Caylee Anthony’s Body Language In Disturbing Video Indicates Emotional Neglect by Casey As Casey Speaks The Words “I Kill”


Before I analyze this  video I need to address some issues about  professionalism and speculation and my blog. The body language analyses I make in these blog is based on my background, research,  education, and close to three decades of  experience and knowledge,  which allow me to render certain opinions about how I see certain body language and communication behaviors.

Blogs are a reflection of one’s opinion where editorializing is accepted and the norm. Even  scientific journal articles  involve speculation regarding proven or unproven theories. So for those of you who write to me I can assure you that I will  continue to share my opinions and thoughts  in these blogs as well as providing you with  my knowledge concerning  objective data that I observe.

The first editorial comment I will make with regard to this video is that it  made me terribly sad. In fact, it  brought tears to my eyes and left me with  a sick feeling in my stomach and a heaviness in my heart as I saw how this poor child was neglected both verbally and emotionally.

Having spent the early part of my career studying speech and language development, it is essential for anyone interacting with a child to verbalize  with them. That is how a child develops their  speech an language skills. 

In Cayleey’s case Casey does not interact with her. She does not respond to Caylee’s singing or verbalizing. Instead, she continues to shoot a video, observing her like one would observe a  zoo animal. It sickened me.

What shocked me even more was that the only time Casey interacted with Caylee, she  uttered  two words as if to question what Caylee said. She questioned whether her child was saying the words ” “I kill? ” I could not believe my ears!

Caylee had emotional needs in this video that  were clearly  not being met .  These needs were ignored.  To me that is cruel and abusive.

 As you will see in my analysis and in looking at the video, Caylee wanted affection and verbal  interaction. She wanted love. She wanted to be picked up, especially at the end of the video as you will see. But she was completely ignored .This behavior on Casey’s part was sadistic in my view. It was obviously of preview of  horrible things to come.

For  those of you who write to me to simply be contentious or to tell me that you know more, or to stick up for Caysey saying that photos exist  showing Casey smiling with Caylee or Caylee reaching out to her mother,  I say look closer. There are a lot of ” tells” which show that Caylee was hungry for Casey’s love and it was not reciprocated.

Often it is not just the fact that someone is smiling in a photo that determines whether they are happy inside or not. One has to look at subtle body language tells from facial nuances to body positioning and body language behaviors.

I am sure that watching this  video will clear up your concerns once and for all as to whether you think Casey was a good and loving mother to Caylee. After watching this sickening video I don’t believe she was a loving mother . A loving and caring mother verbalizes and interacts with their child. They do not ignore a child  as you will see by clicking the link below .

If you look at the first photo above, you will see that Caylee begins to have a frustrated concerned  look on her face as she is sitting in her high chair with individual pieces of cereal spead out , along with her  her baby bottle. She is verbalizing and singing. She verbalizes and sings  what sound like “Ah keyeh” 

 Since the /s/ sounds aren’t yet formed in a child of that age, it may be her attempt to say “ A kiss” Maybe she is asking Casey, who is filming this video for a kiss to reassure her that she is loved.  In the photo above you see the beginnings of  her frustration and tenseness by her  little furrowed brow as she is ignored by Casey.  

 This continues to be   upsetting to her as you can see from her facial expression while she continues to sing and is ignored. Now you can actually see sadness in her downturned eyes and corners of her mouth. She even physically backs away  leaning back into her high chair to further show her displeasure.


Now Caylee is very upset as she leaks out the facial expression indicating that she is about to cry. She even curls in her lower lip. Look at her sad  eyes . She tries to communicate that she wants a response as she raises her hand and points her finger.

 Now Caylee is even more frustrated as she reaches out with her arm indicating that she desires a response and some love and attention. It is also a gesture that she wants physical attention  like a hug or some physical contact.

She is not getting any attention from Casey ,so she makes direct eye contact with Casey and continues to sing even louder as she increases the volume of her song. But Casey continues to ignore her.


Caylee sings and now eats and raises her hand to be acknowledged. But she is ignored The significant thing about this screen shot is that she leaked out her anger at being ignored  as you can see in the fist like position of her hand. 


Around 33 seconds into this video  Casey zooms in  as you can see  above and you hear her ask in a questioning tone utttering the words  “I Kill? It is shocking. Caylee has been singing  ” Ah kee” over  and over again, which most would perceive as Caylee trying to say  “A kiss.” indicating that she wanted attention  nd affection. But  Casey questions if little Caylee is saying “I kill”

What normal mother would think that her baby was talking about killing? A child that age is innocent and pure and has no concept of death and evil and killing. In addition, the / l /sound at the final place in a word  isn’t developed at that age.

