Will Casey Anthony Be Forced To Take The Stand After Accusing Her Father of Sexual Molestion?

A sexual allegation in the state of Florida is a huge. There is no statute of limitations and if a person is convicted of this crime, they will never see the light of day. They will get life without parole. In fact,  they can get many life sentences without parole, depending on how many counts are leveled against them.

Several months ago, I served as a jury consultant for a case of this nature in central Florida.  I saw first hand and how serious this situation can be after the defendant received multiple life sentences. Picking the jury was a huge challenge, since the majority of the jury pool was either molested themselves or had a close friend or relative who was molested. Many in the jury pool cried when they heard the charges against the defendant, who may very well not have committed the crime for a myriad of reasons including: a disgruntled wife in a nasty divorce, his not fitting he profile of  a child predator, signals of deception on the child’s deposition tape, multiple changes in the story, and most of all a significant anatomical variant that would point to his not having molested the child. Nevertheless,  a jury found him guilty of all counts and  he is now behind bars for life.

If George Anthony is accused  and tried for sexually molesting Casey, he could easily follow the same fate. So Mark Lippman, the Anthony’s defense lawyer ,  filed a motion if to force  Jose Baez to proffer to the court how he believes  he will establish the allegation  George molested Casey to support his defense theory.

If Casey or someone who knows of this allegation doesn’t get up on the stand and attest to this, then Judge Perry can refuse to allow Baez to ask questions about George’s alleged sexual misconduct towards Casey . That means that their defense of Casey is pretty much over. They will have nothing to hang their hat on,  in terms of explaining  why Casey behaved so badly and constantly lied about everything. That means Casey would have no other choice but to take the stand. I believe  most of us would like to see Casey take the stand and hear what she has to say for herself. It may even work in her favor to help spare her life.

Since Casey has already  lied  so much , who is to say she hasn’t lied about George or Lee for that matter?  But who is also to say that on this issue, Casey may not be lying?

For many jurors it may be the explanation  they need about why she was so promiscuous and why her behavior was so aberrant. Other jurors,  may  take allegations of sexual molestation to a very personal level. Who knows who on the jury pool has been sexually molested or has had someone they loved who was sexually abused? In this case, they may feel for Casey.

George and Cindy’s sudden turn around on the stand  may reflect their concern over the seriousness of this   matter . They are no longer willing to protect Casey as they see how dangerous  it would be to do so. Now, it seems that since they have come to grips with Caylee’s death, they will not allow Casey to destroy them.

It is no wonder Cindy can no longer look at Casey. It is no wonder George no longer supports Casey. There have been some pretty serious allegations leveled at him, that he not only molested Casey but that he was there at the  alleged drowning and knew about Caylee’s death. Even  if found to be false, he has to live with these allegations. For an emotionally fragile man, this is  no doubt, a living hell for him. www.drlillianglass.com


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  1. The State of FL would have to decide to bring charges against George and/or Lee. I don’t think they will do that under any circumstances.

    These are all damaged people in this family. Casey may have been sexually assaulted, I have no idea. I do know that many people don’t tell for many years and cover it up for their abuser.

    My feeling is that someone will believe that to be a mitigating factor in her sentencing phase and she will get life without parole.

    I always thought that maybe Caylee drowned in the pool, but it does not make sense that if she did, if there was an accident, father and daughter would not have called 911 and report it, start CPR. Why the cover-up? That is not explained.

    Don’t feel sorry one bit for G&C. They raised this monster, they enabled her to become what she is by covering up for her and not making her responsible for her lies and her actions. You sew what you reap.


    1. “Don’t feel sorry one bit for G&C. They raised this monster, they enabled her to become what she is by covering up for her and not making her responsible for her lies and her actions. {You reap what you sow}.”

      God Bless you Barbara in VA for not allowing yourself, like me, to be manipulated by the two biggest manipulators and liars in U.S. Criminal Law History, imo – George & Cindy Anthony.

      Where does everyone think that Casey “learned her stuff” from? Lee? Zanny? C’mon, get real!!

      Nuff Said!!


    2. Let’s say there is a trial against George – the only person who can testify is CASEY – who at that time will be a convicted murderer, and is already a convicted felon (theft of Amy’s checks)

      I highly doubt George will be convicted on Casey’s word. And her past deeds will be brought up in such a trial against George.


  2. Even if Casey took the stand, it has been proven that she will lie and throw anyone under the busl. Her swering in won’t mean a thing for her. They should hook her up to a lie dectector machine.


    1. I don’t know why they don’t do that to her for this case and for her, Lee and George for the child abuse/molestation accusations. IMO,lie detectors should be used more often for court cases. Even though they’re not 100% accurate, I think that they would cut down on time in court, in turn cutting down on tax dollars being used to jail innocent people/allow guilty ones to go free, instead of the other way around.


  3. Casey has told so many lies, so many times, that she even believes her own lies! If this broad (I refuse to call her a woman) were in fact sexually abused by her father, we would NOT be having any conversations about Caylee’s death. Casey would have NEVER left her daughter with a man that sexually abused her nor, would she be living at home under any circumstances!! It is ALL lies….. She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the ass.

    There is NO way this broad will take the stand…..


    1. And this fact would be why it might be an advantage to have someone who’s been, or knows someone who’s been, in that situation. They would know that no mother who survived that type of abuse would put her child, a daughter no less, in harms way.


  4. Thank you Dr. Glass for all of your informative articles. If I can add my own two cents…..whether or not Casey was sexually abused by her father is irrelevant. She killed that beautiful baby and that has nothing to do with being sexually molested.


    1. I agree and will say that I doubt that any juror who has been sexually molested would feel sorry enough for her to cause a hung jury. Its an insult to think that incest victims would lie and murder and do whatever evil deed because of it.


      1. Anyone molested will be asking why she had her child in bed with her du jour boyfriends… why she left the child in Georges’ care to go to her imaginary job…

        I don’t see sympathy coming her way in any form, from anyone.


    2. THANK YOU, PAULA!! I totally agree with you. I was raised being hit, kicked, punched, made fun of, by my family, but when I had my own babies, from the time I was a teen, I NEVER,EVER HIT OR VERBALLY ABUSED ANY OF THEM. Just because you are raised a certain way, does not mean you have to grow up and be the same kind of abusive parent!! If-and I really doubt it-that she was molested at home, does not give her a good reason to kill her own flesh and blood! She is a liar, and I know some day that she will have to answer to her maker.


      1. And by the way, I forgave my parents many, many years ago. Someone has to stop the cycle.


  5. Dr. Glass,
    I’m just thinking out loud and would like your take on this.

    IF George did, as alleged by Baez, act inappropriately towards Casey when she was a child and Cindy discovered it or Casey went to Cindy and she covered it up or blew it off, could that now be the reason the A’s have done an about change? Perhaps they are now more concerned about their own family secrets and what may actually come out? I see this as one reason Cindy has always seemed so controlling…she had George by the short hairs from that day forward.

