Jodi Arias’ Newly Surfaced Post Interrogation-Video Shows Narcissism,Laughing, Sighing, Self Soothing Body Language


A tape of Jodi Arias surfaced following her police interrogation in 2008. In it she covers her face with her hair as you see above. She is highly conscious of her looks.


She grooms herself as she speaks to her self out loud. She  can be heard saying “Jodi you should have put on your makeup. ” She appears to be very concerned about her makeup and her appearance for a number of reasons. Apparently Jodi has gotten by on her looks for a very long time. perhaps in her sick mind, she thought that if she looked her best all made up, the police officer would believe her and let her go because she looked so good. In essence she is thinking that if she looked good  all made up she could seduce him into letting her go.

This shows how self oriented and narcissistic and completely deluded Jodi Arias was.


We  see her in a confident pose with hands in back of her head. This indicates she is clearly not taking what is about to happen to her seriously. She is confident that she will be released and her body language shows this.


We also see her looking up and laughing. She has absolutely no remorse about what she did to Travis. She also laughs at no doubt thinking she will outsmart law enforcement whom she thinks  will release her. She is showing an extreme example of duping delight.


She also sings about “memories” in her contest winning voice. The reason for is is self soothing, She is doing something to calm herself down and to get her mind off of the reality that will soon  face her. It is  a form of self soothing behavior.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.51.51 AM

Jodi even looks up at one point an sighs as though this is a big inconvenience for her.


Her rifling through the garbage can is also very telling. It speaks to her sneakiness and trying to get the edge over  a situation. Perhaps she is thinking she can find a paper related to her with information that she can spin her way. In looking at this one can only imagine how she may have rifled through Travis’ garbage or his emails to get an edge over him with more information.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.21.59 AM

Finally we see her doing a head stand, which she does with ease. It is once again her way of dealing with all the pent up energy in her system. Even though she is not showing it outwardly, inwardly, there is a lot of anxiety beginning to surface. Once again it reflects her self soothing behavior.

At this point Jodi firmly believes in her mind  that she will get away with murder. But her body language says otherwise.

It must have come to a huge shock to her moments later when she was booked and taken into custody.


Casey Anthony latest Baby Voiced Video Focuses On Her New Piercings Not Caylee


In the second video that has just been released on Casey Anthony, we no longer see a blond Casey with a  hair style and color resembling her mother Cindy. Now we see her in a a short  brunette cropped hair do.  The glasses she is now sporting are very oversized as opposed to the last video and look rather comical on her face. Also if Casey was in such need of glasses, why wasn’t she wearing them in the courtroom where she really needed to see things closely and read materials.The glasses obviously seem to be put on for effect.

Casey  still does not mention Caylee , just as she did not mention her in her previous video. In her first video she was concerned where to look . But now she seems to have the hang of it as she is looking directly at herself on video ,where she can examine her newly pieced nose ring and ear piercing at the top of her ear.

While she says he is very excited about her piercings by stating “I just pierced my nose last night, very excited and top of my ear” you would never know she was excited in any way until she spoke those words. Her voice says the opposite. It is in a  dull emotionless uninflected monotone.

Casey also begins the new video with a higher pitched baby girl like voice  To Read more click link below

Octomom Nadya Suleman Showed Some TV Promise, Despite Her Jarring LOUD Nervous Laugh on Jimmy Kimmel Parody Dating Show


 Since the Game Show Network is in a hurry to get Nadya Suleman a show they wanted to give her some TV chops,  so they put her on Jimmy Kimmel Live to test her out.

 Believe it or not, no matter what you think of her past self-admitted irresponsible behavior, I think she passed the little screen test.  I think that because of her performance on Jimmy Kimmel, the Game Show Network has nothing to worry about as Nadya will in my view do a good job for them.



The good news is that’s he was charming,  and warm and affectionate, beginning the show by giving Jimmy a hello kiss and ending the show hugging her date, even though he was too much in shock to return her affection. She was pleasant and I personally found her likeable and there seemed to be a sweetness about her that was very appealing.

