More Body Language Analysis of Caylee Anthony Indicating Frustration When Ignorned by Alleged Videographer Casey

There is yet another disturbing videotape that Casey allegedly filmed when Caylee was a bit older than the photo of her in the high chair. It shows Caylee’s hunger for affection and shows her being ignored even though she tried everything to be noticed by the videographer who is no doubt Casey.

Not a sound  was uttered  by anyone  but Caylee. It was as though someone was filming an animal in a zoo and watching their behavior.There was no human contact whatsoever. Children at any age need constant verbalization and interaction. The fact that such an innocent and precious child  was so frustrated by this as you will see in the video and in the screen shots is disheartening.

In order to see the video click below

First you see Caylee spread eagle with her legs apart and her training diaper exposed.  I bring this up in light of the last video where Casey filmed Caylee’s  crotch area  for a considerable length of time.  I am not accusing Caylee of anything here. I am just making an observation.

Caylee gives a wide eyed expression as if she is wondering what will happen along with a  half smile as she verbalizes “keeh” which may indicate that she wants a kiss or wants to give a kiss.Her eyes are not smiling. She just has a slight smile on her lips, The smile  not crooked which indicates ambivalence.

Her expression immediately changes as she  waits for an answer. She gets no verbal answer. Perhaps she got a nonverbal answer with a head shake from alleged videographer  Casey indicating “no” as he facial expression shows her dejection.

She then points to alleged videographer Casey and says  in a louder tone “Want kidzeh?” which may mean “Want kisses”. Again she is ignored.

KHere you can actually see Caylee’s face transition to an angry expression as she continues in a louder and angrier tone to ask “Want kidzeh” (Want kisses) You can see her furrowed brow, sad looking eyes and turned down mouth here.

You then hear her little sigh of frustration. It sounded so sad to hear a child frustrated because she was being ignored and not given the affection she asked for. She then tries to give a crayon as a peace and love offering to  alleged vidgeographer Casey to no avail. There is no response.

You then see Caylee’s furrowed brow indicating that she is getting angry as she says what sounds like “wah keeyeh”  which most likely means “want kiss”.

Now Caylee tries another tactic. She giggles as she saws “ wah keeyeh” ( Want kiss)/ Her sweet little mind thought that id she used humor and laughed she would get the affection she craved, But unfortunately she was grossly mistaken.

She’s frustrated and continues to repeat that she wants a kiss as she looks directly at alleged videographer Casey.

She looks so sad now. She stops for a few seconds and just stares into her box of crayons.

She’s done asking for kisses from alleged videographer Casey.. She turns to her side and begins to color to take her focus off her rejection.

Caylee sneaks a peak to see if alleged videographer Casey is still videotaping her.  Caylee does not look pleased about it as there is complete silence. Even though she is young, she can still process that this  behavior is not right .

Caylee asks for  a kiss three more times and is ignored by Casey. As an indication of her frustration, she lashes out on her coloring box and makes a mark on the  inside cover of the box with her crayon. She has had enough of  alleged videographer Casey as she now turns her back on her and colors.

There is silence so Caylee, with her back still turned to alleged videographer Casey, turns her little lead to see if Casey is still there. The sad expression on her face with down turned mouth  indicates that she is not happy about being ignored, being deprived of affection when she asked for it repeatedly and being videotaped.

If Casey is the videographer and I assume she is, since there was no Zanny the Nanny and since Casey filmed the other videos of Caylee  where she refused to interact with her, it shows her cruel and sadistic behavior. How could anyone not say a word to this child after so many minutes of video unless they were completely emotionally detached from the child. That may have very well been the case with Casey. She may have been so emotionally detached from Casey, she could care less about her needs- emotional or other needs.

In fact she was disgusted by Casey. Who calls a child a “snothead? This is what she called Caylee when she spoke to then boyfriend Tony. What is most disgusting is that this is not the first time Caylee has been ignored and treated so poorly by Casey.

If we are only witnessing a glimpse of Casey the alleged videographer’s egregious behavior, we can only imagine  what was  going on the times Caylee was not  being videotaped?


79 thoughts on “More Body Language Analysis of Caylee Anthony Indicating Frustration When Ignorned by Alleged Videographer Casey

  1. Thanks for revealing the body language. Though it is so damn sad, it is clearly possible to see such a young child’s frustration using body language. She looks so much like Cindy in these pictures!!

    May she rest in peace, poor Caylee.

    1. You are right, she resembles Cindy very much so. Not saying this is motive by any means, but I wonder if it irked Casey of how much little Caylee resemebled Cindy, being as how she resented her mother so? JMO

  2. I’ve always thought Caylee strongly resembled both Cindy and George…she could have been their own child. Don’t think she resembles Casey in the least however. If this little girl had been the spitting image of her mother…I wonder if she might have had more interest in Caylee.

