Jodi Arias Media Interviews Full of Contradictions, Deception, Anger, and Narcissism As ABC Reporter Confronts Her and Is Called A Hater

First she wanted to die and now she wants to live. Then she comes up with a list of what she will do in prison to be productive and of service to others. This includes growing her hair for Locks of Love, teaching illiterate prisoners reading, teaching spanish, and  starting a recycling program. Then in her interviews she states that she has never been to prison so she doesn’t really know what she will be allowed and not allowed to do.


In all of her interviews  her vanity and narcissism showed. First fo all  it is interesting to note that she no longer wears glasses or bangs as we have all seen throughout the trial. This was no doubt an attempt to manipulate the jury into not viewing her as the blond bombshell.


But now , she  has on lip gloss and has restyled her hair without bangs. Although she insisted she didn’t want to be videotaped primping and fixing her hair or wearing striped pants, ABC News would have none of her shenanigans and did a set up shot of her with her striped prison pants.

She was LOVING all of the attention on each of the media venues . She was relishing in the attention as indicated by her completely different demeanor in terms of her body language. When asked about her enjoyment for the media attention she leaked out a smile (duping delight)  as she denied it. Instead, she tried to spin another yarn that she was serving as a spokesperson and poster girl  for other victims of abuse.

Most of the interviewers  were very gentle with her in their attempts to garner her cooperation and a good interview. But the ABC reporter Ryan Owens was the only one who called it like it is and  was super direct and didn’t fall for her manipulation.


She was surprised at the ABC  reporter’s questions. His first question to her was why didn’t she apologize to Travis’ family. Look at how defensive and angry  she looks after hearing the question from the ABC reporter.  Look at the glare in her eyes and her pursed lips. She knew full well that she didn’t  directly apologize to Travis’ family. In fact there is no doubt she  purposely did not say she was sorry because she is not sorry about what she did to Travis (her alleged abuser). She is  only sorry she got caught and that her freedoms were taken away.

It is also important to note that when she said to the reporter that she did apologize to Travis’ family, you could see a shoulder shrug- a clear signal of deception in this context.

The reporter then says  to Jodi. ” No one believes a word out of your mouth so why do you keep talking?”


She is shocked at the question as he eyes widen and he mouth is left agape. She continues to glare at the reporter as she defensively  answers “I’ve lied before.  That doesn’t mean I am a liar by definition by character.”  Sorry Jodi, you have lied so many times that  you are indeed a LIAR by definition and by character. Here we can see how her thought pattern is functioning  which is also is so indicative of the illogical way in which  sociopaths think.


We then see Aria’s anger surfacing again as she looks away and tenses her lips as she says she feels betrayed by the jury. She then lies as she says ” I don’t dislike them.” Her voice dies off at the end of this statement which is a signal of deception as was her shoulder shrug. Of course she dislikes them.  They didn’t fall for her manipulation.


Here we see Jodi leak out her viciousness in terms of her facial expression as she knows she has been manipulating the public by first saying she wanted to die and now saying she wanted to live. She then smugly asks the reporter “Was I lying when I said I wanted to die or lying when I said I wanted to live?”

I believed that her initial interview where she claimed she wanted to die, was pure manipulation, based on how she spoke vocally and the choice of her words.


Once again we see Jodi’s anger resurfacing as the reporter says that Travis’ family wants her dead. She then leans forward and juts out her jaw in anger to the reporter and says “What do you mean , why don’t I kill myself”


The ABC reporter then asks her the brilliant question , if she was on that jury and heard what she heard, “would  you kill you?” Jodi is taken aback and liiterally leans back as she tightens her jaw looks away and tries to come up with an answer. She sighs a huge breath indicating that she is very affected by the poignancy of this question. She swallows hard and the pitch of her voice goes up indicating tension and making it sound as though she is answering with a question mark , as she says  “I don’t believe in Capital punishment?”


