OJ Body Language and Speech Leak Out Truth- He Loved Paula Barbieri, Loved and Hated Nicole, and HE DID IT!

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In watching OJ’s 2006 interview with his then publisher Judith Reagan of his book “If I Did It”  OJ was telling the truth based on his body language and speech content. He did     it ! There were three main signals of deception. The first one was when he said, Nicole fell. The second was when he said he cut his finger on a glass, and the third was when he said he loved Nicole as he shook his head no.


The interview was incredibly revealing because not only did he admit he did it by going from saying “hypothetically” to switching over to “I”,  he showed no signals of deception when speaking of the murders. He was fluid and fluent and his voice was strong and unwavering.  there were no extraneous body language or facial language or vocal tells to indicate he was lying. He spoke with conviction. So he was indeed telling the truth about the murders. he was way too detailed for it to be hypothetical as well. In essence, he told the truth about how he killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.


He lied when he said Nicole fell down. You hear a dismissive tone in his voice after going from such a strong voice with conviction. He also looks away and makes facial grimaces when he says that this is all hypothetical. At times he laughs. This clearly indicates deception- that it was not hypothetical but the truth.

He was also dismissive when he talks about the glass breaking. His eyes shift and his tone of voice changes. No one holds a glass and then it suddenly breaks in your hand. Also, he was way too detailed when telling the story. That is a clear signal of deception.

Then the third signal of deception was when he spoke of Nicole and said he “loved that girl” as he shook his head no. While his words were sweet, his body language betrayed him. He didn’t love her. He hated her and was angry at her and that is why he killed her.


He not only expressed anger at Nicole when he yelled at her grave and said “I told you” it was revealing. He told her he would kill her and he did. He is blaming her for his having to kill her- blaming her for her own death. He is angry at her now that Sydney does not have a mother and is angry about the impact not having a mother it will have on Sydney.  He showed no remorse -only anger towards Nicole. He was angry that she had other men over to the house when the kids were there. He was angry that she was hanging out with people whom he didn’t approve. In essence, he hated her for having a mind of her own and for no longer being able to control her as he did when she was 18.

He was also angry at Ron Goldman and revealed disdain in his voice and facial expression at the fact that he was challenged by Ron.  When OJ said you think you could fight me as  Ron stood up to OJ and attempted to use his karate moves on OJ, OJ  dismissed Ron’s action. He was saying Ron was no match for him- a little peon. But truth be told, Ron could have harmed OJ with his karate, but OJ’s knife was no match for Ron’s karate moves. He expressed his extreme anger at Ron Goldman for daring to stand up to OJ. He also was angry at Ron for showing up that night. When Ron explained he was there to return Nicole’s mother’s glasses, OJ dismissed it by saying he didn’t know if it was true or not. OJ’s account of Ron Goldman proves that Goldman did not die in vain. He died a hero defending an abused woman. He, unfortunately, turned out to be collateral damage.

He was also angry that the public thought of him as a murderer. In fact, he made a facial contortion and pursed his lips and quietly said the word murderer- something he knew he was. Then he is angry at the press and says how they are responsible for his negative image and how the  public actually  loves him and asks him for his autograph,


It seemed that his most meaningful and proud moment was when he saw people lining up on the freeway during his Bronco chase with signs saying OJ GO- or We LOVE YOU OJ. Throughout the interview, his stating how people love him was a was a common theme. He was more interested in people liking him and people accepting him and how he would look to others, than what happened to Nicole and Ron. Now the world has seen in action, up close and personal, what an extreme malignant narcissist looks and sounds like. There is no emotion when it comes to anyone else but himself.


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When OJ spoke of Paul Barbieri, he spoke of her lovingly. He was smitten with her and I know that up close and personal.  You see, before the murders until up until the day of the murders, I was very close friends with Paula. So, when he spoke about her, I knew what he was saying was truthful. This is based on knowing Paula and hearing about OJ from her directly. When he said that it upset Paula that Nicole wanted to be back in the picture and get back with him, that was true. In fact, Paula became well aware that OJ was seeing both her and Nicole and that upset Paula so much that  so she wanted out of the relationship.

