Duggars Show Deception, Ignorance, and Blaming Others Through Body Language on FOX Interview As They Leak Out Their Intention to Sue for releasing Child Molesting Son’s Records

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After watching the Duggar parents  in action on Meghan Kelly’s FOX interview we never need to see them on any other reality show. This interview is the most real reality show there is about the Duggars as we can clearly her and see their denial, ignorance, double talk, and hiding behind their faith  as well as their blatant  LIES, and finally their  leaked out intention as to why they did this interview.  It is clear that they  did it  because they want to preserve their Duggar  brand by doing a mea culpa in stating that they were “bad parents.”

But they did something else which negates all of this and shows how phony their intention appears to be. They verbally leaked out that they were suing the police through a Freudian slip I will show you  later in this blog. They also turned the tables and made the police the bad guy for leaking out this information. In doing so, they are taking the onus off of their child molesting son and the attention off of what is an egregious act and blaming someone else.

I have always warned my readers and those who attend my seminars  that whenever you hear a person – especially a grown woman with a sickening sweet breathy baby girl voice,  know that something is not right with that person. They are usually passive aggressive and they are  not being authentic. They have something to hide.

This turned out to be the case in watching the interview with Josh Duggar’s mother during her interview with Meghan Kelly on FOX News. It spoke volumes. Her fetal- like hunched over appearance with rounded shoulders and head down, clearly showed that she was in fear and  was obviously dominated by her aggressive husband as he spoke in clearly rehearsed rhetoric. She looked like a scared child and sounded like one as well. Her tears in the interview were fake as there was no liquid coming out of her eyes. She wiped away non-tears.

This interview also  showed that Josh Duggar’s parents are in great denial and are still covering up for him. Since he was the culprit, why wasn’t he at the interview?  I will answer that obvious question for you.  He was not there so that the elder Duggars could protect their brand, just  in case Josh said something that would do irreparable damage. What they don’t get is that their interview on FOX did irreparable damage to their brand.


When the father spoke, it sounded stilted and not spontaneous, It sounded  as though it was rehearsed. As soon as a question was asked by Meghan Kelly, they Duggar parents both looked at one another as if to reassure one another as to who would be the one answering the question.

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As further proof that this interview was rehearsed and that they had set lines to say,  look at this photo below with Mrs. Duggar holding  the actual  script in her lap.

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Another reason which makes me confident that it was rehearsed,  is that Mrs. Duggar brings up the phrase “we had one little ray of hope” right at the beginning of the interview. In the middle of the interview, Mr. Duggar uses the exact same phrase of ” a little ray of hope”.

His speech pattern was staccatto and stilted as though it was clearly rehearsed and guarded.  Her breathy child- like tones indicated that she was not being authentic in her delivery either.


When Mr. Duggar  said that Josh came to him on his own and was crying because he improperly touched some of their daughters, I saw  signals of deception.  First of all I doubt that a 14 year old boy would volunteer this behavior which in my view may have gone on for quite some time. I doubt that it was just a one time occurance as research shows in those who molest children.  The main signal of deception as he said this was that Mr. Duggar’s palms were down as you can see in this photo below, Also the fact that he  had to look at his wife for reassurance is also telling and adds to my belief that this father may not be totally truthful.

When Meghan asked Mr. Duggar about going to police. Mr. Duggar made it seem like it was the right thing to do and that he did it so that Josh wouldn’t have this hang over his head the rest of his life. As Mr. Duggar said this he breathed hard and looked away and then looked back at his wife. First of all, the Christian Clinic where they sent Josh would have been liable if they didn’t report this child abuse to the authorities. Perhaps they encouraged Mr. Duggar  to do this. Perhaps  they reported the sexual molestation themselves, or threatened to to do so if Mr. Duggar didn’t do it.  The fact that Mr. Duggar gave so much detailed information as to where he reported it (at the police station near his home) and gives such a detailed explanation as to why he reported it to police,  leads me to believe that he was highly encouraged to report it by the Christian clinic or that the police contacted him about the matter. It seemed that he may have been  showing up based  on their request. Since all records have allegedly been destroyed, we will never know this information.  But it certainly seems that way to me.

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Then the sickeningly sweet  voiced Mrs. Duggar interjects and looks at her husband for reassurance as she says how devastated she was.Then she looks up and to the side as though she is manufacturing what to say . She looks to her husband, and then looks to the side as though she is thinking what to make up next.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.20 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.35 AM

After she says the “one ray of hope was that Josh had a tender conscience”  she says something that puts up a huge red flag/ She says” He was the one that came and shared on his own even though the others really didn’t know anything.”