So the answer would be “no”. She then leaks out a smirk and closed off her tense throat muscles as she creaks out a “no”. This creak is a signal of deception. I think this quesition hit her hard as we see multiple signals of stress. In her heart of hearts she does believe that she deserves the death sentence for this crime.

The fact that she said that it was her cousin’s words that hit home and made her want to live is nonsense considering her cousin wasn’t a steady presence in the courtroom and  the fact that she refused to giver her cousin’s name out. I do not  think Jodi ever wanted the death sentence. I think she wanted life all along and this was just another lie and another manipulative ploy.

Ryan Owen then says to Jodi ” So you are never going to tell the truth about what went on in  that bathroom” as he doubts her story of self defense.


Jodi is literally taken aback by the question as she jolts her head backwards and tenses her jaw in anger as she says “I don’t know what you mean by that.” in essence Ryan Owen has caught her in her lie and she is responding via her defensive and angry body language.


She then angrily glares at Ryan and then says that she told the truth. She attacks him by saying “I didn’t know you were such a hater when you came to interview me.”

Now we see the REAL Jodi Arias and how she can turn on a dime when things don’t go her way. We saw how  the hate  came out of  her. No longer do we hear that sickening sweet vocal tone which masks her hidden rage.


We see evidence of her continued anger as masked via sarcasm when Ryan Owen asks her about her image makeover from blond bombshell to church mouse librarian look. She smugly replies that’ they don’t sell Clairol hair dye in jail”. In the photo above you can see her phony smile with non raised cheeks and unsmiling eyes and tense mouth as she says this.

She then leaks out the word “crazy as she says that it is a court of law and not a place to go “crazy or let loose.”

Those words reveal exactly what Jodi did to Travis. In  a fit of jealousy. she went “crazy” by  killing him three times over.

Kudos to Ryan Owen for his hard hitting no nonsense questions which hit Jodi to the core and made her leak out her true colors via her   body language , voice ,and speech patterns.


91 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Media Interviews Full of Contradictions, Deception, Anger, and Narcissism As ABC Reporter Confronts Her and Is Called A Hater

  1. Too bad this is all for naught. Maybe if the jury sentences her to death, they’ll sleep a little better after seeing this interview. I, myself, would sentence her to death. Not because I want her to die, but because I want her to spend 23 hours a day in a cell on death row. The appeals process will take at least 20 years and I don’t want her in gen pop, getting privileges and enjoying the company of other inmates and manipulating them. She should spend the next 20+ years alone, with no privileges.

    1. My thoughts exactly..let her spend her life in a ‘coffin’ like atmosphere with no one more Jodi Show, lesbian lovers, etc..she will be trapped with her thoughts..

    2. I agree! But I do think she deserves no less then death row for the brutal murder!! No one should die the way Travis was killed!!
      No One

    3. I love the way Ryan interview her, it backfired on her, she expected him to fall all over her. You are so right about the body language, amazing.

      1. Misty she has NO remorse,,,,,she is a narcissistic psychopath and does not feel she did anything wrong….she has no soul….god is irrelevant to her….I think her personality is such that she will disintegrate over time if left completely alone in prison without being able to mirror herself in others….this woman has no conscience…..

    4. I applaud you ABC for being direct, the other stations seemed to be giving her exactly what she wanted, which disgusts me!! As for the Jurors, I absolutely believe they should be entitled to watch these interviews. What I don’t understand is that they all signed an agreement that they would/could be able to give the death penalty, now….some seem they can’t?? They found her guilty of first degree intentional murder with the “extreme aggravating factor” didn’t take them long to come to that. So how can they NOT give the death penalty? If it’s because of personal reasons and not they she doesn’t deserve it, then those that just can’t bring it upon themselves to give that verdict should be excused. Seriously…..they took that oath that they could, and to me who than anyone else should be given death, other then J.Arias!! What she did was beyond words, I can’t even find the right word to describe it. Even before I seen the autopsy photos I said she deserves death, but when I seen those photos….omg…….don’t waste time, she deserves it even sooner then anyone else. Today isn’t soon enough, and it’s funny because before this case I questioned the death penalty, not as much as years past because only of the uncertainty, but now with DNA and THIS case, my thoughts and heart felt feelings have changed. GIVE HER DEATH…….I have said from the beginning she is the “devils child”, but I don’t think the devil would even claim her. No soul behind those eyes of hers!!!

