Jury Foreman on Casey Anthony Case Said George Anthony’s Body Language Turned Everyone Off

Juror Number 11 who was the jury foreman  told Greta Van Sustern that in his  his profession he has used body language in reading people which is part of his profession as he accessed  George Anthony’s actions.  Evidently George’s  demeanor, and the way he presented  things on the stand turned people off. He said that George had a “very selective memory” in his testimony, some days remembering things in vivid detail, other times, coming up suspiciously short.

“The foreman said  he  was “on guard” and skeptical l every time George took the stand, because of such behavior.

Foreman Juror 11 said “It raised questions about George’s character and his involvement in Caylee’s death  and that he could be possibly lying.”

Several of the jury members questioned George’s complicity in Caylee’s death and the foreman said, be it that it was an accident, or he helped cover  up or that he’d even murdered the child himself .

Juror 11 concluded “There was a suspicion of him — that was part of the conversation of round robin topics we brought up during deliberation … that was brought up.

Personally,  I thought there were so many odd behaviors from George’s  not getting involved and asking questions when he was  in the room when Lee and Cindy were interrogating Casey about where Caylee was,  to his not asking who was Caylee’s father,  to his being in the birthroom whe Caylee was born.

His suicide note was also suspect  to me as there were many inconsistencies After reviewing the contents it did not seem like someone who was serious about killing himself. It seemed contrived. The end where he was describing how he was feeling woozy from taking the pills was odd to me. How come his handwriting was so clear and did not falterthe end when he was allegedly in a drug like state?

George’s arrogance and lying on the stand did not endear him to anyone. Lying about his affair was awful.And please don’t write to  tell me I am on River Cruz side and how can I support her when she had an affair and had a bad history.  First and foremost  I do NOT approve of anyone having any affair with a married man. And yes she did have a bad past  and yes she lied to LE initially.

River reached out to me  via phone and told me about the gory details of her affair with George well over  a year ago when it first became public.I  asked her about  why she lied to LE and she had she was scared, didn’t want to get involved or get George in trouble with Cindy.

I believed she did have an affair based on her communication with me.   So did the jury. On the stand it was confirmed that there was surveillance tape and  that he came to her home on multiple occasions,  and damning  text messages from him. When River shared what he did to her sexually and how he degraded her I was was disturbed by his behavior as no one  deserves to be treated that way. George’s lying that he did not have an affair with River was appalling.

On the stand River said the same thing she told me over a year ago that George said to her it was an accident that snowballed. Obviously the jury believed her.

George’s  sparing with Jose Baez was also a complete turn off to the jurors according to the alternate. It showed that George was arrogant and disrespectful in court.

The jury foreman confirmed what I have been saying all along about George and confirmed how important one’s body language and demeanor is on the stand in making a judgement about a person;s credibility.  www.drlillianglass.com



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  1. It’s unfortunate that the jury did not take the time to review all the of evidence that supported the fact that there was a dead body in the trunk, that there was massive chloroform retained in that trunk, that Casey was the one with the car. I’m sorry but regardless of George’s body language, that jury failed. Scott Peterson had less evidence and they came through. It was obvious George lied about his affair and the jury couldn’t see past that to what really happened. If you had posted his pic along with your other “possible terrorist” pics in that line up on your last blog, no doubt he would have been picked too. Such a shame that she got away with murder because the jury didn’t take the time to review the evidence and not because of George’s body language.


    1. There was not massive evidence of chloroform in the trunk, that is a huge misstatement and one reason why people are confused by the verdict. The only one that said there was large amount of chloroform was Dr. Vass, who’s testing was no a valid experiment and not quantifiable. The very next STATE witness said the chloroform levels were not high and not unusual. They could have come from various cleaning products (cindy cleaned) and he even mentioned they could come from laundry detergent which was in the garbage bag. or pool chemicals. There was no evidence of chloroform or ingredients to make it anywhere and the search we already know was only one time after seeing the post on myspace. I’m not saying guilty or not guilty but it’s always a good idea to try and get the facts straight


  2. It is a shame that George acted the way he did….from lying about the affiar (or even having one)..I think some of the lying was he was torn about saying too much about Casey not wanting her found guilty of 1st degree and get the death penalty ..he should have stood up and said….I called in the gas cans….YES I did know it was Casey that stole them becasue she did it time and time again and I threatened that the next time she did I would report them stolen….to saying YES I was the one who put duct tape on the cans MR BAEZ…the cap was missing after they were returned…the duct tape was in my garage….available to me and every other family member!!! YES we wrapped our pets in blankets and then a plastice bag (which is the law in FL that pets burried must be in plastic, the vets either do it for you or give you the bags and TELL you the law)…but we are talking a pet here not my GRANDDAUGHTER…I WAS really REALLY upset with the jury when the verdict was read…but now after hearing their side I really feel sorry for them…I live near Orlando and we have LIVED this case for 3 years…we have seen George out dealing with the media, searching for Caylee, EVERYTHING…they only saw the last 6 weeks and only what was allowed in court….they did not see the video of Casey talking to the dectivies saying we will sit and answer your questions….then MR. BAEZ coming in and saying she will NOT TALK to YOU….(before the body was found) I really wish BAEZ would have let her talk then…wonder what the “story” would have been…WHY wait 3 years to tell the drowning story….why have her sit in jail for 3 years if it was all GEORGE….why not go to dectivies and say you NEED to look here and here there is MORE to this story than meet the eye….What MR BAEZ did was do his JOB and create doubt…he did not PROVE she did not do it….LISTEN TO ALL THE JOURORS THEY ALL ARE SAYING THE SAME THING…WE JUST DID NOT KNOW….



    1. You are totally right Bethany. And what about Cindy’s apparent lies on the stand? Obviously and it was proved by the state she blatantly lied about the Internet searches and being at home vs work. This just proves the jury came to this verdict based on “their feelings” vs on the evidence. The jury did exactly what the judge told them not to do!! Even Baez said don’t make a verdict based on your like or dislike of the defendent BUT they did, this goes to show everyone the jury did go on personal feelings by damning George and pretty much saying we didn’t like him he’s at fault for Casey’s actions!!

      Based on what the jury foreman said they believe he was involved in a “cover up” but let’s pretend that is true IT IS STILL CASEY’S ACTIONS THAT WOULD HAVE CAUSED A COVER UP!! Casey is still in my mind culpable on some level even if that was true. But I still don’t think that is what happened but if that did, her actions or lack thereof caused Caylee not to be here. JMO


    2. Yea,It’s funny.I predicted this from day 2 of the story breaking!
      All the lies they told to help her buried them~


  3. I could not agree more with what the juror said in regard to George. He was bizarre on the stand and he is a bizarre individual. The fact that he or Cindy (who appears to be someone who will not be denied if she wants a fact) didn’t nag KC about the identity of the baby’s father doesn’t’ ring true. It is very strange to have a grandfather in the birthing room to me. He is just odd and he appears to be lying all the time. He is guarded. I also thought his suicide note was contrived. What are they hiding? What could make someone act the way he does?


