Casey Anthony’s Sadistic Laughter In Court at “Pigs In A Blanket”

Perhaps he most genuine emotion we have seen of Casey Anthony thus far was when she laughed out loud  in the courtroom in reference to the “pig in the blanket “comment. As you can see in the photo, her eyes are smiling and her cheekbones are raised.  She is covering her mouth to try and stifle her laughter but she cannot help herself.

 Casey laughed  during the  questioning  during  her own “bug expert” witness  Tim Huntington, when Jeff Ashton asked him about a study he used where he put  pigs into  the trunk of a car to simulate the  conditions in Casey’s car where there was an  alleged decomposed body.

Ashton tried to make a point that  the pigs were not wrapped in blankets and garbage bags like  Caylee’s remains were when they were  allegedly placed in the trunk of the car.

So Ashton asked “Why didn’t you wrap your pigs in a blanket?”

When he realized that he made a play on words (pigs in a blanket) referring to the little rolled up  hotdogs that  is often served as appetizers he laughed. It was OK for him to laugh at that question, but it was NOT  OK for Casey to join in.

It validates something I said last week in a blog about Casey’s body language. She is apparently  observing her own trial as a third party.  When she heard about a discussion of any body in any trunk, she needed to remain somber. A  jury will notice this. Even if it is a play on words, there is nothing funny about the context of the pig experiment in relation to the decomposition of  a child’s body  in a trunk.

To me the laughter not only says that Casey is looking at her trial as though it is someone else on trial, it  also shows a  sadistic  reaction on her part. She may be  getting a bit of a pleasure hearing about  Casey in the trunk as she most likely never really liked Caylee and found her a burden. Thus, she can laugh at this play on words.

This laughing  incident is just one more example of Casey’s odd and aberrant reactions in the  courtroom. All of these body language behaviors along with the evidence and the testimonies will be carefully considered when the jury deliberates and makes their final decision.


45 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Sadistic Laughter In Court at “Pigs In A Blanket”

  1. I noticed that laughing of KC, too, Dr. Glass, and it scared me to death. Sadistic, that’s just what I thought of the video of KC recording little Caylee sitting in her highchair where Caylee was obviously trying to communicate but KC wouldn’t say anything to her. The baby was so uncomfortable. Again, KC is a monster. Nobody who was truly sorry their baby was dead would react like this. In fact, a normal person might be so grossed out by the whole pig testimony that they would be sick. KC sees herself as one of the legal team here.

    1. Are you referring to the breakfast video? Gads! That was creepy on steroids. A lot of the videos I have watched of Caylee have that same creepy vibe to them. It’s hard to explain but to me there is an underlying darkness about them.

      1. I’m glad you said that! I’ve always gotten the creeps watching the videos – the breakfast one in particular. It’s almost as if it’s filmed from the viewpoint of the spider watching a fly…..

    2. I must be one of those normal people you mention because even though I understand on an intellectual level the necessity or reason of using pigs to try to recreate the decomposition of a small child, on an emotional level I felt indignant and even a little angry hearing them say it. I know that Dr Huntington knows that Caylee was a little girl and not a pig. And I know that, unlike the FBI’s Body Farm, Dr Huntington doesn’t have access to human cadavers for use in his experiments and so he uses substitutes. But still, I started feeling angry and indignant on Caylee’s behalf during all of the testimony that day about pigs in car trunks, as if I wanted to shout at the entire courtroom that Caylee was a little girl and not a pig or any other animal. (Fwiw, being the practical type, I surprised myself by feeling that way.)

      So, considering my negative feelings about all of the talk of pigs in trunks, and even though I know what Casey is and what she’s done, I was still surprised to see her laugh at Ashton’s “pig in blanket” remark. She should have known better.

      By the way, if she’d only giggled but her face hadn’t laughed, too, I would have written it off as her going along with Ashton, Dr Huntington and whomever else in the courtroom who was laughing at Ashton’s remark. As Dr Glass has pointed out, however, Casey’s face revealed that her giggling was sincere.

  2. Very good Dr. Glass. This explanation makes perfect sense and it has to be true that she is seeing all of this in the third person. Nothing else makes sense except pure evil and she wouldn’t’ show that side publicly or deliberately. She is out of her body in that courtroom. Her tears today are being scripted by the lawyer next to her.

    That forensic expert on now, Dr, Spitz, is in love with himself. He is continuously reminding the court that he has studied forensics for 49 years. So what?

  3. I totally agree Dr.Glass,She almost seemed to be in euphoria after she did the deed with her constant partying and sleeping with her boyfriend and shopping trips.She was living The “Bella Vita” which describes what a truly sadistic person she is.I think she was extremely jealous if Caylee and the attention she got,remember she was always calling her little snothead.She reminds me a lot of Diane Downs.

