Casey Nods Pouts Looks Teary Eyed During Dr. Spitz’s Testimony. Doesn’t Look at Skull Yet Shows No Emotion

When Casey arrived the courtroom on Day 33, she sat extremely close to Cheney Mason. She leaned over as they huddled for quite a while as Mason spoke with his hand over his mouth. She  looked extremely relaxed and confident. As they spoke so closely, I imagined that Mason must have told Casey that the witness they would bring on who  would be extremely favorable for Casey’s defense

So when I saw that the defense  brought   forensic pathologist for over 56 years who did over 60,000 autopsies Dr. Spitz I now understood why Mason and Casey  were huddled and why Casey was feeling so  confident. He was their most credible witness  defense had  used to date.

As Dr. Spitz spoke words which seemed to be in Casey’s favor, Casey shook her head yes. She protruded her lower jaw and her devil looking . tension horns on the sides of her head became more prominent . Jeff Ashton tried to impeach the doctor. with his media experience  Personally I thought  it made the doctor look better. Dr. G has her own TV show and she obviously craves the limelight as well.

Ashton  also talked about the doctor’s  high profiles from Phil Spector to OJ, I thought  it made him seem even more credible.He accused him of breaking the skull , which I believe  did not make Ashton look good. Ashton tried to press him on the sediment issue and the doctor stuck to his guns.

During the cross examination, the doctor held his own. Casey was mesmerized and barely moved as he spoke.

When the photo of Casey’s skull and hair was shown, Casey turned away and refused to look at it. She does not  move. She does not cry and does not seem upset. Even though Casey is not looking at the photo, she is listening to the graphic testimony, she is not budging. She has no reaction. This is very significant. Once again it supports my theory that she looks at this trial as though it belongs to someone else and not to her.

Casey also holds her head up with her fist which indicates anger on her part. She is angry that she has to listen to this  testimony about Caylee’s skull. She received no TLC from attorney Simms.According ti Kathi Belich of WFTV,  one juror was  laughing at Dr. Spitz’s theory about someone putting duct tape on the skull .This does not look very good.

Casey is hiding her mouth  as she hears his ridiculous hypothesis that others placed the duct tape on Caylee’s skull.  Subconsciously she is saying that his testimony sounds far fetched with someone else putting the tape over the skull. Apparently another juror according to Kathi Bellich, was seen  smirking during the doctor’s testimony.  cross examination took place. This looks even worse for Casey. Juror’s have seen Casey as a blamer (blaming her father and her mother and Lee). as a blamer .
Now when they see her expert as a blamer (blaming Dr. G as doing a shoddy autopsy,  blaming the examiners of staging the scene and blaming someone else for putting the duct tape on Caylee’s skull.  after the body decomposed) it looks very bad.
When the jury leaves, Casey begins her self grooming routine as she fixes her pants and her top.he was also seen patting her hair on the sides. She was not all smiles and seemed subdued. Maybe she picked up those cues from her defense team who knows things did not go well for them that morning.

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  1. Did you even watch court today? Do you know anything about Dr. G? Do you know anything about Dr. Spitz other than the abbreviated pedigree recited today?

    I may have to stop reading here completely as it seems to me you don’t really bother to investigate what you speak about. I do however appreciate the efforts that have been made to clean up your grammar and spelling before publishing your blog

    1. Dr. G has her own TV show and she obviously craves the limelight as well……………Guess we could say the same for you Dr….it certainly takes one to know one as you so eloquently know what you speak of?

      1. Absolutely. I am in the limelight becuase I believe I have a lot to say as do these doctors. I see nothing wrong with it for them or for myslef. Ashton tried to make it seem like a negative thing which fell flat in my view.

    2. Both doctors are excellent. Dr. Spitz is well regarded in his field but I believe his testimony for the defense backfired and seemed far fetched as to someone else putting on the duct tape on the skull. Why would they put a heart on the tape? It makes sense that Casey would do it.

      1. That jurors were laughing and smirking at the doctor’s tall tale says alot. I was looking for a professional testimony and ended up with a macabre fairytale. Shame on Dr. Spitz~

      1. Go to my website at under Bio and you will dind out my educattion and background. My Masters is from U of Michigan in Speech 1975 , PhD is from the Univeristy of Minnesota in communciation disorders 1978 and post doctorate is in Medical Genetics from UCLA School of Medicine 1980 plus 30 years of experience in speech communication and vocal forensics and speech body language analysis.

      1. Why? When a person puts their opinion out on a public forum and includes a place for commentary they obviously will take criticisms along with the kudos. I wasn’t being disrespectful and if I was I will apologize – to Dr. Glass.

      2. Kelly.
        Why don’t you go away. Everytime anyone disagrees with Dr. Glass or offers an opinion that differs, I would like to know why YOU take it so personal. Dr. Glass can speak up for herself, without any help from you. I would like to read a worthwhile comment from you for a change. Otherwise, keep your two-cents worth to yourself. Dr. Glass does not need you to kiss her As S.

      3. My thoughts exactly. Kim, nobody is forcing you to read this blog, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It seems like you have a lot of misplaced anger. What did Dr. Glass do to be on the receiving end of it?

    3. Kim, you wont be missed here, this is a blog where ALL of us can come and vent, you too, but if you dont appreciate the views of Kathy, then go watch something on TV. I’m glad you’re not on this jury.

      1. Who’s Kathy?

        Obviously this is not a place “where ALL of us can come and vent” since you seem to be expecting me to leave. If you don’t like my comments, pass over them and be done with it

    4. I don’t always agree with Dr Glass about witness testimony and such, either. However, Dr Glass isn’t a legal expert. Instead, as stated at the top of the page, she’s a body language expert. That’s her strength and what brings me here to read. She notices the expressions and motions that, try as I might to be observant, go right by me. It’s her strength and it isn’t without value.

  2. I for one think Ashton did an excellent job of discrediting Dr. Spitz. He made him seem like a media hungry, past retiring, bitter Dr. who was only testifying against Dr. G because 1. she did not let him do the autopsy with her. Even Dr. Spitz, who says he did remove the skull still wasn’t able to determine the cause, and everyone has testified that at the time of the discovery of little Caylee, if she drowned it would not have been able to be determined due to the decompensation of the body. Ashton did his job and he is never going to let any trial participant, no matter how renowned, taint the facts of the case to prevent justice for Caylee. And to think this renowned Dr. ended his testimony that everyone had staged this death and was a part of a conspiracy is sickening. That is why Ashton ended his cross examination, he was not going to be a part of that circus show. I am ashamed by the dishonesty of the defense and the levels they will stoop to to uphold a lie. How many more lives are they going to ruin to spare the life of someone that has no regard for any human being on this earth? Now I hear they are trying to depose a behavioral analyst to talk about why Casey kept quiet for a month. Unless she personally spoke to Casey it should have no value. Baez has not addressed 1 openining statement he made with unobliterated “truth and facts” and this jury is not stupid, they will come to know that.

    1. I agree Brandy. Ashton discredited Dr. Spitz and made him look like a total fruit loop. I was hoping to hear forensic evidence, not conspiracy theories that he can not claim to be a fact. Dr. Spitz is a joke and will be remembered as a fruit loop. It is time he retires and let the real professionals, such as Dr. G, take over.

      1. I think Ashton did an amazing job this morning! I also think that the dig about craving the limelight was directed at all the interviews, relating to the Anthony case, that Dr. Spitzer claimed to forget doing.
        Side note: Judge Perry’s reaming of Baez was awesome! 🙂

    2. I totally agree Brandy. Dr. Spitz came across as a bumbling old fool, sad to say. The fact that jurors were seen smirking does not bode well for the defense. I have seen him testify in other high profile cases and have never found him to be credible at all. The fact that he could actually say the duct tape was put on some time after decompensation is totally laughable! Where the heck did common sense go? I only pray that the jury sees through the defenses “dog and pony” show….JUSTICE FOR LITTLE CAYLEE!!!