    1. Well Cindy was denied the truth of where her grandaughter was for a month and still is being denied of seeing her daughter in prison whatever she looks the part of not.


      1. The jurors put George on trial in spite of the fact that the Judge told thm they had to disregard the OS of Mr. Byazz. They did not consider the evidence; they had a hard time remembering anything about the case, but DID NOT CALL FOR ANY REVIEW. Only their feelings, their “interpretation” of George’s body language.

        These people did not do their job as a jury. If they had done so, I could probably accept their verdict.They went on FEELINGS. How very scary is that!

        Body language is not accepted in a court of law as evidence of ANYTHING.
        A polygraph of Casey Anthony could have supported facts in evidence, but it wouldn’t have been allowed either.


    2. I have to admit,I am one of the biggest Kc haters alive but that day it did make me stop and wonder about George,and I guarantee you I can show you every time he lies,as well as Cindy!


    3. You want to know whats more bizarre, Caylees so called accidental drowning not reported is the first in the State of Florida. And you want to believe that theory from a proven liar. You all overthink, common sense, Casey didn’t report her daughter missing and she had no intentions, Casey didn’t even want to talk to the operator that first night. Whats funny, most of the jurors say thet didn’t believe the molestation charges Baez said in opening statements, without that than what is Caseys’ motive for not telling the truth. Back to George, George appears to me as immature, guilty he couldn’t be a better father. Bitter with Baez and his immaturity showed when he wouldn’t answer him straight with the gas can and tape. My opinion, in his mind he is saying I’m not freely going to give you the answer you want. However, George showed genuine concern for his grand daughter whereabouts, don’t you think its a little bizarre Casey isn’t outraged for sitting in prison while her Dad is free. Emotion aside, at the least Casey should of been charged with manslaughter.


  4. Surprise! George is a liar! So is Cindy. So is Lee. So is Casey. This case was not about who is the best or worst liar. Its about the death of a helpless child. Unless I felt that Casey was 100% innocent, I would have hung the jury, and let the next jury have it.


    1. I hope that should you ever get called for jury duty they find this comment and immediately disqualify you as you clearly are completely unaware of how are justice system is intended to work. It is not the job of the defendant to prove innocence. It’s actually the opposite it is the job of the prosecution to prove guilt.


  5. Juror number 11 is almost as annoying as juror number 3. Was George on trial or Casey? They thought George seemed defensive. How would any of them act if they were accused of molesting their child or involved with their granddaughters death? He seemed defensive and possibly lying, therefore they all conclude might have been involved. Yet Casey’s PROVEN lies leave them reasonable doubt? Not to mention her behavior after the death of the daughter they believed she loved so much. Did that not bother them, but George does?

    It is so infuriating that this jury did not review ALL the evidence as instructed to them. Juror number 3 even admitted that they only looked through some of the “stuff”- as she called it. They did not apply common sense and connect all the dots. They wanted those dots connected for them. They looked for any little bit of possible doubt, no matter how unlikely, instead of REASONABLE doubt. They confused evidence with unsubstantiated nonsense told by Baez. Baez himself admitted in closing that he does not know how Caylee died, yet the jury still believes his opening statement that she drowned. Why still believe the drowning theory?

    Did they really think that George would either cover up an accident or even murder his beloved granddaughter, and then let Casey take the fall, possible with a death sentence? Really? They also would have to believe that Casey would sit in prison for 3 years and take the chance of being sent to death, rather than point the finger at George if he was involved? This defies common sense.


    1. Thank you, Donna. I agree these jurors coming forward to justify their verdict are way beyond annoying. So far nothing they’ve said makes me understand their decision. Maybe the rest should just keep quiet and live with their verdict.


      1. AMEN!!!

        These jurors are reaping $$$$$ for their interviews, and well, need to come up with a different SPIN but SAME justification with the other interviewed jurors. It should be against the law to be paid $$$$$$ after serving on a juror, esp. a high profile case & esp. on the DEATH/MURDER of a CHILD!

        I don’t believe any of them, talk about lying, how about S_T_R_E_T_C_H_I_N_G the TRUTH.

        They didn’t bother to view the TONS of evidence!!! 10-11 hrs and Dumb as Rocks Reasoning, next time just tape the actual murder scene for them….

        They couldn’t add 2+2. How about aggravated child abuse? How about Caylee’s mother FAILED to report a missing child? How about the jurors shut the ***k up now?


    2. Who could sit in a courtroom on national tv too and hear “with her fathers penis in her mouth” and not go ballistic let alone become defensive! If I’d gotten thrown out I’d have had to done it!


    3. I saw all the trial live coverage and I totally agree with you, Donna. One thing that angers me very much is the jury’s attitude and completely unsubstantiated beliefs about George. Personally I think he was very restrained in his “sparring” with Baez. Baez pointed the finger of accusation at him to deflect attention from Casey. If I had been in George’s position, accused in front of the entire world of sexually abusing a daughter and of orchestrating the dumping of a tiny body in a swamp, if not actually murdering that child, I doubt I would have handled it in anywhere near as civilized a fashion.


    4. Here is the problem that people seem to forget. There were 3 people that lived in that home with Caylee, not just one. As for not calling 911 when it happened ( if she drown) maybe it was way to late to help her. Maybe investigators needed to zero in on George more and maybe they didn’t because of Caseys lies. Maybe they should have wondered why George decided now would be a good time to pour 27 bags of cement in his back yard. 3 people NOT ONE had access to that car. The duct tape, the bags, the blanket all came from a home 3 people lived in with that child. I think the jury was right in considering that fact and looking at Georges behavior.


  6. The whole Anthony family are liars. George did not have access to that car for 31 days. He was conflicted. He knew Casey did something to Caylee. I think that suicide was real. He felt guilt for not protecting Caylee. I can understand his demeanor on the stand. How would you like to be accused of incest, and involvement in Caylee’s death. Cindy also was lying. She and Casey had a big fight the night before Caylee goes missing. Both Cindy and George knew by August Caylee was dead. I also believe someone in the family knew by November from Casey where the body was. No one in this family is innocent.


  7. The woman who worked for Padilla, the bountyhunter, can’t recall her name, but she said in an interview that her theory was, having lived with the Anthony family for a while, that KC and Cindy did in fact have that fight they deny on father’s day. KC grabbed Caylee and flew out of the house in a rage. Then she killed Caylee on purpose or put way too much chloroform in whatever she had Caylee breathe. Either way the child died and KC put her in the trunk. When George happened to be home and confronted KC about his gas cans and almost walked to the trunk, KC freaked out and put the bundle containing her daughter in the woods. That is what I also believe happened.


    1. This theory certainly makes more sense than what Baez or the jurors are saying. I saw her interview last night and she revealed a lot of interesting things about Casey and the whole family. Her name is Tracey I think, and thought she came across as very credible.