    Or been more jealous.

    This is odd videotaping behavior. If you look on youtube, at any number of the videos of cute little ones…there’s ALWAYS interaction with SOMEBODY…unless it’s one of those cute little ‘sneak up on the child who’s not noticing they’re being filmed.

    This is uncomfortable to watch and does seem like she’s a monkey in the zoo.

  3. Hi Lillian, i have seen this distrubing video of Caylee before and you have pegged what was going on so well. Caylee was nothing but an object or like you said before, a zoo animal for Casey to practice her so called photography skills on. When Caylee was much younger she is sitting on the bed doing her little baby babbling talk as she is too young to speak words at this age. I see Casey is the one filming her as her reflection early in is showing her standing in the door way filming. Caylee is doing the same as in this picture. Desperately trying to get a verbal reaction from Caylee and when she doesn’t caylee shows a bewildered unhappy looking face as why is mommy not talking to me. We know Cindy was not filming Caylee in this video above your mentioning, as when Cindy films Caylee she interacts with Caylee, as shows in the video when caylee was learning to walk over to Cindy. There is much interaction with Cindy as Caylee toddles over to her. There is much joy in Caylee’s face as Cindy encourages her and then praises her when her wobbly little steps finally makes it cindy. I, like you, also fear what was Casey like when she was alone with Caylee if she is this cold when filming her.

    I would shutter to think if Casey got off what fate another child might meet at the hands of evil Casey. I can see Casey being all nice to a boyfriends kids while trying to get him to move her in with him or marry her and soon as that happened the ”evil Cruella Casey” then emerges when the boyfriend or now turned husband was out of site. I do believe what Honorable Judge Strickland said, ” Ms.Anthony is a danger to children. If she can kill her own blood baby then why would she not be capable of killing someone else’s that she didn’t want? Casey is a monster and in my opinion never needs to be living on the outside world again. Hopefully next year we can close the book on evil cruella casey with her either on death row or Lwop. There will never be a happier day for me when i hear the jury say Guilty and that ”Cocky smirk” of casey’s is finally wiped off her ugly mouth.

  4. I Love when little Caylee finally turns her back on evil cruella mommy dearest, and leaves snothead Casey to film her back. Bless you Caylee. Oh and yes, Dr.Glass glad you pointed this out, who indeeds calls their child a snothead? Evil Cruella Casey should have had her disrespectful mouth washed out with lie soap.

  5. It is always refreshing to read the insight of “truth” from Dr. Glass. I will never understand why Cindy would leave her grandaughter’s care up to Casey. Casey DID NOT work (contrary to what people say), she took her to wild parties, and did not have a motherly bond with her. Wake up people… express only “that moment in time”!!!

  6. Reflecting back when my son and only child was this age, i would have been back and forth stopping the filming to smooch his little sweet as sugar adorable face, and not only talking to him, but doing silly funny faces and things. I want to scoop up Caylee and smooch her everytime i watch or see her. It blows my mind how cold and callous Casey was too precious Caylee. The one and only thing dumbhead Casey ever produced worth anything in her rotten existence was Caylee and she destroys her. May you go down Hard Casey.

  7. Good analysis Dr. Glass. Bet Casey went from this strange scene to the computer to download and then began experiencing “Snot-nose overload” and spent the rest of the morning on the computer and the cell phone planning more interesting activities for herself. Caylee had some food thrown on her high chair table and that’s called “lunch”…napped…and then woke up again to annoy Casey some more. So she was probably put in front of a TV for a few hours before down for another nap. What does Casey do for the whole day when she’s stuck with a kid she never wanted and can’t stand? Wait for the moment when she can be in the parking lot at Gentiva to toss Caylee from her car to Cindy’s car and “off to work for the evening.”
    When Casey was pregnant it was Cindy who said she wanted the baby and she would help Casey…so…
    In spite of how tired Cindy might be I imagine Caylee loved the time she spent with her grandmother and grandfather after the long days she spent with Mother of the Year.

  8. I remember Cindy saying she called Caylee every evening when driving home from work and Caylee would tell her about her day. Don’t ya just know crybaby snothead Casey was jealous of that attention grandma was giving to Caylee.

    1. But you can’t believe anything CA says either. I’m sure she did not talk with Caylee every evening, as most times KC wasn’t at home, and didn’t always answer her mom’s calls, unless she wanted mom to babysit.