Perhaps Casey was thinking about killing even as early as this video. Otherwise why would she even think to  say the word? Was it in her subconscious all along? Were there thoughts pertaining to killing Caylee as early as this video or even earlier?

Caylee is so thrilled that Casey finally interacted with her and uttered  something to her, even though she doesn’t understand what Casey actually  said, she continues to loudly and vigorously  repeat the sound ” kee, kee, kee,”  three times while continuing  to chew on her cookie.


There is now complete silence on Casey’s part, after Caylee  responds by speaking and singing. The silence continues as  Caylee continues  to be filmed  and observed like a zoo animal.  There is no interaction.  Nothing is said by Casey. There only filming. It is disturbing and upsetting to hear the length of time that the complete silence took place  from  52 to 1: 29 .

Then the most bizarre thing happens.  Casey films Cayee’s legs  from 1:30 to 2:32 where there is continued silence.

 She films Caylee under the table and now shoots a close up of  Caylee’r crotch area. The implications are highly disturbing.  Why would anyone video their child’s crotch area?

 It certainly makes one wonder of there were any sexual issues or concerns involved here. I am not accusing Casey of sexually molesting Caylee. I am just staying that this behavior is odd and raises some concerns. It is not typical behavior.

Caylee also thinks that it is odd that she is being filmed under her high chair. So  she peers under her high chair to see what is so interesting that it has to be filmed.  

For the first time, we see Caylee smile a genuine smile as she thinks that this may be some sort of a game.

But then she quickly realizes that it is not a game. She stops smiling and continues chewing her cookie as she looks directly into the camera.

Caylee is hungry for some type of verbal interaction after so many minutes of silence. She verbalizes and raises her hand and points to Casey as to indicate that she wants Casey to speak and interact with her.

Now you see Caylee is getting very frustrated . She verbalizes “Dek yoo.” which may mean that she is trying to say Thank you as a further attempt to indicate that she wants Casey’s attention.  Look at how she stretches out her little body in an attempt to literally reach out to Casey. Her eyes are opened wide  and her hand is open to signifying a welcoming  gesture towards Casey.

Now her open little hand turns into a pointing gesture where she is in essence saying ” You, mommy, pay attention to me and interact with me.” You can even see the frustration starting to build in Casey’s face. Her eyes begin to turn downward and her mouth does the same. She looks terribly sad as though she is about to cry.  

 Caylee quickly  sees that reaching out doesn’t seem to work in terms of  getting mommy’s attention. So she thinks that maybe singing will do the trick. She  proceeds to sing    di di doo di di duh  and changes into another tone of  dee de da de de goh. She looks directly at Casey and is wide eyed as we see in the above screen shot.

Singing hasn’t worked in securing Casey’s attention either. So she throws up both hands which indicate that she wants to be picked up. What is terribly sad is that Caylee leaves her hands up in that position for several seconds  to no avail.

One can only wonder how long Caylee remained uncomfortably in that high  chair. The bottom line is that to not speak to your child when they verbalize and gesture for you to interact with them is inhumane.

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  1. Absolutely SICK! This is the most disturbing video, taken of a child, that I have ever seen!!! Just wait until the jury sees this.


    1. I’ve JUST seen this & it IS SICK!! Too bad it wasn’t shown to the jury! And thank you to this wonderful body-language GURU for analyzing & speaking so perfectly about EXACTLY what happened to this baby!


  2. When I watched that Video, I noticed there was no Interaction between Caylee and the Person videotaping. It was very strange indeed, especially the Part when the Video was concentrating on Caylee’s Legs and the Bottom Half of Caylee’s Body, what Purpose was that supposed to have.
    I was thinking, this is just very strange indeed.
    We made Videos of our Grandson many times, never once did we concentrate on videotaping him from his bottom when sitting in the High Chair, we were more concentrating on his Face and upper Portion and enjoyed the Interaction with him while recording, that was the Fun of it all.
    I guess I just thought this particular Video of Caylee was
    just strange, say the least. JMO
    Dr. Glass, I appreciate that You share Your Expertise in Body Language with us. Thanks!


  3. I saw this a long time ago & won’t put myself through it again. I was very sad afterward & knew Casey was nefarious in her actions. Almost like Caylee was a lab animal being observed & tested for a reaction to Casey’s taunting.

    I hope the prosecution can use this video, very powerful evidence Casey had thoughts of “killing Caylee” long before June 2008.


