Cindy Anthony Changes Her Body Language and Communication And Tells The Truth About Casey’s Lies

It was compelling to see the dramatic change in Cindy Anthony. This was a more focused, connected, non defiant,  soft-spoken, less defensive, non harsh  Cindy who told the truth and  finally stopped defending Casey at all costs. There is an openness and softness and even a prettiness  about Cindy facially,   that was never there before. It is as though she finally took off the blinders and is now  seeing what is,  not what she wanted it to be.

When we heard all the elaborate  lies  that poor Cindy had to endure from Casey’s lips, it is no wonder why  she wanted so desperately to believe Casey. Now we can understand why she spent three years fighting with the world to try to prove her daughter had nothing to do with her granddaughter’s death.

As we heard Cindy’s testimony,  it was disturbing to hear about Casey’s  very detailed  fantasy life with fictional characters from Juliette Lewis and daughter Annabelle,  to an amusement park ,  to a  phony car accident of Zanny,  to Zanny’s sister Raquel,  to Jeff and his son Zachary. As Cindy described Casey’s excuses  as  to why she couldn’t speak to Caylee, it all sounded very believable. Sociopaths are very believable and charming like Casey.

Now we can see why it was no wonder that Cindy wanted so desperately to believe that Casey really knew a Zanny who took Caylee. She was in denial.

But Cindy finally woke up. It was refreshing to see a new truth-telling Cindy,  who would no longer defend Casey. She lost Caylee and is mourning Caylee. She has also lost Casey and is now mourning her as well. Cindy’s refusal to look at Casey  when she was on the stand reflected this.

George was visibly moved as Cindy spoke. Perhaps Cindy’s  renewed strength has given him  extra strength . George needs all the strength possible to not only deal with the loss of his daughter but to now deal with the allegation that he molested her. After listening  to the testimony thus far, Casey has appeared to tell elaborate lies to everyone. Therefore her allegations of George molesting her may very well be just one more of those lies.

For the first time, when Cindy walked off the stand without looking at Casey, she  literally walked away from Casey and her  lies forever. 


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  1. As I have said before…I believe Casey is a sociopath and they are very believable liars…I have a 19 year old nephew who is a sociopath…and if you have never had the misfortune of dealing with would not understand. They can lie, cheat, steal and yes, even murder…and you would believe anything they would tell you…they can be charming and sweet and look like they are so innocent…it is always someone elses fault…they never are to blame for anything…they need for you to believe them and do things for them and they will say anything they think you want to hear…they are pathological liars and very skilled at it…and they have no remorse..not for hurting family, friends and they get extremely angry when denied what they want and what they feel they deserve….and they do not feel that they have to follow societies rules…they will con you and lie to you and smile at you and offer to help you,,,but the whole time, they are plotting what they can get from you.


    1. By the time you figure out you are dealing with a sociopath, they have left a family almost destroyed and shocked…just has Casey has done to her family. My nephew has not murdered anyone, but he had robbed us blind and almost destroyed relationships in the family, because he lies so much and does not care who he hurts…the only way to deal with a sociopath, is to cut them out of your life completely…just as George and Cindy need to do to Casey…when they walk away from that court toom, they need to not look back.


      1. Marie thisis very compelling. I have always kind of understood Cindy but was hard pressed to try and put it into words. I get upset when people donot understand Cindy’s need to believe Casey. On facebook I frequent a site called “Justice for Casey” Many understand that Casey is a sociopath but they do not understand the effect on the families. They have a hard time understanding why Cindy and George would defend her much less believe her. I would love to post your comments on the site or invitey ou to join the group.


      2. Great comment Marie…You are absolutely right, that Cindy and George should never look back. It’s very sad, but the truth is that Casey doesn’t really care anyway, she will be onto her next victim asap.


      3. It’s not that people don’t understand it’s that Cindy lied to the police every time she got the chance. She did NOTHING to help find her Grandbaby, nothing! It wasn’t that she didn’t help the cops and just stayed out of the way she outright lied and made things worse. Who in their right mind would do that? I would do all I could to help not make things worse. That’s when she crossed the line. Believe whatever she wants to believe but had that baby been alive for a week longer and just missing Cindy would have blown any chance at helping find her and that has NOTHING to do with Casey and her issues that is all on Cindy!
        Cindy will not get an ounce of pity from me because of that. I don’t care who people want to put the blame on but that was all Cindy!


    2. Very true, Marie. It took me 30 years to finally see that my brother was a sociopath. Everything you described about your nephew is true of him. They know how to lay on the guilt trips. They love people’s sympathies, too. Even to the point of making up “poor me” stories. Sounds like casey to me.


    3. my ex-husands son is a sociopath. When he was 17 years ago now, but he was driving my car with myself and his two sibling brother and sister in the car. He decided he thought it would be fun to pass a car on a hill and curve. Thank god we lived through this extreme concieted act of his. I later divored his father, and while I was working at a police department he was 19 at that time and did the same stunt of passing on a hill and curve and killed a 14 year old honor student and put the boys father in thehospital with live altering inuries. He laughed at the cops who arrested him, and then cried to his daddy that he didn’t know it was a curve he was passing on only after he found out he was being charged with manslaughter. Not a single drug or alcohol in him, only arrogance and sociopathic behaviour. So it can happen, it does happen.

      Thank you marie for your post.


  2. I’m with you all the way. Cindy gave Caylee a voice today and it was so great to see that Cindy and George seem united. They aren’t leaving any more crevices in between them that Casey can worm her way into and continue to manipulate them in.

    It seems that they have finally realized what a monster Casey is and that she needs to be stopped. It’s all about Caylee now.

    They must be going through hell. I didn’t envy George having to sit up there and deal with Baez’s relentless bullying on cross.

    The minute Baez opens his mouth, my skin starts to crawl.


    1. And thank you for that Heather.
      I so agree.
      I felt peace today after Cindy took the stand.
      peace for Caylee and hope for George, Cindy and Lee.

      Casey could only throw a hissy fit about Cindy turning on her.

      Cindy was simply being honest, and after accusing George of putting his private part in Caseys mouth when she was 8, well what else was Cindy to do.
      Cindy KNEW that was not true. There is nothing Casey won’t do to anyone to have her BELLA VITA.

      She murdered Caylee because Caylee was going to start talking about the Nanny being drugs and the trunk.

      Casey murdered her, and blamed it on her dad.


      Casey makes Susan Smith and Diane Downs look much better.
      They are both on death row.