      She said Casey was all smiles until anyone brought up Caylee. They all had to tip toe around her to avoid upsetting her, hoping to get some information about Caylee. Casey became enraged when her father questioned her about Caylee. Cindy then kicked him out trying to appease Casey and get some information from her.

      Casey told Tracy that searching for Caylee was a waste of time. Tracey said something like “they are not going to find her, are they” and she said Casey just smiled at her. She also said she acted very child like putting stickers on her and having her wear a watch around her ankle to be like Casey.

      She also said how much Casey loved all the media attention and was disappointed when bad weather prevented helicopters from flying over. When Tracey was going through photos of Caylee, Casey covered them with a photos of herself and said look at these pictures. She said she showed absolutely no interest in discussing Caylee at all or seem the least bit upset about her.


    2. Che didn’t expect him to be home and had to rush home from “Tampa, or Jacksonville and her event planning conferences to confront him with the cans. “Here’s your f***ing cans!”

      But what had happened is that George told Cindy that he was sick of the Casey stealing his gas (RED FLAG! No money for gas and so no job!), and he was calling the police.

      Cindy them quickly texted Casey and told her what George was doing. Thisis the game constantly played by this three people.

      Casey did something bad, Cindy sent George out to detect what Casey was doing. George would find out, report back to Cindy, and Cindy would tell him to lay off. That it was an invasion of Casey’s privacy.

      Cindy tested Casey about finding the smelly car in a tow yard when Casey was supposedly usingit in her job in Tampa and

      Jacksonville “Call me MAJ PROB.” said Cindy after they got the car.

      Cindy was always protecting Casey even if it converned the death of her granddaughter whom she professed to love so much.

      Now a wealth management expert is conferring with Cindy Anthony. She expects to get very rich off that baby.


      1. In hindsight if only Cindy had put that much energy into the over all welfare of Caylee and wanting to “protect” Caylee as much as she did in covering CASEY’S shenangidens maybe all of us wouldn’t be mourning the loss of an innocent little girl!

        Cindy is a text book enabler. So heartbreaking. If Cindy has a soul I pray eventually she realizes the mistakes she made in raising Casey and stops the behavior of allowing Casey to get away with everything. I guess that point is kind of moot now?
        This whole situation is so frustrating. I hope to God the rest of their family gets some sort of closure and they don’t lose sight of the importance Caylee’s short life had on this world and they like the rest of us try to do something positive in Caylee’s memory vs trying to continually cover for CASEY’S lying butt!!


  8. Thank you Dr. Glass for posting this information from Juror number 11. Very interesting, and it supports what I have been saying in all of my posts. After listening to Cindy Anothony’s cousins audio interview, and now this juror, who was also the jury forman, well ! I have taken lots of nasty comments from ChattyCathy and a couple of others. Funny how the cream always rises to the top, no matter how many times you stir it, as my dear old grandmother used to say. The truth is coming out, and it is not what the mass mindset has wanted to believe. The juror illuded to the possibility that George murdered Caylee. Wonder of wonders! Exactly what I have suggested. Not popular, but then if it’s about being popular, then just go ahead with the sheeple mindsets. As I posted in another post, The 3 Stages of Truth. All Truth passes through three stages. First, IT IS RIDICULED ! ( some of the bully posters on this blog do this continually) Second, it is violently opposed. ( those who want to kill Casey )… and third, the truth is accepted as being ‘self-evident’. Thats when all the naysayers will suddenly come on board and be spouting, ‘ya, I always knew he was the one who killed Caylee.”
    Just watch and wait. George……. G-E-O-R-G-E…..
    Being psychic has a few advantages, and my handwriting analysis skills on George’s fake suicide note that I posted on back in former posts,?!!……and now Juror 11 comments about George’s highly suspicious fake suicide note. Wonder of wonders, again.


    1. You actually believe this”cousin?” You really believe that Cindy would stay with George knowing he molested Casey? You really believe Casey would sit in jail all this time and possibly face death to protect the father that molested her? Really???


      1. Donna,
        Having counseled and listened to many victims of familial child sexual abuse the things that are quite common are exactly what you are questioning as possible. It is so common for a spouse to suspect and or know that the other spouse ( male ) is violating their child. I could site specific examples however that would violate privacy issues. This phone interview from the cousin is entirely believable. I again, wholely believe this to be the cousin. As the cousins states she strongly believes Casey had a breakdown, a fracture from reality. This to is common every day in society. Education to these issues is the key to awareness. Yes, about Cindy knowing and or suspecting. Why did Cindy never take Casey to a doctor, OB Doctor for pregnancy diagnosis, pregnancy care etc? Because it would be discovered that scar tissue, etc would lead to suspecting that Casey was a sexually abused child. It is common for scar tissue to be present when a child has been violated. Cindy is a nurse and she absolutely knows the importance of pre-birth care for the mother and for the unborn baby. So, what’s going on? Why do odd behavior? People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

        Cindy knows way more about the backstory to this crime.

        I know families ( and believe me I am disgusted by this ) who have children whom a husband violated and the families are still living under one roof! Statistically, a pedophile has a support system, and it soooooo common for the wife to silently support it. Silence can be an evil, in and of itself. Everyone agrees that Casey is messed up. Read M.Scott Pecks book, “People of the Lie” It will open you eyes as to why 3 out of 4 girls are and will be molested and or raped in their childhood. Shocking it should be. But, it’s swept under the rug, and if you don’t think that adult family members who are supposed to be the adults look the other way, because they have an agenda, themelves, then you are disconnected from the facts of child sexual assaults in families. We all stand aghast at the Jaycee Dugard story. And, his wife helped him! Dial down a bit and you have everyday families who look good on the outside, but on the inside house evil. feed it, fuel it, and condone it.


      2. I agree that sadly there a some mothers who allow their husbands/boyfriends to abuse their daughter. These women are not alpha female types like Cindy. These women are subservient to their men. Cindy calls the shots in that house, so I cannot see her in that role at all.

        Casey did eventually see a doctor, although later in the pregnancy, so wouldn’t this scar tissue you think Cindy was hiding still be evident then? I think Cindy was maybe embarrassed of her teen daughter’s pregnancy.

        And now why would Cindy now suddenly make these stunning revelations to a distant cousin? Secrets she has been keeping all these years, now bam, she spills them over the phone?

        This cousin said Cindy and Casey are going to move to Texas. Casey denied her mother’s request to see her. When would they have made these plans?

        And when did Casey have time for a breakdown? I don’t see how that fits in the timeline of events.

        And why would Casey not say a word about her father’s role as she faced death? Do you really think she was willing to possibly die for him?

        I’m sorry but none of this adds up to me.


      3. Donna:

        None of this adds up to me either. Casey and George both seemed to be afraid of Cindy, while at the same time George and Cindy seemed afraid of Casey! What a warped family.