      CA is just as big a liar as KC, and if she really wanted that baby she would have done something about taking her from KC. But, remember who raised KC, CA & GA. Would we have just had another KC, and would never have heard of this case. In the long run, this would have been much better, she may have turned out like KC, but at least she would still be alive.

  9. Sitemama, well so true, you can’t believe a word Cindy says but i do believe Cindy did talk to Caylee after work when snothead Casey would let Caylee. The whole family is whacked and they are not dealing with what they know Casey did to Caylee.

  10. Lee has never acted like a worried Uncle when talking to the news media when Caylee was supposedly missing and he sure doesn’t act like a grieving Uncle either after knowing what happened to Caylee. I don’t believe Caylee was comfortable around Lee either and the way Lee has acted i see no bonding with him and his baby niece either. Perhaps little Caylee saw too much of Casey in him. There is one pic i saw of Caylee where she looks terrified of Lee and reaching very way out and really cyring to get away from him. My guess was she was reaching to George or Cindy. I am not taking this opinion on just one picture but the way Lee has acted through all of this. The memorial for Lee was all about his lova sista not baby niece Caylee. Lee is beyond weird too but then again he is an Anthony.

  11. I agree 100%, it’s bad enough to ignore the child, but to film her and at the same time refuse to talk to Caylee?? It’s some kind of torturous mind game Casey’s playing with Caylee imo. And again we see the video linger on Caylee’s legs & well…crotch again.

    Since we know she killed her baby, yes it’s weird, sadistic & not what a good Mother does. I wouldn’t film my dogs or cats that long with no interaction, it’s plain evil & sick.

  12. If Caylee could come back to life i would not want her back in the Anthony family that is for sure. How can anyone not love a baby or any child at any age for that matter. All kids are sweet and each has their own personalities that are so entertaining and charming. My son use to be the funniest doing the Albert and Costello who’s on first, what’s on second comedy.

  13. Katrina, that is what i thought too as the diaper looks yellow. It also looks so bunched like diapers do when they do get really wet. That lazy arse piece of bat crap Casey probably only changed that baby right before Cindy got home from work.

  14. Casey was texting 200 times a day. No one can take care of a toddler & do that, in between cell phone calls, partying & pole dancing with other woman, making out with guys & girls.

    Caylee really cramped her style, plus there was that hatred of Cindy & the need for revenge. She killed 2 birds with one stone in her warped mind by suffocating Caylee with the Anthonys rare industrial strength duct tape around her baby’s nose, mouth & head & threw her in the woods like garbage.

  15. katrina, when i first saw this video of Caylee eating breakfast i thought Casey may have been moving around without stopping the cam corder first and that is why she got Caylee’s crotch and legs but Dr.Glass was smart enough to watch the minutes Casey held the camera there so that ruled out my theory. There is nothing beyond what Casey may have been filming this baby so long in those areas for. To me Casey is capable of anything and everything evil that could be done to baby Caylee. I can hardly wait until Casey’s goose gets cooked for good and we can say bye bye to her with our big smiley faces on.

  16. Your right Katrina, Casey killed two birds with one stone,(caylee and cindy) or should i say duct tape and she is relishing over it every day she sits in jail thinking she is gonna beat this wrap. I would say to Casey dream on ho, ain’t gonna happen. This time Caylee wins.

  17. knight owl- I thought the same thing, about her changing the diaper just before Cindy got home. Then she probably put as much of the responsibility of raising Caylee on Cindy as she could get by with.

    Not that Cindy is a good person…hell no… but she kept Caylee well fed & clean by the looks of photos when Caylee was in her care.

    When Casey moved out with Caylee poor Caylee’s cleanliness, dress & health seemed to deteriorate rapidly then she was dead within what…about a month.

  18. The ho outed George and Lee too and if they never laid a finger on her they are still screwed by her as even though we know casey is habitual liar there is still gonna be that little bit of truth she can weave in to her lies so all eyes will always be on George and Lee to some extent. No one will ever really know for sure did they or didn’t they? Of course Lee retaliates to sista ho with I LOVE YOU.

  19. My husband wants me to watch a dvd with him before it gets too late. Nice chatting knight owl & thanks Dr. Lillian Glass. I find your body language analysis fascinating as well as Peter Hyatts aka Seamus O’Reilly’s language/statement analysis. Great work & so progressive, maybe that’s why some have a problem comprehending, but I believe 100% in what you do.

  20. Yea Katrina, agree, lazy evil Casey definitely put all the taking care of Caylee on cindy whenever she could. Cindy should have gotten custody of caylee long ago when she was tiny and threw casey out on the streets where she could be her ho self, although no one would pay for her filthy goods.

