Jodi Arias’ Newly Surfaced Post Interrogation-Video Shows Narcissism,Laughing, Sighing, Self Soothing Body Language


A tape of Jodi Arias surfaced following her police interrogation in 2008. In it she covers her face with her hair as you see above. She is highly conscious of her looks.


She grooms herself as she speaks to her self out loud. She  can be heard saying “Jodi you should have put on your makeup. ” She appears to be very concerned about her makeup and her appearance for a number of reasons. Apparently Jodi has gotten by on her looks for a very long time. perhaps in her sick mind, she thought that if she looked her best all made up, the police officer would believe her and let her go because she looked so good. In essence she is thinking that if she looked good  all made up she could seduce him into letting her go.

This shows how self oriented and narcissistic and completely deluded Jodi Arias was.


We  see her in a confident pose with hands in back of her head. This indicates she is clearly not taking what is about to happen to her seriously. She is confident that she will be released and her body language shows this.


We also see her looking up and laughing. She has absolutely no remorse about what she did to Travis. She also laughs at no doubt thinking she will outsmart law enforcement whom she thinks  will release her. She is showing an extreme example of duping delight.


She also sings about “memories” in her contest winning voice. The reason for is is self soothing, She is doing something to calm herself down and to get her mind off of the reality that will soon  face her. It is  a form of self soothing behavior.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.51.51 AM

Jodi even looks up at one point an sighs as though this is a big inconvenience for her.


Her rifling through the garbage can is also very telling. It speaks to her sneakiness and trying to get the edge over  a situation. Perhaps she is thinking she can find a paper related to her with information that she can spin her way. In looking at this one can only imagine how she may have rifled through Travis’ garbage or his emails to get an edge over him with more information.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.21.59 AM

Finally we see her doing a head stand, which she does with ease. It is once again her way of dealing with all the pent up energy in her system. Even though she is not showing it outwardly, inwardly, there is a lot of anxiety beginning to surface. Once again it reflects her self soothing behavior.

At this point Jodi firmly believes in her mind  that she will get away with murder. But her body language says otherwise.

It must have come to a huge shock to her moments later when she was booked and taken into custody.


92 thoughts on “Jodi Arias’ Newly Surfaced Post Interrogation-Video Shows Narcissism,Laughing, Sighing, Self Soothing Body Language

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass for sharing.

    It’s all a game in her evil mind….a clear indication of how utterly dangerous and deceitful she is.

    Remorse from the likes of her. NEVER! If only the jurors could see this video, along with Travis’s nearly severed head blown up mega size.

      1. laur — I’m unsure about Jodi coveting fame, because she seemed to genuinely relish being BEHIND the camara. That seems incongruous to famewhoring?

  2. Thank you for breaking this down. It’s absolutely shocking behavior and definitely indicative of a guilty person. An innocent person would have been expressing trauma. Scary stuff, indeed.

    1. There have been very few times, I thought a person needed an exorcism by an experience clergy. She is one such case. Who knows if that would help!

      She became obsessed with the life she imagined with Travis or someone like him (next in line, Ryan – up and coming). Travis denied her that life despite all the sex she wielded his way. She made him pay. Her own obsession – & twisted mind- opened the door to full blown evil taking root.

  3. Excellent analysis. I esp found the head stand analysis interesting. Jodi did have a lot of pent up anxiety. I wonder how she handles her jail cell.

    When one of the detectives knocked on JA’s door to arrest her, she asked if she could apply some make-up before leaving for the police station. The detective said he was very surprised. Of course he said no.

  4. Thank you Dr. Glass.
    It appears to me Jodi Arias is a full blown psychopath. She has shown no remorse, other than for herself. She never gives a straight answer as she goes head to head with Juan Martinez. She gives this ‘dupers delight’ smile each time she thought she got one over on the State. She appears to be very calculating and only has this amnesia, fog, denial thinking this will look a lot better for her. I bet all that is not a true assessment. I believe she read up on the symptoms for PTSD. I don’t trust a word out of her mouth, only hope the jurors feel the same.