                                                                                                          PAPP APPEAL

I think what added to her appeal was watching how she handled herself publically all these months. She isn’t mean or belligerent or fighting with the papps. Instead, she likes the papps and they act in kind. She answers their questions and doesn’t say that she hates them.


She’s had a lot to handle with agencies and lawyers, early on, trying to take her kids from her early on. She’s had to deal with a lot of criticism and hostility from all over the world. Yet she handled it articulately and with grace and aplomb.


And what I like about Nadya the most, is that whenever we have seen her with the kids, she has been loving and affectionate, kind and gentle. I really like seeing that. The best thing of all is that she has not paraded her right  little ones out there, or her other kids for that matter. She has not exploited them and I really respect that.  


 Of course this is really the first time we have seen Nayda in a pleasant and light-hearted situation. When we first met her she was grilled by my dear friend Dr.Phil and rightfully so. But I was impressed with how she handled herself with Dr. Phil. She admitted to him and to the world that she did act irresponsibly and did not make the best choice.

Personally when I see a person who is not in denial and not blaming others and able to openly admit culpability,accepting full responsibility for their actions, it makes me think a lot more of them. It says  a lot about their character.


No matter what you think of Nadya, you have to admit that she looks great! After 8 kids, her body is slender and we toned and she looked remarkable- if not sexy. Jimmy even alluded to looking at her behind as he made a joke about it.

She is clearly not used to this positive attention and her discomfort shown through. But she was very well put together from her hair to the dress she chose to her hose and boots.. She was actually quite an inspiration to get back into the gym and start working out like she has been doing over the past few months.


She had inflection in her vocal tones, so she wasn’t boring or monotone. She was articulate and infected.  She wasn’t self centered but rather engaging.

 I particularly  liked how she made all the  men  she questioned on the other side of the wall, feel good about their answers they gave.

. Even when they were stuck, like bachelor number two, she was supportive, saying that he must be in his head. She made it OK. That means she was not into only herself, but sensitive about someone else.

There was a lightness about her as she genuinely laughed at herself—maybe a bit too much and definitely a bit too loudly. Just as Nadya  no doubt tells her 14 kids to use their “inside voice” when they are indoors, she needed to do the same and not use her  her “outside voice”





When she first entered the stage, there was no question she was nervous as she was practically shaking. However,  she quickly recovered. Although her quick recovery  is a great sign for anyone who wants to be on TV, she needs to make sure it never happens again. That is why she could use some formal on camera training. There are various techniques that can help you- de- nerve in an instant that she needs to learn. I even wrote a book about it once called ‘ Talk to Win”  that could really help her, just by learning some of those techniques to help her. 

Unfortunately, that nervous energy came out vocally in her raucous laughter. Tha is why she laughed so inappropriately and recovered from her laugh so quickly. When a person is genuinely laughing, there is a transition in their recovery time where you see them still smiling. That was n the case with Nadya as she went from over the top laughter to a serious facial expression. When you see that happen, you can rest assured that it is an indication of nerves.


The laugh was way over the top and way inappropriate and if she has plans to move forward with the show, she  defiantly needs to work on this. It was shocking  to the ears  of those who had to listen to it. Over time, it not only became annoying, it became embarrassing as the jarring bursts of sound were  at inopportune moments. There are ways she can re-learn how to laugh more appropriately. She also  and learn how to redirect and  focus that nervous energy vocally.

I do hope the Game Show Network doesn’t overlook this because this can be just the thing to turn viewers of, not to mention turning off  men whom she wants to date.


I also liked that Nada had nothing to hide s she spoke of how unsocialized she has been over the past ten years. Unfortunately it shows and the laugh is a part of it. If she was around more adults, she would  have learn how to gauge her laughter and her loud verbal outbursts. She would have be conditioned by observing their reaction to her as to what is socially and unsocially acceptable in terms of volume and timing of her  laughter.

So getting this show may turn out to be a good thing for Nadya in terms of her being around more adults and learning how to react more appropriately around them.  She even admitted she was slightly agoraphopic. Hopefully getting out more and getting more positive support can help her appropriately  interact with others more.