  4. You are right, Dr. Glass, that Jeff Ashton may laugh at the joke but Casey should not have. I found the joke inappropriate in this toddler’s murder case but I get it that Ashton was making a point-and, it will stick in the jurors’ minds like an advertisement using double-speak. Casey thinks this whole predicament she finds herself in is a Survivor’s Island game. She probably thinks she has outwitted the State andf the jurors. Her torch will be put out pretty soon here.

  5. Dear Dr. Glass, I noticed today how she had her head down,her nose and mouth pressed into the back side of her hand while they were talking with the ”expert” Dr. Spitz, to me he just seemed soo confused and I saw almost like ”get me out of here”!!! Casey to me cause I’m a Mom,if she drowned she would be looking at that monitor but that’s not the case,I can’t believe how she can just go on and on; ”truth is not that hard to express” but I guess for some people and LOL my former husband behavior I lived with 15 years, here I thought maybe bi-polar but now I have learned quite a bit from you and Sociopath all the way and I was the best friend he ever had,I know now I was just the best ”pon” he ever had!!! A woman here in Maine wanted her little girl to be still and to shut-up,a foster child and the woman worked for Dept. Human Services put that child in the basement in a high chair,duct taped her and she died but it’s amazing how no sign of grief.Have a nice weekend, Cindy

  6. it’s so hard to say anything anymore, this bug decomp testimony makes me sick to my stomach and she laughs. She’s a bad seed, what else could it be?

  7. I was disgusted that she laughed at this. I didn’t think it was funny. Imagining Caylee’s body in a trunk filled with flies was disturbing to me. Blanket or not. This was the last thing she should have been laughing at. I noticed today she was feigning ‘sickness’ during Spitz’s testimony…and noticed that her ‘team’ made her sit through it. Not convenient for her to have to leave during ‘her’ witness testimony but she can be sick enough to cut short the prosecutions. Nice. I love that Ashton is mopping the floor with the defense witnesses so far. Their whole case and scenario is a joke.

  8. Wow to say that was a “play” on words AND emotions is an understatement!! I would say it would be CONVENIENT if we were all this telepathic! But as we ARE NOT! You nor anyone else can say with ANY certainty at all what Casey Anthony was or IS thinking at any given time. If I had to guess AND I do mean GUESS based only on my experiences in high pressure situations NOTHING like this! I would say that under all the pressure she is under she is subject to all kinds of odd outbursts! Laughter, crying, anger! However, when she does turn to the laughter SHE is aware of how unappropriate it is and how bad the whole thing is and trys very hard to stifle it. I suggest people read up on the gamat of emotions that people havae under pressure and extreme grief.

    1. But Casey has not shown any grief. Insted, he has shown no emotion whatsoever unless it was directed towards herself. It is never related to Caylee. When Cindy cried on the stand, Casey wiped away fakenon-teaars tears.She was enjoying seeing Cindy suffer. She despises Cindy. Look at the jailhouse tapes when Cindy was crying and Casey coldly says to George ” what;s this one crying about? as she laughs. She hated Cindy and that is why there is no more Caylee in my view. Even Cindy’s level headed mother Shirley Plesea said it right when she said, Casey hated her mother more than she loved Caylee. And
      Yes after 30 years of reading people I can tell what is going with many people including Casey. She apears to me to be socipathic. Cindy’s controlling and push/pull behavior in my view exacerbated Casey’s condition. The lack of establishng boundaries early on and the love/ hate push/pull of their vey sick relationship which we all wtinessed in the courtroom speaks to why Casey is this way . She both feared and hated Cindy so much that she couldn’t even tell her own mother she was pregnant, didn;t graduate from hs or lost her job. When people have that much fear I have found that it is usually becuase they have been abused by that parent – emotionally and/ or or physically.

      1. Dr. Glass, Is it certain that Casey had fear of Cindy? Or did she lie and avoid telling Cindy things because she just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it all? I don’t see Casey being afraid of much of anything. I also do not understand how Casey could be afraid of Cindy, and yet 1. Steal from her checkbook, 2. Steal from her credit cards, 3. Steal from her pocketbook, 4. Allow Cindy to pay for EVERYTHING for her child, and when she drained Cindy, 5. Stole from Cindy’s frail aged parents. Did Casey stop for one second before she killed little Caylee and think, “gee this might upset my mom, I better not do it I’m afraid of what Cindy might do to me”. Casey continued to take Caylee around cigarette smoke, drugs, drinking, and in bed with her for her sexual romps: all things she knew her mother would not approve of.

