Casey Anthony’s Complete Body Language and Face Makeover in Ohio? Is It Really Casey or Are We Being Duped??

When I first saw the photos of  an alleged Casey Anthony which were distributed over the internet by TMZ I did not think they were of  photos of the real Casey for a number of reasons.

The new Casey was  much heavier in just three weeks, had a more bulbous nose, fuller lips and a different earlobe shape, and rounder eyes. There was also a cleft underneath her chin that was not there before.

The real  one
had a thinner upper lip and a poutier upper  lip region. Then I noticed something very strange facially in terms of her nose.

In this photo her nose suddenly did not look bulbous at the tip. Her nostril were higher and the cleft in her chin was gone.

And then there was the matter of her clothing. Remember her fuscia V necked tee she walked out of jail with? Well

She had the exact same style V neck tee in black

And she had it in white. There was also something disconcerting about her body language as she showed a more upright posture where in the courtroom she had a forward gait.

The question is can  this be  a person who looks like Casey who was culled from an ad or recommendation like they do with  Ron Smith Celebrity Lookalikes? Is it two Casey lookalikes  – one with a bulbous nose and one with a thinner nose?

Or is it the real Casey who had a swollen nose before she had nose surgery and who had the picture taken weeks later when the nose thinned down? Was the  cleft under  her chin removed at  a later date or filled in with Restyalyn? Were her lips filled in and area around her frown lines?

The fact that she wore different outfits makes me think it was staged. Real Papp shots happen on one occasion and they photos are sold to an agency ASAP. The they take more shots with different outfits in different circumstances for more money. Also in many of the shots Casey is purseless and empty handed. Who walks  without anything in your hand unless you are going running- not strolling like Casey seems to be doing.

Finally she looks into the camera. Candid shots of people are not of them looking into the lense. She looked into the lens because she knew a photographer was there. Why didn’t she put her hand out over her face or run or yell or  curse? Thats what celebs do who don’t want a camera near them. It’s a natural reactin. Casey is way too calm and collected. That is what makes me think Jose is  behind this. Look at the timing. Jose was in NYC last week hustling up some interview gigs so he is in money making mode.


It was also said in the TMZ article Casey is in the state where she was born, Ohio. Now I am sure we have ALL been had and duped. There is no way she is not cinontact with George and Cindy. George and Cindy are super close to the Edy’s, Casey’s aunt Kathy and uncle Chuck who live in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio.They own several car dealerships so money must be no object. l

No doubt they are helping her out financially until the big bucks come in. Maybe when Casey gets some gigs they will be paid instead of her so that it will always look like Casey is indigent and therefore no one can come after her. Maybe the Edy’s will dole out money she needs if she gets a house. If it is in their name no one can come after her.

The Edy’s  spoke to the NBC affiliate  about Casey  after the not guilty verdict was read. They  came out in support of George and Cindy Anthony and spoke about the not-guilty verdict and said they had helped George and Cindy Anthony with moral support during the trial. Well they have heped Casey as well, no doubt

Chuck Eddy also  said  in an interview  that while he is shocked by the not guilty verdict, his concern now is for George and Cindy Anthony and the strain the trial and the accusations may have put on their marriage.

Casey’s uncle, Chuck Eddy, had this to say about the verdict, “It was very shocking, but you know the deal is that God’s in control and I think a lot of grace was shown today. Everyone was very surprised. I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey. There you have it !  As family members they are loyal to Casey and no doubt helping her,

Then her goes on to say “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. The accusations that her defense team threw at George, Casey’s Father — I think a lot of people and the family are wondering how could she could allow that to happen?”

Eddy says faith has helped the Anthony’s get through this trial. But Eddy and his wife Kathy are haunted by a question that still remains unaswered after this 36 day trial what really happened to little Caylee? Eddy says, “If Casey knows or if she was involved I hope someday she can admit to that or she can tell us who did it, and if she truly doesn’t know I hope justice is done and they find the guilty party.”

He says

I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey.” He added that “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving  mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. “

In essence her Ohio family is supporting her as you can see from the quotes. After this photo manipulation I wonder if Casey is really getting therapy to learn how to be a grieving mother so that everyone can see that grieving mother as Mr. Edy said.

Is she going to Ohio State’s Psychiatric Clinic?  Is that why she is in Cleveland?