That is way too much information for this statement to be true. And then she says  WHAT???  ” Didn’t know anything?” Of course they knew something as they were the ones  being molested for God’s sakes. Of course they knew something!  This statement proves she is trying to spin it her way and make light of the situation.


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When someone places their hand over their private parts when they speak. it means that they are feeling  vulnerable. It is interesting to note that Mr. Duggar is speaking about sexual molestation and is covering up his own sexual organ with his hand.  He is clearly feeling vulnerable.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.22.20 AM Then she gets so hyper-dramatic and says that as parents “we are failures.” She says we tried to raise our kids to do what’s right and to know what’s right. She knows she doesn’t believe that. She thinks she and her husband are great parents. Otherwise why would they appear on TV as America’s great parents with 19 children who are living the devout Christian lifestyle? This is hypocritical and ridiculous and no one is believing that she thinks she is a bad parent. She doesn’t believe that for one millisecond.

Then we see her wide eyed googly- eyed appearance. When people open their eyes so wide they are trying to convince you that what they are saying is truthful. In essence, she is trying way too hard to get her points across and is not succeeding in doing so.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.55.47 AM

Then there is the fake cry. First of all, when you cry there is liquid running out of BOTH of your eyes in terms of tears. You don’t cry without tears and you don’t immediately go from a cry to a normal facial position. That is what Mrs. Duggar did  which indicated she was not really crying but attempting to cry on cue for dramatic effect. No doubt, whom was ever coaching her must have told her to shed a few tears of sympathy.  But it didn’t work.


When Meghan asked him about looking at this issue from the viewpoint of his daughters, he ignored the question. He double talked, beat around the bush,  and did not answer the question head on. In fact he never answered the question. That spoke volumes to me. It said that he was more concerned about his son and protecting him and his Dugar brand and all the goodies that come with it- like millions of dollars than he cared about his daughter’s welfare. That said it all to me and frankly it sickened me.

He also said that Josh called up one of the molested daughters to apologize and she didn’t remember what happened. Oh my God!!! This screams that ALL of these people need serious therapy. They are either in denial or have put it out of their mind because they don’t want to destroy their brand.

They also spoke about the girls in third party as “victims” not as daughters. This is disconcerting.  They have in essence detached themselves from the girls and what happened to them by referring to them in third person. This was devastating to witness.


When Meghan asked if they were concerned about what Josh did  and going public, they were honest and forthright for the first time in the interview. They really did not think there would be a problem after their initial visit to the police department. They were sure all would be fine and that  since Josh was a juvenile at the time, it would also be swept away under the rug and that was the end of it.

But then it re-surfaced and Mr. Duggar was mad as he demonstrated in the video. Suddenly his speech was faster and  louder and his tone now had an edge to it. He then leaked out the word “suit” as she said this was a suit and then corrected himself. That is called a Freudian Slip. It speaks volumes when analyzed in specific contexts. In this context he was discussing the police and the association of a ” suit” came out. To me that is very telling as it reveals his inner intention  is to sue the police.


If the Duggars are considering suing the Police they had better watch what they just said about the police and accusing them of having an agenda as both Duggars said this simultaneously as though it was rehearsed. They also spoke of a bribe. Now they have opened themselves up to a whole different level of investigation. Did they give a bribe to the police to look the other way and destroyed the files?  Who bribed who? What was this bribe and why and how much money was involved in the bribe? They said some pretty derogatory things about the police chief that is now public record.

In their attempts to sue  the police for releasing the files,  they may find that they are the ones being sued for defamation and opening up a whole new can of worms. In essence,  I believe through this interview they have further shot themselves in the foot or in the mouth so to speak.


When Mrs. Duggar shared that big boys can never have the little children on their laps and that they can never play hide and go seek or end up in pairs it sickened me. That is not  normal behavior in any family. Children should be free to play hide and seek and go seek and go off in pairs without worries of one molesting the other. This was a huge red flag to me.

If Josh was a sexual pervert at 15 and molested his 5 year old sister,  that may have been one Duggar child (Josh)  being a molester. But now that this hyper watchful rule applies to ALL of the Duggar childRen what does that mean?   It makes me want to  ask the  question as to whether any other  younger children have been molested by any other older children?