 While the laugh was  a minus, her sweetness and a charm and pleasantness were plusses. I actually found myself smiling as I watched her and that is a good sign.


 When Bachelor Number three gave her a great answer to her question as to what he would do if she gained a lot of weight, saying that he would be OK with that because he wasn’t dating the body, she winked and gave him a thumbs up. I thought that should some spontaneity and good naturedness on her part.



AS the show continued, she got more comfortable and you could see her shine. She was very pleasant in my view.

Then it came time to meeting all three of  the bachelors. I liked how she took charge during this awkward moment.  She reached out and  her arms around Bachelor Number one


And Bachelor Number two, taking charge to avoid the initial awkward moment, and

Bachelor  Number 3, whom Nadya’s body language revealed she  really liked. Based on his initial body language and genuine heartfelt smile, he  liked her as well. But then he felt awkward when he realized it wa “Octomom” and literally stepped back a bit.  


 But then her  nerves got the best of her  and as a coping mechanism when she sensed him retreating a bit, she did some over the top nervous behaviors by  doubling over as you see above. His hand is now cupped in a fist like position indicating frustration and perhaps a bit of upset at having been set up with a woman with all those kids as well as  the fear of their association and the potential of unwillingly be  being pulled into limelight.



Then she held her stomach as though she was overcome with laughter , but it was really nerves and the awkwardness of feeling a bit rejected, especially  when her date  fellow said how he was in shock.He kept staring at her because he literally could not believe his yes- that he was standing in front of Octomom and was chosen by her as a date. Prior to that she was only a magazine article or a newsreport, but now there she was- up close and ersonal. Ita ll seeemed too much for him to process.


Overall,  I would say that Octomom,  Nadya Suleman’s quest for finding Mr. Right will make great TV. After that little skit, I actually found myself wanting  to see more. I wanted to see if they kissed, if they had a date, where they went and how they acted. That is a great sign.

I hope that she finds love! She deserves it and those babies  and her other kids could definitely use a nice and kind male role model in their lives. Even though I think that Bachelor Number 3 seemed like a really nice guy, I think it was a lot more than he could handle and it showed. No dount there will eventually, be someone out there for Nadya and her brood. Even a  squirrel eventually finds their nut ( no pun intended).

Paris and Prince Jackson’s Body Language Show Great Self Confidence and Michael’s Love. They were NOT Exploited By Appearing At the GRAMMY’S

Michael Jackson not only left a legacy of phenomenal music and entertainment but he left beautiful children with so much love and self-confidence as they appeared on stage at the Grammy’s to accept their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

As soon as Paris and Prince Michael came on the stage accompanied by their very handsome cousins, for moral support, they each gave Lionel Richie a very warm, loving and heartfelt hug, with their arms fully embracing Lionel as they wrapped them around Lionel’s shoulder and neck.

This loving gesture indicated that Michael definitely gave these two a lot of affection throughput their young lives.Otherwise they would not be able to demonstrate it and give it so freely to others. You can fully give what you received and these two clearly received love and affection.


Prince spoke eloquently. His tones reflected self the confidence that would make Michael proud. Paris reflected the same self- confidence through her body language- her impeccable straight and solid posture. As Prince spoke, he embraced the award as lovingly as he no doubt embraced his dad when he was alive. What was even more impressive was that Prince spoke from the heart, without using a teleprompter. By thanking God for watching over him and his siblings for the past 7 months, reminded us how long Michael has been that Michael has not been with us. He also let us know that he was well taken care of by adding the special thanks to his grandparents.

When she first acknowledged his grandmother, his cousins nodded in agreement, indicating their love for her as well. He reiterated Michael’s message – “love” and said how he would continue to spread his father’s message and help the world as he further embraced his award as though he was symbolically embracing his father. After Prince was finished speaking, he went back to the loving arms of his cousins who embraced him, showing him their support for a job well done.


