Jodi Arias Body Language As Mistrial Declared Shows Shock, Hurt, Relief, and Frustration


As Jodi Arias is about to learn her fate as to  whether she was to  live or die it is essential to note how  she is dressed and how she  has  arranged her hair. With the exception of her pony tail, her hair do was similar  her court  minder who sat by her side whenever her attorneys left the defense  table for a sidebar  with the Judge.  Jodi copied the woman’s style with her hair in back of her ears  wearing bangs in front. Gone are the phony librarian glasses we saw throughout the trial.

Her copying this woman’s  style once again shows evidence of Jodi’s adhesive personality, whereby she takes on the likes or identity or style of others. With her own attorney,  Jennifer Wilmott  (when they were on better terms) you would see Jodi wearing similar colors and styles to her female attorney. She even took on  Ms. Wilmott’s posture and demeanor as she perused documents and took notes. She did the same thing with collapsing Travis’ identity with his Mormon faith as part of her own. She even remarked that the reason she smiled for her mug shot was because she thought “that’s what Travis would do.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.16.53 AM

When she finds out that there is a hung jury and that there will be a mistrial she immediately shuts her eyes as if to process what she just heard.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.17.02 AMThen you continue to see her processing the information while her attorney Jennifer Wilmott begins to show visible signs of surprise and anger based on her facial tension and tension around her eyes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.17.18 AMNow Jodi  begins to show signs of upset as she processed that the jury  did not give her life which she believed that they would, but instead sent her a clear message  that they couldn’t decide whether she should live or dies. She looks hurt due to the fact that there were some members of the jury who could even think about putting her to death.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.18.49 AMNow we see that she is not only surprised but beginning to get upset with the findings because it means there were some jury members who didn’t believe her claim about being abused and killing in self defense. She also begins to realize that she will have to do her little ” and dance  act” all over again. It is as though she is nonverbally saying “Oh my God not again.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.19.08 AM

She doesn’t release her hand from her face as now it is  a form of self comforting and self support as she sadly listens to each juror speak . There is an expression of hurt as she hears each juror speak the same words and no doubt feels “betrayed ” by them. She spoke of feeling betrayed by them in the ABC interview. Now we see the visible physical facial expressions reflecting her perceived betrayal. Her  shoulders are rounded as she appears defeated.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.19.58 AMShe cannot move her hand from the side of her face as she continues to listen to the jurors.  There is a lot of facial tension around her lower jaw as she looks as though she is emotionally hurt and as though she could cry any second. Her potential tears are clearly due to he feeling that the jury did her wrong.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.20.11 AM

Her hand moves over her mouth indicating that she is literally “speechless” at what is happening. The tension around her eyes have relaxed more as she realizes that this may not be such a bad thing. She doesn’t have to go to death row now and be in isolation for the rest of her life. Now she has more time before she leaves the jail and heads to prison. Most of all she’ll remain in the limelight for a lot longer with all the attention paid to her, thus feeding her insatiable narcissism.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.20.30 AM

She scratches  and presses down on her midface region, nasal bridge, and inner portion of her closed eyelids  as a  way of releasing the pent up emotional pressure. It is a signal of relief. She is relieved she wasn’t sentenced to death (at least not yet).

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.18.30 AMBut for the Alexander family, not seeing her sentenced to death for what she did to their brother was devastating as his sister immediately broke down in sobs.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.19.30 AMThe same was true for his other sisters,  while  both his his brother and brother in law showed visible signs of anger with clenched jaws and furrowed brows.  For them it was as though al this effort to seek justice for their brother who had his throat slit and who was killed so shockingly by Jodi,  was done for nothing. Apparently some of the jurors mouthed the words “I’m sorry”” to this distraught family.But to the Alexander family, these were empty words. They were the ones that were sorry that they weren’t in the courtroom seeing Jodi sentenced to die.

To the family, there is only one logical conclusion and that is death for Jodi. But that was not the case with the jurors. The lack of  the Alexander’s family wish for a  death sentence and now their  lack of closure will have severe emotional repercussions on this family until they  return to the courtroom and once again in July to still see  their brother’s monster murderess.

