Kate Gosselin’s Anger, Pettiness, and Signals of Deception on the Today Show As She Discusses Kids Expulsion from School And Blames “The Divorce”


After watching Kate Gosselin’s  latest interview with Meredith Vierra  on the Today Show I saw an angry, bitter, and petty woman who just can’t let go of her hatred towards Jon.

She is in such denial that she does’nt have any clue that her inner hatred and anger is being mirrored by those kids and literally destroying them. As she took her anger out on Jon and continues to be filled with hatred, her kids are taking their anger and hatred out on the other kids. at school

They have anger issues because she has anger issues.  It’s not because of the divorce. It is because she is so angry about the divorce and that anger carries over to them.  Lots of kids are products of divorce and they don[t go around beating on and cursing at other kids.


Kate began the interview  kicking her legs. When someone kicks their legs when they are about to be interviewed it means they are very uncomfortable and are not looking forward to the interview because they probably will not be forthright with you.


Then in a monotone she says ” We are doing great” as she opens her eyes wide. This eye widening is often a signal of deception. Then she says We are very happy and adds the word “actually, ”When you have to add the word actually” it  most likely  means that things are not actually that great.

When Kate was asked about whether the  two of the kids were expelled from school she cocks her head to the side. This is  often a signal of deception. She then  speaks in a staccato hyper articulated  speech pattern  saying ” That is false.” When one does that,  it is usually signals deception. Also there was a lot of fidgeting with her hands. This  is another sign of deception.

Now we hear her convoluted attempts filled with ums. It does not make sense as it is disjointed. She is searching for words as she knows what she is saying is complete spin and nonsense.”

We have a situation where we my kids um are in an academic situation where academics  um are pushed and I fully support it. Combined with kids who were having to just go through with a divorce. Their parents suffering some of those normal feelings

When someone speaks in fragments like you see above  they are lying, When they speak in tangents they are lying.

The telling thing here is her words ” their parents suffering.” It shows just how narcissistic she is.  She doesn’t say the children are suffering but  instead brings it back to herself, saying that she is suffering.

Then she says and the two collided and they were not doing well  with the combination. What about a simple YES THEY WERE EXPELLED BECAUSE THEY ARE TROUBLED EMOTIONALLY!!

Body language wise look at Kate’s upturned palm.  What this means is she is begging for  Meredith and the audience to  to believe her roundabout circumvented deceptive  answer.

Look at Meredith’s facial expression.  It says that she isn;t buying Kate’s nonsense. either.


Kate says I felt so alone, I talked to other moms who had gone through the divorces. This is is NOT about Kate and her divorce.  It is about the kids but she is obviously too self absorbed to see that.

Then she protests so much as she shakes her head NO,  knowing full well what she is saying is complete BS as she says ’Its  NORMAL Stuff as she shakes her head no.

Then she suddenly looks down. This is a huge indicator of deception as she says I did what I could do we mutually  agreed. I brought them home with a private tutor

Then she says  …um um (she smiles as though she remembered to say something she left out as part of her spin)   She says and Early education teacher…

Kate is speaking in fragments which means she is most likely reciting some rhetoric she was no doubt told to say . She obviously messed up  her lines.’’

Then she shows just how in denial she is as she recites : It is dealing with  the very normal results of a divorce.”

WHAt???????? Most kids have parents who get divorced and  d they don’t beat one another and curse them like her kids allegedly  did.  How about admitting that their anger is the result of a hostile hateful and  angry mother whom  they no doubt mirrored. They saw her anger and abuse towards their father almost every  day of their young lives.’

Kate 7

Kate obviously knows what she is saying is complete BS. That is why she purses her lips in an attempt to hold back all the BS.


Then Kate Gets bitchy as she has to say how  Good  she is and how BAD  Jon is. She just has to tell one  just how she reached out to him first, and how it depend on the day and the hour , thus giving  him yet another zing . This is a man she not only emotionally   destroyed and emasculated throughout her marriage by hitting him and belittling him, but now  she has removed his voice

The man isn’t even allowed to go on the airwaves to defend himself or he will get fined and lose what little he does have.


