Jodi Arias’ Body Language- Her Cockiness, Newly Resonant Voice and Smug Facial Expressions May Make her A Dead Woman Walking


I have held off on writing about Jodi Arias until I had something significant to say. But  after watching  her on the stand  for eight days  and listening to her sickeningly sweet phony vocal tones and watching one signal of deception after another I have something to say. Today the REAL Jodi showed up on the stand and I am here to talk about it. .

I have always said in my books that you MUST  beware of anyone that has a sickening sweet soft spoken voice, where  you can barely hear them at times. I have said they are phonies  and  you must RUN because there is a lot of built up anger and hostility that this type of voice pattern masks. Now here is  living proof  of what I have been talking about in the Jodi Arias trial. She went from meek mouse tone to roaring lion tone as she displayed cockiness and anger toward the prosecutor.

This is Not good for her because juror swill clearly see the REAL Jodi as they


will get a glimpse of her anger and what she must have been like around Travis. They will see how she could turn on him on a dime. They can now see her anger up close and personal.


The jury also  also saw her lying first hand. Prosecutors had her hold her up her hand. Her finger was bent . She said it got that way months before Travis’ death as he abused her.


Then the prosecutor showed a photo of her after Travis was killed and the hand was not  bent. It was a photo taken allegedly months after he beat her.

She sat there and LIED in front of everyone that her finger was bent. There was no way her finger was bent as anyone with eyes could see that.  This is yet another nail in her coffin towards the death penalty.

The prosecutor asked her about her memory and when it fails he and she look aways and said “Usually when men like you are screaming






at me or grilling me or someone like Travisdoing the same.

That was a BAD move on Jodi’s part as she just lost her “sympathy” vote from any of the jurors who are gullible enough to have previously fallen for her poor me victim testimony.

Her nasty retort was anything but victim like. It was a dig at the prosecutor  and it  will in my estimation but another nail in her coffin.


Then he asks so that affects your memory. Her she shows DUPING DELIGHT where there is a  slight smile on her face as she says “Yes that makes my brain scramble.”

Her slight smile which leaked out showed she was happy she felt she got a dig into the prosecutor and compared him to Travis. But what this stupid woman doesn’t realize is that it may have cost her  her life . It  may have angered jurors that she painted the prosecutor with the same brush she painted Travis. The jurors saw how he asked her  simple question about her memory and now she took it to a level  of  indirectly accusing the prosecutor of verbally abusing her.


Her  smiling during  the prosecution’s questioning is not good either. There is NOTHING to smile about when a man has been brutally  killed  like Travis was and when her life is on the line. Jurors will pick that up and it will be a turn off to them. Perhaps she has been conditioned by others that her smile gets her what she wants. But it certainly won’t be the case here. Her smile for the first time in her life will work against her.

Will Jodi die by lethal needle?  Usually  it is reserved for people who have  killed  their children or spouses  or a both, or a parent,  in Arizona like the three women  who are already on death row there.  Each of these women also sought to benefit financially from the death where Jodi did not. So Jodi’s cases a little different in that regard.

However given the brutality of the murder that the jurors  were forced to see, Jodi’s lies from the past and witnessing her lies right in front of their eyes with regard to her finger, her smugness, and her belligerent attitude with the prosecutor, Jodi Arias may very well be joining these three woman.

It is a myth that because a woman is pretty she won’t get the death sentence.One woman who was on death row and  executed in Texas was quite beautiful and could pass as a Kardashian with her long brown hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and pretty features.

All three women who are on  Arizona’s death row are attractive. So it  shows that looks really don’t  matter these days as far as the death penalty is concerned.

Actually Jodi is doing all she can to not be attractive with her greasy hair limp hair, no makeup, and glasses in her attorney’s or a jury consultant’s misguided coaching to have her not look like a sexy bombshell she looked like in the photos with Travis.

Was Travis and angel? Far from it! Was he a hypocrite with regard to his Mormon religion which doesn’t believe in premarital sex. Yes. Was he a jerk in that he used  Jodi for sex and wanted to marry a decent Momon girl. Yes. Did he give her mixed messages? You bet . But did he deserve to die in such a brutal way? No way!

If the man was wet and naked it made him even more vulnerable and juror will pick that up. Even if he did get mad at her for dropping the camera  and she claims she killed him in self defense. It was OVERKILL which means she despised him and most likely planned this attack at one point or another.  Maybe it was a fantasy that ran through in her mind from time to time for how awful he treated her. But the fact that she executed it with such force  shows the built up anger and hate she was harboring towards him.

That leads me back to her voice. The voice mirrors what goes on in your head and your heart as Galen the Greek philosopher once said. Jody hand a lot of rage and anger in her heart and it was clearly mirrored in her voice until it was unleashed today by the prosecutor.


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  1. I agree totally with all your observations and truly hope the jurors are not of equal mental and intellectual caliber as Casey Anthony’s!

  2. I have been waiting to hear your opinion! I got your new book so I’ve been paying close attention…I noticed several of the things you talk about in the book are occurring on the stand with her. Some comforting face touching, smirking, pleading with those hands? Love your book!

  3. Thank you Dr. Glass I too noticed her duppers delight, especially when she made that statement about men like you that scramble her brain. That’s just the tip of it. Mr Martinez had to come down strong to show Jodi HE is in control, not her.
    I just feel so bad for Travis’ family who have to sit there and listen to it. Why has criminal trials become one of trashing the vicitm, revicitmizing in the most inhumane, incredulous way? What ever happened to taking responsbility for your actions/behaviors instead of blaming the dead victim.
    I certainly hope the jurors see Jodi Arias for the psychopath I believe her to be. She’s going to go down, now it’s just a matter of LWOP or Death!
    Rest Peacefully, Travis justice is on it’s way.