    3. Exactly. Within a minute on cross, I think Dr. Spitz lost credibility when he admitted he didn’t know he had BROKEN the skull with his precious ‘opening’ of it….He said, “I broke it?” Even if it was just a crack, it should have been noted and photographed as NOT part of the crime. Shouldn’t he at least have remembered?
      That showed me he wasn’t paying much attention to his supposed autopsy, and that he must have a motive. The fact that he conveniently ‘forgot’ all the t.v. interviews he’d given…OMG. The fact that he didn’t test the supposed ‘brain dust’, and then proclaimed it so, just ‘believe him’? To me, THAT’S a ‘shoddy autopsy.’

  3. The “defense team” appeared as though it was their first murder case! I know it is the first for Baez (so very obvious) however, not Mason’s. Today was a win for the prosecution! Spitz seemed confused and forgetful. He also said, what he was PAID to say!! I so hope Baez gets sanctioned for his games today. Hopefully at the end of the trial, Perry will hold him in contempt…..

    1. I hope HHJP sanctions him to the utmost! I hope HHJP lets the jury know of Baez’ dirty trick with the witness! That may very well destroy the credibility of the DT and all of their witnesses. Baez has heard HHJP say it umpteen times about abiding the court orders to prevent an ambush. Baez chose to ignore it. It makes me think Baez is a sociopath, too.

      1. He seems to have a past that is chock full of anti-social behavior. Writing bad checks, running out on his child support payments, and evidently, behaving so badly that the Bar refused to grant him a license to practice for 8 years. There is more, including that business about him selling bikinis, of all things, which some might describe as being more sleazy than sociopathic. In any case, none of it should surprise us. No reputable lawyer wanted to take a sordid case like this one. But Baez seems to relish it. That says a lot about him.

        I am glad the Judge slapped him today. He may have been too lenient with him, though.

      1. “He won 32 out of 34 cases….LOL”

        Yeah, but the other 32 were in traffic court.

    2. All expert witnesses are paid – on both sides. They are not paid to say something in particular. Experts can see things many different ways. Each side has to search for an expert who sees things their way.

      They are paid for their time and reimbursed for trial associated costs, such as airfare and hotels.

      1. Not true Annie. Not true all experts are paid. Witnesses testimony in the States case got one expert to say he VOLUNTEERED . Brush up on the FACTS, Or merely say IMO, because that is all you stated above…opinion.

      2. Baez is the one who brought up how much each of the witnesses was being paid. He asked each one of the state’s witnesses so turnaround is fair play. As well as how many interviews expert witnesses gave on television when by the order of the court, they were told not to listen to testimony of other witnesses.

        Payment IMO is moot. Experts should expect to be paid for their time and trouble, and employees of the LE and Coroner’s dept. should also be paid. I personally would suspect the motivations of someone who was doing it for free, more so!

      3. Yeah, and some Defense experts told Baez while they testified, that HE (Baez) still had NOT paid them, haha what a joke of a lawyer Baez is, he will trample ALL over anyone to make a name for himself. He has also used their Law Firm as Caseys’ address, she (Casey) has signed over any money from the Caylee photos or any sales to media, etc. to Baez. I guess you make some mistakes when your life is on the line. But, I think Casey will get Baez and Mason when its all said and done. Baez no wedding ring??? why???

  4. “Mason must have told Casey that the witness would be extremely favorable for Casey’s defense.” That is a stretch even after the fact. We do not know what attorney and client discussed and after the fact we know that this witness did not summarize his findings and Mr Baez disobeyed a standing court order not to “ambush” anyone nor sabatage his client’s right to a fair trial. It is unfair to the defendant as well as the prosecutors. This “extremely favorable” witness was not even allowed to remain on the stand. Mr Mason did not even have an opportunity to read what he had to say because teh witness never wrote down his findings or opinions!!

    Dr Spitz was not a credible witness nor would he discuss anything that would give this defendant “a reason to be confident”. If we stand in as a juror and give her the presumption of innocence, how could discussing his wild theory of when, where, how and why the duct tape was applied be “encouraging”? “Dr Spitz spoke words which seemed to be in Casey’s favor.” This is a hidious statement. Are we to assume by this incredibly insensitive remark to discount the pain and suffering of the victim? How could the death of her child and the discussion of the remains, no matter what side one is on, “encourage” or make anyone feel “confident? We cannot adequately describe this defendant unless and until we have examined her in relation to her behavior. She reacts. She is oriented to time and place and she is clearly not engaging in her trial “as a third person”. She is center stage-NUMERO UNO. The one and only person charged with intentionally and deliberately taking the life of her child. She is the only one who knows how Casey died. Caylee Marie Anthony was ba and while she was enjoying her movie with Tony L, she was called HOME.

    One cannot separate the facts from the defendant. She has all the answers. Once we all understand that than a clearer analysis of the trial proceedings will bring new insights and the realization that we are discussing a very selfish and dangerous person who is listening to each and every word.

    1. What the hell are you attempting to say?

      We will NEVER know the truth. Casey is the only one that knows what happened however, she ain’t talking and if she does, we won’t believe a thing that comes out of her mouth!

      1. Liz… that is what anonymous is saying.. and I quote
        “She has all the answers. Once we all understand that than a clearer analysis of the trial proceedings will bring new insights and the realization that we are discussing a very selfish and dangerous person who is listening to each and every word.”
        take the attitude down some.. geez, its just a blog.

      2. Of course we know the truth. The autopsy report that was issued was clear about her death. We know what happened and the prosecutors have alleged that this victim died as a result of suffocation. You seem to jump to conclusions and had you read what I wrote it would be patently clear how she died. I have written this before on this blog and although no one reads my long posts I don’t mince words nor would it be my intention to harm or alarm someone who reads here. I have left that clue a couple of times on this blog but haven’t the heart to type it out.

        What comes out of her mouth are lies but what is unspoken and contrived will lead any reasonable person to come to a logical explanation about what actually happened. Homicidal psychopaths get a great deal of pleasure when they think they are “duping” the experts. The experts know but since they weren’t there how can they say with certainty what happened? Casey Anthony is the only one who knows what she did and the experts are attempting to figure out how she died not necessarily who did it. Suffice to say that Casey probably believes she had absolutely nothing to fear when she disposed of her child’s body. She did not dispose of her remains. Figure it out from there Liz.

      3. Casey is the only one who knows what happened??? I disagree there. I believe wholeheartedly that George, Cindy & Lee know exactly what happened.

    2. Anonymous: I read your long posts and find them to be very detailed and credible. You’re right, Casey is the only who knows the truth about Caylee’s death and she is never going own up to it. The defense’s ridiculously made-up story involving George Anthony and Roy Kronk is so obviously a ploy to raise doubt within the jury. I don’t know if this is another one of Casey’s lies or if she and Baez put their heads together and came up with it.

      1. Gin-Considering that both Mr Baez and Ms Anthony know how Caylee died I have to assume that “drowning” is about the closest Casey could come to in terms of telling a believable story. The theory of this case was simply a
        last minute, poorly planned and haphazard attempt to deflect blame and punishment onto both a known and unknown person. From what legal analyst have to say, they could have stopped at the drowning and brought forward a couple of forensic psychiatrists to pull together her actions after the fact. In January of 2009 I opined that Casey “absolved” herself of murder because in her own mind and heart she kissed her goodbye (lit.or fig) when she was alive.

      2. Anonymous and Gin, I read you and agree. I think reasonable people must agree that we don’t know yet “exactly” what happened to Caylee.. Will Casey ever tell – and if she does, can we believe her?

        I hope they open up Casey’s skull (when she eventually dies) to see if we can find out what “exactly” is wrong with her thinking and emotions.

    3. Well, if her family enabled unreality and lies, now she has a team doing the same. Seems that she will never get a hint as to what reality could mean even in prison which will not suit her tastes.

  5. Bozo makes my skin crawl.. and I was SO happy that Judge Perry FINALLY said something to him. He is a dishonest slime ball.. It took him 3 tries to become a lawyer, and even then had his brother help him! the Board did NOT want him, and said he has no regards for the feelings of others or the rules of the law.. :::gee.. would have never guessed that:::
    Dr. Glass.. thank you I really enjoy reading your blogs.. but I don’t know if you noticed, some of the times you meant Caylee you typed Casey.. I know, all the “C”‘s are confusing..