I first met Paula when she was dating my former client turned friend- Dolph Lundgren. In fact,  she and Dolph double dated several times- me with me and my  Federal Court Judge boyfriend at the time.   After she and Dolph ended their relationship, Paula then became a model. She and I ended up becoming very good friends, going to social functions, movies,  hanging out at one another’s homes, going shopping together, attending barbecues at her at her house,  attending formal dinner parties at my house. When she started dating OJ, we only hung out whenever  OJ was out of town as otherwise, the two were inseparable.

One day, Paula picked me up outside of my office to go out for lunch in a huge white SUV. I asked her why she bought such a large car. She then told me it wasn’t hers- it was OJ’s and he let her drive it whenever he was out of town. So Paula drove us to lunch in OJ’s infamous white Bronco before it became infamous.


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As Paula and OJ’s relationship became more serious I grew more concerned for her. The reason was that I once had a client who was a male model who used to model with Nicole for a fur company. He shared with me that on their photo shoots the company was always having to hide Nicole’s bruises with makeup because OK beat her and often left marks on her.

I  also personally heard about the cops coming to OJ’s house for beating Nicole, from an actual cop friend who shared the details with me. So knowing about OJ’s other side left me concerned for Paula. That is why I asked her point blank if he very hit her or abused her. She assured me that he did not.

Like OJ said in his interview which was truthful, Nicole began to call  OJ repeatedly and profess her love for OJ even though they weren’t together for 8 or 9  months. That is when OJ told about Nicole showing up to his house with his kids unexpectedly. Being the small town that Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas are,   Nicole got wind of the fact that Paula and OJ were getting very serious and talking marriage.

So Nicole would constantly call OJ, which upset Paula, which she relayed back to me. She could see how  Nicole was trying to manipulate OJ and use the kids to get him back and rekindle their relationship. Paula knew OJ was seeing Nicole when she wasn’t in town and knew he was having a dual relationship with both she and Nicole. So Paula finally decided to break up with him.  But first, she wanted to go to a special Black Tie affair with him which she did two days before the murders,  The next day, she left for  an out of town on a modeling gig. I don’t know whether or not she tried to break up with him in person the night of the black-tie affair or if she did over the phone with him, or if she even broached the subject of breaking up with him at all. That remains a mystery to this day.  I will never know what happened as I never spoke to Paula since the day OJ killed Nicole. When I saw Paula plastered all over the news and standing by her man- OJ it sickened me. I lost all respect for her as I knew that she was trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame, which is what she did by getting a three million dollar book deal on a vapid book that said nothing.


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I do believe that OJ loved Nicole when she was an 18-year-old waitress at the Daisey in Beverly Hills when she looked up to him and did whatever he said. But when she came into her own, he began to hate her and abuse her. He couldn’t stand that he lost control over her. That is when he began hitting her and abusing her.

He hated her seeing other men because that was final proof he had no control over her and it angered him. Her dating younger men angered him as did her associating with new girld friends. He still wanted to control who she saw and with whom she associated and reacted negatively to Faye Resnick, whom he called a whore after she  befriended Nicole.

He showed his anger as he relayed these issues on camera. while OJ was abusive to Nicole, like most abused women Nicole couldn’t let go and quit him and he couldn’t quit her. When she found out about Paula, she wanted him back with an urgency. When OJ found out about the younger men she was dating he became furious. So they both pushed one another’s buttons in the worst way possible until he killed her. So when OJ teared up at the end and said: “he loved that girl” he was correct and truthful as he loved the little 18-year-old girl. But as he said this, he shook his head “n:o which showed his ambivalence as he hated the woman Nicole had become.







Donald Trump Body Language In Megan Kelly Interview Shows A Softer Side

lIn general Trump was more vulnerable and open and softer and self reflecting than we have ever seen him before.This showed in his body language where he leaned forward  with more rounded shoulders and in his tone of voice where he was softer and deeper in tone.
Posture wise Trump usually sits erect in a very confident  pose, but throughout  the interview he appeared more hunched over and leaning forward towards Kelly in an attempt to try to engage with her one on one and  to focus on her questions  anwhat she had to say . His posture indicated that he was letting his guard down and was open to this interview.
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.57.42 PM
When he showed the palms of his hands when he spoke it showed that he was being forthright and genuine.