  4. Thank you for this post on Jodi Arias. I totally agree with you. I like another reader says, I hope the jury sees it the same way

  5. I’ve been following the Jodi Arias case since 2008 when it was just a blip on the murder radar, and from Jodi’s very first interview, I’ve been waiting for someone’s unbiased analysis of her body language. Looks like I’m still looking.

    Don’t get me wrong.. it was a good article… IF I was just looking for some good ol’ murderer bashing. Admittedly, I think she killed Travis out of jealous rage, not self-defense as she claims, but you have to understand something here while she’s on the stand. We’re been listening to DAYS of testimony from the defense direct, where Jodi is loquacious, soft-spoken, and at times emotional. But Nurmi is on HER side, so she is able to get comfortable. Then, Martinez comes in… and immediately he begins to deliberately misstate instances in her prior testimony perhaps to get her to agree with his version. For any reason, this may cause Jodi confusion. I’m sure her lawyers warned her of this and told her to just look at the jury and answer discreetly.. either “yes” “no” “i don’t know” or “I put in the information I knew was important at the time.”

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez has been likened to a bulldog and for good reason – his tactics often involve intimidation and dissecting the defendant’s integrity and image. Like most prosecutors, Martinez continuously tries to get Jodi to argue with him so she’ll lose her composure – and with it, any credibility she might have left. I’ve been oft told a polite demeanor and placid disposition will garter, at the least, pity, if not empathy or sympathy from a jury. Martinez is trying to get Jodi to show a more ostentatious and less agreeable side by pointing out her problems with memory, instances of double-standards, and being caught calling her sister stupid. To her credit, Jodi is holding up pretty well, and I haven’t seen any acrimony from her, aside from her smugness. So, I don’t think the jurors will see an indignant Jodi when “he asked her a simple question about her memory and now she took it to a level of indirectly accusing the prosecutor of verbally abusing her,” I think they’ll see a defensive Jodi, corroborating her statement that in times of stress, her memory goes South.

    I don’t think she’s lying about her finger being bent – how it happened, yes absolutely, but the picture is not a really a good one to show comparison, since all the fingers on that hand are slightly bent anyway. To test this, I took a picture of my own hand. I broke my pinky finger in a surfing accident nearly ten years ago. With all my fingers straight on the table, it’s clearly bent. With my hand relaxed and hanging over someone’s shoulder, all my fingers curl a bit inward as if my fingertips are naturally drawn to the fabric. In this picture no one would be able to tell my pinky was broken unless I showed them.

    And finally, its interesting to note that the only three women on Arizona’s death row are not only attractive (which is subjective) but are also there because of Martinez.

    So.. all in all… this wasn’t an analysis so much of her body language as it was just assertions on your part. I can’t say I don’t agree with you on some points, because I do, but I was hoping for something more specific to her actual demeanor in court.

    Sorry for the long post =/!

    1. My blog is only about her body language and communication patterns and from those observations I make assertions. That is how it works. If you read what I wrote you will see how I do indeed describer her body language in court and her communication patterns n the behavioral analysis I did. The headline sums it up.

    2. Martinez has actually only put one of the three AZ women on death row, i.e., Wendi Andriano. Also, just heard one of these women (not Andriano — Deborah Milke — the woman whose little boy was killed by her male roommate, and he accused Milke of being part of the plot) has had her conviction overturned. I saw that story on TV and was never convinced that woman was absolutely involved.

  6. Just loved her excuse for arguing with Martinez…”I am hyper-literate”….LOL.

    The girl LOVES to play “mindgames”, especially with men it seems. And she probably wins most fights….until no matter how good she is in bed….they all are unfaithful to her. Must drive her crazy.

    Also, caught her use of the term “crystallized memory”, must have practiced with that one for months.

  7. As a “layman” at reading body language… I’ve taken acting classes now and then throughout my life, done some acting gigs…. I’ve been taught that if a person is recalling, they look up, the eyes roll up and over while recall is in process. The liar looks down during or just after the lie. I’ve been watching Jodi for the last few days of her trial. When I consider that when a human looks down, they just told a lie, I’ve been seeing Jodi tell many lies. Watching her has been fascinating. I think she “stole” her grandparents’ gun on May 25/08, I think that was the gun she used to shoot Travis with. I think Travis murder was absolutely premeditated. (From at least May 25/08.) I think Travis was using Jodi. Did Travis never read Shakespeare? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I think Jodi needed Travis dead before he took that other woman to vacation in Mexico the following week, as he had planned….

  8. What effect does it have that she looks at the jury, does a slight chin dip, and continues the smug look? Are these lying “tells”?

  9. I absolutely hate Jodi’s girlish vocalisms and sybllance. The hissing sounds she makes at the end of words that end in “s” are painful to me. Her unnaturally high pitch, breathiness and sing-song responses with one or two word responses are things that would drive me crazy if I were a juror. I assume this is part of a defense strategy to make her seem innocent and naïve, like a child. But like you said, it also hides her rage in a most perverse way.

    Top all that vocal mess off with those darkly devious eyes and you’ve got a snake that likes to talk too much about things that lead nowhere near the truth most of the time, I suspect. If such a thing exists, would a truth serum possibly help get information about what she alleges is the blackout period where she repeatedly stabbed, shot and almost decapitated Travis? Obviously, she has no conscience to appeal to, so what’s left?