      1. Hi Ruth,
        Just a small correction; Diane Downs is not on death row. At that time, we (Oregon) did not have the death penalty. We did have it a few years earlier (before she committed her crimes), but then it was voted out. Shortly after her trial and conviction, we voted the DP back in. Diane was sentenced to Life Plus 50 years. She’s a total whack job. And just like her, Casey will never admit to ANY wrong-doing or ANY part in her daughter’s death, IMO.


    2. Heather,
      bingo, you are so right, it did feel good to see cindy, who normally only speaks good of casey finally telling the truth about all the lies Casey tells and how she is affecting the family by her lies. I can’t wait to see tue. Did you see baez acting like he was so bored with her testimony. He was probably counting dollar bills flying out of his wallet instead of counting sheep. I can’t wiait to see him fall on his keester.


  3. I do hope all of the Anthony family walk away. If they do not life will never change for them and they will never get to have wonderful memories of Cayle, because Casey will never allow that. I also have had to walk away from some one like Casey. By the time I did I actually felt I had been Raped and
    Totured more than a few times. It is devasting to families! I hope the Anthonys can be Strong.


    1. Sally,
      Great post. I hope and pray for this family as well. Even Casey, I pray that one day she has to face her own inner self and realize what she is and if there is help for sociopaths, that she gets that help. It won’t be easy to face yourself knowing that you and you alone killed your child, a gift from god you threw away like a piece of trace. I can’t understand that kind of beahviour. She sits each day looking smug and pouty. I hope the jury takes a good long look at her every day and does the right thing. I can’t believe she could fool all those people.


  4. Dr. Glass
    Thank you so much for this post, I really appreciate it.
    I have seen the same thing you stated.
    Let it be known I have resented George and Cindy for enabling Casey by covering up her lies by them telling lies.

    I softened as well while watching George and seeing what Casey was willing to do to her own father, George never molested Casey, if he had, Casey would of never allowed Caylee to be alone with him, George even took Caylee to the potty.

    Cindy Finally stopped the lies when her spoiled rotten all about me brat Casey threw George and Cindy under the bus.

    Cindy finally saw, there is no salvaging Casey and Caylee is dead.

    I hope George and Cindy by telling the truth, can now have a life.

    Casey is better off in prison, at least her parents will know where she is at ,, her parents will know she is not stealing, lying, hurting people, or murdering someone.

    It is the best case for this case.

    I am sorry they spoiled and enabled that brat Casey to no end.
    They created a monster.
    The monster murdered Caylee.

    It has to stop here.


    1. I think Cindy realized that no family is perfect and it may have been freeing for her to know that. Image just isn’t important for her as it once was.


  5. I noticed Mr. Mason was surprised Cindy has regained some self respect. I must admit, I am glad we get to witness and learn from this trial. Thanks to Lillian for helping a lay person like myself understand people like Casey. I do hope George and Cindy get some wonderful theropy and grief couseling.


    1. Sherry,
      you make a good point. No family is perfect and we have to let the world know that many families suffer from dysfuntional living. But just because the family was dystunctional does not mean that they killed their grandbaby. But the family must unite and admit Casey displayed even as a child trouble, i’m sure they knew she was the way she was, I think that is why Cindy told casey before she left that last day that she was going to take caylee from her, and Casey was such a diviant personality that she took the child then somehow killed her in order to keep caylee from her grandparents. Casey is sick and she needs to be discovred as such.


  6. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for a thoughtful and articulate description of what is taking place within this family. I am very glad for both George & Cindy, that they are facing the truth and, as it says in a very old book, “The truth shall set you free”. Their pain is hard to witness, but it is real and honest. I salute Cindy for being able and willing to change, when given enough reason to do so.

    I, too, hope that Cindy, George, and Lee will just pull the plug and move into their lives once again. Somehow, I cannot see anything but more hurt coming from this woman to any of them. And no one deserves the treatment Casey Anthony gives them. No one.


  7. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you so much!

    I believe Cindy and George came to a realization that KC is a pathological liar and they have accepted that. You can feel her pain and horror she endure this week in the opening statements. I sobbed with Cindy yesterday, I saw how cute was that yard, their lives were built around Caylee! I saw Caylee even had a mailbox in fronf of his little hoiuse, she even had a pic nic table! Cindy was destroyed by KC, the entire family has been destroyed. Cindy is one suffering mother and grandmother! I still can’t watch her testimony again.

    True, the Anthonys wanted to believe KC was not a liar. They watched KC’s former friends testimony and saw KC was not a grieving mother as they wanted us to believe.

    KC’s mask has fallen! I hope she burns in he!!.

    KC has nobody else in this Earth. KC betrayed every single one that loved her and wanted to believe her lies, her mother, her father, her brother. She is evil!


    1. so true FRG, I agree with you totally.
      I cried too, seeing just how tender and caring she was with caylee, you could tell she was the parent of caylee, casey might have slept with a man and created caylee, but giving birth to a child and raising a child are two differnt things. Casey is such a ventictive girl, who knows only how to lie to get what she wants. She lied to Tony to have a place to crash and someone to love her physically. But when she was faced with the fact that she was going to be found out sooner or later, she began to make up this fantasy, and then waited for the right amount of time so that little caylee would not be flesh anymore, so that testing would be so much harder.
      And defense, you bit off more than you could chew when you added Kronk to this equation. There is no motive for Kronk to steak a body and then place it where he would find it. Lets see kronks pychologicals, to see if he has a scociopathic gene in him. It is just unbelievable…..


  8. In the pic of Cindy that you have, Dr. Glass, from that video part of the trial, if you back it up you will see that Cindy DID look at her daughter but Casey was looking down at something at the time. Its crazy for Casey to say her mother didn’t even look at her when she has been ignoring them both since August of 2008.

    I pray that Casey gets life and not death as a comfort to Cindy and George. I don’t know what they will do if Casey is found not guilty.


  9. Thank you for your insight, Dr. Glass. Your observations are fascinating to me. There’s one observation that I have noticed that I’d love to know what it, if anything means. Casey’s mouth area seems quite different to me than it did in previous videos and photos. Her mouth seems more pronounced. I hate to make this analogy, but it’s the first thought that comes to mind- her mouth looks like a chimpanzee. Her earlier pictures show a more normal and less pronounced mouth. I guess it could be just the courtroom lighting or lack of cosmetics, but I would love to know of any thoughts you might have on this.


    1. zinnia, I have noticed the difference in Casey’s mouth, too. More pronounced, sort of pushed out forward and pouty. Something else I’ve noticed is that her eyes look different since trial began. They look bigger and darker.