Why does she have to go there? Why  can’t she leave him be? If he is the father of her kids and always will be as she made sure to say on the show, then she needs to leave him alone and stop trashing him.

He loves his kids and is the reason they will probably have a chance at life. He has only given them love nd affection.

Now that he has a beautiful lovely and beautiful woman in his life – Ellen Ross,  those kids will  finally know about a  healthy  male female relationship. They will see a man and a woman who respect one another not a man and a woman who constantly bicker like they saw with Jon and  Kate .

Then she says And Honestly when I think of the old days I try to email him and write him and give him a call. When someone starts a sentence with Honestly chances are they are not being honest,

Then Meredith relayed to Kate how  Jon apologized on his twitter account publicly for what he did to Kate. Instead of acting like a mature adult and saying I appreciate it or petty Kate  says she doesn’t consider interviews  and twitters an apology and that she never got a an  apology yet.”

HOW PETTY!!!!!!!!!

Kate,  get over it! Talking like that is what will ruin your kids forever. Your pettiness will transfer over to them.

Then she disgustingly says ” Strangely  and ironically  I have forgiven him..’’

If you have really  forgiven him then why the shoulder shrugs which indicate deception. Why all the  high drama?  In my view Jon is the one who needs to forgive you for abusing and emotionally torturing him until he went over the edge.


Then she leaks out  ” people who are close to me are upset that I don’t get that angry. And who are those people, Steve Neild the bodyguard?

Then  on the next breath she leaks out  “I am angry,” Then she changes her mind and says   What good does it does it do I don’t have time to waste”

But her expression and vocal inflection say it all. She scrunched up her face and goes up at the end of the statement as though she is asking a question. She clearly knows she does not believe what she is saying.

Kate, here is a very valuable message to you. Since the  therapist is  allegedly already  in the house to take care of the two angry home schooled kids, why not have a session with the therapist as well? The therapist can  help you get over your anger towards Jon.’

Your anger is making the kids angry which is destroying their little lives. Your anger is being mirrored by them in school. You talk about sending them back to school . Well here is a secret. They will never make it back and succeed there unless you get to the root of the problem-your deep rooted anger.


Kate haven’t you done enough to punish and destroy Jon? You have silenced the man so he cannot speak up or speak back. You have taken away opportunities for him to make big money on the media and now you are suing him for 125K for child support.

Please tell  us how this man is supposed to earn a living when you have destroyed his opportunities. Tell us how he is supposed to have a full time job and have no money for nannies and maids and still  take care of the kids when you are out and about?


Jon was apparently livid when Kate  left their  kids with a teenage babysitter whom he did not know and  the sitter was instructed by Kate  not to talk with Jon.

Kate just dismissed these concerns. The fact that two of the children showed behavioral problems would be a red enough flag for any parent to take their kids off the air. Jon has tried.let’s hope that  he succeeds before it is too late.Let’s hope that a disaster can be avoided. . www.drlillianglass.com


38 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Anger, Pettiness, and Signals of Deception on the Today Show As She Discusses Kids Expulsion from School And Blames “The Divorce”

  1. Dr. Glass, I think you were right on with your reading of Kate’s body language. What frightens me is her anger and how it’s taken out on those kids. Is there any chance that someone with NPD can change? From what I’ve experienced, it’s doubtful, but I’m interested in knowing what you think.


    1. I agree with you, It is doubtful. We have seen Kate up close and personal and what we see in such a consistant basis appears to be who she is no matter hoe many attempts she has made to put forth a different image.


  2. Hi Dr. Glass- I appreciate you taking the time to do this column. I believe Kate will always be angry with Jon….not because of the divorce, but because he wanted the show to end ( at the end of season 4, Jon said on camera he wanted the show to end, Kate did not). Kate is a bully and is always angry. You are right. The anger leaks out. All those opportunities were wasted on her. Thanks again.


    1. ITA, Diane. Unless Kate acknowledges she has a problem and gets help, she will ALWAYS be angry. And heaven help anyone who stands in her way which is why there is so much concern for the children.