  10. Please, she is left handed, she stabbed the poor victim 29 times and slit his throat from ear to ear!!!! What does one think THAT would do to a dominate hand? It’s clear to ME that she broke (or whatever) to her finger on 6/4/2013

  11. Great Job! I also totally agree with your observations. One of my observations is, I notice she repeats old stories with new details. The first one I noticed was when she said her dad slapped her upside her head, she basically changes the geography and the person, and a few details and it becomes a tale about Travis supposedly slapping her upside her head/neck. Same thing when Bobby threw her in the floor and choked her, change the geography to Travis’ bedroom, the person to Travis and bam! whole new/old story but it remains memorable for her because shes told this story for many years, just a few new details and she thinks she has a believable story.

    1. How about her story about when the “assailants were attacking” (second Jodi story) and she said Travis was crawling away from them on all fours — and then she said he was actually on his knees and one hand, and the other hand was holding his head!!!!! Yikes, that was creepy, because I truly feel that that was her point of view, looking down at Travis trying to crawl away, right before she finished him off. This made me to sad for TA.

  12. What got to me was why 20 white Iris’s??? did she lose count of how many times she stabbed him? she has a motive for everything and i think the flower count was a hidden message. how sick to send flowers to his grandmother,Jodi is very intellegent and she is a planner and she is just wierd enough to have them flowers sent as a celabration of her kill.

    1. I wondered about the number 20 as well. She and Travis met in September, 2006 and she murdered him on June 4, 2008. I think in her twisted mind she would count this as 20 months “together”.

    1. Killer Arias is not attractive and never was. If Mr Alexander could see her now, cold sores, greasy hair, large crooked nose,very ugly stained teeth. He would say what the hell is wrong with me, I’m dating a witch!!!!! Please stop referring to this killer as beautiful. The ton of make-up is gone, bleached blond hair gone. Arias was trying her best to be white and beautiful without much luck.

  13. Hello and good evening everybody. When I first started watching the trial unfold I promised myself that I would at least give Arias a chance to explain herself….from the very beginning it was evident that she is nothing more than a jealous scorned woman whom lost her temper and turned on Travis in a brutal evil raged attack. I loved the fact that you pointed out several facts to prove the body language and eye contact was all just a hateful lie. I noticed right away that she was very comfortable with her lawyer and probally thought to herself if I have him fooled than I can fool everybody else as well. To me the looking down while trying to come up with lies to make a complelling arguement and then trying to remember her lies she told her own lawyer was all just sadistic acts. Right away I knew if she couldn’t look her own lawyer in the eyes and tell her web of lies she was also incapable of doing it with the jury and her audience that sat before her. I’m sure (pardon the refererence) that in the small little meak brain of hers she was imaging her life becoming a “Lifetime” story and thinking of reaping the money and probally thinking of which actor was gonna play her role. Because the next day when she was being cross examine I seen that hateful look in her eyes and by her own mastake showed the audience her true being. Over night she went from being this sweet old little innocent victim to a horrible monster with in a blink of the eye. I felt that she thought that by showing the jury and the rest of the courtroom that she wasn’t gonna take the cross examination lying down easily. She made a huge mastake showing the courtroom and jury that she could bully right back…which leads me to my true belief that she may think she has this won or at least thought that up until today when she made several hundreds of mastakes on that stand under oath….it leads me to believe that she went into a fitted rage and killed Travis because in her mind she thought if I can’t have him then nobody else can either. I know that I’m all over the topic at hand and I could probally go on all night but the point I’m trying to make is that yes body language is the real truth behind the truth and no matter what web of lies she told the true fact still remains and always will remain that she in fact killed Travis in a fit of rage because she was so jealous and angry because he was moving on with his life and she was not included in it.

  14. I have also noticed that when questioned by Martinez she has a twitch effect with her bottom lip just to the corner. It seems to me that it happens more so when she is in the direct line of fire and doesn’t really want to answer the question with a yes/no..she will try to elaborate, and those harsh stares afterwards…Just a thought! What does this mean?

  15. Interesting article. One thing-the picture of her hand was from May, after January and BEFORE the murder, proving it was hurt during the murder. Also what does it mean when you keep touching your neck like she did a lot today- in particular towards the end of the day?

      1. Travis is the one who put Splints on her broken finger for her.
        She did not have medical insurance. Migraine headaches is reason why one keeps touching and pressing your neck.

  16. You people are just so jealous of Jodi! She is innocent because she knows the truth. The truth is self defense. Travis was an asshole. He attacked her and she was fed up with his abuse so she let him have it. Good for her!! GO JODI!! Not a bit of pity for the sisters becuase they weren’t even close to Travis until now!!

    1. Are you a troll Gina. Who would be jealous of someone on deatH row. She is NOt innocent and even admitted she isn’t innocent and killed Travis and deserves to be punished. This is about the death penalty- whether she spends her life in prison or gets to meet her maker via lethal needle. They were both Toxic to one another.And where is your compassion about his sisters.They are suffering.

    2. Gina, please tell me what we have to be jealous of Jodi about…She doesn’t have one endearing quality. And also, can you explain to me how 29 stab wounds and carving someone’s neck out until their head is barely hanging on is necessary in a self defense situation? You need serious help.

      1. Speaking of the 29 stabs wounds, isn’t it interesting that she stabbed him that many times which is the same number of the date they broke up. Gee what a coincidence, NOT!

    3. LMAO jealous of what??? She is nothing to look at & furthermore I would not wanna be in her position at all. I am willing to bet she will be found guilty. I just hope the jury does not go with the lesser charge. I don’t know about you but that’s nothing to be jealous about. She knows the truth. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO she wouldnt know the truth if it was staring at her. You are nothing more but an idiotic troll who believes in anything that witch says.

