Jodi Arias Mother’s Body Language Shows Disrespect in the Courtroom and Hostility Towards Jodi


Jodi Arias’s mother sits each day in the courtroom with another woman who looks similar to her. The reason they look so similar is that they are twin sisters.

But what these twins are doing in the courtroom is not helping Jodi. They are laughing and chucking with one another as though they are sharing inside jokes. This is very disrespectful  and is not helping Jodi in terms of jury perception.

The rest of the time her mother is looking non reactive or hostile as she gazes ahead to look at Jodi. Juries do look at family members. They see how family members react , if they are present , and how they behave.

The mother doesn’t look over at Jodi with any loving look. When there are salacious sexual details out of Jodi’s mouth as the camera pans to her, there is no emotional reaction. It is a though she is watching paint dry on a wall.

The only emotional reaction is when she is laughing with her sister. Does she think this trial is a big jok?. Or is she secretly happy Jodi finally got what she deserved for  possibly being such a bad daughter in her view. Ther eis clearly some deep seated hostility between them.

There does not seem to be any love lost between the two of them. Perhaps  her mother is angry for Jodi for either revealing the family  beating secrets or  for lying about  being beaten by her mother.

In the courtroom  Jodi said how she was severely beaten as a child by  both her mother and father as she said “ Life was ideal up until I was aged seven. Parents would spank us and around seven-years old it started getting more intense.”

Just as a note most abusive parents dont start spanking at age 7. They do it way before that time, so this statement seems like a lie to me.

Then Jodi continues, ‘My dad started using a belt.My mom began to carry a wooden spoon on her purse.”It was a wooden kitchen spoon and if we misbehaved she would use it on my brother and I, she would hit us hard with it.’It left welts on my body.“Dad didn’t leave welts as often as my mom – she also used a belt. “

In my view this last statement was way too much information about her dad and the welts which also make me question how truthful she was being. Also belts leave welts so one again she appears to me to be lying.

Then Jodi adds, My dad was quite intimidating so didn’t need to use strength to get his point across. My mother did.’

Now here is where it is very revealing concerning Jodi and her mother’s relationship. Jodi was asked in court if she loved her mother, She  took a pause and quietly responded, ‘yes’.

That quiet yes, and the pause says it all. It shows  ambivalence. It wasn’t a loud yes or a yes that could be heard but a quiet yes. It spoke  loud volumes about their relationship.

Jodi a;sp talked at length about the relationship she had with her parents growing up and claimed she was subjected to beatings.

‘They were intense and increased in frequency as I got older,’ Jodi  said. ‘I don’t recall how many times a week but it could be any thing from four times a week to once every two weeks.‘I didn’t like being hit so I would squirm around a little but the more we did the harder we would get hit.

 ‘My mother broke my brother’s hand once when he tried to block one of her blows. As I got into a teenager, my dad would get rougher and rougher.

So here is where she contradicts herself regarding the beatings. First she says her dad was just intimidating anf didn’t need to use strength to get his point across and then she says he got rougher and rougher.

She added: ‘When I was younger I remember feeling betrayed and confused that my mother was beating me.’As I got older it made me mad and I didn’t get why she was punishing me. I was mad at her and it hurt. I loved her but it put a strain on our relationship.”

Her adding I loved her was once again too much information and when she used the word BUT and said it put a strain on their relationship, it clearly shows her ambivalence towards her mother.  The she goes on to say

‘My dad never beat me with his fist – he would just shove me into furniture and the piano, tables, desk, chairs, whatever was around. One time I even passed out. This was when I was 16 or 17. Not as often with my dad as with my mom. If I did something to upset them it would happen. Sometimes I got grounded. I loved my father even when he was beating me.’

Again this contracts what she said earlier about her father not using force to make his point. So now we she he used so much force that Jodi passed out. Again it appears to me that she is lying. When she said  I loved mu father– it was in the past tense which is significant as well. It also showed her ambivalence that she loved her father even when he was beating me.”

She then  told the packed courtroom that the beatings continued throughout high school. She also stated  that one night she snuck out at night with friends and when her parents woke up and found out, she said her father hit her across the face, knocking her to the ground.

Once again it shows how she lied earlier about her father not using force. Knocking someone to the ground takes a lot of foce.

Following the end of the relationship with a young man Jodi moved in with, she said that she moved in with her grandparents after she broke up with the boyfriend  because she did not want to return to the abusive atmosphere of her parents’ house.

While Jodi is full of lies, this may be something that may ring true. She may have had problems with her parents for whatever reason.

The one thing that we have seen for sure is that there is no loving relationship between Jodi and her mother.

When  Jodi’s mother isn’t busy laughing with her sister or having no visible facial reaction to Jodi, she is taking copious notes- maybe she’s keeping a journal as well.


Perhaps the mother  is plannig to write a tell all book telling us how awful Jodi was as a daughter, what a liar she wall all her life and how she  lied about being hit by her as this mother  cashes in on her daughter’s infamy.


103 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Mother’s Body Language Shows Disrespect in the Courtroom and Hostility Towards Jodi

    1. Actually, the first pic is the mother. The second pic is the aunt who looks like she’s taking notes. The mom has the shorter hair and often just stares with no emotion while the aunt writes things down (for who knows whatever reason?). They’re both weird!

      1. no you are wrong. the first picture is of the aunt. and the second picture is of the mother. get your facts straight before posting. it makes you look like an idiot.

      2. No poochlover I am not wrong. My facts are straight. The photo blog space allotted for the photo cropped out the mother, Yes what you are seeing is the aunt. Please take your ugly contentiousness and name calling out on the person who killed Travis Alexander, not on this blog.