In my view, I think that this family needs a visit from Child Family Services to see exactly what has been going on in that household. At any rate, ALL of the molested daughters MUST have some therapy for what happened  to them.  The fact that some have allegedly relayed that they don’t remember , speaks volumes . Oftentimes when incidences of sexual abuse are not addressed, it can have serious psychosocial repercussions.

Believing in God and asking him to take away your sins doesn’t make you less accountable for your actions. Josh needs to address what he did and all of the girls need to address what was done to them. Now that Josh has children of his own, he especially needs to face what he did so that he doesn’t repeat these actions with his own children.


When Mrs. Duggar said Josh was interested in girls and that is why he molested them I wanted to vomit. She is the one who needs therapy most of all. She is in denial with her baby girl  breathy passive aggressive voice. How could she say such a thing?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.56.28 AMIn  her final statement with her her wide eyed look AND  breathy baby  girl voice,  she brings up the obviously rehearsed word ” agenda” once again in an attempt to take the onus off of her sexually molesting son and put it on others whoM she feels areout to destroy her and her family and make money off of this incident as she describes it. She then ends the interview by saying  that God will make this all OK.”

No,  Mrs. Duggar, you cannot hide behind God in this. God will not make everything OK. It is not OK when a teenager abuses children and when you and  your husband have  tried to sweep this under the rug and now blame others for what your son has done. Maybe God wanted this information released in the  universe by whatever means, in order  to show the world what a fake reality show you have and how you must not be looked up to and admired as being such ideal parents you claim to be .

You have shown that, like an ostrich, you have your head in the sand when it comes to Josh. You are more interested in protecting your son and your brand than you are in oding what is right . You showed us all what a stupid and ignorant woman you are by saying that  children need to be protected from transgender people who can go into girls bathrooms and molest them. In order to relieve you of your gross unawareness, I will inform you that transgender people have no interest in harming children. Their interest is in living their lives as a member of the opposite sex.

The man you need to be concerned with coming into your little girl’s bathroom is you own flesh and blood son- your child molesting son- Josh Duggar. When we point the fingers at others t,here is often three fingers pointing back at us as is the case here.


A three or five year old child who looks at the genitals of a child of the opposite sex out of curiosity – “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” may be acceptable in terms of normal development but it is NOT normal for a 15 year old to look at a  five year olds private parts.  It is sick and is what a pedophile does. If Josh did this as was revealed in the media, he was and may still be a pedophile.  Pedophiles usually don’t change their behavior unless they are given hormone treatment or castrated. The recidivism rate among child molesting predators in prison is astounding. They can never be cured. If Josh is presently  a bona fide pedophile I am deeply concerned for his own children.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.35.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.35.35 PM

At the end of this tragic FOX  interview which revealed so much about the Duggars, there was a teaser about an upcoming interview with the Duggar daughters- the victims of Josh. Although one cried,  she was not crying because she was molested. Instead she was crying because the information was released and made public. The other daughter was defensive and also blamed others like the person who released the information, instead of blaming the culprit who molested her- Josh.

That spoke volumes about these young ladies being in denial. They need professional help asap and I pray that they get it.


71 thoughts on “Duggars Show Deception, Ignorance, and Blaming Others Through Body Language on FOX Interview As They Leak Out Their Intention to Sue for releasing Child Molesting Son’s Records

  1. They disgust me with their lies that are so obvious. I did not believe for one minute that their son “confessed” to them, it just does not make sense for a teenaged boy to do. At least in my opinion.

    I think one of his sisters (or all) told on him. I’m surprised, frankly, that they (the parents) just didn’t tell the girls to keep things quiet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to molest more sisters. And I also wonder what the other boys are up to. Did he show the next oldest boy how to do it?

    I feel sorry for the girls. They are less than second class citizens in the “religion” the Duggars practice.

    Thank you for your insight Dr. Glass. It just confirms what I was feeling.


    1. Yes Shelley, the girls are second class citizens in the religion (actually the homeschooling cult program started by Bill Gothard that they still belong to).

      Seems like a cover up by police and it would not be the first time this happened in this organization: For some ungodly reason the protection/coverup goes very high up. So I’m glad to see this all brought to light now.



  2. In one of the original accounts that I read, the father said it came to his attention when he caught Josh coming out of the girls’ bedroom one night, and then Josh ‘confessed.’ Now the story has changed.


