexual harassment. But now that motherly looking  and acting Ms. Bolin is on the scene to provide touches and caresses towards Casey, it gives an entirely different impression

As the jury sees Casey’s and Ms. Bolin’s warm and friendly interaction, it may reflect a sharp contrast of Casey’s realtionship with her own  mother Cindy, whom Casey and her team will portray as “abusive”.   

The bottom line is that  Casey’s  change in body language indicates  that she is extremely happy about the new addition to her team . www.drlillianglass.com

Mel Gibson’s Verbal Tirade Towards His Baby’s Mother, Oksana Reveals A Narcissistic, Control Freak Who’s Suffering from the “Madonna/ Whore Syndrome”
July 10, 2010


The words a person uses, the emphasis and inflection patterns on those particular words, in addition to a person’s vocal tone can tell you if they are dangerous and ready to do you harm. After listening to Mel’s tone of voice and what he said to Oksana Grigoreieva, there is no doubt that he meant business and he was out to destroy her every way possible.

Words must NEVER be taken lightly. When a person speaks as Mel Gibson has spoken to the mother of his child, he has committed verbal murder.


Mel’s rant killed Oksana’s self esteem as we hear a meek  sounding abused woman.

She tied to fight back and stand up for herself by telling Mel that it is none of his effing business when it came to her breasts, but it was no use.

Mel continued to berate her. It was too painful to listen to. If this horribly abusive snippet was caught on tape, one can only imagine what went on when Mel was not being taped.

Words and tones can destroy another person and can have a lifelong emotional effect. There is no doubt that Mel’s abusive words and actions have left an indelible scar on the mother of his child.


As Galen the ancient Greek philosopher once said, it is the voice that mirrors the soul. It is also mirrors the speech and the communication patterns.

What is in Mel’s head and his heart came out in his voice and the content of his speech. What emerged was an impotent human being. And that impotence may very well translate to sexual impotence as well as you will see as you read on. It translated into a narcissistic, sadistic, control freak.


The most striking thing about the tape is Mel’s hard glottal vocal attacks. The tone sounds like vocal bullets, as he rained down a spray of hatred and vitriol in a staccato pattern.

He closed off the back of his throat when he speaks. That is why you hear a creaky sound in his tone, much like a croaking frog. The reason he sounds like that is because he is filled with rage and anger. This rage and anger causes his muscles to tense up, including his vocal muscles.

The tight vocal muscles don’t allow the air to flow  through the vocal cords when he speaks. Hence, you hear the creaky  angry and tense sound.

The tone of his speech shows an offensiveness as though he is looking to pick a fight. He is spooling himself up and is ready to take issue with anything and everything.

The best thing Oksana could have done in this case was to remain calm and even keeled, which she did. But even so, it made little or no difference in terms  whatever she said. Mel was gunning for a down and dirty fight. Unfortunately she was the  victim.

The contents of his speech was peppered with sudden angry  bursts of loudness to emphasize specific words. These specific words are key in analyzing what is really going on in Mel’s psyche.


The capitalized words are those which Mel emphasized during his tirade are seen below. I did not censor any of the words because I wanted to give a clear picture of the exact words Mel used and how he used them.

“Trying to breast feed with Fucking FOREIGN BODIES in you.The fact that you had FOREIGN BODIES in there. So you’re not LYING to me about FAKE TITS you did you FUCKING  LIED to me.They look RIDICULOUS. Get rid of them why dontcha?

They look STUPID, It’s just an appraisal. Keep em they look STUPID, Keep em if you want . I don’t give a FUCK. But you know they’re too BIG and they look STUPID. They look like some Vegas BITCH. Vegas Whore .And you go SHASHAYING around in your tight clothes, I won’t stand for that anymore. You go out in public and it’s a Fucking EMBARASSMENT to me. You look like a FUCKING BITCH on heat.

You;ll get RAPED by a pack of Niggers it’s be your fault. All right because YOU PROVOKED it. You are PROVOCATIVELY dressed all the time with your fake BOOBS. You feel you have to SHOW OFF in tight outfits in tight pants  You can see you PUSSY from behind. And that GREEN thing. THAT’s (vocal pitch goes up) provocative.

