Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows How She Is Engraged By Cindy’s New Courtroom Behavior As Casey Throws Tantrum During Recess

On the stand we see  new and improved Cindy Anthony. Gone is the hostile hateful, belligerent, and defensive Cindy who tried to come to Casey’s defense at all costs. Now Cindy speaks clearly,  respectfully  and softly and answers the questions posed to her in a proper manner. She has not exuded the hate she once had towards the prosecution. She cried genuine tears and was emotionally distraught whenever  she spoke of  little Caylee who was no doubt the love of her life.

Has the 2 million dollar movie deal  softened her? Is it what she heard in Baez’ opening arguments about Casey having to go to school when she was eight years old after George would place his penis in her mouth and knowing that it is a lie? Whatever it is, Cindy has done a 180 degree turn in terms of her demeanor and body language. She actually  appears as a  sympathetic character for the very first time.

As Casey watches her mother’s testimony,  she is angry, You can see  this from her tight jaw and her  furrowed forehead.

Casey’s  lower jaw literally dropped as you can  see from the photo above. She cannot believe that Cindy is not looking at her and  most of all,  saying things which will not help her. She hears the change on Cindy’s tone and Casey is stunned by it.

Cindy’s  tears are genuine as she sees photos of Caylee’s playhouse and mailbox and play area. Her feelings towards Caylee are genuine.They are not manufactured.  She even asked if a slide of Caylee could  be taken down. This does not look good for Casey. A jury will feel for Cindy’s loss of her granddaughter.

Casey tries to hold it together in the courtroom when the jury is there. She even fake cries when Cindy cries. She tries to mimic Cindy’s tears so that the jury will feel that she is sympathetic as well.  But when there is a break, all hell breaks loose with Casey.

Here  we see Casey explode with rage. She is  saying that her  mom didn’t cry for  three years and now look at her, why is she crying! Casey is furious Cindy is crying.

The lower lip snarl, clenched teeth and furrowed forehead scream of rage and hatred towards Cindy. It would not be an understatement to say that Casey despises Cindy at this point.

Now these are genuine tears and a genuine cry. Both eyes tear up. The forehead is furrowed on both sides, not like we have previously seen when Casey has made the expression that indicates  fake tears and fake crying.

The tears are only for Casey and out of frustration that she has lost control over Cindy.  Cindy is no longer defending her and sticking by her. She knows it and she is devastated by it. Look at how her upper lids drop. That indicates genuine crying. It is interesting to note how her attorney has become her new mother figure.She tries to comfort Casey as she looks into Casey’s face. She no doubt  says soothing words to Casey. But she is angry she has to do it. Look at the attorney’s fist like  hand. Oftentimes this indicates anger.

Now we see a full-blown temper with full-blown rage towards Cindy.  The attorney is upset about Casey’s behavior as she has a tightness in her jaw as you can see by her skin fold, as the attorney pulls her lips back.

Casey is crying for herself because she knows it is over. Her one ally is gone. She threw George under the bus and now Cindy is leaving Casey’s bus. Casey is furious about it.

Why, why,  why, did Cindy turn on her ? She  is  shocked by Cindy’s actions for the first time in her life. She cannot believe what Cindy “did to her.” She is taking the victim blame approach. She set out to hurt Cindy by taking Caylee and now it has backfired on her. Cindy has finally hurt her.

Cheney Mason sent yet another female attorney, Ms.  Fryer, over to comfort Casey. She whispered some comforting words from Cheney. It didn’t seem to  work so Cheney came over there by himself and placed his hands on Casey’s shoulders to comfort her. That seemed to work.

The last thing the defense team wants is for the jurors to witness Casey’s out of control tantrum.


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    1. At your service!

      Great post! I figured that Casey’s lies have been exposed by her father and Tony so she was telling her attorney, “See, I told you my mother is cold toward me! See? She wouldn’t even look at me!” A way to regaibn believability with them. But, I like your professional assessment much better.

      1. Thanks Sherry!
        I hate how someone on her defense team always has to hug and comfort Casey.

  1. Hi Dr. Glass,
    This is my first time posting! I am a school psychologist and have learned so much from your books, interviews, and blog. Taken out of the devastating context of a little girl’s life being taken, I am fascinated by Casey’s behavior as well as her family/friends. She will be a source of study for many years to come, from a psychological/family system’s perspective.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Cindy Anthony today. At one point, you can see Cindy and George hug as she leaves for recess. It appears they may now be a team and may have even discussed not allowing Casey (a lost cause) impede the rest of their lives. Lee and Mallory will be married and life will go on for all of them. Casey seems to recognize the change and is clearly not happy, as evidenced by her meltdown. I also noticed her mirroring Cindy’s emotions- Casey needs someone to display the behavior before adopting it herself. In the jail house letters, IMO, Casey was told that her “friend” was abused, therefore, Casey claims abuse as well. It is interesting that Cindy stated that she was looking for “Zanny” up until 6 weeks ago- perhaps when they were fully apprised of the Defense’s allegations against them.

    Thank you so much for your postings, I look forward to them everyday!

  2. I noticed that too. I actually saw REAL TEARS, REAL WATER running down Casey’s cheeks!

    I think also during the break Casey complained bitterly that Cindy was “going to take his side.” Again, we see the same bitterness in her when people she thought she could control start to question her story.

    She said the same thing when she first got arrested “No one in my own family is on my side! All they care about is Caylee!” She didn’t feel that she had to explain a thing to them, even though she had lied to them for thirty one days.

    She was crying, but I totally agree that it was completely out of pity for herself and another attempt to make herself appear to be a victim who was betrayed by her own parents instead of it being the other way around. Mommy isn’t on my side anymore!

    I was proud of Cindy today and George yesterday. It seems like they are finally taking a stand for Caylee.

    I was waiting to read your take on this today. Great article and a fabulous day for the prosecution!

    Casey is pure evil.

  3. Dr. Lillian… I remember you saying you picked up some lip reading skills along the way in your extensive education.. Is there any words or anything else you can see her saying? I caught the 3 years & why is she crying.. but I can’t make out the rest. Do you know of anyone who can figure out what Casey is saying during this outburst?
    Thanks SO much! Sheri

    1. In the beginning, after Casey moves her hand from her mouth, she says ‘She didn’t even look at me’. I think that is the most telling of the entire fit. Her tears were real because they were about her, she’s mad that her mom is not on her side any longer.

    2. ◆ Here is a link to a gal that does lip reading. She posted this regarding Casey’s outburst today during the court recess.
      Casey Lashes out in court Video & Lip Reader’s view of what is said « Big Mouth Shelly

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  4. Maybe Cindy was always genuine,but never really had the chance to explain herself since this trial..Maybe she was tired of the media showing only what they wanted the public to see and passing harsh judgement on her…. ..For once I am truely sorry I passed any judgement on this women..Her lying daughter has put her through more then most people could of handled with out having a break down..Everyone came at this women with such negative statments ,she came back the same way….Its easy for any of us to pass judgement,with out really walking in some one elses shoes…I believe there will be justice for Caylee.but I dont believe this family will ever be the same again…There daughter is pure rotton ,right to the core….

  5. Finally….the Anthonys have humbled themselves! That tantrum by Casey was a true expression of just who she really is. So sad.

  6. Dr. Lillian, this is the real KC, a manipulative, habitual liar!

    I am so proud of G&C they are standing up for the truth and Caylee! Better late than ever!

    I just hope the jury won’t buy into JB’s BS! I sure hope he puts KC on the stand, she will be destroyed by the prosecution!

  7. Thank you Dr. Glass for all you do, and your insights to all the people involved in this trial.

    Casey only cries for Casey. I also feel so sympathetic towards George and Cindy, and I had not before. They are finally taking a stand, and tell the truth. They loved and adored Caylee, and Casey took the one thing away they cherished the most.

    If anyone is interested, they are replaying Cindy’s testimony right now on HLN. I missed it all this morning, so finding it running now on HLN will allow to see what you may have missed.

  8. The Jury needs to see who Casey really is not what she likes them to believe she is.
    Casey will be her worst Enemy by her Demeanor in Court.
    It had to be hard for Cindy to answer all those Questions in Court today and relieving all those Lies Casey told her.
    At the same time I believe that Cindy realized how easy it was for Casey to lie to her about Caylee’s Whereabouts back in June of 2008 till July 2008, Cindy just wanted to believe everything was alright even when she got suspicious
    hearing all those Excuses for not being able to see Caylee.
    When repeating out loud in Court today all those Excuses Casey made to her back then it had to hit Cindy what her Daughter is capable of, she couldn’t ignore that fact anymore.
    I wouldn’t want to be in Cindy’s or George’s shoes,
    I can’t imagine to have to face what they have to with a Daughter like Casey.
    Every Parent (most) tries to raise their Children to the Best of their Abilities, we all make Mistakes but no Parent deserves what they are going through, no matter what they might have done wrong in the Past.
    No One is perfect.
    May Justice for Caylee prevail in the End and give the Anthony’s finally a Chance to heal in time once this Trial is over and the Ability for them to accept whatever outcome this Trial will have. JMO

  9. Dr. Glass, what did Cindy actually say that was such a slap in the face to Casey that Casey lost control of her emotions and facial expressions, and showed so much betrayal and hatred for her mother? I listened to the testimony and didn’t hear anything like that. Thanks.

    1. I think she was mad that Cindy didn’t look at her and failed to cover for her and did nothing but tell the truth.

    2. I think she expected Cindy to take the 5th which would have removed her from the trial & pretty much said “yeah, I agree with Casey & everything Jose said in his opening” You can see read her lips at one point she said something to the effect of “she’s taking HIS side” She’s mad mommy isn’t buying her story about daddy molesting her.

  10. I haven’t seen the entire trial, just bits and pieces. What I’ve noticed is that Casey always shakes her head ‘no’ while others are testifying truthfully. And that she has given both her father and mother looks of full blown hatred. She can’t hide how she really feels about them.