    5. That’s just it, she’ll be back in general population only when she gets the DP, otherwise she’s still in general population. Get it straight, she’ll be in general population even if she get’s life, only if she gets DP will she be put in isolation!!!

      1. The former guard at the prison, when interviewed by JVM said she will be in isolation 23 hours a day for the first 3 years, even if she gets LWOP. Even then, she has to earn her way up to the other levels. I hope he is right, cuz I’m afraid that is what she will get.

  2. Perfect interpretations, thank you! I notice the media does not show this more telling interview like they are with the more saccharin ones.

  3. jodi arias is one of the most cold and calculating persons i have ever seen she is very mentally sick so i guess she should not get death. but i just can’t bear the thought of her in the general population in prison that would be a kind of freedom to her a very dangerous, wicked woman

      1. Exactly – they only have to be sane enough to know why they’re being punished. She knows right from wrong and has self control… lots of it. She premeditated the murder and followed through, then tried to hide it. THAT is plenty sane. Her kind of crazy is something else – a personality disorder? Just plain evil.

      2. You just said what I have been thinking about Jodi this entire trial. But to me she’s a cunning, manipulative, sex-using psychopathic killer. She will kill again and again. Death will only take this “rabid dog” out of a gentle living society for good. Great accessment on her body language.

  4. Ryan Owens is the only interview worth watching because he treated her like a convicted killer, not a celebrity. After all, they were interviewing a murderer who slaughtered an innocent, unarmed man in one of his most private and vulnerable moments. Why should she be calling the shots? The makeup, the hair styling, civilian sweater, special lighting effects…none of this was appropriate. She should have been shown in her prison clothes, in the life that she has forged for herself with her own evil doings.
    The most telling of all her statements was that she doesn’t believe in the death penalty. She sentenced and executed an innocent man in the most heinous and cruel manner, without trial or conviction.

    1. You are right on! I couldn’t believe how the others handled her with kid loves, like a “celebrity” as you stated. The woman reporter that HLN had on did such a candy coated interview. Diane Sawyer she is not! I think Ryan Owens has a great career ahead of him.

      1. yes a lot of things that went on for this trial really amazed me – like when they found her guilty of 1st degree – she’s sitting there her hair had been blown out had lip gloss on and goes to an interview. She should have been handcuffed immediately and when she was sentenced or came back for her penalty phase she should have been in her prison garbs …then the fact that she tweets totally astonishes me …. But YES I agree this Ryan Owens did a great job and I LOVED when he asked her SO You Will NEVER tell the TRUTH about what happened in that bathroom – to see her face was priceless….

    2. Ann Neal, you have said exactly how I feel. Only you said it much more eloquently than I ever could have. Thank you for posting this.

    3. The Jodi show needs to come to a halt. No more catering to her. She is a convicted murderer. I agree with you about her DP statements. She doesn’t agree with it, yet she cut a life short by murdering him 3 times over. I hope this jury does the right thing here, because this case warrants a DP conviction if I have ever seen one. Put her away in isolation where she has no cheerleaders, where she’s no celebrity(in her mind any way), where she can only take 3 showers a week, no contact visits, 3 10 min calls per week and only 5 hours a week to get out and walk around. The rest of her time on death row will be spent all alone. This is what I want for this narcissistic sociopath murderer.

    4. Anne Neal,

      Perfectly stated. Wait until the jurors see her interviews once they have done their job! Jaw dropping to say the least, the arrogance, the vicious lies, the disingenuousness!

      Jodi is hallow inside, her eyes are dead. Jodi needs a human host to feed off of, she needs drama. She will become a shriveled up shadow of her former self after living in solitary confinement for many years.