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Duggars Show Deception, Ignorance, and Blaming Others Through Body Language on FOX Interview As They Leak Out Their Intention to Sue for releasing Child Molesting Son’s Records

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After watching the Duggar parents  in action on Meghan Kelly’s FOX interview we never need to see them on any other reality show. This interview is the most real reality show there is about the Duggars as we can clearly her and see their denial, ignorance, double talk, and hiding behind their faith  as well as their blatant  LIES, and finally their  leaked out intention as to why they did this interview.  It is clear that they  did it  because they want to preserve their Duggar  brand by doing a mea culpa in stating that they were “bad parents.”

But they did something else which negates all of this and shows how phony their intention appears to be. They verbally leaked out that they were suing the police through a Freudian slip I will show you  later in this blog. They also turned the tables and made the police the bad guy for leaking out this information. In doing so, they are taking the onus off of their child molesting son and the attention off of what is an egregious act and blaming someone else.

I have always warned my readers and those who attend my seminars  that whenever you hear a person – especially a grown woman with a sickening sweet breathy baby girl voice,  know that something is not right with that person. They are usually passive aggressive and they are  not being authentic. They have something to hide.

This turned out to be the case in watching the interview with Josh Duggar’s mother during her interview with Meghan Kelly on FOX News. It spoke volumes. Her fetal- like hunched over appearance with rounded shoulders and head down, clearly showed that she was in fear and  was obviously dominated by her aggressive husband as he spoke in clearly rehearsed rhetoric. She looked like a scared child and sounded like one as well. Her tears in the interview were fake as there was no liquid coming out of her eyes. She wiped away non-tears.

This interview also  showed that Josh Duggar’s parents are in great denial and are still covering up for him. Since he was the culprit, why wasn’t he at the interview?  I will answer that obvious question for you.  He was not there so that the elder Duggars could protect their brand, just  in case Josh said something that would do irreparable damage. What they don’t get is that their interview on FOX did irreparable damage to their brand.


When the father spoke, it sounded stilted and not spontaneous, It sounded  as though it was rehearsed. As soon as a question was asked by Meghan Kelly, they Duggar parents both looked at one another as if to reassure one another as to who would be the one answering the question.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.14.35 AM

As further proof that this interview was rehearsed and that they had set lines to say,  look at this photo below with Mrs. Duggar holding  the actual  script in her lap.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.33.27 AM

Another reason which makes me confident that it was rehearsed,  is that Mrs. Duggar brings up the phrase “we had one little ray of hope” right at the beginning of the interview. In the middle of the interview, Mr. Duggar uses the exact same phrase of ” a little ray of hope”.

His speech pattern was staccatto and stilted as though it was clearly rehearsed and guarded.  Her breathy child- like tones indicated that she was not being authentic in her delivery either.


When Mr. Duggar  said that Josh came to him on his own and was crying because he improperly touched some of their daughters, I saw  signals of deception.  First of all I doubt that a 14 year old boy would volunteer this behavior which in my view may have gone on for quite some time. I doubt that it was just a one time occurance as research shows in those who molest children.  The main signal of deception as he said this was that Mr. Duggar’s palms were down as you can see in this photo below, Also the fact that he  had to look at his wife for reassurance is also telling and adds to my belief that this father may not be totally truthful.

When Meghan asked Mr. Duggar about going to police. Mr. Duggar made it seem like it was the right thing to do and that he did it so that Josh wouldn’t have this hang over his head the rest of his life. As Mr. Duggar said this he breathed hard and looked away and then looked back at his wife. First of all, the Christian Clinic where they sent Josh would have been liable if they didn’t report this child abuse to the authorities. Perhaps they encouraged Mr. Duggar  to do this. Perhaps  they reported the sexual molestation themselves, or threatened to to do so if Mr. Duggar didn’t do it.  The fact that Mr. Duggar gave so much detailed information as to where he reported it (at the police station near his home) and gives such a detailed explanation as to why he reported it to police,  leads me to believe that he was highly encouraged to report it by the Christian clinic or that the police contacted him about the matter. It seemed that he may have been  showing up based  on their request. Since all records have allegedly been destroyed, we will never know this information.  But it certainly seems that way to me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.18.41 AM

Then the sickeningly sweet  voiced Mrs. Duggar interjects and looks at her husband for reassurance as she says how devastated she was.Then she looks up and to the side as though she is manufacturing what to say . She looks to her husband, and then looks to the side as though she is thinking what to make up next.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.20 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.35 AM

After she says the “one ray of hope was that Josh had a tender conscience”  she says something that puts up a huge red flag/ She says” He was the one that came and shared on his own even though the others really didn’t know anything.”

