Jodi Arias Worst Punishment Isolation Not Life or Death With Her Narcissistic and Entitled Personality



There appears to be a great deal of upset with jurors in the Jodi Arias case for not coming to a conclusion as to wether she lives or dies. While there appears to be somewhat of a gladiator mindset with those who are not on the jury championing life, while others champion death for Jodi, these two options will not have as much impact on Jodi as being isolated and away from other human beings will have more of a punishing effect on her based on her personality type.

Her not having mountains of mail to keep her busy and occupied, her not making daily calls to her friend to tweet for her, her only being allowed two books every two weeks if she is lucky, her lack of having access to a pen or writing  or drawing materials, will be devastating enough to her psyche. 

But even more devastating will be her lack of contact with others both on the outside and on the inside of her prison life. For someone who thrives on attention, manipulation, and for someone who feels so entitled who needs to be in control, the mere essence of who she is will no doubt  be destroyed.

While it was recently  appalling to see Jodi control and micromanage the media and the reporters who sniveled  at her feet just to get her to talk in an interview, we gained a great deal of insight as to who she is and how she thinks. She clearly intimidated almost every single reporter who spoke to her, She was the one in control. She loved it. She demanded that they only film her above the waist without her jailhouse stipes and pink socks and shackles showing. She insisted that she apply makeup and lipgloss and not be filmed doing those things or combing or fluffing up her hair. 

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The ONLY reporter with any guts and professionalism was ABC’s Ryan Owen who shot video of her in her jail garb and asked real hard hitting questions instead of those meaningless namby pamby candy coated questions his colleagues asked.

In doing so, Ryan’s questions brought out another side of  REAL Jodi as she exposed the flash of hate and anger that Travis Alexander may have seen right before he was so brutally attacked and massacred.


Gone was Jodi’s sickening sweet melifluous tone. Gone was Jodi’s plastered fake smile. Now her eyes opened wide in anger, her  jaw dropped,  her head jerked back as she was literally taken aback by Ryan Owen’s direct non nonsense not sugar coated approached. She retaliated by calling him a “hater.”

With the exception of Ryan Owen’s interview Jodi LOVED LOVED LOVED all of the attention. She LOVED bossing all the media around and setting up her rules and regulations . She LOVED asserting her control over them. But the one time she couldn’t control like we saw in her reaction with Ryan owen, she fought back and fought as hard as she could under the circumstances by calling him a “Hater”.

When Jodi did not get her way, she fought. That is what happened with Travis. She wanted to control Travis and have him marry her. She did all she could to make that happen from accompanying him on trips to ironically fulfill his “1000 places to see before you die”  goal, converting to Mormonism for him, and  indulging him in his sex fantasies and sex play. She thought she could easily control him with sex and eventually wear him down and have him succumb to her greatest  desire which was to be his wife.

So when she completely lost control, that rage and anger  of which we saw a glimpse in Ryan Owen’s interview, no doubt surfaced and all the anger of  this “sickeningly sweet  silent  but deadly erupting volcano”  came boiling up to the surface and exploded. AS a result of her built up rage, she ended up stabbing Travis 27 times and shooting him. 

She thought she could control and manipulate Travis  with some great sex and that they would be back together as a couple. But that was not the case. Instead, he gladly enjoyed the sex  with her, but then told her he was taking another girl  on a trip to Mexico.

It was all too much for Jodi to hear. She lost control so did the only thing she could to gain back her control – literally destroying Travis three times over. Her intention in driving all those miles was to see if she could control Travis, one last time. if not, she was prepared to make sure no one else had Travis if she couldn’t have him.

The jury forman in his interview made some disparaging remarks about Travis. He said he believed  Travis had emotionally and mentally abused Jodi.  Travis was certainly  no angel. The jury forman was right in his assessment that Travis  did emotionally abuse her by continuing to have sex with her while he had no intention of marrying her and while dating other women in order to seek out a wife. This diminished  Jodi’s ego and sense of self to the point  that her built up anger overcame her and that she felt she had no choice other than to literally destroy Travis.