    4. Well then I guess she JA was just a REAL STUPID IDIOT, even a DOG will quit coming to you if you KEEP kicking it away!!! JA just wanted a good looking, young, with money guy and she found ALL that in Travis, HE wanted someone else and JA the spoiled, hateful, full of rage and jelousy counld take the hint(kicking away) to GO AWAY JODIE!!! Any MAN it going to take ANY SEX you give for FREE like she insisted on doing. She always was picking up his scraps, she had NO money, she wanted security and I’m so surprised she didnt get pregnant on purpose, HE would’ve never got rid of this leach!!! GUILTY!!! Even being an asshole Travis could make Jodie GO AWAWY
      And she is always saying, she did things to “make” Travis feel good, She is a “Wacko” I guess she thought in her physcho-ness that SHE could “fix” anyone LOL

      1. Exactly Sandy – IMHO she wanted Travis and his lifestyle and the security, and I think she did all the “stuff” with Travis sexually because she thought he would eventually think he couldn’t live without it (no pun intended) and cave in and marry her. When she realized she had gone through all that humiliation and anal sex and he was taking another “nice” girl to Cancun, even after the marathon sex the day of TA’s death, she snapped. And I believe she came armed, just in case it did turn out the way it did. He was not taking Mimi to Cancun. You know, Mimi was not attracted to him. He probably would have come back from Mexico and ended up in the sack at least, with Jodi again, eventually. I wonder what Jodi thought when she heard Mimi describe her actual feelings toward Travis in Court. I wonder if she realized how huge of an error she really made? I don’t know. I can’t really understand how Jodi’s mind.

  17. Everyone hates Jodi because people belive there own theory as what happen but Jodi is telling the truth. Yeah she lied at first but who wouldn’t?? She probably didn’t even realize it was self defense until her lawyers told her it was!! She is innocent.

      1. This Gina, must be watching a different trial, Because Jodie herself said, If I would’ve killed Travis, “I BEG for the “DEATH PENALTY” Well JODIE here is you answer to your prayer, Dont miss this chance, you missed your 1st one of wanting to kill yourself before!!! Take your chance NOW!!! Do all of us a favor!!!

    1. ROFL… thank god your not on that jury & I hope there is noone like you that is. This woman has told lie after lie so in reality how can you believe anything she says because of her lies. You don’t know if she is telling more lies or the truth! Innocent my ass! Yeah this poor abused woman was trying to save herself & what does she do after she kills in self defense??? She goes sees another man!!! Yeah that really sounds like a helpless abused victim. :rollseyes:

    2. Gina, people don’t believe theories, they believe facts. Take the time to look at this case from beginning to end…just the facts, and there is only one conclusion, this was pre-meditated murder..whether they can prove pre-meditation I don’t know but they certainly have proved it was not self-defense. If your life was on the line wouldn’t you do everything possibe, including lie and lie and lie to save yourself. Whether Travis led her on or not, and yes it was a toxic relationship but in no way warrented the savagery in which she murdered him.I feel Jodi was the aggressor in this relationship and not the other way around…like the saying goes…JUST THE FACTS, MA’AM…If you go back through history, women who murder their abusers in self defense don’t tend to run off and cover their tracks…they usually seek help from the police immediately after the incident….and as Dr. Glass said, where is your compassion for the family that has lost their brother. It doesn’t matter who you believe, but their are two families who are destroyed here…where is your compassion.

    3. Gina, I’ll tell you who wouldn’t lie: a REAL victim of domestic violence….. someone who was REALLY in a self-defense situation. That’s who wouldn’t lie and go to great lengths to cover up the murder, after going to great lengths to pre-plan the murder. Your thinking is skewed; please seek help.

  18. I think Travis was pretty honest with Jodi, telling it like it is..lets face it she is not wife material! Travis told her from the get was her choice to continue with him.. Why blame Travis for being honest where their relationship was going? Jodi could have, should have walked away, like she had done in the past.


  19. Gina.. You have no idea what you’re talking about. No one is jealous of Jodi. We just see through the lies. We see who she really is. A monster who took the life of the man SHE LOVED. She was scorned because he told her she wasn’t marriage material. She didn’t want him to be with anyone else so she killed him. There was no abuse. Where is the proof of abuse Gina?? The words of the killer? Did she write about it in her journal? You know she said she writes about everything that is “note worthy”. Don’t ya think that being hit and slapped and having a finger broken by the man you loved is “note worthy”. I do. In fact I have many journals I wrote about the abuse that I went through and from first hand experience Gina. A abused woman hides and cowers from their abuser. They don’t attack, stab 29 times and slit the mans throat in self defense. She did all of that in rage. Animalistic rage.

  20. I am no body language expert; however, i am old enough to recognize when someone reaches up into their memory bank with their eyes, going from side to side, plus adding a shrug, plus a smirk and finally saying, “I’m not quite sure when I started work that day”! This being the day when Jodi Arias alleges that Travis Alexander was viewing child pornography. NO … WAIT! It was only one image that she caught him masturbating to. Jodi is not quite sure what time she finishes work, how long she works for, when she gets to Travis’ home, when she leaves or why she never reported this horrifying incident to anyone. OH…YES, she wanted to protect his image. GIVE ME A LYING BREAK!!!
    Here are body language questions I have:
    1. When she touches her glasses….
    2. When she removes her glasses to view evidence brought forth for her perusal
    (Are those fake glasses that she is wearing to make her look innocent)
    3. The licking of her lips ( Is she on medication to make her calm for cross
    examination?) I believe so..because last Thursday she was a She Devil
    4. Her eyes are rarely flutter. Her gaze is fixed ( Again medicated?)
    5. Her neck touching with her hands???/
    Please advise

  21. JA lives in her own reality. She tries feverishly to bring her hopes and dreams to fruition; and when that fails, the only way she knows how to react is through rage and rebellion.