  6. I don’t have any issue with someone talking about a case on tv but when you are called as an expert witness in a trial and appear on tv prior to your testimony, I have a problem with that. Unethical IMO. Dr. G’s tv series has nothing to do with this case and I don’t recall an episode that features this case. I have not seen Dr. G talking on tv about this case which to me shows that she has more ethics and professionalism than Spitz. Today he said under oath on the stand that he “doesn’t recall” giving an interview that he did THIS week. Credible, I think not.

    1. Dr. G’s show is just about regular people whose autopsies illustrate interesting medical & forensic techniques; it’s actually the driest, LEAST sensational forensics show by far, IMO.

      And dollars to doughnuts the creators of the show sought out Dr. G, not the other way around. She’s very impressive in the courtroom.

  7. Dr. Lillian, I love your body language insights because the whole study is sooo revealing as it provides viewers with the unwritten/non-verbal story. Casey has had different looks throughout the 3 years. I too find it revelaing when she flirts with Jose Baez., acts childish next to her female attorney. It’s like she forgets she’s on trial for her life. Yesterday she raised her eyebrows and gave a little approval with her eyes to Cheney Mason before he began. She probably is looking to him as a father/grandfather type figure. Casey is a true manipulator of people like many charming sociopaths, and yes she is a user and a blamer. also thought that one day when she cried and couldn’tr bear to look at anything dealing with Caylee’s remians is that maybe more from guilt than grief. How much is the jury buying into her performance? P.S. Love Ashton, always feisty and a good speaker.

  8. Dr. Glass, I agree with 90% of today’s post, but you are engaging in “confirmation bias” about it being “a positive” that Spitz has appeared in interviews. I am certain YOU view it that way, because you have made many appearances and you are happy to advance your ideas and your expertise.

    It is very obvious that Spitz’ best days are behind him and he has no right to expound about this case in interviews or anywhere else…he didn’t know Caylee’s name! Spitz referred to the case several times as “high profile”. Ashton was right to point out how Spitz likes the “high profile” case. Why should this case would be handled any different from any other? Ashton showed Spitz to be money/fame whore who will say what he was paid to say. The fact that Spitz was chosen for any “plum” tv appearances will not rehabilitate the bumbling performance he provided on the witness stand today.

  9. Dr me seemed he was great in his day..but he was old and feeble and most of the time if he was not in his element he could not remember anything..he was a media fame seeker…and his version of the skull was way out there in lala land..and his theory and not sending away a path report on the brain because he said he had way, was not acceptable to me.

  10. Not only did he open Caylee’s skull..the skull did not benifit from him doing this..It was he did this for nothing..This was a horrible crime as far as I am concerned..he had no right to do this if he was not going to do anything with the tissue he recovered from the skull being opened and I believe that the State should seek suit against him for this and the Anthony’s also.

  11. Dr Glass,
    Great observations today!….and I am glad to see that you admit that I am right about the devil horns. LOL
    Things are not going so well for the murdering little princess is it? I think maybe that Dr. Pinnochio should have not done one last ego-tripped witnessing today.
    Wait!! I take that back. He was a big help for the Prosecution.

  12. Liz, how many times do you plan to ” threathen” us your’e leaving before you do so? ( I’ve got a side bet on it, and wondering if you could give me a heads up? )
    Re: Dr.Spitz, I dozed off a sec, was wondering; did I hear him say he did the autospies on Adam and Eve?

  13. The fact that any kind of duck tape on a dead child’s face should shriek Homicide!
    Baez stupidly keeps harping on the duck tape- when Dr. G said it all ! HELLO!!

    What leaves me frustrated is the endless double talk by the defense witness’s who are using the long detailed explanation-that eventually goes Yawn- NO WHERE!

    Then Ashton steps up and zaps them with a common sense question and they freeze like a deer caught in the headlights. IMHO these expert witness’s brought in by the defense just muddy the waters, bore people to death, and still aren’t showing anything new.

    Yeah some of their testimony is interesting, yet they come back to the “I don’t know” at the end. Nothings been accomplished except wasting a lot of court time. Maybe Baez thinks if he bores the jury to death they’ll acquit KC so they can go home and back to their lives..
    Range Rider

  14. Hi Dr. Lillian. Are you not going to be on Nancy Grace anymore, I haven’t seen you
    on there for a while?

    Someone likely has posted this already but I don’t have time to read through
    all the comments. The reason Ashton brought up about Dr. Spitz liking the limelight
    was to show he only wants to do the big cases. You said Dr. G. has a tv show and
    likely likes the attention. That may be so but does she only work on headline making
    Whether or not Dr. Spitz does only top cases it doesn’t look like his testimony will
    help Casey. Even he admitted that Ashton did a good job on cross examination.

  15. I quoted directly from Dr Glass’s article and I can say with a fair degree of certainty that many who post here don’t read what she writes. If you do read the redundant and conflicting commentary it matters little as “it’s only a blog”. In other words just “dumb it down” when commenting. When the bullshit flies it’s always preceeded by accusing the blog owner of engaging in “confirmation bias” -as if that contributes to the lack of a cohesive argument? What argument? There is none. This blog to many is simply a picture book with too many words that don’t have any basis in fact. Head bumps? Ya, that’s important. Growing head bumbs and horns.

    1. I think that head bumps are ivery important body language wise, It speaks to the tension that is occuring in Casey’s body. She is not able to emote so her tension comes out physically. Thank you for the compliment regarding my blog being a picture book as picturescan reveal thousands of words.

      1. Who wouldn’t be tense and affected by what is going on? Everyone can see that she is alternately amused, confused, shamed and thrilled at her position as the central focus of this trial. Her contempt is obvious to everyone. You seem to believe that body language and nonverbal communication is the “essence of life” but to psychopaths the “essence of life” is their ability to scam, belittle, and deprive people of their right to life and their constitutional and God given right to the pursuit of happiness. A life interrupted in such a way by someone who is for all intents and purposes an “emotional android” what would it matter whether she shows signs of stress while others describe the child she allowed to die in the trunk of her car? She does have some very interesting affectations and one can clearly see that she has steadfastly clung to her clothes and even though she has been incarcerated for three years and looking at the possibility of spending the rest of her natural life behind bars, it doesn’t seem to inhibit her ability to “win” jurors over by buffing out her chest when it matter most. Those are the traits and behaviors that should scare most of us. I respectfully submit, they ain’t the essence of life.

    2. Anonymous, it is you who apparently is not bothering to read what is written. I read the article and the comments (including yours) and sought to point out that Dr. Glass gave Spitz “positive” marks for his ability to garner some nice interviews. The confirmation bias is in that Dr. Glass is someone who welcomes interviews. How else could she think that it is a positive that Spitz has given interviews? For most others (who are not “experts” in anything) it was a negative that Spitz is taking advantage of the limelight. Limelight seeking is fine for those who actually have valid theories to advance.

  16. Liz, Truly sorry, I agree with your post. I meant to say “Kim”. Also thanks Shaka.,guess we need a little chuckle now and then, heaven knows, we’ve shed plenty of tears.

  17. Patricia-When you want to insult someone try to remember who you are referring to and don’t don’t just sit around and wait for them to leave-just show them the door and slam it on their heels. You don’t owe Liz an apology you owe Kim one-not for what she said but your sarcastic and uncalled for reaction.

    Kim said:
    “I may have to stop reading here completely because it seems to me you don’t really bother to investigate what you speak about.”

  18. The state is continuing their very professional presentation, the defense looks to be falling apart, it is so obvious Baez is far from being ready for prime time, but no matter what anyone feels it is the jury who will decide & that is what keeps so many on edge. We hear so much about juror # 4 from many of the best lawyers & others who really do know how to report what is taking place. I exclude all the shriekers. Every time I hear , remember it only takes one person to dissent, my heart drops. This person is guilty of so much! Please, please, justice for beautiful little Caylee.