  3. Dr. Glass, I know everyone has their own opinion of the Gosselin story but can you explain WHY we see Kate’s narcissistic behavior over and over again and yet there are those fans who refuse to see/admit that she has a big problem and is totally damaging her children. I don’t understand why for some it’s more important to be right than it is to care about what is happening to these kids. You would have thought that school expulsion would be a BIG wake-up call for Kate and her supporters. I find it very perplexing and very sad for these children. They didn’t ask for ANY of this.


    1. Hi Itsabout… It took me a long time to realize that the reason Kate still has fans is because these women identify with Kate. They are either just like her, or wish they were more like her. They will defend her as though they are defending their own identity.


  4. I watched that program one time when it first came out and saw the whole “Kate and Jon Plus-Show” as child abuse way back then. “Reality shows”…yeah, right…maybe one day people will come back to REAL reality. It really wasn’t that bad with a little effort put into working at self improvement and circumstances and, as you can see, having a whole bunch of money still isn’t the answer to happiness. It is disturbing that many of Kate’s fans are under-the-age-of-18 girls. They apparently have parents who aren’t there; in reality.


  5. Kate tries to convince us over and over and over again that the kids behavior is ‘normal’ and ‘common’ when experiencing a divorce. She stops short of implying that ALL kids go thru it. I have been divorced twice with two small children from each marriage. They weren’t amicable but each time we both put the kids first. We didn’t trash-talk the other parent, we didn’t use the kids a pawns, and we put on a united front and both of us made the decisions as to what was best for the kids. We believed in laughter and an open door policy. They were always happy and outgoing and confident. We now have four high achieving and morally upright teens and young adults.
    Hitting and acting out due to ‘divorce’ is NOT common or normal. This is not just the product of divorce but of an overbearing, angry, narcissistic, controlling, vengeful mother. The only chance these kids have is if Kate opens her eyes and changes her ways. Unfortunately, narcissistic people think that they are perfect so no change necessary. Kate is perfect in her eyes.
    You hit the nail on the head with this one.


  6. Hi Dr. Glass! Thank you for commenting on the Today Show interview. I know I wasn’t the only one who asked for it. Isn’t it nice for you that so many comments on other websites said that they couldn’t wait to see what Dr. Glass thinks! Anyway, you are so spot on! Wow- I must be getting good at body language too because I thought all the things you had mentioned-before I read them here-lol! Anyway, the fact that Khate thinks she should be on TV without any real talent just astounds me. So does the way she and TLC threw Jon under the bus. Reality TV is NOT the only way this “woman” can make a living! I could go on but I would get writer’s cramp! Thanks again for your assessment and have a wonderful holiday!


  7. I was brought up by a Mother who constantly let me know that my Father was a BUM. I heard story after story after story (he lived in another state) about how awful he was. What the he** is a child supposed to do with this information? In my case it chronically depressed me –my entire life. What Kate is doing by constantly being the martyr and “hating” Jon is as harmful as physically assaulting those children. Children pick up even the most subtle clue. Kate does not even TRY to disguise her contempt for Jon. I wish people would understand that emotional abuse is AS damaging as physical abuse.


  8. I am an attorney specializing in family law and I can tell you that when kids ‘act out’ after a divorce it is invariably because one or both parents use the kids as a weapon in their battle against one another (in my twenty years of practice, though, I’ve never seen a child actually being expelled from school). Kate Gosselin’s hatred towards her ex-husband is especially toxic for these kids because they genuinely love their dad – he has shown them far more love and affection then their mother ever did. They must be feeling tremendous emotional conflict and confusion.


    1. Excellent comment! Thank you so much for sharing this information with the readers. You are so right.For a child to get expelled from school they had to have done something has was very very very bad. A suspension would be bad enough but an expulsion is terrible! It shows that somethintg is terribly wrong with these children. The girl , Alexis is the one Kate called the wild child and the boy Colin is the one who constantly bullied all of his brothers and sistewrs on the show and seemed very detached from the others. There was also an episode where Kate said how Colin and Alexis just do not get along and never will. Now they are both going to be home schooled together. This is a recipe for disaster. Notice that she is not home schooling them. Instead they have their own teacher. How many parents can afford to hire their own teacher to have their children home schooled? Also what will this do to these children emotionally and socially ? How will they learn to get along with others outside of the family? I guess Kate didn;t think that far ahead. Once again thank you for your insight.