  22. She reminds me of the character, Tommy Flanagan, the pathalogical liar on the show Saturday Night Live. I don’t know if any of you remember his skits…kind of makes it up as he goes along..(youtube it ), though the character is funny and I don’t mean to say that this situation has anything humerous to be found in it…but Jodi just seems to be going along and adding and adding and adding to her stories..on direct she just struck me as someone who realized she had the stage to herself and we had no choice to listen to her so why not make this guy the worse human being that ever walked on two feet. I just can’t remember ever reading about a pedophile that liked young boys and girls, older women, was a rapist, and beat women, ever…I mean this guy had every vice that is considered appauling by society. She kind of covered everything I think. And of course the only person who could defend himself against these unbelievable lies happens to be dead, and I feel she thinks she had covered her tracks well…I came into this a few weeks ago when I was channel surffing. I had no knowledge of this case at all, just remained on the channel and listened to this women telling her story. I was so evident to me that she was lying. Just listening to her voice and the way she seemed to try and force some kind of emotion to go with her words was so backfiring for her in my view…It just didn’t ring true…and so I watched the next day and so on…now I know the whole story but its just to tell you that even when I had no prior knowledge of this case…I felt that she was lying…I’m not a body language expert and I don’t think the jury is either, but I think or I would hope that they are people with good judgement and common sense and are probably just like you and I, only with a bigger job to do. Mr. Martinez is doing an excellent job on cross and though I have heard comments about him being a bit to harsh on Jodi…people should remember why she is sitting in that chair on cross, for the savage murder of Travis Alexander. She has admitted to that only because she had no choice,and admitted to shaping her story to fit the froensics as she knew it to be. It was savage, brutal, heinous, well beyond what one would consider self-defense…One has only to illiminate all the ‘static’ surrounding the case and stick to the simple facts, and the only conclusion is that this is not a crime of passion but one of pent up rage toward Travis Alexander, Premeditated Murder. I pray that the jury sees it for what it is…and remember that everything we are seeing the jury is not…Not the news, not the paper and much of what has come out in the media the jury has no knowledge of so they can only base their decision on what they hear and see in that courtroom and what the laws are that they are to base their decision on….wouldn’t want to be in their shoes….sorry for all the space I used….

    1. Kate,

      Count yourself fortunate to have good old fashion common sense and insight. These precious tools seem missing from way too many individuals these days! Well said.

      Jodi believes herself to be smarter than everyone, she really does. She is doing herself great damage on the stand because she is arrogant, combative, and smug. Someone who was telling the truth would not behave as she does on the stand. I wish the Judge would tell her to quit the stonewalling, dueling, and attack on the prosecutor who is seeking the facts. Well, the facts are not her friend. She knows it, she knows she viciously and brutally killed Travis out of revenge and not self defense. Had a man committed this crime, he would be treated differently. He would not be coddled that’s for sure. Jodi was man enough (aggressive and violent enough) to kill so brutally, let her be man enough to fess up.

      1. Replying to Dr. G below, I don’t know if you will see this post, as I am about a month behind the others here, but I have watched most of this Trial. My 29 year-old son has been yanking my chain about me watching so intently, saying things like “I think she’s hot”, just to get a reaction out of me! The other day he said that again, but he conceded, “yeah she’s hot, but she is bat-sh*t crazy”. I really think that’s probably the bottom line of the men of the jury. JMHO, but it seems to me men just prefer to cut to the chase, analyze the facts, and come to a conclusion a lot differently (and more quickly) than women. Same conclusion, just more succinct!

  23. Gina,
    As someone else reminded you Jodi has confessed to the murder. So she’s already getting LWOP. She showed signs of a jealous narcissistic psychopath. stalker. She was obsessed with Travis and doubted his faithfulness to the point that she:
    1) Broke into his email ( and that of another man)
    2) Broke into his bank account
    3) Entered his home when he wasn’t there and stole his journal
    4) Along with her mother plagiarized letters faking Travis’ handwriting most likely using his journal. Mother also sounds like a sociopath. Dishonest with no empathy for Travis’ family. Her expression shows no emotion or sometimes laughter like Jodi. Like mother, like daughter
    5) Slashed the tires of his and a female friend’s cars
    6) She stole her grandfather’s gun in late May( pre-meditation)
    7) Drove 1,000 to Mesa with the gun and a knife with the intent to kill
    8) Returned the rental having removed the carmats and with red stains in the car.
    9) Put the camers in the washing machine to erase the photo evidence
    10) Turned the car’s license plates upside down to avoid detection
    11) Threw herself on another man, Ryan Burns, immediately after the murder,to prove to herself that she was still attractive to men
    12) Sent an 18 page letter with flowers to his grandmother trying to explain who might have killed him (if that in itself isn’t the sign of a very disturbed person, I don’t konw what is)
    13) Attended his funeral and asked for some info
    14) Tried to get info about what the police investigatoes were coming up with as far as suspects.
    15) Joined the Mormon religion only to one day marry Travis
    16) Moved from Calif. to Mesa to pursue him.(This not a complete list-just from my memory)
    My observations=Jodi was relaxed and self-assured under direct but she’s looking more nervous under cross and keeps flip-flopping in her answers. I just heard that the trial has been suspended because poor, little Jodi has migraine (convenient that it’s when she’s starting to crumble when the heat is on)..
    Her whole sad life has been spent aggressively pursuing men with a fantasy of being married and living happily ever after. She’s an empty soul( sociopaths lack empathy) who decided that if I can’t have Travis, no one can. Her expressions in the thousands of photos doesn’t reveal a particularly happy person. She wanted payback for him replacing her with a normal woman. What is puzzling is that he knew she was capable of harming him-what did she say when she showed up at his house that convinced him to let her in?
    Are you playing devil’s advocate or trolling as someone suspected? I can’t believe that anyone in their right mind would say she’s innocent. Travis didn’t kill himself!