  19. Dr. Glass, I love your analysis of Casey. I have noticed that when she does turn away she twists her head off to one side so much. It is so exaggerated. If a normal person doesn’t want to look at something, don’t you think the eyes or head would be looking down or off to the side somewhat but not so exaggerated like that? Is this just a TV show to her, the Casey reality drama? Her 5 minutes of fame? That just makes her more diabolical to me.

  20. What I would say to your observations of Casey Anthony IS…YOU do not know how you would react if YOU were in her seat right now! And anyone who Says they know is a liar! First of all if she IS guilty she is a very sick girl and her actions are completely UNEXPLAINABLE vs a normal persons reactions. IF she is NOT guility..then imagine YOURSELF sitting there FIRST accused and fighting for YOUR LIFE. SECOND, remembering the loving child that she gave birth to, sat up nights with, held in her arms and NOW has to look at a skull and listen to how she was dismembered and Animals chewing on her body. YOU had better believe one thing EITHER way she HAS to act like she is watching this happen to someone else. I have spoken to numerous people about her actions and MANY of them went on to say the absolute CRAZY out of character things that they did when they lost a person they loved. AND they all as I myself can contest to go through the motions like they are in a fog and barely remember years later what they did, who they spoke to for months into their ordeal. So to say that her behavior was CRAZY! Yes it was, plain and simple. But she is not alone in her behavior, WHAT IS unexplainable is the fact that she did not report it for 31 days. AND so far after listening to ALL of the testimony I do believe George Anthony was a HUGE player in this and I do believe that it was at HIS demands that she told no one until the cause of death could NOT be proven! And just as his mistress said…”this was a horrible accident that snowballed”

    1. Casey Anthony is a very sick individual. She belongs in a mental hospital. If she did kill her daughter it will haunt her for the rest of her life.

      1. Once again, I think we have a poster who speaks from personal experience (maybe a negative experience with her father) and is very angry about it.

        “And that’s all I have to say about that” ~ Forrest Gump

    2. Dear Cheryl,

      Cheryl, because you said “AND so far after listening to ALL of the testimony I do believe George Anthony was a HUGE player in this…” you cannot be believed about anything else you say. There has been no testimony under oath that George did anything. Baez fooled you into thinking that. However, George did testify, under oath, that he had nothing to do with Caylee’s death or Casey’s claimed “molestation for lies.” Cheryl, please no more yelling –and please try to pay attention to testimony and facts. Until you hear any thing from the witness stand from Casey’s mouth, you should let go of your theories or keep them to yourself. I hope you are never on a jury unless you understand this concept.

    3. Cindy, you’ve got to stop reading and posting comments here. It doesn’t benefit you or the rest of us, either.

  21. I also question whether or not Dr. Glass watch the full testimony today by Dr. Spitz. Her statements that Dr. Spitz “held his own” during cross-examination where not what I saw today at all. As far as Dr. Glass’s statement about Dr. “G” “craves limelight as well”, because she has a television show, what? That statement is a leap. Dr. Spitz looks more credible because he was an expert witness for the O.J. Simpson trial and the Phil Spector trial? How about Dr. Spitz is the expert witness only for the truly hopeless defendant. Why is Dr. Glass defending Dr. Spitz when clearly he has not the sense to know when he should retire. Does Dr. Glass have some issue with Dr. G?

    1. I have no issue with Dr, G. I think she is great and I have no issue with Dr.Spitz until he said that he thought someone else put the tape on the skull which I can’t imagine. I wonder if he knew about the heart.. Who would put the heart onthe tape besides Casey. And anyone who has a show or plans to get a show or even particiaptes on a show craves the limelight and there is nothing wrong with that in my view. .

      1. Since he didn’t remember looking at any of the autopsy photos, I doubt Dr. Spitz will remember anything about a heart sticker. When shown the autopsy photos he could not give a clear answer about how the hair would fall off the head once the flesh decomposed (something that the hair experts have already testified would be a clear and easy prediction).

        The guy admitted on the stand that he knew little about the case and the events surronding it – ONLY that the family owned a pool, the child was missing for a month, and she was LAST SEEN WITH THE BABYSITTER!

        ROFLMAO! Obviously he didn’t receive the memo about Zanny the Nanny being a figment of the defense’s imagination!

      2. Dr. Glass,
        Maybe you are using the wrong words or concepts. Perhaps you would make more sense if you said “Dr. G. seeks recognition for her work” or “Dr. G is sought after for her contributions to her field” – or even “Dr. G. enjoys sharing her expertise”. The idea that Dr. G. CRAVES the limelight is just odd. What is your proof for this negative comment and your need to sya something negative and rather careless?

    2. Anyone that would testify that there was one scintilla of evidence Lana Clarkson committed suicide (in a home she visited for the first time in her life, as she gathered her purse and was attempting to leave not realizing this was the home of a man, whose hands were as shaky as an earthquake, and had held many women at gunpoint against their will once they realized what a weirdo/monster he was) has ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY in my opinion. So lets see, that would be Spitz, Lee, & Baden. At some-point it becomes clear to everyone when you have lost your ability to be reasonable and your newfound expertise is in saying whatever brings you the most money and fame! At one time, these men were very good at their profession, but the were all bitten by the “bug” and I’m not talking Coffin or Fruit Fly! Dr Glass, I respect your opinion when it comes to reading body language, I did not see you refer to that. Are you saying his body language and his tone was consistent with truth? Im sure some of what he said was truthful, IMO very little. I just find it very odd that you consider him credible giving his lack of memory and his findings in his latter years. Ashton’s cross examination made him look like his skull need to be examined

      1. No I am sayind Dr. Spitz did well until he brought up the duct tape being put there by a third person. When he satrted attacking a colleaugue it was over for him. The arrogance was not endearing to anyone.

  22. Thanks again for an informative post.

    I also felt it was improper to attack the author if one disagrees with them. Dr Glass is on point re “media hungry” experts. Of course dr G loves the limelight – she would not have a tv show otherwise. But she (and the entire prosecution side ) was a lot smarter / more professional about thee situation. Did she go on TV to advance her theory, or promoter her involvement on the case? No.

    it could be argued whether Mr Ashton was effective or not on discrediting the witness. But he did not really need to. The expert advanced such a far fetched theory, that even the jury members wwere smirking. Does not bode well for the credence.

    Btw, my have legal expert is Bill Sheaffer on , every day they post a 5-10 min interview with him on t proceedings.

    1. I see you said, “Of course dr G loves the limelight .” BUT, Lillian said she “craves the limelight”- a big difference. What body language does Dr. G. exhibit to show she CRAVES anything!?

      1. Good points you’ve been making, Joan. A person’s choice of words can be telling. Dr. Glass may be a bit too glib. “Craves” is not accurate. I think Dr. G warms to her subject and enjoys expounding on it. I think Dr. G, like most “geeks” (I like knowledgable geeks), is actually oblivious to the “limelight” but tolerates it very well. I quite enjoy Dr. Glass’s observations, though.

  23. Cheryl, so when does “your” Casey get presented at her trial? You know, the normal, grieving Casey. Yeah, George made her do it! Bah!

  24. AM I the only one who has done the math? Dr. Spitz ruined his career today. 60,000 autopsies over 56 years ????? 60,000 divided by 56 = 1071 per year! 1071 per year divided by 365 (that’s no holidays or weekends) = 2.9 per day !!!!! anyone but me doubt his arrogance?

    1. Ego-driven, like palm fronds being pushed down the highway before the hurricane makes landfall… Dr.Spitz cannot bear to be wrong… he said in one of the interviews he couldn’t recall, “I opened up the skull and solved the case,” (about another case) but that was his mantra today as well… sad.

    2. Since he can’t remember what interviews he did the week before, I sincerely doubt he knows how many autopsies he has attended or performed.

      Apparently he doesn’t have access to a lab either for any sort of chemical analysis. Wow! I imagine those autopsies are pretty quick to do.

      Am I the only one who thinks this guy has a sick fascination with brains? I think he must collect brain dust from every case and keep it in a labeled vial on his shelves in his office so he can brag to visitors about the brain dust of his famous cases.