      2. To Shadoewz – I agree completely. Casey may have been afraid of Cindy very early on in her life, but she figured out how to get rid of that “bad feeling” and turn it into contempt or self righteous anger, which felt much better to Casey. She learned that by lying and pretending she could confuse her parents and actually pull the old switcheroo on Cindy. By age 21, still living with Cindy and “molester” George, she had no fears – they were walking on eggshells and catering to her every need. George tended to ignore her and Cindy was silenced by fear of displeasing the mother of Caylee. After all, Casey had convinced Cindy that she was 21 now and needed to be left alone and trusted. After accomplishing all that, Casey turned to guys, sex and partying. Goals – “La Bella Vita”. Workable Plans – NONE.

  9. For the poster who suggested people read up on the gamut of emotions expressed by people in grief, I suggest that poster read the reports of this case where Casey Anthony went partying immediately after her baby disappeared. Nothing new in this case regarding her reactions to grief. She’s still laughing.

  10. Has her parents been to see her since the trial started?It would be just like her to take the
    stand so she will get all that attention.

    1. Nana k, I’m sure she wants to take the stand, but if her team has a brain between them, they know that would be a bad idea. Of course we watchers would love the sheer entertainment value of it. (As would Mr. Ashton)

      The defense team and the prosecution team are not going to be enemies when this is over. Most likely they will continue to golf together. It’s all about winning, not justice. It’s all entertainment to Casey. She knows she’s toast and I believe quite acclimated to jail.

  11. When I heard this i thought i was going to die of laughter. The moment was sooooo serious, so critical…..And then he asked the most rediculous question I have ever heard. I went from near tears and seriousness to complete hysteria in laughter. Instantaneously. I DO NOT BLAME Casey for her laughter in this situation. It was so unexpected, so hilarious that you could do nothing but laugh. The entire courtroom laughed. A very silly moment in a very serious situation. Absolutely hysterical.

  12. Casey almost seems to me when she nods or smiles or laughs . she acts like they are talking just to her. she has involved herself as an important figure not the defendant. I dont really think she understands just what her role is in this court. she acts like a hired hand for her boys. (Baez and Mason). she comes in and give a eye scan as if she has summed up the environment around her as ok or not. She busy’s herself as if she is important and gives eye glances as if she is in control and has to make sure everyone is in their positions. then she looks for Baez so she can lift those eyebrows and get his attention , then she turns to Mason for his affection. She thinks she is really part of the Defence Team not the Defendant.

  13. According to tweets from Kathi Belich, many jurors did notice her laughing and looked at each other and shook their heads.

  14. Casey is the most empty person I have ever seen. Her very soul is blank. She seems to have become nothing but a blank face with eyes looking at what she dont feel but just listens to. She seems to force emotions and it looks so fake. Did she think she was an important detective to not report Caylee missing and think she could handle it herself. What a lie. It’s too farfetched to even think about. Does she think every one is a fool but her?

  15. “She (Casey) is apparently observing her own trial as a third party. ” I think you nailed it with that comment, Dr. Glass. From that point of view, it is much easier to make sense out of Casey’s demeanor in the courtroom.

    Another point of view, facetious as it may be, is interesting to me. Casey is starring in the “mockumentory” being made of her life. I’m trying to figure out how that plays out….

  16. I totally agree with you Dr.Glass, ”the love hate relationship”,I do not miss it at all,it’s funny cause my X’s family so loving and caring on one hand then something would happen and my X would not even speak to his Mom and gosh when I wanted to talk about an argument we had oh no it was to be expected just to forget about it,when I finally left I was totally drained from that type of behavior for 15 yrs. When he would get into trouble my intuition would take over, I would show up and they would always release him to me.I wonder if Casey ever killed her pets when she young?My X would pretend to love animals and children but only when it was for his liking.Dr.Glass do you feel Casey would suffer more being put to death or living the rest of her life in jail ? I thing she should live her life in jail, there LOTS of women in jail who will make her wish she had gotten the death penalty!!! Bless you and all the hard work you do,Cindy

    1. Thank ytou so much. I think that LWOP will be more difficult for her than death,I am sure that these women in Lowell where she will be will not take kidndly to a child killer.With appeals her death sentence would be over in 14 years whereas life is 60 or 70 years.

  17. Good posts anonymous! There is something to learn in each one of them. Personally, I’m tired of saying, This is nuts! Or, she’s insane! Or worse! I’m more interested in the why of it all and in Casey Anthony’s thought processing. I even want to know why we as a society of human beings, we are so riveted to this terrible event. Beyond my understanding to even respond to the sensationalism of this trial when I see people fist fighting for a seat in court, I remain very curious.

    Thanks for your comments. I look forward to them.