    Also, as Casey became older, could this also be a reason that she been able to manipulate her parents to get/do what she wanted? She would also be in control of whether or not the secret remained hidden.

    I know there are many people who have maintained that if Casey had been molested, she would have left or not allowed her daughter to be alone with her father, but people that are abused don’t always leave their abusers. Especially if they are a minor and have no close family members to turn to. I would imagine that Cindy would have been a force to reckon with if anything occurred to Caylee.

    I find it hard to believe that the leopards have changed their spots, unless something very compelling has come to light.

    Thanks for your response.


    1. Autumn-Mr and Mrs Anthony have been covering up for Casey for a very long time. No one in her extended family on either the paternal or maternal side of the family has any relationship with Casey. Whatever went on in that family will stay forever behind closed doors imo. I believe whatever Casey did outside the home would only go to the initial Neglect of a Child and those charges as we know are moot. (child is deceased) I would suspect that whatever she was up to outside the home would not benefit her during the penalty phase as I suspect it was either immoral or illega. Cindy thought having a child would slow her down but as we all know it didn’t.


    2. Casey has been known to cloraform her daughter when she partied and had no babysitter. I think she accidently over cloraformed her and and did the whole cover up. Even in the 911 phone call, Casey had no emotion. Even bipoler people cry and feel emotion. Last of all, parents are the last people to realize their children have a mental issue.


  6. If Casey takes the stand I believe she will do very well, she’s an expert liar and a pretty good actress. It’s hard for honest people to believe a person can lie with such confidence. I’m concerned that she is going to get away with murdering her daughter. I don’t believe she was abused, just the opposite, and I wouldn’t believe any other explanation she offered for her behaviour after that precious baby was murdered. But I’m still worried, if the people on the jury have not heard about the case as they claimed that they may still be able to believe her.


    1. Suborning perjury. She won’t be taking the stand. To lie on the witness stand is a crime and her attorney cannot that to happen. He would be in a position of “knowing” that she was more than capable of lying and he would be in deep shit. Everyone knows she lies and if Mr Baez wants to continue to practice law he’ll tell her sit in her seat right beside him and check on the status of her mascara and make friends with someone on the jury.


  7. Taken from your post, Dr. Glass:

    “….Who knows who on the jury pool has been sexually molested or has had someone they loved who was sexually abused?…”
    And who knows if there might be a juror on this case who has been accused of molestation/sex abuse?


    1. Those types of questions can be asked prior to voir dire questioning by way of a questionaire. (BK) No potential jurors have to disclose personal or confidential life events relative to whether or not they have been a victim of sexual abuse. All they have to say is that they do or do not believe they can be an impartial juror and presume the defendant innocent until the evidence points to guilt.


  8. Wow…this just keeps getting worse doesn’t it? Casey is the little girl who cried wolf…so who could believe anything she says? I think she’s done ALL abuse victims a disservice by lying about this. She is beyond despicable, imo.


    1. I agree and find it despicable that Baez would use this too. I mean do you think he really believes it himself? After all the lies.
      She was in the custody of law enforcement for almost 3 years, why wait until this trial started to come out with this? In my opinion I believe she was going to kill all three of them.


  9. 1. If Casey DOES decide to tesify ~ Linda will replay her taped interview at Universal w/ Yuri Melich, John Allen and Appie Wells ~ slowly, line by line, stopping after each question & made-up-on-the-spot answer. Linda will ask her to confirm each and every lie. Then she’ll play the jailhouse video visits with her “molester” and mother, and line by line, lie by lie, make her CONFIRM (which she now does) that each response was in fact, a lie. In closing arguments, Linda will tell the jury that after Casey’s now confirmed TO YOU, THE JURY, that every statement she made was in fact a lie, you’re NOW to believe her most current statements…ARE TRUE? There is no way they’ll do that. IMO, it is OVER for Casey Anthony. At this point, she’s truly ‘at the end of the hallway’..and if she’s not quite at the end (in her own mind) today, she WILL be after she testifies..She will be convicted. I don’t think they’ll give her DP, but LWOP.
    2. Hopefully, George & Cindy will get the therapy they’ll need to heal, and truly face the reality of what not only SHE’S done, but their part as well. They need to seek forgiveness from innocent people & organizations they maligned along the way.
    After Cindy’s testimony, I’m convinced they (well, Cindy anyway..) acted from a DEEP state of denial, and survival instinct kicked in. (George..well, he went along to get along..pretty pathetic, but there it is..)
    In the end, I pray they both see their need to seek forgiveness from Yuri Melich and OCSO, Linda DB & Jeff Ashton, Tim Miller, Mark NeJame, Amy Huizinga, Jesse Grund, Ricardo Morales, Kathi Belich, Zenaida Frndz-Gnzls, and anyone else they maligned and/or attempted to shift focus to as a potential suspect.
    Once they’ve faced the truth of what really happened, and then, the damage caused by their own words & actions ~ the people on that list deserve an apology. I believe they’ll all find the compassion to forgive, some quicker than others. But, the first steps of humility must come from George & Cindy. I pray they find the kind of strength they exhibited (while in their denial) to step up and do just that. They won’t truly heal or find peace if they don’t. And, Caylee’s memory deserves that.


    1. I honestly don’t care about Cindy and George until after Casey gets put away. Right now they’re helping with that goal.

      I just can’t judge them while they’re still standing in the shadow of the true murderer, thief, liar and monster. Casey!! Compared to her they seem inconsequential and victimized themselves, especially after hearing the elaborate lies that Casey was telling Cindy for years.


  10. When will the State of Florida make the defense put a period on the expensive $$$ lies. Prosecution is correct! When casey in cornored, she manufactures yet an even newer and bigger lie. Those open-ended lies are costing the good State of Florida too much money and the family and unfortunate people casey touched to have lives filled with pain. When will the good people of Florida (by this I mean pro-bono attorney’s) put a stop to the financial bleeding cause by continued lies by casey in Florida. Start lawsuits NOW.


    1. I can’t wait for Casey to turn around and blame it all on Baez. HE sexually abused her and bullied her into this horrible defense and forced her to lie about mommy and daddy and put the blame on them. SHE wanted to tell the truth about Caylee, but he wouldn’t let her because he felt the need to use her for his own notoriety and fame.

      It would probably be the closest to the truth that Casey has ever come.

      As far as she’s concerned, anything could happen. I would love to watch Mason and Baez struggle to defend themselves against their sociopathic client.


      1. It would also be so fun to watch them be on the receiving end of the “game” for once. Since while Mason was introducing himself, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about how much fun he thought this capital murder trial would be and how he found it so tantalizing, it drew him out of retirement


      2. Heather – As the old saying goes “from your lips to God’s ears”. This would a fantastic scenerio!


  11. Absolutely agree with you Dr. Glass and all the commenters. I have always felt that Casey was molested by someone close to her. She exhibits all the after effects of incest. My Mother was a victim of incest, so I know more about the subject than most people know. I, fortunately, did not have to experience it firsthand, but the fallout in my family was very damaging.