    I believe she’d accuse anyone in order to save herself.

    I don’t like how George and Cindy have behaved in all this, but I try to put myself in their place, which is a horrific place to be. I think they’ve finally seen the writing on the wall, ‘who’ their daughter really is, and are ready to face it and move on to pick up what’s left of their lives.

    I cried during Cindy’s testimony. Caylee was the daughter they never had. And now they realize it.

    1. Johninflorida, Im also in florida. Nice to meet a fellow Floridian. well, I agree with you about the jail tape. Also Casey knew she had Cindy convinced that She( casey) had no control of anything, she said that in the jail tape. Cindy was going to fight everyone because just until 6 weeks ago she still believed the lies. Im not sure how the parents could miss signs of the lieing as Casey was growing up but did u notice how everyone around her never knew she was a liar. They all believed her and thought her Parents especially her Mother would ‘do anything’ as Cindy said in an interview for her daughter. well, I saw the mouth of Casey after her mom went out..She wont even look at me, then Id give my eye teeth to know what she said. Nice comment I agree with u

  11. Casey was slapped with the truth for a change..Something that girl has no knowlege of.. She told her mother, one lie after another about where she was with Caylee..In the beginning, I myself would of not a hard time believeing what Casey was telling me…I would of had no reason to doubt her..Seems reasonable at the time what she was saying…Until time went by,yes,Cindy then started questioning these excuses Casey kept making about where she was with Caylee.just as I would of done.or any parent would of done after time passed..Cindy got tired of the accuses and doubt ran in her mind…She finally tried to do something about it…Trying to find out where Casey was herself…Cindy when she took the stand,gave all these excuses Casey was given her…One right after another.If that truth made Casey cry at the trial today.TO BAD…She wouldnt be in the mess if she had been honest from the beginning but she has no conception of the truth.Personally she was crying (anger was more like it) when she broke down when Cindy was giving all the accuses Casey gave her at this time.I hope Casey takes the stand during this trial so the prosecution can rip her apart…

  12. Hello Dr.Glass, love your article and the pictures of selfish satan Casey. You definitely did a good job describing Cindy and Casey. Casey has a huge temper and it roars out in huge force when she is not center stage and everyone is not cowing down to her. She is furious Cindy is crying over Caylee today and not her. That has been the whole problem all along, Casey’s jealousy towards Caylee. No doubt she couldn’t stand George giving Caylee attention and loving his little granddaughter either as it is suppose to be only about big baby selfish killer, me, me,me. All her lies, stealing, shacking up with boys, dragging Caylee in to morales bed with her and finally doing the ultimate horrific killing of her child has taken her from me, me, me, party skank to me,me, me, prison skank where she will forever stay until put to death or dies naturally and it is right where she belongs. Once this happens Cindy and George need to leave her there and never look back as if they don’t Casey will continue to reek havoc on them when they visit her and cause nothing but upsets and George and Cindy will never have any kind of peaceful existence. Casey will not let them~~

  13. I believe Casey has tormented her parents (especially her mother) for years. Family members who live with sociopathic diabolical liars frequently learn to “walk on eggshells” around them if they want any peace in their lives. I think the Anthony’s lived this way and ended up enabling their psychotic daughter. My heart breaks for them.

    When Cindy testified she had removed the pool ladder from the pool on June 15th, 2008 after her swim with Caylee, she struck a serious blow to the defense fantasy of ‘accidental drowning’. Cindy also said the detachable ladder was too heavy for a child to lift. This truthful testimony must have shocked Casey completely. After all, her mother had sat in the courtroom and heard the fantasy presented by Baez. Casey must have expected her mother would say she “thought” she’d removed the ladder or be not be sure about that to give credence to the “fantasy”. Cindy, probably for the first time in years, had not “fallen on the sword” to protect or help her daughter. The woman took an oath to tell the truth … and did!

    Cindy went on to testify about all the stories and lies Casey had fed to her during that 31 days. Goodness only knows what Casey expected but it couldn’t have been the truth. I expect more testimony from Cindy on Monday and it will be interesting to watch Casey’s reaction then read your analysis, Dr. Glass.

    Casey “snapped” and exploded in a temper tantrum as soon as the jury left the room. She must have thought she could throw her entire family under the bus and her mother would continue to cover for her and would lie and sacrifice herself, her husband and son. Perhaps Casey has finally gotten a clue that she just might be held accountable as she sees her sense of power and control over her mother has slipped away.

  14. Thanks so much for all your thoughts on this.

    I was not aware the Anthony’s had been approached of a 2 million dollar meal…I mean tv deal.

    This is what sits wrong with me all around this case.

    How does a family that has so much co dependence not know something about their daughter/granddaughter? I just think this whole tragedy whether accident/and/or otherwise had to involve more then just Casey Anthony. The more the trial and testimony I see I feel this family is about as “sick as their secrets”…..I just don’t believe this was a one person web of lies.

    I hope people are watching and hugging their families…

  15. well after seeing cindy on the stand my heart go s out to her. god please help her deal with this……….. i would hate to be her right now. reliving it all over again. in my opinion cindy and george did nothing wrong but love there children and grandchild.casey has problems but no one made her that way, she did the lieing all by herself.everyone has a opinion. what the hell is the truth…………………does casey even remember what the truth is?????? kids do lie but not like this. caylees pictures pulled on my heart ever since i saw them three yrs ago. i said i wanted to help look for her, that poor lil baby. i as a grandmom could not imagine the pain they feel, god please help them.caylee is with god now and he will take care of her. justice is a funny thing sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.cindy u need a vacation from all of this keep ur head up and do what is best for u. god bless u. i had a murder in my family a while ago and time helps us deal with things, it never leaves u but u do the best u can.pray.

  16. Unlike most, I can understand why Cindy and George were so deep into denial. To admit that Casey lied about anything, meant she killed her own daughter. That denial came to a shrieking halt 6 weeks ago when they learned from Baez that the defense was going to throw George AND Lee under the bus.

    When Lee gets on the stand, Casey is going to go ballistic. I think he will side with his parents and will have some “straight from the horses’ mouth” information to share. Casey will explode!

    BTW “feeling up” your sister could have been a prank by any teen boy. It’s not serious sexual molestation charges that would give you a break from realilty and you would kill your own child.

    Before the stupid rumour starts up – neither George or Lee are Caylee’s father. Despite what I think Casey, or the Defense, wanted to imply. And the Defense has yet to show any foundation for their sexual molestation statements.

    BTW the Anthony’s attorney, Lippman, is going to file a motion when court returns to session.

    1. Hey Becky.. just wanted to add this:
      6 weeks ago Cindy ALSO found out that Caylee “drowned in the pool” .. don’t forget Cindy still thought there was a chance Caylee still might be alive. She only stopped looking for Zenida 6 weeks ago too.. she was holding out hope there WAS a Zenida & she had Caylee with her.

      1. Personally, JMO, but I think Cindy and George were deep into denial. I also think they were initially okay with going with the accident theory until it came out that there would be the abuse allegations.

        This is where Baez overstepped. If he had gone with accident, panic, mental breakdown, he could get Casey out of the DP. But unfortunately he had to cook up the story of George and Kronk switching Caylee’s body about.

      2. Denial is only the first stage of grief, lets be honest these parents have been grieving not only for little Caylee, but for the hopes and dreams they had for their beautiful daughter Casey.
        The 5 stages of grief
        Denial (the nanny did it)
        Anger (anger at everyone including Casey)
        Bargaining (putting up their home, and helping to hire Jose Biaz)
        Depression (this one is pretty obvious, look at these parents, George even tried to take his own life)
        Acceptance (All the facts are there now for 4 years, there is no way to find any other than the horrible truth. Caylee is dead, Casey is such a monster she would blame everyone but her self, and watch them all suffer)

        I don’t know but I am willing to bet, when the press died down, the family actually started to function. I think the disfunction was all caused by Casey. Every good parent loves and tries to guide their child, when the child messes up, you try to correct the behavior. I think they believed, based on this made up reality that their daughter somehow kept going for 3 years, that Caylee had turned Casey around. Likely she has always needed attention, and told lies. The drama had the family constantly fighting each other.
        No person can believe something so horrible about someone they know, let alone your own child. I think they acted appropriatly. I think they are still torn, between telling the truth, and trying to help their daughter.,

    2. I agree, I read somewhere that Lee’s and George’s DNA had tested back in 2008. Neither of them is the father.

      It’s possible that Jesus Ortiz is not dad either, and that Casey picked him because he had died in a car accident and therefore couldn’t deny the accusation.

  17. Great job. I knew it was coming, I bet she tries to call her mom tonight before she is put back on the stand Monday.

    Her mother seemed Genuine, even spoke about Casey really having a job at one point; so, that explained to the jury why they believed she still had a job. And how she and Casey had an understanding that she wouldn’t pry after she turned 21, she tried to see Casey & Caylee in that month several times. She covered everything. It was great. She remembers. Putting the pool ladder away the day before, she even had Casey take Caylee inside.

    Great testimony.

    Great blog. Thanks!

  18. It wasn’t the defense that told the Anthonys-it was the State when they discovered from the psychiatrists during the depos what Baez was going to do. I believe Cindy’s visit to see Baez was to dissuade him from going that route.

    1. I’m with you, Sherry. I’ve had this feeling for a while, but kept it to myself.

      Back when the defense wanted to add two additional witnesses to their list; the two psychiatrists. But then the prosecution said they wanted to depose those two psychs. Suddenly, the defense backed off of adding those two to witness list.

      I’ve had the feeling that the prosecution then talked to each of the psychs, individually, and not a deposition. I figured that by talking to them, this gave the prosecution a very clear indication of what the defense was going to pull.

      I think that the SAO then had a meeting of sorts with Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and let them in on the upcoming accusation/allegations against George, and the big story of how Casey’s supposed upbringing taught her to lie from the age of 8.