    1. Hi Shoshanna, You can read the police report. No, Josh was not ‘caught coming out of the girls room’. The police report is clear (you have to refer to both of them, Washington County with says ‘redacted’ ‘who had just turned 14’… and the Springdale one). Josh told on himself.


      1. So they say. Unfortunately that does not make it a fact. If you tell a lie and write it a report it is still a lie.


    2. Oh yes, Daddy Duggar keeps changing his tune – trying to down play his sicko son. This cult of uber denial is fine with whatever the male children do – and try to teach the girls to just accept it. Sad. I hope to see any of the girls break away and write a book someday….


  3. Yes, thank you for your insights. From what I have learned about the religious cult this family is involved in, the so-called “Quiverfull” movement, a neo-Patriarchal (the man is tantamount to a christ in the home) organization that touts the leadership of Bill Gothard (an alleged sexual predator himself) the girls in that family have been very seriously indoctrinated to have taken on some of the blame for their brother’s pedophilia. If you Google information on this cult, there are many places of interest.

    It is no wonder that “they were asleep” and “didn’t remember anything,” and/or “didn’t even know what happened to them,” according to their mother. They would have reaped Daddy’s scorn. (As an aside, one wonders, then, if what she said is true, what were all the things on their “hearts” that they shared with the authorities later on? And what did the sister who initially told on the molester describe that was obviously molestation, or as Mom and Dad still insist, merely “inappropriate touching”?)

    These are girls who must wear their hair the way the daddy wants them to, dress the way the daddy demands, and were taught from infancy that he is the “king, prophet, and priest” of the house, thus, their “savior.” The man is like god to them, in a way, or so they are taught.

    These are girls and young women who were taught that how you dress or act might tempt a boy/man to lust, thus stain his purity (and you’d best be careful as, according to the science they learn, a male can be tempted so much by merely what he sees it might trigger a testosterone surge to the point that he can become violent). And, note carefully, it would not be HIS fault, but yours as you are “defrauding” him.

    Is it any wonder those little girls “didn’t know what happened” while they “slept,” or laid on the couch, or sat in his lap, or tempted him in some way in the laundry room?

    And now, because those young women are mandated to do what Daddy says (no doubt echoed by their hubbies, hand–picked by him) and he likely has been firmly suggesting they ought to stand up for their brother (probably to prove their real forgiveness), James Robert (“Jim Bob”)will pimp them yet again, but this time, not for money as much as for saving his brand and his show.

    The Scripture twisting and Gospel mangling road to these teachings/beliefs and a number of other female-subjugating teachings are but a few of the mandates into which they have been brainwashed.

    As to Michelle’s smile every time she looks at James Robert, have you ever read the Duggar’s “19 family Rules?” One of them is that if Michelle or one of the children does not maintain a smiling countenance and shining eyes (which prove they have Jesus inside), this dishonors their “head,” who is, of course, James Robert, the demi-god of the Duggar household.

    And, please note, I am a born-again, spirit-filled Christian, with background working for a ministry that helped people come out of religious cults back in the eighties. The Quiverfull/neo-Patriarchal movement has nearly all of the markers of cults, which is why I have called it such.

    And it is NOT what Classic Christianity teaches.

    There is only ONE Jesus Christ, and He does not subjugate women while elevating men to peer status.


    The Duggar girls and women will need a lot of prayer and intervention to extricate from James Robert’s controls. But it is possible. If anybody reading this has any contact with that family, reach out to them however you can.

    I grew up in a very controlling cult myself, and can tell you that it took six years initially to “come free” of all the false and controlling doctrines, and to this day, some thirty-five years later, I can still spot an occasional influence from that time.

    And, I add my vote to insisting that if anyone should be giving interviews it is not his victims, but the molester himself. As some have said, it’s time Joshua “mans up” and quits hiding behind his sisters’ and Mama’s skirts and his Daddy’s cover ups.

    It’s also time for those daughters (heartbreakingly deemed “the others” by their mother) to be given the counseling, therapy–and privacy–they do deserve.

    This family is not victimized so much by the media and the molestations themselves as much as by the cult called Quiverfull that exacerbates the effects of the crimes far beyond the norm by its anti-Gospel teaching that women are subject in all ways at all times to men starting with Daddy and that they bear some responsibility for the purity of the boys and men in their family group.

    This is a very sad, sad situation for those girls and young women.