    I only wonder what those jurors think. This is a dangerous woman who should not be walking free anytime soon.

    thanks again for great insight into the devious mind of this pathological liar.

  5. Thank-you for this excellent blog. Evil witch Jodi is going to be convicted and sentenced to death. Not soon enough..but it’s coming.

  6. Scary too how she talks about herself in the third person; “Jodi, you should have put on makeup, gosh”. Very creepy. I always hope that there is a shred of humanity even inside the most heinous murderers but she I see none in her. She is an example of either severe mental illness or a very lost and damaged soul.

  7. The more I watch – the more I believe that Jodi planned the entire thing from start to finish. This was no “accident”. I believe in her mind she planned to travel to Travis’s house and give him a send off – sex – before she killed him. She wasn’t going to allow him to enjoy a little soiree in Mexico with another woman!

  8. Jodi is not possessed’ She is in full possession of her own thoughts and actions. It’s just that she’s a sociopath. As for talking to oneself, I do that a lot as I have a lot of alone time. I think it’s from wanting to hear a human voice.

    The public would be very poorly served if Jodi was treated with an exorcisim rather than the rest of her life in prison or losing her own life. She is a VERY dangerous human being.

  9. the idea of doing an exorcism on Jodi Arias is very like the choise of a couple I know, who’s idea of addressing the fact that their son had been sexually abused was to have his ‘aura’ cleansed

  10. another aspect of the ‘possessed’ scenerio that bothers me is that people who believe people can be possessed in that sense, don’t accept the fact that human beings have the potential for evil all on their own. People say things like; he’s an animal! she’s inhuman! possesed! All of which deny the human capacity for evil. We do a real disservice by promoting that view, along with the one that always portrays ‘evil’ people as looking evil. Evil people look normal, lots of good people look scary. Good people can have evil impulses. Evil people can have good impulses.

    Hitler was as evil as they come. He was also a kind, indulgent uncle who got on the floor and played ‘horsey’ with his neice. The thing is; his neice, when adult, said she didn’t believe he did evil things => because her experience with Hitler was good! another example: where I live, there was a guy who spearheaded a campaign to save a piece of old growth forest and people were very grateful. But turns out, he was also sexually abusing his 4 daughters. We’re all glad for the preserved forest. But it doesn’t alter the evil he did.

    I wish people would stop thinking things have to be all black or all white.

    1. Yet~Another , Great Analogy!~WE, As a ‘Whole’ United, Must ..muster enough courage, to Admit, there are Women, Evil ‘Spirited’Women , like Jodi, that in my personal opinion, ‘Use’ Evil ‘Behavior;, to ‘lure’ ~Such A,Precious, God , Loving Gentleman, like Travis Alexander , we are ‘All’ Vulnerable..we are ‘all’ Sinners, it is an ‘Innate’ Quality, WE are Born with !! No, one is ‘Exempt’.We are ‘drawn’ to it. Naturally. She is a ‘Temptress’, No Doubt. and She will be Judged and put to Hell, as her Sentence, at he Death, ..Where it ‘Matters’ The Most. In Front of God.Prayers..for The Alexander Family Continue. JA Deserves No Sympathy!! NONE.

  11. Dr. Lillian’s observations are not only interesting, they also shine a bright light on JA’s “fog” and oppositional behavior. Thank you!

  12. She is a psycho and probably never thought she would be caught since she seems she is so smart and thinking she is outwitting Martinez with her non stop rambling on instead of answering yes or no. She is a scary woman and needs to be taken off this world the way she murdered dear Travis. BAD LIFE FORM OF A WOMAN I MUST SAY.

    1. Saying that Jodi Arias is possessed is a dastardly slight on those poor unfortunate souls who have actually suffered demonic possession. She shows no evidence of supernatural torment. Her evil choices are plainly her own volition.

  13. Basse Krokke-

    I thought that Jodi might be performing for the cameras also. I felt she was acting the way she thought an innocent person might act.
    However, if this were the case, then I can’t understand why she would go digging through the trash can.

    But…give her the chance! I’m sure she can come up with a perfectly innocent excuse as to why she was digging through the trash.