Ok I’m TELLING you, I’m just  TELLING you the TRUTH!  I DON’T LIKE IT . I don’t WAN’T want that woman. I don’t want  YOU .I don’t BELIEVE you any more. I don’t TRUST you/ I don’t LOVE you. I don’t WANT you. Ok. STAY in the FUCKING house. I’ not GIVING it to you, but I’ll LET you stay there .  And I will take care of my child but I DON’T WANT YOU anymore.


In his rant, we can see that is all about control. Mel is  trying to control Oksana completely from her  breasts- (telling her to get rid of them),to what she wears (tight clothing and that green thing) to her living  arrangements ( sadistically telling her he will allow her to live n the house).

Controlling  a person the first sign in the Cycle of Abuse . First, they try to control how you look, what you wear, and then it is your basic needs from what you eat, to where, and how you live.

That is exactly what Mel has done to Oksana. If she fails to obey, he gets more verbally abusive which is the next stage in the Cycle of Abuse we saw.

Then if she fails to do what he says, the next stage is the physically violent phase. While we have yet to see the photos of Oksana’s black eyes and chipped teeth as a result of Mel’s hands, based on the pattern we have seen thus far, I tend to believe that he did indeed abuse her.


The next thing we notice in Mel’s rant is that he absolutely hates it when Oksana is the center of attention. After all that attention is reserved for him- the star- not Oksana, the “extra” in his the big screen of his  life.

He talks about how he doesn’t like it when she dresses in tight clothes and how it embarrasses HIM. Of course it embarrasses him. He is the one who wants the public to only look at him and he is embarrassed if anyone more attractive or sexy looking surpasses him as far as attention goes.

He doesn’t like the attention Oksana gets from other men and even goes so disgustingly far as saying that since she attracts so much attention to herself by her dress, a pack of “Niggers” will swoop down and gang rape her and that it will be all of her own doing.

But it is not about the dress or the clothes or that green thing or the outfit, which as Mel so vulgarly stated, revealed her “pussy” . It is all about her taking away his limelight and redirecting the attention that he believes should be on him, on to her.


Enraged Mel is vocally  focusing on some very key words –  BOOBS, BITCH. PUSSY, RAPED,  and FUCKING (said multiple times)

He verbally  focuses  on Oksana’s “big boobs”, the provocative  “green thing” she was wearing, her “sashaying around”, and the threat of being “raped
by a pack of “Niggers.

What he is saying here is that she is clearly sexy  and provocative with her large breats and tight clothing that reveal her sexy body, including her private parts .

He is so threatened by this. Thus, he attempts to cut down her breasts by  telling Oksana they are fake, too big, and look stupid.

Obviously, her sexy assets are what  initially attracted him to her , to the point that he had sex with her, got her pregnant, and left his wife of over 30 years for her.

But suddenly, he is finding fault with what attracted him to her in the first place. He is rationalizing that it is her fake large breasts that are the reasons he is most likely no longer able to perform sexually. He  continues  to rationalize, that it is the fault of her provocative clothing that doesn’t allow him to get turned on.

He takes his being sexually turned off, a step further. There is no doubt that Mel is a racist, who hates Jews, Mexicans and Blacks as we have all seen via his past behavior and now current tirade.

So what would turn him off more than people he detests? It would be a group of Blacks, having sex with his woman- sex that he may be no longer able to achieve with her.

He took the sexual sterotype of the Black man and his sexual prowess and magnified his fantasy scenario  ten fold,  with a “group” of “Niggers“raping” her. He used this egregious term- the N word as an attempt to further degrade Oksana in his sick scenario, as a way to  rationalizes why he, most likely cannot perform sexually.

Because he feels Oksana  is the reason he is destroyed sexually with impotence, he in turn wants to destroy her for doing this to him. That is why he threatened to burn down the house, but not until after she gives him oral sex.

In saying this, he is in essence, asking her to become the “whore” like image that initially attracted him sexually, until she bore him a child and became the “Madona” like image that now renders him sexually impotent with her. I will get into  Mel’s “ Whore/ Madonna Complex” in a just a moment.

But in essence, what he is saying is “I want to destroy you Oksana, because you  destroyed my sexuality. But before I do, you have to do something to help revive my sexuality that you destroyed. You must prove to me that you have not destroyed my sexuality. But never the less, I plan to destroy you forever by burning down the house , preferably with you in it.


Mel may clearly be blaming Oksana for his  lack of sexuality. But in reality, she has little to do with it. It is all about him. Based on Mel’s words, it is clear that he now sees Oksana, the mother of his child in a very different light. Prior to her being pregnant, he perceived her as  the” whore” who sexually tuned him on.  But this is no longer the case.