    1. Very well said for those outside the ati/bg cult! I grew up in that cult too and it’s crazy how so many people have noooooooo idea what truly goes on in a home like that! This has been a very challenging time for me and so many others as we start to understand and decompress the years of abuse (spiritual, emotional, verbal, physical, sexual…) we suffered as children. I know I was a lucky one who was never molested but that doesn’t change the fact that I was still abused. I’d be very interested in any resources for healing and therapy you may know of!


      1. Thank you! I also grew up in that cult. I was told it was my fault too. I know what those girls are thinking and I cry for them because they believe it. They think their brother is supposed to be seen as perfect or Gods love (daddys approval) can’t shine from their family. They are so far in the cult they have no idea what right is anymore.


      2. It would be pretty easy for a male growing up in that house to believe that he has the right to do whatever he wants to any girl… after all he has been told from birth that he is above them. So so sad.


  4. BAM! You nailed it Dr. Glass. That whole story of “he came to us crying” was total BS! My opinion is that Josh was also molested. This is no excuse but it is my gut feeling…. I am disgusted that they sent Josh to talk to a “family friend” later convicted of having child pornography! They have no discernment! Even their counselors are demonic! I agree with the above commenter and about the cult Quiverfull….These people are lost and they do NOT serve the Living God. They serve themselves and what they can get out of it. Well, “God is not mocked, whatsoever u sow u shall also reap!” That goes for everyone, I don’t care what denominational flag u fly or don’t fly….. The sickness runs deep but they are not fooling anybody except themselves. The girls, the victims, also have no righteous anger! They care only about their reputation and their TV time. Abuse victims have a unique responsibility (and I say this from personal experience) to shout it from the rooftops that it was WRONG and to demand justice. Sometimes justice is simply a total acknowledgment of the crime by ALL those involved. A victim can destroy themselves AND others in the future when they do not speak out and when they are so full of darkness (denial, pride, embarrassment, choosing family over what is right, fame) that they do not even have any righteous anger to draw conviction from.This is precisely how abuse can be perpetuated from generation by generation.
    Hiding behind “religion” not God. …well, let’s be clear. Because God said “your secrets will find u out” & “pride comes before a fall”
    Abuse destroys families and it destroys them because the evil is far reaching. It reaches beyond the perpetrator because unholy alliances are made….silent partners & enablers join the coven…. We all know the saying “evil succeeds when good people stand by and do nothing” Well, if I could rephrase, that, I would take the “good” out of it. THIS IS how families and relationships are destroyed. don’t forget and let us have mercy because “he comes for three purposes and 3 purposes only, the KILL, STEAL, & DESTROY. Look at any news story going on today and let that verse resonate with u….You will see that spiritual warfare is going on like never before. …We should all be praying for this family and not judging BUT, they have taken no responsibility and they are paying the price for now. At this point I just see hay and stubble going up in flames. No precious jewels nor gold or silver.


  5. Let me point out the part of the interview where The Duggars were asked a question. Michelle stumbled and Jim Bob looked at her and muddled under his breath “Start over, Start over, Start over.” She than reset herself, started over and repeated the same exact sentence twice! It’s about half way through the interview… Completely controlled by Jim Bob, as well as highly rehearsed.


      1. When I pull up the full interview on you tube it is in the 18th minute. Its when she asks them about the counseling the kids got. Jim Bob starts the sentence and she interrupts… Actually I think they even rehersed her cutting him off like that.. She was very focused on him as if waiting for her cue. FYI: I work in reality TV so I do notice things most people would not.


  6. Wow, what an amazing bunch of assumptions to make… and to present them as truth….
    I may have shared some of the same thoughts, but would never assume that I am correct in my thoughts.
    For one thing, anyone who has watched the Duggars, (and also the testimony of those who know them personally) knows that Michelle has always spoken this way, and she and her husband have always looked to one another. It’s the sort of team that they are. They have respect for one another. A thing I guess not too many people are used to.
    and to doubt a mother’s anguish and tears, which she obviously must try to control since she is on camera….


    1. Her anguish is losing 40 grand an episode, having to look at green shirts every day and Jim Bobs’ lack of eyebrows. Circus freaks


    2. You’re right. She’s always spoken this way and they’ve always looked to one another. Which to me means that they’ve been colluding in deception from the beginning of their show. And since we know that the molestation happened prior to the show, this would be consistent.