        I think Casey was afraid of telling Cindy she was pregnant. Have you ever seen the series “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on Discovery Health (among other channels)? Some women just don’t look very pregnant. I worked with a young girl whom no one knew was pregnant, including her family, until she delivered a baby boy in an ambulance outside of work! Now I think Casey knew fully well she was pregnant but was too scared to say anything. I think she was terrified of the wrath of Cindy.

        I don’t think George had anything to do with Caylee’s murder. I do believe he suspected something knowing what his daughter was like in terms of lying. I also think he is pretty cowardly and will lie to save his hide like denying an affair. But I don’t think he had anything to do with Caylee’s death and I don’t believe he molested Casey. Casey is just too much of a liar to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Too bad because maybe one out of 100 stories that come out of her mouth is actually true.

        I’m not happy with the verdict at all but I have to live with it. I will never try to convince myself that Casey had a good reason to do what she did and that it’s all George’s fault in order to feel better about this pathetic verdict. Casey got away with murder and that’s it.


      4. That’s what I’m saying,if Cindy had reason to be free of George,believe me she’d take it!
        How does he just sit there and she’s claiming to write a book that he was involved,all scrwed up if you ask me!
        I don’t believe George did and I could be wrong but why would she sit in jail for 3 yrs?
        KC.No way Jose’
        Oh yea,I can just see Cindy having a conference call with all these people and George doesn’t know,LoL JMO


      5. From what I’ve read in email to Shirley Plesea, the grandmother, this wasn’t Casey’s first pregnancy. From the Tracy interview I see that everyone seemed afraid of Lee. In reading George’s history it sounds to me like he is a psychopath and his family stopped enabling him after he threw his father through the plate glass window at the car dealership. And last, Cindy would not divorce George because she would have had to pay him alimony because he didn’t work most of the time and she did. It just gets stranger and stranger with this family.


    2. Donna, I read your posts. We will have to agree to disagree on this. I have studied at length, NPD.
      You askd when did Casey have time to have a breakdown in the time line? Just about the moment that George “found” Caylee’s body. Even sane, balanced mothers, who have not endured sexual abuse from a father and possibly a brother, would likely go into shock, faint, hysterical and uncontrollable physical reactions. Ask any parents who have had their children suddenly and unexpectidly die and they pretty much all wind up on drugs to “get through” the trauma.
      I would suggest that Casey had an immediate “split” in her personality. She was already in the throws of familial trouble, and this may have been the straw that broke the camels back.

      I know someone, a friend, who did just that upon the near death of her father at he hands of her own horse. She had been raped just months before and the family had kept this a secret. Her mother, ( no mother of the year either, but was a church going, bible toating evangelical sort, screamed at her vulnerable daughter that it was “her fault” that her father nearly died. Not of course noticing that he had decided to ride her horse one day, and the horse bucked him off, nearly killing him. He was in intensive care and had a long recovery. Here’s the corker to how this girl split and went into full blown schizophrenia ( study up on how easily this can happen to an already traumatized young person ).. The “mother” of this girl screamed at her that it was the young girls fault, and then the “mother” went and got the shot gun, forced her teenage-raped daughter to witness as she shot her pet horse in the head, all of this happening in the tiny time frame of trauma+trauma+trauma.

      She split into a million pieces. Trauma. Unable to handle horrific psychological, emotional and physical abuse that came in a short time span. The soul/psyche will do anything to survive, and with it, the splitting off into dreamworld, can happen in an instant. This young woman is now much, much older and has never recovered. She is continually in and out of hospitals. I wanted to give that mother a piece of my mind however it was years and years before I found out about this familial tragic story. If a person “splits off” and is treated immediately with extreme great care of bonafied doctors there is a good likelyhood of recovery. However, in Casey Anthony’s family with the secrets that are forefront in a long family story, she would not have gotten any help. Her own mother failed her, her father failed her and her brother, may have failed her. The death of her daughter Caylee may have been the final nail in her mental health. This is why Chaney Mason in an enlightening interview with a reporter a few days ago had such compassion for Casey. She is messed up.
      I do not think that she murdered or accidently murdered her daughter. So, we will not agree on this, however it is my hope that someday the truth will come out. She needs help, however I do not believe her “family” is even capable of showing her what honesty and integrity is, given their own moral bankruptsy.


      1. Shannon,

        That is a sad story about your friend. But how does a breakdown fit in Casey’s behavior? What behavior of hers suggests she ever had a breakdown? She went to blockbuster and watched movies with her boyfriend the night Caylee died. Then spent all day in bed with him. Then 31 nights of partying and the bella vita tattoo. There was not one person who saw Casey act like anything other than her normal happy self. People who
        have breakdowns do not function like this. But sociopaths do.


      2. Shannon- 2nd “comment”: I think I love you!!! Beautifully said- and RGHT ON TARGET. As a 30-years LCSW and CSA (child sexual abuse) clinician you have seen and said what no-one else has- thank you. This family and Casey are the PROFILES OF CSA (abet an exxaggerated version due to superimposed sociopathy of george and OCD and ? of Sindy). Obviously, every CSA victim does not act-out like Casey (and a lot have whatever it takes to stay in one piece and have good lives despte the “ultimate betrayal”- bless their hearts)- but then there is a LOT that has not gotten out and a lot that we don’t know yet…..


    3. I am confused,I’d never attack one personally over it,maybe debate but I honestly don’t know how I was nasty to you,can you pease tell me because you must be mistaken?? I sure hope you are because if not,I give up and I’ll go live with Cindy because I’d have lost my mind?? I know that we are all edgy over the verdict but I see all opiniions and respect eash persons opinion! Please let me know! If I can explain I will but you obviously took it wrong if you think I meant to be nasty?


    4. Hi, Shannon.. I’m not sure I believe that George killed Caylee, but I keep an open mind and I love reading your replies, here. I’m glad you haven’t let the nasty attitudes run you off. Stick around, please. 🙂


      1. Thanks Crucibelle.
        I appreciate your comments. Yes, some nasty attitudes do prevail.
        I have shared what I believe did occur. Again, I will share what I think is really going on. Just a gut feeling.

        I guess what surprises me ( though it probably shouldn’t ) is how people cannot connect the dots of how many families harbor and silently condone child sexual abuse in the home. This is why it is at epidemic levels that would make cancer, swine flu, drug abuse, and alcoholism look like nothing more than a blip on a screen, in comparison. One out of four girls will be raped or molested before reaching 18 years of age. Ninty-nine percent of all child sexual abuse cases occur inside the family home, from a family member.
        People have completely numbed out to this. It’s treated more like a norm, and a wave of the hand dismissing the extreme damage it has done and is doing right now to girls and boys, even as I write this post. If George hurled his own father through a plate glass window, then is it any stretch of the imagination that he is capable of murder? Easily sidestepped and dismissed with a “oh well’ wave of the hand? As I said in my handwriting analysis of George’s fake suicide note, he is one messed up guy.
        Cindy has issues, and Lee has issues. Quite often men who molest children do come from homes where a wife/or mother figure are overbearing. Why do men want little girls? Because little girls cannot fight back. Cannot say no. Cannot refuse. Cannot protect themselves. Cannot threaten. And, will submit. This is about power and control. George’s handwriting is all about power, control and false image. He has extreme infantile issues, and I would submit it does go back to his own mother issues. Cindy is a take charge woman. This is her inherent make-up, however on one hand George wants that/ strong motherly take charge makes him feel safe, and on the other hand he resents it. Again, conflicted mother issues within George, unresolved. Georges documented extreme violent temper.