    Even though my Mother’s own life was absolutely stolen from her by her own father…she always protected her children. She would have laid down on train tracks for me and my 1/2 brother. The character in the movie “Precious” gave birth to two children fathered by her father. Did she kill them? NO! She LOVED them… that is what Mother’s do! Mothers love and protect children despite the horrors they have had to endure.

    One great thing that may come out of all this is a dialog about incest..NO ONE wants to discuss it but it is very very common in every economic class. Casey is toast. I hope someone will be able to explain that to her..that it would be wise to agree with accepting responsibility, like she did with the check fraud case. She was probably molested (I do not know by whom) but she can not use it as a free pass for killing Caylee.


    1. DNA tests prove discredit the incest theory to Caylee’s heritage.

      I personally think it’s more likely she was raped in mid or high school by someone; I am just not convinced it was her family.


      1. I did not write that I felt Caylee was a product of incest. Incest doesn’t always result in pregnancy.


      2. The dis-information was circulated to keep angry crowds from forming again at the Anthony’s. In addition, if you listen very carefully to baez’s opening argument- you will hear him say lee was tested- and (I’m probably paraphrasing)- “and when he was given the results- he said he’s dicuss it when the time came:….I think he told us….


      3. Not too long ago during campaign time, we learned of a football player whose mother was gang raped but still had the child. She had the baby adopted and to this day, was happy she did not have the baby aborted. This is what a mother’s love is all about!


  12. Queen Lillian, another great article..I think Casey will take the stand and do very well…remember she is a GREAT LIAR! I also would like to add that a sociopath does not have to be sexually abused..emotional abused is reason for a sociopath also. Neglect of a child is also mentioned in many books. Parents who fought and were constant in the home abuse around the child and neglecting the child so the child could go into her/his own world to escape this screaming hateful world.. Parents that hit each other..These all play EMOTIONAL abuse of a child..Abuse is abuse..but it does not have to always be physical to be a sociopath..NO one has ever talked about Casey’s childhood how normal was it? How did her school teachers see her? Did she have lots of friends, did she have lots of activities? The same for middle school and HS..What made her quit HS? Did she not have any friends to convince her to stay for all the Senior activities? These are truly a big to me about Casey. JMO

    I believed Baez used the link above to show
    “Casey’s World”.

    What makes sociopaths the way the are?


    This is a link on what makes a person a sociopath.



  13. Dr. Glass,
    I know it may seem nice and fantastical to a lot of people who’ve followed this case from the beginning, that George and especially Cindy Anthony may have finally found redemption, somehow have seen the light and are now seeking true justice for Caylee Marie.

    Don’t believe it!! This is what happened six weeks ago, imo. Baez got those two psychological-type doctors and/or therapists to speak with Casey and that’s when she (or they together) concocted the George/Lee Anthony incest story, George covering up Caylee Marie’s accidental drowning and then Roy Kronk’s “part” was added in later on (OR was somehow always meant to be part of Casey’s defense, b/c I think Baez has a “you know what” for Kronk and has always had it out for him, imo).

    Well, through the natural discovery process, the State Attorney’s Office got a hold of this possible defense “strategy” and told this to George & Cindy Anthony, via their Attorney Lippman. George & especially Cindy are narcissistic and/or sociopathic (maybe less than Casey is, maybe even way less, but still they are nonetheless, imo), so they’re not gonna fall on ANY swords for Casey, especially when they’ve already spent the last three years lying about how they still believe “Caylee Marie is still out there alive, waiting to be found” and how Casey and Cindy will continue their search for Caylee Marie once Casey is set free after trial (yeah right) according to a recent letter from Cindy to Casey.

    Both G & C were clearly advised by their Attorney Lippman that Child Sexual Abuse and/or Molestation in Florida is a Capital Offense (not meaning the DP, but meaning a possible LWOP sentence, if convicted) and also that this crime, like murder, HAS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS in Florida.

    So again imo, what George & Cindy are doing now is neither heroic, nor loving, nor in rememberance of Caylee Marie, but in the interests of their own proverbial hineys!! All George, Cindy and soon to be Lee Anthony are doing now is simply what everybody in that whacky Anthony household (except precious Caylee Marie, of course) does when faced with choosing between their own interests over the interests of someone else, even if that someone else is their daughter, mother, father, or brother, like George at the Roulette tables, they always bet on their own a**es!!! Again, all imo.

    Here’s what the Anthonys should TRULY be doing and what they actually should’ve done three d*mned years ago imo:


    I’ll list the crimes I believe that George, Cindy and possibly Lee Anthony are guilty of, again:

    (a) Obstruction of Justice
    (b) Perjury
    (c) Destruction of/Tampering with Evidence (Cindy)
    (d) Accessory to Murder After-the-Fact
    (e) Tax Evasion
    (f) Fraud {Regarding their foundation for missing children and for funding the search for their grandchild, if they already knew Caylee Marie was dead on June 16, 2008}

    Wanna see the REAL George & Cindy Anthony??

    Nuff Said!!


    1. Well said , all of a sudden these two have become Saint Cindy and Saint George , for kinda of maybe sorta of telling the “truth” under oath , we are supposed to do that ,they are saving themselves , if they agreed to what Casey and Baez cooked up they face the rest of their lives in jail , that was not a tough choice for these two , they would send Roy Kronk and Jesse Grund to the chair in a heart beat , vilified Tim Miller , and many others , maybe the millions they stand to make is influencing the truth of the moment coming from the stand , ant time you want to hear the real Cindy Anthony , play her tape to Tim Miller , more than despicable, really disgusting, they are reaping what they sowed ,


      1. You are so right. They are no saints and may have possibly done a 180 degree turn to save themselves as you say. I like what you have said, especially the part abohut Jesse Grund and Tim Miller. Jesse comes from a loving home with a very kind and caring minister father.He did the right thing and stepped up to the plate even when he knew he wasn’t the father. Few men would do that. Tim MiIler’s work is awesome. Cindy owes them and everyone else an apology. But she is now telling it like it is on the stand.


      2. I remember all of that and I was appalled by that message she left Tim Miller and the way she was rubbing the fact that Tim Miller’s daughter was murdered in his face while trying to make the point that Caylee was alive. Cindy is abrasive and obnoxious and it was probably not easy for Casey to grow up with her.

        That aside…Cindy and George were forthright in the beginning. Cindy’s 911 call shows her genuine panic and George seemed ready to find out the truth and even secretly went to meet with the police a couple of times. His police and FBI interviews were forthright.

        What happened next was that they met with Casey at the jail and she started manipulating them again. They had two choices, believe her and believe Caylee is still alive or face that fact that she was a liar and a murderer who was trying to obstruct an investigation to find her own daughter. I think they simply picked the latter.