      1. They started filming right in the middle of this whole thing. There were several hour long specials before the reality show started. One where TLC finished the construction and purchased all the furnishings in the new house. In the first special josh had long hair. In the second special it was shaved from when he “went away.”


    3. May I point out that her “mother’s anguish” is not about her son’s actions, or her daughters’ psychological damage? Her anguish is that people don’t understand just how harmless she thinks this whole thing was, and how the media is out to get Christians?

      Think about it. if your son did these things to your daughters, would you minimize it on television? Would you keep saying “through the clothes” or “this happened” (instead of “he did it.”)Would you allow your daughters to be interviewed on camera? Wouldn’t you try to get help for ALL your kids?

      Denial this deep takes practice.

      I felt like I needed a shower after watching the interview. And I felt like I had seen a walking talking advertisement for what “toxic people” are.


  7. I disagree about the notes.
    I think you should have notes when doing a TV interview like this. You’re nervous for one and two you want to make sure you remember everything you want to say.
    I agree with everything else.
    TLC kept this family because they were money makers knowing the abuse happened. Anyone says that TLC did not know are kidding themselves.


      1. I totally agree with that. The girls had their notes as well too. Jesse seemed like she did not care. Jill seemed traumatized to me. I am wondering why Jinger & Jana (?) the oldest girl, were not interviewed. Both of those girls have indicated that they want to leave the coop, but Jim Bob won’t let them.


      2. I agree with Amy, people use notes to keep their thoughts straight, I think that was a stretch. All else you said were spot on. Just my own observation about you Dr. Lilly, all these people have commented to you, praised you and even asked you specific questions yet the only person you responded to is the one person who disagreed with one thing you said. Why is that?


    1. Why would they be nervous about being interviewed on tv? They had their own tv show, had been interviewed many many times before, outside of TLC, and had been doing it for years.


      1. Under these terms it’s allot different. They were filming a reality tv show – many retakes and coached on what to say.


  8. What did you think of jim bob saying josh paid for his therapy? Really Jimbob? It is your fault.
    Also what was odd, Josh in 2007 sued to get his record sealed.

    I think by the Duggars by not explaining or teaching sex education and you have a child with younger brothers and sisters he is going to be curious. So if this was a one time incident, i wouldn’t be bothered. I spoke to several people who grew up the same style as the Duggars and they said they never were taught about their bodies and blame the parents. Now, being this kept happening, is concerning.
    Jim Bob saying its a bigger story how this got out– because as I just said, Josh and his parents sued in 2007 to keep records sealed.
    Jimbob, that was already explained: freedom of information act.

    Dr G. Part 3 is tonight. Will you update?


  9. I am sorry, correction, i didnt mean if if only happened one time i wouldnt be bothered. I meant as upset. Yes, that this keot happening is upsetting.
    A baby sitter was a victim as well.


  10. If they were sleeping it is possible they did not know. These rumors have been going around since 2006, i believe the older daughter caught him in the act. A commenter named Alice was telling anyone who would listen and of course was belittled for daring to say such a thing.

    This family is gross.


  11. I had never heard of you before this, and I have never commented on a blog before, but I couldn’t finish my day without telling you how much I enjoyed this post. I particularly relished in the very specific points and criticisms focused on Mrs. Duggar, as I have never liked her. That was all very much appreciated and also all TRUE. Thank you for taking the time to dissect this horrific interview.


  12. Molesters usually have a history of being molested. This family is isolated from the outside world-home schooled, chaperones every where, no community sports leagues etc. no wonder the girls seem to enter into hasty marriages; to get away. The father has a creepy way about him. Would not be surprised if he has been inappropriate with his daughters, with Michelle fully aware. She seems like she could be told to keep her mouth shut and accept it.


  13. Montel Williams said it right…”This is like watching Scientology defend itself”. I wish there was a law preventing imbecilic frauds, imposters of righteousness and depraved con artists like the Duggars from having children.


  14. What an interesting post. I am SO glad that you talk about Michelle Duggar’s voice. It is SO phoney. I imagine she has been hiding behind this voice, pretending to be the perfect Christian woman for many a long year. You have to work to get a voice like that. Even children sound more mature. The odd thing is, that it almost has a touch of the breathy Marilyn Monroe sexy thing going on too.

    I’d love to know how this even ever got out of the house in the first place. I can’t believe that this evasive pair would have gone voluntarily even to a Church run help centre. What happened? Did one of the little girls say something to someone outside the family? This is what I am guessing.