  1. Which one is the Mother? I can not tell from your article. You highlight the one sister, in the beginning and then you write the Mother is taking copious notes, picturing the other woman taking notes.
    I agree with you that they are horrible disrespectful people. I get the distinct feeling that they are absolutely enjoying court. It is like the best thing that ever happened to them! They act like they are at a basketball game…giggling and smiling all the time.
    I have no doubt Arias had a bizarre upbringing….but I don’t give a damn. Because absolutely nothing can absolve her for what she has done and how she left Travis. I’ve never seen a more evil person than Jodi Arias. Casey Anthony was (is) an piece of work, but she is runner up to this crazy-nutjob Arias.

    1. True Hodi is a piece of work to be studied! DP aII the way. AZ shouId not support this narcissist for years. Her Mother aIthough Ioves her is happy to be rid of this kiIIer!!

  2. I haven’t been watching the trial, but judging from what I read so far, it sounds like she was a piece of work to raise. It’s her side of the story, who knows what she was doing to enrage her parents.

  3. psychopaths are made by irresponsable, negligent parents who don’t provide an environment where boundaries and consequences are consistant. This shapes the framework for how a child will develop psychologically, and how they will view not only themselves but the world. If a 2 year old lies and the parents find it “cute” thus letting the child think its fine to lie to get out of facing consequences–that’s the parents fault for TEACHING them that! Sometimes the parents don’t intent to harm their children this way, they are just clueless. But many, many times, there is an abusive parent in the mix. It always comes down to parenting with personality disorders. Children are highly vulnerable and sculpted by parents and earyly environment. And it is nearly impossible to reverse the damage once it’s done. After they reach a certain age (4-6) it’s too late to correct the damage thte parents have done. You can’t instill proper boundaries and a sense of right wrong/empathy etc in a child after age 5 or 6. It needed to be done way before that . Starting at age 2. Most parents are on the ball consistantly with their kids, but, obviously..some are not. They’ve occupied themselves with other things, had other priorities they put ahead of child rearing. Well, they will pay for it for the rest of their lives. Raising and discipling a child later in life won’t be as effective. It will be very difficult. But that is because they didn’t get the ball rolling on parenting until after the fact. A child’s personality forms between 2-5. If parents wait to discipline and parent until AFTER those years, they will have a very difficult time indeed. Parenting may have very little effect if its started too late to be effective. Children are open sponges for a certain period of time, then that window closes. So parents, use those early years carefully. Those are the years they sponge up every messege you give them about how the world works, and what kind of person they’ll be. Its scary to see there are parents out there that don’t get this. I mean, its common sense. No wonder there are so many screwed up people out there. Look at who’s raised them! The parents reject their role and effect on their kids, then how could the kids be responsable? Honest? Integrity? Parents who reject responsablity, reject common sense, bat away anything that makes them feel uncomfortable about themselves beget children who do the same…only worse. It’s an awful mix that stews psychologically disgusting next generation.

    1. Yes, I am in total agreement with your comments on the end result of rearing children. It is no walk in the park to say the least, and yes you have to get a handle on them when they are very young. As you said that is why the world is in the shape we are in because no one owns up to their responsibility, and as the world becomes more tech savy it can only get worse. If you dont want to give your child\ren the time and no that does not mean sticking them in front of a computor or tv, then choose not to have them. It is the never failing boomer rang, what goes around comes around. PARENTS OWN UP TO YOUR COMMITTMENT not only to your child, but to the world around, as a child that goes way ward can only affect someone else’s life for the lack of love and or discipline that was not given.

  4. Bingo! that’s exactly what i was thinking – mother and her evil twin are there to make money off of the story, writing a book on how they raised a monster. Note to Bernadette – Arias killed an adult man who was almost double her size. Anthony killed her own small child, a defenseless baby. There’s no comparison there…..

  5. The lady with the longer darker hair is the mother. The other lady with the ear phone thingys is the aunt. I agree, they are very inappropriate and disrespectful. Jodi’s mom is creepy. She sure did raise a wacko!

  6. Dr. Glass,

    I’m glad you covered Jodi’s mother. Wow oh wow, if mom should try to sell a story. I hope and pray the Alexander family has a top notch lawyer to put the kabash on any such attempts to profit from murder of their loved one.

    I read on line that Jodi’s mother tried to sell letters to the National Enquire. Jodi and she claimed the originals were destroyed. In these fake letters Travis admits to physical abuse and pedophilia. If this information is correct, it’s clear Jodi learned such behavior, Mommie dearest! Both are twisted, evil “women.” imo

    I did google National Enquire and Sandy Arias, and NE tells their side of the story, they would not print lies for the Ari-as’s.

    Sidenote: Glad the papers dropped the “blonde bombshell” in describing the ghoul from hell. mo

    1. Those letters you refer to were part of Arias’ failed attempt in a pretrial hearing to get them admitted as evidence, in an effort to have Travis look like a pedophile & abuser. She even fired her attorneys over it to represent herself; the judge wisely kept her appointed APD’s on as consultants, & Arias failed. The reason she failed is that the court determined that the letters were forged by Arias – completely faked – & that she solicited false testimony from her buddy Matt McCartney, & had used magazines in which she’d written coded messages to get him to “fix his testimony” so it aligned with hers. Her mother colluded on the forged letters to get them sold to the tabloid, just as she’s selling paintings that are alleged to be Arias’ but clearly are not — the jail only allows inmates pencils, after all – & even if she did them, they’re plagiarized material from other artists. Arias is a real piece of work, as are her Mother & Aunt, both of whom behave disrespectfully to the court & the victim’s family attending the trial. IMO.

      1. Sierra,

        WOW OH WOW, thank you for sharing the background info on the forged letter.

        Bless his heart, Mr. Martinez dropped a bombshell (her attorneys seemed truly blindsided) in court by showing the coded messages to Matt. If I were on the jury, that would weigh in heavily – there is a boatload of evidence pointing to pre-meditation too – on guilty M1! I can’t wait to see the other bombshells coming down the pike from the prosecutor. He already asked Jodi, so Matt is someone you consider an ally, good friend etc etc?….. Has Matt decided to testify for the prosecution? Why was he willing to collaborated those fake letters? Did Jodi have something on him? She likes to snoop on others.