Then beautiful young lady, Paris with her impeccable posture and equally eloquent, rich, resonant voice, which depicted self- confidence and self – awareness spoke. She added a more personal touch in the few seconds she had to speak. She reminded us indirectly that although Michael won a Lifetime Achievement Award and was a great performer- he was still” daddy.” Her impromptu message came from the heart and was not teleprompted. She let us in on how “daddy” was supposed to perform last year but couldn’ t (and obviously couldn’t perform this year either due to his untimely death).


When I read the following headline on the Drudgereport, GRAMMY EXPLOIT: THE KIDS MICHAEL JACKSON PROTECTED SO MUCH– PUT OUT FOR SHOW… I was very disturbed by this headline.

Having served as a Governor of the Grammy Organization for four years, I know exactly what goes on in that Grammy Organization – or NARAS as it is formally called. I have seen  in it up close and personal and they would not exploit anyone. Their aim is to fairly and properly honor those who have shown exceptional talent.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was NOT given to Michael Jackson because he died and to exploit his children to garner ratings. The decision as to who would receive the award was made well before Michael’s death seven months ago. In fact it was made well over a year ago. Therefore, this headline is ridiculous.

Initially, The Grammy Organization had no intention of having his kids up on stage to accept the award. They intended to have Michael accept the award for his exceptional talent throughout his life. Since he was no longer with us, who best to receive the award on his behalf other than those who were an extension of Michael- his cherished kids whom he loved and adored more than anything in the world. It made the moment very special.

As far as being protected when they were young children and not being exposed, the operative words are “ young children.” That is no doubt why young “Blanket” was not up there with these two mature “tweens.” Michael’s 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son were NOT exploited. They came there willingly and spoke willingly, based on the tone of their voice and content of their speech and their body language.

I am sure that they cherished the opportunity to speak those beautiful and loving words about their father. I am also sure that since Michael was not there to accept the award, that along with his mother whom he loved dearly, he would have been proud to have his offspring accept the award on his behalf and speak the words they spoke.

Does Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Say She’s Trying to Make A Positive Change? Kissing and Hugging Her Kids Seems Like A Good Start


From my perspective as a body language and communication expert, I fairly call things as I see them. My comments are based on behaviors in people  I have seen over time, in videos and in photographs. For those who think that you can’t tell anything by looking at one photo or one video, I beg to differ with you.

You certainly CAN tell a lot, A PHOTO especially of you have been properly  trained and  you have been doing it for over two decades as I have. In fact the FBI, uses video and photo analysis to analyze people’s behaviors. Sometime, they only have one photo or one video at their disposal.

I am also proud to say that I have even lectured  to members of the FBI and other members of law enforcement on the topic of body language and communication, so I definitely know what I am speaking about in this regard.


So, for those of you who are fans of Kate Gosselin and say that no one can tell about her from one photo like the one where she rudely, and aggressively and abusively in my opinion placed her hand over her son Colin’s mouth (and where there were a series of such photos), I can assure you that you can tell a lot.

You can tell even more about Kate and her behavior after looking at hundreds of videos and photos of Kate with her kids as I have. You can tell even more about Kate, now that Jon is out of the picture. When Kate has been out publicly with or without the kids, there has consistently appeared to be a lot of anger emanating from Kate’s face. She rarely looks happy, playful, light and joyful and always appears upset about something.

This analysis is made on her facial expression and muscle movements and body language. It is NOT based on her looks or dress or facial features or hairstyle. Body language analysis has NOTHING to do with these elements. It has ALL to do with BEHAVIORS and Kate’s negative behavior is reflected by her body language. That is a FACT.


Kate and Jon’s body language analysis have NOT been made on whether I like them or not.  When I have said anything about Kate’s egregious abusive behaviors at times (slapping and verbal abuse and anger) inevitably a few of Kate’s loyal and staunch fans, who in my view may also be abusers themselves if they so strongly  identify with her abusive behavior, can’t see past it, and think it is OK) have wrongly accused me of “hating Kate”.