Jodi’s personality is such that when she cannot control something or someone she lashes out and destroys and that is what she did to Travis. 

There is a very enlightening You tube video called “Jodi Arias Rose Colored Glasses” by a former prison deputy Warden in the  Arizona Prison system. named Carl ToersBijns

He states that Jodi will have absolutely NO CONTROL whatsoever in the prison system to start reading, language, recycling and hair donation programs like she told the jurors. She said in his video that the physical conditions alone in the Perryville prison are so harsh that many inmates die or commit suicide. He reports that Jodi will have no contact at all with others and will be looking at four walls 23 hours a day with no letters or books to keep her mind occupied.  

Based on the deputy warden’s video, Jodi will be facing isolation with no human contact  for at least at least five years before she will be allowed with others. That is only of she shows good behavior. But as the deputy warden says, many find the intense heat and the extreme isolation too much to take so they often kill themselves. 

When Jodi realizes that there is no inmate contact, that no one set her straight about her not being able to start prison  reading or language programs,that she won’t be able to draw or color, that she won’t be in the general population for at least five years,  that she can only read 2 books a month only if the staff has time to take her to the library, that all  her mail will not be delivered, that she has NO CONTROL over anything, it may be too much for her to bear and she may welcome death as so many prisoners do.

If she gets life, these conditions will be immensely unbearable for her personality type. Even if she happens to make it to the point that she will see other prisoners after her five years of isolation, she will be such a mental mess that she will not be able to endure the taunting that the Deputy Warden talks about in his video. If she displays that arrogant,”I am a celebrity”  or “I am better than you” attitude, uses her big worded vocabulary to show off, speaks in her precise, hyper-articulate, staccato unnatural tone,  or shows any sense entitlement she may be beaten up so severely  or even  killed by other prisoners. 

This time around,  with the new jury deciding whether she lives or dies, Jodi’s lawyers  may want to give her a reality check and tell her there are no prison programs in Perryville she can control or start up. They may want to do the right thing by her even though they can’t  stand her and have her  put her narcissistic desire for attention on the back burner and shut up .

Pleading for her life may have been Jodi’s biggest mistake. It made the jury think twice about her fate, especially when she provided them with more BS about what she would do in a maximum security system.

Based on what we now know will be the conditions she will fave in Perryville, she needs to plead death or keep her mouth shut and let the jury decide without her influence.  But  that won’t be possible as her desire for control and  center stage is too great.

Here is the link to the former  Deputy Warden’s analysis of what life will be like for Jodi Arias.


31 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Worst Punishment Isolation Not Life or Death With Her Narcissistic and Entitled Personality

  1. You are so correct that Jodi’s punishment will be that she can no longer control any situation, that she can not manipulate other people because her contact with others will be very limited. It will not surprise me, however, if she tries to manipulate the guards or the people she does get to see in her exercise hours. At first I thought that Jodi lives in her head and would have no problem at all with isolation, but the longer the trial went on, it became apparent that she is, to herself, nobody until she can impress herself on another. Attention from others is vital to this type of personality, and so even if she does not get the death penalty, I hope the prison won’t let her give interviews or sell articles, her pictures or anything else.


    1. WAtch the video as the guards go by the roles in their 100 year old rule book and there is no deviation so Jodi is not going to manipulate anyone. She will also be isolated in her exercise pen so there will not be any other inmates for her to manipulate. She will also NOT be doing any interviews. The deputy warden of the Arizona prison spoke of what life would be like for Jodi. The link is at the end of the blog. Please watch it.


    2. Barbara, you might also watch Kathy Griffin’s show “My life on the D list” on YouTube. It s the episode where she performs at the Perryville prison. She goes on a tour of death row and it is an awful place. You also get to see the cages they get to go outside in. They look like oversized dog kennels. Must watch!