  14. Thank You Dr. Glass, Your observations and Analogy are respected and valued highly! As a supporter of The Alexander Family, I especially love and embrace any ‘expert’ advice.It has been a long journey and I am sure, exhausting, for Every single person, on Team Travis. Hats OFF.

  15. I hope Juan Martinez can show this tape to the jury. The defense will scream prejudicial and that it is no indication she killed anyone. But it shows the inner workings of this evil sick and demented mind. She tries to come across on the stand as if she was not this superficial obsessive creature, and that she thought deeply and cared deeply. This tape PROVES that is an utter and complete crock. Jodi Arias has studied and rehearsed the role of an abused woman very carefully, ever since her defense attorney (that specializes in defending violent & sexual deviants) and psychologist (a paid expert who once testified on behalf of a man in a child custody case without ever meeting the mother and who guarantees “his expertise will result in a more favorable outcome for your client”) came up with this defense FOR her. She may be able to put together a sentence but she is a sociopath and does not compute what it is she would need to do to put together even a somewhat believable self defense case. (Not saying this is, but her astute role playing has me convinced she has been coached thoroughly.) I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kirk Nurmi,, this lawyer who attempted to withdraw from this case at least twice, decided that if he was going to have to defend this sociopath he was going to do it in a way that most was advantageous to him and his career. I believe there have been numerous examples where he has suborned perjury. That’s my NOT so very humble opinion.

  16. I also believe she knew there were cameras and mics in that room, she already told Det. Flores she had talked to a lawyer and was told they had cameras.All contrived, she is always thinking ahead. She is well trained in that since she is always stalking or snooping on her boyfriends, she always has to have a plan in place…

  17. fascinating breakdown on the reasons behind her behavior. It’s clear when you explain it but w/out the explanation I would have just thought she was acting crazy.

  18. guys leave her alone she is your fuhrer’s girlfriend
    and i did all those same things when i was in jail

  19. I cannot take in the image of her going through the trash can, O M G – one can only imagine how she snooped on Travis, and to think she was in his home when he wasn’t there… Has anyone brought up the fact that she obviously had a knife which she used to slash his tyres with – cwazy cwazy wabbit !!

  20. Dr. Glass, I would love to know what you think about how Jodi Arias got to be the way she is. I do not have an ounce of sympathy for her, and I don’t know anyone who does. She is completely unlikeable. Can you tell us how narcissists become narcissists? Does it take shape during young years? Does it spring from abuse that occurred during formative years? Is it because she was deeply traumatized and took to it as a coping mechanism? Again, I absolutely despise her…but I am so curious about how and why people become this way.

    1. I want to know what Dr Glass thinks also. How did Jodi get to be this revoltingly AWFUL? I read that when children with certain genetic tendencies are raised in the wrong environment, they can grow up without compassion.

  21. YWhen I first started watching the trial, I thought she was innocent or done this as she said in self defense. But the more I watched and then looking at the pictures of what she done tho him,I knew we had a sociopath on our hands . Your interpretation of her body language and behavior makes so much sense. I don’t think they will give her death. But I do hope they lock her up and throw away the key…

  22. well, in the beginning (when she was denying it all) she said if she had done it she’d want to die. I think we should give her her wish.

    1. John, since you have a brain as you state, you can easily look up the video which has been throughout the news all last week. These are screen shots which I took of the video at the exact moments indicating signals of deception.

  23. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I, too , would like for YOU, to ‘please’ Answer, that question..How, do people end up being like JA?/ What, ARE THE POSSIBLE ‘answers’?!
    I, am ‘awaiting’..your ‘thoughts’.And, ‘Thank You”..For your attentivness.

    1. People end up like Jodi because of genetic reasons where there is faulty wiring in the brain coupled by environmental influences such as her family dynamics. It is a combination of both factors in my view. There are people who may be wired like her but they come from homes that set boundaries for lying and or may not be as troubled as hers was.

  24. Basil Rathbone plays an excellent sociopath in a 1937 movie called, “A Night of Terror” or the original title, “Love From A Stranger.” I enjoy old movies, and this one got under my skin with horror from his manipulative ways & his various personas.