If this is Casey she has put on weight for sure in a three week period, Is she on anti depressants which allow  for a  quick weight gain? Is she boozing it up every day and McDoanldsing it up? Or is she pregnant? She does have large breasts and a tummy.

Why in the world would Jose want the world to see Casey and now  be able to recognize her with her weight gain, filled face and changed up nose and lips? The answer is simple to me. It is so that he can have her  change herself up again after all the legal issues and  the parole situation is  gone.

Casey can then get  a second nose job making it thin and petite. She  can  dye her hair red and have it short. She can wear brown contact lenses, get a breast reduction and chin reduction and wear less form fitting clothing.

This is so disturbing to thing that we may have all been HAD with George and Cindy playing along  over the past three years to save Casey and now most likely having contact with her in Ohio. Maybe they flew to Ohio from Texas to stay with the Edys and see Casey.They would be less recognizable than if they flew from Orlando.

Whatever the case it is all too sickening. They are one big happy family again the  family loyalty that George mentioned early on won over doing the right thing.Caylee’is in a much better place than living with this TOXIC family.


Dr. Lillian Glass Weighs In on Casey Anthony Verdict

While I have always  said that Jose  Baez  would be the reason Casey’s life would be spared, I never thought she would walk away as a free woman. The reason I have always said this is because  I found Baez to be very warm and personable. He is even tempered and spoke in a smooth, calming manner. I always felt that a jury would like him and I was right.

I also objected when people referred to Baez as Bozo. While he may not have had the experience, he was far from dumb. I believe that he did a wonderful job in the courtroom as he had an uphill battle. I believe the turning point was in his final arguments when he referred to Ashton as Laughing Man.

How dare Ashton laugh during a final argument. The jury found this arrogant and no doubt that was part of their decision process,  along with the lack of physical evidence.

I do believe in the Constitution one hundred percent . I know that  the  Jury works on  a  very personal level. Last  December I won a unanimous jury decision  in US Federal Court against someone who copied my  materials. I wrote a best-selling book called Toxic People back in 1995. Then 13 years later an Arizona Public Speaker Marsha Petrie Sue who is a known copyright infringer had the audacity to name her book the same as mine Toxic People and do  identical word for word copying from another of my books. A unanimous Jury of 12 found Marsha Petrie Sue liable of copying my work  Thus  justice was served.

So I will accept Casey Anthony’s unanimous verdict by 12 people and  continue to  honor the judicial process and our Constitution. I will not complain about it or call the jurors stupid like some people have already done in the media or say that” the devil is dancing.”

However, I  still do have some questions as to why Casey  told no one Caylee was missing until 31 days. While I understand we all grieve differently, I cannot wrap my mind around partying  as part of the grieving process. Also Caylee couldn’t have just vanished into thin air . Did she wander off?   Was she kidnapped?  Did a family member remove her body ? Why did Casey do a chloroform and neck breaking search? It will always remain a mystery.

Cheney Mason said that this is a lesson. He is right. I learned that lesson as well and I am humbled by it. As I did my body language analyses, I did see fake tears and only tears for Casey and not Caylee.  That angered me.  I did see terrible  bursts of anger out of the blue  that were frightening and out of control. I wondered if she would go off the deep end and react violently during her verdict, especially if it was not positive. I saw her hatred towards her mother and father. I stand behind my observations  which influenced my thinking. The constant lying and Zanny the Nanny were a problem for me as she sent us all on a wild goose chase for the past three years.

I did believe she would get Manslaughter or Life Without Parole based on all of the evidence. But was that really evidence or evidence the media provided? I learned about  the case when I used to appear on the Nancy Grace Show. As you may have noticed I no longer appear on her show and have not done so since this case and no longer intend to do so for a number of reasons.

Nancy  convicted Casey three years ago when she  began to  refer to her as  “tot mom.” She convicted Casey without the evidence which the jury had and essentially sentenced Casey to death. This was wrong. She did not have all the evidence and information  even though she thought she did.

Nancy and I would get into it on the air  with regard to Cindy Anthony. Nancy would yell at me and try to berate me as I shared my thoughts that Cindy was a huge part of the problem and that Casey was the way she was because of Cindy. Between my being interrupted and verbally abused, I shared that the apple did not fall to far from the tree,  which infuriated Nancy. In my view Nancy didn’t want to offend Cindy because she wanted her as a guest on her show.