    1. Same with me Katrina. It was disturbing when I watched it long ago (I think NG was talking about it on her show at the time). Casey knows how hard Caylee is trying for some interaction and refuses to give it to her. Her own mother! That is so sad. You can almost see the resignation on Caylees face, I’m sure she’d been through that many times; some recorded on video, some not. This is clearly emotional abuse. It isn’t too far a stretch to see that Casey got sick of these twisted games and decided that Caylee was too much of a burden to keep around. What’s more important: your child or the “bella vita”? I have come to the conclusion that when the jury in this case sees all of the evidence, they will come back with the DP.


  4. She films Caylee under the table and now shoots a close up of Caylee’r crotch area. The implications are highly disturbing. Why would anyone video their child’s crotch area?

    I have never, ever photographed or took videos of my child’s crotch area & have never seen anyone else do such a depraved thing.

    What was that about?


    1. I thought the same thing as I was watching it! It must have been difficult for little Caylee to understand WTF (excuse the expression but for this psychopath “Mom” I think it’s kind of warranted) her “Mom” was doing or what she wanted her to do as she was videotaping her. Caylee was clearly trying to communicate w/ Casey, play, understand what she wanted her to say/do, etc. and all the psychopath would do is keep recording… and of course ask “Kill?” for clarification.


  5. We know rumors of incest run deep in the Anthony family so the crotch shot is disturbing as to what Casey had in mind. I guess we’ll never know the truth.


  6. And why can’t this little one have a plate or a bowl to eat from? Just food scattered on the high chair tray? Would her mother just scatter her food on the table, or would she get herself a plate? Even though toddlers are known to enjoy tossing the plate, it doesn’t mean one should forego giving them one in the first place to teach them – gently – what a plate is for. And about this age, they should be learning to eat some foods with a toddler spoon or fork. Why are all the meal implements missing? And what was she actually eating? It looked too inconsistant to be cereal.


  7. my disgust, horror and overwhelming sadness surround this case ut this is one of the worst examples of ause and torture that i have ever witnessed -eyond reality thank you DR.


    1. It was a females voice so it is not Lee or George. Cindy would never say anything like that and based on all the photos of videos of the two of them together as she was very communicative with Caylee. The ony one left is Casey since it’s definately NOT Zanny the Nanny.


      1. Dr. Glass’s opinion on this video of Caylee? I personally find this video of Caylee to be even more heartbreaking, because of how desperate she seems to get a response. While the video above is disturbing, especially with the crotch filming. I have noticed in most videos when Cindy is present, she communicates with Caylee. It is my guess these were Casey filmed videos. Disgusting, I communicate and talk to my cats/dog more than she does to her own child!


    2. At one point in the video you can see the reflection from the window of Casey holding the camera.
      There are at least 2 other videos that are similar.
      No interaction with Caylee at all. It’s so sad and disturbing!


  8. We know it’s Casey behind the camera because we hear her speak to Caylee. Cindy’s and George’s voices do not sound at all like Casey’s voice. Mother of the year Casey. There is a similar silent video as Caylee uses crayons to color…once again she can not get Casey to interact or speak to her. This video is not an isolated incident.


  9. It’s obvious to me that it’s casey filming. 1) There is another eerie video of Caylee being filmed with no interaction in caseys bedroom. casey is clearly seen in the reflection of the mirror as being the filmer. 2) when G&C film Caylee, they interact with her. caseys so creepy, like some sort of robot.


  10. caseys so creepy, like some sort of robot.
    Reagan – September 6, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Yes she is, one of the weirdest examples is some photos of her dancing with a guy at a halloween party. Her arms & upper torso were oddly stiff & robotic, strange body language. Also when she was “chatting with interns” in court she had some really creepy arm movement, stiff as she’s talking about God knows what & playing with that disgusting long hair.

    Maybe she’s a creatin, this miscreant is not what most of us are made of, something’s off.


  11. And why can’t this little one have a plate or a bowl to eat from? Just food scattered on the high chair tray?
    Casey was too lazy to get the child a plate & spoon. We know she complained in some text messages to Tony Rusciano that “little snothead” was hungry she reluctantly stopped texting to feed Caylee leftover pizza.

    Then Casey bitc*ed a few minutes later that Caylee was still hungry &complained to Tony she’d BBL to give “the snothead” more pizza.


  12. Katrina, those are great examples, indeed. Some other examples IMO are in her speech patterns. The way she repeats her lies in this weird monotone fashion. IE “I have not seen my daughter in 31 days”, or “the last person I saw my daughter with is zenaida”. I believe Rob dick (LPadillas sidekick) made the same observation regarding her speech. I also see a vacancy in her eyes. I didn’t think people were born without a soul until I seen the strange creature known as casey anthony.


  13. You’re right Reagan, and the way she sticks with a lie until the last second without getting rattled is surreal. Like taking Det. Yuri Melich & Det. John Allen through the hallways of Universal Studio offices before FINALLY admitting she had no job there.