  18. There are 2 women here in Maine serving time : Sally Schofield a respected DHS worker who was granted custody of a 5 yr. old Logan Marr foster child,she always wanted a little girl but this little girl would act out because she wanted to be with her Mom. So on 31 Jan. 2001 she ask Logan if she needed to scream and she yes so Sally decided to place her in a high chair in the basement with 42 FEET OF DUCT TAPE AROUND HER HEAD,MOUTH AND CHEST which she removed before calling the police and said she must have tipped over the high chair and hit head.She received 17 yrs. for manslaughter. Linda Dolloff a yoga instructor,pottery maker,really sweet woman except when things did not go her way received 16 yrs. past Jan. for beating the hell out of her husband with a baseball bat,shot herself in the hip and made it out like it was a home invasion and the reason behind it was because her husband wanted a divorce and she was diagnosed narcissism sociopath. I guess we all are more amazed and disbelief when women can do harm to others and it’s ashame because it seems like it has increased more and more over the years.In the last couple of weeks here the husband has gone in and killed his wife and children not just one family but two. IF someone is sooo un-happy and cannot see any light what so ever then they should take their own life than to harm others. I will never understand so many people’s behavoir.Thank god for my dogs; loving and loyal ! Cindy

  19. Grandma16-There are a couple of good articles on psychopaths/sociopaths. To me they are one and the same disorder. See the NewYorker article(s) “Suffering Souls” . Just Google the title. The article is 9 pages long but it is truly worth the read. What Hare does better than anyone is bring meaning to behavior in conjunction with their criminality. That is about the only way to really understand Casey. She was a high functioning criminal (today she is a felon) prior to killing her child. Her narcissism had deadly consequences for Caylee.

    Just look at the number of people she has harmed since she has been incarcerated. It’s terribly scary. I hope when this trial comes to an end that Mr and Mrs Anthony get the hell out of dOrlando. Those people have suffered untold horrors as a result of parenting such a bad, bad girl. Sometimes I wonder how Caylee feels about lawyers and cons and scammers becoming millionaires as a result of her untimely death. Such a hideous thought.

    1. Thank you again Anonymous! I will read that. So you’re saying that psychopaths are are indeed sociopaths? Okay. Certainly appears to be true in this case. I try to imagine her in the throws of killing her child and it fits right in with her behavior after the fact. Her post Caylee death behavior is symptomatic of those disorders no matter how Caylee died. (Even if she didn’t kill her) That’s the most frightening part of her. There seems to be no natural love for her own child. Her hard wiring seems to be missing a nut and bolt.

      Thanks again. I’m getting educated here.

  20. Anonymous, I just read the article you provided the link to about psychopaths and sociopaths. I found it helpful. I’m impressed by the research done by Hiehl and the ground breaking research by Hare. Thank you. I found this part most interesting:

    “Hare wants to disassociate psychopathy from the DSM’s catchall diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder. “It’s like having pneumonia versus having a cold,” he said. “They share some common symptoms, but one is much more virulent.” Before the fourth edition of the DSM came out, in 1994, Hare published several articles pointing to field research that showed a difference between psychopathy and A.P.D. John Gunderson, the psychiatrist who chaired the personality-disorders work group for the revision, told Hare that, intellectually, he had “won the battle,” Hare recalls; even so, in DSM-IV “psychopathy” appears only as a synonym for A.P.D. (Gunderson says this was a function of institutional inertia.)”

    That tells us that Hare was not sure those two mind disorders are the same, However, mostly I learned a lot about the common sociopath which seems to fit the profile of Casey Anthony. It was fascinating to read that a type of brain scan can determine how their thought process works. The example of the way they interpret certain words like “Love” in that they see that word and know the definition but can’t feel the definition. He was quoted as saying it was like they know the song but dont’ know the music. I like the way they put things in layman’s terms. Thanks again!

  21. OMG, The Pig in a blanket was her baby. How could she laugh like this. I coudlnt even think of a funny when my baby was at one time the piggy in the blanket. Casey is an empty “Spiteful Bitch” no beating heart. She is the same as Scott Peterson, He had no heart either. So stoic and acted like he believed his own lies. He and Casey act like they cant understand why people cant believe their lies. They are disgusting. How could Baez have been taken in by her charm because her charm has turned into a fatal attraction.

    1. Susan I wonder if Baez knows the danger he is in. He claims that he believes his client or he wouldn’t work with her. I’d rather not believe he is taken in by her, but you may be right. I’m worried about him and the rest of his team. Ms Anthony is going to cause his life a huge problem when this is over. She’s pretty creative in the art of destruction. Look what she’s done to her own family. She’s an equal opportunity life destroying machine.

  22. As you go back in time and look at pictures of Casey in 2005 thru 2011 it seems her face has become hollow..she evolved into a empty soul. Look at her eyes-no life, her expressions, is as if the evil took hold and is now living within!

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