      1. Kate hits (spanks) the kids – why would her children not hit when frustrated too?

        Many schools have adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy for children who act out physically. It stands to reason this school is no different – if the kids are having such anger issues – it would only take a note from their doctor saying they need to be out of the school environment until they are more emotionally / mentally stable – as it is up to the state to provide their education it is very possible state funds are paying for their tutor. Remember the “state paid licensed nurse” Kate needed an extension for when she had 6 healthy one year olds? Any ol’ babysitter/ mommy’s helper wouldn’t do!

        IMO Jon has not showered the kids with love and affection; as matter of fact since moving (on) out – he has been a mostly absentee parent. If his bad behavior had not been splashed all over the press – she never would have gotten the custody she now has – Jon created his own troubles – made his own bed, so to speak – now he’s sleeping in it.

        Those 8 kids have been emotionally neglected and showed obvious signs of neglect from the age of 2. TLC has done those kids no favors – 8 beautiful kids are now suffering from their parents personality defects.


  9. Dr. Glass:

    In my opinion, Kate appears to be very angry WITH HER CHILDREN. She may believe they are preventing her from focusing on her career, and becoming a “star.” I am worried that there may be a catastrophe ahead.

    From your excellent analysis, it does not seem that Kate has changed at all, or learned anything from the negative consequences of her actions. Do you think there will be a moment when Kate does realize that she has caused this grave situation, so detrimental to her children?

    Thank you.


  10. I totally agree with you. I can understand for the life of me why she has so many fans.
    My parents were divorced when I was about 7 and they both were very bitter. – and talked bad to us about the other one. All it did was make us not want to be around the other parent when they did it. I did not like my mom talking about my dad- telling me he didn’t want to be around us, and my dad saying my mom threw him out and he wanted to live with us. It is awful thinking both parents didn’t want us. that is what it does. destroys self esteem and feelings of rejection. Nothing I wanted my children to experience when I divorced. We both let our children know we wanted and loved them and parenting was our first and most important job. my children are happy productive adults and love both parents.
    Kate is such a shrew. I just can’t stand even looking at her- which goes back to my orginal question- What do so many people see in her that makes them just love her?


  11. Kate got long blonde hair. Jon loved women with long blonde hair. Kate started dressing very whorish. High heels, short tight skirts and dresses, hot pants, breasts bared in every single outfit. I think Kate realized, as she has said, she may very well be alone the rest of her life. That she scared the “whole world away”. Personally, I think her anger is that she realized what she lost in Jon. He did a LOT of care taking of the kids. She tried to make herself “appealing”, but missed the mark, as she usually does, and ended up looking like a street walker, mostly. She is really angry because Jon is totally done with her. She banned him when he brought Ellen on the scene and introduced her to the kids. She knows for once, he is serious and has found a quiet, good woman. That is when I noticed even more of an attack on him. She won’t be happy until Jon suffers as much as he possibly can. She won’t quit until she accomplishes this. If she is going to be alone, Jon is too. And the children are in the middle of this mess. That is my take on this whole stupid thing.


    1. Kate wants to make Jon suffer, all right, but it has nothing to do with any lost love. It’s all about money, the show, and Kate’s path to glory. Her show is tanking and she is blaming everything on Jon.

      The only reason Kate wants another mate is so she will have someone new to boss around. She is incapable of love. She is looking for a new food supply, actually. A supply to feed her ego.


      1. Oh I certainly did not mean that this was a “lost love”. I don’t think she is capable of loving anyone else, but herself. I simply meant that I believe she now realizes what a goldmine she had with Jon. He did a LOT and let her slide. She just seems so desperate to find a man now. Not for a life partner, but like she said she “needs help”. What a way to attract men! It sounds like an ad for a handyman or babysitter, rather than a partner.


  12. Dr Glass, I knew she was llying too. Glad to see you write this. Kate lies all the time. It is ALL on tape. Too bad someone hasn’t called her out on this.