    After Casey dies scientists should dissect her alien like brain, freakishly devoid of emotion & inhumane.


  14. Great post Dr. Glass. It is so sad all the neglect poor baby Caylee went through. It is definitely KC speaking “I kill” to Caylee. I bet the prosecution could use this video in evidence and even acquire a voice analyst to prove it is KC speaking in the background. I know they can even compartmentalize the sounds individually to eliminate background noise and sharpen the different people speaking at different times. I bet voice fibrillation and comparison to other recordings, ex: jail house calls and videos and LE interviews will determine that it is KC.

    I remember in one of the interviews George Anthony had with LE he said that Caylee called Lee Anthony uncle Eee and Mallory as Mawee because she could not pronounce the L. There is no way Caylee could have said kill in that video but it is sick that KC would even ask such a stupid and cruel thing to Caylee.

    This video looks like Caylee is about a year younger before she was murdered and KC even looked up missing children as early as March of 2008. Heck KC even made up the phantom Zanny as early as a year and a half before Caylee was killed. I hope the state can get heartless KC for premeditation.



  15. This is as pure a representation of how a psychopath/sociopath views ‘people as objects’ as it gets. This is who Casey Anthony really is, on a daily basis – a sadist. She completely ignores Caylee’s needs.

    I also think that the depraved way she videotaped Caylee’s legs was meant three ways: one is that it was Casey’s very odd way of playing ‘hide’n’seek’ or getting Caylee to think it was, then second, to not play hide’n’seek after all & simply torture Caylee, and three, to “groom” Caylee for possible future molestation…it’s been reported that Caylee slept in bed as a threesome already with Casey and the boyfriend-of-the-evening who’d tolerate (or welcome) it…it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to consider that Casey may have offered her daughter already or thought of trafficking her daughter in the future, and might show these videos to prospects. Casey has no attachment whatsoever to Caylee, as seen in these videos.

    If you think Cindy Anthony raised a skrewed up daughter, think of how skrewed up Caylee would have been. I still don’t understand how Cindy could have left Caylee with Casey on a daily basis, knowing what she was like (and you know Cindy didn’t have blinders on), knowing Caylee needed socialization and would be better off in a Daycare situation – one that Cindy’s work probably covered in her flex-plan (Cafeteria Plan). It’s just mind-boggling how much Cindy didn’t think about Caylee’s welfare.

    I’d seen these disturbing videos a year ago; Thank you for reviewing them and giving the public your professional analysis now, Dr. G.

    It’s comforting to know that Caylee’s in a much better place now, and sad to know that she could’ve been adopted out and alive instead.


    1. allaboutme, you make very good points. Also, imagine how uncomfortable any person, regardless of their age would be in a similar situation as Caylee? Imagine arriving at a social situation and the others in the room only stare at you…won’t speak to you in spite of your own efforts to begin a conversation to lower the tension in the room. Yet, they won’t smile at you or react to you in any way. They just stare at you in silence. Most adults would find an excuse to leave the room fairly quickly to escape the unbearable and abnormal situation.
      Now imagine being in Caylee’s place at a table and your mother behaves in the same way towards you but you can’t escape…and all the while she won’t remove the camera from her face. Wouldn’t you know, even at that young age, that something is terribly wrong with the way Mommy acts? Nobody else acts this way…only Mommy and only when she is alone with you.
      I can’t even imagine what Caylee lived through day to day or what she must have felt. Didn’t her grandparents see these videos? Didn’t they interpret them as weird at all? Why did they show pride at the fact that Caylee could “fix her own breakfast when she was two years old and turn on the tv or stereo to entertain herself” rather than see that this meant that Caylee was being neglected? There were no saviors in Caylee’s lonely life. I hear so often of how much her grandparents loved Caylee so much. Maybe so; when they had the time. But, when they didn’t… I believe this video reveals to us what the rest of Caylee’s life was like when there were no witnesses to see.


  16. Thank you for the vast acknowledgement in your blog. Didnt realize the depth of the nerve I hit as that was not my intention what so ever, I was just looking for my opinion to be heard and considered as you do yours. The first few paragraphs dedicated to me…kind of odd but everyone needs to vent, right? By the way, you again, called Caylee Casey….Maybe you should have someone proof read your articles before you post. I watched and rewatched the video,I have seen it before as well and that is not Casey speaking,that is Caylee. I do agree with you however in that it is very eerie that there is no interaction. I too used the same example when speaking of this video in the past in that Casey is filming her like Caylee is an exhibit at the zoo…Very troubling, very twisted. There is also another video of Casey filming Caylee where she is coloring in the living room and Caylee is crying out for some sort of acknowledgment and again, gets none. As a parent myself,how does one stay mute and not “coo” and “aww” at their own baby. I hope these videos are entered into evidence at trial. Very,very heartbreaking to say the least.