A lot of men can have great sex with a lover, or girlfriend. or wife. But as soon as the lover, girlfriend, or wife delivers a baby, the man may no longer see her as being sexually attractive. She is no longer their sexual “whore”. She is now the “mother” of their child. She is the “Madonna”. That is clearly what Mel may be suffering from, in my view.

It is evident in his speech. He doesn’t want her  to look like a “Vegas whore.”  He doesn’t want her to dress provocatively. He doesn’t want her to “sashay” around in public because it embarrasses him.

It embarrasses him  because now that she is the mother of his child, she can no longer dress  the way she dressed before  she birthed his child, which now  in his mind looks like a provocative “whore”.

He feels that now she must look proper and dress the part of the “Madonna” that she is  now isin Mel’s disturbed mind. She must now, go out in unsexy outfits, unlike lithe green one she wore. Otherwise. it will say to Mel that she  is still a “whore”- a sexual object to be preyed upon by the  by the worst kind of people Mel views, in his racially sick mind- Black people.

To drive home his point and put  the fear of God into her ,he warns Oksana about his biggest fear. His fear is that the mother of his child, who he now sees as the Madonna, will be violated and tarnished and “raped” by the people he is most repulsed by- Black men.

He warns further that she will be the one responsible for her own raping and violation. She will be the one who brought it on herself, by not dressing the part of the “Madonna”, but rather the “whore”.

That is why he is allowing her to stay in the house. He wants her  out of sight. He wants her to be the Madonna and only care for his precious child. He wants her away from the public attention of the limelight.  He wants her away from any other man who may find his “Madonna” a sexy looking “whore”. And he especially wants her home and away from Blacks, whom  he feels may “rape: her and tarnish his  fantasy “Madonna” forever.


Mel committed verbal murder when he attacked Oksana so brutally with his tones and words. He murdered her spirit and you can hear it in her fearful meek voice, as she tries to fight back and give him a dose of his own medicine by using the F word to tell him her breasts are none of his business.

Mel can never take these words back. They are in Oksana’s psyche forever.

Mel’s  tones and words murdered his chances of having a civil relationship so his daughter could grow up without the enormous tension that will most likely always be there between Mel and Oksana.


Mel’s verbal murder also killed off his many fans. These cans can never look at Mel the same. What he said about his loyal supporters is unforgivable. They will NEVER support him at the box office no matter what film he makes in the future .


Just like there is no Jewish fan who can every look at Mel the same, after he made his anti-Semitic remarks when he was in the back of a police squad car after being arrested for a DUI, there is no Black fan that can ever look at him the same after calling them the N word.


And adding insult to injury, he said that a “gang” of Blacks would rape Oksana just because his baby momma would be dressed provocatively. How insulting! How degrading to say that because a person is dressed a certain way that Blacks are so out of control with their sexuality that they would have no choice but to “rape” her in large groups in a pack, as in a pack of hungry, out of control wolves! This is the ultimate in stereotypic racism.


No Latin fan can ever look at Mel the same, after they heard him refer to Mexicans as “wetbacks.” How ugly! What he said is not only an insult to Mexicans but to every Spanish speaking fan.


And finally, no female fan can ever look at Mel the same. As if calling a female police officer “Sugar Tits” when he was arrested for a DUI wasn’t enough to turn women off, his rant to Oksana is guaranteed to turn off any woman who may have ignored his sexist comment to the police woman, forgiven Mel, or given him a second chance.

The  degrading and sexist way he spoke to Oksana sent chills up my spine as I am sure  it did to many other women.

The sexist and degrading name calling – from “whore” to “bitch”. The vulgar  reference to “tits” and “pussy” is unconscionable. No woman should ever have to hear that type of language coming out of anyone’s mouth.


While Hollywood loves a good comeback, there are certain things you can NEVER come back from. Robert Downy, Mickey Rourke, Britney Spears, are examples of the Hollywood dream. They are examples of having it all, losing it all, and then coming back even bigger and better than before. Hollywood is hoping to add Lindsay Lohan to this list, but only time will tell ,as it all depends on Lindsay now.