    2. Perhaps it is related to weight loss/gain/loss,
      lack of sun, and the length of her hair.
      Longer hair, tends to, or seems to lengthen the face –
      Also, as we age, and she’s aged probably faster over the last three years, than she would have normally due to stress, fear, etc., but our hairline receeds, as do our gums. Our lips become ‘thinner’, it appears as though the ears and nose become ‘larger’, and it is as though that our features sharpen.

      Another thing I’ve noticed, lately all of Inmate Anthony’s facial expressions have been more along the lines of sadness, anger and fear…
      She used to be rather ‘smiley’ and sometimes even laughing with her Attorneys, so she almost seemed ‘happy’ – Or CONTENT! given the circumstances. We also didn’t see her as much as we have as of late.

      I think the combination of all those things, along with the major meltdown we saw Saturday…
      I mean, we haven’t seen a reaction like ‘that’, since the one jail-house video…
      That face was like that of a toddlers “ugly” tantrum- face, and so again, everything all put together, has probably contributed to the suddenly ‘severe’ change in her facial appearance.

      From my observations, anyways….


      1. Great observations, CptKD. I agree.
        As far as her meltdown on Saturday, …..wowee! The one on jail tapes was nothing in comparison. Whoa.


      1. I’ve been noticing a change in her mouth also. I thought her mouth looks smaller than when smiling. I think it’s because she is pursing her lips, jutting them out so to speak which would make them look smaller in a frontal look. But I too thought her mouth area does resemble that of a chimp, possibly because of the jutting out of the lips when pouting. It does seem that the condition of one’s emotions may affect one’s physical looks.


  10. Perfect breakdown Lillian. I’m so so relieved with Cindy’s eye openings! Maybe now, she really can grieve the loss 😦


    1. Kim,
      I was also thinking that maybe now Cindy and George can truly grieve. In fact, I wanted to ask Dr. Glass about that.

      Dr. Glass,
      From the get-go, from July 15, 2008 and beyond, George and Cindy had been so “wrapped up” in Casey and her wild stories, Caylee was not at the front of their minds, actions, words, etc.

      Even after Caylee’s remains were found, and positively identified, it really was still all about Casey.

      Think back to the memorial. Was that REALLY about Caylee? I didn’t think so. I was more about Casey.

      So now, with George and Cindy seeming to finally see the light, and admit to themselves who/what their daughter really is, as heartbreaking as that may be….do you think that NOW they will finally be able to really grieve the loss of Caylee? Oh, I know they have grieved, and I’m sure they have cried many, many tears behind closed doors. But I don’t think (JMO) that they have really had time to go through the grieving process for Caylee. They’ve always had to focus their time and attention on Casey, as Casey seems to demand it.

      Now that it seems they most likely have made the break from Casey, do you think they will go thru the grieving process? As painful as it will be, I think it will do both of them much good.

      One more thought; I am hoping that once this is over, or even perhaps right now, George and Cindy will have a stronger bond between them and that their relationship becomes closer and they overcome what their daughter had torn apart. I wish them peace, and honest love for one another.


  11. Glad to see Cindy being truthful BUT…. all those stories she told the LE, the press, etc… is going to come back and bite her on the butt when Baez does his cross. She is not out of the woods by a long shot.

    Cleaning the trunk of Casey’s car; switching the hairbrushes she gave LE so they wouldn’t have Caylee’s DNA, etc…

    I think Baez should have gone with Cindy covering up the accident – not George (who was more distrustful of Casey i.e. following her to work to see where she worked). Cindy and Casey have a twisted relationship – not George and Casey.


    1. I agree! Psychopaths do NOT suddenly appear out of nowhere. They are created. Psycho Cindy definitely comes to my mind as the creator. Can you imagine having to have had to deal with Cindy your entire life? The apple does NOT fall far from the tree, IMHO.


  12. I think it’s so funny that almost everybody was attacking Cindy and George and now are starting to understand that they have been going through a hard time processing the truth. I think it’s very judgmental to criticize one’s actions when they are clearly dealing with something SO very difficult! I have always thought that they would come around and one day accept what really happened to their beloved granddaughter and I think most people were nothing but cruel towards them. I have always thought: “What if it was with you?” We never know until we know. I have great empathy for Cindy and George and I don’t think it’s fair to speculate so deeply. For instance, that mistress, what makes her so credible? Why was she interested in joining Caylee’s search team in the first place? Why would she get involved with a married man in the middle of something so clearly hurtful happening to his family? It goes the other way around too. I think it’s time people give them some space and be less hypocritical. Many moments in life we get trough dark times before we finally see the light. Sometimes there’s so much pain that we experience denial, depression, anger, it’s quite typical, quite expected. My belief is that they loved that little girl more than anything in the world and she meant everything to them and their hurt seems truly genuine to me. People, put your head in your heart for a moment there and think, what if it was your precious little girl gone, like their granddaughter, is there anything more painful than that?


    1. Gee, Beatrice, wanna cookie? Its funny? Haha funny or odd funny? Good for you that you held the moral high ground and didn’t give up hope on the Anthonys! 🙄

      Giving opinions on bad behavior, i.e., lying by the parents and seeing their ingratitude is NOT hypocritical unless the person is guilty of the very same!

      I bet you thank God that you are not like us hypocritical paeons! (I think you mean judgemental, doncha? Even that is for the sake of exposing evil/injustice).


  13. I know it may seem nice and fantastical to a lot of people who’ve followed this case from the beginning, that George and especially Cindy Anthony may have finally found redemption, somehow have seen the light and are now seeking true justice for Caylee Marie.

    Don’t believe it!! This is what happened six weeks ago, imo. Baez got those two psychological-type doctors and/or therapists to speak with Casey and that’s when she (or they together) concocted the George/Lee Anthony incest story, George covering up Caylee Marie’s accidental drowning and then Roy Kronk’s “part” was added in later on (OR was somehow always meant to be part of Casey’s defense, b/c I think Baez has a “you know what” for Kronk and has always had it out for him, imo).

    Well, through the natural discovery process, the State Attorney’s Office got a hold of this possible defense “strategy” and told this to George & Cindy Anthony, via their Attorney Lippman. George & especially Cindy are narcissistic and/or sociopathic (maybe less than Casey is, maybe even way less, but still they are nonetheless, imo), so they’re not gonna fall on ANY swords for Casey, especially when they’ve already spent the last three years lying about how they still believe “Caylee Marie is still out there alive, waiting to be found” and how Casey and Cindy will continue their search for Caylee Marie once Casey is set free after trial (yeah right) according to a recent letter from Cindy to Casey.

    Both G & C were clearly advised by their Attorney Lippman that Child Sexual Abuse and/or Molestation in Florida is a Capital Offense (not meaning the DP, but meaning a possible LWOP sentence, if convicted) and also that this crime, like murder, HAS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS in Florida.