      1. LOL!!! Brings to mind that old movie “Young Frankenstein” where Marty Feldman is sent to retrieve a brain for the creature. (The brain of “Abby Normal.”)

  25. I think that Dr. Spitz should retire. He does not remember most things, he sure is showing signs of aging. You know what I mean. Sometimes when you get to a certain age you have “tunnel vision”. He talks bizarre and does not understand when someone speaks to him. He may have been good in his hey days, but I think those days are over.

  26. Dr.Glass,Love your blog,but totally disagree on Dr.Spitz.. I think he cames across as an elderly man that maybe was great in his day,but didn’t seem to remember much and was way past retiring.He just knows it’s brain dust because he’s who he is and doesn’t need to send it to the lab? Half the time he looked like he was falling asleep.The facts he knew was that there was a pool and she wasn’t reported for a month,Wow! The theories about the skull and hair were beyond laughable.

    I don’t think your analysis of Dr.G was quite fair.She has a t.v. show about autopsies and how they have figured out how people have died.That is quite a bit different than someone who is doing interviews about this case and giving details of it,even the week before the interview and then not remembering it.

    Casey of course only mugs for the camera and does her crying bit only when the cameras are on and the jury is there.It’s all an act and all for show.It’s all about her and always has been.

    1. Agreed! Well put. Dr. Spitz was quite sad to watch and his testimony only helped the state out. He even referred to Caylee as “Casey” *twice* by mistake! Terrible.

    2. Let’s remember that he also jeopardized his role in this case by taking part in the appearance where they were showing video of clips of the trial- witness sequestration requires that he not have seen any other witnesses give their testimony in the case. Jeff Ashton spoke to him and cleared him, perhaps because he could not remember seeing it (lol). Or maybe he meant to watch it when he got home but fell asleep! (LOL)

      1. I think he fell asleep when opening up Caylee’s head too. Probably why he can’t remember he broke it.

  27. I wonder if anyone has questioned DR. SPitz’s claim of performing 60000 autopsies over a 56 year period. That represents 3 autopsies being performed every day 7 days a week over that 56 year period. 6000 autopsies would be more plausible. That would equate to an average of 2 per week. Allowing him ample time for travel and television appearances.

    1. He is including all autopsies performed by all of the doctors under his supervision… but still, it is a very high number…

      1. That’s a lot of autopsies when he admitted on the stand that he does not have access to a lab. Who performs autopsies without access to a lab – or a lab’s services?

        How did he perform these 6,000 autopsies without once sending off tissue, blood, organs etc… to any sort of lab for analysis?

        Not credible.

  28. i remember Dr. Spitz being a guest on Nancy Grace about 2 1/2 or more years ago. he was discredited at that time by professionals she had on, more than one time, on possibly more that one appearance. it was definately an embarrassment to
    Dr. Spitz & he never appeared again. does anyone else remember this?

    1. Yes, I do. His son was on Dr Drew last night and he clearly disagrees with his father. He gave his personal opinion relative to the verdict but did not mention his father’s role as a defense expert. It’s clear if he did the autopsy he might have looked at the evidence or at least read the police report. It’s not enough to know that members of Ms Anthony’s team told him how the child died. What leaked out yesterday and today speaks volumes about just how crooked the whole bunch of them are.

  29. I dont know how George and Cindy could sit thru this. They didnt even want Caylee playing in the grass in her playhouse, and hearing what was said today, it , as Dr. Drew says, stomach-churning. I could barely stand it. Listening to that old man talking about Caylee, cutting into her skull just so he could try and stick it to Dr. G, who is young and in her prime. When Dr. G. talks about Caylee it is with respect and gives her at least a scrap of dignity . And yes, we do know exactly what happened. We even know about what was said in the fight. Casey has told us. It has all come out in the end.

  30. I had to smile this am when the judge admonished Jose and he had to walk over to his table to get the “rules” and he walked over like a 2 year old that was told to go put the cookie back.
    Dr Spitz, gave his opinion that Dr G did a shoddy job on her autopsy because she did not cut off the top of the skull to look inside to see what was inside and there was brain sediment on the left side of the skull. First of all…you can look into an empty skull several ways…you would not have to cut the top off to look inside…and as far as the sediment…it was under water and in dirt and mud…he claims it was brain tissue and not dirt or mud…however…he said he did not test the sediment to prove it was brain tissue..he just says it is…but after spending all those months under water and in dirt….why didn’t HE test it to prove or disprove it was brain tissue or just plain mud? Hmmm…?
    Casey…has anyone else noticed that when Casey looks at the witnesses, she keeps her head forward and looks at them out of the corners of her eyes? Wonder what that means Dr G?
    As far as Dr Spitz giving his opinion that the duct tape was put on the skull after all the decomposition had taken place…that is all it is…his opinion….everyone elses opinion is that it was put on prior to death. I am fairly certain that the jury membes are all intelligent and do not buy his opinion that someone came along and wrapped duct tape around a childs skull and planted it in the woods….
    Just my humble opinion…

    1. Dr. Spitz wants to talk about shoddy? He did not bother to wear gloves, only worrying about contaminating himself and not worrying about contaminating the bones or any tests he may have done….OH! that’s right! He didn’t bother doing any tests because he’s done so many autopsies in his sleep he just ‘knows’ what something is by looking at it and doesn’t need to test it anymore. He also professed to know how sticky something was by looking at a picture.

      Dr. Spitz has stated it’s important to open a skull because sometimes you can see fractures inside that you can’t see from the outside. He screwed that up too by cracking the skull opening it up, then testifies he doesn’t remember breaking Caylee’s skull.

    2. Brain dust… it is sad when a man who once was at the top of his game is pulled into this situation, but it was his ego that pulled him down into the muck and mire he was so unwilling to examine.
      Let’s simplify everything, shall we?
      All these ridiculous theories of duct tape flying off of posters and into a thickly wooded palmetto swamp or being stuck onto a skeleton after months to hold the jaw in place are pointless when it comes to considering the total picture.

      Forget the duct tape. Pretend it was never found.
      You still have a toddler, stuffed into three garbage bags and left in the swamp near her family home.

      Forget the pool, the cover-up by insane people, and all the mis-information by the entire family.
      You still have a little girl, missing for 31 days, never reported as gone all during that time by her mother, who was apparently partying and not much else.

      Let us forget all the people who testified to a ‘stinky car,’ and all those who didn’t smell anything..
      Little Caylee disappeared and her mother NEVER called anyone for help in finding her.

      And forget about the bugs, the pigs in trunks, the fame-seeking experts who all hope to garner more for themselves than being truly committed to the cause of discovering the truth.

      There was a little girl who got into the car with her mother… and never came home again.
      This was not an accident that was covered up. And there was only one person who benefitted from not having to have her around any more.
      I rest my case.

  31. Dr Glass, I would like to know what it means, when a person referring to CAYLEE, refers to her as Casey, in their blogs?

    Do you think it is an unconscious wish, to have Casey dead, instead of CAYLEE ?

    I have noticed this in several of your blogs. This one…the one that follows and more on down the line…..I just want to know.

    …..kudo’s to Jeff Ashton….he gets BIG RESPECT from me…..

  32. I don’t necessarily believe that Spitz did a poor job, (nor a good one-just average) at least for the beginning of his testimony, before they got to his publicity info. (it went downhill from there) Rather, I think that Ashton is just exceptional at his job. Ive never seen anyone tear it up like he does!

  33. I enjoy reading here ..thank you Dr. Glass!

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed… but I saw Casey sneak a peek at the monitor more than once after she turned away. I also saw Cindy either laugh or show elation when Dr. Spitz said he could not determine the manner of death..and this is right after she saw the autopsy photo/skull that she and George did stay in to see today. JMO

    1. The whole clan should be locked up. They all know what happened to Caylee. It’s just sickening that they continued with this whole Zanny the nanny abducting Caylee BS! Dragged a innocent woman in this whole charade, piratically destroying her life & they still have not given her an apology.

  34. Wow alot of comments.

    I know this, Casey killed her baby on her watch.
    I can see it.