  2. Dr. Glass, Thank you for your comments on Jodi Arias, She is an evil seducing spirit that should never walk the face of this earth. Maybe Juan Martinez should require the next jurors to pass an I.Q. test! Your analysis was spot on! I will continue to follow this trial and support the Alexander family any way I can!


  3. Wow, those prison conditions are very cruel indeed. I can’t imagine that anyone would be able to stand that level of isolation & deprivation ~ and certainly not for years on end. Of course, I know that in wartime, POW’s routinely do stand it, and they survive it. However, I can’t imagine anything much worse that could happen to a human being. Perhaps extreme, unrelenting, intractable cancer (or other?) terminal pain? Jodi will be extremely fortunate, however, in that she will not be tortured physically (?) while in this long-term solitary confinement.

    I hope that Travis’ family members read & watch the video on this: it won’t give them the sense of Justice having been served, that the Death Penalty would give. But my god, they will realize that what the jury foreman said is 1000% true: no matter what the eventual sentence, Jodi Arias is, indeed, being given death. She is dying…..

    Thanks much, Dr. Glass, for your insightful and wise commentary!


    1. Travis’s sisters, I just wanted to grab them and hug them. My heart hurts for them.
      No doubt that Travis wasnt perfect, but who is? But no one deserves to be slaughtered like that. I hope to the man above that the Prosecution is wrong and Travis did not suffer. She took his camera and took pics. Sicko!
      Oh, he “abused” her. When she said he “body slammed” her and she got up.. Has anyone ever been body slammed? I’m not talking WWF style on Springs.. If he would have “body slammed” her, no way in hell this psychopath would have gotten up and ran. Nope. It takes a physically strong person to body slam someone. Again, not the fake WwF way where there is a spring board & person getting body slammed goes along and throws self with person.
      Sorry, venting..


  4. Dr Glass,
    Another blog called stoopidhousewives who uses your posts ( links readers too, not steals ) has this picture of Jodi Arias as an age progression. I uploaded it to my blog to get an HTmL code. This is what JA would like in 20- 25 years.


    1. If this posts twice sorry, I am trying to get a wifi signal.
      Last attempt b/c if this does post, don’t want to have it post a zillion times as will wait to get home.
      Jodi Arias in 20 years.

      Oh, please tell me you follow ZIMMERMAN TRIAL. I am so over Jodi. As much as I am guilty of reading, I think we should hit her where it hurts. No more attention.

      I so glad the warden did this video. So glad. I was getting some nasty feedback for saying life would be better. Of course I didn’t mean it b/c I thought it would be worse.
      JA, be careful what you ask for..


  5. Anita North,
    I am not trying to start an argument at all, how can you say that about the Jury still?
    The foreman said all along either way she is doomed. The important thing is that he voted 1st degree. Just because this was a death penalty case does not mean it had to be the punishment as others stated. This is exactly why the Media needs to stop!
    We got a 1ST Degree Murder conviction here. I think maybe people who keep criticizing them should get an IQ test.
    As a former juror who came out and said, ” until you are in the situation, it is so easy to sit there and say you could sentence someone to death, until you have to do it yourself, totally different, don’t criticize them, no one has a clue what the pressure is, they are not watching the news as the trial goes on”
    Do you know how many jurors that have come forward over the past 30 years and have said it haunts them from sentencing people? They picked the jury!
    I am sorry Dr. Lillian but it makes mad to see people criticize and insult these jurors. I am willing to bet the jurors have higher IQ’s than people who insult them.


  6. Anita North,
    I am not trying to start an argument at all, how can you say that about the Jury still after watching that video? The foreman said all along either way she is doomed. The important thing is that he voted 1st degree. Just because this was a death penalty case does not mean it had to be the punishment as others stated. This is exactly why the Media needs to stop!
    We got a 1ST Degree Murder conviction here. I think maybe people who keep criticizing them should get an IQ test.
    As a former juror who came out and said, ” until you are in the situation, it is so easy to sit there and say you could sentence someone to death, until you have to do it yourself, totally different, don’t criticize them, no one has a clue what the pressure is, they are not watching the news as the trial goes on”
    Do you know how many jurors that have come forward over the past 30 years and have said it haunts them from sentencing people? They picked the jury!
    I am sorry Dr. Lillian but it makes mad to see people criticize and insult these jurors. I am willing to bet the jurors have higher IQ’s than people who insult them.