        Cindy is a nurse. She is conflicted too. She wants a stable home, she wants to care for people, however at some core level she knows she married a ‘little boy’. She takes on the strong stance to counter balance George, however, it would have been much better if she had left George early on, taken her two children and perhaps given some normalcy to her children. Unfortunately Cindy’s desire for a good looking home environment overtook her own wisdom to care for her children. She became more and more like George as time went on.
        One rotten apple will eventually spoil the barrel if left there to rot.
        Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.
        All these old sayings are infused with wisdom.

        All that Cindy and George are showing in glaring lights is that wisdom to lead a life of depth and character cannot be contrived and built on image. Build you house on sand, or build your house on stone thing.
        I do believe that Cindy loved Caylee, and the original phone call from Cindy to the 911 operator is a frantic grandmother. Where’s ol’ George in that call? Even Baez noted you can’t even hear his voice in the background, or ripping the phone from Cindy’s hand to talk to the 911 operator. This is when the story actually started to unravel, and George was giving the first real indicator that Baez clued into, quickly. Where’s gramps? Where’s frantic gramps?
        Gramps knows already,…..he’s had days to process it, prior,, to assauge his own guilt. Only grandma is hystrical. Yet as time roles on Cindy finds out from George the version of the truth that George reveals as he dodges Cindy’s mother-hen questions. As time continues they both agree to hide truth. Again, at many levels this is just historical repeats of many secrets in the family that have been hidden and swept under the rug to maintain the family image of “all is well” in that household. Cindy is now an accomplice. Only this time their secret is over the top and involves the death of a sweet little girl.
        Can I prove this? No. However, things ‘just don’t happen’, and ‘things just don’t drop out of the sky’. There’s a pattern and a history prior. Or as wise Maya Angelou says, “When people show you who they are the FIRST time, believe them.” George showed his true nature many times. It was swept aside, swept under the family rug. George will have his way, no matter what. His own father knows what happens when George feels threatened of his power. He could have easily killed his own father that day.


      2. Frankly my dear, I wish there was an ignore button on this blog! Every time I get to one written by Shannon, I could just hit IGNORE! Way too lengthy and way too much off topic information! UGH!


  9. I totally enjoy reading your blog, just don’t always agree but then that’s OK. Everyone is certainly entitled to her own opinion.
    Those jurors totally blow my mind. I think they’re ashamed of themselves now. George was not on trial here. It was Casey. The case should have been about the death of a little child & not about “defensive” body language. I would have been in a hostile frame of mind too if I had been accused of molesting my daughter & covering up a crime.


  10. George was never charged with a crime, thus his behavior should not have been considered in deliberations. The trial was about Casey Anthony, and only her behavior and actions should have been used in determining a verdict. I even think Judge Belvin Perry conveyed that to them. What a travesty!


  11. I don’t know if anyone else here feels like I do, but the more I hear from these jurors the more disgusted I get. They are just proving further to me that they did not base their verdict on any evidence.

    Why did they find actual evidence like duct tape, trash bags and blankets to be circumstantial but yet let their “feelings” tell them that George was a liar. DUH, the whole Anthony crew are liars!!!!! Nimrods. Don’t blame just George.

    I wish they would all just keep their mouths shut. I wonder what the 6 who voted guilty on manslaughter and child abuse feel like now? Or the 2 that voted guilty on 1st degree murder? Apparently they let someone with a forceful personality or someone who had a cruise to take talk them out of the verdict that should have been.


    1. I am not only disgusted with this jury, but I am scared they are the :norm in juries, now.

      Our nation is 25th in the world of science and math. Some very poor countries are ahead of us in these vital disciplines.

      This jury could not consider the scientific evidence, nor could they add two plus two and come out with a reasonable verdict.

      What do most young people aspire to today? To be famous or work for a famous person. Many other s get degrees in “communication” hoping to go on TV.

      it’s scary.


      1. Scary indeed, Penny. I little off topic, but I worked with a girl who was in her 30’s when our company had us go for some training in PowerPoint at a training center. We had to fill out an application with our computer background and other information. There was an “Optional” section to be filled out where they want to know your gender, race, etc. She asked me what race we were as this confused her. I told her we were Caucasian. She looked skeptical and confused and after a few minutes she told me that she’s checking off Native American because she was born in America! I tried to explain that Native American meant Native American Indian like Cherokees, Seminoles, etc. She wasn’t budging though! And she made twice as much money as I did! (But she was prettier so I guess that explains it.)

        It really is terrifying to think she could be a potential juror on a case like this.


      2. It’s the dumbing down of America. When I went to school we were taught how to learn. Now kids are taught how to think. Big difference. It’s too hard for the govt. to control people who are able to learn and create opinions on a basis of facts. Much easier to manipulate people who operate on their feelings. Remember the riots during elections at the time of Vietnam? Govt. was determined never to see that again, partly because of big $$$ involved with any war. It’s a sad state indeed.


  12. George wasn’t the only one with “odd behavior”. How about the woman who was on trial? There was evidence against her but not him but hey lets just let her go cause the daddy seems sketch. Right?


  13. A spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office told WESH 2 News on Tuesday that Cindy Anthony WILL NOT face criminal perjury charges.

    Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said the decision on charges against Cindy Anthony was in the hands of the State Attorney’s Office. She was accused of false claims made on the witness stand during her daughter’s trial about computer searches for chloroform and her whereabouts.

    Meanwhile, OCSO detectives said they are resuming a criminal tampering investigation. The investigation pertains to whether a Texas EquuSearch volunteer named Laura Buchanan was coached or encouraged to turn in false documents.

    Detectives would not confirm if Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez was the target of that probe.


    1. There’s a story or deposition from Laura regarding what happened with her. I think there are bigger fish to fry in this case. I can only hope that is a smoke screen while they determine how to charge Cindy and George. They both obstructed justice by destroying evidence and they both knew that was decomp smell in that car.


  14. I agree, on the surface, that George Anthony appeared defensive and arrogant on the stand. The logical conclusion drawn from his body language can go two ways.

    When a person is accused of the most disgusting crime of raping a little girl (his own daughter), of disposing of the dead body of this daughter’s daughter, I imagine *I* personally would feel EXTREMELY defensive.