I can assure you this is NOT the case.  I have provided my list of those I “hate” for you to see on several occasions.   Kate is NOT on that list.  Unless she becomes a terrorist, child molester, kidnapper, torturer, or rapist, or infringes my copyright or trademark or names her book the same name as one of my previous best- sellers like Toxic People TM, causing confusion in the marketplace, Kate Gosselin  will never make my list.

My list is mainly reserved for monsters like Hitler, Amadinijad (the Iranian hate monger), Fritzl (the Austrian who impregnated his own daughter and kept her in a dungeon-like prison). So NEVER accuse me of hating Kate Gosselin because I do NOT hate Kate Gosselin, Those are  my final words and you have heard it from MY mouth!


One thing you will learn about me as you continue to read my blogs, is that I am fair minded, level headed, have self- respect,  and I do not tolerate BS.  I call it like a see it both positive and negative. I do not have an axe to grind, an agenda,  nor am I am not jealous of anyone, or have anything to prove. Instead, I own and respect every part of me.

I have spent a lot of time  and effort in my life learning about myself throughout the years. As a result, I am rather secure about who I am, my state of mind, background, physical appearance, personality, relationships, emotional makeup and know  EVERYTHING I know about me –  better than anyone else out there.

Kate, it seems may be just beginning to look at herself, which I applaud. This is a VERY GOOD thing. I would like to think that perhaps my blogs may have been a catalyst for her  or her handlers to take a closer look at her behaviors. I certainly hope so, for the sake of those 8 precious kids.


One week to the day where Kate was upset at Colin for dragging up his coat of the ground, not looking pleasant or happy as she picked her kids up from school

and abusively putting her hand over Colin’s mouth. There was a dramatic change in Kate’s behavior, as she dropped them off to school in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though she still has a serious and unpleasant facial expression, devoid of smiles and warmth, she did something that we should have seen her do a lot more of over the past five years- kissing her children and giving them affection.


This is one of the RARE times we have seen Kate KISS and hug  her children (except for the perfunctory Birthday kisses she gave  each one at their 5 year birthday Party ). Perhaps she herself, read my last blog calling her on her abusive behavior. Perhaps someone may have shared my last blog with her where I said the following:

“She needs to get on her knees every day and say a huge thank you to good Lord above for giving her physically healthy, bright, and beautiful children.

What goes along with that prayer of  gratitude  must be her actions towards those wonderful innocent children. She needs to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

I would like to think that perhaps my words resonated in Kate’s mind, since the timing of her kissing ALMOST ALL of the children as they hopped out of the van, is uncanny.

Of course little Mady, one of the twins  (the one who called Kate “mean” and with  whom Kate has appeared to have the most issues,

and little Aden

and Joel all ran off the bus as quickly as possible sans kisses and hugs.

But later Aden returned and got a kiss from Kate.

The little girls who were dressed alike in pink with brown polka dot pants all got kisses.

Even Colin, the one who’s mouth she put her hand over a week earlier,  got a kiss on the head

and Cara got a hug from Kate

That is HUGE! And in my opinion a GREAT START!  I hope she does this  not just when camera’s are rolling and papps are out in full force. Kate now needs to find inner joy in her kisses to the kids and eliminate that sourpuss expression when she does it.  She needs to smile and show the love, to go along with her kisses and hugs which kids so desperately need for their emotional development.


One of the things the papp yelled out as he was shooting the photos of Kate getting out of the van to let the kids out,  caused my ears to perk up. He asked Kate the following question, “ Are you mad that you’ve gotta take  anger management?“

Now I don’t know if the papp asked that question to provoke Kate, which papps have been known to in order to get a specific reaction shot, or if he was privy to some information that Kate may indeed  be undergoing anger management classes.

If that is the case, I say good for her and that it is about time. She definitely needs it. The throwing things, consistent meltdowns, slapping, and verbal abuse we all saw for the past five seasons show that these anger management classes may very well help her and will definitely help the kids.


Maybe TLC put her into anger management classes . Maybe they are working on remaking her inside as well as her outside as evidenced by the $7,000 hair weave they gave her. Perhaps they are helping her to get rid of all of her inner anger before she starts her new show for them.