    Well done Dr L. I love your blog


  15. I agree with most of what you’ve written, but there is one point you got wrong in the story: When Josh called up one of his victims to apologize, the Duggars were talking about the babysitter he called, not one of his sisters. Josh touched the babysitter in her sleep, and she claims in the police report that she does not remember it. Her interview with the police is documented on page 31 of the report that was released.

    I have no idea whether the babysitter is lying, but I think it’s possible that she didn’t know. Then again, she is part of that same ultra-conservative cult that the Duggars belong to, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she denied having any knowledge of it even if she did. In the cult that they belong to, girls are almost always held responsible for their own sexual abuse.

    The missing piece of this puzzle as far as the Duggars’ behavior goes is that they are in a cult run by Bill Gothard, who operates The Institute in Basic Life Principles. The Duggars do EVERYTHING this man tells them to do. Before Gothard, the Duggars were normal people who had premarital sex, used birth control, etc. Michelle, however, had bulimia, and I think she was possibly sexually abused as a child. I believe she has unresolved issues surrounding that issue, and that is why she became involved in that cult. I’m not sure why Jim Bob got involved.


  16. I’m glad to see a professional expert in this field dissect this interview and hope others do as well but since this is a science it seems to me like Dr. Glass has quite a bit of emotion of her own she is dealing with. Not saying she shouldn’t but it does make me wonder if she is staying true to the science or making educated assumptions like us regular folk. For example when she says JB was deceptive by placing his hands palms down. I never think about how my hands are positioned when speaking which I get is the idea of this field of science but couldn’t this have been a coincidence like having his hand in front of his crotch as pointed out. Also Dr. Glass says clearly they are trying to do their mea culpa to keep their show and Michelle is in fear of her aggressive husband. Wow that is a pretty big statement and I’m no expert in this field but I didn’t see fear from the wife or aggressiveness from the husband so either you should explain why you think they are fearful or aggressive or leave that sidebar out. To be clear I am no Duggar apologist rather the opposite I think Child Protective Service should clean house but feel Dr. Glass is more giving her personal opinion rather than a scientific behavioral analysis which is what I am looking for. Her review is entertaining but I’m looking for a breakdown of what was said, how it was said, was there deception, repeated phrases etc.


    1. I am a Human behaviorista nd I study human behavior via body language and communication patterns. I use scientific basis for my views and I also put in my emotions as I write these blogs not in scientific journal form but in language as though I am speaking directly to my readers. Your statement concerning your hands has nothing to do with the Duggars hands. Everything has to be analyzed in terms of context and in the context of the interview this was a signal of deception. research has shown that when palms are down there is often deception occurring. It was no coincidence of JimBob having his hands on his crotch as people who do that are feeling particularly vulnerable as researchers have shown. Michelle Duggar’s body language indicates that she is subservient to her husband and her looking up at him with hunched shoulders is a posture that indicates fear. I am giving my personal opinion in that I believe the Duggars need to be off the air and that they are covering up for their son and Child Protective Services needs to visit this household. At the same time I am also giving my expertise based on scientific data and years of research and experience regarding their body language. There was indeed deceptive signals in terms of body language based on the context in which the questions were asked by Meghan Kelly.


    2. Duggarville said:
      “but I’m looking for a breakdown of what was said, how it was said, was there deception, repeated phrases etc.”

      What you are looking for is called ‘statement analysis,’ which is a fascinating subject. This is a body language blog (and an excellent one).


      1. Statement analysis is part of body language analysis because body language involves all 4 codes of communication
        1. Body movement
        2. Face language
        3. Vocal analysis and
        4. Speech content (which is statement analysis)
        Hope this clarifies it for you.


  17. Thank you, Dr. Glass.

    Josh repeated the molestation with different girls, which leads me to believe that he thought he could get away with it. He also felt entitled to do what he wanted to do, which makes me believe he isn’t the only molestor in that house.


  18. What we got here [ to quote a movie line] is: sheer avarice, chronic and entrenched incest, pseudo “religion,” ludicrous and childish attempts at deception, unbridled manipulation, and of course, established pedophilia from the land of the VFT’s . What is a VFT? A Vertical Family Tree [I invented the phrase. For more info, see KY/TN/AR and a few other states. Think of “Deliverance. “] Readers of this blog all originated from horizontal family trees – not these creatures.