        They were also getting harrassed by protestors and constant hate spewed their way during what was a trying time. It must have seemed like the whole world was against them. Should they have confronted them in the way they did? No.

        I do not think that they are the the best people ever, I think that they knew Caylee was dead and they were covering for her because Casey said it was an accident, pointed out she tried to call them multiple times the day it happened and said that she was scared and the situation got out of control.

        I think George did have an affair with River Cruz at a time when his marriage was in a lot of turmoil and had been on the rocks for a long time. I don’t really care, it’s his business. Can I undertand why Krystal Holloway feels used and chewed up and spit out? Absolutely.

        I think they loved Caylee deeply and would never clandestinely dispose of her body if they had found her drowned in the pool. Hearing Cindy talking about that playhouse and all the work they put into it and into child proofing the house illustrated that for me.

        Basically what I’m saying is that I think George and Cindy are human, they’ve been manipulated by their daughter and her layers upon layers of lies for years. Casey pitted them against each other at a time when their marriage was already unstable and both of them (George especially) was afraid of rocking the boat.

        Basically what I’m saying is that they loved Caylee and they love Casey and have been deeply hurt by her. Casey is the only player in this that I find beyond redemption or undeserving of forgiveness.


      3. Dr Lillian , I am responding to your response , I admire .respect and love ya ! you are smart beautiful and best of all tell it like it is , I know Cindy is “telling it like it is ” but for some reason , I cannot feel any sympathy for her or George , I feel contempt for them , I am not sure they are 100% for real and I just feel like they have their own motive for everything, I normally have compassion for fellow human beings , but I feel stone cold towards all The Anthonys , I am always glad for your voice of reason, looking forward to your next analysis.


    2. Bingo…someone got it right! IMO..my my exact thoughts..but are lines are really close..I don’t yet trust these two and will have to go along way to prove to me that they are human. The public reached out around the world, and all we have gotten is a slap in the face. We all wanted Caylee to come home..but we were not blind. I do not know how I would deal if this was my child. I do know that a child, anyone child is a precious life, if taken from me as a grandmother I would fight for her voice<3


    3. ENOUGH already with the multiple posts! Gawd… you obviously have nothing fresh to say and go by the idea that the person who yells the loudest is the right-est.


  14. Perhaps we should all remember that anything Baez said in opening arguments is NOT evidence. His theory has NOT been established as truth nor has any evidence ever been revealed or presented to prove a word of what he said. At best, right now, we should look at his accusations and insinuations as his client’s (Casey) theory (fantasy?). Only time will tell through this trial IF any proof exists – which is the basis of Dr. Glass’s latest post – Casey would have to take the stand and testify.


    1. Perhaps we should all remember THE ANTICS OF GEORGE & CINDY ANTHONY ON NAT’L TV, THE COURTROOM, DURING THEIR COUNTLESS TESTIMONY AND DEPOSITIONS AND IN PUBLIC (towards Tim Miller, TX Equusearch, TES Searchers, Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga, Ricardo Morales, Tony Lazzaro, Zenaida “you’re not a 10” Gonzalez, Leonard Padilla, etc.) IN GENERAL and not act like those CRIMES imo, should not go UNPUNISHED, okay??!!

      You no-good, spineless, libera-weenie, criminal-loving apologist!!!

      Nuff Said!!!


      1. James Janos – This is the second time you’ve resorted to name calling and reacting with rage to people who have a different view than you. You’re obviously having a serious problem with anyone who is not agreeing with you. This is not a two-sided argument – it’s not personal – it IS a discussion. There is no need for aggression or personal attacks.


      2. Hey James why don’t you call LE and tell them this? And why don’t you open up your pocketbook and pay for charges to be pressed against these people.

        BTW why don’t you do it yourself? You could be your own attorney! I’m sure you would do great in front of Judge Perry! Awesome!


    2. Yeah I’m tired of all the rumor! Let’s base it on the facts that we know at this point. If Baez actually submits some proof (HAHAHAHA) THEN I’m willing to be convinced.

      Right now it’s easy to throw a lot of mud and hope no one notices the person standing beside the mudslinger.


  15. Casey Anthony will never be allowed to get on the stand and knowingly lie. Mr Baez would have to go to Judge Perry and inform him that this is what his client is intending to do.

    Ms Anthony will never, ever take the stand.


  16. Regarding the wiki.answers referenced earlier I believe it’s important to consider the following. The studies which reflected environmental causes (such as abuse) of a sociopathic personality originally date back to the 1940’s. The medical, psychological and psychiatric institutes’ world wide now recognize a totally different basis for the sociopathic personality. Advancements in diagnostic resources have made this possible.

    The studies and research done in the last decade reveals genetics and brain differences are now the most accepted theories. In other words, a person develops sociopathy because they were born that way or have suffered a serious brain injury.

    The brains of non-sociopaths react faster and differently to emotionally charged words such as “happy” or “hate” than they do to neutral words like “chair” or “sky”. They have the ability to solve a problem regarding emotional words almost instantly. However a sociopath’s brain responds very slowly and in exactly the same way to both emotionally charged words as they do to neutral words. Their brains do not separate the difference and show increased blood flow only to the temporal lobe which is used for analytical thinking, operating like both emotional and non emotional words or situations are like an algebra problem.

    At the same time, it is also now recognized that environmental factors (such as abuse, family dynamics and etc) have an entirely different impact on a sociopathic personality. Sociopaths are much LESS influenced by childhood experiences than “normal” people. Their brains do not process negative experiences correctly.

    The one emotion they do feel is anger/rage and are unable to make a determination as to whether this emotion is appropriate or not to any specific situation. They learn to fake other emotions by reading and watching other people and often get them wrong. This faking also gives them the ability to remain very calm in what would be an emotionally charged situation and enable them to give plausible (although unreasonable or logical) explanations to implausible events.

    George and Cindy did end up, through absolutely no fault of their own, raising a monster in Casey. They are not responsible for their daughter being a sociopath. My heart aches for them.


    1. Wow..that was very well written..what do u do for a living? My partner says it is not possible to be a sociopath without being abused. He says that there are nothing to prove that genetics play a part in a sociopath.
      Can you show me were you found such research?


      1. Thank you, Debi. I am presently a retired Psychologist. The research is well documented by many established resouces including the London Institute of Psychology, “Medline Plus” – a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and studies done independently by the Mayo Clinic in 2008. Their diagnostic sources were via Neuroimaging which includes brain imaging techniques including Para-sagittal MRI and 3-D MRI – these reflect structural and functional imaging.


    2. Thank you Marissa! You are just about the only person on here making sence. I wish more people would actually READ your post instead of posting pseudo-science BS and name calling.

      My heart breaks for them too. May they continue down the road towards justice and truth. Prayers for George, Cindy, Lee and Mallory. They are human, they deserve a little kindness.

      Or would anyone else fair better in their shoes …. ?