That is way too much information for this statement to be true. And then she says  WHAT???  ” Didn’t know anything?” Of course they knew something as they were the ones  being molested for God’s sakes. Of course they knew something!  This statement proves she is trying to spin it her way and make light of the situation.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.33.27 AM

When someone places their hand over their private parts when they speak. it means that they are feeling  vulnerable. It is interesting to note that Mr. Duggar is speaking about sexual molestation and is covering up his own sexual organ with his hand.  He is clearly feeling vulnerable.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.20 AM Then she gets so hyper-dramatic and says that as parents “we are failures.” She says we tried to raise our kids to do what’s right and to know what’s right. She knows she doesn’t believe that. She thinks she and her husband are great parents. Otherwise why would they appear on TV as America’s great parents with 19 children who are living the devout Christian lifestyle? This is hypocritical and ridiculous and no one is believing that she thinks she is a bad parent. She doesn’t believe that for one millisecond.

Then we see her wide eyed googly- eyed appearance. When people open their eyes so wide they are trying to convince you that what they are saying is truthful. In essence, she is trying way too hard to get her points across and is not succeeding in doing so.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.55.47 AM

Then there is the fake cry. First of all, when you cry there is liquid running out of BOTH of your eyes in terms of tears. You don’t cry without tears and you don’t immediately go from a cry to a normal facial position. That is what Mrs. Duggar did  which indicated she was not really crying but attempting to cry on cue for dramatic effect. No doubt, whom was ever coaching her must have told her to shed a few tears of sympathy.  But it didn’t work.


When Meghan asked him about looking at this issue from the viewpoint of his daughters, he ignored the question. He double talked, beat around the bush,  and did not answer the question head on. In fact he never answered the question. That spoke volumes to me. It said that he was more concerned about his son and protecting him and his Dugar brand and all the goodies that come with it- like millions of dollars than he cared about his daughter’s welfare. That said it all to me and frankly it sickened me.

He also said that Josh called up one of the molested daughters to apologize and she didn’t remember what happened. Oh my God!!! This screams that ALL of these people need serious therapy. They are either in denial or have put it out of their mind because they don’t want to destroy their brand.

They also spoke about the girls in third party as “victims” not as daughters. This is disconcerting.  They have in essence detached themselves from the girls and what happened to them by referring to them in third person. This was devastating to witness.


When Meghan asked if they were concerned about what Josh did  and going public, they were honest and forthright for the first time in the interview. They really did not think there would be a problem after their initial visit to the police department. They were sure all would be fine and that  since Josh was a juvenile at the time, it would also be swept away under the rug and that was the end of it.

But then it re-surfaced and Mr. Duggar was mad as he demonstrated in the video. Suddenly his speech was faster and  louder and his tone now had an edge to it. He then leaked out the word “suit” as she said this was a suit and then corrected himself. That is called a Freudian Slip. It speaks volumes when analyzed in specific contexts. In this context he was discussing the police and the association of a ” suit” came out. To me that is very telling as it reveals his inner intention  is to sue the police.


If the Duggars are considering suing the Police they had better watch what they just said about the police and accusing them of having an agenda as both Duggars said this simultaneously as though it was rehearsed. They also spoke of a bribe. Now they have opened themselves up to a whole different level of investigation. Did they give a bribe to the police to look the other way and destroyed the files?  Who bribed who? What was this bribe and why and how much money was involved in the bribe? They said some pretty derogatory things about the police chief that is now public record.

In their attempts to sue  the police for releasing the files,  they may find that they are the ones being sued for defamation and opening up a whole new can of worms. In essence,  I believe through this interview they have further shot themselves in the foot or in the mouth so to speak.


When Mrs. Duggar shared that big boys can never have the little children on their laps and that they can never play hide and go seek or end up in pairs it sickened me. That is not  normal behavior in any family. Children should be free to play hide and seek and go seek and go off in pairs without worries of one molesting the other. This was a huge red flag to me.