    Defensive if indeed I *DID* commit this crime, and defensive if I *DID NOT*.

    George is not an extremely sophisticated guy. He is kinda weak, character-wise, IMO. Reactive. He’s had a helluva time keeping a job, probably due to his reactivity, and lack of insight into himself. This is my observation of him.

    A person accused of something they did NOT do can act an awful lot like someone who is just defensive because they’ve been caught.

    This is called “Othello’s Error”. In Shakespear’s Othello, Desdemona is accused by Othello of infidelity. Desdemoma was actually faithful, but so terrified and upset by Othello’s accusation she appeared very defensive. By her behavior, Othello condemned her as guilty eventually kills her himself.

    IMO, the opening statement by Baez stuck in the juror’s heads and influenced how they interpreted George Anthony’s body language. He appeared insincere and arrogant. He probably lied about his affair with River Cruz.

    Between Casey’s (via Baez) accusations of disgusting sex abuse and George being the CAUSE of Casey’s “problem” with lying and denial . . . and then George’s unsophisticated, artless cockiness with Baez . . . I can see which way the jury went.

    OSCO ruled out George (and everyone else but Casey) as SUSPECTS. The jury apparently did not get the memo that the George Anthony Did It Train left the station three years before!

    The jury failed, utterly. Every time one of them opens their mouth I am even more firmly convinced they did not follow their instructions by Judge Perry or worse, weren’t bright enough to understand them.

    I have an unusual stance, in that I want them ALL to come forward and speak up, I don’t give a shit if they get paid, I want to hear what the $#@&^ was going through their heads, I want it laid out on the table so someone can learn something about this. Not to condemn the jury any more than they already deservedly are, but since we are all subject to jury duty, we need to reflect on this case so this crap does not happen again.


  15. I too just saw the news story of DA are not going to prosecute Cindy! We need to boycott the DA that they prosecute Cindy, we need to boycott the stations that paid these lazy jurors, I am tired of hearing their ignorant talk! None of them have anything intelligent to say as to the reason they voted not guilty so there is no story…we need to shut that down….I also heard that Barbara Walters feels that we don’t have an effect on her and our boycott for her interviewing JB and wanting to interview Casey….she states that her ratings are rock solid and she brings in the ratings….we need to let her and ABC know that is a LIE…we do have a VOICE and we CAN shut down anyone trying to make money off of Caylee…. I am glad Texas Equasearch is suing for their money back and I also heard that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating witness tampering maybe from JB. We need to also flood Judge Perry to pursue his contempt charges for JB……..let’s do this right people!


    1. Well, this was an extremely embarrassing loss for the DA’s office. I think they want to move on as quickly as possibly. I’m not saying it’s right but that’s probably why they’re not perusing charges.


  16. This story was on the Orlando Sentinel website:

    There’s speculation that ABC News might want to interview Casey Anthony.

    And, whoa, wouldn’t that be sheer insanity for a company owned by family friendly Disney?

    E! Online’s Ted Casablanca quotes a “source at ABC News” as saying the network would “love” to land the Anthony interview and that ABC newbie Katie Couric would be the ideal interviewer.

    But ABC News has a mighty unsavory history with this story. ABC News in 2008 paid $200,000 to Anthony to license photos and video before she was charged in her daughter’s death. Anthony was acquitted last week of first-degree murder in Caylee’s death.

    When ABC’s payment was finally revealed — by defense attorney Jose Baez in court in March 2010 — the network issued a statement.

    It read: ”In August 2008, we licensed exclusive rights to an extensive library of photos and home videos for use by our broadcast platforms, affiliates and international partners. No use of the material was tied to any interview.”

    Yeah, right.

    Baez, who struck the deal with ABC, was interviewed by the network’s Barbara Walters last week after Anthony’s acquittal.


  17. My theory is and always has been that after the fight with Kc and Cindy,Kc went to her room and took Caylee who was probably terrified and screaming for CC and Kc put the tape on her mouth and furious that she wanted CC and she went out her window or the door but window for me (remember when Tracy said Kc didn’t want her near her bedroom window because it made her nervous or something..I forget exactly) and threw her in the pool chloroformed and then got her out afterwards and laid her either in the sand box or the little house until Cindy and George left that day and then she put her in the trunk and the day she barrowed a shovel was because if she’d used G’s they’d know because she wouldn’t dig up a bamboo if it killed her……She couldn’t even take Caylee farther into the woods like it was just to much trouble for her so she threw her close to the road.kept the trash but dumped Caylee!
    The call from the Anthony home that morning to Kc’s cell was probably because KC had the bedroom door locked and Cindy called her to open the door but she wouldn’t! JMHO


  18. I think everything the jury members have said- is right on target and illustrates how intellegent and sensitive to subtle details they were.

    George is an OBVIOUS socipath and they saw that- and besides his reported actions and outragous behavior on the stand (and on the way to- and from- the stand)- they saw and understood his body lanuage- I think it is amazing. I think we should be kissing their feet- thank goodness for the jury system.

    Now, I am awaiting Wendy Murphy’s theory- that Casey did not kill Caylee- to be showcased on a special with Vinnie from HLN (He promised today). George is involved in this- up to his sleasey neck.


    1. Wendy Murphy blew it. She’s a gas bag. She came across as shrill and whiny. I don’t even think she believes what she’s saying, talk about body language.

      She makes about as much sense as the jurors so far, to dumb or stubborn to connect the dots and work with circumstantial evidence. She’s a place holder, not impressive.


    2. George is an obvious sociopath? You are an obvious idiot. Wendy Murphy is a fruit cake who has no clue what she’s talking about… spreading BS all around. Again, you are an idiot.


      1. Sophmoric. I actually think Casey killed Caylee- but she did it because she is emotionally-impaired due to longterm paternal sexual abuse (the worst kind). Wendy Murphy is a highly successful professional with a professional opinion that I think is interesting and might just be a lot closer to the truth than than the state or defense stories”.


    3. Leave George alone. And wow, are socipaths that common. What does he have to gain by killing Caylee. No motive. Did she have life insurance on her. Casey is the only one to benefit from getting rid of Caylee. Is it that hard to figure out. People are making a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t you read the headlines. It’s always the mother that most likely would kill the children.


      1. What does George have to gain by killing Caylee? Well, if he hid the body long enough there wouldn’t be any evidence of rape. This is a man who was informed that his own daughter said he raped her. He said “Oh, my God!” Not “No!” He didn’t say anything else because he was waiting for the hammer to drop. He was waiting for someone to say next that he had hurt Caylee too. Why can’t George be a perv when so many other men are? Is there some rule George has to be a saint? Cause HLN says so?! He gave the jury the willies. No, besides mothers killing their children, its creepy sex offenders. George spent a lifetime lying. Check with the first wife. He is a chronic liar. Think over it! He is the villan. Why else write a suicide manifesto and then not kill himself. And who is cruising the Carribean now? George and Cindy.