    So again imo, what George & Cindy are doing now is neither heroic, nor loving, nor in rememberance of Caylee Marie, but in the interests of their own proverbial hineys!! All George, Cindy and soon to be Lee Anthony are doing now is simply what everybody in that whacky Anthony household (except precious Caylee Marie, of course) does when faced with choosing between their own interests over the interests of someone else, even if that someone else is their daughter, mother, father, or brother, like George at the Roulette tables, they always bet on their own a**es!!! Again, all imo.

    Wanna see the REAL George & Cindy Anthony??

    Nuff Said.


    1. James,

      I fully agree with you!

      I had to watch Cindy’s “performance” 3 times before I came to your same conclusion. I feel she is putting on the “sweet poor little ol’ me” routine. IMO Cindy is a control freak (among other things) and wanted control everything about how Caylee was to be raised. Cindy wanted to be Caylee’s mother. Casey used Caylee to control Cindy by threatening to take her away. Which is exactly what she did.

      Another thing I keep thinking about is George and his gas cans. He is obsessed with them! He calls the police when they are stolen BUT doesn’t call the police when Caylee is gone for a month?! Unbelievable!. He doesn’t call the police when he smells decomposition in Casey’s car BUT goes to work?! Unbelievable! Same with Cindy. What kind of sick people would be able to do that? He knew Casey stole those gas cans from the shed and he knew to bring a gas can with him to the tow yard. George has been lying, stealing and cheating for a long time and Casey learned it from him.

      I am waiting to see Lee’s testimony, he is the one with immunity and we may get the truth out of him.

      This is one sick lying family of grifters. They should all go to jail.


      1. Also, forgot to add, I believe at some point the whole family knew that Caylee’s remains were in the woods and did nothing! Remember when Kronk found the remains, Cindy & George stayed at a fancy hotel and dined with Baez and those two PI’s they had hired. Remember the PI’s who have video of them poking around in those same woods? Wonder what they were doing? Remember how they were so hostile about the memorial that the public put up in Caylee’s memory? Later the memorial just disappeared one night…hmm wonder who did that? Just my opinion based on the evidence that has been released.

        Poor Sweet Caylee, I cry for her.


    2. Have you compared these videos to the Jail visitation ones?

      These videos were done under a Lawyer under interrogation. I think both could have behaved FAR BETTER…

      But when you watch Casey and how she acts towards both, as well as their replies, in the jail visitation videos, it is clear that CASEY IS THE PUPPETMASTER.

      No way would Casey have replied to her parents in the manner she did if they had been the abusers all these many years.


  14. WHY doesn’t the judge tell CA to STOP with the head shaking and face gestures the same way he forbade her parents to NOT do this?

    After all, what’s good for the goose, is good for the little b____h.


  15. I’ve been thinking about Cindy all day. I hope she has alot of support around her. I hope she continues to pray for strength. I want her to know that there are people out there who she doesn’t even know who stand behind her. She is doing the right thing in telling the truth – no matter how difficult it is – it is what needs to be done. Keep praying Cindy~ I will continue to pray for you.


  16. James Janos –

    Whoa… food for thought. Rather, a banquet for thought here. Thanks for keeping me thinking and reminding me of the importance of doing so using LOGIC, not EMOTIONS.

    (However, I do hope you’re wrong!)


  17. There has been a dramatic change in the appearance of Casey’s mouth this past week.

    As mentioned in an earlier comment – I’ve also noticed and compared the appearance of Casey’s mouth during jury selection with how it has consistently looked in all photos taken during the trial this past week in your blog. Her mouth looks shockingly different. I then looked again at her various mug shot photos (your May 22, 2011 post “Latest Mug Shot Reveals …”) and although there were many differences, her mouth basically remained the same in size and shape. The huge difference has only been this past week.

    Casey’s fall at an elevator took place almost a year ago in June 2010 and the dental repair was done in that same time frame so surely that would not be impacting her now.

    Dr. Glass, What would this extreme change in the way she is continuously “pinching her mouth together” reveal or indicate?


    1. My understanding about that fall in the elevator, is it lead to a small chip in a front tooth.

      That was repaired for her, but the fall itself, did NOT lead to her having any OTHER major damages to her face, mouth, or jaw.

      She didn’t require dental SURGERY, nor did she require the services of a plastice surgeon, ear/nose/throat specialist, or any other specialist, for that matter…


  18. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for tbe additional post regarding Cindy’s testimony. It seemed as if you’d had a chance to reflect on it, and perhaps saw a true and sincere change on her part. I, too, had grown so frustrated with Cindy’s vehement denial, her efforts to profess Casey’s innocense, and implicate (truly) innocent people. That she’d been looking for “Zanny” up until 6 weeks ago, showed me that she really lived in that denial; it wasn’t just a cover up for Casey. I sincerely hope that Cindy & George are able to find a trusting and committed therapist capable of helping them work on their marriage, but also seek individual therapy to help work on the damage their daughter has caused. They not only need that kind of healing, they truly deserve it. Only then can they move on with their lives in a healthy way..


  19. That was well stated. With Cindy telling the truth, she is not only protecting George, she is releasing Caylee from the purgatory existence she was dealt, up until this week. In a strange way, Casey’s lies have revealed the crippled child in her, the one that took her own baby because she didn’t want her Mother to give Caylee the love she so craved from Cindy. Casey was replacing this loss with boyfriend after boyfriend, always looking for approval and attention. It’s a greek tragedy, one with so much pain and suffering. Perhaps we should all take a look at our own lives and how they affect others. This is a human study of a family that lost their way and are trying to get it back. Many thousands of people walking around today are hoping to get their lives back together, after hurting one another or someone else. It really isn’t that out of the ordinary but for such public display of how tragedy actually looks up close.


  20. I have followed this case from the very beginning. I speak from experince of having a child care nothing for anything or anybody but themselves Our daughter has lied and lied to us and us trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, until she left her children and family and has not had any contact with either for over 2 yrs.
    Maybe that is why I’m compelled to keep up with this. I do understand Goerge and Cindys reaction to alot of what their daughter has put them thru. As a parent you do try to believe your child, but deep down there are questions of doubt.
    So when things began to fall apart an come crashing down on them, they went into defence mode, thinking they could bring it back together. What parent wouldn’t. I feel now they have come to realize the truth and accept the truth.
    I believe casey seen now that her parents have come united in standing for justice for their granddaughter then her and that is why she had a fit in court yesterday.