      1. She’ll be another Charles Manson, I saw a tidbit of an interview he had done after being locked up for so many years, And he definitely was crazy before welllllllll he is even more after being locked up for so many years… Don’t understand though 2 of the women that were given death with him (and then Calif. got rid of the death penalty) go up for parole – I believe it was Leslie VanHouten so If you were given death then it should automatically switch to LWOP and why then is she going b4 the Parole Board and I believe 3x and all 3 of course was turned down. These people JA included should never see the light of day or the freedom of outside NOR given the opportunity to go before a board and possibly be given that chance…..THEY DO NOT belong in society amongst us – They are a DANGER to society ….. Juan Martinez should ask the next Jury After examining those autopsy pictures do you believe in your heart that she WILL NOT commit a crime like this again….She is a menace and a danger to our society……

  5. I feel exactly the same way, Anne, and now I am a big fan of Ryan Owens. That was the only time we saw Jodi react at all naturally. She hated Ryan at that moment and if she could have done something about it, she would have. She is used to her saccharine-sweet and creepy way of speaking, dancing around issues, working for her. That question was great and it really threw her.

    1. Oh no…there are more people out here who see through her, I think, than don’t. I think the jury should be privy to her out of court actions instead of being forced to buy her in court appearance.

  6. All questions, that if Juan Martinez had asked, would have been met with “objection”! from the DUHfense. Great interview! ALL reporters should take note, this is how to interview this murderer. She was put in her place and all the media should do exactly that, then maybe she would STOP granting interviews. I know when I watch the news, I prefer to see truth, RAW truth

  7. Hi Dr. G,

    Another excellent read! You are one of very few good authors who can not write fast enough for me :)))
    I wish all future Jodi media interviewers will take notes from Ryan’s, apply common sense, and journalistic integrity when grant her a session. Soon she will find that she can fool some people all of the time & all people some of the time but NOT all people all of the time! I have no doubt, in her mind the jury is dumb & wrong for convicted her. I believe she will kill again if let loose, she is a real danger to our society.

  8. Thank you Dr. Lillian. Now I understand why the Ryan Owens interview is the only one that didn’t make me sick. I saw most of the tells you mentioned, just don’t know how to read them. When those eyes flash rage, as we have seen in the courtroom, it creeps me out . if she is given the dp the jurors will be validated in their decision by this one.

  9. If only the jurors can see the witch and murderer that JA is. I hope they make a decision real soon. I would think that after seeing the crime scene and autopsy photos and heard lie after lie, there wouldn’t be too much to think about. When selected as a juror, it was understood they believed in the death penalty. What’s the hold up? What is wrong?

  10. Thank You for putting into words what I believed I saw–Really, the only interview worth watching–

  11. Strange thing is, I’m betting there are a lot of people just like her in our lives everyday…they lie, maybe not kill but give us the creeps or make you wonder what they COULD do…I know someone like this.

  12. I think that question about blond to brown was perfect… And especially her real answer which proves once more her premeditation!! She says cause they don’t sell Clairol in jail… She knew what she was going to do and get caught at some point. And did not want to be caught with blond hair and have to be in jail as its growing out! (VANITY)…. She’s a snake!!

  13. Thanks, Dr. Glass. The interview was captivating, and made even more so with your fascinating explanations.

    1. Anthony Bmcc take your hating out on Jodi Arias who slit another human being’s throat from eat to ear and killed him three times over- not on this blog.Body language is both an ART and a SCIENCE and there you have it.

  14. I also noticed that she will use a twenty dollar word when a two dollar one would suffice to try to make herself feel superior. She even asked one of the reporters if she knew what she meant after one of those words. I hate people that do that. To me it makes them look stupid. “Look at me. I know big words. ” People really have to stop saying she so smart. 119 is not fantastic. It just proves she is smart enough to have known what she was doing.