But there will never be a comeback for Mel. Mel is on his own this time. Hollywood, who has many powerful Jewish people in control, was going to pull the plug on Mel years ago after his anti semitic comments. But Mel’s well respected agent  at the time, Ed Limato of the William Morris Agency fought tooth and nail to keep Mel alive in the industry.

But last weekend Ed Limato died and so did Mel’s most loyal supporter. Now, there is no one to bail him out and play “the emperor has new clothes” game. Mel’s career is as dead as Ed Limato.

When  the William Morris Agency quits you even though you have made millions of dollars for them, you can kiss your career goodbye forever. What Mel did was unforgiveable and the William Morris Agency, headed by Ari Emanual, let Mel know it in no uncertain terms.

Now that his old  agent Ed Limato is dead, there is no one to defend Mel and play “the emperor has new clothes when in reality, the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.” Mel is on his own and it is OVER for him in Hollywood!

Will another agency take him?  If they do, it will speak volumes about them and they will not be respected.   They will be seen as vultures. A lot of these heavy duty agents work together. They support one another. So, if Mel was fired from WMA/Endeavor, I doubt CAA or ICM – the three agencies who really matter in Hollywood and can do the job Mel requires, will take him on as a client.


While you may think that this is no big deal, and that Mel will be even more popular because of all of this publicity, you are sadly mistaken.

The old adage “ there is no such thing as bad publicity” may have worked when Hollywood began in the 20’s, but it doesn’t work in this day and age.

It does work to make people aware of those who are not yet household names or who’s career is waning. While scandals get people to sit up and take notice and increase their awareness of you and hence your popularity, like it did with Kate Gosslelin, making her a star , it works the opposite when someone is already a super star and a household word.

When they do something like Mel has done- verbally abuse a woman and allegedly hit her while she was holding her baby, it is unforgivable!

Look at what happened to  Rhianna beater, singer Chris Brown. His career will never be the same. But Mel’s case is much worse. There is not only alleged physical violence, there is a baby involved.

There are words involved that no one will tolerate like the N word. Comedian, Michael Richards. who played Kramer on Seinfield,  essentially lost his career after his tirade in a nightclub where he used the N word and made other racist remarks.

Actor  Isaiah Washington was let go from Grey’s Anatomy for using the other F word, when he called his fellow co-star a “faggott”.

How people responded to these egregious actions, set a precedent. No one will accept it and there is no going back!  It is over for Mel Gibson!


Mel can pay his publicist and my dear friend,Paul Block of Rogers and Cowan, millions of dollars and it the spin will never work! I am sure Paul  is working 24/7 trying to do damage control .

I see how hard Paul is working ever since this mess occurred, as Paul tries to cast dispersions on Oksana by releasing stories that Mel is suing her for extortion. When that didn’t work, Paul no doubt, released a  news flash about how Mel was suing her for leaking the tape, and suing her for breach of contract.

Who cares about what Oksana did? Anything she allegedly did is minor in comparison to what Mel did. In actuality, the tape says it all. It speaks volumes with regard to what Mel did to her.

So what if she leaked the tape? There are no secrets anymore anyway. The truth always comes out! No one can hide.   The cat is out of the bag ,  the feathers are out of the pillowcase, and Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall and his pieces can never be put back together at all.


I will save publicist Alan Nierob a lot of time and effort, by letting him know that if his next move is to spin the pity card, it won’t work with Mel.

It would be easy to now blame Mel’s bad behavior on his alcoholism or a bipolar disorder but it won’t work. There is just way too much bad behavior. It is not just one thing. It is a lot of things.

Many people are alcoholics and bipolar and they don’t abuse others like Mel did. They aren’t racists, anti Semites, or alleged physical abusers.

It would also be easy for Paul to spin it by blaming all of his issues on Mel’s bad childhood and his abusive father, the  ignorant father who is a Holocaust denier, and whom Mel has never spoken out against.

Maybe Alan Nierob will use this time and throw Mel’s father under the PR bus to save his client. But it won’t work. Lots of people have wacky or ignorant parents and they don’t act like Mel did. And besides, Mel is in his 50’s. How much longer can one blame a parent for their bad actions? It won’t work!

My advice to Alan, who happens to be Jewish and who is the son of precious Holocaust survivors, is to find another client. While you may  want to do right by your clients, remember that deep down, Mel is not too crazy about you and could spit his  vitriol  on you personally  in a heartbeat.