  21. I guess it’s all comes down to ego battles when stating an opinion. Again, this is not about you or me, this is about their lives and only they know what they are going through! Truth is that people care very little about other problems and are more than ready to judge. I guess it IS in fact a necessity to follow the facts but it does not make it less emotional specially for them. So what? Those interviews were from long ago and they were still clearly in denial. That doesn’t mean anything. I am not saying it’s right to blame someone else but isn’t it exactly the human defense mechanism, to immediately blame on something or someone else to protect feelings of your own or beloved ones? My point still the same, I have read and watched a lot about this case too and I still think it’s a very hard thing to deal with and face it. It is evident that Casey did this alone, I mean, Jesus this woman is all smirks and smiles and has not a care in the world but herself all the way. Of course again nobody except her can tell exactly what happened but the evidences are overwhelming. If George or Cindy made mistakes or are not the example of citizenship that means nothing to me, they have displayed genuine feelings for Caylee and even for the monster Casey is. All she did was display how impossible it is for her to feel love and to care. All I can think of is: Who here never kept a secret, never lied or never betrayed in the past? Tell me who? You? Me? It is very serious to make the assumption that George did molested her, that Cindy treated her poorly, we don’t know the truth and is unlikely he/she did so given her so many lies, the evidence, her behavior. Being a sociopath is proven to be a dysfunctionality in the brain where emotions are not processed normally. Either one is born with it or develops it after an accident where the brain is damaged. So to speculate that Casey ‘the apple does not fall far from the tree’ or that she was abused in my opinion shows how people are again like Cindy and George looking for excuses and explanations for Casey’s behavior perhaps because is hard for them too to accept one would do such a horrible thing to a darling little girl. I think the public is in the denial. Cindy and George are human beings. This line of thought to me is very logical and I think it’s quite insulting for one to suggest I am being lax about this. I am a mother of in fact a 2 year old and I love my son very much so and I would go insane if this happened to me. I still believe they were brave considering the way the events unfolded.


    1. I think it’s human nature that we try to explain “why” in terms of what created Casey. And it is our fascination with behavior (i.e. the crazy lies) which is so far away from normal people that cry out “why?”

      Blaming the parents is easy then but is this truthful? While George and Cindy did some crazy and stupid things when in denial about Casey’s acts, and worked against LE in a manner I do NOT excuse, what do we really know about them vs. Casey?

      It was Casey who got pregnant and did not complete H.S. Both Cindy and George have education towards a work history.

      It was Casey who did not work and let her parents support her and her child – while all her peers had jobs and were pursuing education.

      It was Casey who abandoned her child repeatedly by having her parents care for Caylee while telling them she was working at her imaginary job. As far as we know G&C have not told their employers they needed time off from work to deal with imaginary children.

      It was Casey who stole money, forged checks, bed hopped, and lots of other behavior that would have guaranteed jail time and lost friends (btw she is a convicted felon since the Amy situation went to court – are G&C?)

      Of all the crazy behavior that has been documented it returns to CASEY… and all we have from George and Cindy is rage and frustration about not finding their granddaughter and at people who want to accuse their daughter of murder. Let’s face it many of us would have initially reacted with the same protective feelilngs – perhaps not behavior – and anger.

      Although I think others, spekaing for myself, wouldn’t have held on as long as they did to the imaginary nanny story….


  22. “Perhaps we should all take a look at our own lives and how they affect others. This is a human study of a family that lost their way and are trying to get it back. Many thousands of people walking around today are hoping to get their lives back together, after hurting one another or someone else. It really isn’t that out of the ordinary but for such public display of how tragedy actually looks up close.”

    Thanks Louise for such a nice insight.


  23. I know one thing for certain:

    IF one of my daughters had “died as a result of drowning in ” our backyard pool, I would’ve ripped that ugly plastic death trap to shreds within hours of such a tragedy.
    If it was an inground pool, we definitely would have sold the house and moved a.s.a.p..
    There is NO WAY I could have looked at that thing for the next three years.


    1. Want to be after the trial George and Cindy move? I think so. Now that the world knows their address, I would be fleeing far away from that address to a gated community. There are a lot of crazies out there who like to create havoc on those who have been maligned. It’s like they want to show how justice can be dealt with by ordinary citizens. It must be so painful going home every night to the place they last saw Caylee. Or maybe it gives them solace to feel her in the air. Any way you slice it, we will never know how she died.


    2. I’ve wondered if they didn’t keep their pool intact until the trial was over? Can you imagine the accusations of “cover up!” thrown by Baez if they had removed the pool?

      Also, last I read, their home was in the foreclosure process.


      1. Anyone else get the impression that defense left the scenario so open (Casey happening upon George with a drowned Caylee in his arms) because if the state tries to counter that there’s no way Caylee could have accidentally drowned, they can insinuate that George might have purposely drowned her?


  24. I love your blog Dr. Lillian! I always pay attention to Casey’s mannerisms during the trial. She is a cold and calculating monster. I can’t believe she cried with Mallory but she wouldn’t cry with over her mom bawling at Caylee’s pictures in court.


    1. Sed; I posted this over at Kim’s. I thought this might answer my thoughts about what you said.

      Well my opinion is this: Casey knows where the cameras are at all times. She has made it her business to have a trained eye. She got very emotional whenever there was a reference to: 1) OPENING STATEMENT – Physical Abuse
      2) When her girlfriend quoted her “boy I’m a good liar”, 3) When Tony said the secret wasn’t about Daddy abusing her, but Lee groping and Daddy hitting her for discipline. 4) When Cindy decided to tell the truth. The accumulation of all of that, made Casey have a mini breakdown, realizing she is not going to win this without her parents lying and coverups. She fantasized that her parents would do ANYTHING FOR HER, even taking the rap . She might even be dreaming of Lee’s testimony, backing up the abuse by her father. She’s a terrible chess player, along with her Lawyer.
      Back to your post. Cindy isn’t on trial for being a loving grandmother who called her grandchild her baby. They all called her their baby. It was a group, like Casey said in jail. They each were a finger of a hand. Too bad noone used the thumb to curtail and discipline a runaway trainwreck.


    2. Casey has psychopathic traits which are not the same as body language affectations or mannerisms. Her psychopathy and the absence of a conscience will help you understand who and why this defendant killed her child. The “real story” will never be told by Ms Anthony and no amount of analysis relative to why she can or cannot cry real or “fake” tears will assist jurors during deliberations.

      They will notice her demeanor in the courtroom and they will see her lack of remorse, guilt and shame but it will be the direct and circumstantial evidence that will guide them during deliberations.

