Kate Gosselin’s Anger, Pettiness, and Signals of Deception on the Today Show As She Discusses Kids Expulsion from School And Blames “The Divorce”


After watching Kate Gosselin’s  latest interview with Meredith Vierra  on the Today Show I saw an angry, bitter, and petty woman who just can’t let go of her hatred towards Jon.

She is in such denial that she does’nt have any clue that her inner hatred and anger is being mirrored by those kids and literally destroying them. As she took her anger out on Jon and continues to be filled with hatred, her kids are taking their anger and hatred out on the other kids. at school

They have anger issues because she has anger issues.  It’s not because of the divorce. It is because she is so angry about the divorce and that anger carries over to them.  Lots of kids are products of divorce and they don[t go around beating on and cursing at other kids.


Kate began the interview  kicking her legs. When someone kicks their legs when they are about to be interviewed it means they are very uncomfortable and are not looking forward to the interview because they probably will not be forthright with you.


Then in a monotone she says ” We are doing great” as she opens her eyes wide. This eye widening is often a signal of deception. Then she says We are very happy and adds the word “actually, ”When you have to add the word actually” it  most likely  means that things are not actually that great.

When Kate was asked about whether the  two of the kids were expelled from school she cocks her head to the side. This is  often a signal of deception. She then  speaks in a staccato hyper articulated  speech pattern  saying ” That is false.” When one does that,  it is usually signals deception. Also there was a lot of fidgeting with her hands. This  is another sign of deception.

Now we hear her convoluted attempts filled with ums. It does not make sense as it is disjointed. She is searching for words as she knows what she is saying is complete spin and nonsense.”

We have a situation where we my kids um are in an academic situation where academics  um are pushed and I fully support it. Combined with kids who were having to just go through with a divorce. Their parents suffering some of those normal feelings

When someone speaks in fragments like you see above  they are lying, When they speak in tangents they are lying.

The telling thing here is her words ” their parents suffering.” It shows just how narcissistic she is.  She doesn’t say the children are suffering but  instead brings it back to herself, saying that she is suffering.

Then she says and the two collided and they were not doing well  with the combination. What about a simple YES THEY WERE EXPELLED BECAUSE THEY ARE TROUBLED EMOTIONALLY!!

Body language wise look at Kate’s upturned palm.  What this means is she is begging for  Meredith and the audience to  to believe her roundabout circumvented deceptive  answer.

Look at Meredith’s facial expression.  It says that she isn;t buying Kate’s nonsense. either.


Kate says I felt so alone, I talked to other moms who had gone through the divorces. This is is NOT about Kate and her divorce.  It is about the kids but she is obviously too self absorbed to see that.

Then she protests so much as she shakes her head NO,  knowing full well what she is saying is complete BS as she says ’Its  NORMAL Stuff as she shakes her head no.

Then she suddenly looks down. This is a huge indicator of deception as she says I did what I could do we mutually  agreed. I brought them home with a private tutor

Then she says  …um um (she smiles as though she remembered to say something she left out as part of her spin)   She says and Early education teacher…

Kate is speaking in fragments which means she is most likely reciting some rhetoric she was no doubt told to say . She obviously messed up  her lines.’’

Then she shows just how in denial she is as she recites : It is dealing with  the very normal results of a divorce.”

WHAt???????? Most kids have parents who get divorced and  d they don’t beat one another and curse them like her kids allegedly  did.  How about admitting that their anger is the result of a hostile hateful and  angry mother whom  they no doubt mirrored. They saw her anger and abuse towards their father almost every  day of their young lives.’

Kate 7

Kate obviously knows what she is saying is complete BS. That is why she purses her lips in an attempt to hold back all the BS.


Then Kate Gets bitchy as she has to say how  Good  she is and how BAD  Jon is. She just has to tell one  just how she reached out to him first, and how it depend on the day and the hour , thus giving  him yet another zing . This is a man she not only emotionally   destroyed and emasculated throughout her marriage by hitting him and belittling him, but now  she has removed his voice

The man isn’t even allowed to go on the airwaves to defend himself or he will get fined and lose what little he does have.


Why does she have to go there? Why  can’t she leave him be? If he is the father of her kids and always will be as she made sure to say on the show, then she needs to leave him alone and stop trashing him.

He loves his kids and is the reason they will probably have a chance at life. He has only given them love nd affection.

Now that he has a beautiful lovely and beautiful woman in his life – Ellen Ross,  those kids will  finally know about a  healthy  male female relationship. They will see a man and a woman who respect one another not a man and a woman who constantly bicker like they saw with Jon and  Kate .

Then she says And Honestly when I think of the old days I try to email him and write him and give him a call. When someone starts a sentence with Honestly chances are they are not being honest,

Then Meredith relayed to Kate how  Jon apologized on his twitter account publicly for what he did to Kate. Instead of acting like a mature adult and saying I appreciate it or petty Kate  says she doesn’t consider interviews  and twitters an apology and that she never got a an  apology yet.”

HOW PETTY!!!!!!!!!

Kate,  get over it! Talking like that is what will ruin your kids forever. Your pettiness will transfer over to them.

Then she disgustingly says ” Strangely  and ironically  I have forgiven him..’’

If you have really  forgiven him then why the shoulder shrugs which indicate deception. Why all the  high drama?  In my view Jon is the one who needs to forgive you for abusing and emotionally torturing him until he went over the edge.


Then she leaks out  ” people who are close to me are upset that I don’t get that angry. And who are those people, Steve Neild the bodyguard?

