Can You Pick Out The Photos of Those Who Look Like They May Be A Terrorist?

My dear Readers:

I would like your assistance.

I am conducting an experiment for a new book that I am writing and would like your participation.

Below will see 35 photos. Each photo has a  number to the right  it.

Write down number of the photo below  of those whom you think looks like a Terrorist or have been involved in Terrorist Activity. Go with your first instinct.   P;ease send me your numbers in the Comment box.

I thank you in advance for your participation in this study.

Lillian Glass PhD





































156 thoughts on “Can You Pick Out The Photos of Those Who Look Like They May Be A Terrorist?

  1. Well, at first I thought I might be paranoid, but here goes:
    Good luck with your research! And thanks for all you do and sharing it here!!


  2. LOL, basically all the minorities are the terrorists. Thanks traditional media for your social engineering!

    Seriously, all of them look like terrorists, either domestic and international.


  3. 2, 4, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 27

    Dr. Glass,

    Will you post the answer soon? I assumed you meant international terrorists. It seems to me they are always young, skinny, and middle eastern with the occasional older one that pulls the younger ones in, or the occasional college student that has a middle eastern heritage but grew up in the states. The students are usually a little meatier (less skinny).


  4. They all could or could not be terrorists. I don’t believe facial features, age, race or sex to be an indicator, rather it is what is in the heart and mind.

    Which leads me to a question which might be a new blog entry for you. Do you believe (assuming the exact same trial) if Casey had looked different, i.e, been older, less attractive, larger, different race,sex, etc., she would/could have been found guilty? I know it is speculation at this point, but I can’t help but wonder what role a person’s physical appearance plays in a jury’s decision (possibly in a subconscious way) on that person’s innocence or guilt.


  5. Can we please have a discussion that does NOT include Casey Anthony. This section is for Dr. Glasses research for her new book, not about Casey Anthony.


  6. 2,3,4,7,10,13,15,16,19,20,22,24,25,28,29,30,32,33 & 35. This was going by my first instinct and these are all the ones that gave me the creeps.


    1. It’s terrible we are not taught to recognize trouble on people’s faces and trust in those instincts. Instead we’ve got people groping passenger’s private parts, feeling up children and forcing elderly to take off their depends.


      1. completely agree Deborah. our gut instinct is nature’s way of judging people. there is nothing wrong with this. our society is too preoccupied with being politically correct.


  7. Number 22 seemed to me the likely candidate because of his head wear and ethnicity. But I don’t think terrorists can be determined by looking at a picture.


  8. Well, I hate to say it, but they ALL look like terrorists to me! It must be from being born and raised in NJ, that’s all I can say!


  9. Hello, here are the photo numbers of the individuals who look like (at least to me) they have been involved in terrorism.
    #1, #19, #24, #28, #34


  10. 1-35

    these are PHOTOS I can’t read into any body language.

    However, after the Casey Anthony Casey and the 12 jurors and 5 alternates I don’t trust ANYONE.



  11. You should of seen how cute and innocent my first hubby appeared right before he put a .44 smith and wesson to my head.

    Only people I trust are my children.

    and a few select siblings.

    Psychopaths and sociopaths are amongst us all the time. NO TRUST HERE.


  12. None of them look like terrorists per say, but #1’s eyes looks more angry than the rest of them so I pick him. I’m not sure exactly what a terrorist should look like other than a person that is full of hate. There are radicals from all sorts of types of people so you can’t ever really tell.


  13. Dr Glass…how do we know what a terrorist looks like..I cannot pick a face and say because of your color or the way you dress you look like a terrorist. I must look at all these people as loving neighbors and not as a criminal. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Please read, The Four Agreements. If we turn to back our clocks and say you look like a terrorist, we will never be able to move forward as a race. Love will bring us peace.


    1. What methods do you think could be used to identify a terrorist? Using peace and love, I mean.. Who is MORE likely, these days, to be a terrorist? That’s what we are not allowed even to say out loud. So Irish nuns and elderly yentas and little boys in cowboy suits are patted down and wanded. Makes good political sense so no one gets his feelings hurt, but it makesnot any practical sense..

      Are you aware that in certain Middle Eastern countries that research is being done NOW in how best to SURGICALLY insert explosives into human bodies so that they cannot be discerned. And then they can be blown up later on an airplane or a shopping mall or a school, or amusement park, in a theater?
      That’s coming..right down the road.