      1. Dr.Glass,

        Thank you for your analysis and for the link to Carl ToersBijns comments on prison life in isolation. I listened as long as I possibly could, it was so depressing and torturous as he explained the surroundings and what takes place inside prison! I could not listen to the entire vid.

        This life sounds excruciating,
        it really sounds like dying a s-l-o-w, s-l-o-w death! Someone as internally empty as Jodi won’t fair well. Her hatred for those who “betrayed” her will quickly
        deepen, and her despair will hasten her downfall.


  7. A prisoner in Texas under 23 hour isolation committed suicide just last week;those are really brutal conditions.She better start memorizing stuff to recite and fill up those hours; math problems, poems, prayers.

    Right now she believes that she’s smarter than anyone and can outfox anyone.What Jodi forgets in her arrogance is that even if she were among the regular prison population, a fair number of the inmates are as smart and sociopathic, or smarter and even more deviant than she is. She won’t be the only shark swimming in the tank.


  8. Dr. Glass, If you believe that Travis emotionally abused Jodi, then you must believe that most single guys who lure a young woman to their beds are emotionally abusive as well. And how about the single ladies who hop into bed with different men when they have no intention of ever marrying them. That’s a choice that people often make, but it is most certainly not emotional abuse. Travis was not a saint, he was a normal red-blooded man who took sex from a woman who was happy to oblige him.

    The video of where Jodi is going to spend her next years gives me the creeps. I wouldn’t even want to stand in one of those cells for five minutes, but Jodi deserves this. I’m sure she’ll be driven even more looney-tunes if that’s even possible. She is evil to the core.


    1. Obviously there was something Travis did to create Jodi’s horrific behavior and that was to not marry her. She didn’t get her way after investing so much into him like changing her religion and converting to Mormonism so in a jealous rage she brutally killed him. The tape shows that he was indeed verbally abusive and the jury forman and the three other jurors who voted life for her felt that he did abuse her and stated so. In Jodi’s mind she felt she was emotionally and mentally abused. Maybe that is not the case in your mind or my mond but it was in her mind. I am just reiterating what the jury forman stated. There are a lot of people that feel that way. Travis was not a saint and cannot be painted this way. He allowed her back into his life and it was the end for him unfortunately. He knew she was dangerous and even remarked about her stalking to friends so by letting her back into his life and having sex with her when he knew she was nothing but trouble unfortunately sealed his fate.


      1. I totally agree with this statement Dr. G. I enjoy all your posts, and have tried to get to my profile to change my e-mail address but don’t know how to find it. I am keeping my old e-mail open just so I can get your posts and then forward to my new e-mail addy.

        Keep up the good work, and I guess our next trial will be the George Zimmerman, right?


      2. Dr. Glass,

        I agree with most of what you say, but the problem is this Jodi is a known chronic liar. How do we know they had sex on the last day she was there? We only have her words.

        The nude pictures could have been at an earlier time, months earlier and not on the day of the murder. If Martinez has evidence those pictures are definitely from that day, I accept that. Say she showed up and hid herself until the room mates had left? To me Travis does not look comfortable in those shower pictures, not like he is posing, until the last shot where he is sitting, looking terrified.

        Travis is said to try to end it with Jodi, and even a coworker of Jodi’s said Jodi was constantly checking on Travis from Yreak – after the break up. Jodi was constantly calling/texting according to Travis’s friends. Travis was not answering, but knowing she was unstable may have feared not knowing what she was thinking or going to do next.

        It is easy to comprehend men stalking women, why not comprehend women stalking men? Jodi was clearly stalking Travis. Why would the jury foreman miss HUGE detail?