    Mr. Rathbone’s character starts out completely charming, intelligent, world traveled, and so willing to please the one he is hunting. He knows she has come into money and plans to gain her confidence.

    Eventually, he seeks to control all her activities,he isolates her under some lie he needs to move to the country because of his poor health. He never mentions the “health” problems in the beginning, he is the epitome of charm and health.

    His mask begins to slip as he seeks to gain greater and greater control of his victim. As the mask slips we see his belief in his superior intellectual capacities, we clearly witness his contempt for others, and everything he does is calculated to reach his own ends….his lust to have power over others. Fascinating study!

  25. Jodi used sex to gain control over Travis. She was never debased by the sex, she was in control of it, she was pleased with herself. Jodi lies consist of the toolbox of Jodi personas….which mask will she put on today? Several of Travis’s friends found her creepy, they were not able to clearly know why, other than something was “off” about her.

    As the trial progresses and she is backed up against the wall by her own lies, Jodi looks creepier and creepier.

    1. I feel like Jodi taught Travis how to Teach Her and Treat her! Jodi had been quite advanced Sexually! I believe it was All Jodi and All Jodi’s Sexual ideas in every single way and shape and form! Jodi tricked Travis and she played him as she taped him! Jodi planned Travis’ murder! It’s so Sad how she planned it and now she is lying about him and trying to ruin Travis!

  26. Thank-you Dr Glass. Faulty wiring + environmental influences. The combination of things is what does it. That makes sense because plenty of people have unfortunate family dynamics or even are abused yet do not grow up to be the revoltingly sick mess that is Jodi. When asked about her relationship with her parents, Jodi said her relationship with her mother is “complicated” and her relationship with her father is one where she doesn’t care to spend too much time with him. Then there are the relationships with men- the string of breakups with cheating boyfriends and so she appears to be someone who had a problem forming healthy relationships. There has been no mention of any close female friends at all. Everyone else cannot all be to blame, and I believe that Jodi is incapable of forming a healthy bond with anyone, including her own parents. We haven’t heard too much about her relationships with her siblings, other than she hit her younger brother over the head with a baseball bat.

  27. Gifted with unimaginable beauty, she (Jodi) received the attention of every man and the voracious jealousy of women. Now, a jealous mob who wants their pound of flesh. God Bless.

      1. Dr. Glass,
        I am not a troll, but like Casey Anthony, people partially hate Jodi b/c of her great-looking outward appearance. I am in no way saying that Jodi is innocent and am apt to believe she is guilty of the 2nd degree murder of Travis Alexander.

        However, this does NOT CHANGE REALITY, Jodi Arias, on the outside only, is a very beautiful woman. Period…End of Story.

      2. Bravo, Dr. Well said – you can’t do something as ugly as “she” did and still be considered beautiful to anyone but the truly delusional.

      3. Correct again Ms. Glass. There is a website that claims her innocence that has been promulgating this stupendously silly idea that women saying bad things about Jodi Arias MUST be just jealous of her “beauty”. Wow. Silly and absurd to be almost unimaginable. The person who wrote it (which is obvious BTW S) shares the subject’s extreme narcissism. As IF J Arias could have any affect on the women’s lives that are disgusted and horrified by her calculated and pathological ways. No, contrary to this extremely small minority’s opinion, it truly is said subjects ugliness towards human life and her entitlement that knows NO BOUNDS that draws such vociferous outrage. Mothers beware of women like this. Protect your sons.

    1. She is a good looking woman but I have found this to be truth, people after hearing and watching how she behaved, how she changes her story, are not able to separate her behavior from her exterior look, it is not a jealous set of women, it is more like a set of outraged women and a set of surprised men who criticizes her, “Gifted with unimaginable beauty” now that is an strange remark, she is not Marilyn Monroe, she is not Beyoncee and she is not a super model, she is at least good looking and take cares of herself but I am sure I could imagine her type of “beauty”.

    2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Quite frankly I am still trying to see what Travis saw in her. There are women who look tens times better then her.