Following this hung jury’s dismissal from the courtroom, the Jury Forman  William Zervakos spoke to the press. He  said that  be believed Travis Alexander verbally and emotionally abused Jodi Arias. That is a shock to many who did not believe this to be the case. No doubt other jurors fell for this  line fo thinking. Otherwise they would have all  quickly agreed that she deserved to die by lethal needle.

The judge showed frustration with the jury as she read that it was a mistrial as reflected by her letting out a huge burst of air, resulting in a huge sigh before she spoke , which is a clear signal of frustration and exasperation  on her part. . There is no doubt that this trial took it’s toll on her too, since  she always had to be on her toes throughout the trial to make sure a mistrial would not be the result of anything she did. This must have been extremely  taxing on her psyche .

Now there will be  a new group of jurors to assist in deciding Jodi’s fate. For the next 2 1/2/ months, Jodi will sit in a cell 23 hours a day and do no media. This may be her worst punishment yet.


49 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Body Language As Mistrial Declared Shows Shock, Hurt, Relief, and Frustration

  1. Thank you, Dr. G. The family looked absolutely crushed and it was disheartening to see them suffering knowing how much further the end just became. While JA may not yet be sentenced, she is beginning to live the consequences via 23 hour lockdown. May i ask, do you have any take on whether her attorneys believe her defense?


    1. No they don’t even like her as they have been itching to get out of representing her for a long time. I am sure that they arte not too happy about a mistrial as that means they have to work hard doe someone the most likely cannot stand.


  2. :::Sticking middle finger at the computer monitor::: Read my Body Language, Doc!!! My heart goes out to the Alexander Family!!


  3. I also would like to know Dr.Gs opinion on when Arias looked to Willmont for some kind of condolence to find nothing but Willmont turning her should to her THEN turns to the mitigation chic for a hug I would assume and she gave a ” oh I have to ” hug and light tap on Arias shoulder. CAN YOU SHED LIGHT ON THAT AS WELL! Thank you so much for such wonderful articles!


      1. Thank YOU so much for the reply but I was wondering about mitigation chic…she gave the “polite hug” to her and I read her lips saying “you’re going to be ok” I am wondering if you read into any of HER BL..Thank you again and sorry to bug you again!


  4. If Jodi was unattractive, a woman of color, a “girl” from the hood, or if the roles were reversed and a man had slit the throat of a woman and the man had been “verbally” abused,this would have been 8-0 death. They could not put an attractive woman to death. She duped the jury with her side-pony and wispy


    1. IMO Jodi IS unattractive. I think the men on the jury spared her because she was into kinky sex, something they all fantasized about. She fooled them with her naughty librarian look. Believe me, it wasn’t her face that they were looking at.


      1. PJ77, checking the foreman out and the nonsense he prattles – the evidence spoke clearly to what the wicked witch did to Travis – I am inclined to agree with you. The kinky sex got his attention and swayed his “brain.”

        He also did not pay attention to Travis’s words about not ever having met a psychopath before Jodi. How Travis bemoaned the evil things Jodi had done, like spy on him by peering into the windows, sneaking into his home, hiding behind the Christmas tree as she was uninvited, stealing the engagement ring, and her breaking into his personal email accounts, and bank account. No instead the foreman “reasoned” Travis must have abused Jodi, even though Jodi drove thousands of miles to kill him, Jodi taped there sex talk as requested by Travis – yet, Travis never had a copy.

        The foreman can’t conceive a female psychopath,so conniving that she planned to set Travis up before brutally murdering him to punish the lover who wanted to end the relationship once and for all.


  5. at this point jodi should agree to LWOP and give up rights to any and all appeals..
    LWOP and jodi can experience real abuse.
    * travis only used a few text msgs with negative words to get jodi out of his life..


    1. EXACTLY!! That’s what I keep saying! How the hell did he verbally and emotionally abuse her?? She could come and go as she pleased, and she crawled through his doggie door to sleep on his couch!! If that’s a woman abused, then she was crawling (literally) back for more!