        It was reported one day ago, Lifetime is planning on doing a movie on Jodi Ari-as. My sincere hope is that the tacky Arias family isn’t going to make money from other outlets. I won’t spend one penny on these ghouls. They are in the same
        twisted category as the Anthony family. mho

  7. Jodi’s mother is a real piece of work!! Both her and the twin sister put what a true Christian is about. My God, to have your mother and aunt there outside of the reason of supporting their daughter (niece) is so truly sad. Jodi is guilty as we all very well know, but OJ Simpson was also guilty, as well as the child killer Casey Anthony, but obviously OJ had the money to pay off so called people, and Casey, well who knows, the jury has to live with their decision on that one! I just hope that woman can never have a child again. Jodi, as truly guilty as she is, will spend the rest of her life in jail or be put to death, needs someone outside of those two disrespectful woman who are supposed to support her. What she did was absolutely horrific, but if you are a Christian, we are to love the person, but hate the sin. My heart hurts for both those families, but Travis was no saint either. Someone that can lead one or two or three woman on, and break their hearts and try and live by Mormon biblical principles, was not a person I would think, could set a good example of a role model. How does one go on all these excursions and constantly have to bring a middle person to babysit him, so he does not get out of control. Who knows, we may never understand what one does and why, when they are so over the top in love with someone. Scott Peterson took the life of a beautiful wife and son all in the name of sexual gratification. Disgarding her like a piece of trash once he found someone else that turned him on more than Lacy. It has and is becoming more and more a sinful world as technology rules. When will everyone wake up and realize that technology is from Satan because you either choose the dark or the light and the evil one lurks in the dark behind everything that entices our flesh.
    Enough already after 17 days put the woman in jail decide her fate but how much more do we need to hear about her sexual behaviour, degrading but hey people, like her own family, enjoy the downfall of others.

  8. Jodi used sex as a tool, she enjoyed it and tried to control “her men” with it.

    She didn’t bother to graduate from H.S. She thought she hit the jackpot with Travis, a healthy red blooded sexual man. I don’t know if he was a virgin or not previous to meeting JA, she was sexual experienced. If TA made it to 30 years of age as a virgin, I salut him.

    Jodi is a control freak! They should investigate how her other bf died. She is a psychopath and would kill again. She is about winning. I would NEVER be friends with the likes of the she-devil.

    If you think, she thinks like normal people you are deluded. She will and could mince you up and spit you out. She’s a manipulator and a user. Remember, she mostly hangs with men, has very few female friends. She thought she’d have the life with Travis, life of material comforts. She wants to convince us Travis was pissed about a camera, yet, she had previous wrecked his BMW and he handled it well, allowing her to make small payments to him. Eventually she would then come to own the car.

    Her greed & need to control would not allow her to let Travis to walk away from her. She deserves nothing less than M1. Overkill. Freudian slip, she said today, “I had no fear, I mean I was not angry at Travis at the time of the killing.” Check it out,response to Jury question, “were you angry at Travis when you killed him.” There you have the mind of a psychopath. No fear about mutilating a man to death, she thinks she is smarter than everyone else. If you seem to be exposing her, like Juan Martinez and Mr. Flores did, she despises you with all her guts, and feels like letting you have the same fate as Travis. mo

  9. I forget how many people are in the position of watching their daughters murder trial, like you all.Having gone thru that Im sure your not just judging people you dont know whatever…

    1. Rhonda I doubt if people were in her position they would be laughing and ggigling and carrying on like they were at a ball game. As a behavioral analyst, that is exactly what I do judge and analyze people’s behavior.

      1. You seem like a busy woman, do you know someone in the courtroom,because I doubt your there to stare at their every move, judge then analyze,unless you are watching that trial the whole time, which I doubt ..then I think your off when it comes to the mom and aunt IMO Im aloud to have one thankyou

    2. Rhonda, I’d like to share that I did imagine if I were sitting in her place. I certainly would not show disrespect for the victim’s family nor for the seriousness of the crime to ever giggle, laugh, snickers, chomp on gum, etc. etc. Her body language and gestures if placed somewhere else would appear to someone at a comedy club or sports event! My thought was to imagine the cameras make her nervous and so she doesn’t know how to act. No, my attempt to mitigate her actions, doesn’t make for good logic.

      1. Soph, IMAGINE , being the key word here,I cant imagine how the Mom feels,Jodi did it and I bet she may have planned it,but I would not have the nerve to come on here and make make the claim that the Mom is this or that ,what if someone comments about the sneering TA side of the court.Thats not ok is it?,there all victims in that court room as far as Im concerned

      2. Oh and Mr. Alexander was not a 30 year old virgin if you believe that then you have not followed the trial and this was a waste of my time.

      3. Rhonda,

        MY last reply to you, you are the kind of person who likes to denigrate others for their honest opinion and their honest thoughts.

        Go fly a kite.

  10. I’m sorry if I was seem rude, this is your blog, your the professional in your field and I respect your thoughts very much. I guess, I’m just… just tired of the Nancy Grace, JVM mentality and I just get so Jaded, with people I guess . Truth is I love your blog.

      1. You were quite rude indeed! Too the professional that writes this blog and is kind enough to invite you here to reply as well!

        Thank you, but we all get he wasnt a virgin. But did YOU get the part where mant of Travis’ friends said he WAS until she came along? None of which justified his cruel and unusual murder nor the behavior of her and her family in that court room! You are one of the few, that dont seem to get that the american public is pissed about all that too! Very unbecoming indeed!

  11. Was very surprised to see Jody Arias’ mother giggling and whispering during the trial. Was hoping the Judge would say something to stop this disrespectful behavior.

  12. It has been reported that JA dad is in last stages of cancer. I assume that is why he is not in court. He did look really sick the two days I saw him in court.