  24. Dr. Glass:

    In today’s testimony, Jodi Arias started out with a lot of blank, deflated, downward stares before the actual questioning began. Then, when the prosecutor started reviewing sexually explicit phone calls and texts between Arias and Alexander, Arias’ changed. She morphed into a smiling and energized being who seemed delighted with each detail being raised. It was truly bizarre!

    On a side note, I was shocked “In Session” didn’t block these recordings from being broadcast. I’ve never heard them allow the F-word, etc. to go out on the airwaves before.

    What do you make of all this?

  25. Bridgette, I too was very curious about the behavior Jodi displayed on 2/27. It looked like she was trying to hold back laughter at one point. It was so disrespectful. Dr. Glass, I would love to hear your take on Jodi’s behavior yesterday.

  26. Dr. Glass,

    What do you make of Nurmi’s body language? At times, I felt like I was watching a baseball game, with his hand and finger signals. I believe he was coaching her. I saw him run his hand across his neck, universally, doesn’t that mean to stop or cut it out? When I want answers I go to the best. Thanks!

  27. Dr. Glass,

    First off, I want to thank you for all your writing, IMHO you are one of the most respected BLG experts. I love all your posts, my favorite one is Charles Sheen, not because he is my star but your effort of pointing out the positives in human behavior even within a bad human being.

    My observation of Jodi Arias sum up as: She is an empty person.

    As Travis might put it “soul-less”, she is so fake in all of her interactions with other human beings. On 48 interview, she gave lengthy details of Travis being generous to the homeless person, yet I don’t see the authentic facial expression, her voice delivered no emotion, her eyes looked dull . I suspect she gave this statement to mask it that she worshiped Travis, hence to divert authority of her motives of murdering Travis.

    Would you please consider writing an article of what makes a human being
    like Jodi Arias.

    How could people around her NOT see her deviant self.

    Can parents be educated to spot their child(en) devious tendencies, work on it to mold them to be good people.

    Best regards,

    Candy Kane

    PS if you were a juror what would be your three questions to Jodi?

    1. Great observations and great questions. It is so essential to keep a close rein on your children as they are developing. When you notice deviations they need to be corrected lovingly and in a positive way so they know right from wrong.

  28. This week we saw glimpses of Jodi’s raging anger as Martinez asked rapid fire questions during cross where she has no time to concoct a perfect lie. As a result she had to admit some points which she wanted to deny. Several times she blamed her answers on Martinez because he was throwing her off-when he reiterates what she just said (about him) you can see impatience and anger-very telling. Her look at him showed anger-she was more animated as a result. Several times she mumbled under her breath so he had to ask her to speak up. When she was allegedly sobbing I tried to look at her eyes and face which was difficult because she had her hair over her face. I didn’t really see tears although she did have sniffles. She’s more intelligent than I expected-using sophisticated words which made her look even more dangerous/scary..
    I watch a lot of trials and most psychopaths don’t get on the stand(OJ, Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony) because their defense team wouldn’t let them. Nurmi took a big gamble with Jodi so the whole world is tuning in to see how a very dangerous, evil psychopathic person acts. How they are very cunning in their chameleon-like behavior. Fortunately these folks are few and far between. Dr. Drew also said, I believe, that she also may have a borderline personality disorder.
    I attended a seminar on personality disorders to get credits for my RN license. Fascinating-they should have these seminars on TV. In fact it would be great to have a series on mental health disorders to educate the public.
    John Bradshaw had a series on PBS about alcoholism and family dynamics and it had a large viewing audience. People could be encouraged to seek help or friends/family could identify abnormal behavior and prevent poor outcomes. Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew focus on one person or a family and their most likely mental health condition. Many folks aren’t well informed about mental health issues mainly due to stigma. They just write off folks with actual mental health disorders as being just “odd” behavior. “He was a loner” “Never interacted with anyone”. “Stayed to themselves”,etc. If talking about these disorders becomes the norm then mental health disorders can come out of the darkness into the light and we can help folks before they end up doing what Jodi Arias did.

  29. ?he was a loner? not sure about who you are referring to – good points, tho. There are so many sociopaths in this world – but they don’t all act out their anger by brutally, sadistically killing someone. Jodi is now an experienced killer – should they let her go – if onlt for this reason?

  30. It’s called the fake Casey Anthony , syndrome.
    This is Casey all over again and we just pray the jury is not a hick, back woods jury to scared to sentence someone for their sick crime committed.

  31. This women is sick ! and I feel very ill when I look at her ugly demonic face posted online. She has Psycho Rage temper that kills when she feels rejected. This women needs constant mental stimulation from her lover ,because she is very insecure and nuts.

    1. I wonder how much money she made in her work since she seemed to spend a lot of time hunting men. I agree that she is so insecure that she went to abnormal lengths to capture a man. She stalked other men beside Travis. Investigation Discovery has a Stalked program. It would be interesting if they portrayed Jodi stalking Travis( and perhaps the other men). I keep hearing more and more facts about the extent of her stalking behavior.
      I wonder if Travis ever reported her stalking. One report was that he and his friend Lisa went to the police to report the slashing both of their tires but got tired of waiting so left. I wonder if he reported her breaking into his apt.and stealing his journal or emails or bank account. Those have legal
      Dr. Drew feels that the male jurors shouldn’t have any problem convicting her because they could be victims of a woman like Jodi. It sounds like the female juror who was seen mouthing to Jodi(she should have been kicked off the jury) is now getting the picture after seeing the gruesome photos of Travis. Beth and Jean said that the jurors are no longer looking in Jodi’s direction. Dr. Glass-did you notice this?
      consequences. Or was he afraid she would retaliate?
      I agree that we should hope that all of the jurors in this trial are of a higher intellect and worldly view than some of the jurors in OJ’s and Casey’s trials. In their trials the defense must have done a good job selecting jurors who were snowed by OJ’s fame(in his case). I have been summoned to serve on a jury several times and the selection process is very interesting and crucial.