    1. Tuscany, I seriously doubt you hit a deep nerve with Dr. Glass. But as you said, everyone needs to vent, right? Maybe you could be the one to VOLUNTEER to proof Dr. Glass’ posts before she hits “publish”? More than likely, many of these posts are done “on the run” so to speak.

      As a long time reader of this site and other publications of Dr. Glass’, I am certainly able to understand what she is communicating in THIS blog. This is only one of many things she does and does very well given there are, oh, about 24 hours in a day.

      I do agree with you in that this beautiful child is crying out for some form of attention from whomever is filming this heartbreaking and disgusting video. To me this is nothing new to Caylee; you can see it in her eyes. I speak from experience; luckily my granddaughter is alive but the haunted eyes are still one of the few things I notice every once in a while. Body language doesn’t lie, even in children, even three years later. The memory does remain. That’s a fact.

      I don’t even want to imagine what Caylee’s egg donor put her through, emotionally. I refuse to think of anything in a physical sense. I’m just not ready to go there right now. Casey is pure evil and Cindy not much better. I truly believe there is nothing that could ever change someone with the personality disorders that Casey displays.

      Thank you, Dr. Glass, for all that you do. If you had written “Toxic Men” about 30 years ago, I probably would have been a different person. But then again, I wouldn’t have ever met the wonderful husband that I have now. Kismet.

      O/T: Once I started reading this blog and finding other things you’ve done, I realized that “body” language is how I raised my sons and didn’t even realize it. You can learn so much just by observation. Now I have “labels” for what I already “knew”. I can also pick out an abused wife (s/o, partner, etc.) within minutes (or less) and really have to hold myself in check since, well, you just don’t ever know who will follow you home if you try to help out (in a public place).

      Tuscany, forgive my typos and grammar errors as I’m speaking from my heart and the CA case hits close to home. Thank you.


  17. I really enjoy reading your website and blog – it is very informative. I have a question about another video I saw of Casey and Caylee Anthony. It is a video of Caylee’s birthday party -sadly, she only had 2 ;( in which Casey is holding Caylee. She gets some cake on her face and around her mouth and Cindy gets a cloth and wipes it off. Immediately after Cindy is done cleaning Caylee’s face, Caylee takes the cloth and wipes her face. It really does appear that she is jealous of the attention and care given to her little girl by her Mother. What do you think?


  18. This video above all else has caused me to change my opinion on the death penalty from being against the death penalty to being an advocate for the death penalty in the Casey Anthony case.
    I saw this perverse video quite awhile ago and again watched the other of Caylee colouring pictures and have come to the same conclusion as Dr. Glass. With one possible exception, I do not believe for one moment that Casey even smiled at her daughter while filming, as we see Caylee smile then stop as if confused and uncomfortable by no reaction from Casey. In the colouring book video you see Caylee in frustration turn her back to the camera as if trying to stop the uncomfortable experience.
    I know of no one, man or woman who could not smile at a child, I found myself smiling at the video the first time I watched it, at least until I understood what was going on.
    Try this experiment if you can, it’s very difficult to do but do not under any circumstances smile back at a child about the same age, just stare at them. They react exactly the same way as Caylee does. I did this experiment with friends children after explaining why and it was uncanny how similar the reactions were to Caylee. When I smiled at the children as they looked at me in a later experiment their reaction was much more animated with smiles and laughter.
    I personally feel that Casey Anthony hated her child more than we will ever know, probably out of jealousy, and was thinking of killing her for a good long time. It would have been the only way that she could get rid of her forever, I believe that she resents the constant reminders of Caylee to this day and believes that she had every right to kill her.
    Casey Anthony is absolutely the definition of evil or if that is not strong enough a psychopath with the mindset of the privileged I firmly believe that she would and could kill again.


  19. It appears that Caylee was saying something but what??? I kiss??? Children can’t pronounce their s’s, t’s, l’s, etc and could be she wanted a KISS…either way, to hear the adult question, I KILL??? is nauseating…Caylee’s fate was destined by Inmate Anthony, first not acknowledging her pregnancy until her uncle brought it to light. Bonding starts in the womb as you carry your unborn child, nourish, care for them in the womb, bonding when you first feel their kick, hear their heartbeat. You make sure you have your prenatal care, something Inmate Anthony didn’t receive till well past conception, 7 months if she had any at all. So Caylee wasn’t a “wanted” child from the start, at least, not by Inmate Casey Anthony! Was she contemplating her death since birth??? We will never know the truth for not only is Inmate Anthony and the truth strangers, it appears the entire Anthony clan are strangers to truth! Look how they spin their conspiracy tales. Trying to make it seem as if Inmate Anthony was the mother of the year. Cindy still believes Caylee is alive is the most horrifying, sadistic, depraved words spoken. For not even in death does Caylee get respect. It’s all about saving the one who sits accused of this precious childs death…mother of the year??? Never!