      There are people who do not want love and do not want peace. How are you going to protect yourself from those people? Love and peace won’t do it.. Unless we all surrender to Sharia Law. Maybe then, we as women, we will be allowed to live…underneath our burkas and be ony as 2/3 worthy as a men.

      The only way to offset terrorist passengers carrying surgically inserted explosives in air travel is to follow the way that El Al allows passengers to buy tickets, and then board their airplanes. And it is NOT politically correct.


      1. The whole surgically implanted explosives thing was on TV years ago. It’s nothing new. It is something evidently the general public was not aware of so now TSA is using it as the latest scare. Check out the show MI-5 from BBC. No fear folks, no fear!


  14. 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, 13, 14, 19, 23, 24, 32

    You’re numbers don’t line up well with the pictures. It’s possible people wrote down the wrong number for the picture they intended.


  15. Number Two and Number Thirteen made the news so they definitely are. Twenty six looks psychotic…anything possible there. Nineteen and fifteen are just kids and look innocent but that doesn’t mean much…the younger someone is, the more inexperienced they are, the more innocent they will look, and they don’t look like terrorists however they would probably fit somebody’s profile of a terrorist. Number twenty three looks as if he has Myasthenia Gravis (one common trait is one eyelid lowering slightly). 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9 all seem to have “angry eyes” so they were definitely angry about something when the picture was taken. The only ones I can say for sure on are number two and thirteen but there are a few other “possibles” if angry eyes count for anything.


  16. All of them….anyone can be a terrorist. You can’t go by their looks alone, its a combination of looks, actions, and your gut instinct.


  17. My ex worked for the white house, they ALL look like terrorists.. hey where’s the photo of the biggest terrorist? The Pres. of Bank of America (financial terrorist!)


  18. It is hard to judge from a picture, especially of people who are smiling, but if I were to “cast” someone into the role for a movie, here are the ones who would get a call-back:


  19. They all do, except 21 , and maybe they aren’t all terrorist, they look nuts! And I would watch myself if ANY of them were around me! Not saying that cuz of profiling, but having blond hair&blue eyes MAKES ME STAND OUT these days ppl are always staring, tryin to talk to me or following me..


  20. So many of the photos are blurred so these I eliminated. 13 was unusually clear and there is something about intensity of the her facial expression that caught my eye immediately.


  21. Those pictures all look like mug shots, so they have all been in trouble with the law, for terrorism or other criminal activities.


  22. Unfortunately, every one of them COULD BE a terrorist/potential terrorist. Humans have the capability of causing great harm to others–or doing great good; choices make people good or bad, negative or positive. It’s dangerous territory when we stereotype bad people solely upon appearance.


  23. Here goes. I know that all terroist do not fit a sterotype therefore to me the numbers I picked looked more like everyday individuals in America not of a middle eastern profile



  24. Dr. Glass, Are you going to post the answers or what? Was this a trick question or something? Lots of people are saying they are all terrorists. I was under the impression you meant international terrorist, like al quaida or something. So is everyone who committs a crime a terrorist now? Please follow up on your post.


  25. Some of their faces stick in my memory bank but Im not sure Dr.Glass,will you let me know who they are please. # 2 # 3 # 4 # 7 # 9 # 13 # 16 # 19 # 23 # 29 and # 35. Thank you,Cindy Austin


  26. Some of these photos look like mugshots, so I assume that many of these people are criminals of one kind or another. I’m not sure whether terrorists share any distinguishing features that can be used to parse them out from the other good-for-nothings. The only thing I’ve noted is a sort of ebullience, especially around the eyes, that is evidence of their fanatical leanings. That characteristic is not always visible in photos, however.

    If I had to choose one, I would go with #1. He seems to favor the Hitler look with his push-broom mustache and his centrally parted hair. He also looks calm – serene almost – and rather self-satisfied. Could just be the photo, however, and I’m well-aware that we should not judge a terrorist by his haircut. Too bad – he’s my pick.


  27. That’s a good point, I answered this question assuming you meant an “international terrorist”, but I maybe I shouldn’t have just assumed that. Would you be able to be a little more specific about what exactly you mean by terrorist. Technically, any crime against another person or people would be considered “terroristic acts” just like making threats could be considered terroristic. So although I previously answered this question, I now realize that my answer may not be 100% accurate for your book if you meant who looks more like a “criminal” than an actual “terrorist”; because unfortunately,I would probabaly add a few more to the “criminals” list. I just want my answer and your research to be accurate! Thanks, your are awesome 🙂


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