And speaking of heartbeats,  spinning a story about Mel being rushed to the hospital because of a heart attack or some other unknown ailment or sending him into rehab  won’t work either . The public is not stupid and they won’t buy anything but the truth!


This coming November I have a book out called Toxic Men- Identify Deal With And Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable. In the book it tells you how to identify Toxic Men like Mel and what body language signals to look for. It tells you what to do – what 10 options you have available if you are in a toxic relationship like Oksana is in. It gives you choices that can either turn the relationship around or end the relationship for good. And finally it tells you how to heal from the events that Oksana experienced.

While the book will be available in bookstores November 2010, you can order it online right now. Just click this link http://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Men-Ways-Identify-Miserable/dp/144050007X and it will take you to amazon.com where you can order your copy ahead of time and get it as soon as it is released.


Casey Anthony’s Voice and Speech Tells In and Out of the Courtroom- Vocal Frying and Lying
January 31, 2010


As someone who is engaged in doing vocal forensics for legal cases, I am always amazed at how much we can learn about a person based on the sound and tone of their voice, not to mention their speech patterns and its content.

When a person lies, the voice can give a lot away. Vocal tells are not always consistent in lying.  Sometimes the pitch of a person’s voice may rise as it did last week, when Casey Anthony gave her lame apology in front of the courtroom.

Other times, the voice may sound lower because the vocal cords tend to close off and emit what is known as a “vocal fry” or a “glottal fry” which sounds like a creaking tone.

Since respiration is affected when someone lies, it is often difficult for liars to adequately coordinate their respiration with their phonation.  The fry  is also nature’s  way of wanting to close off  the vocal cords so the person won’t engage in lying. There is a lot of strain on the vocal muscles when the voice closes off, so you often hear Casey  clear her throat. That is another tell to let you know what is taking place.


If you go back and listen to Casey Anthony’s interrogation   audiotapes, with Detective Uri Melich,  you will hear Casey’s  lower pitch and a lot of vocal frying and  creaking tones. This was very evident when Detective Melich  talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing, how she met Zenaida Gonzalez,what happened the day Caylee disappeared, who she talked to about Caylee missing, how she tried to find Zenaida. and why she did not alert them earlier.

All of that frying clearly means she is lying!


In listening to these interrogation  tapes you will hear that Casey gives WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION, and provides convoluted stories  like she did about Zanida’s mother  and how Zenaida changed her number so much. That is a HUGE tell that someone lies.

TOO MUCH PAUSE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTION Like when Melich asked her about Zanaida’s mother  or asked her about the phone numbers of various people. The extended pause time was used  for Casey to no doubt concoct her false stories.

MONOTONE and lack of inflection pattern in the voice is often a key to deception as is rapid fire answers to questions.



When someone uses upward inflection at the end of sentences, it sounds as though they are asking a question as opposed to making a statement. This upward inflection that Casey used in the courtroom last week, was in stark contrast to the downward frying inflection she used when she was interrogated.  

What this means was that Casey was not being  sincere and definite in her apology. Instead, it was tentative,  phony, and insincere .  It was tentative because Casey is no doubt,  not used to asking for forgiveness or admitting fault for anything.

This is a young lady who has gotten away with everything her entire life. She was enabled as he family always seemed to look the other way and have their heads buried in the sand when it came to Casey.  It sounded like she was asking a question with her upward inflection. Her raised eyebrows that went along with her tentative upward  inflection  reflected that  what she was doing and saying in terms of apologizing it was new and foreign  information that her body was processing.


In the case of Casey Anthony, her higher pitched of her voice indicated a lot of tension in her vocal apparatus.  When people are not being truthful or are insincere or nervous, we  may oftentimes hear a sudden rise in pitch as we did with Casey. She knew deep down she didn’t believe those words one bit.


There were many vocal frys and cracking  of the voice as Casey spoke, indicating deception and  insincerity. This was especially evident when she said how she wished she would have been a better friend to Amy.

If and when  Casey does take the stand during her murder trial, it will be  very interesting to read her vocal and speech tells. No doubt we will her more of the same patterns of deception that she exhibited when she a interrogated and when she was insincerely apologizing.  www.drlillianglass.com

Salahis, The White House Party Crashers Stay Silent But Their Body Language and Voice Patterns Scream They are GUILTY!!!
January 20, 2010

The White House State dinner crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi kept invoking their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination as they refused to answer a House committee’s questions about their uninvited appearance at the State Dinner to which they were not formally invited. But in closely examining at their body language and listening to their voice patterns as they listened to the charges and said they weren’t going to answer any questions, it spoke volumes about their guilt.


When Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee spoke and told it like it is, we can really observe Tareq’s body language indicating guilt and discomfort  after hearing her lay out the truth about what the couple did- crashing the state dinner.
When she says “For Terrorists of all walks of life,” we see Tareq squirming at first and then biting his lip in embarrassment at being busted as he was being shockingly referred to as a “TERRORIST FOR ALL WALKS OF LIFE.”

As Sheila Lee continued to vocally express her outrage at the situation and demonstrate her outrage though her angry facial expression, furrowed brow and all, ice queen looking, Michaele doesn’t budge a botoxed muscle, Therefore, you can’t real her facial expressions as easily as you can read Tareq’s face. But the fact that her head is up with her chin up  shows arrogance and entitlement.

But the fact  she leaned to the side as Sheila Jackson expressed her range is telling. This movement is the body’s way of acknowledging that there was the in what Sheila Jackson said. Then  when Jackson  said that they couple needed to check their patriotism and talked about finding out why anyone had to do something like that, Michaele immediately leans over to the other side to get a better look at the woman who was clearly letting her have it!
Then Shelia sais the following. “ You had a duty to inform the Secret Service Officer that you were not san officially invited guest, yet you dressed the part with the intent of attending a State dinner. You did not receive an official invite, your backgrounds were not checked by the Secret Service , and your names did not appear on the guest list. Your attempts to secure an invitation from Michelle Jones was denied and rebuffed ( said in a loud rich angry tone). Finally, Jackson asks in a tone that one would use when admonishing a child, “what more did you need to understand that you were NOT invited ?”


As Rep. Jackson Lee  said these final words, Tareq looks down in shame as we see in this photo, while Michaele holds her head up in arrogance and defiance as though she was indeed entitled to attend even though she was clearly not an invited guest.

Tareq then looks visibly uncomfortable as his body shifts to the left and then to the right in discomfort. He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. He then locates his paper where he reads the words that says that on advice of his counsel he reserves the right to remain silent and declines to answer the question. He spits these words out as rapidly as possible as if to hurry up and get it over with . Then he immediately purses his lips, a non- verbal facial gesture indicating he is closed mouthed and not going to speak.


All the while Tareq rapidly reads his standard response, Michaele looks at him wide eyed like a deer caught in the headlights
Initially after Jackson Lee  was finished asking her question, Michaele looks down for a second and then looks over at Tareq. She immediately does a double take as she states at him wide eyed wonder as to what he will say. She is clearly nervous and uncomfortable and her wide bulging eyes shows she knows she has been busted and has been called out for her egregious behavior.

Rep Laura Richardson directs her question to Michaele. In a hyper-articulated tone, indicating annoyance and anger, Richardson says “ Your name was not on the list. Why did you continue to enter when you knew you did not have final confirmation?”

Michaele, lifts her head and looks up at Richardson. Then like Tareq, she opens her mouth and takes a little breath but no voice is heard. This leads me to believe that their attorney told them both to take a little breath before they began speaking to relax them.

Michaele then begins treading her script. But the telling part body language- wise is that she reads the script with her head down and her eyes looking upwards as though she was a guilty child with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Despite her initial arrogance, she sheepishly looks up in guilt as she continues to read all the while knowing seep down that she is busted!


Then in a very low and manly sounding voice or a voice that sound like it had too many cigarettes, she begins to read her recitation, But what happens next is very telling.

As she reads, we hear her low voice begin to crack and her throat muscles close off as she says “ I retain my right to remain silent and decline to answer you. At the end of her statement her voice completely cracks out “decline to answer you” indicating that her muscles are closed off, In essence this is the body’s way of not wanting to lie.

So when you hear a person with a voice cracking like this it is often indicative of deception, shame or embarrassment, or knowing they have been busted. It is the body taking over and shutting itself off muscularly and in turn, vocally.

This entire ordeal was a waste of time and heir lack of cooperation points the finger of guilt.

But on a positive note, I liked Michaele’s outfit until I realized it was laden with fur around the edges. I only hope that the fur was sheered like it is with alpaca’s or sheep and not sacrificed like it is with a fox or mink or chinchilla. www.drlillianglass.com


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