  17. George and Cindy Anthony will never win parents of the year… but then again how many of us are perfect parents? None that I know of. I think they did the best they could–of course they defended their daughter initially, I think most parents would. They wanted to believe that their daughter had nothing to do with the disappearance of their granddaughter. It seems as though they walked on eggshells around Casey, having a grown child living with them with a child of her own–they wanted to give her her “space”, let her raise her own child, be supportive without interferring or controlling, that’s a tough balancing act. Did G and C make Casey a sociopath? I doubt it, I would bet she was born that way… notice how during those 31 days, Casey’s stories individually seemed plausible and reasonable. When my children were little, my mother never knew the name of my sitter or her exact address… so I don’t find the fact that G and C never met “zanny” that hard to believe. I think in their hearts they wanted to believe the best, believe their daughter and what she had been telling them was the truth. (did they know deep down that she may have something to do with this??? possibly but wouldn’t allow themselves to go there) It has only been in the past month/two that I think they have finally let themselves believe that yes, their daughter is responsible for Caylee’s death…what an incredibly difficult thing to admit to yourself. I would never want to be in their shoes. That, I believe is the reason we are seeing a totally different demeanor on the stand now. Previously when G and C were on the stand of course they came across as defiant and difficult, they were doing what I think most parents would do–supporting their child and wanting to believe that their own child could never be responsible for such a horrible act. This I’m sure is an incredibly difficult time for G and C… to realize that yes your daughter killed your granddaughter and yes you are helping the state convict her… my heart goes out to them.


    1. OMG!! They say a sucker is born every minute, well I just can’t believe how many suckers there are in this world, that so easily fall for the manipulations of two quite evil people, imo.

      Answer me this Kari and those who (don’t) think like you:

      (a) Why would two “loving” grandparents NEVER SEARCH for their ONLY, PRECIOUS, DEFENSELESS, BELOVED, TODDLER GRANDDAUGHTER who actually lived with them if they believed Casey’s ridiculous-if-she-were-innocent, pathological lies??!!

      (b) The Anthonys are getting a taste of the medicine I believe, they’ve been spewing for the last three years and do not get a “free pass” b/c the accused is their daughter and the victim is their grandchild. NEITHER B/C THEY ARE A WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS FAMILY!! THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL AN INJUSTICE, IF GEORGE & CINDY AREN’T PROSECUTED AFTER CASEY’S TRIAL IS DONE.

      If anything, George & Cindy Anthony should be punished HARSHER for savagely standing by their lying, thieving, slutting, lazy, uneducated daughter OVER THEIR ONLY, DEFENSELESS, TODDLER GRANDDAUGHTER IN LIFE AND HER MEMORY IN DEATH!!


      Don’t give us your liberal-weenie BS lines of “how many of us are perfect parents?” How stupid & ignornant!!


      You telling me that’s “normal” behavior Kari??!! Get outta here with your spineless, liberal-weenie, psycho-babble BS theories and apologies for criminals imo, like George & Cindy Anthony!!

      Along with Casey, George & Cindy (and possibly Lee Anthony too) broke serious Florida State Laws and like any other citizen of the State of Florida would be subject to, deserve to be prosecuted and punished for it!!

      I bet if George & Cindy Anthony were a black couple from the projects or a hispanic couple from the barrios, people like you would be shouting from the rooftops “off with their heads!!” to anyone trying to sympathize with these two grifters, fraudsters, accusers of innocents to capital murder and accessories to murder after-the-fact!!!

      Period…End of Story…Nuff Said!!!


      1. Ugh, you just played the race card. Do you know who you sound like? Baez when he said that if Casey was black or hispanic and had not reported her child missing for thirty-one days, no one would even know her name.

        I just lost all respect for you.


  18. Could someone answer my questions? THANK YOU in advance.

    What does TBH mean? (I’ve seen it on other CA blogs.)

    Jose Bozo’s defense of incest/molestation: WHY wasn’t the prosecution made aware of this (horrible) defense BEFORE the trial began?
    Wouldn’t this have had an effect on JURY SELECTION? Or did it? Did prospective jurors answer questions about incest or sexual misconduct in their own lives BEFORE they were picked?
    This is HUGE (and evidently Bozo’s ONLY “chance”) and would have turned jury selection on it’s head.

    Or am I totally wrong and the DT isn’t required to let their defense be known, as other “discovery” is?

    Thanks all.


    1. TBH = To be Honest
      You ask a good question about asking about incest during jury selection..neither side did. The closest to it was when Ann Finnell talked about “parental misconduct” and using Casey as a “pawn” or “decoy”. You raise a very interesting question!


    2. I think they did know ahead of time, after getting the psych reports from those experts Baez was trying to get on.

      The prosecution probably approached Cindy and George with what the defense was about to do and offered their protection if they would come clean, tell the truth and stop playing games.


    3. Ann Finnell consistently asked each juror during voir dire if they could/would consider sexual abuse a mitigating factor.


      1. yes, did she downplay it? There is a significant difference in meaning between the term “sexual abuse” and the term “incest”.


  19. But who is also to say that on this issue, Casey may not be lying? For many jurors it may be the explanation they need about why she was so promiscuous and why her behavior was so aberrant. Dr Glass

    I know I am in the minority on this high profile case…but I really deeply feel there is more to this story then meets the eye. I don’t believe Casey acted alone and there is a possibility she was alledgedly molested at the hands of her father.

    When did Caylee die? Where did she die? What did she die from? I just don’t think we put people to death in this country without a fair trial. This jury sure has alot on their plate.

    Thanks Dr Glass look forward to more of your observations. This is very complicated.


  20. I hope Casey takes the stand. She is a very skilled liar. She probably thinks she can get up on the stand and continue to skillfully lie her way out of this. However Jeff and Linda are also very skilled at getting to the truth and painting a CLEAR timeline and picture of Casey. They will rip her apart and it will become even more clear just how sick and disturbed Casey really is. I was watching the old videos of Casey’s parents visiting her in jail and I noticed that when Casey got angry they just tiptoed around her. They have unknowingly enabled Casey her whole life. I feel bad for George and Cindy and I do not believe any of the allegations against George, especially about him holding Caylee’s dead body. However I also believe that they lacked somewhere parenting wise to allow this behavior on Casey’s part to continue until it was too late.


