Dr.Lillian Glass on Joy Behar Show Discusses Expelled Gosselin Kids And How They Need Help

Click below to see Dr. Glass speaking about the Gosselin children on the Joy Behar Show on HLN


A while back I wrote a blog where I described the behaviors and the body language of  some of the Gosselin children. I observed them on the  Jon and Kate Plus 8 television show. In particular, I found the behavior of little Colin Gosselin disturbing as he appeared to be the one who consistently bullied the other children. He  was often involved in some type of interaction which resulted one of the other children ending up in tears.  He often seemed to be 0ff of his own and appeared to be  disconnected from the others, in my view.Also, he rarely smiled. He  also seemed to be rewarded for his bad behavior by Kate .

Alexis was described by Kate as being The Wild Child. ” Kate once said  on the show that of all the kids, Alexis  and Colin did not get along at all. This alligator and reptile loving  girl seemed to be loud and out of control throughout the show.

So it did not surprise me at all when I heard that both Colin and Alexis were in trouble in school. But what did surprise me was that they were expelled. They were not suspended. Instead, they were kicked out and asked never to return. It is a huge deal for a 6 year old to get expelled from school. They must have been so out of control and so difficult to handle that the school  administration had no other choice. They must have been so disrupting and upsetting to the other children that the only solution was to get rid of them.

Allegedly they cursed up a storm and said words that children of that age should not even know, let alone  say. They also allegedly bullied and taunted other children. In essence, because they were not given boundaries in the home, they acted the same way at school.

There is no doubt that they emulated Kate’s ugly behavior to Jon. They grew up learning disrespect from their mother and they in turn followed suit and disrespected others. They constantly saw their father being abused and belittled by their mother, that  they now allegedly  abused  and belittled others.

Instead of getting these children psychological help they apparently need, Kate decided to home school them.

In essence she is home schooling two children who do not get along with one another. This is a recipe for emotional disaster. These children need to be forced to socialize with others who are not their brothers and sisters. They need to  be in a school in order learn how to get along with others.

Home schooling is a bad idea for them  for other reasons as well. It can cause problems with them and their other brothers and sisters. They might  be seen as “bad” or  as outcasts who are being punished. This could affect their subsequent relationships with one another.  They might be viewed as lesser than by their fellow siblings.


Also who is going to home school them? Who is going to be the hands on teacher? Will it be Kate who is never there? Will it be Steve her “bodyguard”? Will it be a private teacher who will be fired at Kate;s whim  if the teacher  doesn’t do what Kate wants? Kate has had a history of going through countless house cleaners and nannies. So what is to say that she won’t go through countless teachers? This could be devastating for the kids.

I think Alexis and Colin  need to be put int another school right away so they will be forced to  deal with and get along with other children . I also hope that all the other  kids are in different classes with different teachers so that they can have a sense of being an  individual and not a part of a group of brothers and sisters.

Nothing good is going to come out of  this situation unless Kate gets out of her denial and gets them proper help from proper people which definitely include mental health professionals in my view. Otherwise, things will get worse and worse. If they are this out of control as children one can only imagine  what will they be like when they are teenagers and completely unmanageable.



All of these children need to off  TV in my view. They have enough money. They have a trust fund for their higher education. They need to focus on being kids and  the getting the emotional  help they need that just comes from being sextuplets. They need to learn how to adjust to life as individuals.TV is clearly not working for them at this point in their lives. Someone needs to be responsible and step up to the plate and pull the TV  plug on these kid.


Joy  Behar made a joke on the show that Jon was now becoming ” Father Knows Best” . What she was saying was that he seemed to be the only steadying factor for these children. He is the loving and the nurturing of the two parents. He is why I feel there is hope for these kids. Jon now has a lovely woman who is a steady force in his life and in the kid’s lives- Ellen Ross . Now the kids will have  more positive role model. They will be able to see  love and kindness from a man and a woman (Jon and Ellen)  instead of hatred and bickering  (Jon and Kate) .