        Travis defended Jodi for a while with his friends, but he did eventually see Jodi for the controlling freak she is. Jodi was stalking him, breaking into his email accounts, spying on him after they broke up. Hence, I fail to see where Travis was the abuser, it was the other way around. When she damaged his car, it was understanding. While Jodi was not understanding about a relationship that was not going to work out! Normal people though hurt, would move on and eventually find love.


      3. Dr. Glass, I agree with you 100% about the type of abuse Travis gave Jodi. He did it, and there are some recordings to prove it (he’s gone – his friends will not smear his name by admitting to ever witnessing it). However, wouldn’t you attribute it to transference of anger of how he felt about himself being “reeled in,” yet again, by her seductive ways thus causing him to lash out? That he hated himself for not being strong enough to overcome the lure of Jodi? By most testimony, Travis was not an abusive person, but she used him, and he used her. At one time Jodi did say that they “brought out the worst in each other.” Even though Travis knew she was trouble and continuously let her back into his life (when she’d show up uninvited) by giving in to the sex, he really had no clue as to the true depth of her evil. JA felt finally blew up.


      4. Dr. Glass, you said “Obviously there was something Travis did to create Jodi’s horrific behavior,” yet I question what was it that was different about Travis v. Jodi’s other relationships with men. None of which wanted to marry her, each sought out other women, with the exception of Brewer, and at least two were physically abusive.
        Should I believe Jodi did not participate in physical combat with the other two? Juarez and Matt. There had to have been verbal abuse even there to facilitate reactions. We’ll never know the truth though. Jodi admits in writing about her violent behaviors. Her family most certainly knows there’s more to the story about Jodi and why she would have to live at her grandparents and, I’ve no doubt Jodi is verbally abusive, with everyone she preys on, including her family. Lying and manipulation being just two of many behaviors.
        But what did Travis do that the others had not? Expose her, not only to herself, but in no uncertain terms, to her face about what he was experiencing because of her.Travis expressed this in texts and an email, but we know, there had to have been verbal confrontations face to face and on the phone to fill in the gaps of what Travis had truly experienced. Is he really guilty of being abusive? I don’t believe so. How could he define, clinically, what she really is to know how dangerous she truly was, enough to slaughter him?
        Jodi has managed to control everything related to this trial, including the media, that’s what Travis experienced. Ryan Owens called Jodi out, I loved that he smiled when he did it. He let her know in no uncertain terms he had her number. But Ryan knew more, just as we knew more as everything unfolded, about Jodi.
        And still, what did Brewer miss, entirely, about her?
        I’ve yet to see anyone write the words that Travis was a saint except from those who use that word against him as if it were some justification for Jodi slaughtering him because he wasn’t, in their minds, a saint and that he deserved what he got. That makes me sick to my stomach. Jodi USED the religion and family history of Travis in the most self serving egregious way to say he was not a saint, only to defile him and lift herself on high as a victim of abuse. She didn’t convert to Mormonism. Jodi never invested in anything, least of all a previous religion.
        We’ll never know what happened that day, especially what was said, but if his fate was sealed because of sex with that monster, so too her fate is sealed for slaughtering him for nothing. Least of all for a marriage. That’s just a word. To consume another is what she did not achieve.