If Josh was a sexual pervert at 15 and molested his 5 year old sister,  that may have been one Duggar child (Josh)  being a molester. But now that this hyper watchful rule applies to ALL of the Duggar childRen what does that mean?   It makes me want to  ask the  question as to whether any other  younger children have been molested by any other older children?

In my view, I think that this family needs a visit from Child Family Services to see exactly what has been going on in that household. At any rate, ALL of the molested daughters MUST have some therapy for what happened  to them.  The fact that some have allegedly relayed that they don’t remember , speaks volumes . Oftentimes when incidences of sexual abuse are not addressed, it can have serious psychosocial repercussions.

Believing in God and asking him to take away your sins doesn’t make you less accountable for your actions. Josh needs to address what he did and all of the girls need to address what was done to them. Now that Josh has children of his own, he especially needs to face what he did so that he doesn’t repeat these actions with his own children.


When Mrs. Duggar said Josh was interested in girls and that is why he molested them I wanted to vomit. She is the one who needs therapy most of all. She is in denial with her baby girl  breathy passive aggressive voice. How could she say such a thing?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.56.28 AMIn  her final statement with her her wide eyed look AND  breathy baby  girl voice,  she brings up the obviously rehearsed word ” agenda” once again in an attempt to take the onus off of her sexually molesting son and put it on others whoM she feels areout to destroy her and her family and make money off of this incident as she describes it. She then ends the interview by saying  that God will make this all OK.”

No,  Mrs. Duggar, you cannot hide behind God in this. God will not make everything OK. It is not OK when a teenager abuses children and when you and  your husband have  tried to sweep this under the rug and now blame others for what your son has done. Maybe God wanted this information released in the  universe by whatever means, in order  to show the world what a fake reality show you have and how you must not be looked up to and admired as being such ideal parents you claim to be .

You have shown that, like an ostrich, you have your head in the sand when it comes to Josh. You are more interested in protecting your son and your brand than you are in oding what is right . You showed us all what a stupid and ignorant woman you are by saying that  children need to be protected from transgender people who can go into girls bathrooms and molest them. In order to relieve you of your gross unawareness, I will inform you that transgender people have no interest in harming children. Their interest is in living their lives as a member of the opposite sex.

The man you need to be concerned with coming into your little girl’s bathroom is you own flesh and blood son- your child molesting son- Josh Duggar. When we point the fingers at others t,here is often three fingers pointing back at us as is the case here.


A three or five year old child who looks at the genitals of a child of the opposite sex out of curiosity – “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” may be acceptable in terms of normal development but it is NOT normal for a 15 year old to look at a  five year olds private parts.  It is sick and is what a pedophile does. If Josh did this as was revealed in the media, he was and may still be a pedophile.  Pedophiles usually don’t change their behavior unless they are given hormone treatment or castrated. The recidivism rate among child molesting predators in prison is astounding. They can never be cured. If Josh is presently  a bona fide pedophile I am deeply concerned for his own children.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.35.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.35.35 PM

At the end of this tragic FOX  interview which revealed so much about the Duggars, there was a teaser about an upcoming interview with the Duggar daughters- the victims of Josh. Although one cried,  she was not crying because she was molested. Instead she was crying because the information was released and made public. The other daughter was defensive and also blamed others like the person who released the information, instead of blaming the culprit who molested her- Josh.

That spoke volumes about these young ladies being in denial. They need professional help asap and I pray that they get it.

Sara Palin’s Body Language on Jay Leno in Her Comedic Debut Showed Excellent Comedic Timing- The Most Difficult Thing in Doing Comedy


Say what you will about Sara Palin her comedic delivery was excellent during the delivery of her monologue.  Her timing was impeccable. No matter if you agree with her politics or not, one has to admit she did a great job displaying some comedic talent.

Having worked with comedians in terms of helping them with their phrasing and timing- something that is very difficult to conquer  for any comedian. Palin nailed it every time.

In addition, her tone and pitch were in control and well- modulated during her comedic performance. Her body language and movements were fluid and showed a lot of self- confidence. She had complete  control over her audience during her performance.

The best thing a comedian can do to make sure they have the audience on their side is to put themselves down and she did a great job of doing that in her comedic monologue.

There was no doubt she was a bit nervous and guarded  in this new experience as she often made a fist- like gesture when she spoke as you can see in the photo above.