      They will know the “real story” and if Mr Ashton does his job jurors will hear the screams of the victim and in their mind’s eye they will see the defendant as a happy and engaged young woman rushing to meet her boyfriend at Blockbuster Video anticipating a fun evening together with no reason to get up out of bed the next day. That’s the “real story.”


  25. I noticed Casey shook her head NO..when Cindy was talking about the play house and about the time she said sand box and mail box Casey I think unintentionally shook her head No…why ? what was she saying No to? Dr. Glass Help me here, I have no answer to this or not even a guess.


  26. I can really relate with having a family member who is a sociopath.We have 4 daughters and our oldest who is 31 now is a sociopath.She was diagnosed bi-polar when she was 14.It has been a nightmare ever since she was 12.As she has gotten older it has gotten worse.She has 3 children,a son 13,a daughter7, and a son 3.Her 2 oldest children are no longer with her because of abuse.She still has the 3 yr old and I worry every day about him.When her 2 older children were 8 and 2 she was doing drugs and had men in and out of her home.She would eiher sleep or go out while the 8 yr old watched the 2 yr old.My grand daughters dad finally came from Michigan and took her and received custody of her.We are in Texas and see her at least twice a year.We are on very good terms with her father.My oldest grandson is with my husbands sister.We found out that when our grand daughter was 2 her mother was giving her Benadryl to make her sleep all the time so she could do what she wanted.I wonder if something like that my have happened to Caylee and it went farther than Casey had thought it would.We still endure threats from our daughter and I am very close to going to the police.I am happy that Cindy Anthony got past her denial and sees Casey for who and what she is.It took us a while to see that in our daughter.Thank you for posting this Dr. Glass.


  27. It looked like Casey had a pretty sweet life in her parents house, it’s a shame she didn’t appreciate it, because if Casey would have put as much energy into being a mother or getting a job, as she did LYING…her life would be very different today.


  28. Nana & BeckyM,

    I agree! George and Cindy were trying to protect KC and they were in for the biggest shock in their lives this Tuesday! Boy, I cried and cried from seeing how painful it was for them to admit KC is not what they wish her to be and face this terrible reality! I can’t believe KC is destroying her parents and her brother’s life! Also I hope after this trial is over they will begin to heal and mourn for Caylee! Now, they are just doing the right thing, find justice for Caylee.

    Yep, KC threw a hissy fit like a spoiled rotten person she is, she knows her parents won’t try to lie to protect her! She will end up alone and lonely! Hope so! KC is a monster!


  29. The Anthony’s have not changed…so before we give them the real break lets give them another three weeks to see if this is the real deal. IMO, they still are willing to protect Casey at all means.


    1. They are now on the witness stand and the law mandates they tell truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For the last three years they did not swear to tell the truth but decided to mask the truth and in so doing attempt to shield their daughter from the death chamber. They have been made aware that if they got on the stand and lied they would be prosecuted. Without therapy, support and their fine advocate, Mr Lippman they would still be in that black hole clawing their way down.

      Have enough common decency to leave these betrayed and emotionally broken grandparents alone. They are victims of crime and deserve a second chance at life. They had absolutely nothing to do with the commission of this crime before, during or after.

      Casey duped them and as much as Casey looks like she is upset at what her mother is saying you would be surprised at the pleasure she is getting at seeing her mother relive the moments she first realized that Caylee was more than likely dead. This feeling is better than sex. She can feel her mother’s pain and this makes her day. In case you didn’t know-that’s a psychopathic trait.


  30. The Anthony’s may have some sympathy from some bloggers, but many living in the Central Florida area know far more than the media is giving out in sound bites. This is a trial about a mother that has been charged with the murder of her 2 year old child. Family dynamics aside, Casey is the one charged with murder, other family members have obstructed justice as far as I am concerned and are now covering their Bu$$s…! A nurse and a cop know the smell of decomp. jmc


  31. One thing I have learned is to never say “If that was my child I would do so an so.” “If that was my child I would act like this.” No, you do not know how or what you are going to act like.
    The Anthonys was put in this situation not of their choosing. Thown into the media frinzzy. No I do not know them, but I’m sure they reget many things they said or did during all of this.
    Since my own daughter has left her children to go party and live here and there and told lies about her family(that are so far from the truth) yet some believed her. We do not know how we will react til we are put in this situation.
    I’m thinking that Beaz is going to have a field day tuesday, But am hoping Cindy holds her ground.


  32. You know BeckyM and BeatriceM and those of you who’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with “the new” George & Cindy Anthony,

    It’s because of spineless, bleeding-heart, liberal weenies such as yourselves as to why there is so much violent crime – including violent crimes against women and children, why there are so many “excuses” made for violent offenders and why the death penalty is neither universal, nor swift in this country!!

    Do me a favor okay?? Don’t act like you are the spokespeople for what a “normal” person would do, act or say, if their own adult daughter was accused and there was signficant evidence of she being responsible, for the death of their only, beloved, precious, defenseless, toddler grandchild!!

    What you suggest AND defend on how Cindy and George Anthony behaved in the aftermath of their only grandchild’s murder and disposal, IS NOT A NATURAL REACTION FOR THE PARENTS OF A CHILD ACCUSED OF A VICIOUS, CHILD MURDER, especially to their own and only precious, defenseless, toddler grandchild…period…end of story!!


    I’ll tell ya who you spineless, liberal, criminal-loving weirdos, NOBODY BUT FOOLS LIKE YOU WOULD, OKAY??!!

    I have two young daughters and have been happily married for over 17 years and if either of my daughters would, God forbid, ever pull a “Casey” on me, yeah I would still love them, but I would also do what the parents did in the below linked story when their only 16 year old son was accused of murdering a police officer (notice how the father of the teenager actually APOLOGIZED to the family of the murdered police officer and offered his family’s condolences to them and even to the slain officers’ colleagues as well):

    As Cindy Anthony so loves to say, BOTTOM LINE – George and especially Cindy Anthony (possibly Lee Anthony too, but he’s not been ‘in the media’ as much, so I’m still not 100% sure what role, if any, he played in Caylee Marie’s murder cover-up) are nothing CLOSE TO being sympathetic characters in my eyes!!
    If ANYthing, the evidence and their behavior for the last 3 years up until they figured out that their own rear ends were in trouble, shows that they are possibly guilty of:
    (a) Obstruction of Justice
    (b) Perjury
    (c) Destruction/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
    (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact

    Also, I’m sure that Attorney Lippman advised the Anthonys when he found out from the OC State Attorney’s Office that Casey’s defense strategy was hinting at throwing her own father and brother under the bus, that Child Molestation/Child Sexual Assault/Incest is a Capital Offense in Florida (Not DP, but LWOP being a possible sentence, if convicted). Also, I’m sure that G & C’s lawyer also advised them that there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR THESE TYPES OF CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN in the state of Florida.