  21. The State mentioned this matter in open court on Thursday May 27, 2011, and the Judge GRANTED it in open court the next day Friday May 28, 2011 (even though there is nothing on the Clerk’s docket – yet)

    Trial Thursday May 26, 2011
    Ashton – we have motion in limine, was going to file in writing – ask court require defendant to proffer questions, before they elicit hearsay statements of defendant, so we don’t have questions and objections all the time
    Judge now or in the morning 8:30?
    Baez – motion in limine in middle of trial? certainly past your deadline
    Ashton – based on conduct of counsel in trial
    Judge – file motion, I decide if it’s timely and go from there
    Trial Friday May 27, 2011
    State’s motion in limine

    LDB – statements from witnesses w/o proffer to court as to admissibility of info in the question counsel has been asking witnesses things that the defendant may or may not have said to them, clear violation of evidence code, exceptions for hearsay
    causes us repeatedly, once the question is out, to object to this type of … detrimental to our position in front of the jury we are not asking that you prohibit the question, asking that counsel be ordered to proffer any time he wants to ask question about defendant’s hearsay Baez – untimely motion, perfect timing for prosecution, parading witnesses… now preclude that might hurt their prosecution, smart and strategical move, limits cross exam based on….defense, there are topics that are sensitive in nature, come close to being objectionable, limiting our cross exam clearly obstructs truth finding process, issues that ….don’t need advance notice what witness testify to, not a scripted event, not know what witness testify to or change once take stand, require proffer, allow state witness to give prosecutor advance preview of what cross exam is going to be, defense prejudiced, the state has been impermissibly been allowed to introduce…
    we have theory of defense, right to explore it, have witnesses on the spot and ask specific questions, if objection to question, prosecution capable of objecting, not require us stopping, preferring, and giving them advance notice of what asked of particular witness
    Judge – Ch 90 FL evidence code, framework was evidence is admissible, , must meet requirement of ch 90, this motion deals with attempts by defense to elicit statements by defendant from other witnesses, those under evidence code self serving, when attempted by the defense, basically 3 exceptions to that, not go into may permit some of these. Under those 3, foundation requirements must be asked before those questions asked, as of yet no attempt to establish those foundational requirements, not admissible , State motion in limine statements of defendant be proffered will be granted!

    I don’t know why it would be necessary for Lippman to do this again so I am not convinced that this is the issue that he intends to raise tomr.

    I was thrilled when JP granted the State’s motion because I did not understand why Baez was continually allowed to ask every ex-friend of Casey’s if they were “present on June 16, 2008 when Caylee drowned in the pool,” since there has been no evidence submitted to prove that theory? And Baez said George Anthony had oral sex with 13 y/o Casey. How can he proffer that to the court without Casey’s testimony? No one else was there!

    The State had previously objected, and Judge Perry overruled their objection, which I do NOT understand. I have been asking this same question all week. Doesn’t this assume facts not in evidence?

    Casey must take the stand and testify or the trial is basically over now. Casey testifying she will be her own worst nightmare, regardless of her guilt, innocence or otherwise. She will testify herself to death row. When Tony emphatically denied that Casey had ever told him that George sexually abused her, the looks on CM & Baez’s faces was crystal clear. I do wonder if Casey lied to Baez and insisted that she had told Tony and if he was stupid enough to have believed her; basically that he was taken in by this sociopath too, but I doubt it.

    I am still so offended by Baez’ OS that it’s left me very troubled about the state of our justice system. He is bankrupt of any semblance of ethical standards. I do not think
    the lawyers in this case have Casey Anthony’s best interests at heart. The defense team has done a great disservice to Casey. Will we ever know if her attorneys advised her to plea? In the beginning she was offered a plea of 10 yrs if she would show them where Caylee’s body is. That’s another reason that I do not believe any part of the defense’s case. If this was truly an accident, what lawyer in their right mind would allow their client to sit in jail for 3 yrs and allow this astronomically expensive case continue? What ethical lawyer would allow the public to spend beaucoup bucks searching for this child for months on end. It just does not make any logical sense.

    She is entitled to a fair trial and representation by effective and competent counsel. Baez does not appear to be competent to try this case and further save for Ann Finnell none of her current attorneys seem to be effective. I would add Andrea Lyon to the list of attorneys excluded from this statement since I think she entered the case for altruistic reasons.

    The fact that Jose Baez is not death penalty qualified is absolutely something that is glaring in this case. To become qualified, one has to try a number of Murder One cases. Generally lawyers start as second chair in a case, and then as lead counsel before they try a death penalty case. Also, a conscientious Criminal Defense Attorney takes certification courses, attends seminars, and reads a lot of case law before attempting to try such an important case.

    I’m still on the fence about whether George sexually abused Casey. I absolutely do not believe that Caylee drowned or that George witnessed it. I do believe that both George and Cindy are still telling some lies.


    1. Nancy, even if George had sex with her everyday of her teen life..my questions are? Would you leave your own baby with a molester? And because you were molested that gave you the right to murder your baby? What was the motive?


      1. Debi – I totally agree. The entire molestation/rape issue is a NON issue in my mind. She murdered her child, and I am of the belief that it was pre-meditated; not an accident. I have never had an opportunity like this to observe a sociopath close-up, it is riviting and a little scary. This is the 1st trial that I have ever followed. I believe that she is a dangerous person and should never be free to live in society again.

        Debi, I think that the vast majority of incest victims would never leave their own children with their abuser. I also think that there are a very small percentage of victims that have not healed or done the decades of work on themselves and just might “not notice” and fail to vigilantly protect their own children from sexual boundary violations.


  22. Thank you Lillian for answering my questions From yesterday You always come threw for me i no you dont speak on F.B and thats ok .I dont mind but you make me feel so special every question ask you answer so i wont you to no that i dont take down the post because of any other reson other then i know you saw it and im so thankfull you found my answers you always pull through for me i just wanted you to no i see it I see you answer me all the time . Im LIKE SPOILD BRAIT HOW MUCH YOU RESPOND SO I NO YOU HEAR ME . THANK YOU Lillian .BIGGGGGG HUG.


  23. Hi Dr. Glass,

    I was actually wondering about the statute of limitations for sexual abuse in Florida, so you answered a lot of my questions.

    Again, I don’t believe the sex abuse ever happened (Casey has changed her stories of molestation multiple times, at first claiming that she wasn’t even sure that George ever touched her, but he might have when she was very little) and I DEFINITELY do not believe George found Caylee drowned in the pool on July 16.

    I would love to see Casey take the stand. Round two of the Universal interview, this time Ashton Vs. Casey Anthony. He’ll rip her to shreds, he’s dealt with many psychopaths during his career.


  24. I’m still on the fence about whether George sexually abused Casey. I absolutely do not believe that Caylee drowned or that George witnessed it. I do believe that both George and Cindy are still telling some lies.
    NancyB – May 30, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Nancy , very well written I too am on the fence about George molesting Casey , I almost do not believe this happened , but there is something not square with George, he does not seem to have boundaries with Casey , he gave an impromptu interview three years ago and made a comment about Casey figure , he told the news crew come on guys you’ve seen my daughters figure ,( this was in response to the timing of the party pics at fusion and he made a shape of her body with his hands , it was off , my daughter who is casey’s age was repulsed , so I do not think he did molest her but I am not a 100 % . I do not believe that George had anything to do with the Murder of Caylee, I do not believe she drowned or that George covered it up .