      IMO, when the Anthony’s were sitting in court during opening statements, they knew what was coming. In detail.

      Like you said, Sherry, and I agree…Cindy went to Baez to dissuade him from going that route. I think she wanted to express that to Casey, as well, right before Mother’s Day. But Casey refused the visit. And now we see Casey cry for herself. Again.

      1. KItt and Sherry, I dont really know what your referring to. Is there a deposition or testimony I can read to be informed. I didnt know these things your bringing out about Cindy meeting with the Defense but I saw today from ‘I think, Bill Sheafer sry spelled wrong im sure. that the Psychs dropped out. I didnt know why.

      2. Susan, back during the Frye Hearings, I believe it was, Baez introduced two more witnesses of whom were psychiatrists. The State had to take their depos. Baez then dropped the doctors but the State had found information from them as to the defense strategy so they contacted the Anthony’s attorney, Lippman, to give them the heads up about the bus coming their way. That was about 6 weeks ago. Cindy then went to Baez’ office without George (probably because he would have strangled Baez). In blogdom we all thought they may be talking about a defense strategy that would toss George under the bus. IMO, I believe Cindy went to try to dissuade Baez from using George as a scapegoat.

        Isn’t it interesting that Casey has given Cindy the cold shoulder since Aug.’08 and now she cries because her mother won’t even look at her!

        BTW, her mother did look at her today but Casey was too busy looking down at something to notice.

        Here, at 11 minutes in~

      3. Sherry you are correct! Kitt, the SAO was not legally allowed to conduct depositions of the 2 psychiatrists that evaluated Casey because the defense changed their minds about having them testify. The SAO would never call those Dr’s – that would not be proper or legal (even to just talk) once they were removed from the DT witness list. BUT, the SAO’s did have access to the extensive mental health evaluations that these Dr’s completed and Cindy & George’s atty Lippman, was allowed access because he represents them. That’s how the Anthony’s became aware of the defense teams plans. Judge Berry then sealed those medical reports so that no one else will ever view them. Baez & team have more than jumped the shark here. Who in their right mind would buy the sexual abuse & Kronk & to top it all off that the OCSO & the FBI & all of the forensic scientists are all in cahoots and faked all the evidence. Big Fail!

      4. When the Defense tried to SNEAK the 2 Psychs in to “TESTIFY” for the defendant, the state asked for, and were allowed to Depo them, by JP. There were numerous calls made to JP the day of the depos. JP put a stop to the depos. Seems she was NOT “EVALUATED” by them, only talked to them to get “HER STORY” in. That CLEARLY shows Baezs incompetence! Even I know thats not evidence, its HEARSAY! Baez then removed them from the witness list and, LO AND BEHOLD, the state added them. The depos were done by Ashton and Drane- Burdick.
        Things are not going well at all for this defendant. I hope she enjoys accommodations at the State HOTEL were she will spend the next few years before her walk on the GREEN MILE.

    2. I thought someone said that George actually met with Jose in his office, just before the trial started. I wonder if it was the day that Jose seemed so happy then court was cut short during Jury selection.

      I think they brought George in, told him that to save his daughter he would have to say he molested her, and George refused. I think somehow they really thought he might cave in and do it, that maybe Cindy would pressure him to do it. But Jose put it in his opening statement, and threw in Lee for good measure, not knowing for sure if they would go along with his scheme.

      It seemed untill Mom and Dad testified, that they may do, just about anything, or believe anything to save their child. We were all shocked, when George and Cindy told the truth, but imagine Caseys shock, she really believed she could lie her way out of anything, and that her parents would back her up.

  19. Btw… I think the Judge should have allowed the Im messages to her bf, why would she say just a few more days and you can see me all you want.
    That may not mean anything unless it’s said on the 10th and your toddler is gone on the 16th.

    If I was sitting on the jury & Baez continued to say Casey is abnormal & learned to lie early on. Plus, Everyone that talks about her says she was happy all the time, outgoing, normal and such a good mother. Nothing changed, etc…. If she was acting, putting up a front, a lie after Caylee was gone, wouldn’t you consider her good, loving, happy mother front being an act/ lie too. I would! I feel that argument is going to hurt him. Well, it’s not going to help.

    One more thing. After Cindy and George heard opening statements they must know that Casey murdered her daughter. I think, if they’re honest, they believed it was probably an accident and continued to feel for her. Now, they know, if it had been an accident she would have told the real story.

    1. Bravo, I read the messenger messages, It was strange like maybe she was going to kill her parents. She said to others too they were moving , she said in msg. they would be gone in three days. Where did she exclaim they would be at when she was moving in their house. I know Im probably way off but it was just a instant thought of how she could say they would be leaving in three days then the house would be hers and her bf could be with her all the time. interesting huh?

      1. I had those same thoughts. In fact it would explain why she was doing research on killing in self defense, I mean seriously there is no way anyone would even try to make up a lie that she was being attacked by Caylee with a shovel and had to kill her. I think she wanted them all dead. She wanted to start over with a clean slate, so she created the world she wanted..without her sweet little daughter.

    2. I agree– C&G’s realizated during opening statements that Casey definitely did it. And I remember that back when all this happened, Cindy told police that a couple of days AFTER her last swim with little Caylee, she noticed the pool ladder down and the back gate door left open. That must have been Casey…. and that would make Caylee’s death purely intentional. Poor baby, she didn’t deserve that.

  20. Having personal experience as a former-victim of childhood incest, I’d like to say a couple of things on the subject. First, just because there is no evidence or legal/medical history does not mean it did not happen. I could never, ever prove it happened to me in a court of law; it would be my word against his, and the rest of my family who do not want to accept it happened. A family that is otherwise dysfunctional and secretive is the perfect environment for incest to occur, and the Anthony’s certainly have dysfunction and secrets in abundance.
    Now, I cannot say whether Casey was sexually abused or not, but I loathe the fact that this allegation is being used in her defense. As far as I am concerned, the alleged incest has zero to do with Caylee’s murder. Baez is using this ploy to save Casey, but in the process is ruining the reputations of two (possibly) innocent men and painting a picture of incest survivors as lying, unfeeling psychopaths. Incest victimization does not lead to murder. It may explain her promiscuity, and possibly why her parents were so permissive with her, but little else.
    Speech over.

    1. I too am a victim of sexual abuse as a child, and I am not crazy, and I don’t lie. I don’t think I am the exception.

      In this case the fiction was easier to believe than the truth. The defense has to come up with a story just as dramatic, and shocking to defend this woman.

      I hate it, I don’t believe she was ever abused. She has a very strong leading personality, much like her mom, except her mom is not a sociopath.

    2. Would you as an incest survivor allow your abuser to be with you while you gave birth? Would you, as a survivor, then allow said abuser to have access to your innocent baby girl? Take part in her upbringing? There are MILLIONS of us “Survivors” and speaking only for myself, I would NOT allow these scenarios to happen.
      This defendant was not abused sexually, she was catered to her whole live, and was CLEARLY jealous of the attention Caylee received. Had it not been for her lying, manipulative ways, she could have REMAINED Daddys Princess too.

      1. kelly Jack- The day my daughter was born was the day I knew I could never see my abuser again. Becoming a parent changed everything. My daughter’s very existence saved me and changed me in ways I did not expect. So, I agree that Casey’s actions do not mirror mine as an incest survivor. However, I will refrain from passing judgement that Casey is lying about this (along with everything else, it seems), simply because I do not believe there is one way to survive abuse. Some people, like myself, take a long time to stand up and fight, some never do, and others fight tooth and nail from day one. For all we know, Cindy and George may have allowed Casey to lie and manipulate because of their guilt over the alleged incest, and she may feel justified in abusing them emotionally as payback.

    3. Reality is that Casey and her defense team would need to submit PROOF (and yeah, I agree in reality there may not be any) but since this is a trial, if Casey wants this as her defense, and no one but herself states it happened – she will need to take the stand.

      Tuesday the entire molestation thing will become moot when Lippman (the Ants’ attorney) files his motion.

  21. Casey has been ruling the roost for years, I think the shock of her throwing her dad under the bus is what it took for her parents to see the truth.
    I think it’s funny that Casey didn’t shed a tear for 31 days, but now that the cameras are rolling, that’s all she’s done. How fitting that she should complain about her mother not crying until now….just like any psychopath, the rules only apply to everyone else.
    I hope that Baez gets disbarred. If he is going to claim this was an accident, he has wasted the courts time and cost the State of Florida a ton of money for no good reason.

    1. Sadly, I think Jose did this for the money. The rights were quietly sold to ABC before she was charged, which is the only time it’s legal to do so. Ironically, a plea deal would have been better for Casey than this trial, because she would have served less time. JB has set a poor example of attorneys, IMHO.

      Very interestingly, WFTV is affiliated with ABC and their coverage of the trial has been the best.

  22. Its nice to see for a change that some people are finding in thier hearts and taking note that Cindy and George aren’t the villians as everyone percieved them to be. If I we’re either of them to have to live though the horror of losing an innocent loved one, and then a second child up against a murder charge, is beyond comprehension, and is something I wouldn’t wish upon my worse enemy. May the Good Lord be with both George and Cindy. May He provide them strength and comfortts they are victims too. I pray for heavenly peace for sweet little Caylee.

    1. I haven’t changed my mind about how I once felt for Cindy and George-they were putting aside Caylee for Casey’s sake-they were lying and misleading to cover for Casey. Cindy did do things to interfere with an investigation. No one’s perceptions were wrong about them. We do see that George and Cindy are concerned with the truth now and thereby get our respect. For me to completely change my mind about the grandparents I would have to hear that the Anthonys thanked all who were there to help find Caylee.

      1. I completely agree!

        The public was not ‘dopey’, stupid, or easily lead by the nose by the media. Many of the folks out here, read all the discovery, processed the info, shared opinions, learned some about law, learned some about statement/body analyisis, listened and HEARD all the Defence Team’s ‘spin’, and media playing, and to top it all off – We have waited 3 long years to see this through to the end.