    Once George & Cindy realized that they could either fall on the sword FOR CASEY and possible free her (yikes) OR save their own a**es, ONLY THEN did they choose the latter.

    IMO, if G & C could still blame a fictitional “Zanny the Nanny”, Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga, Ricardo Morales, Roy Kronk, etc. you better believe that they would STILL be doing that in a heartbeat, if it meant freeing the ONLY ONE they know to be the sole murderer of their only, precious, beloved granddaughter and that’s their own daughter Casey, again imo.

    Nuff Said!!


    1. Cindy and George aren’t the violent offenders that the aforementioned liberal weenies defend. At best they are the liberal weenies who defend violent offenders.

      All I care about is that they’re telling the truth now and it will hopefully put Casey away for a long time.


      1. Oh really “Heather” and what of the crimes that I mentioned in my prior above post, that you chose TO COMPLETELY IGNORE that George & Cindy Anthony (and possibly Lee Anthony too) are probably guilty of?? Those crimes on the books in Florida don’t mean anything to you??
        I’ll list them again for you:

        (a) Obstruction of Justice
        (b) Perjury
        (c) Destruction of/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
        (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact

        Do George & Cindy Anthony get “a pass” from spineless, liberal weenies like you “Heather,” because either they’re white and/or because this is a high-profile case??

        Is THAT your logic, cause like most, if not all SPINELESS, LIBERAL “LOGIC” it makes no sense whatsoever and is based on stupid political correctness and/or false sympathy, not fact and baseless, spineless, liberal philosophy have no place in a court of law, okay? My God, there’s already too much of it there to begin with!!!

        If you believe in TRUE justice and equality for all, then you SHOULD believe that TRUE justice and equality for all, APPLIES TO EVERYONE!!!

        Nuff Said!!


      2. No, they don’t mean anything to me at this date and time. It’s irrelevant. I COULDN’T CARE LESS.

        I’m more concerned with, you know, the crime of FIRST DEGREE MURDER than a bunch of obstruction charges for lies that Cindy and George are now remedying on the stand. Let’s just get that out of the way.

        Think about why the police don’t arrest or press charges against people for marijuana possession when they are in the interrogating people in the midst of a murder investigation. Because they want to get the MURDERER.


      3. And can you stop it with the race card? Going by your train of thought, you wouldn’t be talking about them or Casey either if they were black or hispanic.


    2. James; Seems you have a bit on your mind right? So are you saying that Casey is the hero? The one who actually decided to let her parents look good in the eyes of the public by making false statements and serving her Father & Brother up for lunch, like criminals without any proof of their wrong doing! Didn’t you see the testimony of where boyfriend says NO ABUSE!!!! You may be right about not making George and Cindy into saints, and maybe they would still be lying to protect Casey, but they only have seen the light of the monster. They are trying to work out in their minds that Caylee is REALLY DEAD AND IT WAS MURDER. There’s no coverup of who committed the crime or should I say Exectuion. You only have to look at one very sick individual, I won’t even name her because she doesn’t deserve even that.


    3. James-I am sure that as the trial progresses you will come to understand better why the defendant did what she did and why she had no other choice but to blame her parents and specifically her father for the death of her daughter. In my opinion it was simply the only option she had left-she used and abused all the possible candidates that inadvertantly wondered into her strange and shallow world. Remember this is her MO-from day one she deflected the blame and punishment.

      Don’t go after posters because you disagree with them. Just open up about how angry you are and how disallusioned you are by what has transpired over the past three years. I’ve been there. I know how you feel. But it’s really not fair to go after Becky M. and Beatarice M. to make your point. If you really believe woman and children are victims of abuse don’t walk into the room and abuse strangers.


    4. Boy James, I guess you think if you yell in caps your point is more poignant. You are a complete jackass. All of you that sit in judgement of Cindy and George are so coldhearted. I pray that you are in their position one day when someone you love does something so bad. Then I’d like to hear what you have to say.

      So shout in caps to be sure you are heard. It doesn’t make you right, kind, good, or compassionate. It just sets you up for your own suffering.


    5. James, your comments associating liberalness to immoral behavior is absurd, silly and immature. Whether or not someone is liberal or conservative or moderate has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.
      None of us really know what really happened in the Anthony family, but I know not to put the blame of Caylee’s murder on Cindy and George. They seem to be hurt and confused parents who were far from perfect but were manipulated terribly by their daughter. None of us know what we would have done in their situation. I really do not understand all of the hateful feelings towards George and Cindy. As far as I know, they seem to be victims in this mess as well.
      I have had the misfortune of knowing a family who have a sociopathic mother. This woman has lied so much over the years that I have known her. Only recently did I learn from one of the children in this family how evil this mother has been and how manipulative she has been with my family and with her own children and husband. I am so thankful every day that I did not get mixed up or hurt by this “friend” and I also worry every day for her children and for my family’s own safety. I have learned, fortunately for me not too late, that I just have to stay the hell away from her, but I still have concerns about the kids. I think that George and Cindy have been manipulated so much over the years by their daughter, who they desperately want to believe and protect. I cannot imagine what they have been through, coming to the realization of what their daughter has done. Their lives have been upended and they have been living under a microscope over the past 3 years. They have lost their precious granddaughter and now have come to realize that they have also lost their daughter.
      Try and put yourself in their shoes for a moment and have a little bit of compassion, for God sake!


      1. Zinnia-Your separated yourself from the neightbor. Mr and Mrs Anthony as you so cogently stated could not separate themselves from Casey or their precious granddaughter. You are right we just don’t know the torment and the never ending sorrow that these parents clearly had to put up with for years.

        Just looking at Casey’s behavior in the courtroom gives me pause. Just imagine what she was like when she was free and liberated. Posting nude pictures of herself on My Space was just the tip of the iceburg. When Cindy said “Casey always had a second set of clothes” or “lots of clothes in her car” made my skin crawl. Who really was the sexual deviant in that family? When she went out for the night Cindy says she returned in the morning. Mrs Anthony knew better than to question where she was going but she let the jurors know that they could connect the dots.


    6. Hey James, hmmm you are impassioned for sure, but let’s not name call? Okay? I don’t appreciate it.

      If you had read my other comments you would realize that I am not “head over heels in love” with Casey and Cindy. I also support the death penalty for Casey so that by itself does not lable me a “liberal weenie.” If you need to pull the switch or inject the needle for her, I would be more then happy to comply to show you my intent.