  21. Oh too tired to scroll back up but i think it was on this blog that someone asked what caylee was eating in the video where she is sitting in the high chair. It looks to me like dry toast caylee has played with and crumbled up. I noticed she was trying to stick a piece of it in her bottle. Also to the other blogger’s , i thought the same thing. can this baby not have any dishes to eat out of. They make unbreakable dishes just for babies this age. I can’t see cindy not having dishes for Caylee but i can see Casey just flinging that dry piece of toast down on Caylees high chair top along with the bottle of milk and never using the dishes for her. I would love to be the one that brought Casey her food everyday. I would throw it on the floor and say, oops sorry but if your hungry you’ll have to lap it up or starve.

    Goodnite Lillian and everyone.

    1. Knight Owl I love the picture of your cat. I especially love your cat’s body language in this photo. It is so cute and made me smile. What a pleasant breath of fresh air in a blog about a very unpleasant situatiuon.

  22. Dear Dr. Glass, Thank you for your analysis of these videos. I always thought that one of the saddest things was to hear little Caylee sigh when she finally realizes that Casey isn’t going to talk to her. If these are the videos that have been released I hate to imagine the videos and photos that have been kept private. Not too long ago, I saw a photo of Caylee wearing the “Irish” tee shirt and it was stuffed and little Caylee was holding up her pretend boobs. Never saw that picture again. One of Casey’s friends had said that sometimes Caylee would say very inappropriate things. Did Cindy and George think that this sort of behavior was cute and funny?

  23. Dr. Glass, in your opinion was Caylee’s vocabulary what you would expect from an almost-three-year old child? In my opinion, although she was a very bright little girl, nothing wrong with that, but her language doesn’t seem on par with her age. I’m thinking this is the reason. If her mother didn’t speak to her all day, every day, and the only people who did, were george and cindy on the evenings and weekends when casey was gone then that explains it, no?

    1. Brilliant observation on your part! I am so glad that you brought that up. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The rule of thumb in speech and language development is one for a year old- one word responses, two year olds, two word responses, three years old, three word responses. Of course most children are well above that norm. The reason children are more advanced has to do with the verbal stimulation they receive from their parents. Obviously Caylee was not getting enough verbal stumulation on a regular and daily basis. She was not in a pre school where she could socialize with others and pick up speech and language skills there either.The sound development also seemed a bit delayed as she was essentially unintelligible in the tapes which were observed and amalyzed. It would be good information to know the exact age Caylee was when those tapes were made.

  24. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I’ve watched these videos many times. It’s very disturbing watching Caylee with absolutely no response or interaction from Casey as she’s filming. In fact, the word “Disturbing” is the only way to describe these videos. There is another, much shorter video like these, where Caylee is on the bed. Caylee is standing and you can see Casey in the mirror filming. Caylee falls down backwards, luckily into a sitting position and she doesn’t fall off the bed. What struck me about this was Casey’s non-reaction to Caylee falling backwards. Usually a normal person would jump a little, like a reflex maybe even say something like, “ooo careful” or “woops” while instinctively reaching out to catch her. In this very short video, Casey does none of this and simply continues to film without so much as even flinching. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I child looses their balance and falls, even on a bed, a parent would normally react somehow. Again there is no communication. I think out of everything you said, the one thing that really stands out, at least to me, and I agree is, “I wonder what went on when the camera wasn’t on?” The behavior is more than odd. The total silence of Casey is eerie and disturbing. The filming under the high-chair tray gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. I think Caylee experienced a lot of sadness during the times she was alone with Casey. These videos are solid proof of emotional abuse in my opinion. These videos were put on youtube to show how Caylee was happy and playing and how cute she was. But I viewed them much differently than that. I’ve been very vocal with my opinions of George and Cindy. But I will say, I think the only happy moments in Caylee’s short life were times she spent with Cindy. It’s my opinion Casey abused this child, emotionally which is obvious from these videos, physically which in my opinion is obvious from the pictures of Caylee with marks on her face, bags under her eyes, her eyes were bloodshot in some pictures, and just the way Caylee didn’t look comfortable with Casey I think speaks volumes. I’m glad to see you analyze these videos. I often wondered what your opinion of them would be. I thought maybe I was reading something more into them than was there because of my already formed opinion of Casey.

    Take care 🙂

  25. By the way,
    I haven’t yet read anyone’s comment, but I did see the picture of the cat as I scrolled down. You sure can tell when a pet is loved! That is the happiest looking cat I’ve ever seen! lol I absolutely love the expressions of a cat. I used to have two cats. I used to love watching them stalk something just before they pounced on it. I’d always play with them using a shoelace or string. lol That picture really made me smile a big smile. I’m actually sitting here thinking about buying a cat! lol I really miss having a cat around. Awesome picture!