    Casey cares no more about that then ” i want set free”

    the woman is dangerous.
    Yes, she killed Caylee and she does not mind that at all.

    BELLA VITA is Caseys comment to her baby girls death.

    Bella Vita is about Caseys future, not about Caylees death

  35. Doc, you are brilliant, but you got Spitz 100% wrong. He was an old fuddy duddy who didn’t even know what state he was in. He had somebody finding the skull and putting it back together with duct tape!!!…any members of the jury who were younger must have been laughing, this is the best the defense could do. When Aston asked him if he liked HI PROFILE CASES, he had him dead to rights. Dr. G is straight to the point and the best testimony yet. She didn’t talk about buying houses without basements!!!

    1. Kathy Belich of WFTV said that several members of the jury were smirking and trying to hid smiles during his testimony.

      Dr. Spitz helped the prosecution today – bigtime. LOL! The Duhfense continues their case….

  36. I watched all this Spitz nonsense today. Loved that it was preceded by Baez getting schooled by the judge for his ambush tactics and total disregard for the courts orders. Dr. Glass I would love your take on Baez’s actions and his body language as he was beingheld to task today by the judge.
    As far as Spitz goes I think he holds close to his old school ways which is why he had such strong feelings about the skull cap being cut off. However I also think it was an unnecessary desecration of little caylee’s remains. It’s not like Dr. G just ignored the inside of the skull cavity, she justtook a different, less extreme approach to examining it than did Dr. Spitz.
    I didn’t like his attitude during cross exam by Ashton. He was very argumentative and arrogant and it detracted from any credibilty that his testimony may have had.

  37. As part of the Orlando legal community, it was a general consensus that Dr Spitz did more harm than good for the defense in the case of Casey Anthony. Dr Spitz has had an illustrious career, but, some recent cases might appear that he can be bought to say whomever pays him. It’s a shame he does not realize it’s time to hang it up! Even I, who has no sympathy for the defense, nor Casey, felt saddened to see a formerly highly regarded physician come to the point he could not even form a coherent sentence. It was rather pathetic. He is coasting on his past reputation and is not up to par any longer. If I were the defense, I would be physically sick! It was a diaster, but, this defense is not well thought out. Quite frankly, Jose Baez gets what he deserves – he is unprepared, has poorly formed questions and has tested the patience of this excellent judge. I hope Dr Spitz will realize he needs to retire before he damges his reputation any further.

    Your observations of Casey’s body language are very interesting. Thank you.

  38. Yes, Dr Glass, I agree with Debbie – what is your take on Jose Baez’ body language, especially when the judge was scolding him. I saw no attitude of apology to the court or respectful gesture to His Honor. A bit of contrition might go a long way, but, he (Baez) kept interupting the judge. What’ are your observations?

    1. He was angry. Especially at the end when he collected his notebook at the podium and then banged it down on the stand. The guy was mad – made to be caught out with his little game.

      I bet he’ll be even more mad when Judge Perry gives his sanctions against him… it may be more then contempt charges. Bill Shaeffer at WFTV said it might even be a word to the Florida Bar about his conduct.

  39. Dr. Spitz held his own? Argh… I respect Dr. Spitz highly and I also find him endearing, but he definitely did not hold his own today. He revealed that he was familiar with very little of the background of the case, that he has not kept up with modern technology, that his pride was wounded because he was not allowed to participate in the original autopsy, that he has developed forgetfulness that impacts his ability to be useful in a case like this, that he had jumped to conclusions (he saw the family had a pool, so she likely drowned), and the topper- his conclusion that someone found the skeletal remains and replaced the jawbone in the anatomically correct position, taping it in place with duct tape and somehow keeping the hair mat in the right position- WTH? And then accusing the ME of staging the scene? accusing Dr. G of a “shoddy” autopsy because she didn’t needlessly saw the skull in half? The man has a long and distinguished career but this was not his finest hour and likely will be his last participation in a case.
    Also, for the first time today, I did see real tears when Casey cried. I think that the idea of animals chewing on the bones is very troubling to her.

  40. Blaze, I heard a comment during the commercial that George left from the courtroom when Dr. Spitz was showing the skull….did anyone else hear that?

  41. Jose Baez cracks me up. I can’t help but like him a little bit. I heard an attorney aptly refer to Baez as Napoleon on HLN the other evening. Sure hope that Casey Anthony is convicted of murder one but I’m getting concerned now.

  42. You brought up a question that bothers me, if someone placed the tape over the skull after decomp, attached the lower jaw exactly correctly, then what about the hair? Did they collect hair and put it in the place it should have been? Hope the jurors question that too since pros didn’t ask. Sorry I can’t agree that anything would trouble Casey except her own fate.

  43. I think Baez is playing for one juror only and that is #4…he knows she’s gonna find it hard to judge Casey even though she may feel she is guilty…that juror really bothers me to and in my opinion I am sure because of it they will not get a unanimous decision on death, maybe life without parole

    1. Brandy, #4 could hang the jury – and the state would have to pay for another even mor difficult trial. That’s my worry.

    2. As I commented up stream, should that happen, Judge Perry and Baez are to be held accountable, not her. She was open and honest from the get-go about her religion forbidding her to judge others. While that made her most desirable to the defense, it was up to Judge Perry to override the defense in selecting her.

  44. I have little sympathy for Dr. Spitz. He has been hired out as a “hired gun” for many years now. I remember his testimony in the Phil Spector trial. He said it was a suicide. Please, a woman has never been in this house before, gets drunk, starts going through drawers, finds a gun, and blows her head off. Okay! I’ll buy that, one idiot juror certainly did. Not!

    1. Yes, I agree – I think Spitz is used to blowing in and having his testimony taken resting on his reputation, which in the past was steller – NO MORE! I think both he and the defense thought with his credentials, it was going to be a home run! The defense must have known the cross would be tough, but, it was so obvious Spitz remember what the defense wanted and forgot what the state aked for – which totally, IMHO, destryoyed his creditability! The more he fumbled verbally, the more of a buffoon he looked! The defense definately did not get their money’s worth on, probably, their biggest expert witness. That in itself, is kind of poetic justice, to me. People pick those of like traits – liar KC picked a shady lawyer. A witness of questionable integrity should be no surprise. I am surprised that Dr Spitz does not seem to realize what a fool he makes of himself – ‘no fool like an old fool’. With his uber-ego, he just can’t stay home and exit and illustrious career gracefuly. Pride someone said on here – so true!

    2. I am disgusted with all of the defense’s highly compensated hired guns. I certainly can understand and appreciate a valid disagreement with the science but this is not what’s been presented in these expert witness testimonies. And I find it disturbing and wonder how the lot of them can look themselves in the mirror.
      Kenny-Baden who hired the majority of them excels in turning the victim into the guilty party. She did that to Phil Spector’s victim — had the audacity to claim that the woman liked to suck on loaded guns as a part of her
      sexual foreplay fantasy.

  45. I agree with Maria. Dr. Spitz did exactly the same thing in the Spector trial, agree with the defense at all costs because he was hired by them to do so. At one point, the camera showed Mason & Baez trying to hide smirks while their star witness was being grilled by Ashton as if they couldn’t even believe their witness was saying such ridiculous stuff. What a shame.

  46. I think Dr. Spitz, needs to retire. His memory fails him on most questions. I myself found him to be telling tall tales, and not believable, even with his passion of knowledge for his field of expertise, he looked and sounded like a fool from the old school. I was not as impressed with his untruths on the stand. He sounded like socio, everyone is at fault but the murderess on trial.