As we all saw, Casey lies. So  does Cindy. It appeared to me that Cindy may have taught Casey to lie. I also believe that Cindy’s  excessive control, which we all saw. may have pushed Casey to act the way she did. Is Casey a sociopath? She certainly had a number of aberrant behaviors and reactions which appeared to be antisocial. However unless one does a formalized test, no one can say this.

As far as George is concerned, only he and Casey know if any sexual abuse occurred. But I will say that his lying about his affair was reprehensible. Body language wise he literally washed his hands of Casey and Jose. 

Where will Casey go when she gets out of jail? She cannot go back to her home with George and Cindy. She is 25 now and will have her own money soon as the book deals and movie deals and  photos  and interviews roll in. She is free, sans Caylee and has no one to tell her she is a bad mother. She  can no longer live in a home where she accused her father and brother of molesting her. She can’t live with a mother who is responsible for locking her away for three years and who will never let her forget about Caylee and move on with her life, in her view.

Maybe her lawyers will l get her an apartment or maybe she will live with them until she gets settled. Casey will be a hero to some and a villan to others. But her case serves as a huge lesson, that we cannot convict someone in the media until they have had a formal trial.

Still, I am  terribly sad that Caylee is dead and that there is no one to punish  or to hold accountable for  her senseless death.

Thank Goodness For the Marshall In Back of Casey Anthony In the Courtroom

 After Casey’s angry scary outburst towards Jose  Baez and Cheney  Mason I  suggested that they always have a Marshall standing in back of Casey.The finally did it. There was always a Marshall behind her during jury selection in Pinellas County. But they got lax back  in Orange County. They figured that Casey didn’t need supervision because she was cooperative and  a model inmate. 

But when she raged at Jose,  I got scared for him.She bared her teeth which is the most severe display  of anger body language wise. When this happens you need to know that something catastrophic nay occur. Casey could have lunged at Jose, bitten him, or even stabbed him with a pen.

If you look at the photo above you will see a Marshall in back of Casey when George was testifying.This could have been a volatile situation as well. Casey  hates George so much and has either convinced herself that he molested her or he had actually molested her, At any rate she could have become enraged and acted out.

And to set the record straight for all you readers who may misinterpret my words,  I have NEVER said George molested Casey. I have no first hand  knowledge of this. As I said before only the two of them know for sure. So for any of  you who insist George molested Casey I say again that only they know, not you.

 For those of you who insist he did not molest her, I say you have no first hand knowledge either. In my practice of three decades I have seen clients who’s father’s  would never be suspected of molesting them. They have been ministers, politicians, army generals, doctors, lawyers, policemen,firemen,professors, and pillars of society.Many of them have even  been self  proclaimed “nice guys” like George. These “nice guys”  have caused their sons and daughters a lifetime of psychological torment. Once again,   only George and Casey know for sure.

As the trial winds down I feel a lot better that there is  Marshall behind Casey at all times. On the day the verdict is read the Marshalls need to surround  Casey for her own safety and for the safety of her attorneys.

  George and Cindy also  need Marshalls near them and watching them like a hawk because of their  history of violence. George was violent with the protesters and Cindy swung a hammer around. Who knows what these two mentally unstable people could do if  Casey is sentenced to death. They could even lunge towards the jury. George has tried  to commit suicide once and he may try it again in the courtroom by lunching towards Casey or even Jose Baez. If he refuses to be subdued, he could be tazed it even  shot.     

Cindy could do this as well. She is so filled with venom and hatred towards so many that she could get ugly and even start shouting  and throwing things.

Lee also needs to be Marshalled. Remember his crazy CMA speech at the memorial?   He is  known  as a brother incest sexual predator  even if it is not true.He  may lunge towards Casey for destroying his life and reputation for good.       http://www,


Casey Anthony Trys To Dress Sexy But Misses The Mark

One’s dress and style is a reflection their body language.  What you choose to put on your body  reflects a great deal about yourself. In the past we have seen Casey tie up her sweater to show off her figure, We have seen her  unbutton her buttons in order to make her tops and sweaters to look low-cut. We have seen her wear more form-fitting tops and sweaters.

Today we see her tie up  the bottom of her large-sized white sweater  and hike it up around  her waist to make her appear  sexy. If she did not choose to wear a Tee underneath,  her belly could have been exposed along with her breasts. Look at how many buttons she has open which would have shown her cleavage and breasts.