    1. Yes, the poor man is dying. What an awful dying man’s experience, to watch his daughter’s dirty laundry aired for the world to hear and see. May he find solace and grace in God. Can’t be found in the world of Jodi. Someone said, he was looking at his daughter as if he were trying to figure out who she was, as if she had become someone unknown to him.

      1. Mr Arias’ skin color is yellowish I noticed. Perhaps because his cancer has metastizied to the liver. He is also a bit pale. Which can be from anemia due to chronic illness, or low oxygen saturations from lung metastisis or all of the above. At any rate he is in very poor condition and I hope she can live with her herself for the rest of her life knowing what she put him through in his last days. But the sad thing is she likely has many justifications already in her sick mind.

        As I read through this article, I noted that the author felt she could be lying at different points. One being when she talks about how she and her siblings were beaten BUT she loved her dad ect. I too believe these are lies. I truly further believe she has been coached to insert that at key points to try and demonstrate how a real abused woman begins to equate love with beatings and violence and love with dysfuction. So her lawyers and psych professionals associated with her defense can use that as some sort of “clinical” proof. I could be wrong, but it seemed too well timed and stuck out like a proverbial sore thumb.

  13. If you have an ounce of class, you know exactly the proper decorum in this situation. You don’t have to “imagine.” Proper education tells you how to behave, and it is not giggling, laughing, snorting, gum chewing à la twins. That is the behavior of uncouth morons.

  14. Rhonda, there are court reporters who sit in the court every day. I’ve heard them report on the demeanor of the jury and of Jodi Arias’ family. Plus, in the little I’ve seen of the mothert & aunt they seemed very light hearted. I don’t have to struggle, I KNOW, if it were my daughter, I would have a lazer focus and only be speaking with someone else, if I needed info. But then, I love my daughter, have respect for her and respect for the environment of a courtroom.

    Thing is; if the mother & aunt care at all about Jodi, they would ‘behave themselves’ as the jury sees them and will be adding their demeanor to the mix to the mix of info from which they arrive at a decision. If you loved your daughter and/or believed her story, you’d want the jury to feel sorry for you as that might help the verdict to come in as less than death. These women either don’t realize or don’t care.

  15. Another thought. I am made very uneasy by the shower photo of Travis, looking at Jodi. The last living photo of him. I noticed that if I covered half of his face the left expression seemed to be to be sadness or even defeat and when I covered the right side…I believe we are looking in the face of Travis Alexander who is looking at Jodi holding a gun. I believe he’s looking at his death. The look is one of utter intensity, I thought dread or fear..but one of 100% focus. I think Jodi may very well have wanted to document it, as she did the photos leading up to it and the could of photos after it.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, that last pic Jodi took of TA in the showe!I feel the sadness,terror its a very emotional picture ! You feel the emotion,!This bitch was heartless she totally planned his death and in her mind feels she’s smarter than the jury.She thinks she can talk her way out!The jury really gets it without a doubt!!!!

    2. yes; he seems to be trying to focus on something out of the ordinary; i believe she had a knife hidden in a hoodie pouch pocket; in this photo she pulled the knife out with her left hand{ she is left handed} and that is when the photo was snapped; he saw /through water running down his face and into eyes her pulling the knife out in a 1 second snapshot caught the stabbing in a couple of seconds

    3. My husband had the exact same observation! Jodi is a photographer! She was documenting his surprise or horror at what was about to happen. Perhaps the first stab had ocurred already…

    4. I think that the acting out of the movie Psycho isn’t so far fetched given what I have seen when the shows do the the photo comparisons. How easy would it have been for her to have the knife there is that is the case? She could even tell him “let me get the knife in the picture” and then drop the camera as she stabs him in the chest. He wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

  16. ..but I can hardly watch the trial, esp not the defense as I’ve had almost no faith in juries since the Casey Anthony trial outcome.

  17. Soph, I agree about the maternal twins. They remind me of Casey Anthony’s family in court who without exception clearly showed their contempt for the proceedings in body language and in how they dressed

  18. …tho I guess it’s not surprising that they act the same, since they have in common, sociopathic, killer daughters,..andTHAT had to come from somewhere!

  19. in my area, an infamous case which nearly went to trial was plea-bargained down to a lesser crime. The woman Peggy Thomas (touted as a former beauty queen because that makes it so much more interesting to the public) was charged with 1st degree murder for her part in a contract killing. When she was in court for the plea bargain, I could see one of her ex-husband, daughters and one of her sisters seated behind her. They all had serious expressions on their faces. Of course they knew the outcome, but there was no giggling or whispering in that courtroom. Now Jodi Arias faces the possibility of death. Giggling & light hearted behavior is inappropriate & counter productive (unless deliberate because they hate Jodi and want her dead)

  20. Will be glad when she is convicted, as I am consumed by this trial. Recovering from back to back surgeries, takes my mind off myself. How anyone in the jury could possibly believe that woman is innocent is beyond me. What happened to the day she said she’d rather have the death penalty if she’d killed Travis?

  21. Betty, why hasn’t any one gone back to yhe apt the sane weight and height as Jodi Arias and reinacted the closet scene. Standing on the shelf, reaching for the gun. Still looks like the gun in the corner of the top shelf would be difficult to reach. Guess I watch too much csi

  22. Jodi Arias’s mother looks beyond EVIL! Her behavior not only shows pure disrespect and contempt for her daughter the murderer but also displays a disconnect- same as the daughter. She sits in court, looks dead, uninterested, mean as fuck, laughs with her evil twin, and I believe trying to figure out ways in which to make money off her. She is a vile, disgusting parasite and it no longer surprises me why Jodi Arias is a psychotic deviant. Perhaps this lady tormented her, abused her both physically and mentally….something happened! She created a monster … And I believe is enjoying this “event”..

    Let’s make sure this “thing ‘ makes nothing off murderer Jodi Arias!