    Justice will come to Caylee. Caylee will get the justice she deserves and it will be served HOT!

    Justice for Caylee


  20. casey’s detachment from reality is chilling. Here are two more videos where the only person speaking is Caylee. This one is the one Forrest mentioned up above (when she’s colouring):

    And during the other video (that Reagan mentioned) you can see that it’s casey doing the filming because we can see her reflection in a mirror.

    As in the one Dr. Glass provided, and gave her analysis of, these two are equally creepy.


  21. i’m not sure about interpreting body language in a baby…but i am sure that its weird to shoot a baby’s crotch for an extended period of time! casey is just unexplainable!!!


    1. You can be very sure about analyzing a baby’s body language because their “tells” are very obvious. They are so innocent and open so they are easy to read, In this video you read a very frustrated Caylee who will try anything to get Casey’s attention to communicate with her. You see the frustration in her face and even the anger when Casey refuses to acknowledge her. This would be upsetting to anyone. To shoot a child;s legs and crotch area is very disturbing as well.


      1. In my opinion, body language of babies is all the easier to see. They haven’t learned the “tricks” that adults have learned to use to attempt to hide there true feelings. Babies’ feelings are out there on the cuff for all the world to see. With babies, what you see is what they feel. Babies: Body Language 00I. Just watch a baby sometime…and you get an “A” automatically.


  22. Dr.. Glass thank you for addressing this particular video… I had seen it some time ago & it has always bothered me. I hope the prosecution utilizes this in their case against casey & also shows the jury these videos of caylee …

    I believe casey hated the little girl from the moment she was born because of the jealousy she felt when cindy showed how much she loved caylee..


  23. Watching these tapes is disturbing to say the least. Looking at the picture of this tiny innocent little girl, it’s baffels one to think that there was more concern over two missing gas cans than there was over this beautiful angel. The whole family is too disgusting for words.


  24. Disturbing and sad, so very sad.

    This as well as other logical things (why did no one meet this nanny? Caseys’ repeated lying) is why she will be convicted without a doubt of murdering her child.








  28. Ok, I think Caylee is saying ‘kiss you’ like she is looking to give a kiss or looking for a kiss. I also think that when her Mother showed her little legs swinging and moved up to the childs lap that she was trying to get a camera angle up through the gap at the edge of the tray – like peek-a-boo. I really don’t think it’s sinister. I never – well I rarely speak when I video because I want to capture all those cute little toddler sounds my own toddler makes (also I can’t bear to listen to myself). I am no fan of Casey but I don’t think this is odd other then being longer then necessary to capture Caylee singing. No disrespect intended to Dr. Glass.


    1. Phonetically Caylee was saying “ah kee” which may have meant “a kiss” but at her age the /s/ sounds are not yet developed. It was Casey who said the words in a questioning intonation “I kill”which was totally inappropriate. Also inappropriate was her focus on the child’s crotch area. The camera would have been shaking if she was going to get an angle which it was not so your theory does not work. And as far as you rarely speaking becuase you want to capture your child’s tones, I would hope that you would not display sadisic behavior as Casey if your child reached out to you and pleaded with you for attention while you were filming , Unlike Casey, I hope that ypu would respond when your child showed signals of angish and upset as Caylee did. I think you are being blinded by what you would have liked there to be instead of what actually happened and what is.


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. Maybe I am being naive Dr. Glass. You can rest assured that I am pulling faces and joining in behind the camera. I just get such delight from my boy. And I can guarantee that if he reached out it would be so he could grab the camera to put on me. Reading your blog made me wonder though and I did look back through old video clips last nights and the pleasure I got from his delightful exclamations is priceless. But he is very happy in them all. I just thought that maybe someone had that feeling for little Caylee also. I mean look at her. She is simply adorable. I would love to believe that someone was smiling and nodding and gesticulating behind the camera. And I would love to believe that they were trying to play with the child and get a shot up through the gap. But I guess you see things we don’t and it is terribly sad to think that the poor little mite was starved of attention. I just can’t understand it. I just can’t understand how anyone can logic the murder of their own child – of any child in their mind. Maybe it’s only right that I don’t understand it. Thank you for your blog Dr. Glass and especially for taking the time to respond. It’s greatly appreciated.