In addition the color combo of white and light yellow is horrible. Studies how the psychology of  certain colors and color combinations  can have an affect on how others perceive. No one will perceive Casey well with this outfit, including the males on the jury and in the courtroom whom she was  no doubt trying to impress. 

This  get up is clearly her attempt to sex up her outfit. It is completely inappropriate. It is obvious that Casey has now taken control over her wardrobe choices and it is a huge mistake.

Jose is so concerned about so many other major issues in this case,  that he has obviously let Casey’s  physical image slide. I suggested early in that Casey needs to wear black. I stick by this. One day she had on a black top and black pants. That is what she needs to be wearing now, especially as the trial winds down.  

Sexing it up is just one more straw that will break the camel’s back so to speak. It is one more straw that the jury has to not like Casey.

Regarding  her body language signals look at her fist as she walks into the courtroom, It means she has hidden anger. We saw her outward expression of that anger Friday when she let loose with her monster like facial expression of rage towards Jose and Cheney.



Furious Faced Casey Anthony Bares Her Teeth In Anger While Jose Smiles and Ignores Her

This is the second time we have seen Casey’s angry and hateful facial expression. The first time we saw it was in jailhouse tapes when she was frustrated because her parents would not allow her to speak. Now we have seen it once again . In the photo above we see her open mouth and jutted forth lower jaw and tension around her midface and neck region. Observe the deep lines near her nose and cheeks.  It was not too clear with whom she was angry. I imagine she was angry with both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. In this photo she glares at Jose who ignores her.

Here we see Casey wide eyed and with tension in her jaw region. You can see the muscles bulging. You can also see the muscles in her neck bulging with anger.  She not only tenses her jaw, she clenches her back teeth together in anger and snarls with her lips apart like a wild animal. Jose ignores her and smiles.

Now she is really clenching her teeth and snarling as she looks at Jose out of the corner of her eye. Look at the bulging muscle in her neck (sterneocleidomastoid muscle). That means she is super angry.

Casey is scary livid. The reason I say this is  becuase if my observation at all the tension around her lips. The muscle on the side on her lip (the risorus muscle)  is coursing downward which is a sign of severe anger. She has also bared her teeth like wild animals do when they feel cornered, threatened, and angry. Her eyes have widened and there is tension in her neck and in the jaw at the side. At this level she could curse a person out. She could even bite someone out of anger as her teeth are ready for action.

 Meanwhile Jose is oblivious to all of this or he is choosing to ignore her.

If looks could kill Jose would be dead. Her pulse must be racing a mile a minute. Look at the muscle tension in her neck. Look at her wild eyes and how she glares at Jose. Look at her open mouth. She is on high alert.

 Here she is looking at Jose eyeball to eyeball. She could easily lunge towards him in anger.

Here Linda Drane Burdick  has walked by her and Jose.  Casey is still eyeballing Jose who has know tuned his head to the side . Her jaw has dropped  in surprise as she cannot believe he is not paying 1000 percent attention to her.

In this photo Casey is capable of biting Jose as she rages at him in disdain. In essence she is so angry at Jose and Mason that she could do physical harm. I hope that they remove all pens and hard objects from the defense table when they read the verdict. If it doesn’t turn out in her favor she may start physically attacking Jose because she may feel she has nothing to lose. Life is life so you can’t give her any more time and death is death so she has nothing to lose either way.

Even though she is  petite, her anger could garner the strength of a huge 300 pound tackle.  So Jose needs to remove all objects and keep his distance from her and make sure the Marshalls are standing right in back of her as the verdict is read. He must not whisper to her to get close to her face because she can spit and bite. 

Casey is a “spiteful bitch” as she said of herself. This concerns me as it applies to what she could do to Jose and to Cheney Mason. For the past three years, Jose has sacrified his life for this ingrate. I would not put it past her to accuse him of sexual harassment.  I would not put it past her to do the same to Cheney Mason. After all she accused her own brother and father of molesting her.

Even if Baez and Mason get her off and she walks out of the courtroom arm in arm with Mason, as he once said, she is very capable of creating trouble for them.  Like a wild animal, she has no loyalty.  Having said that, her wild animal aggressive instincts may serve her well in prison.