I don’t know what Jon and Kate’s  agreement is concerning he children’s educational and medical needs. I don’t know if Kate has all the power to make decisions or they both have equal decision making rights. If he has any say in this he needs to get  ALL of them into therapy asap and he needs to find a different school for Colin and Alexis where they can have a second chance and learn from their actions. www.drlillianglass.com







14 thoughts on “Dr.Lillian Glass on Joy Behar Show Discusses Expelled Gosselin Kids And How They Need Help

  1. You’ve been sounding the alarm for a long time. I think people are finally taking notice. Too bad it’s after so much damage has been done.

    Kate Gosselin is inhuman. Those kids don’t stand a chance unless they are taken away from that jack-booted thug and her concentration camp house….bought off the sweat of their tiny backs.


  2. Jon has continued to attempt to protect his children and the filming of them. There was a court hearing last month and the judge ruled against Jon and gave Kate sole authority for when and how often to film the children. Kate immediately resumed filming and that episode will air on the 28th of this month. Werny Gal (http://smalltowngosselins.squarespace.com/) with the permission of the owner openly and respectfully observed TLC filming the segment at a local corn maze. Of course she was aggressively attacked by the “fans” who have accused her of being a stalker and other delusional and nefarious things. She observed that filming took about 15-20 minutes and then all the kids were loaded up into the van. This again proves that when these kids film they are working not “playing” as Kate has insisted in TV and print interviews over the past 2 years. It’s sad that none of the 8 had the chance to participate in any of the fun activities at the maze as all of the children there were. There is a custody court hearing at the end of this month. We can only hope that this judge places the mental, physical and emotional health of all 8 kids above any financial or fancy lifestyle choices.

    It’s been reported that even with monitors shadowing these two kids throughout their entire day at school that they were unable to moderate their behavior. I agree with you that home schooling these two kids is the worst of all situations possible for them. All 8 kids have been isolated from the normal and healthy peer relationships that other kids participate in due to the filming life they lead.

    INF yesterday showed pictures of the two kids playing outside during school hours with one of the dogs. I am furious that it seems that Shoka & Nala have been kenneled at the breeders all of this time instead of finding a forever home. Kate doesn’t take the time to raise her kids; she sure won’t take the time necessary to integrate the dog into the family, IMO. I am very disappointed that the breeder has allowed this.


  3. Hi Dr. Glass – I watched you on Behar’s show and it was great to hear you speak.

    I hope someone (Jon) can step in and look out for the well being of his children.

    You mention that Kate needs to get out of her denial. Kate lacks the self-awareness that is needed for her to realize she is in denial. She probably thinks her behavior is normal and that its the school’s fault for expelling her children.


  4. I think Jon has a few things he doesn’t want known in court. I also believe he doesn’t really want all of these kids full time. He wants them to be happy, but I don’t think he really wants them 24/7. He’s the better parent of the two, but he has absolutely no way to support them.

    Kate is controlling these kids with food, too. She rewards and withholds as she sees fit. These kids are going to run the gauntlet of eating disorders.

    She will eventually blame everyone at the school. I truly hope she sends the kids away to boarding school. They would be so much better off than living with her.


  5. It’s funny, just a year ago when Whoopie was telling Kate she was a jacka$$ for interfering w/ Jon’s custody time, Joy was a Kate believer – video from 9/19/09. Has she finally seen the REAL Kate or ever watched any of the old shows?

    Someone needs to save those kids from Kate.


  6. That pics on INF are old. The kids are tiny in that pic. They are small for their age 6 1/2, but they look about 4 in that pic. Look at the grass – it’s too long for this time of year and the shrubs are too green for November.


    1. The cars were not there when the dogs were. There is one dead bush in one pix and EVERgreens in a couple pix. INF says they are current pix.


  7. Great article Dr Glass. I saw the show, and you are absolutely right. This is a huge warning sign, they had better take heed and do something. The teen years will be horrific times 8!


  8. Kate Gosselin has three priorities: 1) making as much money as possible so that she can continue to live a lavish, luxurious lifestyle; 2) becoming as famous as possible (all the while complaining about the paparazzi); 3) getting back at Jon at every opportunity.
    The kids’ welfare isn’t even on the list.


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