  13. Pass this along to Nancy Grace and Barbara Walters (and The View ladies) who think Khate is fantabalous…!


    If a show can score some ratings having Khate on it they will and never ask her anything important – or show proof of her lies.


  14. Kate is not able to tell us the whole truth about Jon’s attacks on her both during the marriage and through the divorce.

    Jon is just as angry if not more than Kate. So the kids can also be mirroring Jon’s anger.

    Jon is not in a healthy normal relationship. He is with a woman that also publically on twitter etc. bashes Kate. A woman that tried to get someone fired from their job over a photo.

    Kate has had to live with Jon’s sneaky passive aggressive attacks for 10 years and he is STILL finding ways to recklessly get at her.

    Woman always take much longer to move into a new relationship. When Kate does she will chose a man that is loving and supporting and MATURE.


    1. It takes two people to keep a relationship going. We know Jon is angry and it appears that he has every reason to be. What I don’t like is the whole hypocrisy. They professed to be Christians and even had a set of family rules made up. So why not go to counseling and try to learn to work things out. It’s not fair that we only get to here Khate speak but not Jon. They are both at fault! What Khate says and what she does just do not match up! She has no talent to be in the entertainment business- and neither does Jon!


      1. oops- meant to type hear instead of here! Anyway, it’s a shame that according to many comments on other posts, people tune in to watch Khate get some karma. How is this good for the children? There are many families with multiples and more children than 8- so how come they all can make it without television? There are so many more deserving people in this world and we all know that!


  15. Fox News has a run down of the Alaska “non camping trip” it amazes me, having been fortunate enough to go to Alaska, I found it one of the most breathtakingly beautiful & mind blowing places I have seen in my life.
    How she could take the kids there and drag them off after just a lunch shows more of her true character, its like taking the kids to Disneyland and all u see is the parking lot. Shame on this selfish shrew of a mother, doing the show is supposed to be about the kids experiences and not her comfort. She is a quitter when it suits her and a terrible example to the kids.


    1. This camping trip was ridiculous! How rude of Kate. This woman gets paid 250K per episode, yet can’t bring herself to camp out one night? What is TLC paying for anyway? To disrespect Sarah and her family like that, is just beyond horrid.


  16. Dr. Glass, does Kate believe her own “stories”. Is she a victim of herself, or is she trying to sell us something? Unfair to ask you, but what is in her head? I could feel sorry for someone who is delusional if they can’t help themselves. My sympathy is withheld from someone who is hurting others while trying to promote themselves. I would value your opinion. Thank you.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I don;t really know what Kate believes or doesn;t believe. All I know if that there were signals of decepttion when she tried to spin the story the Today show. I hope ALL the children get the attention they need. They are the innocent ones who may be mirroring their mothers anger and acting out.


  17. I think the big question is this: How engrained is this anger/confusion in the children? If they received therapy would they be able to recover from this? I think the primary immediate solution would be to get them away from ‘mommy dearest’ then into intense therapy….then there may be hope. I dread….dread the futures of these kids if things continue as they are with no intervention. Lindsay, Britney and Paris will seem like angels by comparison, I’m afraid. So sad….so very, very sad. I wish I could rescue them all.


  18. I love your articles. I am a college instructor and would like to offer my services to proof read for you. You have several typos and a few jumbled sentences. Please contact me via email if you would like my assistance.

    THANK YOU for telling it like it is.


  19. The death of Elizabeth Edwards is so sad, just makes me hate Kate Gosselin so much. Here is the superficial b tch, horrible to her husband, exhusband, children and anyone else around her, no gratefullness for ANYTHING. And a kind, loving mother to two young children dies. I just want to slap her in the face, she need a real dose of reality. The only soothing thought is that people like Kate, so get there’s in the end. Kate will be a lonely woman, probably never knowing her adult children or grandchildren, while Jon will be surrounded with love.


  20. Excellent analysis Dr Glass!

    Note that when someones uses the word “normal” it is likely due to either being or acting abnormal or being told that she (or kids) have been acting abnormal.

    It’s something that is highly defensive.

    I love to check in daily here! Your work is always enlightening.

    Peter Hyatt


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