    1. Exactly. This idea that she is smart is one of the dumbest things that ever got started. I don’t care what her IQ test said, because the enormity of stupid things she did to try and either cover up Travis’ murder or EXCUSE her killing of Travis is bewildering. What idiot that just committed a heinous murder then lies about every single detail, grants a frickin’ interview to the freakin’ media? DUMB.

      Proof positive she is stupid.

      1. Totally Agree.

        Jodi lacks emotional intelligence for certain….in that department an imbecile.

  15. Thanks so much for your analysis. I started to watch one of the interviews but couldn’t continue as I could see the glee in her eyes as she put her spin on the soft questions she was asked. I just think that the focus needs to stay on the victim and his loved ones and not on the convicted killer. I’m pretty sure that if she gets life without paroll she will be manipulating other prisoners and continue to find ways to trash Travis and hurt his family . I hope they do give her the DP . If not, they will no doubt will feel duped, once they are privy to all the precluded evidence that shows her true nature.

  16. Good analysis, but HORRIBLE WRITING!! It’s hard to take this piece seriously when I’m trying to get through all the bad punctuation, grammar, spelling and typos.

  17. I felt after seeing her yesterday in her interviews that she does not really think about what is…nor to much about what might be. She doesn’t appear to care, or have that ability to care. She does what ever is suggested to her at the moment. I might be wrong, but she does not seem real to me.

  18. Jodie knows everything going on,she knew the camera was in court,soo ,she had to bring the sick side of her out ,laugh ,joke carry on like a lunatic,I dont think she ever shut up unless they had to walk away,what a mess she is. I think she did everything on her check list making everyone miserable in his family,ruin his life,tell the Bishop if he wanted her out of his life! instead she killed him so savagely,she is a barbarian from hell! And that jury better come out withe death penalty,they signed a paper before the trial that a death sentence is no problem for them,,yea right, they should not be in there,breaking a very important rule to to your civic duty!!!!!!!!!!! They watched Jody since January for what she is and they got a problem?? What the hell can be there problem? I say lay his picture of his ear to ear slit throat in front of them and keep it there!! Good interview!
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm this is her time to think what to say next HMMMMMMMM. Pray we get a Verdict today ..hmmdeath.

  19. Dr. Lilian,
    EXCELLENT JOB! I agree with you completely! The way you examined each part of her interview was spot on.

  20. I see life without parole for Jodi Arias. I couldn’t sentence her to death either. I can see how this jury will be deadlocked. It is wrong to impose the death sentence on someone this crazy. Yes, she doesn’t know she is crazy, but the rest of us know by her deficits in social understanding…and because we are the sane ones, we should feel compassion for someone such as this.

    Now Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky…totally different story. I believe that I could happily sentence them to death.

  21. I really enjoyed your article. This was by far my favorite interview with the murder! Thanks to this talented reporter, we were able to see the mask of JA. Your observations of her body language during the interview where spot on. Thank you again for exposing the evil one. I pray for the DP today.

  22. Ryan was incredible great in that interview, he hit the nail on the head by asking those most important questions that I can see took Jodi to the boiling point, Ryan you deserve a award for this interview you were the best of all…Keep it up

  23. Dr. Glass,

    A bizillion thanks, you brilliantly broke the details down and the pictures reveal exactly what you discussing. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed.

    I wanted to reach through the computer screen and give a warm, big hug to Mr. Owens. Wow, I LOVED his questions. He is the man, next to Mr. Martinez and his team!!! L)

  24. Jodi clearly demonstrated for those who have eyes and ears that see and hear that she is incorrigible! This is what her parents had to deal with in her growing years.

  25. Why she deserves death and locked up for 23 hrs a day.

    1. Pre-meditate the crime covertly, she knew it to be illegal, immoral, wrong, unacceptable to society. She knew if she was linked to the crime, she would have to suffer the consequences.

2. Covered up the crime, because she understood she would be prosecuted and sent to prison.
Jodi is not insane, not mentally ill, not someone who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, or someone in need of therapy.