  9. I don’t believe JA was mentally abused. The only time TA used bad words were in the May 26th chat conversation. In that letter he also stated he was talking to a lawyer and that JA had hurt him worse than his dad’s passing away. I believe JA played the tape of the phone sex that she recorded w/o TA permission and told Travis she was going to play it to his friends and Mimi to show he wasnt a virgin. That’s what set him off among other things. Up to that point, TA had never made negative comments about Jodi pertaining to sex and since Sex was all Jodi had going for her to have control over Travis, she lost it! She had lost her control. Thus the plan for murder. Also, people speculate about why didn’t Jodi shoot Travis upon entering his home that day? First, I don’t think she knew the status of where his room mates were until later that day. Second, in some warped way I think she planned to kill him after sex so that he would not have time to repent before dying, thus ensuring he would go straight to Hell, in her mind. Another issue with this emotional abuse allegation. There were over 80,000 text messages between them and only a handful were found to contain harsh language. This does not prove abuse. Remember, some texts were never recovered so we will never know if she used harsh language as well. I don’t think you can call Travis an abuser in any way , you may call him a “user” instead- seems more of an appropriate term for the sexual relationship, not abuse. One last comment- LOVED when Juan announced the wild card that did it for me in his closing arguement in the guilt phase. Bringing up the stack of CD’s that Jodi stated she brought with her on her trip to give to Travis. the CD’s held photos of their vacation trips together. If Jodi didnt plan on seeing Travis until after she was enroute on her trip, why did she have the CD ‘s with her? She can’t just say they were in her car either because enroute on her trip she also stopped and rented a car! She she would have to purposefully transfer the CD’s to the rental car KNOWING she was going to see Travis all along. Juan is BRILLIANT! Dr. Glass, I so agree with your analysis of Jodi- you are right on!


    1. If someone (like Jodi) has a weak ego and mind they will take the smallest bit of criticism and inconsiderate treatment to heart especially if they already are mentally unbalanced. It’s really impossible to say “…Up to that point, TA had never made negative comments about Jodi pertaining to sex…,” since nobody knows how they spoke to each other when they were getting under each other’s skin in their private moments. Jodi may have provoked the comments because she seemed defensive and paranoid about everything related to her “hold” on Travis (one that she never had, since he didn’t consider her marriage material). But think about it, if you let a guy use you and know he will continue to use you, why go back? So there’s another term we can add when describing Jodi: masochist.


  10. Pamela great remarks! I would say Jodi was as much as a “user” in the sex relationship. In Travis’s words he was no more than a dildo with a heartbeat.


  11. Dr, Glass,

    You probably could write an essay on the way JA answered Mr. Owen’s question regarding if she would kill again if released from prison. WOW! I remember thinking what a loaded answer she gave which when broken down added up to enormous red flags, bright and flashing. To me it said: if you don’t cross me, I won’t kill you. Got to find the direct quote.


  12. Intothewoods,

    I totally agree with you! Found the quote from abc: “”All I know is that, if I were given freedom again, I would handle it very, very responsibly,” Arias said. “If you’re not abusing me and attacking me and threatening to kill my life, there’s no reason to fear.”

    She says “threatening to kill my life.” Who speaks like that? Since in her narcissistic mind she is the one who determines if you have threatened her life, as she did w/ TA, she is a danger to male or female. I think she was on her way after killing TA to becoming a serial killer. Who packs a 9mm and knifes after committing one murder? Jodi!


    1. I thought she was on her way to commit a copycat murder. Maybe kill another Mormon to make it look like there was a serial killer out there attacking Mormons to take the heat off of her. I wish the police hadn’t arrested her right away and just tailed her to see what she was up to. Maybe they could’ve caught her in another criminal act. Then she would most certainly have been sentenced o death.


      1. Pamela,

        So right, what if the Police had caught her in her next commission of MURDER!

        She is a thief, chronic liar, a violator of other’s privacy & mostly a vicious murderer.

        She deserves her solitary confinement, she can sing herself into oblivion.


  13. Another comment by JA that jumps out at you:

    Owens: “The glasses, overall, the demeanor is very different from the person you were before the crime.”

    Jodi: “This is a court of law. It’s not a place to go and act crazy or — I don’t know if i should use that term. It’s not a place to go and let loose.”

    …..not a place to go and act crazy or???? She then corrects herself “I don’t know if I should use that term….It’s not a place to go and let loose.”

    Let loose, like she would do with poor TA, stalking, prying into his accounts, slashing tires, and bringing her creepy self to his house uninvited. There is a reason TA said, “if I don’t show up one day and am found dead, Jodi did it.”


  14. This is the perfect webpage for everyone who wishes to understand this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been discussed for many years. Great stuff, just excellent!


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