  26. Dr. Glass,
    By the way, at 33 seconds into the breakfast video. That’s Caylee’s voice not Casey’s. Casey never says a word. Listen again, that’s Caylee talking I’m positive.

    Take care 🙂

  27. It is Casey. Dr. Glass is very correct! I caught onto her voice the very first time I saw this video. It is so distinct, and it confuses me that people cannot hear it.

  28. Casey asks “I kill?” in a questioning tone at the 33 second mark. Caylee’s mouth never moved & was full of food for God sake. Why can’t people tell the difference between an obvious adult woman’s clear voice & a child? Casey said I KILL plain as the nose on my face. I agree with Venice, either focus or get a hearing aid.

  29. Hi Lillian, awe, Thank You. That is our little fur boy Louie. oh and Louie says thank you too and says he likes a woman that can recoginize a fine looking cat when she see one. lol

  30. Hi Bob, read your post and Louie cat says thanks and he doesn’t want you to tell anyone but he is really all boy and no sissy but he is spoiled and really loves it. He also says yes, get you a cat right now. They rule~~ lol.

  31. Venice, i have to scroll back up and listen to this tape as i forgot to last nite. It would not surprise me that your correct and baby Caylee is saying the word kill as she probably heard Casey say it to her a lot and that is how she learned to say it. Casey in my opinion was making a plan on killing Caylee way back in march of 2008 and i believe she was planning on offing George and cindy too and getting the house and whatever else she thought they had like an insurance policy etc.

  32. Hi,
    Well, I don’t claim to be always right, and maybe I’m wrong now, but if a voice expert told me to guess before he told me the answer, I’d have to say it’s Caylee. I compared the “I Kill” with Caylee’s voice through the whole video and it sounds like Caylee to me. But your all probably right. I’m just saying what I think it sounds like. Plus in all of the videos like this, Casey never responds to Caylee, why would she respond at that moment? Just doesn’t make sense to me. To suggest because she took a bite of toast or food was in her mouth is silly. I’m just giving my opinion I’m not saying it’s a fact. I simply disagree. I’m not gonna agree with something just to go along with Dr. Glass, that would be silly. It’s okay to disagree you know. Geeze. lol
    Dr. Glass isn’t a voice expert, neither am I, so it’s simply two people with different opinions. And I say what sounds like “I Kill” at 33 seconds is not Casey, it’s Caylee.

    I respectfully disagree 🙂 What I don’t understand is people who feel the need to put down or degrade someone because they simply disagree?

    1. Dr. Glass is very much a voice expert – a forensic voice expert who has testified in both state and federal courts. If you wouldlike more information on my background go to and look under Bio. The voice sound very much like Casey’s voice. The articulation is to clear for it to be Caylees and there is a fianl /l/ sound at the end, something Caylee has not been able to do developmentally.Also the pitch of the voice is not Caylee’s.

    2. I heard exactly what you heard.Maybe Caylee overheard Cindy say “I’m going to kill you Casey if you don’t clean your bedroom” lol! so then Caylee in her displeasure said “kill” not knowing exactly what means but knows somehow the word is attached to being frustrated.Then Casey says “I kill?” and Caylee says “yess h kill” I don’t hear keah or kiss at all.I think people want to hear that but I sure don’t.

  33. Well, I stand corrected on two counts! lol Dr. Glass is a voice expert as well, awesome! So that means an experts opinion says it’s Casey, or at least not Caylee. Thank you 🙂
    But I’m stuburn! lol The word that sounds like “Kill” at 33 seconds, sounds like the same word to me as the word Caylee says slowly, as Dr. Glass says Caylee’s attempt to maybe say “Kiss”. The word at 33 seconds, to me sounds like the same word only spoken fast. Still sounds like Caylee to me. lol But now I know I’m wrong so it doesn’t matter. lol

    I have no problem with being proven wrong, okay maybe a little 🙂 lol

  34. Hi,
    I just spoke to a neighbor friend of mine who is a detective. Great guy, anyway, his wife he said, who is also in law enforcement, will take a listen to it later for me and let me know. If I am wrong, which it looks like a am, she’ll be happy to rub it in. So I’ll get back to ya’s on that later. 🙂

    Thanks again, I don’t know about anyone else but I find debating kinda fun. 🙂

  35. Hi Dr. Glass. I was watching the video of Caylee on the highchair and you can actually see KC’s reflection on the window at 22,23 and 24 seconds positioned just below the brown blinds and in the vicinity right above the white garden urn.