      1. Proves she conned some members of the jury, as there was zero evidence presented that meant she was abused.


  6. Dr Glass: thanks for breaking down jodi’s body language. When the decision was read i picked up that she wasnt happy that she didnt get life. I saw her almost cry for jodi because she had to do it again. They were tears for jodi. I think the next few months on lockdown in sheriff joes jail will be hard on jodi. It will be interesting to see how stessed out she is /looks when she comes back to trial in july.


  7. Her face is horrid enough to look at, but it’s her hands that really make me cringe, knowing what those creepy hands did to Travis.


  8. I can’t believe the jury imploded and couldn’t discuss their way out of being hung. That’s today’s society for ya! If ya can’t sum it up in an hour or so like an episode or two or Law and Order then its hung out to dry. Lengthy discussions could have lead to a pile of conclusions on either side of Lady Justice’s scales and see which way they tip. The jury wanted black and white or nothing at all to arrive at a sentence. That’s not possible at this phase of the sentencing. They were trusted for 4 long months that they would finish their job successfully and they gave up after 2 days!!???? Stubborn or what!!?


    1. Hi Susan, I am going to pick “or what” from your choices with all due respect. Yes, I was VERY disappointed for the family BUT the ones who wanted DP did not budge so you have to give them kudos. I am sure you have read on other blogs, FB ect… they did render down the 2 most important verdicts for can we say OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony UHG I am not picking on you so please do not be upset with me but you did ask a question and gave a choice 🙂 Just watch this you will feel better!


  9. One last thing, I think it’s our fault that she gets attention, we watch her, write and talk about her. We enable her.
    Just like with the make up, the media could have said no, believe me Jodi still would have gave an interview.


  10. I believe the Judge could have put more restraints on her that could have made it easier for the jury to come back with the DP. When JA took the stand she was allowed to turn away from Juan Martinez & look at the jury when she would give her drawn out answers. Why didn’t the Judge stop her on day one, tell her to give only yes or no answers, and look at Mr. Martinez. She also should have put stipulations on giving interviews before she gave one. Once your wearing stripes you have no control over your life. That was the Sheriff’s fault. And since the Judge allowed her to speak after the Guilty Verdict, why didn’t she disallow the props; the T-Shirt & the Power Point Presentation. JA should have been given only 15 min. at the podium and no script to read from. Why didn’t the deputy’s go get her when she did that interview immediately after the Guilty Verdict. They should have walked in cuffed her & dragged her out of there! It makes me sick that she was NEVER once stopped or reprimanded from doing what she wanted. The Judge & the prison officials knew she was going to give that interview, she made the phone call to the reporter to meet her there after the verdict is read so he can interview her. All the calls are tape recorded, wasn’t someone listening to what she is saying?? How was she able to walk around free to a room and sit down with make-up on for that first interview without being caught. Every time she got away with what she wanted to do she felt empowered and that makes me sick that the Judge and Jail Officials were so lax!! If I was the Alexander family I’d file a law suit against the jail for her cruel and unusual punishment she was allowed to put on the family by torturing them more, when she trashed their brother outside of the court room with no official or attorney there to stop her!


    1. All witnesses, whether they are the defendant or not, are instructed to look at the jury when giving their answers. This is supposed to give them a better “connection” with the jury.


  11. The jury foreman said they didn’t try to come to agreement. He assumed that if they didn’t agree, she’d get life. He said he didn’t know there would be a mistrial and do over. He said it was too much responsibility for a jury to make such decisions. He should have let the judge know this so he could have been excused from duty. I wonder if he will be in hot water with the law and how that could affect the guilty of M1 charge.

    Maybe the body language of the foreman could be examined. He’s been all over TV now giving interviews, like Jodi. I’d like to know how truthful he is being, and if he has other motives for his actions.


    1. He also broke an agreement he had with the other jurors. They all agreed to wait until after Memorial Day to give interviews. He went straight home and got in touch with the media. Then other jurors began speaking out about this juror. I am sure since he was the jury foreman and wanted her to get life, he didn’t try to hard to get the other jurors to delve into deep discussions which may have opened/changed some minds.


  12. There is no different between Jodi Arias and her her lawyers. Jodi killed Travis in his room alone, they killed him in courtroom together!!