        I don’t believe the ‘people’ were EVER against ANYONE… Other than wanting to know, first off – Where was Caylee?
        (We WERE asked here, to help find her…)
        And second – WHOEVER it truly WAS that hurt, and further took little Caylee’s life!

        Any parent or grand-parent would WANT that from the people of their community. From their State/Province. Country. World…

        They would naturally EXPECT that of their family, friends, and the further extensions from there…

        Granted – There WERE people that were DOWNRIGHT pathetic and ABUSIVE to this family, and that WAS NOT RIGHT!

        They will answer to that somewhere in their own lives! No way around that, now.
        Remember, and the lesson is truly being played out before us… It may not always happen right then and there –
        But KARMA, man – She B-a-b*tch!

        The remainder of the people… the people like US, did NO SUCH thing, and only wanted the TRUTH!

        The TRUTH – Thereby equalling JUSTICE!

        If it had been a STRANGER or other extended, family member that committed this crime, they would have expected NO LESS from the any ONE, or any THING!

        For today – I tip my hat to Mrs. Anthony, and I am hoping that, with the TRUTH finally coming to surface, somewhere in the ugliness of it all, she will finally find the PEACE she so rightfully deserves, and that along with that ‘peace’, little Caylee Marie will also be set free, to finally rest in her own PEACE.

        God Bless!

      2. You have said it all perfectly. My sentiments in total. I also resented that both of the parents inserted themselves front and center into the media frenzy and sought out opportunities to fuel it but did not participate in the multiple and extensive community searchs for their beloved Caylee. One last thing, One thing that I have never forgotten because it struck me as exquisitely heartbreaking. Kristen Chester was at the Anthony home the night of July 16th when Casey was arrested and placed that call to Lee to get Tony’s phone #. She stated that Cindy told her that night that she may have lost forever both of her girls. I have always believed that both parents knew what the real deal was in the beginning and for whatever reasons their stories to law enforcement just kept continually morphing.

      3. I agree, NancyB., the Anthonys knew what was up but they purposely denied it in order to cope, most likely, but surely to keep Casey out of prison.

    2. I agree with you, jc. My hope is that people in Flordia, especially Orlando, will rally around George and Cindy. They need to have good, loving people around them during this time. God bless them for being able to do the right thing for the right reason…that beautiful granddaughter Caylee. God give them strength as they move through this horrific, life changing event.

      1. I live in Orlando about 1/2 mile from the Anthonys, I have followed this story from the beginning, Casey is a diabolical murdering liar!!!! I have always felt sorry for George and Cindy.. Put yourself (hard to do) in their shoes for just a minute. From the first day Caylee was reported missing and up to Caseys arrest people (protesters) were on their property throwing rocks at their windows, harassing them, screaming, yelling, in a way any “normal” person would be driven over the deep end and everyone has a breaking point that will make them crack and act crazy and become suspicious and parent wants to believe that their child is capable of murder especially if it is your grandchild… Maybe denial was a coping mechanism JMO.. I was in the courtroom on day 3 of the trial.. The Anthonys were right in front of me in the security line.. What I saw with my own eyes were two broken human beings all the while t.v cameras every where, people in the security lines pointing and snapping cell phone pictures My heart broke for them and the pain .A mother in line was holding a child about 2 yrs. old on her hip and that is the only time Cindy looked up and smiled slightly at the mother and child..other wise their heads were down… they are two broken people that will most likely never recover

  23. a desperate, dumbass defense strategy. I just hope that baez isn’t giving casey an ‘incompetent counsel’ reason for appeal…innarticulate, disorganized & he makes my skin crawl. how do you know a lawyer is lying ? …his lips are moving.

  24. A dysfunctional family has their own twisted code of honor. When an individual in such a family breaks from the silently assigned role, the backlash sends a ripple of unexpected behavior of the rest. This is the first time (according to others, as I am not familiar with the entire few years) that Cindy broke from character, and a once unbreakable, defensive stance of apparent strength broke down and exposed emotion. Emotion in the family dynamic most likely was akin to weakness and probably usually used in inappropriate proportions and manipulations. The tears from Casey struck me more of a fear and anger, as the rock just crumbled sincerely before her eyes and in front of others. If there is a shadow of truth in George and Casey fearing Cindy’s wrath, the genuine flow of tears and vulnerability would shake their foundations. This is a family that embraced not only dishonesty, it was encouraged.

    In the long run, everyone involved has had burdens that they do not know how to react publicly with. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them, and a non popular stance, even Casey herself. It is apparent from videos, testimony, photos… Caylee was loved dearly by the entire family, and no matter how bad the behavior and the facades that occurred. What has bothered me most in the entire process has been the public following the case. I have read such hatred, bigotry, name calling, ridicule and all sorts of accusations that really are more telling of the poster than that which they are trying to defame. The bankruptcy of spiritual empathy hiding behind a cry for justice makes me sadder for us all. Caylee’s story needs to be told and the riddles solved. And we need to address our own projections on the rest of the family. Such as my sympathy in this instance, I would have broke down to see my own strong mother in a vulnerable position.

    1. “Bankruptcy of spiritual empathy”? What a sanctimonious, steaming pile. Sometimes taking a stand against evil behavior requires spiritual empathy for the victims in this world, not to mention courage and moral conviction. I save my empathy for those who show one little scintilla of a conscience. Address your own “projections”. I’ll keep voicing my opinions without even the tiniest amount of shame or apology.

  25. “It ism interesting to note how her attorney has become her new mother figure.She tries to comfort Casey as she looks into Casey’s face. She no doubt says soothing words to Casey. But she is angry she has to do it. Look at the attorneys fist like hand. Oftentimes this indicates anger.”

    Dr. Glass,
    Who do you think the attorney is angry with; Casey or Cindy?

    1. I saw the defense lawyers face when Casey said something to her right after cindy walked out. The Defense lady lawyer or Casey’s babysitter maybe its her law nanny. sry my bad..anyway. the Lawyer looked real mad then before Casey cried. I thought she was twofold mad. At Cindy and Casey. maybe torn between Casey and her feelings of sympathy for Cindy..idk

      1. I think they are furious with Casey for not having any impulse control and not containing herself in court. I bet all of her atty’s have had numerous conversations with her about the absolute necessity of this. Her very life is on the line here and all of their “hard work” & lies will be useless if she keeps this up or the jury see’s any of it. There would be no way to recover from that.

    2. Obviously she is angry with Casey, if that Jury saw this outburst, it is as good as Casey standing up and saying “I HATE MY MOMMY”. Even if she doesn’t testify, every nod, shake frown and smile is being given to the jury every day.

      This outburst was BAD BAD BAD for the defense, I believe Jose just got up and walked out….Can’t let the camera catch him telling her she is acting like a child again….

  26. Please please get the he and she body parts correct. I respect your take on events, but the atrocious lack of proofreading takes away from the read. Since when does a “she” had a “he” part?

  27. I think their new attorney is helping lead the Anthony’s down a more truthful, righteous path. I can’t believe that if they continue being honest I have forgiven what I always thought was appalling behavior by them in the past. I’m still leery of them, time wioll tell as the trial proceeds if they can stay honest.

    1. I agree. For some reason I get a really good vibe from Mr. Lippman and believe he is helping the Anthonys because he honestly wants to help.

      I like how forthright he was in his appearances on Nancy Grace and other shows.

      I also think he talked them out of suing Brad Conway for slander.

      He seems to have a stabilizing influence on them.

  28. Super article, Dr. Glass…very accurate. I watched this live and it registered with me that there was pure hatred on Casey’s face directed to Cindy.

    I have been judgmental about Cindy because she seemed like she was attention-seeking and so arrogant. Even when I knew that she was experiencing denial, the desperation to put blame elsewhere was monumentally hard to take. Today I feel altogether differently about Cindy. I really liked her and felt for her. I cried when she cried. This is a 180 from how I felt about her just a couple of days ago.

    I know that you like Jose Baez, Dr. Glass, but it’s his hubris that brings us together today. A better attorney would have convinced Casey to plead years ago, instead of separating her from her family and ultimately blaming her family (with no proof of wrongdoing). I know that there must be reasons Casey is so crazy. I thought it was incest. I realize now we will never know. Incest generally doesn’t produce killers, just liars. Casey won’t be given a pass for Caylee’s death, no matter what was done to her.

  29. I can’t stand when Casey’s lawyers fawn all over her after her little 2 year old tantrums. Is all that back rubbing, arms around her really necessary? They know she brought this all on herself & they should do their legal jobs without also becoming Casey’s babysitters.
    Which by the way Baez was beyond despicable in hos opening statement. They could have gone with an accident, which I now believe is 100% false, she murdered that baby, without destroying her family & making it sound like Roy Kronk was a baby body snatcher.

    I hope she gets death.She’s a monster who knows right from wrong.

  30. Baez made a huge mistake when he accused Geo. of sexually molesting Casey since the age of eight. Surely he didn’t expect them to roll over and accept that horrid lie?? He will say and do almost anything to make “himself” look good! He is a sham and is strictly out for himself. I think he has underestimated the State…they r going to kick his azz before this is over! imo

    1. And then he tried to be all eloquent about it with that “Flower in The Attic” reference.

      I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted in my entire life.

  31. I believe Casey is a sociopath and her tantrum today was because she saw that her mother exposed lots of her lies and Casey saw that her mother is not going to believe her and cover for her as she has probably done her whole life. Caseys facial expressions showed such anger and hatred towards her mother…she didn’t even have such looks towards her father, who she claims abused her…I really think Casey is shocked that the trial has not over when Jose claimed it was an accident and implicated George…I think she thought everything would be thrown at George and Cindy and she(Casey) would be seen as a poor victim and she would just get a slap on the hand and she would skip out of court freely, as sociopaths never feel that they are to blame for is always someone elses fault.