  25. That must have been a chilling case that you were involved in. That’s a huge number of variables that did not weigh in to the side of guilt yet he was convicted. I do worry that we have so many people convicted of 1st degree murder that later turn out to be innocent. But, I am also glad that FL law has such punitive laws for sex offenders against children. They need these laws, in my opinion because the psychopathic pedophile population has exploded in that state.


    1. You are right it was a chilling case. The point is that when it comes to allegations of child molestation so many people bring their own personal experiences to their decision. They may say they can set their feelings aside but many can;t do so as evidenced in this particular case. And you are right, they do need strict laws to keep pedophiles away from children. If George was ever formally charged with sexually molesting Casey there is a strong possibility he could be put away for life as well.


  26. I haven’t read all of the 70 something reponses, so bear with me.
    When BI-ASS opened for the defense, didn’t he say that Caylee’s death was an accident?… Caylee had drowned the morning of June 15th…George found Caylee in the pool, and yelled at Casey…”your mother will never forgive you, look what you’ve done”… etc.
    Well, when Cindy was testifying, she said that on June 15th. George had to, or went to work early that day. Cindy said that she took Caylee to visit her Great Grand Father (Cindy’s father) in a nursing home…they visited, in fact, Cindy even has a video of that visit. So, if George found Caylee dead in the pool on the morning of the 15th…how did Cindy take Caylee to visit her Great Grand Dad on that day in a nursing home? AND THEN GO BACK TO CINDY ANTHONY’S, and go swimming with Caylee after lunch?


  27. Marissa, Thank you for your input. I knew as soon as I read your remarks, you knew what you were talking about. As you and my partner both share the same credentials, your updated version seems so be more like my own belief. Casey could of been ignored by the caregiver, after Cindy returned to work. I can imagine she would of been a very sassy three year old. With the marital problems it seems that G&C have had most of their marriage, Casey’s trauma and abuse could very well come from this area.
    Again, thank you very much!


  28. this is sad for george? Are you kidding.

    A few weeks ago you sang a different tune. Since when are you worried about George and Cindy?

    They have both continually obstructed the law, are obviously involved in the cover up and george is very very likley ia child sexual abuser- and Cindy-even worse- an enabler who threw her daughter (and maybe son) and likely granddaughter- to the wolf…..why? …the same reason they all do- so he would stay around the home, not cheat on her, not leave her….you might want to consult with a CSA specialist- so you can get some perspective on this case before it bites you in the you-know-what- which should be happeneing very very shortly- maybe veen tomarrow.


    1. that birthday tape was awful- what was cindy doing- handing over poor caylee to that man who seemed to be serinading (sp) her- YUCK- made me want to throw up! But for Cindy- NORMAL behavior- and why not- she had already served up Casy and probably caylee – on a silver platter to george…I’m sure she was afraid the grose man would never come back to visit her if he didn’t get a party-favor.


  29. Oh NO- not again! just read your comment to another blogger- your doing it again- it is VERY common for sexual abuse victims to offer up their own chidlren to the abuser- or to another abuser- your a psychologist- this is obviosly not your speicality- but you need to have at cursery knowledge on the subject to advise and comment to bloggers. FYI- its like a reaction-formation irrational response (hell, maybe a decision rule for all we know)- you really need to read a good (clinical) book on CSA.


  30. deb-Mr and Mrs Anthony are quite capable of getting on the witness stand and repeating everything they did and did not do during the 31 days that Caylee went “missing”.

    Center your thinking on what the defendant is alleged to have done, rely on witness testimony and put out of your mind the hatred you feel for Mr and Mrs Anthony. You have a right to present your opinion but you have no right to accuse Mrs Anthony of “offering” or “serving” up Casey and Caylee to her husband. This case has absolutely nothing to do with sexual abuse. The defendant is a mature psychopath who is “lusting” for her freedom.

    Mr Baez invited jurors to hop on his Merry-Go-Round in the hope that once it stopped most would be dazed and confused. But after three years he’s the only one with circular and magical thinking predicated on nothing more than a pack of lies. Don’t buy into them. Relax. Let the process move forward.


  31. There was no molestation, Casey is not abused – she was and is still the abuser. She is not insane either – nothing but a manipulating, spoilt brat


  32. Debating the whole did he or didn’t he, regarding George’s alleged molesting of Casey, is interesting and I am learning from reading everyone’s perspectives and opinions. So I have to ask, is there a single person here who believes that if Casey was molested or raped by George, she deserves leniency in her culpability of Caylee’s death? I, for one, do not. Others have already said it and I agree totally, the sexual abuse allegations are a separate matter and should be investigated and dealt with in another forum. As far as this trial goes, the sexual abuse is a red herring that has the potential to confuse jurors as to who the victim is and whether Casey is solely responsible for her own actions.
    Dr. Glass, thank you again for your insights and a great place to discuss this case. I’m getting quite the education.


  33. I am a survivor of physical abuse and don’t believe for one minute George ever abused KC in anyway! NO abuse victim would ever speak to their abuser the way KC spoke to George. I don’t believe either Cindy or George are telling the whole truth on the stand and they did lie and try to cover for KC. Those lies will come home to rest when the defense gets them on the stand without the restrictions they are under now.


  34. Caseys attorney is an idiot. She might have to file for a mistrial. I have to say if I was on the jury I would fry her just because of my dislike for her attorneys tactics.


  35. The defendant is charged with Felony Murder in the First Degree. Mr Anthony is not charged with anything. The sexual abuse which is part of Ms Anthony’s defense (theory of the case) is simply that-a theory. There is no evidence and therefore no foundation relative to his sexual abuse. Mr Baez

    Ms Anthony is being tried for murder and if she killed her abuser, Mr Anthony, instead of her daughter the sexual abuse would go to motive.

    Mr Baez and Ms Anthony are throwing a lot of crap around but sadly neither one of them knows the difference between shit and shinola but they are hoping something sticks.


    1. Yes, it seems to be just another way to change the subject and turn the attention towards someone else. I wish she would just fess up, once and for all.


  36. dr. glass, i really owe you an apology. when you first stated that casey’s tears were fake, i disagreed. now i see exactly what you mean. she is wiping at dry eyes. even today i saw baez nudge her and within 30 seconds she started wiping her fingers under her eyes!

    you were so smart to point this out! will never agin doubt you. i promise.


  37. She, KC. was planning on killing her parents too! Amy’s testimony today highlighted that.

    You can all discuss the fact that noboby SAW that Caylee was never tortured, forced to go without food for thirty days, punished in an extreme manner…and if so…where were you on june 16, 2008???

    It does not dismiss the fact that no one else was there, it was the tot mom there, who took her own child’s life.


  38. i am watching taped testimony today, and bozo baez is without scruples, trying to make Cindy look at KC

    I hated GA and CA , but now feel that that they are coming together, (with Lee, i hope) and are like leopards changing their spots!