  19. Since this juror can read body language and picked up so much on George did he say anything about Cindy. So many are ragging on George but people that know the family say that Cindy was the one who ran the family.
    Cindy or Lee lied about the photographers or cameramen following the investigators. Where they not suspicious of that?
    I think George likely made some untrue statements but I don’t blame him for the way he answered Baez questions. George knew that the way Baez was asking his questions was to make things sound worse so George would expand his answers. Baez used dirty tricks throughout to get info out to the jury even if it was abjected by prosecution and sustained by the judge. It still got in the juries minds.
    As for thinking that George could even have murdered Caylee that sounds even more absurd then the drowning story for the reason Casey didn’t phone police and drove around with a smelly car.


  20. The jury was brainwashed from the beginning. All Biaz did was put the blame on George. They heard his name so much they forgot about real person on trial. Stupid jury. No child neglect charges or anything.


  21. George looks like a neat freak. The way he tucks his shirt in. And he doesn’t act strange to me. And if he does act funny it’s because he has Cindy nagging him to death.


  22. The more I hear from these jurors the more I have realized that they DID NOT do their job. They did not look into the EVIDENCE. They can’t precieve between feelings and evidence. I believe some of them was bullied into making the choice of not guilty. (just my opinion). They were ready to get back home after 6 wks of being away and just flat did not care how it turned out.
    As for George-who in their right mind would not be defient with the Baez and his team if you was just accused of sexual molestation in front of the whole world??
    Yes this family is not normal, But the world has heard alot of what the media is saying an the spin they have put on this family, how much is true and how much is false?? We just don’t really know.
    If we just look at the 31 days of not reporting the child missing, that in itself is CHILD NECLECT!!!! But we see no charge?? The evidence of murder all pointed to Casey-Last person to see her. She told everyone Caylee was here or there and the Jury still did not send down MURDER???
    I do not feel sorry for the jurors, if they could not see past their noses and all they could think about was getting back home then don’t whine about the backlash.


  23. I believe that the lies on the stand by George and Cindy were planned by Baez to back up his defense theory “disfunctional family with dark secrets” and were performed by George and Cindy to save Casey from death. The jury bought it.


  24. Juror 11. I was the foreperson in a trial that changed my life. After 7 hours of deliberations we came back all of us with a not guilty. We didn’t believe the people that took the stand either one woman a head shrink on the jury tried to read the people as you just stated but failed to use common sense. We had over 110 pieces of evidence no slum dunk motive, and no DNA. I used my gut as foreman and said we have to not just sit here and talk we need to go through the tapes, the 110 pieces of evidence we owe it to the victims. We did and I won’t lie some jurors were mad at me but I wasn’t going to aquit someone that might have had something to do with a crime that hurt many victims. We sat there and we connected the dots, it was our job to do that not the state for us. We asked the judge question after question of what reasonable doubt really means. We left there 3 days later with a guilty verdict 2nd degree cos we knew after connecting all the circumstantial evidence this person was involved and by convicting him maybe just maybe the others involved would be arrested. It is now 4 years since that trial and the two other people are now also in jail. I’m not saying this is what would happen in this anthony case. All I am saying is if you come back after such a serious trial with an easy verdict without asking questions of the judge (unless you are already an attorney) and know it all, and don’t look through all the evidence nomatter how long it takes and you don’t connect the dots and you don’t take the job of being a juror seriously yep, people like casey anthony will go free and people that are innocent will be put away. I’m disappointed because the case I was in had no media coverage and I took it so seriously that it changed 12 peoples initial verdict ….how seriously did you take your job Mr. Juror 11 Foreman?


  25. What trial was this jury at? George was not on trial, and neither were the gas cans they also blame, for not finding Casey guilty.

    They sure did get a jury of her peers, all uneducated moronic idiots. But they sure are enjoying the blood money they’ve all started to receive. Not to sick to take the money of a murdered baby, Caylee.



  26. Sophmoric. I actually think Casey killed Caylee- but she did it because she is emotionally-impaired due to longterm paternal sexual abuse (the worst kind). Wendy Murphy is a highly successful professional with a professional opinion that I think is interesting and might just be a lot closer to the truth than the state or defense stories”.


  27. It is inconceivable to me how that jury could have watched those jail house videos and still find Casey innocent! George was not on trial, they were there to judge Casey’s behavior, not his! The jurors say that his behavior seemed odd, what about the lie after lie she told on those videos? George seemed just as in the dark as everyone else when he and Cindy questioned her. Both of them were walking on eggshells, trying not to upset poor Casey, for fear that she wouldn’t give them information about Caylee. I think the jury skipped the part where they review the evidence! This is a sin, and those jurors were unable to connect the dots in a logical manner! They took the easy way out, they listened to Jose Baez without thoroughly looking at the evidence contrary to his lies! Again…..GEORGE WAS NOT ON TRIAL!


    1. Except that these lame a$$ jurors NEVER BOTHERED to watch the jail house videos in deliberation!!!!!! Or review other evidence!

      I agree with everything you’ve written. The whole Anthony clan lies, but it was Casey’s lies that led to the death of Caylee.


  28. In my opinion, the jury was looking for ‘anything’ to hand their hats on! The short deliberation, without asking for any evidence for review, says it all. They wanted to find a way around the ‘death penalty’, and so they picked on George.

    Rumor has it, that the jury was discussing the legal implications of their potential verdicts, i.e. life or death penalty. However, when Judge Perry discussed the charges to be deliberated by the jurors, he distinctly told the jurors, in open court, NOT to consider the penalties as they related to the charges to be deliberated! The jury should have been invalidated for disobeying the Judge’s directions.

    I do not, personally, care what George did, or did not do with River Cruize. That’s a situation of “he-said, she-said”, and nobody will ever know what happened between, but the two of them. That is not a problem for me, but I am positively sure it would be a problem for Cindy Anthony! Her pride, her desperate, and deliberate lies, all predicated upon what Cindy saw as the ‘perfect family’.

    I understand why George Anthony would lie about the affair, though I do not condone it. He was on the stand, he took an oath, he should have told the truth. Very odd for a man who totes the Bible around with him 24/7…just sayin’.

    Cindy is a rigid taskmaster! Nobody defies her! The entire family lived in reverence, and fear of her. This, however, does not, in anyway, invalidate anything that Casey Anthony did, when she murdered her child. Casey made the decision to do it, nobody else is responsible for her choices! The problem is that Cindy interfered every single time Casey got in trouble. She didn’t want the perception of her family being considered trash, and/or low-lives. Too bad she failed, and so completely.

    I am not nobody’s side. Not George, Cindy, River, etc. Nobody. What I find most distressing is that they all swore to tell the truth, took an oath, and they all lied. Yes, all of them.

    Casey did worse. She killed a helpless child,..her child, and Cindy, again came to the rescue with her perjury on the stand. I say the D.A. should have pressed charges against Cindy, and thrown away the key! Maybe we could not get the murderer, but I would have settled for the progenitor of the lies. Cindy did not kill Caley, but she certainly did nothing to help her poor granddaughter.