    1. so very true on ur comments kari, her mother in my mind( and most people; that her mother was the abuser, not travis, mental illness goes beyond within;

  23. That last photo of a startled Travis in the shower, all wet looks like he was seeing Jodi suddenly standing there, taking pics, egging him on. His expression – where did you come from? and what’s going on; what are you doing?. Is it possible there was no bedroom frolicks that day, no playing with a rope thats disappeared, that was just a figment of Jodis imagination. I believe she snuck in his house and found him in the shower and then went about doing what she had to do; take pics for souveniers. Travis must have seen her with a new weapon, the gun stolen fro her grandparents and she had a knife as well and his camera and he knew she was going to chonicallize the pics of his demise and as he began to see how very evil she was to him possible shouting “you think you can take another worman to Cancun but i’m hear to prove you can’t and won’t. I believe she sashed him a few times, so many wounds that really hurt and seeing the blood he knew he didn’t have long with this crazy woman coming at him, knocking him down and he was on the floor kicking at her and she just stabbed his feet and laughed, stabbed him in the hands, arms, belly. legs ad feet all in a rage of ” if i can’t go then no body goes with you do you understand this? You’re all mine, you stupid bastard!

  24. I think Jodi would be a very difficult child to raise to say the least. She is stubborn, lies, has no normal human emotions I can see. Honestly I think her parents did the best they could. Most of the family friends say that Jodi had a fantastic childhood and her siblings do not agree with her testimony. Travis on the other hand did have a tragic childhood.

  25. I Often wonder, Why?/ , Now..Did the Jury and JM , avoid asking JA, why??!! So Many Stabbings, Seriously?! Although , JA says, she can’t remember, I’d of been interesting for ‘someone’ to Point out…the ‘senseless’ count of stab wounds…Talk about torture?!?What kind of an ‘Animal’ would continue to stab ‘anything’; over and over…Keeping in Mind, her defensive BS, ..’Fear’ for Her life…’fits no where’…with such a Violent Attack!! She has to be somewhat deranged…and should even be considered a ‘threat’ to inmates. It wouldn’t surprise me…if she has solitary confinement…then again….it wouldn’t surpise me…if she did not. Nothing in this case, so far…that I am aware of…puts JA, anywhere ‘near’ where she belongs…alone, with ONLY her ‘thoughts’..of that viscious crime she imposed on to TA. I hope the ‘memory’ Itself, drives her into a torturous, anxiety provoked..nervous breakdown..’before’ the Obvious verdict of M1.

    1. Please refrain from mentioning animals; they had no part in this.Have you never heard of a woman scorned? Obviously, she wanted him to suffer and i can imagine the things she was saying to him while he politely and quietly died. She even stabbed him on the bottoms of his feet once he was unable to get up or move away from her wrath and i’m sure she was saying “you won’t be walking on the beaches of Cancun with another woman now, will you?”
      This woman is heavy duty hard core. I hope you realize the story of her visit is the only story being told and all lies from the get-go. He probably didn’t know she was coming and the love making, the rope tying etc are all lies. Right to the end she wants you to believe how desirable she was to Travis; notice how she loves to talk sex and just had to add something dark and exciting to her story? In reality i think she showed up with her bare feet, shoes left in the car, the better to sneak in and not be heard, all prepared with doggy treats to quieten the dog, Grandpas gun and a knife in hand, old clothes on that she knew were going to get messy and that she didn’t mind having to trash. She’s a planner this one, even thought to bring in a change of clothes with her, lest the neighbors happen to look out and see her in her bloodied clothes. The last picture of Travis standing in the shower shows his surprise when he suddenly sees her standing there. He had made it clear to her they were finished but she wasn’t going to let him go to Cancun with another woman!

      1. Marin-

        I too am not convinced they had sex the last time she went to Travis. She could have done exactly as you said, came in prepared and made him take those shower photos. How do the investigators know for certain that the nude pictures were from the 4th, and not from some other time? His camera was said to be new, how new? Were those old nude pics in his camera? This is a point that may have been covered in the trial which alluded me.

        She lies with great ease. She wanted to exert total control over Travis and she believes she has won. Her talk of her willingness to die more lies in her arsenal. Her behavior says COWARD…. lying/destroying/character assassination/duper
        delight/dodge and draw out this trial to no end.

      2. Good points. I think, even if he had known she was there before his shower, he thought she had gone when he got in the shower. But I am not convinced either that he knew she was coming at all. She evidently snuck in several times before and stayed the night without him knowing she was there.

  26. Jodi is such a sweet little girl. Classic bona fide self defence case. Travis was a monster and ended up paying with his life for all the deviant sexual acts which he made her submit to. And for the death penalty – only the Lifegiver has the right to take life of another human being. She should be aquitted of all charges.

    1. Hahaha. Can’t reason with those eager to be duped. Jodi the stalker “sweet” ???? No one uses “sweet” to describe a narcissist psychopath.

    2. #1 is not a sweet little girl, sweet little girl as u say, do NOT kill . she has a twin aunt , maybe ur her evil twin sister!

  27. Good Lord , this is the Anthony family all over again.
    Sounds like a hero rescue job by Jose Biaz.
    Another book and movie sign her up!
    How can Mothers sit in a court room and defend their socialpath child that kills?

  28. The Mother knows she has a opportunity to cash in and be rich like the others with socialpath killer children. They could care less about the victim even when it’s a family member or friend.