Casey Continues To Smirk In Courtroom Indicating She’s Loving the Trial, the Attention, And Feeling Secure About Her Fate

With hr head bumps or as some say devil horns prominently displayed on her temples, her smirk is also prominently  displayed on her face.In the photo above we see her leaking out her smirk as she sits in the courtroom. Look at how the sides of her lips course upwards in a definite smile pattern.

You see her smirk as soon as she enters the courtroom. She is not only thrilled that she has left her cage where she has been house for the past three years. She is thrilled that she gets to hear and see some high drama that revolves around her favoritie topic- HER! There is also no doubt that she is smirking because she knows that no real harm will come to her. After all there is Juror number 4 who cannot judge people. No doubt Jose and team have convinced Casey that there is nothing to worry about.

They have also probably convinced her that there may be a mistrial and that she will have years of appeals. That is why in my view it has been so difficult for Casey to cry genuine tears in court over these past 36 days.

That is also why she an sit  there like she is watching someone else’s trial. She  appears to find the expert’s testimonies  interesting as we see her cock her hear to the side.

That is why she can continue to smile he courtroom as though she has no care in the world.

It is very disconcerting to watch Casey smile in light of the fact that a child has died on her watch.  Casey may even believe she will walk free, arm in arm with Cheney Mason. With  Juror number 4 on the panel, who doesn’t want to judge anyone, it is  highly doubtful that Casey will get the ultimate penalty. So Casey may be feeling relieved, secure, and happy, Hence the smiles. 

Casey Nods Pouts Looks Teary Eyed During Dr. Spitz’s Testimony. Doesn’t Look at Skull Yet Shows No Emotion

When Casey arrived the courtroom on Day 33, she sat extremely close to Cheney Mason. She leaned over as they huddled for quite a while as Mason spoke with his hand over his mouth. She  looked extremely relaxed and confident. As they spoke so closely, I imagined that Mason must have told Casey that the witness they would bring on who  would be extremely favorable for Casey’s defense

So when I saw that the defense  brought   forensic pathologist for over 56 years who did over 60,000 autopsies Dr. Spitz I now understood why Mason and Casey  were huddled and why Casey was feeling so  confident. He was their most credible witness  defense had  used to date.

As Dr. Spitz spoke words which seemed to be in Casey’s favor, Casey shook her head yes. She protruded her lower jaw and her devil looking . tension horns on the sides of her head became more prominent . Jeff Ashton tried to impeach the doctor. with his media experience  Personally I thought  it made the doctor look better. Dr. G has her own TV show and she obviously craves the limelight as well.

Ashton  also talked about the doctor’s  high profiles from Phil Spector to OJ, I thought  it made him seem even more credible.He accused him of breaking the skull , which I believe  did not make Ashton look good. Ashton tried to press him on the sediment issue and the doctor stuck to his guns.

During the cross examination, the doctor held his own. Casey was mesmerized and barely moved as he spoke.

When the photo of Casey’s skull and hair was shown, Casey turned away and refused to look at it. She does not  move. She does not cry and does not seem upset. Even though Casey is not looking at the photo, she is listening to the graphic testimony, she is not budging. She has no reaction. This is very significant. Once again it supports my theory that she looks at this trial as though it belongs to someone else and not to her.

Casey also holds her head up with her fist which indicates anger on her part. She is angry that she has to listen to this  testimony about Caylee’s skull. She received no TLC from attorney Simms.According ti Kathi Belich of WFTV,  one juror was  laughing at Dr. Spitz’s theory about someone putting duct tape on the skull .This does not look very good.

Casey is hiding her mouth  as she hears his ridiculous hypothesis that others placed the duct tape on Caylee’s skull.  Subconsciously she is saying that his testimony sounds far fetched with someone else putting the tape over the skull. Apparently another juror according to Kathi Bellich, was seen  smirking during the doctor’s testimony.  cross examination took place. This looks even worse for Casey. Juror’s have seen Casey as a blamer (blaming her father and her mother and Lee). as a blamer .
Now when they see her expert as a blamer (blaming Dr. G as doing a shoddy autopsy,  blaming the examiners of staging the scene and blaming someone else for putting the duct tape on Caylee’s skull.  after the body decomposed) it looks very bad.
When the jury leaves, Casey begins her self grooming routine as she fixes her pants and her top.he was also seen patting her hair on the sides. She was not all smiles and seemed subdued. Maybe she picked up those cues from her defense team who knows things did not go well for them that morning.