When she released her fist like position and relaxed her hands as she delved into her comedic monologue,  you can see  int he photo above that she became more relaxed and comfortable.


During her  initial sit down interview with Jay , when she first sat down she appeared to be a little more uncomfortable at first ,  as determined when her vocal pitch would get a little higher in tone. The pitch of her voice raising seems to be Palin’s vocal  pattern when she feels stressed and she may have initially shown signals of stress when first  sitting down with Jay.

But it quickly dissipated and she was then well modulated, articulated and well animated. During the interview, she took her journalistic training and turned the tables back on Jay as she brought up his recent controversies in the media.

Jay suddenly took the role of  being Sarah’s guest as he made several  faces reflecting his disdain at what happened to him. He then got the ball back in his court and began asking the questions.


Actually I really liked this dialogue Sara and Jay had  as a new form of interviewing people. Usually a guest only answers questions the host asks. The host keeps probing so there is no where else to go but to stay on topic and answer the hosts particular question.

But what if the guest was not only able to answer questions, but could now ask the host as well. It seems like a fairer way to do an interview.  I really loved the exchange between Jay and Sara. It became more of a dialogue that is more real.

In this day and age of keeping it real I think that this should be the way to go. I would love for Oprah or Barbara or any one of the women on the View to ask a question and then have the guest in turn ask  them  one back. I would love to see how they also think about topics they bring up and discuss. It would make for a real and lively discussion and interaction.

So Sara may have inadvertently  started a new trend here, with redirecting the questioning towards the host. As I said I liked it and would like to see more celebrities and politicians who are interviewed as questions of their interviewers in return.