    What do you think? TIA

  36. Hi,
    My neighbor’s wife, also in law enforcement says it’s Caylee’s voice. She says at 19 seconds Caylee, also with food in her mouth and taking another bite of toast says the same exact thing only slower. Then at 33 seconds repeats it, it’s very slightly muffled by the toast, but it’s absolutely the child talking. She also agrees it’s a very disturbing video.

  37. Hi,
    I was just hanging out with my neighbors for a little while, and Wendy watched this video, the one here of Caylee coloring, and she teared up big time. We were all just talking about how watching these videos you actually feel lonely watching it. It’s just such a sad feeling. To not give a child any response is so cruel. It’s ten times worse than if the child was playing in a room alone.
    I gotta say I’m really surprised that Cindy or whoever, actually released this stuff, and didn’t see anything wrong with it. There have been times when my girls were little, like the age Caylee is in these videos, and they were playing nice on the floor and I quietly grabbed the video camera to catch the moment. But as soon as they realized I was recording they’d say or do something on purpose for the camera and you can hear me or my wife respond or laugh. I just don’t know how a person can watch their child like this and ignore them? It’s so cold and, I don’t know what? God it’s just horrible. I don’t know how this family could watch these videos of Caylee and not be horrified at the emotional abuse? And then release it to the public thinking it’s cute! Yeah Caylee was adorable, but it’s so sad to see her striving for and wanting love and attention only to be ignored. I’ll quit commenting, I don’t wanna keep rehashing everything. I just can’t get over the cold hearted way Caylee was treated. And Dr. Glass hit the nail on the head when she said, I wonder how she was treated off camera? If Cindy, George, or anyone thinks these videos are cute they’re sicker than I thought.

    Take care

  38. I agree with you Venice, it is very clear that KC is saying it and NOT Caylee. Not all law enforcement are “experts” on voice analysis and forensic analysis. I remember George Anthony said to law enforcement that Caylee could not pronounce the “L” and is the reason she called Uncle Lee, Unco Eee and Mallory, Mawry and that was when she was over two years old and Caylee is definitely way younger in this video and would NOT be able to articulate such a word as KILL. It also boggles my mind how people just don’t get it.


  39. short clip of Caylee, so cute babbling. Casey is the photographer, as you can see her in the mirror. NO interaction with Caylee at all.

  40. Hi beachgirl,
    This was the video I mentioned above someplace. When Caylee falls backwards into a sitting position, luckily no big deal, but Casey doesn’t react at all! Not even a flinch or even her saying “woops!” It’s so easy for a child to fall and roll right off a bed, plus any time a parent sees their child sorta loose their balance there is a split secong of panic. I’m not sure how to explain it? Like a reflex to catch them without even thinking. But as you see here, Casey never so much as flinches, laughs, says woops or ooo careful, nothing! That is what stood out to me. Plus again, we have no communication from Casey. I can’t believe this family looks at these as being cute or somehow showing Casey as a good mom? They are all sick.

  41. Hi,
    I’d just like to say that I have never put anyone down who didn’t agree with me or pointed out I may be wrong. Which I very well may be. To say things like “People just don’t get it” or suggest somehow a lack of intelligence is ridiculous. Did it ever occur to any of you that you might be wrong? I don;’t have a problem finding out or being told I was wrong or made a mistake. I don’t see that as a bad thing, I see it usually as a learning experience. But when I am right, and let someone know they made a mistake, I don’t then put them down in some way. After reading some of the comments, which were good, but then at the end the little digs are unnecessary. I’ve already said, maybe I’m wrong? I don;t have a problem with that. But it’s obvious some do. It must be nice to always be right. That attitude sure shows a sense of style. I didn’t realize “Professionals” were Never wrong? lol

    Take care 🙂

  42. here are 2 freeze frames of the falling in bed film.
    Casey actually is not ‘cold blooded’ and ‘non-reactive’ filming; her reflection in the mirror shows she has a huge friendly and engaging grin. her smile is positive interaction IMO, (speaking as an ‘expert’ in canine positive reinforcement training; the smile is a loving “cue” that Caylee would immediately recognize and respond to/as she does in the film). heh heh your comments as always! rock on brudder!
    this post will prob go into moderation with 2 links, hopefully Dr. Glass, (who i adore!) will let it out later.
    i’m def not sticking up for the killer Casey, so don’t misinterpret my post! just one more cook in the kitchen confusing the soup! 🙂

    1. Dive by
      If you analyze the tape you will see that there is no verbal interaction with Casey. There is an innocent baby smiling and happy and verbalizing in attempting to be interactive but the lack of receiprocal interaction with Casey is appalling. Casey does not have a huge and engaging grin in the photos you send. In fact cannot see her smile beuase there is a camera covering the mouth. If she is smiling it may be due to he getting the shots she wants. Engaging a child involves verbalization and vocalization. It must be mutual and reciprocal. If you go back and watch the videos I presented in my blog when Caylee was older you will see clearly that there was no verbalization and that is extremely disconcerting.