      I do not think they have behaved well at all, however, I have also had to pick up a sibling from jail and had to deal with my mother’s enabling behavior. I have also sat in the ER and watched that same sibling being stitched up from being physically attacked.

      I have also sat on juries – one criminal and one civil. The reality of a TRIAL is much different then what “real life” is – as right now Baez has shown NO proof that Casey was ever molested and is unlikely to have any but Casey’s word if she ever takes the stand.

      The reality is that Cindy and George behaved badly, and maybe criminally. I do not excuse that – and if you had read my other posts you would see that I believed the only reason why Cindy and George are now doing right is because 1.) it’s has finally HIT what their daughter really is (yes some people are that slow); and 2.) the serious consequences of their actions could provide them both with jail time.

      Sorry you don’t like being “average” or “normal” but I’ve been to a lot of funerals over the years (over 20) and seen my share of whacked out behavior when people are grieving.

      People don’t always behave the nice little way you think they should – but does that mean George molested Casey (what proof is there)? and does that mean George covered up an accident (the facts to this point seem highly unlikely)?


  33. First I would like to tell George Anthony, hang in there jo jo, time will be on your side, you are doing a wonderful job and holding up beyond my expectations and i’m sure more than most men would hold up considering the horrible situation casey has put you in. Do not let her have the power to tear you and cindy apart, know inside you are a good man and goodness prevails every time.

    I love the genuineness about you, telling your story is like having an open book into the life of your family. I know it cannot be easy to hear the lies Casey has chosen to tell, just know that she does it not out of anything except her own fear of being found out for the killer she is. Keep strong in your faith, and just know your little angel Caylee is in heaven and not in pain anymore.


    1. How can you defend two adults who didnt care enough to inquire about their 2 yr old grandchild? Has common sense left the building?


      1. They were. Cindy was talking to Casey every day and although Casey wasn’t letting her speak to Caylee, Cindy probably wasn’t completely sure if Casey wasn’t simply doing it out of spite. It’s sort of a stretch to immediately assume your granddaughter is in danger, when your daughter, her mother, is acting normal and insisting that she’s fine.


  34. Dr Glass,
    I wish I could here your imput on a video, i’m not sure if it was a clip of several visits or just one. But it was a visit with her mom and dad, and twice in the interview she referred to Caylee in the past tense, then quickly recovered and made it right. But I think it was subconcious. The statement that stands out is. “Caylee was” and then a quick “is” so lucky to have you and mom as grandparents. She did this twice, i’ve been trying to find the video, but my sound is out for the time until I get a new sound card. it is an early video call with both parents, it was the visit when she was told the media is saying that caylee drown in the pool. If you have time to look at it and give your opinion on it.


  35. James Janos you are showing all signs of indignation. You are ignoring the complexity of a human mind like people are robots. Nothing is only black and white, this is not a two-sided argument. I think you have problems with other peoples expressions and are extremely dictatorial. I would bet your family walks on egg shells around you! People are not puppets who you can dictate and scrutinize every word. The way you took this so personal just goes to show how you cannot stand one who is not submissive to you. I won’t argue with somebody so aggressive, you should seek anger management, this has nothing to do with the Anthony’s, you clearly have issues.


  36. check out this website to see who could possibly be caylee’s dad

    i think it is jp chatt. he was friends with ricardo morales and told him he didn’t want kc to have access to his house


  37. Beatrice-I look forward to reading your posts as we journey through this trial together. Tomorrow should be a very interesting day and filled with what is billed as another “drama filled day.” As we marvel at Casey Anthony’s detachment and her efforts to cover up her incredible and unrelenting boredom there will be much to discuss.

    James knows now that when he walks into a room everyone knows in advance where the EXIT signs are.


  38. I think we can count on Baez to question about every positive and loving observation Cindy ever had of Casey…the nail in the coffin would be if she said “I thought she was, but now with all the lies that have come out, I don’t know what I was seeing” or some such…after all, the State will ask “If there never was a nanny or a job and Casey told you this is where Caylee was all those nights, what do you think now?? or “Where was Caylee when she wasnt with you and wasnt with partying Casey or Casey sleeping around, where was she?” THEN the Casey fireworks will fly….The Sate may ask Cindy ” Did you teach your daughter to lie?” Yup…much tougher questions to come…

    As for Casey’s reaction, she apparently forgot that George and Cindy have been sticking by her side for three whole years despite her lies…that says it all…Cindy must also feel embarrassed, humiliated, played for a fool and very said…Im sure there’s alot of guilt too…”How could we have raised such a kid?’

    No folks, for those that want to throw George and Cindy under the bus for all they did, their poetic justice has arrived. But in the end, they have paid a price with the loss of both Casey and Caylee AND they must testify truthfully against her…isnt that enough?


  39. POOR CINDY?!…i think you are just pulling our leg- and stimulating conversation for the blog- there is no way you could have flip-flopped like this over ONE medicated, fearful (she’s been threatened with obstruction) “yes, mame-ing” Cindy moment. Not possible.

    And- she looks SO BAD- omg- i’ve never seen what a transformation- he house of card, lies and deciet and criminal behavior is falling down around her ears….or maybe she’s just trying to get approved for disability.


  40. P.S. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Casey’s REAL tears- this is your big chance after the weeks of fake ones.


  41. We as parents have an awesome job, from the cradle to adult autonomy. IT is very complex and the more children in a family, the more complex it can become. Lucky are the families that have love, respect, structure and balance in their lives. Parents who nurture their children, to become independent and accountable adults, are such a blessing.
    Genetics are an independent variable, they can create havoc, emotionally and physical. Sometimes the emotional aspect may not be recognised until after years of growth.
    I asked myself today if I could have been prepared to nurture a sociopath of any age. I am thinking of the years of therapy, for the entire family. I read the testimonies of people who have had these types of individuals in their families. I find that parents who survive these people, have to be amazing. To me evil and insane people would be an instant depressant…now perhaps I could deal with it, in as much as seeking councel and medical advice. But as a young parent, not quite as informed as I am today, would have a very difficult time coming to grips with the situations that arise from the meligned behaviors.
    It would take an educated parent to even be aware of some of the signs of mental illness, as they evolve over time. I have a great deal of compassion for the Anthony’s . I see they have traveled to the depths of dispair and pain. I do not know how anyone survives, all they have been through. Each one of us would handle the situation in many different ways. They seemed to have traveled their road through predictable behaviors. The first being denial….It is hard to really put yourself in their shoes, but it poses good questions. Who among us, can honestly say, that dealing with the possibility that a son or daughter is the murderer of your own grandchild, can deal with it, without running the gammut of emotional upheaval?


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