  29. I read that the babysitter saw Jodi hit her younger brother with a baseball bat. While she was very young and young kids do stuff like that, (I have 6 kids, 4 grown & 2 Tweens & they never hit each other with weapons!)! I can only “speculate” that she didn’t become kinder as she grew up. I would be hysterical if one of my children were on trial for their life! I would have to be heavily medicated just to be in the courtroom for my child! This mother is extremely cold-hearted and she just might be helping the murderer by showing that she could care less! I don’t think with the overwhelming evidence, the re-victimization of Travis Alexander and the latest in the line of men she has manipulated with her kinky sex and faux vulnerability, DR. Samuels! His career, which I assume was hanging by a thread is gone now! I can’t get passed the suicidal feelings she admitted to him and his non-reaction? He really messed up in so many ways and has boundary issues undoubtably. A DR. who ignored a suicide issue?
    I can’t forget the look of disgust on her youngest brother’s face as he wheeled his dad out of the courtroom before the raunch! I also remember her younger sister joining the mom & aunt in laughter until she heard how Jodi really thought of her. She became stone faced and I don’t know if she ever came back? Jodi was jealous of both her prettier sisters! I’m sure she didn’t appear Aggresive in the past, because she seems so Passive-Aggresive & manipulative. She really gives someone like yourself alot to work with! I have Complex PTSD & I couldn’t ever describe my trauma. Mine lasted for years. I assume that less dramatic forms of PTSD could, while medicated explain it as calmly as she did. I know that there is no distinction of CPTSD & PTSD in the DSMIV. Do you think she shows symptoms of PTSD. I had a mild form since childhood & I always had Exaggerated Startle Reflex & Hyper-Vigilence. I actually functioned very well and was a Court Officer for 17 years until I was injured while working & couldn’t work any longer. Also I am not shy, depressed, frightened! I become anxious and have Panic Attacks when I get triggered. I do take meds now, I can’t risk having a Panic Attack in front of my children! I can’t imagine how scares they would become.
    Sorry for such a long post! I’m a huge fan of yours!

  30. Wow….finally, I find someone who sees what I see. I’ve tweeted this same opinion. You sure hit the nail on the head here; From beginning thru to end.

  31. Im picking up on some kind of darkness from them. Her mother glares at her with a look that’s saying
    “don’t you dare tell our real family secrets…oor you’re next bitch”.
    Sorry abt language. ..but that’s just what her stare has looked like to me.

  32. Jodi is very likely a very forgetful amnesiac with almost no real recollection of any of her “funny turns”. She’s a multiple. The poor guy must have triggered her from sex kitten Beta to killer Delta. He probably didn’t have his stun gun handy which he would have needed to lay the witch down and give her what she evidently wanted. Instead the poor guy was sushi tartare with a bullet!
    Jodi is trying to manipulate her disassociation out of the court proceedings because Disassociation will lead to an insanity/ sociopath conclusion
    That won’t be good for the book that the Twins are busy selling around town
    Of course, the twins will keep the secrets just like jodi is……..
    When jodi goes down – she goes down in flames

  33. I have also watched the mother and the mothers sister in court, I saw them laughing and look to me like having a good time. My first thought was, how in the world can they sit there and laugh when Travis’s family are trying to deal with his death. Terrible people, if they want to laugh and carry on go out side of the court room.

  34. Dr. Glass, I love reading your observations. I would like to know why parents show up at trials of their children whom are adults, that commit these horrific crimes to support them? I personally would assure my child I love them, but I would NEVER come to court to support them in such a crime as heinous as this one..can’t you love your child and not come to court to support their crime? It fascinates me the parents that do this. This scums relatives sit in court with ear phones in..why even bother coming if you are not going to pay attention? It looks disrespectful, and it is disrespectful. They laugh and joke as if they are at a comedy club with no thought of the Alexander family sitting there listening to the outrageous lies of their own flesh and blood murderess daughter. I cannot understand why parents would even showing their face in the courtroom..any insight you have into this kind of behavior or lack thereof? Thank you.

  35. It’s people like you who read far too much into things you know nothing about that sway others’ opinions. You don’t know if the mother has been advised to show no reaction. You’ve never been in the same position, so all your pseudo psychology – really just personal opinion – is irrelevant.

  36. It bothers me when Nurmi and Willmott laugh during proceedings, too. Obviously they wouldn’t advise Jodi’s relatives to show respect when they themselves do not. It seems like the judge should demand that all the attorneys show respect for the court itself. Also, Willmott jumps up and starts talking when it is inappropriate rather than courteously stating an objection while seated. They must know that they have already lost this case.

    1. Anne, ITA! I know a defense lawyer job is to give their client the best representation possible. There is so much evidence against Jodi the liar, it is a colossal feat. However, Nurmi and Willmott seem far from professional. imho The giggling and girly act by Willmott with Jodi is nauseating!

      Willmott seems more interested is appearing cutesy,( she is obviously nervous during questioning and so forth). I wondered if Willmott’s friendliness towards Jodi is an unconscious protective mechanism? Who would want to sit day in and day out next to crazy knife wielding psycho Jodi during this never
      ending trial? Nurmi barely looks at Jodi anymore.

  37. Heres the dealio: Jodis mom has prolly already seen all of this evidence, and then some. So she has already processed this, possibly as long ago as 4 1/2 years back when Jodi was arrested. That she has not acted in a *normal* way is no surprise to me. I would be more judgmental of her if she was crying and carrying on in a way as to feign she didnt know all of these things about her daughter.

    BTW, psychopathy is not environmental. People are born this way.

  38. Above all, its a mother’s love! Our life is shaped from birth to around three years old.. if you don’t love and teach your children to be good citizens when their young, then its too late to turn them around when their teens. Jodi’s mom is great at complaining about her daughter, but she’s should be the last to complain, she didn’t raise her right! Regardless of the murderer that Jodi is, its a shame to see her mother act like a stone toward her own daughter. As a mother, I will always stand by children’s side…

  39. Dr. Glass: I understood Jodie to have said that her father was quite intimidating when he wanted to get his point across and did not NEED to use strength, while her mother did. Did not NEED to. In other words, Jodie felt that he did not NEED to use strength because his intimidation was enough. You said in your article that there was some kind of contradiction regarding father using strength.