  43. here are 2 freeze frames of the falling in bed film.
    Casey actually is not ‘cold blooded’ and ‘non-reactive’ filming; her reflection in the mirror shows she has a huge friendly and engaging grin. her smile is positive interaction IMO, (speaking as an ‘expert’ in canine positive reinforcement training; the smile is a loving “cue” that Caylee would immediately recognize and respond to/as she does in the film). heh heh your comments as always! rock on brudder!
    this post will prob go into moderation with 2 links, hopefully Dr. Glass, (who i adore!) will let it out later.
    i’m def not sticking up for the killer Casey, so don’t misinterpret my post! just one more (self-proclaimed) cook in the kitchen confusing the soup! 🙂

  44. actually, Dr. Glass, there are many other forms of communication other than verbal.
    (as i’m sure you are aware of)
    in fact, in the ‘dog world’, we (privately/politely) snicker at people who brag that they have trained their dogs to obey hand signals as it is actually much easier than training them to respond to verbal commands.
    i think Casey was a very talented photographer and one technique used by photogs is to remain silent when filming to ‘force’ the subject to react ‘extra theatrically’ which plays out very well on film. that is one way to ‘catch a great pic’.
    Casey was using a visual cue of smiling and Caylee did respond with a matching smile.
    it was difficult to freeze frame her smile (did the best i could) but it is plain to see in the vid.
    i can not speak to human behavior, but a canine behaviorist is trained to spot the most tiny little lift of a lip or darting eye movement to determine a dog’s social discomfort which parlays into undesired behaviors like aggression (we call reactivity). Casey’s huge horsey grin is like a billboard in comparison to the minute ‘cues’ we isolate and identify.
    hoping it’s okay to disagree on this particular point, i do, in general agree with most all your opinions and defer to your expertise in reading human behaviors.
    (including that Casey is sociopathic)
    thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.

  45. Hi,
    Actually if you look at the second shot in the mirror, just as Caylle falls backwards, her natural reflex was to reach out as she lost her balance. Casey should have had the same reflex of momentary concern, an instinctive reaction to reach out to stop her. Had Caylee rolled backwards off the bed, it would have all been caught on film as Casey never reacted to Caylee losing her balance. If Casey is smiling, which I can’t see, it’s probably her laughing at Caylee falling. That second shot clearly shows Caylee reaching out to Casey, and Casey not reacting at all. In fact she doesn’t even drop the camera down which would show she at least would have reacted had Caylee rolled all the way over. Instead the shot just shows Casey continuing to record and ignoring Caylee’s reaching out.
    Thanks for the still shots drive by. Nice to see ya’! 🙂

    Just my opinion 🙂

  46. hey foggyBob..i believe she DID lowering/panning the camera downward to catch the ‘action’.
    take a look again.
    (that’s when her smile is blocked by the camera).
    i agree that’s not a concerned or motherly natural reaction, but it’s precisely a camera man’s modus operandi filming a football game when they all crash down in a tackle as it’s his job to capture the moment for viewers (and instant replay).
    i don’t dispute for a moment that Casey was a demonic and abusive mother; just that i don’t find ironclad ‘proof’ of that in this particular vid. i think she was in ‘videographer mode’ which is record what is happening objectively and keep the camera focussed on the subject which is moving.
    IMO she did give Caylee ‘feedback’ with a big smile and Caylee clearly responds with a happiness and waving of arms with such exuberance, it literally topples her over backwards when she loses her balance. i personally believe Casey then reacted to that moment as a photographic opportunity; there-in the rub.
    i have a feeling that my perspective of reading canine body language requires a quicker grasp of events; as a dog wagging his tail is no indication that he is not about to attack you..on the contrary; the way he wags it will let you know right before he lunges and trust me, you will want to step back in that micro second.
    maybe humans are more dramatic in their gestures than dogs, being in general IMO less perceptive creatures. 😉
    xoxox back at ya! me outta here..just felt prompted to respond as i see something very different than others. (nothing new there 😉 )

  47. I wonder why Caylee never says, “MOMMY!” re: the taping of her coloring on the floor? I can’t imagine, in all those frustrating minutes, why she doesn’t say “MOMMY” even one time.

    I have five children and IF I’d ever tried to purposely frustrate any of them like this, they certainly would have uttered or screamed my name; MOMMY? MOMMEEEEEE!