  32. I have a Grandaughter that Ive bonded with like Cindy has bonded with Caylee. I adore that child so very much. Well, If I had to go through this as Cindy does and I still had my head in the sand and used to believing my daughter when she said in jail she was a victim and they are in control of her I would probably behave indignant too. Now she has had her head pried out of the sand and sees the light. She seems so humbled and Beat down. My heart goes out to her. Casey has had control of Cindy for so long I bet she thought her Mom would keep that attitude and when she saw the change and the head come out of the sand. She snapped, she couldnt believe it. I bet she felt betrayed by her mother..go figure

  33. Ohh DR. Glass,
    I truly enjoyed your Post , your expert experience in body language is amazing. Thank You again…

  34. I must say I feel truly sorry for Cindy. I now know how a parent’s love for their child is so strong that you would do anything, even lie, to defend and protect your child. However I believe that Cindy and George FINALLY know the truth. I am praying that they can somehow come to terms with all of this. I can not imagine how hard it must be to not only lose their granddaughter whom they loved more than anything but also to lose their daughter whom they loved. This whole case is sad. The truth has finally come out and Caylee will get justice. i am impressed with George and Cindy’s attorney and I believe he is truly a professional that will be there til the end for them.

    1. George and Cindy has had excellent attorneys previously. Mark NaJame, was their first,however they were not willing, at that point in time, to heed his advice, so HE QUIT them. Then they were represented by Brad Conway. They have always been WELL represented, you can’t give credit to Lippman for their turnaround. All credit goes to Baez, and his incompetence for showing his cards.
      If you have been a follower of this case, you would not have made the above comment.

  35. Jurors know that Mr Anthony made it possible for 19 grand jurors to indict his daughter on Felony Murder. Mrs Anthony in recounting what they routinely do with the ladder and with specificity what she did with the ladder on June 15, 2008 will never be forgotten by them. Jurors will extend mercy to Casey because her parents had to do the unthinkable.

    1. I think they will extend mercy to Casey because they will feel so horrible for Cindy and George that they will not want to further hurt them by sentencing their daughter to death.

      1. I agree & it’s the only reason for her not to get the death penalty. She’s destroyed everyone in her path. Casey deserves death but her parents don’t deserve another loved one in a grave after all she’s put them through.

        I hope they Anthony’s get counseling & learn to forgive themselves.

  36. Wouldn’t most of us mother’s who love our children be willing to take a bullet for them if we could. We love them so deeply that we believe anything they tell us, until, proven otherwise. We will protect them, fight for them, pray for them, and love them to the end. Casey would not even agree to see Cindy on Mother’s Day, I know that had to cut Cindy deeply. I feel certain G & C had been prepared that KC was possibly going to throw one, or both of them under the bus, by their own lawyer. As a grandparent myself, and having one grandchild, along with his mother, live with us until the child was over 4 years old, would have a had time entertaining the thought that my daughter would ever do anything to harm him. They knew a long time ago that Casey was an easy liar, it came so easy for her, and them stealing money that was was her grandfathers care, I can see why her parents would get upset with her. I could feel their pain, see it in their eyes, and also see their broken hearts. May God bring them some peace and healing…..

  37. You know, I never thought I would see the day when Cindy would finally see the light. Today I saw a woman who was humbled. Today I saw a woman who was telling the truth – no matter how painful. Today I saw a woman who showed courage and integrity. Finally! Someone who could speak the TRUTH for Caylee and not go into into cover up mode for Casey. Today I was proud of Cindy. I have 3 grown children – ages 24, 22, 19… I KNOW Cindy loves Casey. We all know that. As a mother one of the first things you teach your children is to tell the truth. The truth is … well, it’s everything. It’s establishes trust. It it the foundation for healthy relationships – it defines your character – it should be at the core of every single human being. Somewhere along the way – Casey either missed that lesson or wasn’t taught that lesson or was taught but totally disregarded it. I think it Cindy’s case – she’s come to a place where the truth is all she has left. Good luck Cindy ~ I’ll be praying for you. May God bless you and comfort you ~ be strong.

  38. Ditto every word that Tina said except my kids ages are a little different. All my kids have lied to me; basically harmless little white lies but i always knew when they were lying.

    Thanks Dr. Glass for your insight into all this!

  39. This is what I came up with, attempting to read lips…

    ______she’s not even trying now

    She’s believed this shit for 3yrs…and says nothing…

    But she says she doesn’t believe this shit, every single day

    ____Enough to make her wanna get the hell away from there

    Another part______my dad had to have had help, or if it was just my dad

    I failed her so bad

    She just looks at me and wants the entire_______

    It’s just like the other day______ …she doesn’t see half her mail

    Everything she says right now is just so unfair______… she says it for dad…that’s who she’s doing it for

  40. Snark alert:

    With all that “self-comforting,” CA’s hair gets greasier and greasier; WHY doesn’t she WASH it more often? Dirty hair makes a skank look even sleazier. It’s gross.

    I hope the DT tells CA she looks like a total DORK with that stupid bun hairdo. Women who have ears that stick out as far as CA’s should not wear their hair pulled back.

    I guess successful liars like CA believe they are so above reproach they have no use for learning about the little things that add up to CREDIBILITY. Like clean hair and leaving your blouse buttoned up.

    1. They pulled her hair back so she would stop playing with hit (Dr. Glass has many posts about her self-grooming behavior).

      I just wish they would IRON her clothes!

      The best outfit she wore this week was the suit with the black blazer. They should have kept to that with different colored shirts throughout the trial that were IRONED!

  41. I cannot recall the stages of grief…to me it looked as though Cindy has gotten to acceptance. Accepting that as much as she may not want to…her daughter Casey, is the one responsible for her little granddaughter’s death.

    1. I posted them in a reply before, but here they are again.

      Denial (this can’t be happening)
      Anger (how can this happen, who’s to blame)
      Bargaining (I will give anything to change this)
      Depression (disconnect, not wanting to live)
      Acceptance (it’s going to be okay, I can’t fight this, I may as well get prepared)

      At acceptance the individual comes to terms with the loss.

  42. I am praying Cindy continues to be honest. Caylee deserves no less. When I saw Casey react to Cindy’s emotion, It did not surprise me. On a jail visit when Cindy is crying (cindy and George just arrived for the visit) Casey looks at Cindy and say’s to George “Why is she crying already” what Casey meant was ” I haven’t even started with my BS yet, so isn’t it a little early for her to start crying” She didn’t realize Cindy was crying because she finally realized Caylee wasn’t coming home. She laughed when she saw Cindy crying…she sure isn’t laughing now.

    1. Don’t suspend your common sense or your logical thinking when attempting to understand who Casey Anthony is. It’s easy to do but don’t be taken in by Casey or her ability to pretend feelings, actions and behaviors that appear to be normal. She still hasn’t internalized that her being in court is to find out who killed Caylee. Look at her when she sees a picture of Caylee-she smiles. She forgets to pretend a mother’s longingness for her child. She doesn’t miss her. I don’t miss the bugs I stepped on in my garden this morning either.

  43. ◆ Here is a link to a gal that does lip reading. She posted this regarding Casey’s outburst today during the court recess.
    Casey Lashes out in court Video & Lip Reader’s view of what is said « Big Mouth Shelly
    You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

  44. I so wish Saturday’s proceedings had been on TV. I guess I will catch up with these blogs. So glad I found this website. I really wanted to see the rest of Cindy’s session before the jury after she came back from her break. I hope I can find that video. I have taped every minute of the proceedings and so much easier to flip through the non- courtroom stuff. Casey’s going down fast, in my opinion.

  45. Casey finally told the “family secret” so now, like evil snakes, they all turn on her. Did you happen to hear what that man was singing at Caylee’s 2nd birthday? “Girl you’ll be a woman soon.” CREEPY!!! I used to think that Casey did it, but now I am really wondering…Maybe JO-JO was touching on Caylee, she threatened to tell CI CI or Mommy, so he drowned her! I think he is the criminal.

    1. MAYBE, you need to call up Baez-he needs someone to stand up for his lying client so she doesn’t have to take the stand!

      You have been had by a sociopath!

    2. Some neighbor I’ve never seen before was singing “Girl you’ll be a woman soon to Casey” and that makes her family creepy?

      GEORGE wasn’t the one singing that.

    3. I agree about that man singing the song Caylee didn’t want to be near him and Cindy kept walking Caylee back to that man something is not right….he gives me the creeps big time….oh Caylee I would have been honored to walk you to kindergarden….there is something not right with that birthday video, Dr. Glass

  46. My sister-in-law brought up a good question. Casey told everyone she was going to get her own place.. She had no job, no money.. Were George & Cindy going to be next? So she would have their house… We’ll never know, thank god.

    1. Maybe she was going to say that George killed Caylee, Cindy backed him up, he attacked Casey.

      Casey defended herself with said “household weapons” and then Cindy attacked her and Casey would then put her handy neck-breaking research to use.

      And then Casey lost her nerve and just decided to move Caylee’s body from under the playhouse where she had hidden it and never come home again.

    2. Nancy T.Go to Friday nights Court session and you will be shocked at what you hear about how Casey was going to afford to get her own “place”. Judge Perry spoke the words most faint of heart were unwilling to post-he minced no words. Call your sister-in-law or send her the link at about 4:44pm. Tony L came to court on Saturday morning and that part of the text message was not admitted into evidence. (I got this update from a friend and have yet to look at the video).

  47. Dr. Glass,
    I know it may seem nice and fantastical to a lot of people who’ve followed this case from the beginning, that George and especially Cindy Anthony may have finally found redemption, somehow have seen the light and are now seeking true justice for Caylee Marie.