    3. Back when not mom was on trial you were Orlando East. Did you finally have a lobotomy and petition the courts for a new name?
      You need new material, OE.

  28. Hats you are totally silly. Jodi’s looks are average at best. She has a potato nose, crooked beaver like teeth and that bleached brassy hair she had was awful. Big head and huge hands!
    Plus she had a $300 boob job and her female parts were downright ugly looking.

    1. Shelley,
      YOU are delusional. I have no doubt that you are fat & ugly. Fat & ugly women always make up “physical flaws” about other women whom they wished they resembled. Nuff said, whale woman.

      1. Hats- you really show your ignorance when you try to speculate what someone you have never met looks like. you’ve probably never had a single date with anyone in your life. how do i know? because your personality is dreadful. if you were a decent person you would not insult strangers on a blog’s comment section. now go to sleep.

  29. Hats, the only one obsessed with Jodi’s “extremely great looking” self is you and your kind over at a small website that is so angry at not being taken seriously that it looks high and low for arguments to make that never make any sense. Give up already. Its from WHERE you come from that is really the problem. I do think it sad, that J Arias is a pretty girl and well spoken that COULD have done a lot with her life. But sadly somewhere along the line, she got wired in such a way that wreaked havoc on the lives of those that were around her and it had deadly consequences. When someone is dangerous to others or believes that their feelings and needs are superior to those around them, that is when it is time for them to be taken out of civilized society so they can do no more harm. What she with her defense continues to do to the innocent victim Travis is particularly heinous. If she had not done that, perhaps there would not be the very vocalized kind of outspoken hate she incites. To say we are jealous is to MISS the entire point and to show that you yourself are incapable of normal healthy empathy towards the victims in this case. Sad.

  30. Oh, I also initially thought the girl had to have been defending herself. But after seeing the evidence, or severe lack of it, the obvious cunning the girl has displayed before and especially after the crime, convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a fake “abuse victim”. My mother was abused by my father and she says the woman is full of ++++ after watching the trial too. We both went into it thinking self defense and especially after her testimony on the stand she appears to be completely faking it until you make it. Keeping her up there that long is just to make the jury feel guilty about the DP. Most female abuse survivors are also furious after so many years about what the abuser did to put them in this situation. The fact that she is playing this I STILL love Travis after all this tells me its an act. Pure and simple.

  31. Hats is gone. Good riddance. The media and others say Jodi is attractive/pretty/beautiful, but I do not see that at all. I see a very ordinary looking woman who is nothing without her made up face. that bleached, brassy hair was terrible. look at her eyes. one of them is off – not centered. her nose is a potato nose. her teeth are crooked/crowded and rabbit like. her looks are very average. but when i see her i see a hideous woman because of the evil deeds she has done.
    those huge hands are disproportionate & her head is also quite disproportionate
    Looking at her lanky hands and weird looking privates, I almost think that soon photos will turn up from back in the day – when she was a MAN….!!! Oh she’s a goregous babe all right. NOT ! as others have posted, women are not jealous of Jodi’s looks. i would not mention anything about them except the media keeps referring to her as ” the beautiful photographer”.

    1. Sex sells. They lead with stupid headlines to grab people’s attention. They take a bit of truth and stretch it.

      Example: Jodi the photographer…..instead of Jodi the waitress!

      She was an amateur photographer, it was a hobby, it was not her means of income. She might have gotten a B, B- in a photography class.

    2. Shelley,

      Who takes pics of their privates like she did? Just gross!!! You got that right, maybe we will learn she had surgery down there too! LOL. Nothing left to shock others after all she’s done!

      1. Soph–yes indeed who takes photos of their privates like that? Maybe I do not want to know. I am an older woman married a long time so I am out of touch with what young people do today.

  32. I know it is irritating to hear someone who has done such vile things be called beautiful. In any way. It bothers me too. But I am just trying to be kind and look at her physically only momentarily without the rest of the horrible knowledge. I think if she were a friend or a sister we would not call her ugly. Sure, you can look at her in a hard way and see physical imperfections, but we are all not gorgeous models out there so I am only trying to be fair or kind. This is the way I think, and I think I am not amongst the few. So to say all of those saying that Jodi is guilty is just jealous is stupid. Who could be threatened by a woman like that. She has no affect whatsoever in our life Hats. But yes, seen through the lens of what we know she DID do, it is hard to see her as physically beautiful or beautiful in any way.