  47. OMG–I was so disappointed when I read your blog Dr. Glass—how can you say that Jeff Ashton did a bad job–his team is all about Caylee–no one else can speak for her and you of all people thought Dr. Spitz did a good job–what are you listening to!!!!!!!!! I always respected you but after this post I am not sure anymore–Dr. Spitz was a joke yesterday, even the jurors thought so. I hope you can see through all of this and render a better opinion next time. Justice for Caylee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jeff Ashon was yelled at by the judge yesterday. He is very different from Linda Drane Burdick who always appears to have her emotions in check unlike Ashton. Some do find Ashton offputting even of he is the voice of Caylee. .However he does know his work and he presents his side very well. So I did not mean to imply that he did a bad job at all and there is no where in my blog that it says that I said he did a bad job.
      Dr. Spitz did a great job in the beginning unill he began speaking about a third party putting the duct tape on the skull. Then he began to berate the work of Dr. G as being to being shoddy. He ruined his credibility at the end. I think that the media argument by Ashton was weak as everyone has been in the media talking about the case except for him and Linda Drance Burdick because the state has restrictions on their lawyers appearing in front of the press.

      1. You changed this article. That wasn’t what you had written when I first read it. Sadly, I didn’t think it necessary to keep a copy of this as originally written.

        I am stunned

      2. hopefully, Kim, you are stunned into silence.
        puleeze GO SOMEWHERE that meets your exacting standards!
        Dr. Glass has written a blog that sparked a lively discussion and she is MUCH too kind allowing rude and uneducated commenters like you to come here and do nothing but complain and threaten!
        Every single blog Dr. Glass posts, you say you’re leaving!
        JUST GTHO!
        and don’t let the door slam yr ass on the way out!
        your apology is utterly unapologetic and you have the nerve to return again and again to keep ragging on the doctor?
        sry Dr. Glass, but i have had it with these bloggers who question your creds, (when i very much doubt they have even a 4 year degree of their own!).
        are they too lazy to click where you have your resume posted?
        have they never heard of Google?
        i have often disagreed with Dr. Glass, (so happens NOT this time), she always permits comments from opposing views and is a lovely host.
        i am stunned Kim, at your rudeness! you seem to have some personal grudge against a wonderful person who i very much admire: Dr. Glass!
        do us ALL a favor and just comment elsewhere!

  48. It is my op that Dr Spits is past his time as a man at his age to be testifing in a case such as this.He seems to have the old age confusion thing going on.In saying that Jeff Aston so far has showed that he does an exellent job at cross examination of the defences withnesses.

    Jeff Aston does his job well,as does Linda,and Mr George.They put for a very clean decent side for the state in seeking Justice for Caylee the child victum-the only victum who deserves justice.What Jeff Aston,LDB,an Mr George are seeking-justice for a child vctum.

    The defence has had the gang of high profile attys come running,then hall ass,when they in sure saw there is NO defence in this case.All the puzzle pieces when put together-screams Casey took Caylees life from her,in one form or mutable ways.We have DT when has anyone ever seen a pool accidental drown victum Triple bagged,DTaped and throwed away like trash,near the home,in a drowning accident.NO body to date that im aware of,and im in my 50s.Have lived through a child in the family beng murdered,have been through the trials 2 of them to get a conviction

    .This defence team,not Baezs only because its a team,seems to be a crew of the last remeinebs of who would take,and stay on the case for trial..I for one have never saw a case where so many attys skipped out,then have been seen all over the air ways spinning a defence(so to speak).If they believe what they have been saying ,seems each would have stayed and fought for the accused.Also some joined pro bono,lol then used money as an issue for leaving if i remember correctly.Publicitys,new media consultent shows by some,one a why to aadvertize her book she was already writing-Angle of death, even possiblely having their names in books,and movies after this trial for being involved a short time.

    .These high profile bunch that took part at one time,and even now.Are part of this case trial for what will come fore them only through being part of it-that simple makes me sick.I would think that silence untill a trial is over by those involed at one time,even now shouldstand because of decency,not because a gag order would have to be in place.DR Spits i saw the video link posted was out of order doing that knowing he would be called as a expert whitness in a weeks time-sickning to say the least,on his part.I did not know,attys,experts could go on air,and al but try ths case,while its going on–disgusting to say the least.I respect the prosicution,as well as The decetives as they have NOT been seen-but quietly gather evidence,and put together a case against the accused.

    But the lone 3 seeking justice for this precious child who lost her life way too soon,have remained silent,except while fighting for her to receve justice.Say what you will about Mr Aston.Hes smart,and will not stand if he can discredit a spinner,fabracator,liar on the stand.He is fighting for Caylee Marie….Thank God some one is in that court room along with hs team.

    Now for Dr G she explained that everything around a child being found dead,in the shape this one was-and how she was repared for dumping (triple bagged/d tape) alone with Caylee being solely in the care at the moment Casey left with Caylee in That CAR,when decomp,and cloroform has been detected paintsed a picture along with how she detemined it was a homiced.I went back an looked at other child murder case,and even some accidents.They was Caylee was left hidden in tose woods scream murder dumping of a body-a tiny darling childs body.When DR G tested the skull,im sure she also looked at the inside of the skull with out having to saw cut it open.Many tools possible have been created for such sence Dr Spits was in his role as a A examiner. DR G. may even have the tool like a specilist uses when running a light with tiny video up our butts when examineing a colon,and taking byopsys-or down ones throat to the stomach to check for ulsers,orther problems.–New tools are being created all the time in helping DR take a look at the insides of humans-so DR G could have easly used a tool like i just described to look inside the skull-but with light,magnified their are opening in the skull where on can see inside,if in the shape Caylees skull was.I know this is long-forgive me-trying to say what my op is.

    Dr Spits even made implacation that those at the crime scene,and eve DR Gs helpers fixed Caylees har to set/stage a scene–Maybe hes speaking from something he has do in life as an examiner-but i do not believe when those at the crime scene found this tiny childs skull,and remaine site-that they had it in their minds to stage anything-it was probable a sad,tegic experence for them all,this being a childs remains.I do not believe DR G a highly educated,long tme working in her field would ever stage remains to set a different seen.Dr Spits was just to old,and out of his field to long.If he testified in other high profile case like this-Shame if he did the job, like he did in this case.Laughable his theory about someone picking the skull up and then adding d tape..Casey we all know from whatching her for three yrs.She icould care less about her child.She case for self only.She is dangerous

  49. Dr Glass, do you have access to observe the jury? I would REALLY be interested i some of their body language!!

  50. Dr. Glass,
    “Personally I thought it made the doctor look better. Dr. G has her own TV show and she obviously craves the limelight as well.” Well, thank goodness, you started paying attention after that totally unfounded, thoughtless remark, Dr. Glass. And, even though your editing skills stills leave much to be desired, you finally completely woke up and said, “Maybe (when she started her self-grroming and became subdued) she picked up those cues from her defense team who knows things did not go well for them that morning.”

    Your idea that Casey knew what was in the jurors’ minds with all that “blamer” stuff, also seem to be based upon your body lang. expertise that covering her mouth showed she also was hiding a smirk at that “ridiculous hypothesis that others placed the duct tape on Caylee’s skull.” I’m not so sure it was about blaming or duct tape, but simply that Dr. Spitz looked foolish and she couldn’t help smirking. She probably likes a good smirk at the expense of others – who are never as clever as she thinks she is.

  51. What is wrong with you people on here……That old man did not even remember half of what he was talking about…..I find it interesting that what he did for his investigation was go out to a scene which has been stripped and then to the Anthony house…..Look at a pool (which if I was Ashton….would have asked him how she got in the pool)……..and listen to the defendants parents and defense……They clearly wanted him to look at this to make a story up that fits……What does that old man have to loose……HE IS 85 YRS OLD…He probably thinks she is a pretty girl and does not care if she killed that baby……He was on the Phil Spector case with Linda Kenny Baden as well as the OJ case…..As well was Dr Henry Lee…..They did this same dirty crap on those cases……Phil “ugly” Spector killed that woman….But do any of these game players care…. NO…….Ask any of them a question and you get a answer out of left field that has nothing to with anything…..Just like little Miss Priss….Yuri..”Why did you tell us Zanny lived at a ole folks home”…….Casey….”Because I saw her there before”…..Does this make sense ….Jose set out (thanks to Mr Pipitone) to try and make Casey famous so a jury would let her go…..Only us lay people are not buying into their crap…..That ole geezer made…. No Sense….you can tell he made the crap up……Jose thinks just because he was world known it would impress the jury….”Unfortunaltly Mr Spitz was taking a nap….when Baez told him what to say…….”The old dog aint what he used to be”.