    Jodi is a sociopathic EVIL person to the core. Incorrigible. In prison she will receive no attention & less freedoms to harass the Alexander family.

    If Jodi is placed with the general population in prison, they will not take well to Jodi’s “superior attitude.” She will be in more danger in general population, mho.

  26. thank this reporter for having the decency to do the job right, not fawn over her but to truly asks her questions we want to know her answers. to bad if she got her feelings hrt. I guess everyone who disagrees with her is now a hater. Thank u ryan, damn good interview. a real one for a chage. these reporters should quit acting like she is a star, she is a cold blooded killer who tortured that man and murdered him hours after sleeping with him. black widow is insulting spiders when compared with one. I to dont want her dead, i want her locked down 23 hours a day for the rest of her life untl she cant sleep because she sees travis, bleeding and moaning. not interviews feeding her need for fame.She should not recieve a penny of profit for this crime.

  27. Thank you for this detailled analysis. It is truly amazing how ‘telling n spot on’ Jody’s body language is very clear with your assistance n wonderful analysis. I wish the jury wld have the benefit of information like this from her time in the court room. I am sure it wld help them with the current deliberations they are engaged in, right now. Thank you…there is no question in my mnd that she deserves the death penalty and I wld be able to sign my name on the verdict form without any remorse for her!

  28. Dr. Glass, Would love to hear your analysis on the IRS people on Hearings. Saw a lot of sneering, lies, arrogance and I’m just an amateur at this!

  29. Jodi speaks very much like Darryl Brewer. He taught her how to be cunning. More needs to be known about this man. They both seem to take great pride in their “I can outsmart you with my expanse of vocabulary and innocent looks” act.

  30. I truly hope that should this become a hung jury, the next group to decide her fate has had the opportunity to watch Ryan Owen’s interview with this monster.

  31. Ryan Owen is my hero, (along with Juan)! If all the reporters asked the hard-hitting questions as he did, maybe she wouldn’t constantly seek out interviews. Shame on the soft journalists who coddle her just to be granted the interview!

  32. Bravo to the jury members who didn’t drink the Kool-aid, the foreman makes me physically ill, but we have to accept the process. Hopdefully, the next jury will be immune to deception.

  33. I watched thinking how delusional this chick is, not wanting her stripes and shackles shown…….everyone knows she’s a convicted murderer!! So who does she think she’s fooling??

  34. I will never understand how body language experts get away with being called that. I have worked with the most dangerous of people from rapists to murderers and never have used this alleged science. I hate to say it but in my humble opinion as a medical doctor its utter rubbish fit only for talk shows and book peddling. Arias is, to coin a phrase, a misfit to the norm of personality make up.. From the little I have seen of her it is fair to say she has no concept of moral boundaries and that can make her very dangerous. I cant diagnose her as I have not assessed her. Body language has no place in determining personality and again I can say with surety it is not a science. While I understand your attempt at this analysis I must point out it is guess work based on conceived ideas and has no clinical validity. I’m surprised psychiatrists were not a major part of this very sad affair..

    1. Body language in my opinion is nothing but speculation guess work. With only a 11th grade education, Arias has a high IQ, she is well spoken, and obvious well written communication skills…..and ‘spelling skills’. You can’t deny that. It appears the author is mis-informed about many things and should do more research on the case before noting what the prosecution and defense attorneys should do and not do.

    2. The study of body language is both an art and a science. There has indeed been scientific evidence to support many of the body language claims. I suggest you look into that before you make such statements as you have.

  35. OOPS! If the analysis is well done and there are a lot of grammar errors, it doesn’t give a good feeling about the writer. That is one reason a person filling out a resume might not get the job. This is what I meant to state…

  36. If the damn media KNOWS she loves the attention and admits they KNOW she loves the attention, then why does the media keep on giving her what she wants by conducting these silly “interviews?” She’s just going to keep on saying the same old BS lies and stories. She’s a crazed killer who thrives on attention, negative or not. We KNOW that. Can we just give her the needle and move on now?

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