Then  on the next breath she leaks out  “I am angry,” Then she changes her mind and says   What good does it does it do I don’t have time to waste”

But her expression and vocal inflection say it all. She scrunched up her face and goes up at the end of the statement as though she is asking a question. She clearly knows she does not believe what she is saying.

Kate, here is a very valuable message to you. Since the  therapist is  allegedly already  in the house to take care of the two angry home schooled kids, why not have a session with the therapist as well? The therapist can  help you get over your anger towards Jon.’

Your anger is making the kids angry which is destroying their little lives. Your anger is being mirrored by them in school. You talk about sending them back to school . Well here is a secret. They will never make it back and succeed there unless you get to the root of the problem-your deep rooted anger.


Kate haven’t you done enough to punish and destroy Jon? You have silenced the man so he cannot speak up or speak back. You have taken away opportunities for him to make big money on the media and now you are suing him for 125K for child support.

Please tell  us how this man is supposed to earn a living when you have destroyed his opportunities. Tell us how he is supposed to have a full time job and have no money for nannies and maids and still  take care of the kids when you are out and about?


Jon was apparently livid when Kate  left their  kids with a teenage babysitter whom he did not know and  the sitter was instructed by Kate  not to talk with Jon.

Kate just dismissed these concerns. The fact that two of the children showed behavioral problems would be a red enough flag for any parent to take their kids off the air. Jon has tried.let’s hope that  he succeeds before it is too late.Let’s hope that a disaster can be avoided. . www.drlillianglass.com


Dr.Lillian Glass on Joy Behar Show Discusses Expelled Gosselin Kids And How They Need Help

Click below to see Dr. Glass speaking about the Gosselin children on the Joy Behar Show on HLN


A while back I wrote a blog where I described the behaviors and the body language of  some of the Gosselin children. I observed them on the  Jon and Kate Plus 8 television show. In particular, I found the behavior of little Colin Gosselin disturbing as he appeared to be the one who consistently bullied the other children. He  was often involved in some type of interaction which resulted one of the other children ending up in tears.  He often seemed to be 0ff of his own and appeared to be  disconnected from the others, in my view.Also, he rarely smiled. He  also seemed to be rewarded for his bad behavior by Kate .

Alexis was described by Kate as being The Wild Child. ” Kate once said  on the show that of all the kids, Alexis  and Colin did not get along at all. This alligator and reptile loving  girl seemed to be loud and out of control throughout the show.

So it did not surprise me at all when I heard that both Colin and Alexis were in trouble in school. But what did surprise me was that they were expelled. They were not suspended. Instead, they were kicked out and asked never to return. It is a huge deal for a 6 year old to get expelled from school. They must have been so out of control and so difficult to handle that the school  administration had no other choice. They must have been so disrupting and upsetting to the other children that the only solution was to get rid of them.

Allegedly they cursed up a storm and said words that children of that age should not even know, let alone  say. They also allegedly bullied and taunted other children. In essence, because they were not given boundaries in the home, they acted the same way at school.

There is no doubt that they emulated Kate’s ugly behavior to Jon. They grew up learning disrespect from their mother and they in turn followed suit and disrespected others. They constantly saw their father being abused and belittled by their mother, that  they now allegedly  abused  and belittled others.

Instead of getting these children psychological help they apparently need, Kate decided to home school them.

In essence she is home schooling two children who do not get along with one another. This is a recipe for emotional disaster. These children need to be forced to socialize with others who are not their brothers and sisters. They need to  be in a school in order learn how to get along with others.

Home schooling is a bad idea for them  for other reasons as well. It can cause problems with them and their other brothers and sisters. They might  be seen as “bad” or  as outcasts who are being punished. This could affect their subsequent relationships with one another.  They might be viewed as lesser than by their fellow siblings.


Also who is going to home school them? Who is going to be the hands on teacher? Will it be Kate who is never there? Will it be Steve her “bodyguard”? Will it be a private teacher who will be fired at Kate;s whim  if the teacher  doesn’t do what Kate wants? Kate has had a history of going through countless house cleaners and nannies. So what is to say that she won’t go through countless teachers? This could be devastating for the kids.

I think Alexis and Colin  need to be put int another school right away so they will be forced to  deal with and get along with other children . I also hope that all the other  kids are in different classes with different teachers so that they can have a sense of being an  individual and not a part of a group of brothers and sisters.

Nothing good is going to come out of  this situation unless Kate gets out of her denial and gets them proper help from proper people which definitely include mental health professionals in my view. Otherwise, things will get worse and worse. If they are this out of control as children one can only imagine  what will they be like when they are teenagers and completely unmanageable.



All of these children need to off  TV in my view. They have enough money. They have a trust fund for their higher education. They need to focus on being kids and  the getting the emotional  help they need that just comes from being sextuplets. They need to learn how to adjust to life as individuals.TV is clearly not working for them at this point in their lives. Someone needs to be responsible and step up to the plate and pull the TV  plug on these kid.


Joy  Behar made a joke on the show that Jon was now becoming ” Father Knows Best” . What she was saying was that he seemed to be the only steadying factor for these children. He is the loving and the nurturing of the two parents. He is why I feel there is hope for these kids. Jon now has a lovely woman who is a steady force in his life and in the kid’s lives- Ellen Ross . Now the kids will have  more positive role model. They will be able to see  love and kindness from a man and a woman (Jon and Ellen)  instead of hatred and bickering  (Jon and Kate) .

I don’t know what Jon and Kate’s  agreement is concerning he children’s educational and medical needs. I don’t know if Kate has all the power to make decisions or they both have equal decision making rights. If he has any say in this he needs to get  ALL of them into therapy asap and he needs to find a different school for Colin and Alexis where they can have a second chance and learn from their actions. www.drlillianglass.com