  52. To Joan: You bettcha LKBaden suggested Dr. Spitz, she was on the Spector trial when he was called for defense. When Judge Perry questioned Dr. Tim H. as to whom on the defense team called him when Caylee was found, LKB was on the defense team at that point. Baez may have called him personally but there’s no doubt in my mind at the instruction of LKB. Now she has conveniently quit the team. To Dr. Glass: Ashton may have been fussed at by Judge Perry but not NEARLY anything as bad as Baez got for his antics and rightfully so. Baez should be admonished by the bar for his antics.

  53. The main thing I noticed out of Saturday’s testimony was that when Jeff Ashton made the comment to Spitz that Dr G could see inside through the hole in the bottom of the skull and the camera went to Casey and she laughed then quickly covered her mouth and turned her head.

    Sadly I think men like Spitz have discovered they can play the saviour on the white charger and come riding into court and save the day. Sadly in his case however, he now just appears to be a doddering old man who can’t keep facts straight and does not like his opinions to be questioned as he told Jeff Ashton, you made me mad.

    SAD really

  54. Hey Doc did we watch the same Cross X?

    1. Caught him flat out lying that it’s protocol to cut open an empty skull thus proved he unnecessarily sawed open the child’s skull when he could’ve just looked inside from the bottom then he further desecrated the body by accidentally cracking her skull while sawing. Very sad & didn’t have to happen.
    2. He said there was “brain dust” in the empty skull despite it being tossed around in a flooded swamp for 6 months and oops he never tested the supposed “brain dust”.
    3. He said body decomposed on left side despite only receiving skeletal remains to examine. Oh wait, it was because he found “brain dust” inside the left side of skull.
    3. He said someone swam & crawled thru a swamp to perfectly attach the jawbone to the bare skull with 2 not 3 pcs duct tape; he didn’t know there were 4 pcs tape at scene.
    4. He said same person who attached tape also attached the hair to the bare skull with adipocere (grave wax).
    5. He admitted not knowing all necessary details surrounding the child’s death to be able to make a determination of manner/cause, in fact he said the babysitter took her.
    And that wasn’t all, he falsely maligned Dr G who is respected & trusted …

    Dr G will end his career in rebuttal…Caylee has great lawyers!

  55. I just heard Simon Barret’s blogtalk radio show- GREAT! A must hear for Trail watchers.

    And now I love Cobra as much as I do my hero- Leonard Padilla!!! OMGoodness- sounds like Cindy and George will be arrested after the conclusion fo the trial (unless they have immunity- they better be trotting down to the DA office- now)- LOVE IT! If Casey’s going to get convicted they must too- THIS WAS A FAMILY AFFAIR- in more ways than one! Maybe fairness and justice will prevail afterall- thru the backdoor!

    I love kharma!

    1. Deb, Leonard Padilla has yet to be vetted, so I would tread carefully when it comes to believing everything he says. LP is a likeable character, but he tends to inflate the truth.

      1. Padilla doesn’t seem to be very good at remembering and recalling details or the order of events, either. And his predictions are even worse! He’s a likeable character, I agree, but I also agree that he’s not one who should be listened to and believed with verification of others.

  56. Dr. Glass, with all due respect, I must say that I am shocked and disappointed at your observance of Dr. Spitz and your reference to Dr. G. craving the limelight. I wonder if you even watched the trial because of your odd conclusion. This is the first time I completely disagree with you. I happen to know Dr. G., and have never ever seen any indication of being a media whore. As far as Dr. Spitz is concerned, I think those that actually WATCHED his testimony were convinced that he was confused and should not have been put on the stand.

  57. Dr. Glass,

    Thanks for responding to my query re: your educational background. I also ended up Wikipedia-ing you because I wanted to know even more. I find your earlier research on cosmetic appearance and speech fascinating. Do you still conduct research in that area or….? Thanks again for your kind replies.

  58. All of the bullsh*ttin’ against Kim for expressing her opinion is ridiculous and because Dr. Glass, one whom I once admired and respected, doesn’t put a stop to it I am no longer a subscriber. What a bunch of friggin hypocrits who can gang up on Kim but yet says not a thing to the others who have denigrated and insulted the good doctor! I guess Dr. Glass needs the stroking since she says nothing. Perhaps her silence means she is insecure. She surely cares not for a few who express their concern for her and the perception of professionalism. Yes, for her. I know Kim and she does not in the least hate Dr. Glass. This was a place where people could express their opinion even opposite of Dr. Glass and she was OK with it but I guess that has changed. Its about Caylee, not Kim, TYVM!

      1. I’m so sick of Casey’s attitude with the raised eyebrows and the smiles when she comes into Court. “look at me” It’s the Casey show, don’t y’all just love me?” I’ll be glad when she drops off the face of the earth.

  59. Anonymous, So who dumped the body in your opinion? I’m surprised that nobody has brought it up when you said
    “Suffice to say that Casey probably believes she had absolutely nothing to fear when she disposed of her child’s body. She did not dispose of her remains. Figure it out from there Liz.”
    I’m not Liz but i’m wondering what you’re implying or who you believe dumped Caylee?

    1. Hi Mari,

      I think what Anon was trying to say is that Casey disposed Caylee’s “body” before it completely decomposed (like in the bloat stage) instead of waiting and disposing her “remains” at a later time (where Caylee’s body was in the active/advanced/ or dry skeleton stage). So I conclude that Anon believes (and I concur) that only one person could be responsible for Caylee’s final resting place — “Mommy Dearest.”

      Anon, if I got it wrong, please let me know…:-)

      1. Ro-Yes, I would agree that the defendant placed the body (not the remains) in the trunk. In a week or so Mr Ashton will make it clear to jurors. This precious victim and her family will finally know why she died-not necessarily when.

    2. Mari-Casey did. She did not dispose of her “remains” -she placed her body in the trunk. Her “remains were found in a heavily wooded swampy area 14 doors down from the victim’s home.” I left a clue re: COD but I didn’t anticipate the response from Liz-“What the hell are you talking about”, etc. A tad over the top for me. The whole discussion about how Caylee died is heartbreaking to all of us and I am sure perhaps to Dr G, et al. We just have to wait and listen to Mr Ashton tell us what he believes happened. His closing argument will be based on what Dr G. told him prior to announcing that the child was a homicide victim.

  60. Wow I did not know about this blog and just stumbled across it. I have to say I agree somewhat with Dr. Glass about G.Ashton mentioning Dr.Spitz high profile cases. I didn’t like it but I guess G.Ashton felt he needed to bring it to the jurors attention since Dr.Spitz lied about his media interviews. I however don’t think it made G.Ashton lose face with the jury. I don’t think Dr.Spitz did well under cross. He seemed bumbling, and self important to me. As if he was right ,not based on evidence but simply because he said so. The longer he rambled, the more incompetent he seemed to me. I think the prosecution nailed him! I am concerned though because I wonder, simply because Dr.Spitz has so much experience, if valuable testimony and information was lost, in the bumbling and general confusion? What do you all think?

  61. If the defense claims Caylee died from drwoning, then isn’t all this other crap a mute point. Jose opened a keg of worms with his opening statment now he has to prove it. Dr, Spitz has seen “better days”.
    Baez seems to be breaking rules that will come back to haunt him after the trial is over. Casey’s lies have hurt so many innocent people that there will be no sympathy for her. She has tried from the beginning to implicate so many innocent people and now this latest with the telephone calls to george, that guy is probably gonna file a lawsuit. Baez had to know this guy did not have that phone in 2008.

  62. I felt sorry for DR. Spritz. His day is over. He had a wonderful Scientific Life but now he needs to stop with the witness thing in courts. He seemed to be holding on to the “old School” Dr. G . is the New School. I don’t disrespect Dr. Spritz. He had his day. Ashton did what he had to do. It’s a shame Dr. Spritz had to go out like he did. Holding on to Baez and Casey’s “Spiteful Bitch” defence. It would have been better for him if he would have stayed home.

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