Wide eyed Jon Gosselin discussing how he despises Kate
Today I appeared on Showbiz Tonight on Headline News where I discussed how Jon Gosselin is doing psychologically. After observing his interview with Chris Cuomo where Chris’s jaw literally dropped as he heard Jon say that that he”can’t sit on a sofa with someone that I despise”, my jaw didn’t drop. In fact, I wasn’t shocked at all. In fact, I could see where Jon is going through his “anger” phase in his grieving process as he begins his new life without Kate.
Even though what Jon said may seem shocking to many, like it did to Chris Cuomo, who chastised Jon to be careful what he says because she is the mother of his children, I believe that Jon’s releasing his anger towards Kate is actually a very healthy step in his healing process.
We must remember that Jon is a victim of domestic abuse. At this stage, he has finally come out of denial and into the realization that he was indeed abused- emotionally and verbally and even physically (the love slaps). He was abused very badly.
The is the first step towards healing from being a victim of abuse is Jon’s first admitting he was indeed a victim of abuse,. He clearly did in his interview with Chris.
When we watched the interaction between Jon and Kate on their show, there were little if any loving or tender moments during those five years. Most of what we saw on camera was Kate yelling at Jon, chastising Jon, telling Jon he wasn’t doing something right, smacking her lips in disgust at Jon, giving him a nasty or disappointed look, or slapping Jon with herself described “love taps” that didn’t seem so loving and finally humiliating Jon. If Kate did so much of this to Jon on camera, can you imagine what she did to him when the cameras weren’t rolling? In the interview with Chris Cuomo, Jon eeven tells how hate in essence calls him a loser and criticizes him for not working or having a job, even though he was the one talking care of the kids while she was galavanting around on book tours with her body guard.
How much of abuse anyone take and not have it affect him psychologically, emotionally physically and even sexually? Based on how lovingly Jon spoke about his new girlfriend Hayley Glassman, Kate’s abuse definitely affected his esteem and no doubt his sexuality.
Jon statement with regard to Hayley says it all when he says “ I get respect from her. Two things that a man needs. This is someone, I mean, like soul mate —“
The bottom line is that Haley makes him feel like a man where Kate did not. Hayley gives him respect where Kate did not. Jon certainly didn’t feel good about himself when the body guard was escorting Kate everywhere instead of him, Jon discussed that with Chris, and even expressed his concerns that Kate was cheating in him with the bodyguard. Whether it was true or not Kate obviously did nothing to reassure Jon that it was not happening and that nothing was going on between her and the bodyguard. He did nothing to make Jon feel as though he was the only man in her life and that only he mattered.
Now that Jon is away from Kate he even looks different- body language wise. When he was with Kate we can recall that his body language was all closed off with hunched over shoulders and head often bowed. He rarely spoke and whenever he did he mumbled and didn’t speak clearly. He also had a monotone, that now, in reflection, may have been a sign of his depressed emotional state when he was being abused by Kate.
During this interview with Chris Cuomo as well as in the photographs that have surfaced over the internet, Jon now has an open body and facial language. In the interview, he was wide eyed and his face was filled with expressions of emotion. He was real. He looked much more handsome because of his now open and expressive face. He no longer exhibited the sour faced person we saw for five years as he sat on the couch next to his abuser Kate. His posture was open. He sat upright instead of being slunched over. His head was up. And most of all his speech and voice dramatically transformed. Now he could be heard as he no longer mumbled. He spoke clearly, expressively with resonance, timbre and inflection.
John expressed a myriad of emotions- not just anger which was reflected in telling how he despised his abuser- Kate and rightfully so. He also expressed sadness and tears at perhaps not giving the older twin girls Kara and Mady the attention they deserved. He also expressed joy and happiness when talking about his new love Haley Glassman. John was real and that was great,
What a lot of viewers didn’t think was particularly great was openly admitting how he despised Kate on television, even though many would agree that her behavior towards him is despicable and her trashing of him in the magazines and on Larry King Live was despicable. Kate is no victim. It works both ways. She trashed him over and over and over and over since the separation while he sat in silence looking like the bad guy.
Well he finally spoke up and spoke out. Only when he did, the damn burst wide open and everything in his heart poured out- all his feelings- the good ones and the bad ones. I’m glad he expressed himself so openly.
I also don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing that the kids know that he despises their mother. Why? Because these kids need to know that when someone abuses another for so long a period of time as Kate was abusive to Jon, there are consequences for their actions. They will not be loved and that they may even be hated. That is a fact and a reality of life. These children need to learn that you cannot abuse others because if you do you will elicit hateful feelings from them.
To some the words “hate” and despise” are shocking words. I am not shocked by them as I feel they are words at the end of the emotional spectrum that deserve to be addressed and felt. Just because these emotions don’t feel good, they must not be ignored.Teh reality is that people dislike others. They hate others and they even despise others.
I personally despise anyone who abuses an animal or a child or a spouse . So I fully understand why Jon despises Kate. She abused her spouse so I think this is a well deserved word with regard to Kate even if she is the mother of his children. So what? A person can hate and despise the mother of your children or the father of your children if that mother or father of your children is being abused.
It’s not the fact that Jon said he despises Kate that will come back to haunt these children. What will haunt them is seeing Kate’s constant abuse towards Jon- seeing him humiliated and disrespected day after day.
Kate’s humiliating Jon has already trickled down to the children . When I watched little Joel yell at his daddy on television disrespectfully telling him to be quiet because they were filming, I was appalled. I wasn’t as much appalled by Joel’s disrespect as I was by the fact that Joel learned to disrespect his father because he was mirroring Kate’s behavior.
Life with Kate must have been unbearable for Jon and thankfully he is rid of her and ready to begin a new life with friends and to reacquaint himself with family. The most revealing part of the interview was when Jon said” Why can’t I have my mother and the kids together.” as Kate obviously didn’t want Jon’s mother around.
That showed how Kate is so full of hate. There is clearly something wrong with a woman who has had falling outs with so many people including her parents, her brother, her sister in law Jody, members of her church, Jon’s mother, so many nannies and cleaners and helpers. When people have that much difficulty getting along with others you have to ask yourself whether that person has a boarderline personality disorder- not a good thing especially for the kids
We have definitely seen that Kate favors certain kids over the others, that in twin daughter Mady’s words is “mean”, seems more concerned with a clean house and messes than hugging and kissing her kids and always seems to be yelling at or chastising the kids- spanking them in public or verbally humiliating them. Maybe on one of the next shows Kate needs a visit from Super nanny Jo to set her straight and teach her not to abuse the kids and continue where she left off he abuse towards Jon. Kate needs help in my opinion and needs it sooner than later.
She doesn’t need therapy on Dr. Phil’s show unless Dr. Phil gives her a huge dose of reality and verbally “kicks her behind” in the process and puts her in her place.