    Are you certain it was Casey who filmed this? Caylee behaves almost as if a complete stranger was videotaping her, not her own mother…

    1. Hi alana, I have always wondered that myself. Of course since there was NO bonding between KC and Caylee it definitely makes sense that Caylee never called her mommy. If you look at the video of Caylee in the highchair you can actually see KC’s reflection in the window. I remember Jesse Grund told LE that Cindy Anthony would tell Caylee to call her Mommy and even played Mommy at Caylee’s birthday, she was more of a mom to Caylee that KC wished to be. Jesse said when KC had Caylee in her arms Cindy would say to Caylee, “Come to Mommy.” Caylee had a doll that she called Mama, and to her, in my opinion, that was more of a comfort than KC. I remember when asked Cindy even let it slip that KC took those videos of Caylee.


  48. Alana,
    That is a great observation, and I never even thought about that! At Caylee’s age, she should have been saying “Mommy” with no trouble. The fact that she doesn’t tells this whole story! Yeah I’m sure it’s Casey recording her, plus you can see her in the mirror. But the fact that Caylee never yells out the word “Mommy” I would think is very strange. I wonder if she called Cindy mommy? Maybe there is more to this resentment than just the fact Cindy held her first? Caylee is never heard saying the word mommy that I’m aware of? That is among, if not the first word all kids say. Wow these videos just became even more strange now having that in mind.

    Take care

  49. I really enjoy your analysis of the Caylee and Casey videos in particular, but this one is a little confusing. It seems quite clear to me that Caylee is saying “One, Two, Three, Cheese!” over and over and sometimes just “One, Cheese!” sometimes just “Cheese!” It is even the title of the video on Youtube.

    Am I missing her asking for a kiss or are we simply interpreting this differently?

    1. Caylee is saying ah keeyh repeatedly. It sounds like a kiss becuase the /s/ isn’t developed. The /ch/ and /z/ sounds are also not developed so unles one knows the exact context the fact that she is repeatedly making the same sound over and over again is distrubing. There is no interaction. Language is learned by a child making a sound and the adult reinforcing the word or the sound. Caylee’s verbalizations were not reinforced. This behavior can signficanty delay language and sound development.

  50. This isn’t Bob.

    I agree as well “Keeyh” is the sound of the word spoken. It is also the sound of the word at 33 seconds. There is no defined ‘L’ sound at 33 seconds when properly analyzed. Also, at 33 seconds the the words spoken are coming from in front of the camera’s mic not from behind the camera.

  51. ——————————————————————————–,0,7444523.story
    Casey Anthony defense team announces new attorneys
    By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel
    10:35 AM EDT, September 14, 2010

    Dr. Lillian,
    I would appreciate if you could take your time to analyze this new lawyer Dorothy Clay Sims, here is what she said in the press conference this morning:

    “Sims, who joined Baez and Mason at Baez’s office this morning, said her job on the defense team will be examining “any expert who claims to have an expertise in any science.”

    Legitimate science, she explained, needs to be validated with things like “error rates.”

    She declined however to discuss specifics in the Casey Anthony case and how her specialty will be utilized.

    Sims also said she has been without a TV for decades, so wasn’t aware of much of the circus swirling around the case. When she saw the media throng at Baez’s Kissimmee law offices today, she said “It felt a little bit like being stalked. I didn’t like it.”

    But she also said, “My heart is in it because I believe in the case. I believe in the facts. And I believe in these two gentlemen” referring to Mason and Baez.”

  52. Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Cheney Mason Predicted Casey’s Conviction AFTER Caylee Was RecoveredPosted by Blink | ABC,Blink,Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Cheney Mason,Jose Baez,Kaitlyn Folmer,Murdered,Tot Mom,Zenaida Gonzalez |
    Tuesday 14 September 2010 7:36 pm

    “You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,”

    – J.Cheney Mason, counsel for Casey Anthony

  53. I hear Caylee say tinkle,then t t t after saying tinkle to be funny.What also bothers me is the fact she is still in diapers and her speech isn’t advanced enough for a two year old.At the very end of the video Caylee looks frightened as though she is going to be hurt in some way by Casey.I heard neighbors were aware of screams coming from the house.Casey seems obsessed with Caylee in a sexual way.Online I read that Caylee wet on her doll and playhouse.Maybe this happened out of fear.

  54. Very insightful article and glad I read it, even though it renews all of my sorrow for Caylee and her life. I truly believe there were many things going on that no one will ever know. Poor sweet baby girl. Only thing that bothered me was it seems someone was in a hurry to type up the blog and mixed up the names numerous times, calling Caylee by the Whore of Satan’s name and vice versa.

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