  33. A minimum of 5 belly laughs a day, keeps you healthy! Hats, IS THAT U JODI? ROTFLOL!!!!

    UNimaginable beauty???? WTH!

    Fagettaboutit, à la Donnie Brasco! There are sixty yr old women who look better than the liar extra-don-ner does today! She WAS, cute, passable, nothing outstanding….. just runnin a sex scam on men.

    In my book Beauty – True Beauty – is both an inside and outside thing….same with being Handsome!

    Extraordinary, unimaginable beauty that would be women – in their prime and many way beyond- such as, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Bridgette Bardot, Selma Hyak, Kate Beckinsale, etc etc.

    If jodi the murderess stood next to them she would look ugly indeed.

    1. Soph,

      Unimaginable beauty? That’s the same drivel some monster lovers from Florida said about a certain murderess. Hats Mulligan loves not mom. Occasionally, Hats is over at TCD, spewing what I have no idea, I just pass over its comments.

      1. Hats is a total joke around here – we are on to him. He’s an idiotic troll. ANY man who now thinks Hodi–uh, I mean Jodi–is good looking needs a psychiatrist asap. She is a hideous FREAK.

  34. Jodi Arias is ordinary looking (not that there’s anything wrong with ordinary) What she has that is extraordinary is her sociopathy which has it’s own ‘aura’ and which some people seem to take as charisma/attractivenss, as in the women who thought Joran Vandersloot was attractive, etc.

    1. right there is nothing wrong with ordinary or average looks. most people are average looking. hodi–i mean jodi– is not a physically ugly or hideous woman. but i can’t look at her
      now [ knowing what she did] and not see anything but a rotten, hideous freak!. but i see plenty of average looking women every day and there is nothing wrong with looking average. i never judge regular people by their looks. but hodi–i mean jodi–is a monster so she is fair game. hee hee..

  35. They need to start checking the back yard for black trash bags and missing pets in the neighborhood with upside down crosses , candles , human hair,large white sunglasses , and black cloaks. Oh , did I leave out chloroform research on the home computer.

  36. I am sure there are many stupid men out there who find Hodi–uh I mean Jodi — attractive ! Ha they think of her as a three hole wonder=!!!

  37. The murder victims parents need to take turns beating her with a large cast iron skillet until she remembers and confesses to the crime. Screw the free lawyers anymore the sick people with cancer are being denied health care now.

  38. I know defense lawyers have a job to do, but the current ones defending murderess Hodi are milking the system, only care about winning at whatever cost. They r willing to put a murderess back on the street. Nurmi defense pedos. No diff between the “lawyer” and the pedo imho.

  39. Your awesome! I see everything your saying! Your right on! I love it! Thank you! I pray this jury will get it right and give her the DEATH PENALTY!

  40. After years of watching Jodi I a have a theory about the handstand. She is vain and already thinking about her mug shot being widely circulated. I think after being refused cosmetics she was trying to blush her cheeks.

    I also believe the G-chat argument involved fake PPL memberships. I imagine she was check floating; moving money between accounts to cover her checks written to herself. I think Travis’ demand for her imaginary friend’s last name was because Jodi’s PPL memberships frequently ended after she collected the first commission installment. It seems to me at this point in their pseudo relationship he was used to her snooping and later claiming her info came from a confedential source. She had moved out of state and his support group all ready thought she was damaged. Any threat to his reputation would have been at least partially neutered by the low opinion most close to Travis had of Jodi.

    I think she wanted to hide the financial (and criminal) game she was playing. Her desperation to ingratiate herself to the PPL/Morman crowd was another ploy solidify the ties to Travis. She was not only cast aside romantically but she was about to be embarrassed, exposed as a fraud, possibly face criminal charges, owe restitution but she would also be cast completely out of the only community she ever belonged to.

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