    Don’t believe it!! This is what happened six weeks ago, imo. Baez got those two psychological-type doctors and/or therapists to speak with Casey and that’s when she (or they together) concocted the George/Lee Anthony incest story, George covering up Caylee Marie’s accidental drowning and then Roy Kronk’s “part” was added in later on (OR was somehow always meant to be part of Casey’s defense, b/c I think Baez has a “you know what” for Kronk and has always had it out for him, imo).

    Well, through the natural discovery process, the State Attorney’s Office got a hold of this possible defense “strategy” and told this to George & Cindy Anthony, via their Attorney Lippman. George & especially Cindy are narcissistic and/or sociopathic (maybe less than Casey is, maybe even way less, but still they are nonetheless, imo), so they’re not gonna fall on ANY swords for Casey, especially when they’ve already spent the last three years lying about how they still believe “Caylee Marie is still out there alive, waiting to be found” and how Casey and Cindy will continue their search for Caylee Marie once Casey is set free after trial (yeah right) according to a recent letter from Cindy to Casey.

    Both G & C were clearly advised by their Attorney Lippman that Child Sexual Abuse and/or Molestation in Florida is a Capital Offense (not meaning the DP, but meaning a possible LWOP sentence, if convicted) and also that this crime, like murder, HAS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS in Florida.

    So again imo, what George & Cindy are doing now is neither heroic, nor loving, nor in rememberance of Caylee Marie, but in the interests of their own proverbial hineys!! All George, Cindy and soon to be Lee Anthony are doing now is simply what everybody in that whacky Anthony household (except precious Caylee Marie, of course) does when faced with choosing between their own interests over the interests of someone else, even if that someone else is their daughter, mother, father, or brother, like George at the Roulette tables, they always bet on their own a**es!!! Again, all imo.

    Wanna see the REAL George & Cindy Anthony??

    Nuff Said.

  48. My heart breaks for George & Cindy. Casey has killed her daughter, caused heartbreaking pain for her parents, put the entire family under a media microscope, turned their lives upside down and now this entire molestation accusation/defense. And she is totally unaware and uncaring that it is her actions causing this family meltdown and pain.

    I am an incest survivor, it went on through out my entire childhood. I blamed my mother of looking the other way. That surely is NOT a defense for any criminal behavior. It does not give me the right to murder, steal, lie, etc. I don’t know if she was or was not molested, IMO she was not. As a previous poster stated, incest survivors do not have their perp in the delivery room, do not have their perp home alone with their child, do not have their perp help raise/support their child. And even though I hated my parents I was torn because I wanted so bad to love them. But I would never have used them as an excuse for my behavior in life. It did shape me as the person I am; strong, independent and very protective of my child. I don’t care what has ever happened to me, I know – as an adult – right from wrong. And so does Casey! I am not above the law. Incest or not, Casey is not above the law.

    But what I hope for and haven’t seen anyone mention is the outcome for George and Cindy. I hope the jury is not as blind as in the OJ trial and that Casey is convicted. BUT…in as much as I would personally like to see Casey sentenced to death, I do not want her parents to suffer any more. They need to move on after this trial and try to heal as best they can. A death sentence & the lengthy appeal process that comes with it will only prolong their agony. I beleive they will always love their daughter, after all, it is their child. Even if she is a monster, I’m confident they do not wish for her to die. If any one deserves the death peanalty it is Casey, but her parents need some closure and peace. I hope they one day find it and it is considered when sentencing is handed down. Lock her up in a cage, like the animal she is. For George and Cindy’s sake I hope that is Casey’s fate.

  49. For the very first time since they have grabbed a microphone and mugged for a camera, I have a modicum sympathy for Cindy and George. This is the first time I’ve seen Cindy speak truthfully and authentically, and not “spin” or evade or outright lie. I cannot warm to a couple who asks for donations one week after a precious grandchild goes missing, or who dines on crab-puffs paid for with an outrageous amount of blood money for licensed photos of their dead granddaughter. (Let’s not even talk about the boat they bought to “look for missing children.”) Cindy and George knew there was no Zanny; they never made one move to look for her or to tearfully beg on television for Caylee’s safe return–like all kidnap victims do. They were never totally in denial–didn’t Cindy warn Tony that Casey was a “sociopath” and to “hide his wallet”? What has changed now is this: they have finally realized that all they have is each other, and that Casey will stop at nothing–and destroy anyone, even they–to save herself. They know they have been despised by most people, another price they’ve had to pay for protecting Casey. With this newest indignity, the absurd defense ploy, they’ve finally had enough. Good for them. But, even though they look more sympathetic now than they ever have, and one would have to be made of stone not to cry with Cindy looking at that crib, these are not nice people.

    1. Amen Marcie,
      With the exception of your statement, “one would have to be made of stone not to cry with Cindy,” (Just call me Rocky then), I agree with you 100%. George and especially Cindy Anthony (possibly Lee Anthony too, but he’s not been ‘in the media’ as much, so I’m still not 100% sure what role, if any, he played in Caylee Marie’s murder cover-up) are nothing CLOSE TO being sympathetic characters in my eyes!!

      If ANYthing, the evidence and their behavior for the last 3 years up until they figured out that their own rear ends were in trouble, shows that they are possibly guilty of:
      (a) Obstruction of Justice
      (b) Perjury
      (c) Destruction/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
      (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact

      Also, I’m sure that Attorney Lippman advised the Anthonys when he found out from the OC State Attorney’s Office that Casey’s defense strategy was hinting at throwing her own father and brother under the bus, that Child Molestation/Child Sexual Assault/Incest is a Capital Offense in Florida (Not DP, but LWOP being a possible sentence, if convicted). Also, I’m sure that G & C’s lawyer also advised them that there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR THESE TYPES OF CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN in the state of Florida.

      Once George & Cindy realized that they could either fall on the sword FOR CASEY and possible free her (yikes) OR save their own a**es, ONLY THEN did they choose the latter.

      IMO, if G & C could still blame a fictitional “Zanny the Nanny”, Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga, Ricardo Morales, etc. you better believe that they would STILL be doing that in a heartbeat, if it meant freeing who they know to be the only murderer of their beloved granddaughter, their own daughter Casey, again imo.

      1. Hi James,

        You made some very good points, but you mentioned something else I had totally forgotten about: Cindy’s total willingness to blame *completely* innocent people for Caylee’s death. Unforgiveable, just vile. She tried it with Jesse Grund and a few others, too. She is beneath contempt. Hell no, I won’t “give her a break”, as some soul exhorted below. Cindy Anthony may not be the only person to suffer the loss of a grandchild, but she’s certainly one of the few to rightfully earn the emnity of anyone who’s ever seen her vile behavior in front of a camera. She may be the most unsympathetic crime victim of all time.


  50. I find it impossible for the defense to want us to believe that Caylee drowned accidently, and her remains had duck tape on her mouth, and she was put in a bag in a wooded area. If she did actually drown, what is the need for the duck tape? Would she have been able to scream if she were dead? Unbelievable!!

  51. Ugh. Every one of your articles are too wrought with misspellings/grammar errors/typographical errors to believe you are actually any sort of “real” doctor. Moreover, these errors are so distracting that it makes it nearly impossible to get anything out of your supposed “knowledge”.

    –“Cindy who tried to CAME to Casey’s defense at all costs.” Came, come, who cares? Present tense, past tense, proper English is for them-there scholars!

    –“George would place HER penis in her mouth” – Is George really a woman?!? *gasp!*

    –“It ism interesting to note how her attorney has become her new mother figure.” What is an ISM?!?

    –“Her one aly is gone.” Maybe you mean ALLY? Er, spellcheck, anyone?!?

    All of these errors in JUST ONE article makes your site all but useless. Needless to say, if you would have taken the time to properly display your information, you would most certainly have more loyal readers. Instead, you have hit-and-miss readers who take you as a fraud.

  52. I saw the anger building…I saw the anger building on Casey’s part as she dabbed her eyes during testimony (which I believe she was doing in frustration as well as trying to gain her mother’s attention to sway her testimony…she felt if she could just get Cindy to look at her she’d regain control). Afterward it was shock on her face as Cindy passed without a glance, straight to George. Then FURY….frustration and a self pitying tears. Nothing about love lost, or sadness over Caylee. It was all about her not having control over Cinday anymore and not knowing how to regain it.

    1. I’m hoping she blows DURING court when Lee testifies. I want the jury to see it – which they did not in this case as she blew after they left (once again, how conveniently restrained she was).

  53. I believe that Cindy did everything she possibly could to keep from believing the truth. Who wouldn’t if it was your daughter? Of course she was in denial, who wouldn’t be. Now the reality as struck and she’s doing the right thing. She loved Caylee & Casey very much.. Does she want Casey to get the death penalty? No, but she does want justice for Caylee. Yes, Cindy did everything she could to support Casey, because she didn’t want to believe that Casey could do such a horrible thing, Casey is her Daughter! Remember that… She had lost her loving granddaughter and her daughter was being accused of it. At that time, Cindy hated everyone who was accusing Casey, now reallity has sunk in…Give her a break…

    1. You know Ms. Taylor,
      It’s because of spineless, bleeding-heart, liberal weenies such as yourself as to why there is so much violent crime – including violent crimes against women and children, why there are so many “excuses” made for violent offenders and why the death penalty is neither universal, nor swift in this country!!

      Do me a favor okay?? Don’t act like you are the spokesperson for what a “normal” person would do, act or say, if their own adult daughter was accused and there was signficant evidence of she being responsible, for the death of their only, beloved, precious, defenseless, toddler grandchild!!

      What you suggest above AND how Cindy and George Anthony behaved in the aftermath of their only grandchild’s murder and disposal, IS NOT A NATURAL REACTION FOR THE PARENTS OF A CHILD ACCUSED OF A VICIOUS, CHILD MURDER, especially to their own and only precious, defenseless, toddler grandchild…period…end of story!!


      I’ll tell ya who you spineless, liberal, criminal-loving weirdo, NOBODY BUT FOOLS LIKE YOU WOULD, OKAY??!!