TLC announced last week that her new show is scheduled for the spring or summer. Like it or not, Kate will have her own television show.  I really don’t fault Kate with trying to earn money to support her huge family, since she is in essence, the only breadwinner these days, while

Jon runs  around town with his new lady, a little over a decade older than his twins Cara and Mady at the Sundance Film Festival.


If a TV reality show is the easiest way for Kate to make a buck to support those wonderful kids, I say why not? She cannot afford to stay home and be a full time mom, as she has to shoulder the finances, thanks to Jon.

I also believe that as long as she is attentive to the kids and addresses their physical and emotional needs why shouldn’t  she have a career she enjoys.

But if she plans to have a career on television that will last for any length of time and TLC is going to do it, and allow her to be on a show where she has flexibility in her schedule, unlike DWTS which is a rigorous schedule, like I said before TLC  MUST invest in helping get her a makeover on her inside besides her outside.

No one cares about hair extensions or a new look. No one  will ever want to watch a show with a person who exhibited the characteristics she showed during the past five seasons and on her two TLC specials and on all the talk shows on which she appeared,  the fake tears, over the top exaggerated claims, the sarcasm, the snarkiness,  the abusive behaviors, the self absorption, the narcissism, the self-entitlement, and the lack of gratitude, not to mention the embarrassing lack of talent she showed on her skits on Leno. It WON’T fly!


First, there was talk in the media where Kate was getting her extensions to have a sexier look as TLC was going to do a show to help her find a new man. Unless Kate works on her inside, it will be a futile attempt.

Unless she works on her anger (which takes time) and many of the traits described earlier, no man will look at her unless he is equally as self- absorbed and a Toxic opportunist who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I think TLC was wise enough to figure that out as well.

But I don’t believe they were wise enough to do what they are planning to as they announced this past week and give her a show where she will try different professions. It’s a lame idea for her and will not work in my view.

It’s an idea that was done years earlier by E! when they put Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie in different jobs.  It worked then because it was Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie and they had IT- personality and charisma and humor combined with  talent. This same concept with Kate Gosselin at the helm, will fail miserably simply because she does not have IT!


I know a lot about IT! I have seen IT in my two decades of practice when I helped actors become the best they could become in terms of their vocal and speaking skills.

When an actor walked into through the doors of my office and we worked together, I learned to immediately tell who had IT and who would become a big star. As conceited or arrogant  as it may sound,  truth is,  I can honestly say,  I was NEVER wrong about who had IT!

I saw IT,  in now super stars Andy Garcia, Nicholas Cage, Marlee Matlin, Rob Lowe, and Melanie Griffith just to name a few, well before they made it big. I saw how they had IT and told them that one day they would make it to the top.

I saw IT with many of the newscasters and entertainment reporters you see today on popular television morning, evening, entertainment,  and shows today, well before they made it. I saw that they had IT and  told them so.

I even saw it with Nancy Grace when I was a constant guest on her Court TV show back in NYC. Because we spent so much time together on the set, I  told her that one days he would be a HUGE STAR because she had IT! I am proud to say she did make it- HUGE and no one could be more deserving!

Just as I can tell who has IT, I can tell who does NOT have IT. I am sorry to say Kate Gosselin  does NOT have IT.

Kate was lucky to have had a show featuring her children. The appeal was watching the kids grow. The appeal was  not Kate.  She was NOT a breakout star like little Snooki is on MTV’s  the Jersey Shore.

I would think that little Mady is was more the breakout star of  Jon and Kate Plus 8 . She had vim and vigor and charisma. Even though she was upset at Kate a lot and hungered for attention, she seemed to naturally be in her element when they took modeling photos of her.


So now  with all the hoopla that surrounded the Jon and Kate Plus 8  show and Jon pulling the plug on it, TLC wants to make back some lost revenue, so they are  giving her, her own “itless” show minus Jon and the kids since, he pulled the plug.

I can guarantee you that if all of that hoopla between her and  Jon had not gone down, causing her considerable name recognition, no one would ever give this woman a show because they would clearly see that she doesn’t have IT.  Any producer or any suit worth his weight knows she is ONLY getting a show because of name recognition and lost revenues.