  32. Dear Dr. Glass,

    I would be curious to have your opinion on how the jury is likely to interpret Sandy Arias’s – Jodi’s mother- demeanor in the courtroom? I’m speechless. The mother shows no respect for the courtroom, for the murdered victim’s family, and for those who serve in the courtroom – like her daughter. The mother smiles and laughs inappropriately (spotted her giggling, smiling, chomping on gum as JM crossed exam her daughter). WOW! Jodi is comfortable showing contempt and disrespect for others. Perhaps her mom is nervous being on camera, but that doesn’t seem like the reason. Camera’s in the courtroom would be all the more reason to display proper decorum. If I were a juror on this case, it would be hard to overlook the “attitude” connection between mother and daughter. I sure am noticing it out here.

    Side note: The courtroom is going to need a good scrubbing and sanitizing after this crazy, trashy, orgasmic trial. Nurmi can’t stop with the sex details. I can’t listen anymore. Only so many ways to go with that talk, Jodi did them all, we heard it all. It’s the murder people want to know about as the trial winds down.

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only person who thinks Jodi’s atty. focuses on the sexual aspects of this crime. Plenty of people have a sexual life but it rarely ends in murder. Enough with the sex stuff!

  33. In looking at Jodi’s mother’s behavior, I think we can now understand a part of why Jodi has become who she is.
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. I agree-the mother may also be sociopathic. She certainly has no class. Very immature, tacky behavior in light of the cruel, gruesome way her daughter killed Travis. This re-direct is ridiculous. Nurmi is allowing Jodi to fabricate, embellish and change her testimony word by word and continue with the salacious details and very inappropriate tactics. (Now the gun had a holster, for example) Do you think that he(rather than her) is concocting all of these ridiculous scenarios to save her from death? It is so cruel to Travis’ friends and family. Everyone is hoping that this strategy backfires in a big way.There should be limits to how much the defense can drag the victim, who is dead, and can’t defend himself. Have you ever seen this abuse of power? Many famous defense lawyers are criticizing his methods. It’s so unprofessional. Can I assume he is a public defender since she probably has no money?
      Now that I see your photo I recognize who you are from TV!

    2. Sadly true! I read recently her Mom tried to sell “forged” letters to the National Enquirer which they refused to print. Just google National Enquirer and Sandy Arias, if you haven’t read the story. I’m convinced now mother dearest taught daughter well.

      The one day I watched Dad in the courtroom, he seemed perplexed by Jodi. It was a look as if he wondered who she really is. What about his wife who has been so close by for so

  34. Even if I didn’t know Jodi had slashed Travis’s and girl he was seeing tires – shortly the brutal slashing murder of Travis – it is clear to me, Jodi is a pathological liar who was obsessed with Travis. Ask her an important question about the day of his death, about Mormonism, his friends’s etc, either monotone voice, don’t remember or a rehearsed upbeat voice.

    Ask about their sex life, or Travis “interest” in her, she is full of glee, bright eyed, feeling powerful. Many duper delight smirk’s and laughing at inappropriate times. She is one perverse person. She lies so easily and so stupidly, find this to be frightening. Yes, I do believe she sought to win Travis through sex and to control him as well. She taped their sex talk, unbeknownst to him, to blackmail him.

    Justice would be Guilty as charged, premeditated, M1.

  35. Did anyone else hear the telephone call made (I believe to Jane Velez-M) by a woman who had once worked with Jodi. The woman said that Jodi was so obsessed with TA, that if she couldn’t get ahold of him before she went to work, that she wouldn’t go to work. And what about her crawling thru the dog door? Why aren’t these things brought into the mix?

    1. No need to crawl thru the doggy door….Travis never locked his doors. Roommates went in and out of the house….no keys.
      The woman who worked with Jodi was not called by the prosecutor or by the defense for good reason undisclosed.

  36. Unfortunately, a lot of reports of Jodi’s bizarre behavior are hearsay,i.e. reported by other people therefore inadmissible. Without it being in a recording of Jodi or Travis or in a text message from them the prosecution can’t introduce any of this important info. Once the trial is over I can see many people writing books esp. from the psychiatric point of view. How is a monster so strange, evil, devious and bizarre created?
    As Travis and Jodi’s friends appear on TV they reveal more of the odd behavior. You do wonder why Travis put up with her nonsense.

    Here are a few odd behaviors:
    1) 3 months into the relationship they were at a hotel for a conference. Several people slept in the living room of the suite, Travis stayed in an office(?). Jodi kept telling everyone she was Travis’ girlfriend so she expected to stay in the same room as Travis. He told her no and that she wasn’t his girlfriend so she then proceeds to sleep under the Christmas tree in the hotel suite.
    2) One of his other girlfriends reported about Jodi climbing through the doggy door so she could spy on the other woman.
    3) One story is that she hid in his closet to spy on him and other women.
    4) She broke into his place several times, stole his journal which may have been used to forge using his handwriting those letters that the defense has been trying to get into evidence.Not sure if these are the same that the National Enquirer turned down.
    The list goes on.