  13. Wow. I felt the same way about her reactions. She looked “hurt” that there were many ready to give her DP. No surprise to us. That foreman is deeply disturbing in his on going comments. Who the hell voted him this!!!! Really wish juror #8 wasn’t kicked off. He took so many notes and would have been a better leader. I don’t think her lawyers will get off case and that makes me happy! God knows they made enough $ off of it. I am frustrated that four actually bought some of her crap. When does it end? Thank you Dr. Glass for your valued insight. Explains so much.


    1. I don’t think she knew when the verdict was read how many voted for DP. But maybe she was surprised that even 1 did!!


  14. I take this analysis with a grain of salt. I can say for certain that my body language has been misinterpreted on occasion as have my facial expressions. I am also surprised by how many people have vilified her lawyers who perform a valuable function in the justice system.


    1. Jennifer Lynn Richards, I take your comment with a grain of salt as well. No body language has been mi interpreted in this blog. If your facial expressions have been misinterpreted perhaps you need to take a closer look as to what you are giving off expression wise and why people are relating to you in a negative way.To address your comment about her lawyers, were vilified because they allowed her to waste so much tome speaking on her own behalf, did not set her straight as she pleaded for her life in that there were no programs she could start for prisoners like she said she planned to do. They did not offer her any compassion when she was crying either on the stand or next to them.They couldn’t stand her and wanted out of the case at every turn. Nurmi had no pasion or conviction when he spoke on Arias’ behalf in his monotone voice.


  15. personally i didnt understand how they couldnt come to agreement and give her the death penalty…what she did was soo horrendous she should pay the ultimate price. my heart really feels for the alexander family. if jodi is given lwop you know the alexander family will have to hear her slander travis for the time she is behind bars. it isnt fair nor right but jodi will. she deserves the death penalty. that last photo of travis in the shower is soo haunting becuz he truly had no idea what jodi had planned for him.. hopefully the next jury can give her what she deserves and thats death


  16. Just because it is a death penalty case does not mean the punishment has to be death! If she does get death, more money will be spent on appeals. In this country if you get the death penalty sentence you automatically get three appeals. Imagine that money that will be spent. I say put that nutcase in max security and the media stop talking about her. Focus on more important things. 5 months is long enough. I am sure when. Travis’s family turns on the TV that is the last thing they want to see. The media is giving that psycho what she wants.


  17. Jenny and her evil My Twinn Stabby Doll were dressed alike so much in the trial it was creepy! Nurmi did not play matchy match with them but he is as much of a buffoon as Jenny is. Jenny has the professionalism of a sophomore. Her endless eye rolls and smirks were nauseating. I hope the judge comes down hard on her for her rude behavior in court.

    Stabby Einstein will be out of her mind by the time July rolls around. Locking up the demon 23 hrs a day with no media to lie to will drive her nuts. Couldn’t happen Tina more deserving person IMO.


  18. Jenny and her evil My Twinn Stabby Doll were dressed alike so much in the trial it was creepy! Nurmi did not play matchy match with them but he is as much of a buffoon as Jenny is. Jenny has the professionalism of a sophomore. Her endless eye rolls and smirks were nauseating. I hope the judge comes down hard on her for her rude behavior in court.

    Stabby Einstein will be out of her mind by the time July rolls around. Locking up the demon 23 hrs a day with no media to lie to will drive her nuts. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving demon IMO. Stabby has zero remorse and should have zero mercy.


    1. Folks, this hung jury might have been a blessing in disguise..before I get flamed let me explain..I’m a lawyer and can tell you that Juan made a reversible error when he stated to the jury that Jodi could get parole after 25 years. There is no procedure in place and if the jury had sentenced her to death, it’s very likely it could have been reversed down the because of Juan’s error. Juan made an error that would have left Jodi with a very good appeal and now that the jury has hung and Juan has no doubt been made aware of his error, you can bet if she’s re-tried on the sentencing phase, Juan will be very, very careful not to say anything that would give Jodi grounds to appeal. I for one am happy in light of Juans error that they hung. Next time she WILL get death. You can mark my words on that ! 😉


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