    In reality, these VFTs called the Duggars have materially done a grave injustice to other Victims of incest and abuse, with their astoundingly incompetent and futile coverup of the painfully obvious facts. Minimizing the facts is beyond despicable; they have tacitly enabled and endorsed the depraved, soul-less actions of millions of other pedophiles.

    My Golden Retriever has more far more acumen and prowess at deception, when caught eating a pizza slice from the box, than these wretched imbeciles. So I assume all the Victims were in REM sleep as they had not a clue that their sicko brother was raping them. Yes, you can BET he did penetrate them with his “pee pee.”

    Their show, renamed “18 Victims and one Molester,” is: toast. Off they go to their waiting jobs at Dollar General!


  19. If I was a detective with local law enforcement, the “veracity” exhibited by the Duggars with be sufficient to bring in the ground radara,d cadaver Dogs to scan all duggar properties. Something HAS to be there…


  20. Ms. Glass – your comment re. michelle duggar: “a grown woman with a sickening sweet breathy baby girl voice” is just hilarious.


  21. I babysat for several years. A family with four kids, three boys and one girl. The youngest boy was molested by a 13 year old male babysitter. No one wanted to report. I felt so sick I just had to report it. This family was into Bill Gothard who I wasn’t really aware of at the time. The family forgave the molester and had him over for Thanksgiving dinner. I was sickened that the youngest boy had to eat his meal across from his rapist. The molester was only 13 so they didn’t prosecute. The thanks I got was being accused of witchcraft and Satanism and no longer allowed to see the kids.


    1. Thank-you for coming forward. They might not have been appreciative, but the victim just may be very
      appreciative. Doing the right thing is not always rewarded, but it certainly is a testament to your character…


  22. Dr Glass, This isn’t about the Duggars, but I live in DFW and would really like to hear your thoughts about the two videos related to the McKinney pool party fracas. It is a heated topic here, and very disturbing.

    It’s hard to see a grown woman beating a teenager, much less see an adult man take a child to the ground. The kids were wrong to get out of control, but the aggression by the adults towards them is just awful. It’s difficult to make sense of the violence, and I would appreciate your thoughts on the behavior.

    Thanks, and you write a terrific blog. Skeptical


  23. And the main question is: WHERE IS JOSH DUGGAR??? We’ve seen his Mommy and Daddy go on TV to defend him and minimalize his actions, and then his two sisters (who were 2 of his victims) do the same. But Josh is a big boy now and needs to speak for himself. What is he afraid of ?


  24. Jim bob dry-humped Michelle right in front of his daughter when they were playing mini golf. I mean, who the f does that? WEIRD, Now I think something happened with Josh; he’s a very strange man.


  25. Dr. Glass thank you for this post. I’ve been a long time reader of your books and blog. Can you make a post about Rachel Dolezal? You’re the best.


  26. May their son’s molestation proclivities is their comeuppance for trying to show the world that they are so perfect, and try to show that their children are so perfect. God has a way of making the world the world right–it’s called KARMA!


  27. It’s a misconception that he went to Christian counseling. Jim Bob discussed it with the elders of his church and decided not to send his kid to one of those camps because it could “teach him to be more like a criminal” due to the other kids there. Instead he went to stay with someone for about 3 or 4 months and help him in his construction business. This is all in the police report.


    1. To add to this, no one got any counseling until the report was made to the police. Then they had mandated counseling but I don’t know if it was with a real, educated counselor or the so-called counselors who use the Gothard teaching, which basically tells the molested that it was their fault.


  28. i don’t know anything about these people or this case and i’m not defending them, i came across this article randomly.

    You called this woman ignorant and stupid because she doesn’t know about transgender people and thinks they want to molest children.

    “You showed us all what a stupid and ignorant woman you are by saying that children need to be protected from transgender people who can go into girls bathrooms and molest them. In order to relieve you of your gross unawareness, I will inform you that transgender people have no interest in harming children. Their interest is in living their lives as a member of the opposite sex.
    Pedophiles usually don’t change their behavior unless they are given hormone treatment or castrated.”

    And then you go on to say something stupid yourself, showing yourself to be just as ignorant.
    Castration and hormones don’t cure pedophiles, it’s a mental disease. Castrated they will still molest children, do some research and don’t be so quick to diss others


    1. No Natalie it is not ignorant. Igorane is when you equate transgender with pedophiles. When pedophiles are castrated and/ or given hormone treatments they no longer offend. That is a fact. No one talking about a cure. It is stopping their toxic behavior.


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