    Dr. Glass-did you see her the day she surreptitiously took a notebook sitting on the desk on her right side, slide it over then put it under her in the chair with her right hand? She took advantage of the computer in front of her hiding what she was doing. Dr. Drew was trying to speculate what she was hiding and why. All the while staring straight ahead as if she wasn’t doing anything. You must be having a field day with her. This is all the attention she will get because as soon as she’s locked p forever there won’t be any more TV cameras picking up her strange behavior or telling her lies while making sure she had makeup on.

  37. Hi Dr. Glass, I was wondering if you can analyze and post the body language of an honest person. Maybe looking at any of the INNOCENT PROJECT people who were released from custody after wrongly accused but spent over 20 years behind bars. Thank you.

  38. MW,
    Have you watched the in-studio jury on HLN After Dark where they have a mock up of the murder scene? Each night they hear the prosecution and defense arguments about a statement related to the trial. The jurors then ask questions and vote guilty or not guilty on the statement. In 2 cases 2 women voted against the rest of the folks and were swayed by the defense’s lame argument. The men always had the correct point of view. I hate to say it, as a woman myself, but in this case the men were a lot smarter than some of the women. AT least one didn’t want to give her death because she was a woman. One admitted that she believed that Jodi was crying real tears when grilled by Martinez about the murder!!! All you need is one dumb woman.

  39. Dr. Glass: can you shed some light on the way Jodi vocally expresses herself? She articulates very well but she does not speak the way normal people do, e.g, if there is a choice of words, she seems to always use the less common or more formal one. And she speaks in very very complete sentences. Her speech seems to be more literary than lingual. What is the significance of all this?

      1. I wondered about that myself. And when the jurors asked her questions, one of them seemed to be mocking her. She had indicated at one point that Travis had been “courting” her. (Who has used that word in the past 2 centuries.) One of the jurors asked a question about Travis’s “courting” of her.

      2. I think that Jodi IS intelligent-but not intellectual .Travis’s friends testify to that. I do feel she uses complex words appropriately within the context of her sentences.She’s one clever narcissistic, psychopath. In order to have planned, pre-meditated the very complicated actions she took after being rejected in April: stealing the gun(although that could be traced-she probably had no other way to buy one), the ammunition, the rental car, the gas cans, the route she took, the many other details show someone fairly smart.
        She certainly was smarter than Travis who was a nice guy but sadly no rocket scientist.

      3. For completing the 11th grade……she has a high IQ, she does speak very very well, her wording is complete and it definately is above average. Her written verbage and penmanship is also above average. along with her spelling abilities.

      4. One occasion where Jodi’s extreme anger leaked out was when she felt Martinez was “confusing her” and giving her brain a hard time(I don’t recall the exact words). She didn’t like him winning the chess game.

  40. My sense is that Travis was involved in a religious and personal world view that people are basically good. Not a bad pov – only one needs to recognize dangerous individuals exist in the world. Living in a Mormon community means being sheltered from many things. Jodi on the other hand, had to live by her street smarts and manipulation – no diploma before her jail life where she got her GED.

    In a way I can relate having grown up in Catholicism- 12 years of parochial schooling. It left me quite sheltered and naive about many personalities in the world. Not saying I or Catholic individuals are perfect, but our values were there to guide us, even if we missed the mark – we had a sense to make things right. Quiet honestly I was a bit shelled shocked going out into the greater society and quickly took note that people did not follow the same precepts and standards that were drilled into us early on! Is it a wonder I’m learning about body language and statement analysis? LOL! The other thing is I developed my intuition, which when I listened reduced certain hardships. I learned to stop arguing with my “gut” because it saved me heart ache so many times! What a gift!

    I believe because Travis had to raise himself -having drug addicted parents which equals neglect – he likely missed out on knowing who to trust. As a child you make excuses for bad parenting and parents – denial. As well, many people are deceived by sociopaths as they don’t reveal their true nature at first and they present themselves in a charming way at the start. I feel that by the time Travis realized who Jodi really was, she was in full stalker, slasher mode!

    The heinous murder committed by Jodi warrants the death penalty. If it were a man, it would have happened by now.

  41. JA is a clever sneak, fits her psych profile with it’s varied personality pathos.

    If she is so intelligent she would have made something of herself, instead of living a parasitic life.

    She gets a thrill from controlling others. That seems to have been her goal, control Travis.

    Travis was stalked by JA the ghoulish psychopath. You would not wish this on anyone. If a woman is being stalked, people often take a different view.

    She deserves to be found guilty of M1 premeditated.

  42. Dr. Glass,

    On Jodi’s after verdict interview, do you find her believable in her body language that she wants the DP?

    My BS meter says “no.” Another form of Jodi manipulation.

    Her comment of not wanting to look at the Alexander family in the future- especially during victim impact statement – Jodi manipulation.

    Jodi claim that she did not look at them during the trial (A LIE), she did look over at them numerous times – because they look too much like each other and Travis – more Jodi lies.

  43. My difficulty with your finding that she is putting on a certain voice at the trial is that in all other interviews, some long before the trial, she had the same soft spoken voice. Maybe that just the way she speaks.

    1. No John you are mistaken. She leaked out her angry voice many times during the trial and during interviews as I have analyzed her interviews in great detail.It is a masked tone that reflects her passive aggressiveness.

      1. Her normal voice is soft spoken. This is a characteristic of passive aggressive people. The point is that I don’t believe that her voice during the trial is contrived or artificial.

        For me her soft spokenness is disturbing as it is so inconsistent with the brutality of the injuries she inflicted.

        Notwithstanding this, if for me as an attorney of almost 40 years experience this is clearly not a death penalty case. The law cannot allow “Cockiness, Newly Resonant Voice and Smug Facial Expressions” which are subjective evaluations to be factors in applying the death penalty.

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