  29. The more I hear from the jurors the more impressed i am- both are so smart, insightful – they responded to questions beautifully- so articulate and their answers were right on- to each question- not once were either one of them thrown off course- they knew exactly what they were doing and they did us proud.

    I also appreciate them speaking out- knowing the hostile, hateful reception they would get- showed that great American courage our country is known for.

    I am so sorry they have to go thru this criticism from people that don’t have a clue what they are talking about..and just need to spew hate- we should be giivng the thanks and accolades by the bucket load.


    1. I’m not impressed as you are. Some of the jurors said they didn’t believe the molestation accusation in opening statement, without that where is Caseys’ motive for lying. Without that her only motive to lie then is to cover something bad up. After answering that question that the defense provided no evidence why Casey would lie. Have to ask yourself – Why is she lying? Why didn’t she perform CPR if her daughter drowned? She supposely loves her daughter. No evidence was introduced Casey feared her father because of years of molestation, so you have to discount that whole claim. Your left with the only other choice – Casey lied because she wanted to hide something bad that happened. The fact is Caylee is dead and her so called accidental drowning if you want to believe that would be the first nonreported accidental drowning in the State of Florida


  30. Dear Jurors-

    Thank you for your time in serving. it says above that one you KNEW River Cruz or whatever her name is a whole YEAR before being selected to serve on the jury? Wouldn’t that make you disqualified to serve?

    And Baez can just THROWS out the disgusting image of George sexually abusing Casey as a little girl right off the bat- BOOM! And NOTHING substantiates this throughout the entire trial. Is that an ethical attorneyl?
    I don’t know. You tell me.

    Could george sue for defamation?
    why bother,right? law suits will go on forever…

    All you have to do is WATCH the jail conversations Casey has with her parents. Neither parent has ANY idea what has happened to their beloved granddaughter.She appears to ADORE her Father.Just watch and Listen!!!

    AND seriously, would Casey sit in jail for YEARS in solitary confinement if she KNEW it had been an accident from the beginning ??? Nothing floats.

    Attention- Jurors, Please WATCH every tape behind bars as soon as you can..every single one.. Then tell us at what point did you think GEORGE knows the baby is dead…much less having ANYthing to do with it!!! ??

    Caylee’s little body had plenty of time to decompose to the point that there was no substantial DNA…..BUT I,for one, will always believe that Casey chloroformed that child-and for more than her sleeping thru just ONE PARTY night…FOR HER OWN FREEDOM…she didn’t want her Mom and Dad to have the pleasure of raising the child –just out of spite ,jealousy and greed….

    After killing Caylee.. SHe left her in the trunk trying to figure out what to do next……why the horrible smell of a decomposed body.??? ..and the maggots making horrible sounds???……then finally Casey tosses her (with the little heart on the tape around her mouth) into the woods in trash and laundry bags where her animals had been buried… hoping the body would never be found.

    WHen Padilla bailed her out, did she do ONE thing to help FIND CAYLEE? No, she was happy and carefree and enjoying all the media attention…

    Well, now she’ll walk free and most likely have more media attention. Sure, we can watch and listen to more of her lies…

    And I’ll be hypocrite enough to watch and decide if my theory is close to the truth. BUT I’ll be making notes of the sponsors so i don’t buy the products that SHE’ (and Baez) have profitted from……*****.Notice she says on the jail tapes she won’t give the media anything!!! right.

    By no means should anyone attempt vigilante justice..the universe will take care of all this..We human beings must not be wild animals!! This is all in the hands of a higher force.

    I repeat- please watch those video jail talks and hear how she lies to and manipulates her parents- and the hateful tone in her voice…notice how MUCH they want to know the truth about their grand daughter.

    Her parents have stood by her beyond belief….then she throws them under the freight train BIG TIME.

    ‘WE’LL ALL STICK TOGETHER” she says before the trial begins— then what does she do??? She (and Mr. Baez) stick a knife in their backs- her brother’s, too, and she enjoys their bleeding. What a loving daughter. sister. mother. NOT!

    SUre, i very well may be wrong. You jurors may have gotten it right-
    but this is my strong opinion. After all is said and done,what’s important now is that WE REMEMBER CAYLEE!!!! REST IN PEACE, LITTLE ANGEL!!

    SHe and her mother and God are the only ones who know the awful truth. My theory is only speculation. But Little CAYLEE KNOWS!! So sad.


  31. The jurors are not “reaping $$$” – they’re having their lives threatened by nut cases for doing their job. There was absolutely NO evidence — when the truth came out in forensic reports (despite Nancy Grace’s proclamations and lies from the prosecution trying to convict someone without proof in the media), there was no death hair, no coffin flies, no heart shaped sticker residue found, no HUMAN decomposition, no tape over the mouth and nose (only attached to a clump of hair — another convenient ASSumption), no DNA, no blood, no fingerprints, no matches to tape or bags, etc. ALL LIES. People in this country who don’t know how to read FACTUAL reports, and just jump to conclusions are sickening! We already have tons of innocent people who have lost years of their lives rotting in prison because of dirty prosecutors and cops who lie (who are gradually getting out thanks to DNA), and you’re stupid enough to believe everything this ASSton guy fed you. Thank God for a sane intelligent jury! They should have looked at George and others from the start instead of honing in on only one person, and made sure they really had evidence before inventing a story. If a person had died in that car there would have been tons of evidence — not ONE hair or no blood or no HUMAN decomposition. Ignorant lynch mob mentality!


  32. This whole case is so SICK…SICK….SICK…. Hope a real mental expert can explain what this all really means so that the world can understand and all of the pain it has caused everyone. We need to get this behind all of us instead of still consuming us. Memories will always be with us but the pain we are filled with must subside after an expert explains why this happened.


  33. Is this correct: When Baez, in meeting with George, told him that Casey said he sexually abused her, his own daughter, George DID NOT DENY IT. Don’t any of the HLN fanatics understand that?! That is affirming it is true by not denying it. A normal father would be sickened and lash out in anger. Of course he had to deny it in court along with lying about the affair with the volunteer; along with lying about his so-called suicide attempt. Check with the first wife. George is a chronic liar. The whole country is in denial just like Cindy. Face it folks; George is an abuser. You’ll see one day. I’ll be glad when one of the HLN people wakes up and smells the coffee. Casey was ditzy because of her daddy; the same way Ann Hecht was in la la land. Remember. Typical incest survivor without counseling will have major head problems. I have felt so sorry for Casey. I never saw any meaness in her and unless she says she did it; there is more chance her father found a way to beat incest charges that would have sent him to the slammer. He took advantage of a drowning and or drowned the child himself after raping her. Makes sense. Pervs only get worse. He first liked them at 8 and then he lowered the age to 2 and a half.


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