  39. I’ve been following this case these past years casually through this site and have only seen pictures of Casey Anthony. Today I turned on the tv and they had a live broadcast of a hearing and man, I’ve got to say… Casey creeps me the f*** out, like the hairs on my back immediately stood up just watching her sit there. If I had no knowledge of who she is or the child murder case and just ran into her on the street, I would still be inexplicably creeped out. It really is true what Dr. Glass says about sociopaths and your instinctual responses around them…


  40. This is one of the more ‘mature’ forums concerning this case I’ve stumbled on. I appreciate the concise manner in which everyone has expressed their opinions so far.
    Thank you.

    I think I have a feeling I will be among the minority at this juncture so please, go easy on me. Thanks.

    What I’ve been able to do (I think, unlike the majority) is erase, forget, eradicate everything I heard prior to May 24th and start from scratch.

    And so far, I’ve seen no proof of any murder. Sure there’s suggestible insinuation but, that goes both ways.

    Right now I feel this was a major cover up at best. That’s all I am positive of. I haven’t totally decided that I agree in an accidental drowning however, to me… that makes more sense to me than the alleged mother-murder (no less, of chloroform)

    However, this chloroform and all the: where’s, how’s and why’s…..has never been explained.
    So I am left to take all the information (opinions) I’ve ascertained and use my own imagination. And so far is, KC used chloroform on Caylee, stuffed her in the trunk and went out parting. Then once her night was over, much to her chagrin, she FOUND a dead baby in the trunk with….duct tape (and heart) over her little head.

    What makes NO sense is; WHY bring this dead body home? Especially if you hadn’t been living there the past several weeks?

    Here is a fact: A dead Caylee absolutely was hit on (cadaver dog hits) at their residence.
    If KC is so cold and calculating, why not just toss Caylee in the nearest dumpster? Why risk incriminating yourself? Why bring a trace of DNA to your own doorstep?

    Same question applies to the car at AmScot: Why oh why would KC leave a dead body in her trunk and abandon it on Main St in the middle of Orlando? Did she think she was invincible?

    My questions are not to paint her into an angel because seeing the parental figures who spawned her, she HAS major issues.
    But until someone paints a picture (time line) that day/night that Caylee died at the hands of her mother…….KC must remain innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    I am open to change. Just someone….please, change my mind.


  41. Several people have made comments about Casey’s parents making her what she is. Clearly this was not a healthy family, but if Casey IS lying and was NOT abused by her father and/or brother, then she is simply a sociopath, and sociopaths are born, not raised.


    1. I respectfully disagree Sunny, sociopath (root: “social”) is a learned behavior not a genetic deformity like, schizophrenia.

      But let me go (sarcastically) one step further, even if this WAS a gene anomaly passed down from her parents, ummmm, I don’t think too many people will challenge that claim anyway.

      I am listening to the LE investigation w/Casey. And I gotta say, I really don’t think Casey knew where Caylee was.
      I think her father took the deceased baby (saying ‘he’d take care of things’) and in her sociopathic head, mind, heart and being..she really and truly did not know where she was. You can hear a different annotation in her voice.

      When she says:
      “I really don’t know where she is”
      opposed to when she says:
      “I last saw her with her Nanny”

      There is clearly a difference in her tone, the infliction, the inflection and conviction.


      Is there a voice specialist or does this fall under body language? I’d be interested in hearing from a profession.

      Another thing I’ve noticed these big 3 symbol words Casey throws out. They are a shield and facade. She wants people to THINK she’s smarter than she really is. Because imo, she really isn’t (IQ-wise) too bright. But she comes off like she’s a college graduate.
      Again, JMHO


  42. I’m going to lay out my problem with the State’s case without including George. Because I know I am injecting him into the scenario based on my opinion and that doesn’t bode well with many. So, here’s my issue with this and without, him.

    (and someone PLEASE answer this although it’ll just be your opinion)

    Let’s say Casey DID kill Caylee. Let’s use the accidental over-dose of chloroform theory (that’s the less brutal scenario)
    Okay……Casey did this so she could go out. I think that’s the consensus. So it’s safe to assume this was when she was out and about. In town. Perhaps near Fusion.

    So, Casey goes to her car to wake the sleeping baby (whose in the TRUNK no less) and finds her dead.

    Why would ANYONE, whether a pathological liar, a thief, a sneak, a brat, a psychopath or whatever………….bring this dead person back to their own home especially if she hadn’t been living there for weeks????

    She must’ve passed a dozen dumpsters and miles of wooded areas. Why bring her home????

    (She’s certainly wasn’t trying to set up her mother because the baby wasn’t discovered floating in the pool).

    But for some reason she took the dead baby out of her car (when she backed up her car and borrowed the shovel) and buried her. Caylee WAS in the backyard postmortem based on the cadaver dog hits.
    Why not just leave her there?

    But for some obsessive reasoning, Casey decides, Caylee really doesn’t belong there. So she unearths this dead baby, puts her in her car, drives around with her for days (opposed to just leaving her there) in the middle of summer in central Florida when the real-feel reaches 95 degrees.

    And for some reason she decides to leave Caylee’s dead body in her abandoned car on Main St which subsequently gets towed.

    Somehow, some way, someone, (well, you all think it’s Casey) got to that car that’s locked up behind the gates of the impound, takes Caylee and tosses her in the neighborhood woods.

    This is according to those who say she killed her.
    You all can easily say she killed her but no one is explaining the aftermath of the murder.

    You can’t just yell out ‘she killed her’ without finishing the all entire brutal scenario.

    And when you do… unless I am missing something, it doesn’t make any sense.

    If you kill someone because you hate them or resent them or dislikes them or whatever, you do it and you’re done with it. You don’t drive around with the damn evidence in your car. Buries the evidence in your own backyard. The dumps the evidence 1500 feet from your own home.

    What’s with all the indecisiveness?


  43. I was a victim of emotional / physical neglect, physical /emotional abuse, and sexual abuse by both parents. I can tell you I made the decision never to have children. I feared my own limitations, and I also knew an extended family experience would be impossible. But I can also tell you that when I graduated high school, I actually wanted to stay home and work awhile to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was like a housecat that had never been outside, and the one time I slipped out, I skulked up close against the house afraid of the beautiful outdoors. But my parents blew up, cornered me, and I just crumbled, and they literally forced me into college. Thank God. Even though I was an empty eggshell that cowered through my college years, it could have been worse. However, despite 5 years of talk therapy and a handful of medications, I have not been able to live my life to the fullest. I do not make friends but live on the periphery of life. I never had any expectations for myself other than subsistence. A 2nd marriage gave me some confidence, and at 34 I became an attorney. After several years of the strain of the career, I had to walk away. So much for nurturing. I wonder what I might have accomplished had I been taught some self-esteem. Too bad the Anthony’s didn’t see fit to get some help for Casey when it might have made a difference. I would not be surprised either way, but I don’t think Casey was sexually abused. Just my humble opinion. Different people react to stress different ways. Now she has a helll of a debt to pay. Me, at least I knew better than to risk destroying someone else’s life.


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