      I have two young daughters and have been happily married for over 17 years and if either of my daughters would, God forbid, ever pull a “Casey” on me, yeah I would still love them, but I would also do what the parents did in the below linked story when their only 16 year old son was accused of murdering a police officer (notice how the father of the teenager actually APOLOGIZED to the family of the murdered police officer and offered his family’s condolences to them and even to the slain officers’ colleagues as well):

      Nuff Said!!

      1. Why do you keep posting the SAME comments to everyone here?

        You sure know how to use the cut and paste tool. Bravo for you!

  54. I taught Casey..Grade 7…She did say some things that make me believe her. Perhaps they should check the records of things reported or noted at Liberty Middle when she was there.

    1. That’s interesting, Maybe. What did she say and did you report it? I don’t think sexual abuse turns people into sociopaths–and sociopaths *do* start lying very early in life–as soon as they learn that they can manipulate others with their lies. I’d be shocked if she was abused by George. I’d be less shocked if the Grays landed in the White House Rose Garden. But hey, I guess anything is possible. Still wouldn’t explain murder, though.

    2. Then why wasn’t it reported to LE by teachers? Or investigated? If this is correct, then Baez would have pulled said records to substantiate his theory of Caylee’s accident.

      We’ll know more when Lippman files his motion Tuesday and BAEZ HAS TO COUGH UP HIS PROOF.

    3. Anyone can say anything on the internet. If true you had an obligation to report any abuse back then asa teacher. Not make accusations online 15 years later.

    4. I don’t think anybody here actually believes that you were a teacher for Casey. Nor do we believe that she was molested. If you have proof, then spill it. Don’t come on this site and spout of lies and nonsense.

    5. Oh really??!! I personally believe PERHAPS, you’re either:

      (a) Sadistically full of sh*t, b/c you’re lying and somehow think saying you were one of Casey’s teachers during her childhood is funny or entertaining, OR

      Teachers are required, by FL law to do this or didn’t you know that??!!

      You are NOW, in 2011, when Casey is 25 years old and on trial for Capital Murder and other serious crimes that she allegedly committed at age 22, telling us, the world, etc. that ” ‘they’ {who the h*ll is they} should check the ‘records of things’ {huh??!!} reported or noted at Liberty Middle {School} when she was there” ??!!
      Are you serious??!!!

      Why didn’t you make this “report” about your concerns about Casey Anthony possibly being a victim of child rape/molestation/incest AT THE LEAST, when this story publically broke way back on July 16, 2008??!!

      Also, if you’re lying or only “joking” about you being Casey’s Middle School teacher at Liberty Middle School, then you’re a sadistic pig WHO IS NOT FUNNY, NOR AMUSING, IMO!!!

      1. Your various posts display such anger and hostility toward those you disagree with. You actually go so far as to call people names! IMO, as you sooooo like to say, I firmly believe you have anger management issues. Respect everyones views, even if not your own. If you disagree, do so in a way that does not dis, insult or belittle.

  55. I don’t believe George and Cindy had anything at all to do with Caylee’s death. I can understand their denial….after all, who wants to believe their kid is a murderer? Mr. Baez, in my opinion, is probably rubbing the jury the wrong way with his arrogant attitude. He doesn’t even know how to raise a question properly before the Court. His and Casey’s lies are not going to work with the jury.

  56. Great job Willow – your interpretation of Casey’s rant seems like the best to me. I have found 2 others and yours makes the most sense.

  57. Did you see how much Casey was pulling and primping at her clothes on Friday. She also was flirting with Baez a lot and those kinds of looks will be read in a negative way. Also she had her bangs fall in her eyes when she knew her ex-boyfriends would be testifying, as though she was trying to look good for them so they would cover up for her. She wore low cut tops and kept primping. However when her mother testified she had all her hair pulled back in a bun and her blouse buttoned up.

  58. Hey George & Cindy Anthony lovers,
    What of the crimes that I mentioned in my prior above post, that you choose TO COMPLETELY IGNORE that George & Cindy Anthony (and possibly Lee Anthony too) are probably guilty of?? Should we just allow the Anthonys a “free pass” on these alleged, serious crimes??

    Those crimes on the books in Florida don’t mean anything to you?? Or do they just don’t apply to the Anthonys b/c they are only partially now TELLING THE TRUTH, TO SAVE THEIR OWN A**ES??

    Here’s what the Anthonys should TRULY be doing and what they actually should’ve done 3 years ago imo:


    I’ll list the crimes I believe that George, Cindy and possibly Lee Anthony are guilty of, again:

    (a) Obstruction of Justice
    (b) Perjury
    (c) Destruction of/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
    (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact
    (e) Tax Evasion
    (f) Fraud {Regarding their foundation for missing children and for funding the search for their grandchild, if they already knew Caylee Marie was dead on June 16, 2008}

    Do George & Cindy Anthony get “a pass” from spineless, liberal weenies like you, because either they’re white and/or because this is a high-profile case??

    Is THAT your logic, cause like most, if not all SPINELESS, LIBERAL “LOGIC” it makes no sense whatsoever and is based on stupid political correctness and/or false sympathy, not fact!! And baseless, spineless, liberal philosophy has no place in a court of law, okay? My God, there’s already too much of it there to begin with!!!

    If you believe in TRUE justice and equality for all, then you SHOULD believe that TRUE justice and equality for all, APPLIES TO EVERYONE!!!

    Nuff Said!!

      1. No Child Murderer and Apologists for Child Murderer issues…like most NORMAL PEOPLE have.

    1. Once again, the same post, cut and pasted… blasting other people’s opinions that make you angry.

      None of us here condone the murder of a two year old child. However, some of us here are willing to have a respectful conversation.

  59. To Dale’s wife:
    Are you an English/grammar teacher? You are missing the whole point of Dr. Glass’s blog. Yes there are some some misspellings, and improper grammar, but I haven’t found one single post that I could not read, and, understand. Everyone’s comments are important to me, not any errors there might be in their spelling or grammar. No one is perfect. God Bless each and every person who cared about Caylee and takes the time to post on this blog.

    1. As a matter of fact, I am an English Language professor. I cringe that someone who purports themselves to to be a “doctor” would not be more careful in their postings. I am certain that psychology students, as well as legal students look to internet blogs to study further outside of the classroom, and the carelessness of the multiple mistakes teaches our younger generation that there is no need to take pride in your work.

      I never insinuated that everyone was perfect, nor did I speak of anyone’s comments, as commenters are not purporting themselves as educated “doctors”. I merely noted that these careless mistakes take away from “Dr.” Glass’s credibility, and listed instances to back these claims.

      1. I suspect Dr. Glass uses voice recognition software, which isn’t 100% perfect, to post. I don’t think her choice of software affects her creditibility as a professional. (That is unless she is also in the software development business.) 😉

      2. No actually I don’t use voice recognition software. I have been in situations where my analyses have been compared with the analysis of the voice recognition devices and they have come out identical. So I do not use a machine but rather I use my 30 years of experience in the area of voice analysis to come up with my conclusions.

      3. Dear English Language professor.
        Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your taking the time to point this out to me and I will try my best to do a betetrjob and be more careful. To answer your question, I do indeed have a legitimate Dr. in front of my name and earned both a PhD and post doctorale from reputable and prestigious universities in fields where I have learned my expertise . Unfortunately, even doctors make spelling gramamatical errors. I will try to be more careful. I do write these blogs as though I am speaking to my audience which may account for the blogs not being as gramatically correct as they are when I write my books.
        You are right and I will be more careful in my future posts.
        I am also working on making these blogs into vlogs (video blog) where I can share this information auditorially and visually which is a much better mode of communication for me. Thank you again.

  60. My heart cries out when ever I see photos of Caylee. When Caylee was missing I kept praying she would still be alive. She reminded me of my granddaughter who was the same age at that time. I will never believe anything Casey Anthony says. I cannot understand and will never understand how the defense can say Caylee drowned when her remains had duct tape over her mouth. Why would anyone put duct tape over a dead child’s mouth. If Casey doen not get the maximum for this death, then they should lock her up in a mental institution for life.

  61. My heart cries out when ever I see photos of Caylee. When Caylee was missing I kept praying she would still be alive. She reminded me of my granddaughter who was the same age at that time. I will never believe anything Casey Anthony says. I cannot understand and will never understand how the defense can say Caylee drowned. If she does not get the maximum sentence, they should lock her up in a mental instution for life.

  62. I just wonder if anyone will bring up that Casey didn’t want the baby in the first place. She wanted to adopt it out & that didn’t happen.I think her Mother is the one that put a stop to that,so I think that is why she hates her so much. She was sick & tired of her Mother making her take care of Cayllee & she wanted to be with Tony,so she had to kill Caylee ,so she could be free.Her Dad is not allowed to say any thing.Cause Cyindy is in control of the whole family,so I think she took it out on her Dad because he never stood up for her.

  63. Casey moves her hand from covering her mouth when she WANTS her LIPS 2 b read!! In that angry outburst after Cindy’s testimony, when she allowed her lips 2 b read, she looked DIRECTLY INTO the CAMERA. Look and u will see. As for those tears,they are for the jury 2 see. Watch the way she gives a slight upward curl to the corners of her mouth, attempting to appear smiley thoughtful about the memories Cindy spoke of or the look at Caylees outdoor play house pictures shown on the monitor as Cindy described them being Caylees. I have difficulty believing a mom would kill her child but know it does happen. And Casey’s stories are so out there and she acts like she believes them or maybe that’s it, SHE’S ACTING!