  40. To the Jodi supporters:
    1) I was sexually and physically abused by my adoptive brother
    2) I was emotionally and physically abused by my adoptive mother, including humiliating me intentionally in public on several occasions
    3) my screams for help were ignored by my adoptive father

    Where is my license to kill?

    Her mom her beat with a spoon and travis cheated on her when they were already broken up.

    I left my abusers behind and got my life straight. I’m a college grad, wife, and mom. Quit the blame game. He used her for sex as much as she used him. They’re consenting adults.

  41. Borderline personality and sociopathic personalities are not born they are crested. The evidenced based literature is replete with the fact that as children, these now as adult distorted personalaties, were raised by cold, distant, parents who were not capable of mirroring back to the infant or young child appropriate emotions. When an infant cries the need to learn they can trust their parents to respond and mirror in their expression and handling of the infsnt love, kindness, empathy and that they are safe. No one wants to tslk about this. Jodi cannot be fixed she missed out on developing a healthy ego BUT sadly it is true that she cannot help it now anymore thsn she could have in her broken childhood. Mom shows her icey cold bizarre self in court. If more truth was told by the media about socio and psychopathology being fostered by inadequate or cruel parenting maybe something could be learned

  42. I.too was abused as a child. Both sexually and physically by my dad…….. emotionally and sometimes physically by my mom. My mom used a wooden spoon (not too often but even once is too often) My dad used a belt and sometimes a leather strap. I still maintain a scar on my midsection from a stab wound administered with a fork by my mom. I still recall witnessing my sister turning blue with my dad’s hands squeezing her neck while holding her against the living room wall.

    My marriage to a great man produced a son whom I adore. He’s now a fine adult and he will attest neither his father nor I EVER administered physical
    punishment as a penalty for his wrong doings or misbehavior. History did not repeat itself.

    I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Jodi. Although I am not an advocate of the death penalty, in her case I’ll make an exception.

    She stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat from ear to ear, shot him in the head and now the she-devil vilifies him with her malicious , abusive, and slanderous lies in an attempt to save her miserable skin.

    So they had kinky sex……big deal. It was consensual, and, more than likely, it was Jodi who introduced Travis to the unconventional bedroom games.

    A survivor

  43. I wish you would read what you write before you post. Each one of your articles are full of grammatical errors.

  44. JA’s mom is twisted. Her behavior is twisted.

    Usually you can find some compassion for the parent/parents of the perp. Not so with her. Is mom’s giddiness a result of $$$$$ she believes she will reap from JA’s handiworks?

    If only they had to pay a penalty for turning their backs on getting help for their bad offspring. So many others would have been spared immense grief from their child. They clearly make it known in that interrogation room that Jodi was not only way off but dangerous.

  45. Why should she lie about that ? You can see he relationship between them…
    Now she suppose to lie abou EVERYTHING… Because she lied before.

    I feel very, very sorry for Jodi. She doesn´t have a life any more. Not a normal person would do the things that she did and do and say.

    Be happy all of you gossiper, that you all are halthy in a point that, you won´t get in trouble, because you all are smarter, not to get caught…

    I feel sorry for Travis family, but I put everything into a scale and see what´s happening now. I feel that I am back on time between 1550 to 1600. When people used to hunt people and kill them for whatever reason. It hasn´t change..
    at all has it ? People still doing it..

    1. Oh please! People are angry too because of the way jodi and her family and defense lawyers are handling the entire thing! They are still maintaining all the lies and need I remind you that Jodis mother tried to sell the letters Travis supposedly wrote to the Enquirer and not even the Enquirer wanted to publish them! The same Enquirer that has published stories about aliens and Elvis still being alive wanted nothing to do withthose letters! Someone must take a stand when the rights of another who cannot are being trampled on! People are reacting to that! I might add that im glad too! We as a society have in recent years turned our backs regularly when others need help unless there is something in it for us! You should be glad that the public is standing up and saying enough is enough for once!

  46. I did notice the very uncontrolled movement of the mother’s chin when the verdict was read. It’s a “tell”. News people stated that the mother had no reaction to the verdict. Well, she most certainly did. It was real moment of distress. Despite what others have said, she appears to be hiding deep feelings she’d rather no one know about. I’m wondering if she will explode when the sentence is read or be able to contain it. Jody couldn’t contain her rage. Can mom? Let’s watch her body.

  47. Lisa,

    Very interesting. The clips I watched were online, not the best resolutions. Thanks for sharing.

    I noticed JA’s mom, twin sister and grandma somber the day the verdict came. Prior days they seemed like they were bored to death & finding things to laugh and giggle over.

  48. that women is crazyyyy….they need to put her away ,her body language,her smug facial expressions can’t they all see through her she is a nut case.
    She has to pay for what she has put Travis family through .And now she is saying she has her family support ,she don’t even know what family is otherwise
    she would not have done what she did,did she ever think that Travis had a family.
    his family is still in so much pain,a pain probably will never go away,how can
    she go about life knowing that you cause a whole family so much grief…huh….
    she is pure wicked and evil.

  49. Ok everybody, body language sometimes lies. Maybe her Mom giggles when she is nervous or to hide pain. Maybe her Mom’s heart is breaking for the daughter she longs to hug and can’t. We don’t know. All I know is there are no winners in this. Will putting Jodi to death bring back Travis? or heal the pain his family feel at his death? Do we hurt another family who has to be suffering from all this too by taking their daughter and sister from them? As a christian , which means trying to live Christ like, what would Jesus do? I don’t think he would sentence her to death. I think he would want us to love her, pray for her just like we do for Travis’ family and Jodi’s family.