  29. Also… I wonder if she is trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star during one part….. I also thought I heard that in the clip by BeachGirl of Caylee sitting on the floor with her colouring-in book…. Beautiful little baby. 😦


  30. I always felt she shot this video to have so when Cindy or someone called they would “hear Caylee”, and nobody would be suspicious. As for the lower body shots, I don’t understand why she would do that. It looks like she was trying to come up from under the tray to video her to make her laugh by peeking through the bottom so she would sound happy and Casey wouldn’t have to make any noises. In any account or for whatever reason, the video is disturbing and it certainly weights your heart down when you see Caylee trying so hard to impress her “mother” to interact with her.


  31. little caylee is clearly eating toast. if you take a look at her tray, you will see that she has scrambled eggs in front of her as well leading me to beleive that someone prepared scrambled eggs and toast for little caylee that morning. I expected to become upset upon viewing this video but to my own surprise I find myself more taken aback by all the ignorant commentary following! I mean… oh-my-gosh! No spoon or fork or plate?! I think that’s the least of our worries here! I mean, how do we know little caylee didn’t already throw her utensils and plate off the tray several times? Do none of you have children? I have five and although little caylee’s highchair tray looks all too familiar and brings back lots of warm-n-fuzzy memories, I assure you my kids can all utilize a plate, spoon, fork, cup, knife, etc. with precision and skill! sheesh! And… the “camera under the highchair” scene? I had myself worked up into a raging frenzy prior to hitting that “play” button, and after viewing, I found myself taking a sigh of relief instead. I mean, am I blind? Are there any other parents here? Grasp at straws I really tried but I did NOT find anything unusal or disturbing about it! It was CLEARLY a game of “peek-a-boo” or, at least, that’s what we call it around here. No, there was no audible “peek” OR “boo” … but there was no other audible commentary from the person holding the camera either. We see the person aim the camera at the legs, get down on one knee which brings us down under the tray, and then move the camera up to the right past the thigh where it could go up no more. Little caylee responds by shifting her body over to “peek” under the tray… at which point the camera follows her smiling face! That was NO intended crotch shot! If I found anything disturbing about the video, it would have to be the silence. It SEEMS eerily quiet … the same eery quiet I’m left with in the morning when my husband and all the kids have left for the day. I’ve spent many o’ eery quiet mornings with my youngest son, in his highchair or elsewhere, filming him naturally, just being him. He didn’t have to be singing, dancing or doing tricks. And I HATE the sound of my voice on camera or on an answering machine, etc. and frankly, I wanted HIM in the limelight. not me. but you better beleive I was making faces and smiling and giggling to myself behind that camera. Babies are humans, not animals however in regards to “filming like you would in a zoo”, babies and children are marvelous, curious, interesting little people and it can be much fun to just “watch” them being themselves with their cute little antics and sweet sounds and their tiny lil’ legs and toes!! I don’t know… perhaps everyone’s mind is “in the gutter” and imaginations running wild because we are already biased against casey for the monster she is… the “what-if’s.” If this video showed up on my FB wall from a friend and I watched it… I’d see a beautiful baby girl sitting aside a bright sunny window babbling and singing and eating a nice home cooked breakfast. now that’s something you don’t see much of now-a-days! if lil’ caylee was eating a meal out of a box or jar or canister would we all be appalled? No, I’m not on the CA defense team. I think this family is VERY sick, secretive, bizarre… I beleive casey killed this precious child and I beleive C&G are ALSO to blame for their own negligence as parents and grandparents, human beings and/or on-lookers! Dr. Glass no disrespect, I found your article informative and enlightening in many ways and am happy to have stumbled on over here. But if this video is truly “Absolutely SICK! This is the most disturbing video, taken of a child, that I have ever seen!!!” as commented by an above poster… then I must have completely imagined all of the TRULY horrific, shocking imagery of abused and battered children I’ve ever had the courage to see.


    1. OMG Jill, I completely agree with your interpretation of the video. I said as much earlier in the thread. I also video my child to have memories of my child, not my horrid voice coming across. But Dr. Glass queried whether I was sadistic like Casey for doing this. I think it is quite normal to let your child be the star. And I really do think it is a came of peek-a-boo under the tray. It’s exactly something I would do too – anything to raise a giggle! And yes, there is a tray on the highchair for a reason – to catch all the food mashed into it! Sure isn’t there even a range of childrens plates designed to stick on trays because the little rascals just love to empty their plates onto the trays – and anywhere else that takes their fancy. I think that too much is being read into anything Casey related at this stage. It could even be Cindy behind the camera for all we know. Caylee was an adoreable little girl and I too think it’s a video of a beautiful little girl enjoying her breakfast. I for one think your common sence is very refreshing.