    As for Jose Baez, I am amazed at his story telling. Did he come up with sequence of events, this story of George molesting Casey, finding Caylee in pool, Kronk moving Caylee’s body so he could ‘hit the lottery’ by being the one to find her body?? 1st Casey tells tall tales then Jose is ‘smitten’ by Casey’s sob story and adds on more crazy, ‘zanny’ stories?? Guess he wants to ensure there is ‘reasonable doubt’. For Baez to say what he said about George, it’s to cause jurors to wonder if dad is a molester and if he ‘might’ be then he can’t be believed. Baez is really trying to put doubt in the juries minds by making them think that George, former law enforcement, is the BRAIN who comes up with the whole cover-up story of Zanny the Nanny kidnapping Caylee. So, did Casey tell dad all her ‘zanny’ stories and he used them to fool everyone cause, according to Baez Casey doesn’t have a brain. But she sure had enough of a brain to fool ALL her friends into thinking she had a job and a $400 a week nanny that NO ONE SAW yet believed her?

  64. So many interesting comments. Two things have always bugged me. First, it was obvious that Casey knew where Caylee’s body was because, if you remember, the first time the thought they had found some bones in a plastic bag in the river, before identification, Casey was reported to have simply walked out of the tv room and back to her cell. When they found bones the second time, before identification, Casey was reported to have become hysterical. So, how did she know before everyone else which find was the ‘real’ one?

  65. Secondly, (sorry, hit the publish button by accident) if George.A was praying/whispering “Please don’t let this be Casey or Caylee” when ready to open the car trunk on a car that reeked of human decoposition, why would he simply take it home and air it out? If he is praying not to find them dead in the trunk, per his own testimony, he clearly thinks they are missing. If he thinks they are missing and fears they may be dead, why wouldn’t he call the police when he find her car reeking of death? Being an ex cop himself? Missing child and grandchild, childs car reeks of human decomposition, so the best action an ex cop, who recognizes the smell, could think of was to take it home and air it out??? I don’t get it, really don’t get it…

  66. These two parents are playing their games again. There is nothing genuine about Cindy or George. Cindy is being led by George or else, either its him or Casey that gets thrown. They don’t care about her, better to lock up Casey than deal with somebody like George. Weigh the odds, dump the troublemaker Casey or expose George for what he truly is and he’ll spent etenity in prison. I got a feeling that sealed document does have something to do with George parentage of Caylee. Lee was absolved, but George sure was not.

  67. I have been watching this case since I heard a little girl named Caylee was “missing”. It hit home to me. I live in Florida and my youngest daughter is nick-named Kaylee. She’s only two years older. How I have prayed for that baby. It was then that I started watching Nancy Grace every night. I have no doubt Casey Anthony killed that precious child. At least she’s in heaven and can not be hurt any more. My daughters said they couldn’t wait to go to heaven and meet her one day. They wanted to give her a hug. As to the defence’s tactics, I am disgusted by the lengths they will go. They justify it saying every client deserves the “best defense they can give them.” Since when does that include going outside the bounderies of law and getting “creative”? We all have heard how OJ’s lawyers told him to stop taking his arthritic medication, causing his hands to swell and the gloves not to fit. As To Casey Anthoney’s defense of sexual abuse I am not inclined to believe it. And most of the time when a woman claims that, I would be on her side. I was molested and raped as a child. That forever changes you. But fortunately I had God in my life. I married and had 2 baby girls. Don’t even ask me what I would do if I found out someone hurt them. God help them! I have done everything I can think of to protect them. Mine wasn’t incest and maybe some do not protect their children but I think the majority of us survivors are like me. We can handle what happened to us, but not to our babies. I hope it doesn’t fly in court either. I never had justice for myself. I know he will get it later. I know we can’t bring her or any other victim back. Justice is all we can pray for, Not just in eternity, but we want some in this world too. Even then sometimes it feels paltry, but it is something. The victim cries out for it, either personally or through another when that voice itself has been silenced. And there is always more than just one victim. There are the “other victims”. Those around the original victim, who also have their world shattered. So let Justice be done for Kaylee and all those who loved her.

  68. P.S. – I also felt that it had to be excruciating for George to hear that vile filth that Baez spewed forth. The best thing that can happen for them is for Lee and Mallory to marry and to have children. There will always be a void where Casey and Caylee were. They can never be replaced. But God can bring new blessings. They can eventually look towards a future and allow themselves some healing, though we are never totally healed until we are with Him. Until then our pain can be used to empathise with others and do things we would not normally do. People often don’t create something possitve because all is right with the world. Unfortunately it is something usually tragic. Like what happened to Mark Klaas and his daughter, Polly. Romans 8:28 says that “ALL things (good and bad) work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” Mark Klaas is a good example of this with the work he does in his daughter’s memory. Hopefully the Anthony family will like-wise find some positive way to honor Caylee.

  69. Was just struck by an amazingly horrific thought, brought on by the incest allegations. Incest, no named father for Caylee…. yet, could Caylee actually be named after her parents? Casey and Lee? Ca-lee? Oh, I hope not….

  70. I truly believe George and Cindy Anthony are truly brokenhearted. I know that they love Casey, but they have finally passed the denial phase and are grieving, not only for Caylee, but also for Casey.
    Casey had a tantrum, in part; that Cindy had turned on her, how many months? Years has she refused her parents visits, including Cindy going on Mother’s day. At this point I can’t rule out in my own mind that Caylee drowned while Casey was supposed to be watching her, then in fear she did the things she is accused of.
    That doesn’t explain why the duct tape was put over her mouth if she was already dead, and Casey’YUs actions for 31 days. My opinion has not changed, Casey killed Caylee, Geo and Cindy had no part in it. God Bless these grandparents

  71. Isn’t it conceivable that Caylee did drown either while Casey was doing something else in the house or that Casey intentionally let her drown? Then why couldn’t Casey on her own have rigged up the baby to look like she had been kidnapped and discarded like trash? Why couldn’t Casey have driven around with Caylee in her trunk for a day or two while her mind hatched this plan? I think she thought she could pull it off and that nobody would suspect anything untoward. The addition of George to the scenario was probably Baez’s idea. I can hear him now, “Well, say if you had been sexually abused as a child and learned to lie and cover up….” Casey “Yeah, actually, I WAS, I forgot until just now!”. Baez told G&C what the defense was going to be, he had to have because they were not shocked.

  72. I think Baez is all that Casey will be needing to convict her of 1st degree murder and death by injection. That guy is a joke! She deserves him! I loved today’s “dead air” moments at the defense table. Busted!

  73. I watch HLN faithfully, and I am watching this trial intently. I am shocked and disgusted by Casey’s demeanor! My goodness! I cannot believe she is acting the way she is when she knows her life is on the line! Does she really think the “abuse excuse” will be believed, not to mention let her walk free? The drowning theory was blown our of the water because of the jail videos! None of this would be going on if that was the case!
    One woman, who was analyzing Casey and the jury, during one of the shows, made such a great comment regarding Casey’s demeanor and the impact on the jury. I am not sure which show, maybe “In session” or quite possibly The HLN shows after 3pm, but it was definitely with Vinny Politan, and it was a blonde woman, who I have seen several times on either Nancy or JVM, or maybe both.
    What she said was great. She spoke how shocked the jury was of Casey’s cold behavior during the 911 calls and the jail tapes, and the way she looked at her mother during Cindy’s testimony. She said the jury was not liking Casey at that time, they do not understand why she was not upset, and the last statement was PERFECT and I want to find it again….she compared the shock of the jury to seeing a Dodo. It was so perfect.She summed it up so well.
    I really think she will be convicted, but I doubt she will get death. I have always felt this way.
    I myself have been abused horribly. In every single way a person can be. Mentally, physically, emotionally, verbally, and sexually. I was sexually abused by a man who lived across the street from me, right after he lost his wife in a car accident. The abuse continued for several months, and he also took many pictures of me. I told NOONE for over twenty years.
    Noone should ever use this as an excuse. If I were to commit murder, my history of abuse should not give me a “free pass!” How dare she blame this on her father! We all know he did not hurt her, or kill Caylee! She had problems with her father because he was strict?
    I really feel that day, June 16th, the last time George saw Caylee, was probably the day she died. I really feel Casey bound Caylee, and put duct tape on her mouth and nose and placed her in the trunk and went to party. That is how I think Caylee died…………..

  74. Casey spent plenty of time studying up on cases, so she figured out what might get her off the hook and revised her story to cover her ass and she doesn’t care who she throws under the bus because her life is at stake and she, like anyone else who has a choice in the matter, doesn’t
    want the death penalty. It’s all dramatic farce at this point for most parties involved.

  75. It amazes me how she can use the same kleenex for a whole day’s trial. Prior to today she never had to wipe her nose either when she supposedly was crying. When I cry, there are shrivels of kleenex and my nose drips like crazy. Not even sniffling with her. She’s a sociopath. Wish someone could lip read what she was saying before the anthropologist that had the video was testifying because you could see the anger seething out of her. Got a taste of what she was like when she was angry enough at her mother to kill her own child…

  76. I am also amazed by the long- lasting tissue. Can you imagine if George or Cindy had been present during the last couple of days? (Thank God they weren’t) I would imagine they would have needed BOXES let alone individual tissues! I believe Casey did have a panic attack – for herself. I wonder if Dr. Glass thinks it’s possible for her to show just a teensy bit of genuine sadness or that she maybe had some feeling of “love” for Caylee. She did seem legitimately upset when hearing about the animal activity. Does it mean she had at least an iota of remorse? But no matter which way you cut it, what she did is unthinkable to me. I can not concieve of such a parent, when most would gladly and without hesitation die for their children. And like some of the previous comments, I concur that an abused victim does not have license to continue the cycle, even if some do believe her claims. As to Baez’s claims that all her friends thought she was a good mother means less than nothing to me. Most of them were partiers like her, but were not parents and didn’t know a darn thing about parenting! Then there is Baez’s stupid claim that she did everything possible to keep Caylee safe. Really, Are you serious?? By his own claims she left her child in an abusive home, she had no job therefor not providing for her child’s care in any way. What food, clothes, toys, diapers, etc did she ever contribute? And as for time and love, we can clearly see her priorities of partying were higher than Caylee. I pray for justice for that little girl.

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