TLC has been scrambling with what type of show to give IT’less,  name recognizable, Kate,  who is known only because they put her on every TV show to discuss her divorce woes. They tried to build up her TV cue by having her co-host the View and appear on the Today Show and Leno and the Barbara Walters special not to mention every magazine cover on the newsstand.

They knew the dating show wouldn’t work, so they  resurrected MTV’s concept and put her into a show where she will experience different professions like Paris and Nicole did. That show worked because of Nichole’s wit and humor and Paris’ glamor and hotness, garnering  a lot of male viewers. But to put Kate in  that same type of show is ridiculous in my view.


If TLC is intent on doing a reality show with Kate that will last and that people will want to watch, name recognition certainly  isn’t enough.  I think a show where Kate gets a TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT would be a huge hit!

Everyone seems to like makeover shows, so why not makeover Kate?

The fact that Kate is showing some love and affection towards her kids is a good start in my opinion.  They can show the “before and afters” of how Kate was harsh with the kids and how she is now more loving and affectionate.



The premise of Kate’s new show as I see it would be to watch her transform from this angry, hostile, self- absorbed, snarky, sarcastic  self entitled woman to a kin, loving, and generous, selfless person with a lot of heart.


1.Perhaps we can see how she unselfishly  devises a plan to raise money for the kids in Haiti and even travels over there to help out, donating some of her kids used toys and clothing to the children in Haiti.

2.Perhaps we can see an episode where she resurrects her relationship with her parents so that the kids can  have grandparent contact.

3. Another episode could include her brother and Aunt Jodi kiss and makeup session.

4.Then there can be other episodes where she repair all the damage she created with others she alienated.

5.We can watch how Kate struggles with getting rid of her anger and all her demons. We can even watch her in Anger Management Classes . Now that is compelling Television!

6.We can watch her use her nursing skills and volunteer, giving some love and affection to some elderly people at a nursing home. She could even bring them cookies her kids made for them and watch them smile and make their day.

7.We could see her at a pet shelter volunteering   there and see how she breaks down when she learns about animal abuse and puppy mills. We can evens see her feeling so badly about what she did by giving her two German Shepherds away that she can now retrieve them and let them be a part  of her now happy home. With all the money she will make  from her new show she can even hire a special babysitter for the dogs so they won’t be an added burden to her.

7.We can watch her go into orphanages and love up some of those kids who need affection and give them some of her kids used and outgrown clothing and toys. We can watch her develop more love and tolerance with these parentless kids.

8.We can also watch her in a pediatric ward with AIDS and drug addicted babies where she can hold them and feed them and attend to them so that she can think twice whenever she gets angry enough at one of her own children to stick her hand over their mouth.

9.We can see how Kate takes workshops and seminars on self –development  to help affect a more positive change in her life. That would even be inspiring to others.

10.We can see and episode where we revisit the place where Kate grew up and went to school and how she felt growing up. We can trace back where her anger and “meaness” and self- absorption  and self entitlement  came from. That would, no doubt,  be an emotion filled episode

11.We can watch her in therapy with Dr. Phil. He will tell it like it is. He won’t stick up for her. He will tell her what she has done wrong in the past and what she needs to do now. That would be compelling TV as well.

12.Then we can watch her start to get attention from men and go on a date. We can see her fears and hear what so many others go through when they begin to date after never having dated in years. We can see how she messes up on the date and what she learns from it.

13.We can see her get more spiritual and perhaps even go back to church and see the positive  impact that has on her.

Throughout the show we can watch footage  that allows us to see Kate grow. Since TLC owns all the footage to Jon  and Kate Plus 8 we can see a lot of  before and afters of how she handled things then and how she handles then now.

Now my treatment of Kate’s new possible show takes us through an entire season of 13 weeks. I’ll bet if they followed my treatment it would be a huge it! It would be great  to see a show like this where Kate could inspire others and not upset so many viewers as she has in the past.