  32. As much as i think casey is guilty, i think the assumptions about this video are so far off and ridiculous. Neither one of them sounds like they are saying “i kill” and the fact that she isn’t interacting verbally with her doesn’t mean much. For anyone who has a kid and videotapes them, especially in their early years, its more about capturing them and their babbles and cute things. Hearing your own annoying voice on the video is just that, annoying.


  33. I clearly hear Casey saying “kill.” That is only word she says to Caylee and that definitely is what she is saying. Who would say that to a child? Let alone your own child? I also think I hear what sounds like Caylee trying to say “I kill you.” Where did she learn that? Very disturbing. Anyway, it doesn’t all come down to Casey just not talking in this video. It is about Caylee and the obvious frustration she is feeling. Look at the stills…Caylee is clearly frustrated and confused. You see it on her face on her furrowed little brow and when she gives up and looks away. This poor child is disconnected. She is alone and lost. This is not normal. I have seen other videos and photos where Caylee is grimacing and shaking her head back and forth…not something that well-adjusted, happy children do…clearly she picked this up from KC. Another thing I have noticed…I have seen zillions of photos of Casey with Caylee and in every last one of them Casey is grinning her big mouth full of teeth, often looking straight into the camera like she’s a model posing for a photo shoot. It is very weird! It fits with Casey’s seeming to perceive her daughter as an object. I have not seen one photo or video of Casey actually taking care of Caylee, tending to her, caring for her and showing her love the way a normal mother does…not one!


  34. Let’s not forget that this self-proclaimed “Spiteful B|tch” and chloroform expert is currently on trial for the abuse, manslaughter, and premeditated murder of this child. Seems Dr. Glass is not the only one who believes KC is something less than a perfect mother!


  35. THANK YOU DR GLASS!! I’ve been saying this for awhile-it is so eerie how she treated Caylee in several videos!


  36. I completely agree with you Linda, even when I shoot video of my neborn kids I’m speaking to them, touching, caresing, I’m going practically crazy in love and it continues to this day when they are 15,14 and 11 I baby talk still, so sad poor Caylee


  37. Strange Breakfast With Caylee Marie Anthony
    Does Casey say “I kill” at 0:33??
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    Thomas Royal LMAO I was wondering if that was Casey LOL
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    Becky Toth It was her LOL
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  38. I agree with your assessment and am glad to see many people have noticed this video and several others — where little Caylee romps, talks, sings, dances, to a silent audience of one. However, what the child is saying is “Cheese” — the instant I first viewed this video it reminded me of my own little granddaughter, who is now four. From the time she was nearly 2 until she was about 3 and a half, any time a camera went up she would say “Cheese…cheese…” even if we were taking video. That is what Caylee is saying. I personally cannot hear Casey, or whoever is running the camera, say a word.
    Thanks for pointing out these very strange videos.


    1. It’s not cheese, well, cheese may be in teh babbling part, but it’s “I KILL Cay …Teee” from what I can hear… right at :31 seconds… then “No, No,… Working” @ 3:00 minutes after she’s not picked up.


  39. I actually wondered if casey in frustration had threatened to kill caylee a few times and that is why she was coming so close to saying i kill you…i could see casey saying this to the poor angel…when caylee maybe was not behaving or showing behavior casey did not like…Any thoughts on this being a possibility? i have also worked with children with speech impediments and they usually come pretty close to saying what they have heard before…


  40. What I don’t understand is, why take a video of your child and not talk at all? Who leaves their child in a highchair for hours? It’s all very sad, and what else is sad is that there are more Caylee’s out their, parents like Casey are too self absorbed, they feel they should come first, it’s sickening. I am very sad to say my granddaughter was taken away from her mother (my son’s girlfriend), she was 3 months old, she was never bathed, she was never hardly held, she never bonded with her, when she fed her she would prop a bottle up (I found this out after I got custody) by the time she was taken away, she was almost ferral. She wouldn’t interact with us, she wanted to be placed in her stroller, that is where her mother kept her most of the time as she walked the streets all hours of the night, but the good news is, we have had her now for 4 months, and boy, she sure does shine now, she is fantastic and happy, I am the lucky one, because I feel I was blessed to get her, unfortunately it was at her own expense, thankfully she won’t remember any of it and I am going to make sure her life is full of love and happiness.


  41. In not knowing Casey personally,,,I find it highly unusual to be video-taping a little girl (..HER little girl @ that!!!) and not have ANY voice coming from the ‘other’ side….if I didn’t know any better, i’d thought Caylee was sitting there, enjoying her breakfast, ALL ALONE!!!! To me, this is NOT an “interactive” video btw. Mom & her daughter….but, a “creepy’ way of video-taping her for some other unknown disgusting purpose!!!!


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