  50. Its so difficult to know what was/is going through Sandra Arias’ mind. Her plate is full, so to speak.
    Her husband is terminal with metastatic cancer, grandparents are aging and not in good health, and who knows what other issues within the family. All of their kids are fairly young and establishing their lives and own families, so who knows.
    Perhaps after all this time she has come to look at all the details with less shock or alarm. But look at the Alexander family. Its trued, time can be healing. But who can heal with this going on? Details emerging all the time. Some worse than the last of them. I realize he was only human, and that he too had faults, made mistakes, don’t we all? Aren’t we all? But the man did not deserve to die, did not deserve to be slaughtered in the way that he was. Jodis attempt at a so called defense after telling so many lies had to be made up to the umpteenth degree to shock so as attempt to throw attention of “horror” off of herself and in ways that would be appalling to the public at large AND the Mormon community and Travis’ friends. It has so little to do with the truth it is more fake than that blond hair job she flaunted for so long! I don’t care who you ask or if we were talking about some other defendant in some other state. I truley believe that had Jodi et al chosen a higher road to travel, a few different behaviors, less lies. Even if at the end near trial time if they had made a few different choices many people would have a much different feeling about her and her family. Have we dissolved into a people that have really forgotten ANY of the “Golden Rule”? ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Not the various other variations I have noticed recently. Like. “Do unto others and then split!”.

  51. what i think in all of jodi arias case for murder, would’nt know what really happen when murder took place, wheather she innocent or guilty. Jodi arias is in the hands of the arizona state goverment, looking for the future phase of penalty punishment even thought she is guilty of 1st degree capital murder. I would’nt say that im either on nobody sides but god is the only one that knows what really happen and when its time whatever the phase may be in awaiting trial set for september. I dont believe in death penalty, i think it aint right. I do believe in life behind bars and let the responsibles suffer until death. Im from salinas ca and california system is heavy for death rows than any other states. California state dont play. The goverments systems are to heavy to dealth. Whatever happens for jodi arias for her next trial date for a chance to convince the juror for a better penalty phase for arias. I see she talented with art im also and artist and its fun. But doing art in the cell its the only thing she’ll do. As for the mother and sister behavior should be thrown in jail for disrespecting the court and they’ll learn a lesson not to disrespect ever again. Not even respect for the daughter being punished for murder with no sympathy.

    1. Yes, I would agree! I think judges have some lead way to give punishment for contempt of court for certain behaviors in court rooms. Like during Casey Anthony trial for instance. A lady flipped of the judge or someone in the court. The judge had her brought up front and cited her for contempt! But, her mother and twin didnt really violate that kind of court room rule. They behaved in ways unbecoming to humans! God will deal with them, or karma, depending on individual belief systems. I also have a problem with the death penalty. I realize it is lawful under that state, and that if ever a case called for the death penalty as it is defined, then this case would be one! But there is something deep within myself that makes me uncomfortable when it comes down to actually calling for someones death. I guess I woukdnt make a good juror in some cases. Another concern, is all of the cases that the defendant is found guikty and later it is found that the defendant is innocent and they are exonerated! I realize that this would in reality account for very few cases prosecuted year to year. But it does happen and we risk executing innocent people.I dont think it a stretch at all to say, that if Jodi Arias, and her family, came forth during this 2nd penalty phase with a different presence, a different attitude and were to show SOMETHING more akin to remorse on some level at ALL….then much of the public MIGHT…I REPEAT MIGHT …change its attitude where they are concerned . Changing the tone of that jodi arias innocent website, and taking things like the photo of Travis in a body bag with all the negative statements about him, and statements about his family and such would help too. Not to mention that dad gum twitter account with all its childish and bizzare tweets that prove she has no remorse and doesnt care one bit about the pain she has caused Travis’ friends and family throughout this whole sordid chain of events! To the Arias Family and friends…would you like the american public and the citizens of Arizona, the Alexander Family and friends to think differently of you??? Then start with the things I have mentioned here! You know! The “Golden Rule” remember that???? It is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” not the Jodi Arias and her Friends and family version of “Do unto others, lie profusely about it, lie and massacre a dead mans reputation and memory refuse to say your sorry and SPLIT”!!!! THINK ABOUT ITA

  52. Jodi has caused her family so many problems that they maybe enbarrised and ashamed and may also feel she should be put to death. They have had it with her, that I can tell. Look at her Mother, Her Mother has had it with Jodi and The Dad is dieing of Cancer so he can’t handle the enbarrisment Jodi has caused them being a murderer 1st degree. The family most likely was a victim of some sort of pedifile who molested Jodi sexually most likely a family member, that causes many to become murderers Incest Pedifle is the most likely abuse she suffered. I am not making a excuse for the murder, she should be put to death since Travis had nothing to do with the abuse and he did not abuse her, it was a rage over him planning on taking another girl to Cancun.

    1. embarrassment, dying, pedophile. I think people would feel better towards the family except Mama Arias tried selling the false letters about the pedophile issue that Jodi tried to get admitted in, to the National Enquirer. Even they didn’t want ahything to do with those letters. The twin Aunt Sue, runs the appellate fund taking money and donations and helping sell her art which is so many shades of wrong there isn’t room in this forum to begin on the issue. The grandfather, father of the twins and the grandfather Arias lived with and stole from died suddenly early this year. The stress of it all no doubt killing him much earlier than he should have died just like dear Ms Sarvey, Travis’ grandmother who died just as jury selection began in the first trial. If she has untreated psych issues they weren’t found by several psych professionals examing her prior to trial. Some people are just evil and this woman seems to fit this bill. Her family win no prizes either!

  53. I guess what I was trying to say is the behavior from the last trial didn’t improve one bit! Nor did the game playing from the defendant and her family all over the place selling crap for an appellate lawyer! Tweeting, plagering art off other artists to sell as her own and her family set up a special site to sell the fraudulent art and take in money. Money she should be paying back to the Alexander family for what she has done! Then theres Mama Arias taking notes about jurors and trying to cause a mistrial by reporting false information to the judge. Its all on line! It has been 1 thing after another after another with these people and their daughter! If they disagree they need to tell her her if she wants their help cut the crap! Or they are just as guilty as she is! Thats all I will say on the subject now. There aren’t enough excuses to make anymore!

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